The Wainwrights of Penistone Parish
A site devoted to those named Wainwright, who originated in and around Penistone Parish, Yorkshire, England

William Wainwright 1795-1796

Last Revised: 4/14/2004
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Baptism of William:

The 17th entry on Page 304 in the "Baptisms-Marriage-Burials 1733-1795" record book of the Penistone church, documents the baptism of William, son of Jeremiah Wainwright , at Penistone on July 19, 1795.
The birth date is documented as June 12, 1795.


The 2nd entry on Page 304 of the "Baptisms-Burials 1796-1812" record book of the Penistone church, William Wainwright, Aged 1, son of Jeremiah Wainwright and Ann Wood, his wife, of Upper Midhope, on November 25, 1796.