Photos of Wheelers and Other families

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Picture of 2LT Leonard Wheeler

Picture of Leonard 1947-48 School year

Picture of James E. Wheeler, 1948-49

Picture of Leonard Sr taken in 1925

Leoanrd Jr Senior Picture 1950-51

Picture of Leonard 1949-50 School year

Picture of Ellmoore, Leonard Sr and James E. Wheeler

The 1950 Olive Branch Football Team

The 1947 Olive Branch Football Team

The 1949 Olive Branch High School Football Team

Photo of Luigi Maccarino

Minnie Ray Sutton, Frank Maccarino and Edith Sutton Maccarino.

Photo of Frank Maccarino - 1925

Lois Sutton, Frank Maccarino, Edith Sutton Maccarino and Linnie Sutton.

Photo of Frank Maccarino - 1946

Frank Maccarino at the Farmer's Market in Memphis.

Photo of Frank Maccarino - 1970

Leonard Wheeler, Sr

Leonard Wheeler Sr, Zelma, Leonard Jr (behind the tree) and Jimmy Skeen

Leonard Wheeler Sr as a child

Zelma Moore Wheeler and Leonard Wheeler Sr (right)

Picture of Leonard Wheeler, Jr as a child

Picture of Mildred Parsons with her dog. Taken at her home in Charleston, WV.

Leonard Wheeler, Sr (right)

Mildred Parsons

Jim and Leonard Wheeler, Jr.

Leonard Wheeler, Sr at his home in Maywood, MS

Frank Maccarino

Leonard Wheeler, Sr (right)

Leonard Wheeler, Jr in football uniform

Leonard Wheeler, Sr in Maywood

Zelma Ediwina Wheeler Price

Zelma and Leonard Wheeler

Zelma Wheeler Price graduation picture

Zelma Wheeler Price at a park in Memphis

Leonard Moore Wheeler, Jr

James and Bianca Edwina (Eddy) Parsons

James Elmoore Wheeler - 1947

Leonard Wheeler, Jr - 1946

Maude, Delmer and Myrtle Parsons

Mildred Parsons This picture was taken at the West Virginia School for the Deaf.

Mildred Parsons

Mildred Parsons Picture taken outside her house in Charleston.

Mildred and Dorthy Parsons

Gamaliel and Bianca Kerns Large photo (413 KB). May take a while to load.

Maude Parsons and daughters, 1965 Nomra Williams, Nancy Keller, Virginia Flynn, Maude Skeen, Evelyn McClure at Aurora Inn, where we went for lunch.

Delmer Parsons In Uniform outside barracks

Delmer Parsons Closeup in uniform

Mildred and Dorthy Parsons

James C. M. Parsons familyMyrtle, Maude, Delmer, Bianca, James and Dorthy (baby)

Picture of Bianca Edwina Kerns and James C. M. Parsons

Rachel Ellen Boston Rachel with two unidentified grandchildren.

Levin Wheeler

Zilpha Wheeler

Children of Levin and Zilpha WheelerWilliam Harvey Wheeler, Thomas Watson Wheeler, Violet Ann Williams, Adelia Caroline Nail, Eudoxie Jackson.

Micajah Keath and Susannah Replogle

Ellmoore and Zelma Moore Wheeler Ellmoore was born in 1875 and Zelma was born in 1879. This picture must have been taken in the early 1900s.

Maccarino Family This is a picture of my grandfather (Frank Maccarino) and his family. Frank is standing on the right. Willie is the boy in the center. The other two brothers are unknown to me. His parents Luigi and Emelia Cascia are seated. Frank came to the US in 1922 as a 16 year old so this picture was taken prior to that time.

The GuiseppeVerdi Frank Maccarino sailed from Italy to New York City on this ship in 1922.

Leonard Wheeler Sr. The back of this picture states that Leonard is 20 years old and is in Jackson MS. This was at the time he was attending the Mississippi School for the Deaf in Jackson and this picture may have been taken on campus. This dates the picture around 1920.

Leonard Wheeler Sr.

Leonard Wheeler Sr. as a child.

The home where Mildred Parsons grew up. Mildred wrote this on the back, "I grew up in this house - new with outdoor toilet - mud road - tracks is for trolley between city of Charleston and Dunbar - now all city - Grandma's store next door - garage for grandpa's Maxwell and a milking cow - the other side - half blcok of public stable (barn) store."

Mildred Jane Parsons This is a picture of my Grandmother. She later married Leonard Wheeler Sr.

Mildred Jane Parsons This is a picture of my Grandmother dated June, 1967. This picture was taken at the home of her daughter Zelma Price near Olive Branch, MS.

Mildred Jane Parsons Another picture of my grandmother.

Frank Maccarino Sr. The back of the Photo says, "Frank Maccarino, age 16."

Charlie Crockett Sutton This is the father of my Grandmother Elizabeth Sutton Maccarino.

Gamaliel and Rachel Kerns I copied this picture out of a book on Jackson Co in the Brooke Co Library in Wellsburg, WV. I sure would like to know where the original is.

Clarence Calvin Moore Picture was made around 1850.

John Calvin Moore

Susan Rebecca Coleman Moore

Susan Coleman Moore and Floy Moore

Hoyt Wooten and Floy Moore This picture was taken on their wedding day.

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