The following bibliography is not comprehensive of all the many sources that were searched. There are also records that may have been searched by other researchers who sent their information to us and whose sources are not all cited below. This is our attempt to present the main resources that were used in this compilation and does include all the major and most important sources cited and used throughout this work.


These books represent only a few of the hundreds of genealogies studied and researched for the various Broad Bay German names. Most of the books studied were of families with the same names but came instead to New York, New Jersey or Pennslvania, with a few to Virginia, etc. North Carolina and South Carolina genealogies were checked with almost no success.


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Dow, Dr. George F. "The Waltz Genealogy." From two papers, one on Jacob Waltz and one on Samuel Waltz. [sent by Janet Seitz] Dr. Dow has maintained several unpublished genealogies of Broad Bay and Nobleboro pioneer families at the Nobleboro Historical Society. These include, beside others:

       “The Seth Hall Genealogy of Nobleboro”

       “The James Hall Genealogy of Nobleboro”

       “The Levensaler Family”

       “The Waltz Genealogy of Broad Bay, one on Jacob, one on Samuel”

       “The Winchenbach Family of Broad Bay”

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Keith, Bertha Taft. Daniel Rokes, of Waren, [sic] Maine, Christopher Newbert, of Waldoboro, Maine and some of their descendants : with notes on related Benner, Butler, and Martin families. 19--? typescript. 29 leaves. Compiled from old records, family correspondence and original research, largely unpublished.

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A majority, perhaps, of the information in this book comes from manuscripts and documents held in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City as well as the Massachusetts Historical Society and the Massachusetts Archives in Boston. Extensive “memorials” were also obtained from the Moravian Archives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Archives in Wiesbaden were searched for Manumission records and other pertinent manuscripts. Although the Family History Library in Salt Lake City has extensive microfilm holdings of German Parish records, there are many Parishes for which the microfilming, for various reasons, has not been done. Those parishes needed to be searched in Germany personally, or by a researcher. Following are the main documents from these repositories that were used in this compilation.


The Samuel Waldo Papers, 1744, Reel 1

       “24 Mar 1742/3 - Hotom & Kast to Waldo”

       “6 May 1744 - Zoubühler to Waldo”

“18 May 1744 List of Men in Broad Bay by Capt. John Ulmer to Col. Noble”

       “25 May 1744 - Zoubühler to Waldo”

       “6 Jun 1744 - Martin to Waldo”

       “19 Jun 1744 - Zoubühler to Waldo”

       “2 July 1744 - Noble to Waldo”

       “5 Jul 1744 - Zoubühler to Waldo”

       “18 Jul 1744 - Burns to Waldo”

       “25 Aug 1744 - Burns to Waldo”

       “ - Henderson to Waldo” 

The Henry Knox Papers:

“Debts due Isaac Winslow Braintree-Broad Bay 17 Oct 1752" Vol. 50, p. 112.

"List of People sent to Broad Bay October 1752 from the ship at Germantown [Braintree, MA]", Vol. 50, p. 113.

“Provisions sent to Broad Bay from Isaac Winslow, Nov 1752". Vol. 50, p.114.

“Receipt of provisions sent to Broad Bay, 29 Jun 1753, Boston”. Vol. 50, p.119.

"Description of the new colonists who were sent to Broad Bay in the Ship Elizabeth, Captain Pendock Neale (1753)." Vol. 50, p.124; Vol. 55, pp.81ff; Vol. 55, pp.104ff.

"A List of the Settlers in St. George's River, Medumcook and Broadbay." Vol. 50, p. 166. [This list was made before 1746. Supposed to have been written by John North.] Reprinted in: The New-England Historical and Genealogical Register. Volume XLVI. 1892. Boston. p. 119 - 120.

“Petition of settlers who arrived in 1753 dated 22 Feb 1769". Vol. 51, p.20.

“Schoolmaster’s List of Settlers East of the Medomak, 1773". Vol. 51, p.41.

“Names of those having demands on Estate of Samuel Waldo, Sep 1788.” Vol. 51, p.143, 151ff.


