The goal of this site is to find, unite and help anybody who has traced their family history back to one of the Whitfills or Whitfields living in Nelson County, Washington County, and Grayson County, Kentucky area in the late 1700's or early 1800's. It is my hope that with enough people helping, the connection between these ancestors will be made and the common ancestor found.


Of the Whitfill/Whitfield's being researched, the most is probably known about the brothers Barnabas and Joseph Whitfill and their sister Jane. There are two other females, Elainy Whitfield and Mary Whitfield, living in Nelson County at the time. It is believed, although not yet proven, that these two are siblings to the others.

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Joseph Whitfill married Elizabeth Riggs February 17, 1798 in Washington County, KY. The marriage bond was signed by Ellener Whitfill, indicating that Joseph needed consent to marry and was between the ages of 14 and 20. He would have been born circa 1778-1782. Joseph and Elizabeth had the following children: Robert, born circa 1799; Teresa, born circa 1799; Martin B., born in 1800; Mary Ellen, born Feb. 28, 1805; Joseph, born in 1812; Eliza (or Elizabeth), born circa 1817; Felix G., born in 1820; Jane; and two unknown females. Joseph Whitfill died circa 1838 in Grayson County, KY.

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Jane Whitfill married Elijah F. Collard in Nelson County, KY in 1793. Her marriage bond was also signed by Ellener Whitfill, indicating consent was needed to marry. Jane was probably between the ages of 12 and 17, giving her a birthdate of circa 1776-1781.

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Mary Whitfield married James Dewitt December 18, 1809. The marriage bond states that both are above the age of 21. This gives her a birthdate of circa 1788 or earlier.

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Elainy Whitfield, also seen as Elviney and possibly Helena, married Nicholas Carter April 12, 1809. According to the marriage bond, she was over 21 when she married, giving her a birthdate of circa 1788 or earlier. The Carters later show up in Morgan County/Cass County, Illinois.

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Who are these mystery WHITFILLS ?

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This site will be expanded to include more of the information already gathered. If you would like to be included on a researchers page on this site,please send me your name, email and which ancestor(s) you're researching.
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