Church of England Section 2.


In Loving Memory of My Dear Husband
William John ACKLEY
Who Died on 30th January 1929 ??????
Peace Perfect Peace
Also Emma Jane, Beloved Wife of the Above
????? 22nd December 1941 Aged 78 Years

James Edwin (Jim.)
Who Died December 3 1908,
Aged 46 Years
Into Thy Hands O Lord.

Also of Private Clifford BONSER
17th Batt. Kings Liverpool Regt, (1st Pals)
Son of the above who died Feby 18th 1916,
of wounds received in action
at Maricourt, Buried at Corbie, France,
Aged 30 Years.
He Did His Duty.

Also Annie
Beloved wife of the above James Edwin BONSER
Who Died 28th November 1934,
Aged 74 Years.

Treasured Memories of
Victor Dearest Husband of Lucy.
Died 29th November 1952, Aged 56 Years.
His Devoted Wife Lucy
Died 26th January 1994, Aged 98 Years.
Together Again Mum and Dad
Cherished Memories of them both

Their Much Loved and Devoted Son
Brother of Vic Died 28th February 1995 aged 62 Years

In Loving Memory of
Beloved Husband of Lucy BAILEY
of Dawley Salop.
Died 22nd Jan 1909 Aged 64 Years.
Also Lucy, Beloved Wife of the Above,
Died 29 Jan 1935 Aged 87 Years.

In Loving Memory of
Who Died June 8th 1904 Aged 73 Years.
gone But Not Forgotten
Also Olive WHITE Granddaughter of the Above,
Who Died Sept 29th 1914 Aged 10 Years.
Sadly Missed

In Loving Memory of
Our Dear Mother
Ellen BARLOW (Nell)
Died 19th June 1946, Aged 66 Years.
Also William BARLOW (Billy)
Beloved Husband Of Above
Died 19th Dec 1952 Aged 70 Years.
The Day Thou Gavest Lord is Ended.

Sacred to the Memory of
Beloved Husband of Anne,
Dearest Father of Sue, Alan and Ray,
& Devoted Grandad of all his Grandchildren.
Fell Asleep 27th March 1983 Aged 52 Years.
On Whose Soul Sweet Jesus Have Mercy

In Loving Memory of
Jane Wife of the Late
Who Fell Asleep in Jesus, April 17th 1893 Aged 74 Years.
He Giveth his Beloved Sleep
Interred in the Necroplis, Liverpool.
Also of Alfred (Alf) HUGHES
The Dearly Loved Husband of ???? HUGHES

In Loving Memory of
Richard Edward FAWCETT.
Died 21st March 1947
Beloved Husband of Alice
Also Alice beloved Wife of Above.
Also Robert Dearly Loved Son of Above,
Died ? ????? 1908.

In Loving Memory of My Dear Husband
George FLYN
Who Died 3rd May 1935 Aged 84 Years.
Lifes Work Well Done
Also Elizabeth, Wife of the Above,
Who Passed Away 18th November 1947,
Aged 94 Years
Both at Rest, Mam and Dad.

George FRANK
The Beloved Husband Of M. J. BAXTER
Who Died July 23rd 1911 Aged 49 Years

Treasured Memories of My Beloved Husband
Crawford GARDNER
Who Died 31st Dec 1921
Also My Darling Mother
Who Died 16th May 1939
Always in Our Thoughts
Also Gwenllian RALPHS
Loving Wife of William Who Died 8th Sept 1976

In Loving Memory of
Who Died 25th February 1931, Aged 54 Years.
Thy Will Be Done
Dearly Loved Youngest Son of Above,
Who Died 31stAugust 1934, Aged 14 Years
Also Margaret, Dearly Beloved Wife of the Above
Who Died 23rd January 1945, Aged 62 Years.
Also James DUNLOP
Beloved Husband of Frances and Son-in-law of the Above.
Called to Rest 13th November 1966.

In Loving Memory of
The Beloved Wife of Thomas GRACE
Who Died Feby 20th 1908 Aged 72 Years
I hope We Will Meet in Heaven

Treasured Memories of a Dearly Loved Husband
and Devoted Father

william HANLON
Died 18th April 1983 Aged 64 Years.
Died 5.9.04 Aged 89
Devoted and Much Loved Mother to Her Sons?????????????

In Loving Memory of
Lilly, Eldest Daughter of C and M A HETHERINGTON
Who Fell Asleep April 26th 1921 Aged 23 Years.
Safe in the Arms of Jesus
Also Alexander Beloved Son of the Above,
Who Died July 23rd 1926, in His 25th Year
in St Catharine's Hospital, Canada,
The Result of an Accident.
Thy Will Be Done
Also Christopher Father of the Above,
Who Died November 9th 1948 Aged 84 Years
Till We Meet Again
Also Mary Ann HETHERINGTON Wife of the Above
Who Died December 26th 1955 Aged 87 Years.

In Loving Memory of
Charles HUME
The Beloved Husband of Elizabeth HUME
Who Departed This Life 9th May 1908 Aged 60 Years.
Also Elizabeth Devoted Wife of the Above,
Who Died 16th April 1928 Aged 67 Years,
Also Percy Third Son of the Above
Who Died 29th January 1890 Aged 22 Months.
Also Alexander Fourth son of Above
Who Died 2nd November 1903 Aged 2 Years 7 Months.
Also William Dearly Loved Son of the Above
and Beloved Husband of Marther HUME
Who Died 13th October 1928 Aged 43 Years.

