Rounded Frames


Rounded Frames

Creating rounded picture frames can be done using a background image and the online image manipulation sites. These three sites can be used:

  1. Gifworks
  2. My Imager
  3. Image Magick at Net4TV

Directions for creating a curved image and transparencies are only given for Image Magick.

Two Required Elements: One Background and One Image

BACKGROUND -- Follow these steps:

  1. Determine the size of the image you want framed.
  2. Select a background sample from a site that allows manipulation of their backgrounds.
  3. Resize the graphic to be large enough to be a base for your image and save it on your database site.
  4. Go to Image Magick and upload the background base.
  5. Go to DRAW and, using the circle or ellipse, draw a circle to mark the outer edge of the frame. Be sure to enter "none" in the Fill area.
  6. Go to DRAW again and, using the circle or ellipse, draw a circle to mark the inner edge of the frame. Be sure "none" is in the Fill area.
  7. Using PAINT, select MATTE and Fill to Border.
  8. Click on the area outside the frame.
  9. Click on the area inside the frame.

Background GraphicFrame

You have created a doughnut surrounded by transparencies which must be uploaded to your database site as a GIF (or the transparencies will be lost). Select Output and Upload.

IMAGE --Follow these steps:

  1. Be sure your image is large enough to extended over the edges of the inner circle of the frame and small enough not to use unnecessary bytes creating the image.
  2. Upload the image to Image Magick.
  3. Go to DRAW and draw a circle or ellipse that will match the inner edge of the frame. Be sure that "none" is entered in Fill.
  4. Using PAINT, select MATTE and FILL TO BORDER, then click on the area outside the circle/ellipse.
  5. Go to Output, select GIF (required to maintain transparency), and Upload to your site.

Resized Original PhotoCropped Photo

Framing Your Image

To combine the two elements (image and frame), do the following:

  1. Go to Image Magick
  2. Input the frame graphic.
  3. Select Composite
  4. Enter the URL for the edited version of the image
  5. Select Center
  6. Select Over
  7. Click on Composite
  8. Select Output
  9. Upload the composite as a GIF to your site.

Final Composite

As with the rectangular frames, these mounted images can use many bytes and should be optimized.


Two Samples of ROUND RECTANGULAR Frames

Please note: You need three (3) sets of figures for the rounded rectangle: (1) Top left coordinates; (2) bottom right coordinates; (3) corner width,height. Example: 10,10 177,177 10,5

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