“1753 - General Waldo's Circular” Extract from the Imperial Post newspaper, number forty-seven,

    23 Mar 1753. Collections of Maine Historical Society. Vol. VI. 1859.

   “Petition for land at Ft. Massachusetts 30 May 1753", Vol. 15A, p.222.

“Broad Bay Shirley petition asking for protection 13 May 1754", Vol. 15A, p.241.

“Exempt Germans in Braintree 26 Feb 1761" Vol. 15A, p.266.

“Petition for a meeting house 14 Nov 1770,” Vol. 14, pp.587-8.

“Guide to the Microfilm Edition of the French and Indian War Orderly Books at the Massachusetts Historical Society. Boston. 1993. Louisburg Papers 1744 - 1758. 1 microfilm reel, and French & Indian War Orderly book. 1 microfilm reel.


“1743 Petition of Ph:Gottfr: Kast:Dr. Th. and Test: Jacob Friedrich Kurtz.MD.” Vol. 15A, pp. 33ff.

"Petition for Land at Ft. Massachusetts 30 May 1753". Vol. 15A p.222.

“1754 Humble Petition written by the German Settlers at Broad Bay to His Excellence William Shirley, Esqr.” Vol. 15A, p. 240-242.

“1757 Petition to Legislature in Massachusetts from Broad Bayers deploring their destitute condition.” Massachusetts Archives, Vol. 117, pp.356-358.

“1767 Shaeffer Petition.” Vol. 118, p. 211a/211b.

"A List of Persons Names Who have Demands on Waldo Heirs for land according to Promises in Germany". 10 September 1788.


US Federal Census Records. Primarily the 1790 and 1850 census were used, but also research was done in 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1860 and subsequent census records.

   Lincoln County, Maine. “Marriages - 1759 to 1777.” [FHL # 859052]

   “Lincolnville Vital Records.” [FHL # 0011351]

“The Old Maps of Lincoln County, Maine, in 1857". [Detail Maps of Villages, House with Family Names, the Old Roads and Waterways. Includes Rockland, Thomaston, S.Thomaston, Cushing, Union, Warren, Friendship, St. George. Saco Valley Printing. 76 Main Street, Fryeburg, Maine. 04037. January 1988. [2nd Prt.].]

Deaths of Waldoboro and vicinity. [FHL film # 11346 & 12308] includes Rural Cemetery, Comery Cemetery, German Cemetery, Village Cemetery, Brookland Cemetery, Sweetland Cemetery, Burnheimer Cemetery, Ludwig Cemetery, Burns Cemetery, Orff-Achorn Cemetery, Achorn Cemetery, Webb Cemetery, French Cemetery (W. Waldoboro), "Private Cemetery" (W. Waldoboro) and Winchenbach Cemetery (S. Waldoboro Baptist Church). [See also FHL #0859057]

Waldoboro Vital Records. Births, Waldoboro, Maine. Such records as occur from 1714 to 1858.


Christ Church, King’s Chapel, Stone Chapel Marriages. Church Records, 1747 - 1773. FHL# 0741321, item 5.

Baldwin Place Baptist Church, Boston. Church Records 1769-1881. FHL film # 0856702, item 2.

Brattle Street Church (Boston). Church Records 1699-1804. FHL film # 0837129, item 1 - 5.

Item 1Kings ChapelBurials

       Item 2           New South Church            Baptisms

       Item 3           New South Church            Marriages

       Item 4           Brattle Street Church         Marriages

       Item 5           Brattle Street Church         Baptisms


Christ Church, Boston. Church Records, 1723 -1851. FHL # 0856696, item 2; 0856697, item 1

   Christ Church, Boston. Church Records, 1723 - 1917. FHL # 128903, item 1 - 2.

First Baptist Church, Boston. Church Records, 1665-1879. FHL film # 0856702, item 6.

