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Family of
John Clough and his wife Jane
my paternal line
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ICH: my father was Harold Lincoln Clough aka Gerard Beckwith in the above DNA study 

Real Life Stories
The Clough/Cluff/Clow Study

Richard Clough Yr Hen (meaning "Senior"), a glover from Denbigh, Wales, was the father of three daughters and seven sons. One son, Richard (Jr.) made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land on crusade, and returned to Great Britain where he accumulated a considerable fortune and was knighted, becoming Sir Richard Clough.

John Clough emigrated from London in 1635 on the ship 'Elizabeth' and took up residence in Salisbury, Massachusetts. His descendants had long wondered if they were related to the Welsh Clough family but, despite much effort, could trace no connection.

Members of the John Clough Genealogical Society (descendants of John Clough of Salisbury, Massachusetts) contacted Oxford Ancestors to start a Clough Y-line DNA study. The Y chromosome of a male member of the Society (surnamed "Clough") was analysed, as was the Y chromosome of a direct male descendant of Sir Richard's son by a Dutch mistress. THE RESULTS WERE EXACTLY THE SAME! Further analyses showed that a New England Clough, who hadn't been able to find a connection using existing records, was also an exact match, while a Clough from Kentucky was just one marker different.

The elation felt by these Society members on finally obtaining "proof" of their collective ancestry was tempered by the fact that the results from the Alabama/North Carolina Cloughs showed differences at five markers. This means that, on the balance of probability, the ancestry of the Alabama/North Carolina Clough's is different than that of the Salisbury Cloughs.

Having accepted these conclusions, further DNA results were sought. DNA from a member of the Maryland/Delaware Clow family was shown to be one mutation different from the Alabama/North Carolina Clough family. Family members of these two Clough family branches had long suspected a relationship, but could not find the evidence in existing records. The DNA results have breathed new life into the genealogical research of these Clough branches and the members of the John Clough Genealogical Society have found the results fascinating. Out of the DNA analyses performed to date, only one Cluff donor has not matched with any of the existing donors.

The Clough story was reproduced with the kind permission of Sheila Andersen, Genealogist for the John Clough Genealogical Society ( and Chief US Operations Officer for Oxford Ancestors (
ICH: I often wondered why my dad (he died 5 July 2004) would not share what he knew of his Clough family. I'm sure he would have been very surprised to learn his paternal side of the family came from a long line of Quaker families or maybe he knew. However for his own reasons he did not want to share this information. I was fortunated that he agreed to have his DNA done for the Clough DNA study before he died under the name Gerard Beckwith.
Thanks to cousin Clark Whelton who found my Clough query on GenForum in Sept 2000 on the internet. I was asking for more information on Edwin Clough who lived in Auburn, Maine where my paternal grandfather Alvah was born. With information Clark sent and what I had a link from my Clough line to John Clough of Salisbury, Essex, MA was made. For years I've had the John Clough book Vol I on my bookshelve (I now have Vol II). From these books I was never able to make the connection even though many names in our Clough line are very much the same as the generations we came from. Clark's grandfather Edgar Clarence Clark (birth surname Clough) and my paternal great grandfather Edwin Clough were twins born 25 Sept 1856 at Brunswick, Cumberland, ME, to David Crossman Clough and his 2nd wife Avis Keene Jones. The twins births are recorded in the Durham, Androscoggin, Maine, Friends' records also in Berwick, ME. Records on these families were found in Androscoggin, Cumberland, Kennebec and Oxford counties of Maine among other counties. These are the same counties my grandfather Alvah lived and visited relatives before he died in 1930 at the age of 40 yrs in Somerville, Middlesex, MA. The twins Edgar and Edwin had an older half brother whose name was Alvah who had died in 1885. What makes it ever more interesting that when the twin Edwin had a son born five years later in 1890 he named his son Alvah after his dead half brother. Alvah son of the twin Edwin was my paternal grandfather who I never knew. Below is how my Clough line is connected to John Clough of Salisbury, MA.
Dec 2nd, 2002 - Received news from cousin Clark Whelton grandson of Edgar Clark nee Edgar C. Clough that cousin Henry David Clark has received his DNA test results that proves our bloodline back to John Clough who came from London to Boston in 1635. Clark's grandfather and my great grandfather Edwin Clough were twin brothers, sons of David Crossman Clough below.
May 1st, 2003 - The long wait is over. In todays mail received my fathers' DNA test results which are a perfect match to the John Clough who came on the "Elizabeth" from London to Boston in 1635. We received certificate number Y6719. John Clough is my paternal 8th great great grandfather.
May 2005 - you will find more information on some than others. This is because I was contacted by a descent of that person. When this happens I do more research on that person and add information to the family tree.
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The surname Clough is of Ancient English origin and is often spelled Cluff or Clow. Most of the Clough families who began in the New England area can trace their ancestry to John Clough the immigrant.  We are direct descendants of John Clough who came to Boston, MA in 1635 on the ship "Elizabeth".

