Children of Henry White

Henry White and Margaret Reynolds and Their Children
(according to Violet White Smith)

Henry and Margaret were born in the United States. Violet was unsure of the location of Henry's birth - NY, NJ, or ?, but Margaret was born February 16, 1763 in Cumberland County, PA. Violet estimated that they married about 1791 in the vicinity of Shippensburg.

Around 1817 Henry moved his family to Vienna, Canada. About 1837 Henry, Margaret, and some of their grown children moved to Illinois. They lived in the counties of McHenry and Iroquois (IL). From Illinois the White's fanned out to Ohio, Nebraska, Missouri, Oregon, Washington, California, Texas and more.

Margaret (1794)
Robert Reynolds (1795)
William (1796)
Hannah (1798)
James Henry (1799)
Frances (1802)
Hiram (1804)
Rebecca (1806)
Huldah (1808)
John Wesley (1810)
Charles Wesley (1813)