First Church, Boston. Church Records, 1630 - 1847. FHL # 0856693, item 2, # 0856694; item 1; # 0956697, item 2

   First Presbyterian Church, Boston. Church Records, 1730- 1865; FHL # 0856696, item 1

Hollis Street Church, Boston. Church Records 1732 - 1887. FHL # 0856698, item 1

Kings Chapel, Boston. Church Records 1703-1844. FHL # 0856698, item 2; #0837128; #0837129, item 1

New Brick Church, Boston. Church Records, 1722 - 1776. FHL # 0856701, item 4

   New Church, Boston. Church Records, 1714 - 1799. FHL # 0837130, item 3

New North Church, Boston. Church Records, Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths, 1714 - 1863. FHL # 0856699, item; # 0837130, item 1

New South Church, Boston. Church Records, Baptisms, Marriages, 1719 - 1812. FHL # 0837129, item 2

North Bennett Street Church, Boston. Church Records, 1669 - 1875.

   Second Baptist Church, Boston. Church Records, 1742-1787. FHL film # 0837132, item 1

   Second Church, Boston. Church Records, 1676 - 1876. FHL film # 0856699, item 2

   Stone Chapel, Boston.    Church Records, 1747 - 1773. FHL # 0741321, item 5

Trinity Church, Boston. Church Records, 1737 - 1896. FHL film # 1289683, item 2 - 4; #1306087, item 1; #0856691; # 0856692, item 1

   West Church, Boston. Church Records: Baptisms, Marriages, 1737-1880. FHL # 0856695, item 2

   Boston Marriages, vol. 1 1700- 1751 Vol. 2 1752 - 1809. FHL # 974.461 V2b

Braintree, MA. Vital Records of Braintree, MA.- (107) Marriages. FHL # 0833387.

Dorchester, MA (Boston area) Church Records, 1636 - 1845. FHL # 0856696, item 1



       “Documents Concerning Emigration to Foreign Colonies 1750 - 1760.”

       Hessische Hauptarchiv, Wiesbaden. Record Group 172.

                            Vol. 264-1, No. 17

       “Privy Counsel Records” (Hofrat Karlsruhe Generallandsarchiv.) Record Group 61.

                            Vol. 810, Nos. 666, 667, 715, 716, 783, 895.

                            Vol. 852, No. 3077

                            Vol. 853, Nos. 155, 208, 345, 576, 578, 630

                            Vol. 854, Nos. 1364, 1365

                            Vol. 859, No. 1178

       “Revenues Office Records” (Rentkammer) Record Group 61.

                            Vol. 1259, No. 1371

                            Vol. 1278, Nos. 1408, 1409, 1416, 1417

                            Vol. 1279, No. 2011

                            Vol. 1312, No. 733

                            Vol. 1336, Nos. 1049, 1450, 1451

                            Vol. 1340, No. 984


   Altendiez, 1588-1900,                  microfilm            FHL #1197011-14

   Balingen, 1577-1977,                   microfilm            FHL #118978-88

   Brake, 1637-1910,                        microfilm            FHL #0582470-3; 0810214-6

   Breitscheid, 1654-1962,               microfilm            FHL #1192056ff

   Brötzingen, 1706-1905,                microfilm            FHL #1238240-1

   Oberderdingen, 1651-1900,         microfilm            FHL #1187131-35

   Dillenburg, 1741-1761,                microfilm            FHL #1340448

   Dillenburg, 1571-1876,                microfilm            FHL #1340437-48

   Dürrenbüchig, 1691-1962,            microfilm            FHL #1192050-51

   Durrn, 1691-1962,                        microfilm            FHL #1238492-96

   Eichstetten, 1644-1961,                microfilm            FHL #1189615-19

   Ellmendingen, 1637-1962,           microfilm            FHL #1238334-35

   Enzberg, 1721-1893,                    microfilm            FHL #1187017-18

   Erlenbach, 1678-1961,                 microfilm            FHL #0897690-96

   Eutingen, 1707-1962,                   microfilm            FHL #1238344-46

   Fleisbach, 1647-1910,                  microfilm            FHL #1457085-87

   (Nieder) Florstadt, 1659-1875,     microfilm            FHL #1200603

   Göbrichen, 1564-1756,                 microfilm            FHL #0505648; 1560-1962, FHL #1238171, 238252, 1238359.