1. John1 Clough born ca 1613 in England died 26 July 1691 in Salisbury, Essex County, MA married Jone/Jane _____ born ca 1620 married ca 1640 near Salisbury, Essex, MA died 16 Jan 1679 Salisbury, Essex, MA. Both buried at the Salisbury Plains Cemetery, Amesbury, MA. John married at Hampton, NH as his 2nd wife on 15 January 1686 to wid Martha (Blaisdell) Bowden,Sealy/Cilley who died after 1 Apr 1707 daughter of Ralph Blaisdell and Elizabeth Parker.

Martha Blaisdell married 1st at Boston, MA 1660 Richard Bowden

Richard Bowden (Boaden, Boden) resident of Boston in 1661

Martha as wid Bowden married 2nd Thomas Cilley who died after 1684

Early Records of New Hampshie Families
Cluff - John Cluff married to Martha Silly, (possibly may be Libby or Sibly, but supposed to be for Cilley) 15th January 1686 by Jus. Green
MA and ME Families, Vol I, Blaisdelll, of Salisbury, page 181: In 1684 Martha Silly of Amesbury gave to her daughter Elizabeth and her son in law John Davis four aces at the lower end of the lot on which she then lived, "to lie about half the width of my lot, next to Richard Martin's lot and a highway of half a rod next to Ezekiel Wathen's lot." she acknowledged the deed of gift as Martha Clough in 1707.

John Clough's will made 3 April 1691 proved 3 Nov 1691 witnessed by brother in-law Henry Blaisdell.

Death of Jone and John Clough along with children birth records in MA VR to 1850 for Salisbury, Essex, MA.

