El Carmelo Cemetery, Pacific Grove, CA, Pt 1: A-F

El Carmelo Cemetery

Pacific Grove, California

Part 1: A - F

The numbers in the first column are my system only, used to show names that are on a single marker.

Last updated: 08 Sep 2018


#SurnameFirst NameBornDiedInscription & Symbols
1AbbottRev. Ida May12-25-185902-17-1896Wife of Rev. H. S. Abbott/Rest in Peace
2AddicottJames Edwin18691957 
3AddicottRuth Elinor Oliver  Beloved Wife of James Edwin Addicott/An Unselfish Christian Life
4AlexanderJennie L.18681938 
4AlexanderJulia A.18361918 
4AlexanderW. C.18291909 
5AllanGeorge C.01-06-184605-13-1926Native of Aberdeen, Scotland
6AllenRuth A. 09-09-1905 
8AppletonMarrion A.08-11-190704-02-1908 
9AshleyDella Gust18701932Wife/Christ is all in all/He Giveth His Beloved Sleep
9AshleyJohn Pritchard18621906Husband/He Giveth His Beloved Sleep
9GustMary Lease18331902Mother/He Giveth His Beloved Sleep
10BakerDorothy R.07-08-181010-08-1917At Rest
11BalchCyrus Aaron06-11-190505-18-1936In Memory of
12BalchCyrus Edger01-18-186907-07-1931In Memory of
13BarberBenjamin 01-17-1920Rest in Peace
14BarkerElizabeth E.12-07-183902-20-1937In Memory of
14BarkerJohn10-15-184011-14-1918In Memory of
15BartlettR. E. 08-06-1912Co F 37 Mass Inf/"I will come and receive you unto myself."/Welcome Home
16BartlettSelinda Garvin07-01-185005-21-1927She Lived with God
17BayJames Leonard18581918 
18BeanWalter 06-14-1933Montana/Pvt. 346 Field Art. 91 Div.
19BeardsleyCornelia M.18501932 
20BellAndrew J.18351913Native of Mich
21BertelsMay R.18761911 
22BieghleEliza Ann01-25-185210-12-1929Mother/Asleep in Jesus
22BieghleWilliam H.07-14-183401-21-1921Father/Asleep in Jesus
23BishopA. A.01-12-184404-13-1909Co. H 2 N.Y. H.A./At Rest
24BixbyElbirt18601910At Rest
25BlandfordMorgan D.12-14-183502-18-1915In Memory/Native of England
26BonneyAnne Elizabeth10-12-184211-20-1920Native of England
26BonneyJohn A.  Co. E, 1 Nev. Cav.
27BonneyWilliam Lewis  Baby/At Rest
xBrackettsee Clough   
28BrownDelia18351927[adj. John Brown]
29BrownFrank Ward18511919Native of Chicago, Ill
30BrownJames C.1838192011 Wis Vol's 1861-65
30BrownMerticia E.18411940 
30TippleLouisa C.18131905 
31BrownJohn  Co A 40 NY Inf/[adj. Delia Brown]
32BurdettGeorge L.05-13-184902-15-1924 
33BurgesElizabeth C. 03-25-1906Died in Pacific Grove/Aged 76 Ys 11 Ms 20 Ds/Native of New York
34BurwellEliza G.07-31-183209-14-1911Native of Bridgeport, Conn.
35CaleMabel Louise 04-07-1912Beloved Wife of Warren F. Geary/Aged 37 years
36CawleyEdward H.03-13-183010-02-1913 
36CawleyMary Olmstead10-17-183810-03-1913 
37CasauranMarguerite06-30-192012-14-1920Our Baby
38CatesJohn Calvin07-05-183207-10-1905In Loving Memory/Aged 73 Years/Co. D. 14 Mo. Inf.
40ChesterPercy R.08-17-188906-29-1918of London, England/died at Carmel
41ClappCharles H.12-20-189206-20-1946California/Cpl Co E 364 Inf 91 Div World War I
42ClappVera Valchester10- -189602- -1986Loving Mother and Grandma/Wife of Chas. H./Daughter of R.P.V. & M.J.G.
43ClarkJames M.18371917In Loving Memory
43ClarkJoanna18381904In Loving Memory
44CliffordAlice Hamilton01-22-183710-10-1910Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away
44CliffordGeorge08-03-182311-01-1915Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away
44WenkCarrie05-23-185610-13-1882Daughter of Rev. G. Clifford/Wife of Rev. R. E. Wenk/She hath done what she could
45CliffordJ. H.   
46CloughElizabeth D.12-01-182510-21-1908 
46CloughJohn W.05-15-182905-15-1905 
46BrackettCharles A. B.06-05-184611-04-1907 
47CoffinMaria L. 03-13-1908 
48ColeChristopher W.03-11-183808-28-1907Natives of Sackville, N.B Canada
48ColeMary Fawcett10-26-183903-07-1921Beloved Wife of C. W. Cole/Native of Sackville, N.B Canada
49ColemanEdmund 09-21-1910Aged 52 years/Native of Tennessee
50CookT. W.09-17-183302-12-1918Gone, but Not Forgotten/Masonic Symbol
51CormanyElizabeth18231917Diffenderfer on top of stone, but nowhere else
51CroshJacob18191900Diffenderfer on top of stone, but nowhere else
52CornishBaby 09-21-1911 
52GoldstineBaby 04-11-1911 
53CorreiaJoaquin18611924Father/At Rest
54CummingsLucy A.18261910His Wife
54CummingsWilliam A.18221898 
54MillerClyde L.18841941 
55CushingCaroline M.18321908Wife of C. R. Cushing
55CushingChas. R.18401918 
56DareSarah M. Westcott18481934wife of James L. Shelton/Christ is My Hope
57DavidsonGordon Forbes 05-13-1914 
58DavisDavid18431929Member of Lucas Fairchild Post 179 Co D 34th Regiment Wisconsin Volunteer G.A.R.
58DavisElla C.18611936 
59DawsonGrandison M.03-14-184110-05-1926Father
60De ForestMildred Lois12-23-191902-11-1920 
61DirkRichard F.02-20-186104-17-1920 
62DoanQuinn Thornton10-26-185809-13-1914[born]Albany, Oregon/[died]Pacific Grove, Cal/Safe at Home/I am the Way
63DowningJ. W. 09-02-1921 
64EatonAlonzo 10-09-1897Aged 81 Years/Native of New York/Father
64EatonRevilla S. 09-15-1912Aged 54 Years/Native of St, Paul, Minn./Brother
64WagnerMary Almana Eaton18571936Wife of Philip B. Wagner/Native of St. Paul, Minn./Sister
65EdquistOlof F.18791934 
65EdquistSara A.18861933 
66ElliottJohn 07-25-1902Entered into Rest/I will come again and receive you unto myself
67ElliotJohn Wesley06-02-183206-13-1905Father/Both of Westchester, Ohio
67ElliotLucinda Beall12-12-183502-10-1910Mother/Both of Westchester, Ohio
68EllisAnnie L.18521929 
69EllisFrank W.18461922 
71EtzelHoward T. 10-17-1913Aged 6 mos and 22 days
73FarmerWilliam L.03-21-186510-31-1930 
74FarranAmanda 12-27-1914 
74FarranSamuel M.  Aged 71 Years
75FishEmma 11-24-1919 
76FisherAnna Bradbury18411911Wife of Eli Fisher
77FitchSeth W. 05-01-1904Aged 70 Years/Native of Wis./+ marker: S. W. Fitch Co H 11 Wis Inf
79FullerDouglass Bacon03-22-188011-01-1890 


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