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Researching Family History in New Zealand


In some ways, researching family history in New Zealand is not as easy as it is in some other countries, where much information is available online, even if some of it is at a price.  But, it is not impossible, and is very rewarding.


Firstly, consider joining the New Zealand Society of Genealogists (NZSG).  They have great resources, which they endeavour to make available to as many of the members as possible.  Many of the society's publications are also available to the public - see their sales page.


One publication that is available only to members of NZSG is the Index CD (this page is visible only when logged into the members area).  It is a wealth of data, gathered from a wide variety of sources, such as cemetery records, shipping records, obituaries and various gatherings of data as the result of NZSG projects.  This disk alone is worth the cost of membership (and the cost of the disk itself, of course!) to have access to it, in my humble opinion.


Secondly, join a discussion list dedicated to the topic of genealogy research in New Zealand.  I heartily recommend the Rootsweb New-Zealand list.  Lists give you the ability to ask questions - about specific members of your own family, research techniques, and so on - and receive answers from fellow genealogists who have experiences to share from their own research or recognise your names as people in their own family.  I have made contact with several distant cousins in this manner, and learned a lot about how to research and record the details of my family.


Some of the basics of research:





Wills & Probates


Much data is held by Archives New Zealand.  They have a Personal Identity Reference Guide available that tells a lot about the sorts of data, from birth registrations, vaccination registers, Intentions to Marry, Coroner's records, etc.  Well worth a look to see what you can find at Archives.

There are other Archives Reference Guides available online.  Be sure to check these out to see how they can help you find information about your people.

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