John and Jone's children born at Salisbury, MA:
1.1 Elizabeth Clough born 16, 10m 1642 Salisbury, Essex, MA was taken captive by the Indians, 30 Sept 1707 she may have been killed then, married ca 1659/60 William Horne born 9 June 1609 bpt St. James, Clerkwell, England, killed in the Indian massacre at Oyster River, NH 28 June 1689 when the Waldron Garrison House and several other garrisons were burned. William was son of Johannas Horne and Martina Trowlech. 
see the following url for more information about the Indian Massacre in Dover, NH 1689
John Clough Descendants
Elizabeth was born in the home on the Beach Road that leads to Amesbury, near the Garrison House. John Clough her father believed in education for his daughters as well as his sons and Elizabeth attended the village school. Elizabeth and William established their home in Dover, New Hampshire, the first member of the Clough Family in that Colony. They lived on Horne's Hill on 6th street.
Elizabeth had the distinction of being the only woman to sign her own name, among many signers of a petition to MA on 20 Feb 1689/70 to set up a temporary government. All other women made their mark.
William Horne was killed by the Indians during the raid upon Dover when the Waldron Garrison House and several other garrisons were burned and many inhabitants were massacres and a number of prisoners were taken either to Maine or to Canada.
Genealogical Items relating to Dover, NH (New England Historic Genealogical Society online) William1 Horne taxed at Cochecho 1659-1677; killed 28 June 1689; inventory entered by his widow Elizabeth 15 July 1699
Genealogical Dictionary, Maine and New Hampshire, Surnames, G-H, Page 350
William Horne of Dover 1659, betw, Cochecho and Tole End from Edw. Starbuck 27 Sept 1661. He had been of Salis., the home of his w. Elizabeth2 Clough (John1), named in her fa.'s will 1691.
William Horne 1691/2 Dover
[Inventory of the estate of William Horne of Dover, Feb. 27, 1691/2; amount, £189.8.0; signed by Samuel Heard and Thomas Downes; attested by Elizabeth Horne, the widow, July 15, 1699.]
[Probate Records, vol. 3, p157.]
Children of Elizabeth and William:
1.1.1 Elizabeth Horne born 1 Feb 1661/2 Salisbury, Essex, MA died 6 May 1672 Dover, Strafford, NH
1.1.2 John Horne born 25 Oct 1663 died March 1697 married 30 June 1686 by Jus. Coffin to Mary Ham born 2 Oct 1668 died 1742 Dover, Stafford, NH dau of John and Mary (Heard) Ham; she married 2nd 27 Aug 1698 John Waldron born 1665 Dover, Stafford, NH died July 1740, will dated 12 May 1740 proved 20 July 1740
John Waldron of Dover, NH and his descendants by Alonzo Hall Quint 1879
"Twenty five years ago, a great grand daughter of John Waldon told us that he was picked up in the streets of and English sea port while a boy in an "unfair manner" by one "Master Heard" hustled off to America, brought to Dover, and kept by said Heard as a chore-boy; that the boy was portly clad and had a hard time of it, but excited the sympatbies of one Mrs. Horne, past whose door he used to drive the cows, which Mrs. Horne did the forlorn boy many kindnesses, and becoming a widow married him. and further, that said Mrs. Horne lived on Horne's Hill. Waldron did marry widow Horne. she was granddaughter to that same Master Heard, being Mary, daughter of John Ham by wife Mary daughter of Master Heard. She was born 2 Oct 1668; marrried 1st 30 June 1686 John Horne, son of the original William Horne, he being born 25 Oct 1663, lived on Horne's Hill and died Mar 1697/8 leaving divers children. Widow Mary married 2d, 29 Aug 1698 John Waldron."
Clarke's kindred genealogies by Augustus Peck Clark 1896
John2 Horne, son of William1, was of Dover. He married 30 June 1686 Mary, daughter of John and Mary (Heard) Ham, born 2 Oct 1668. He died march 1696/7 and she married 2nd 29 Aug 1698 John Waldron, and was mother of Mehetabel Waldron who married James4 Chesley; and gramdmother of Col. John Waldron who married 3rd wife Margaret (Frost), widow of Hon. John5 Wentworth, Jr.
