The Provenance of This Reproduction<BR>by Dr. Leslie E. Soper

The Provenance of this Reproduction
by Leslie E. Soper

When my older brother Keith announced that he was going to marry his childhood sweetheart, Shirley Clunas, my father Wilfred joked that the marriage might be consanguineous and have to be stayed. This he alleged because Shirley’s mother Ada was a White from southern Ontario (Canada) near where our family originated in the little town of Vienna and Dad knew that there were Whites in our family line.

Years later he spoke of a lady named Violet White coming to visit his father James Ernest Soper at his home in Straffordville ON. He told me that Violet published a sort of genealogical newsletter called “The White Family Recorder” (WFR). Many more years passed before I became interested in my “roots” and discovered my second great-grandmother, Huldah White (1808-1884) who married Levi Soper (1791-1862) in 1827. The White connection triggered the memory of the WFR. I posted a message about it on a White Family Message Board of an online genealogical service. There it rested for 3 years without notice.

Last August Bonne Shane, who does not have any known Whites in her background (although I’m sure everyone has a White or two in their background), received a letter from a lady who while cleaning out her mother’s attic came across a box of family “treasures” she thought might belong to her mother’s former husband, Bonne’s brother. She kindly mailed the box to Bonne who found a tattered, acid-killed brown colored book therein – the WFR. Bonne checked the Internet and came upon my three-year-old message and contacted me via eMail.

Bonne transcribed the whole thing for me and I was able to make several instant genealogical connections which had long puzzled me. Since the book was incomplete and damaged, we enlisted the aid of Jeanette and Bob Heil to fill in the missing segments from a more complete copy found in a Library; hence the publication of the transcript.

P.S. Keith and Shirley have been married 53 years. Her Whites have been traced to Ireland and there are no known links to the Whites related to Sopers described in the WFR. –leslie e soper.