The Wainwrights of Penistone Parish
A site devoted to those named Wainwright, who originated in and around Penistone Parish, Yorkshire, England

Leppings, Newhouse, Bankhouse, Shore Hall and Hillside

Penistone, Yorkshire, England

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Shore Hall


Known Residents of Leppings:
Richard Wainwright 1731-1814
died here, (born at Bankhouse).

Known Residents of Newhouse:
Benjamin Wainwright 1763-____ and Mary Wainwright ____-____
(built Newhouse in 1797)

Elizabeth Wainwright 1792-____

Known Residents of Bankhouse:
John Wainwright 1707-1782

Jeremiah Wainwright 1718-1780 & Mary 1729-1802
Also lived at Carlecotes Townhead.

Margaret Wainwright 1729-____
born here

Richard Wainwright 1731-1814
born here

Zachariah Wainwright 1732-____
Hanna Gervis 1744-____

Jeremiah Wainwright 1754-1823
Born here.
Also lived in Saville House.

Elizabeth Wainwright 1760-1824
died here

Elizabeth Wainwright 1774-____
born here

Thomas Wainwright 1775-1781
born and died here

Penelophe Wainwright 1777-1791
born and died here

Joseph Wainwright 1779-____
born here

Ann Wainwright 1782-____
born here

Martha Wainwright 1783-____
born here

Abraham Wood 1731-1813
(believed to be father of Ann Wood)

Mary Wainwright ____-____ and Abraham Jackson ____-____
(lived here)

Charles Jackson 1814-____
(born here)

Mary Ann Wainwright 1861-____
(born here)

Ben Wainwright 1863-____
(born here)
(son of George Wainwright and Ann)

Walter Wainwright 1866-____
(born here)

Fred Wainwright 1868-____
(born here)

Martha Elizabeth Wainwright 1870-____
(born here)

Known Residents of Shore Hall:
Richard Wainwright Abt.1600-____ and Ellen/Helena Burley ____-1666/7

John/Johannis Wainwright 1626-1712/3 and Ann

Richard Wainwright (III) 1628-____
(born at Bradfield)

Elizabeth Wainwright 1631-____
(born at Bradfield)

Ellen Wainwright 1633-____
(born at Bradfield)

Ann Wainwright 1636-____
(born at Bradfield)

Anthony Wainwright 1638-____
(born at Bradfield)

John/Johannes Wainwright 1668-____,

Jeremiah Wainwright 1671-1750 & Helen 1679-1750

Richard/Ricardus Wainwright 1672-____

Rebecca Wainwright 1672/3-____

Sara Wainwright 1674/5-1674/5

Robert/Robertus Wainwright 1675/6-1749
born here.

Cotton Wainwright 1682-1683
born and died here.

John Wainwright 1707-1782

John Wainwright ____-____
Elizabeth Marsh ____-____

John/ Johannes Wainwright Abt.1740-____

John Wainwright 1751-1820
died here.

Elizabeth Wainwright 1760-1824
born here

Hannah Wainwright 1787-____
born here.

John Wainwright 1793-1818
died here.

Richard Wainwright ____-____
Sarah Jackson ____-1788

John Wainwright 1777-____

Ann Wainwright 1779-____
born here.

Josiah Wainwright 1780-____
born here.

Lydia Wainwright 1782-____
born here.

Joshua Wainwright 1784-____
born here.

Lydia Wainwright 1794-____
born here.

John Stanley ____-____
(husband of Lydia Wainwright 1794-____) lived here.

Known Residents of Hillside:
Banjamin Beever 1752-1816
died here.

Elizabeth Wainwright ____-____
John Mitchel ____-____

Joseph Mitchel 1786-____
born here.

William Mitchel 1796-____
born here.

Margaret Wainwright 1761-1808
Benjamin Beever 1746-1852

Ann Beever 1779-1786
died here, (born at Royd Moor).

John Beever 1781-1784
born here.

Benjamin Beever 1786-1862
born here.

Dinah Beever 1784-1827
(born at Royd Moor)

Joseph Beever 1789-____
born here.

Robert Beever 1792-____

About 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) west of the Penistone church, on a hill overlooking the River Don, three houses were built.
The lowest of these, known as "Leppings", overlooked the stepping stones across a stream it was named after.
About 100 yards up the bank, a second house, known as "Newhouse" was built by Benjamin and Mary Wainwright in 1797. It had the date and their initials. "BMW" on the back door lintel.
A third house, known as "Bankhouse" was built further up the hill at an unknown date and rebuilt in the 19th century, with the shell of the older house next to it.
Shore Hall is a farmhouse just west of Hillside, Wainwright Plantation is just south of it, across the (former) railroad.
Purchase of Shore Hall by Richard Wainwright (Ia) and his son Richard Wainwright (II) in 1631:
" The Wainwright family acquired Shore Hall in 1631, as recorded by an Indenture dated 14 May 1631, between 'Ralph Greaves of Silkstone in the county of Yorks yoeman of the one parte and Richard Wainwright of Dungworth Storrs in the said County yoeman and Richard Wainwright his sonne of the other part..' Richard Greaves conveyed to the two Richard Wainwright's 'All that Capital messuage or tenement in Thurlstone and Thurlstone Meare... commonly called or known by the name of Shorehall aliter Showerhall', together with all associated buildings 'And all those several closes or parcells of land meadow pasture and wood in Thurlstone & Thurlstone Meare aforesaid to the said messuage belonginge & lyeing on both sides of the ryver of Dunne...' The purchase was 'in consideracion of the summe of four hundred and twenty pounds currant english money'. " 16
(£420 is the equivalent of £37,823.07 or $54,954.22 as of 11/12/2001) 17 18
" The Indenture identifies the wife of Richard the elder as Elizabeth Morton in that it provides for the Shore Hall estate to pass after Richard the elder's death, to his wife Elizabeth and her brother Edward Morton, and only 'after the decease of the longest lyver of them', to his son, Richard the younger. " 16
Hillside is the hamlet in which Bankhouse is located.
Hillside is also the name of a house a short distance east of Saville House.

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