Children of John and Mary: John Horne born ca 1687 died 15 Nov 1778 male Horne born 1689 died 7 April 1777 Dover, NH Mary Horne born ca 1690 William Horne born 1691 died 1767 married 9, 10 mo., 1713 at Dover to Mary Varney born 6 June 1693 Dover, Strafford, NH died 18 Sept 1736 Dover, Strafford, NH dau of Ebenezer and Mary (Otis) Varney
Children of Mary (Ham) Horne and John Waldron her 2nd husband:
Richard Waldron
Sarah Waldron
Mehetabel Waldron
1.1.3 Mary Horne born 1673 Dover, Strafford, NH married 28 June 1686 Dover, Strafford, NH to John Hayes born Scotland died 25 Oct 1708 Dover, Strafford, NH
Genealogical Items relating to Dover, NH (NEHGR vol 6 pg 333)
John1 Hayes the ancestor of the Hayes families of New England, is said to have emigrated from Scotland about 1680, and to have settled at Dover "Corner." His wife was Mary Horne, whom tradition says he married when she was but thirteen years old, which tradition is probably as true now as it ever was. He had a brothr Ichabod, tradition also says, who went South and left descendants there. John had a grant of land in 1693/4.
Children of Mary and John born in Dover, Strafford, NH John2 Hayes born 1686 died 3 July 1759 Dover, Strafford, NH buried Pine Hill married 29 Dec 1704 wid of James Chesley, Tamsen (Wentworth) Chesley born 1687 died 3 July 1759 Dover, Strafford, NH wid of James3 Chesley was killed by Indians 15 Sept 1707. Tamsen dau Deacon Gershom Wentworth. John married 2nd Mary Roberts wid of Samuel Wingate.
NEHGR Vol 5 page 205
James3 Chesley married Tamsen Wentworth, granddaughter of Elder William, by Ezekiel2. James was killed by the Indians, 15 Sept 1707, and his widow, Tamsen married John Hayes of Dover born 1686, son of John, who settled in Dover about 1680, Her second husband (Hayes) died 3 July 1759, having had a second wife. she must have married soon after his death, as her first child (John Hayes) was born 9 Oct 1711. James3 Chesley left but one child, James4, born 18 May 1706 and died 10 Oct 1777.
Children listed in "Genealogical Items relating to Dover, NH in NEHGR Vol 6 page 334 and History of Rockingham and Strafford counties, NH 1882 John Hayes 19 Oct 1711 lived at Barrington died 7 May 1776 never married, his will dated 3 May 1776 divides his property among brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces. Paul Hayes born 16 Sept 1713 Dover, Strafford, NH died 9 April 1776 Barrington, Strafford, NH married 18 April 1740 Mercy Evans born 6 Dec 1717 Dover, Strafford, NH died 1757 age 40
Paul was Justice of the peace
Children of Paul and Mercy: Paul Hayes Jr. born 1744 Barrington, NH (Alton) married Abigail Drew Joseph Hayes born 1 May 1746 Barrington James Hayes born ca 1748 (Deacon) Thomas Hayes born 29 Sept 1715 died 7 April 1774 of Dover.
Lived at Tole End, he was a deacon. Had a wife named Hannah. Elihu Hayes born 16 Dec 1717 died 12 March 1751 of Tole End Hezekiah Hayes born 2 Feb 1719/20 died 24 Feb 1790 married Margaret Cate Elizabeth Hayes born 5 April 1721 married her cousin Ichadbod Hayes son of Ichadbod and Abigail (Evans) Hayes Abra Hayes born 17 Feb 1723/4 married John Montgomerie/Montgomery of Strafford Robert Hayes born 21 March 1725/6 of "Green Hill" in Barrington died 17 May 1769 Wentworth Hayes born 27 Jan 1727/8 bpt 12 May 1728 died 11 Jan 1802 of Rochester. He married 1st in 1753 to Mary Main born 9 Sept 1732 died 14 Jan 1774 dau of Rev. Amos Main; Wentworth married 2nd 13 March 1777 to widow Susan (Burnham) Roberts born 17 Jan 1741 died 5 Aug 1815
Children of Wentworth and Mary as shown in History of Strafford county NH: Amos Main Hayes born 25 Oct 1754 settled in North Yarmouth, ME Betty Hayes born 25 July 1757 married Timothy Roberts, son of her father's second wife. They lived in Milton John Hayes born 10 May 1760 died 14 Oct 1760 Elihu Hayes born 16 Jan 1763 Theodore Hayes born 13 March 1766 settled in Belgrade, ME Molly Hayes born 16 Aug 1768 died 10 July 1773 Tamsen Hayes born 11 April 1772 married Samuel Locke, of Barrington, NH
Children by 2nd wife Susan John Hayes born 20 June 1780 Samuel Hayes born 12 March 1729/30 of "Green Hill" in Barrtington died 22 April 1776 Jonathan Hayes born 17 April 1732 died 15 April 1787 married Mary Wingate, dau of his father's second wife, lived at Tole End
