White Family Recorder

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Born at Nixa, Mo., to Roy Rice and Bird West Rice, May 1, 1920 a daughter, Lavenia Lea. Mr. Rice is the grandson of Emily White Rice, daughter of John Wesley White.

Born at Saskatchewan, Can., to William Froggett and Grace Millard Froggett, May 18, 1920 a daughter, Ila. Mrs. Froggett is a daughter of Mrs. Syra Smith Millard, grand-daughter of Rebecca White Hortwick, daughter of Henry White.

Born at David City, Neb. to Floyd Knowlton and Lucile Hyatt Knowlton June 4, 1920, a son Floyd. Mrs. Knowlton is the daughter of Augusta Goodrich Hyatt, daughter of Mary White Goodrich.

Born at Omaha, Neb. to Edgar Bryant and Eunice Bryant, July 10, 1920, a son. Mr. Bryant is the grandson of Alma White Bryant, daughter of Hiram White.

Born at Straffordville, Ont. to Darwin Millard and wife, July 19, 1920 a daughter, Edith Irene. Mr. Millard is a son of Syra Smith Millard.

Born at Portland, Ore. to Harry Wellesley Fletcher and Bertha Baxter Fletcher July 21, 1920 a daughter Dorothy Marjorie. Mrs. Fletcher is a daughter of Una Johnson Baxter, a daughter of Elizabeth White Johnson.

Born at Versailles, Mo. to Alex Pringle and Helen Arnold Pringle, Aug. 11, 1920 a daughter, Edith Arnold. Mrs. Pringle is the daughter of Lurilla Rice Mullen, a daughter of Candace White Rice.



David Mathews graduated from the High School of Blair, Neb. in May 1920. He is the grandson of Elizabeth White Johnson.

Miss Nancy Anne King graduated from the college of Stillwater, Okla. in June 1920. She is a grand-daughter of Huldah White Tullis.

Gilford J. Ikenberry graduated from the State Agriculture College at Manhattan, Kans. in June 1920. He is a grandson of Candace White Rice.

Miss Blanche King graduated from the Business College of Enid, Okla. in Aug. 1920. She is a daughter of Nellie Tullis King.



Oct. 10, 1919, at Peru, Ind., Frederick J. Davis to Miss Dessie Duck. Mr. Davis is the son of Myrtle White Davis, daughter of Frederick E. White.

Oct. 27, 1919 in Kankakee, Ill., John Robert Stockton was married to Miss Ena Ward. Mr. Stockton is the grandson of Nancy Edison Stockton, daughter of Frances White Edison.

Jan. 17, 1920 at Detroit, Mich., Clifford Book was married to Miss Mary White. Miss White is the daughter of Frederick E. White, son of Hiram White.

May 3, 1920, at Santa Ana, Cal., Elwood Stanley was married to Mrs. Valeria Bryant Thompson. Mrs. Thompson is the daughter of Alma White Bryant, daughter of Hiram White.

May 30, 1920, at Detroit, Mich., Eugene Lawrence was married to Miss Hazel Wright. Miss Wright is the daughter of Mrs. Rose Wright, grand-daughter of James Henry White Sr.

June 29, 1920, at North Collins, N. Y., Ford Fullington White was married to Miss Evelyn Frances Bowers. Mr. White is the son of Daniel C. White, son of Amos Gould White.



Glenn White, son of Halbert E. White and grandson of Harvey A. White b Aug. 24, 1909 d Nov. 10, 1919 at Tampa, Fla.

Harold Hanson White, son of Howard M. White and grandson of James White. b May 31, 1897 d Feb. 2, 1920 at Cleveland, O.

Mrs. Candace White Rice daughter of Hiram White, grand-daughter of Henry White. b Aug. 3, 1842 d July 8, 1920 at Goodman, Mo.