    Gochhsheim, 1660-1963,             microfilm            FHL #1238477-79, 1192096, 1192086,89

   Gondelsheim, 1689-1961,            microfilm            FHL #1192068-70

   Göppingen, 1558-1918,                microfilm            FHL #1056922-41

   Grötzingen, 1685-1962,                microfilm            FHL #1238211-15

Grünwettersbach (includes Hohenwettersbach), 1649-1963,

                                                         microfilm            FHL #1189466-69

   Hamm (Reformed), 1694-1799,   microfilm            FHL #0493375

   Herborn, 1560-1876,                    microfilm            FHL #0489895, 1195029-040

Herbornseelbach (with Ballersbach), 1595-1875,

                                                         microfilm            FHL #1195008-11

   Hunspach, 1681-1807,                 microfilm            FHL #0717058, 0717097

   Idstein, 1594-1875,                       microfilm            FHL #1269774-80 

   Königsbach, 1726-1962,               microfilm            FHL #1238360-61, 1192048-50

   Langensteinbach, 1752-1962,      microfilm            FHL #1189472

   Limbach, 1713-1877,                   microfilm            FHL #0193025-26, 1057439

   Lorch, 1646-1978,                        microfilm            FHL #1340275-85

   Maulbronn, 1649-1921,                microfilm            FHL #1184969-72

   Morsbach, 1656-1971,                 microfilm            FHL #1045458

Palmbach (incl. (Unter-)Mutschelbach), 1700-1963,

                                                         microfilm            FHL #1189474-75

   Neidlingen, 1596-1967,                microfilm            FHL #1055821-23, 0957407-08, 1457519-21

   Nenderoth (incl. Arborn), 1610-1878, microfilm     FHL #1195024-26

   Neustadt, 1619-1900,                   microfilm            FHL #0886483-90

   Niefern, 1608-1963,                     microfilm            FHL #1238497-503

   Öschelbronn, 1558-1945,              microfilm            FHL #1475209-12

   Ötisheim, 1691-1950,                    microfilm            FHL #1184989-93

   Rhein-Dürkheim, 1730-1875,       microfilm            FHL #1347393-94

   Rosbach, 1689-1809,                    microfilm            FHL #0187213-14

   Schönbach, 1614-1876,                microfilm            FHL #1195026-29

   Schopfhem, 1697+,                      microfilm            FHL #1189748

   Singen, 1743-1962,                      microfilm            FHL #1238215-17

   Stein, 1654-1962,                         microfilm            FHL #1192056-58

   Weingarten, 1695-1961,               microfilm            FHL #1192058-64

   Wilferdingen, 1620-1962,            microfilm            FHL #1238361-62

   Winterlingen, 1603-1893,            microfilm            FHL #1190228-32

   Wintzenbach (Catholic), 1743-1786, microfilm       FHL #0724643-44

   Wössingen, 1691-1962,                microfilm            FHL #1192050-54



   Aschbach,                                                   Vol. 1 (1652-1708), Vol. 2 (1709-1797)                      

   Bergen (incl. Enchheim & Seckbacher),    Vol. IV (1684-1787), Vol. VI (1702-1821)

   Breitscheidt                                                 (via correspondence) searched by Klaus Petry

   Deggendorf                                                 (via correspondence)

   Ebersbrunn, 1650+

   Eichfeld, Vol. 1 (1606-1784),                     Vol. 2 (1750-1783)

   Erlangen Neustadt                                      (via correspondence)


   Greifenstein & Edingen, 1624-1780

   Hamm (Lutheran)                                       (via correspondence)

   Kastell (in Regensburg Lutheran                Vol. 1 1640-1677, Vol. 2 1713-1740, Vol. 3 1741-

   Church Book Archives                               1760

Vol. 16 (indexes) 1640-1807, and Vol. 19 (family Register)

   Magdeburg Church Records,                      (via correspondence) searched by John G. Thornley

   Mainbernheim,                                                          (searched 1713-1753)

   Nenzenheim (Mönchsondheim)


   Ulm (includes Allendorf & Holzhausen),   Vol. 1 (1647-1715), Vol. 2 (1715-1790)