Children of Jonathan and Mary: Mary Hayes Robert Hayes Jonathan Hayes Tamsen Hayes married 8 Jan 1786 Daniel Cushing Nancy Hayes married William Cushing Sarah Hayes married Samuel Jackson Robert Hayes of Bolton, VT Betsey Hayes married Stephen Jackson, of Rochester, NH Peter Hayes born 25 Apr 1688 died 28 Mar 1757 Dover, Strafford, NH married Sarah Wingate born 17 Feb 1696 Dover, NH dau John and Ann Wingate and granddaughter of the emigrant John.
Peter lived at "Tole End" = a district on the south side of the Cochecho River above the second or Tolend Falls; also the name given to road often cited in deeds, stemming from Dover via Madbury into eastern Barrington.
Children listed in NEHGR Vol 30 page 105 baptisms at Dover, NH which states to be a corrected list of children of Peter Hayes: Ann Hayes born 3 June 1718 bpt 3 Sept 1721 Reuben Hayes born 8 May 1720 bpt 3 Sept 1721 died 1762. He owned the "Dr. Green place" in Dover. He married Abigail Shackford Joseph Hayes born 15 March 1722 bpt 1 July 1722 Benjamin Hayes born 1 March 1723/4 bpt 5 July 1724 Mehitabel Hayes born 11 Dec 1725 bpt 12 June 1726 John Hayes bpt 27 Oct 1728 died 1793 married Judith Moulton lived North Yarmouth, ME Lydia Hayes bpt 10 Aug 1735 Ichabod Hayes bpt 2 Oct 1737 lived Berwick, ME Elijah Hayes bpt 27 Sept 1741 lived Berwick, ME died 10 Nov 1805 North Berwick, ME buried in the Hayes buring ground on Harvey Hill married 8 Feb 1764 First Church of Berwick to Elizabeth Chadbourne born 20 May 1746 died North Berwick, ME 20 Oct 1810 buried same place as husband.
Source on Chadbourne: ( Robert Hayes Ichabod Hayes born 18 March 1691/2 died 1 June 1734 lived at Littleworth, NH "killed by a mill-log" married Abigail Evans born 22 Aug 1692 Salisbury, Essex, MA dau of Thomas Evans and Hannah Brown
They lived at "Littleworth," Dover, NH. Ichabod was killed by a mill-log 1 June 1734.
Children listed in "Genealogical Items relating to Dover, NH in NEHGR Vol 6 page 334 Sarah Hayes born 30 Sept 1716 married Nathaniel Horne of Dover Ichabod Hayes born 13 Dec 1718 died 15 Oct 1794 married Elizabeth Hayes died 28 Oct 1795 his cousin, dau of John Hayes, and granddaughter of the emigrant John
Children of Ichabod and Elizabeth: Abigail Hayes born 9 May 1742 married Ichabod Hansom of Windham, ME Ichabod Hayes born 17 Jan 1744 Ezekiel Hayes born 19 Feb 1746 Daniel Hayes born 24 June 1748 Moses Hayes born 15 June 1750 Aaron Hayes born 19 Sept 1752 James C. Hayes Tamsen Hayes born 21 March 1755 died young Abra Hayes born 2 Aug 1757 died single Betty Hayes born 10 March 1762 married Maj. Joseph Mooney of Alton John Hayes born 15 Sept 1764 of Saco, ME Ezekiel Hayes born 21 Feb 1720 died young Daniel Hayes born 26 Aug 1723 married Sarah Plummer dau of Richard Plummer of Madbury Moses Hayes born 30 Jan 1725/6 lived Rochester Aaron Hayes born 3 March 1727 bpt 21 April 1728 lived Nottingham Abigail Hayes born 28 Aug 1730 Hannah Hayes born 5 Jan 1734/5 died 11 Aug 1808 married William Wentworth of Milton Samuel Hayes born 16 March 1694/5 died 1777 married 7 July 1720 Leah Damm born 17 Feb 1695 died 1750 buried Spruce Lane Burial Ground, Dover, NH dau of William and Martha (Pomfret) Dame
Births and Marriages, 1693-1838 Dover, NH
Samuell Hayes and Leah Dame wear Joyned togeather in marridg the 7th of July 1720
They lived at "Back River," Dover, NH = situated on the west side of Dover Neck, above which it was called Bellamy's Bank River. As a district, it includes the whole territory between Back River itself and the Durham line.
Old Garrison House History at
William Damm resided in this house till his death in 1718. His son William Damm inherited the farm, and resided in the house till 1740. At his death it came into possession of his sister Leah Damm, who had married Samuel Hayes. Samuel and Leah kept house there from 1740 to 1770. It then passed into possession of their granddaughter, Leah Nute, who married Joseph Drew in 1771. They commenced housekeeping there and that was their home to the end of their lives, which were long. In 1810, Joseph Drew built the mansion house in which Mrs. Rounds now lives; his son William Plaisted Drew was then 16 years old, and, when his parents passed on, he inherited the garrison and the new house, which is the finest dwelling in the Back River district, and was beautifully located on a farm that is one of the best in Dover.