In Loving Memory of
Robert Henry JOHNSTON
Who Died 3rd July 1904 Aged 77 Years.
Peace Perfect Peace
Also Mary Ann Wife of the Above
Who Died 23rd Feb 1905 Aged 68 Years.
Mary Ann Their Daughter
Who Died in Ireland 8th Dec 1891 Aged 22 Years
Robert Alfred Their Son Who Died in Canada
8th June 1894 Aged 31 Years
William Henry Their Son
Who Died 15th Jan 1939 Aged 78 Years.
Georgina A JOHNSTONWidow of the Above,
Who Died 14 Dec 1957 Aged 88 Years
Interred Allerton Cemetery.

In Loving Memory of
George William MARSDEN
Died December 30th 1918 Aged 60 Years.
Also Mary Helen MARSDEN
Wife of the Above Died October 24th 1930 Aged 74 Years

In Loving Memory of
Mary Anne
Beloved Wife of the Rev. David MORRIS
Late Chaplain of H.M.Prison Walton
Who Died May 23rd 1911 Aged 75 Years.
Also Their Children,
Also of the
Rev. David MORRIS
Beloved Husband of the Above, Who Died Nov 22nd 1915 Aged 81 Years.
Make Them to be Numbered with Thy Saints in Glory Everlasting

In Loving Memory of
Who Died January 6th 1909 Aged 53 Years.
Also Grace NEWTON Wife of the above
Who Died 15th January 1921 Aged 62 Years

In Treasured and Devoted Memory of
Who Died 4th May 1936.
Beloved Husband of Ethel
Time Cannot Dim Those Sweet Memories
Of Years Of Beauty and Love.

Also His Beloved Wife
Who Died 17th Feb 1969.

In Loving Memory of Our Dear Mother
Who Died 21st Sept 1913 Aged 59 Years.
A Life Long Sufferer Entered into Eternal Rest
Also Annie
Youngest Daughter of
Sam and Margaret GISSING and Grand-Daughter of the Above
Who Died 19th March 1927
In Her 15th Year.
Thy Will Be Done
Also Henry PARKER
Husband and Grand-Dad of the Above
Who Died in His 71st Year.
Also Amelia PARKER
Daughter of the Above Who Died 17th April 1970 Aged 80 Years
At Rest

In Loving Memory ofAnnie
Beloved Wife of
William PULLIN
Who Died 11th Jany 1936.
Age 78 Years.
Also of Gladys,
Their Beloved Daughter Who Died 25th July 1903
Aged 6 Years.
Also the Above
William PULLIN
Who Died 4th Sept 1940
Aged 75 Years

In Loving Memory of
Margaret Dumaresq
Eldest Daughter of
John and Florence RIGBY
Who Died 12th November 1910 Aged 6 Years.
For Such is the Kingdom of Heaven
Also Florence Emily RIGBY
Beloved Wife of John
Born 19th April 1868
Died 24 December 1950

Also My Dear Husband
Who Died Sept 12th 1949 Aged 79 Years
And His Beloved Wife Emily
Died 2nd November 1958 Aged 86 Years.

In Rememberance of
Florence SMITH
Died ?? May 1927 Aged 48 Years.Memory is the only Friend that Grief can call it's Own.

In Loving Memory of My Dear Brother
Charles James TAYLOR
Who Died 6th Nov 1895 Aged 4? Years.
Also My Dear Mother
Who Died 5th Nov 1899 Aged 73 Years.
Also My Darling Baby
Mary Elizabeth GRICE
Who Died 2nd Aug 1904 Aged 9 Months.
Also Hannah
Beloved Wife of Robert GRICE
Who Died 11th Mar 1947 Aged 78 Years.
Also Robert GRICE Husband of the Above,
Who Died 1st July 1951 Aged 85 Years.

In Loving Memory of
Joseph Bertie
Youngest Son of Hugh and Elizabeth THOMPSON
Who Fell Asleep in Jesus 7th May 1907
Aged 16 Years.
Also Jessie Noel
Daughter of William and Florence THOMPSON

In Loving Memory of
William THORPE
Died 19th October 190? Aged ?4 years
And His Beloved Wife
Died 25th July 1937 Aged 88 Years.
Also John THORPE
Their Beloved Son
Died 20th January 1924 Aged 71 Years.
Also James ROBERTS
Died 7th September 1949 Aged 71 Years.
Devoted Husband of Margaret and Son In Law of Above
And Margaret His Wife Died 14th July 1959
Aged 79 Years.
Semper Fidelis.

In Loving Memory of
John William
The Beloved Husband of Mary Ellen TIDDY
Who Died 22nd April 1909 Aged 8? Years
AlsoWilliam TIDDY?????????

In Loving Memory of
Susie Elizabeth WILKINS
Who Died May ?? ??97
Aged 1 Year and 5 Months and was Interred at the Necropolis
Also Thomas Henry WILKINS

Died Jan. 15. 1932 Aged 75 Years.
Also Mary WRIGHT
Died Jan. 18. 1934 Aged 74 Years.
Also Henry P WRIGHT
Died Aug. 25. 1904 Aged 18 Years.