El Encinal Cemetery, Monterey, California

El Encinal Cemetery

Monterey, California

El Encinal Cemetery, between Fremont Street and Third Street, on a hill by El Estero (the estuary) overlooking Monterey Bay, adjoins the Catholic San Carlos Cemetery. It is one of the oldest burial locations in Monterey County and is administered by the City of Monterey.

The cemetery is attractive and well-maintained. Staff, with access to records, is on site Monday through Friday.

El Encinal Cemetery, Monterey, California, 2001

I am in the process of transcribing tombstone information only from grave markers. This information will be entered on this page as time allows. No attempt has been made to add to or correct the inscriptions, or search out city-held information for unmarked graves

Please note that a number of stones are marked only with oriental characters from different languages. These stones have not been transcribed.

Last updated: 08 Sep 2018
when the Total Number of Records was 2,617


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