Children of Samuel and Leah listed in "Genealogical Items relating to Dover, NH in NEHGR Vol 6 page 334 Mary Hayes born 12 Aug 1728 married Jotham Nute of Dover Abigail Hayes married Tristram Pinkham of Dover William Hayes born 6 Sept 1698 married 23 Nov 1720 Hannah Samborn died 8 Dec 1776
They lived at Dover "Corner."
Children of William and Hannah listed in "Genealogical Items relating to Dover, NH in NEHGR Vol 6 page 334 Mary Hayes born 23 Oct 1721 Hannah Hayes born 21 Oct 1723 William Hayes of Dover Patience Hayes married a Hall Benjamin Hayes born 6 Sept 1700 married Jane Sneil/Snell wid of Tristram Heard . They lived in Rochester
They lived at Rochester, NH
Children of Benjamin and Jane listed in "Genealogical Items relating to Dover, NH in NEHGR Vol 6 page 334 Benjamin Hayes born 29 Dec 1726 lived Rochester Abigail Hayes bpt 9 June 1728 George Hayes bpt 30 June 1730 Elizabeth Hayes bpt 14 May 1732 Hannah Hayes bpt 28 Oct 1733 dau Hayes married Phipps of Salisbury dau Hayes married Ambrose of Salisbury dau Hayes married Henry Ambrose born Aug 1701 of Chester dau Hayes
1.1.4 Joseph Horne born ca 1666 died 1717
1.1.5 William Horne born 11 May 1674 Dover, Strafford, NH died 12 Apr 1697 without any children.
1.1.6 Thomas Horne born 28 Nov 1676 married 14 April 1699 Judith Ricker born 1 Feb 1681 Dover, Strafford, NH captured by Indians in July 1696, but soon returned, dau of George and Eleanor (Evans) Ricker; Thomas married 2nd 1720 Esther Hodgdon
Genealogical Dictionary, Maine & NH
Thomas of Dover only surviving son, married 1st 14 Apr 1699 Judith Ricker (Geo.), 2d in 1720 Esther Hodgdon. In 1739, of Tole End, he and wife Esther sold near Puddling Hole, Kit.; in 1753 deeded 1/8 of her father's land. His own estate was finally settled in 1777.
Children of Thomas and Judith: Sarah Horn born 14 Jan 1699 William Horn born 7 Nov 1702 died bef Aug 1747 Thomas Horn born 23 Oct 1705 Ichabod Horn born 25 June 1710
Children of Thomas and Esther: Judith Horn born 16 Aug 1721 Margaret Horn born 16 April 1722 Samuel Horn born 16 Feb 1724 Abigail Horn born 7 Dec 1725 Drusilla Horn born 18 June 1727
1.1.7 Margaret Horne born 10 May 1679 died 12 April 1697
1.1.8 Elizabeth Horne born 1681 Dover, Strafford, NH married Moses2 Kimming/Kimmin/Kinnon
1.1.9 Mercy Horne born 4 June 1682 Dover, Strafford, NH married 6 April 1704 Joseph Evans born 4 June 1682 Dover, Strafford, NH died 21 Feb 1750/1 son of Robert and Ann (Thompson) Evans
Genealogical Items relating to Dover, NH (New England Historic Genalogical Society online) for list of child and VR's
Children of Mercy and Joseph: Robert Evans born 11 Jan 1704 John Evans born 3 Feb 1705 Joseph Evans born 28 March 1708 died 16 Dec 1768 Madbury, NH William Evans born 9 Feb 1711 Daniel Evans born 28 June 1715 Marcy Evans born 6 Dec 1717 died aft 6 Oct 1757 married Paul Hayes Mary Evans born 6 March 1720
1.2 Mary Clough born 30 July 1644 died young
1.3 Sarah Clough born 28 June 1646 Salisbury, Essex, MA died 18 March 1705/6 Salisbury, Essex, MA married 14 May 1667 Daniel2 Merrill born 20 Aug 1642 Newbury, Essex, MA died 22 June 1717 Salisbury, Essex, MA son of Nathaniel and Susannah (Walterton) Merrill
Children of Sarah and Daniel:
1.3.1 Daniel Merrill born 15 Mar 1671 Newbury, Essex, MA died 27 June 1717 Newbury, Essex, MA married 1693 to Esther Chase born 18 Nov 1674 Newbury (now Newburyport), Essex, MA died 1751 Newbury, Essex, MA eldest dau of Sergt. Aquila2 and Esther (Bond) Chase. They had 11 children
Seven Generations of the descendants of Aquila and Thomas Chase 1928
The Estate of Aquila Chase was divided by agreement of his heirs, 16 Jan 1722/3, Esther and her husband Daniel Merrill have 10 acres of the northwesterly end of the homested. Esther brother Joseph Chase, the only surviving son of Aquila Chase, had seven acres and the buildings which he sold to Daniel Merrill.
1.3.2 David Merrill born 15 March 1672 Newbury, Essex, MA died 29 Sept 1725
1.3.3 John Merrill born 7 Oct 1674 died 17 Jan 1756 married Mary Allin
1.3.4 Sarah Merrill born 15 Oct 1677 died 20 Nov 1750 married 7 Oct 1696 to Joseph Mose born 11 Nov 1667 Groton, Middlesex, MA died 17 July 1733 Marlboro, MA; Sarah married 2nd Benjamin Morse born 24 Aug 1668 Newbury, Essex, MA died 25 O t 1734 same place
1.3.5 Ruth Merrill born 7 Feb 1680 married publishments 22 April 1701 (Record of Rev. Samuel Niles) to Onesiphorus Page
1.3.6 Moses Merrill born 3 Sept 1683
1.3.7 Martha Merrill born 3 Sept 1683 Newbury, Essex, MA died 19 Nov 1754 Salisbury, Essex, MA married 16 June 1702 John True born 23 Feb 1678/9 Salisbury, Essex, MA
1.3.8 Stephen Merrill born 16 Sept 1688 died 9 June 1755 Amesbury, Essex, MA married 20 July 1710 Mary Carr born 15 Dec 1678 Newbury, Essex, MA died 27 June 1744 same place dau of James and Mary (Sears) Carr
1.4 John2 Clough born 9 Mar 1648 married Mercy2 Page my line below
1.5 Thomas Clough born 29 May 1651 Salisbury, Essex, MA died 1749 age 97 yrs Salisbury, Essex, MA married 10 Mar 1680 Hannah Gile born 25 Feb 1654 Haverhill, MA died 22 Jan 1683/4 age 29 yrs Salisbury, Essex, MA daughter of Samuel Gile/Guile and Judith Davis; Thomas married second 1687 to Ruth Connor born 16 May 1670 Salisbury, MA died 5 Aug 1727 same place dau of Cornelius and Sarah Connor.
Children of Thomas and Hannah listed in Early Settles of Salisbury, MA and Clough History:
1.5.1 Samuel Clough born 5 Dec 1680 died 8 Aug 1728 Salisbury, Essex, MA age 48 yrs buried Salisbury Plains Cemetery married int. 9 Sept 1702 at Salisbury, Essex, MA to Sarah Robie/Roobe born 19 April 1679 Hampton, NH dau of Henry Robie of Salisbury. After Samuel died his wid Sarah married 2nd Ezekiel Morrill who died a few months after marriage 25 March 1730; Sarah married 3rd 10 Jan 1734 to Capt. Jos. Taylor
Children of Samuel and Sarah born in Salisbury, Essex, MA: Theophilus Clough born 28 Nov 1703 died before 3 Jan 1753 married 4 Jan 1727/8 at Salisbury, Essex, MA to Sarah French born 18 March 1708 dau of Timothy French and Mary Harriman. They moved to Kingston, Rockingham, NH Eliphalet Clough (Alifalitt in MA VR) 25 Oct 1706 Annah Clough born 15 July 1708 marriage intentions were published 24 Nov 1727 to marry Abraham Morrill born 5 Nov 1705 died 16 Dec 1780 son of Abraham Morrill. They lived at Salisbury Plains Abigail Clough born 22 Nov 1711 married Benjamin Morrill of Kingston, Rockingham, NH Samuel Clough born 15 April 1714 died 22 Nov 1778 Northfield Merrimack, NH married 25 April 1734 to Sarah Dow died 6 Feb 1792 at Gilmanton, Belknap, NH Daniel Clough born 6 July 1716 died young Daniel Clough born 19 July 1718 died 1753 buried at the old cemetery at East Kingston, NH married 18 Dec 1740 to Sarah Baker born 25 Jan 1721 died 19 July 1765. They lived at Kingston, Rockingham, NH. After Daniel died, Sarah married 2nd 26 March 1755 to Stephen Webster Sarah Clough born 29 Sept 1720 married 31 Dec 1735 1st Daniel Marston born 13 Sept 1708 died 1757 Hampton, Rockingham, NH son of Simon and Hannah Maarston; Sarah married 2nd James Godfrey; Sarah moved to Deedfield, NH to live with her son Simon Marston and died there at age 101 yrs. Mehitabel Clough born 29 Dec 1723 died 27 March 1736 Miriam Clough born 17 Mar 1725/6 died Sept 1749 Hampton Falls, Rockingham, NH married Richard Smith of Hampton Falls, NH Katherine Clough born 10 Dec 1727 married Jonathan Hoyt
1.5.2 Thomas Clough born 9 Dec 1681 died 13 Nov 1749 married 15 Jan 1706 Mary Gile born 11 Feb 1687 Haverhill, Essex, MA died 1 Sept 1759 dau of Ephraim Gile and Martha Bradley
Children of Thomas and Hannah all born Salisbury, Essex, MA: Ephraim Clough born 12 Nov 1706 died 11 May 1710 Jeremiah Clough born 4 April 1710 died at Loudon, NH April 1792 at the home of his son Abner; married 7 Nov 1734 Deliverance Leavitt born 6 May 1719 died 31 Oct 1736 Canterbury, NH; Jeremiah married 2nd 16 Feb 1738 Sarah Elkins born Kensington, NH Ephraim Clough born 9 May 1713 moved to Durham, NH Martha Clough born 24 June 1715 Mary Clough born 24 June 1715 died 25 March 1721 Thomas Clough born 28 Jan 1717 married 10 Dec 1741 to Mary Call Abner Clough born 28 Nov 1720 died 18 May 1786 NH Mary Clough born 11 April 1723 died 25 March 1726 Ezekiel Clough born 6 Aug 1725 married 31 Oct 1754 to Miriam Thompson born 19 June 1737. Children born in Epping, NH later moved to Loudon, NH Hannah Clough born ca 1727 married 26 Nov 1741 to Hilton Woodman Obadiah Clough born 11 Aug 1729 Mary Clough born 19 Aug 1732
Children of Thomas and Ruth all born Salisbury
1.5.3 Jeremiah Clough born 21 June 1688 died 6 Dec 1709 Salisbury, Essex, MA
1.5.4 Ebenezer Clough born 5 July 1690 died soon Salisbury, Essex, MA
1.5.5 Ebenezer Clough born 27 April 1691 married Anna Webber
1.5.6 Zacheus Clough born 27 Feb 1691/2 Salisbury, Essex, MA died 30 July 1757 Poplin (now Fremont), NH married 21 Jan 1713 Sarah Page born 12 Oct 1691 Salisbury, Essex, MA died 19 May 1764 Brentwood, NH dau of Joseph and Sarah (Smith) Page
The Rockingham News 25 March 2005
Town once a safe haven for weary travelers by Emily Quirk
Fremont- Did you know Poplin, as the town was called in Colonial times, had nearly 15 taverns and even a brothel?
Zacheus Clough's tavern from 1761 to 1764 was at 125 South Road and is now a residence. The Clough family was among the wealthiest in Poplin. The tavern was called "The Hook in the River," because the Exeter River hooks around that area in Fremont. Four of the 100 barrels of gunpowder stolen from British troops at Fort William & Mary in New Castle in 1774 were hidden here.
Children of Zacheus and Sarah: Benjamin Clough born 18 Aug 1716 died 13 Jan 1725/6 Hannah Clough born 31 Aug 1718 Salisbury, Essex, MA married int 16 Nov married 3 Dec 1734 Nathaniel4 Whittier born 12 Aug 1711 Salisbury, MA died 2 Jan 1784 Winthrop, ME son Reuben3 1685 and Deborah (Pillsbury) Whittier
source below from "The descendants of Thomas Whittier and Ruth Green of Salisbury & Haverhill, MA 1937-39 by Charles Collyer Whittier"
Children of Hannah and Nathaniel all born at Salisbury, MA Benjamin Whittier born 24 Oct 1736 died 10 Nov 1822 Farmington, ME married int 24 May 1755 at Salisbury, MA to Mary Joy born 17 Oct 1736 Salisbury, MA died 5 July 1822 Farmington, ME dau of Benjamin and Sarah Joy Mary Whittier born 4 April 1739 married Porter Kimball Ruth Whittier born 12 March 1741 bpt 7 June 1741 married Daniel Brown Nathaniel Whittier born 23 Feb 1743 died 7 April 1798 Readfield, ME married 1766 at Brentwood, NH to Elizabeth Prescott born 5 Jan 1745 Brentwood, NH died 2 April 1814 Vienna, ME dau of Jedidiah and Hannah (Batchelder) Prescott Hannah Whittier born 19 Nov 1744 married Edward Eastman Sarah Whittier married Jonathan Whiting, Jr. Thomas Whittier born 5 March 1747 died 10 April 1815 Searsmont, ME married at Winthrop, ME 22 March 1781 Waitstill Bishop born 16 Oct 1761 Rehoboth, MA died 24 Feb 1815 Searsmont, ME dau of Squire and Patience (Titus) Bishop Miriam Whittier born 3 March 1749 bpt 12 March 1749 married Samuel Shaw William Whittier born 25 April 1752 died 9 April 1814 Mt. Vernon, ME married Elizabeth Hankerson born 10 April 1759 and died Mt. Vernon, ME Abel Whittier died 24 July 1776 Winthrop, ME Betsey Clough born 28 Dec 1720 married Daniel Merrill Jabez Clough born 24 April 1723 bpt 5 April 1724 Salisbury, MA married 1st at Poplin, NH on 12 Nov 1741 to Miriam Brown born 12 Nov 1719 Poplin, Rockingham, NH; Jabez married 2nd Sarah Young Zacheus Clough Jr. born 23 Nov 1725 died 25 March 1725/6 Sarah Clough born 1 March 1728 marred Thomas True Ruth Clough born 15 May 1730 Tabitha Clough born 1 Jan 1733 Judith Clough born 7 Oct 1735 Zacheus Clough Jr. born 26 Sept 1737 Benjamin Clough born 25 May 1740 died 1772 married Meribah Ring
1.5.7 Isaac Clough born 24 Jan 1693 Salisbury, Essex, MA died 22 Aug 1765 Salem, Rockingham, NH married 25 Jan 1719 Sarah Swain born 1689 Hampton, Rockingham, NH died 22 Dec 1768 Salem, Rockingham, NH dau of William and Mary (Webster) Swain. Both buried at the old burying ground at Salem, NH near the Town House formerly the ancient meeting house.
1.5.8 Rebecca Clough born 3 June 1696 married 26 Dec 1722 cousin Ichabod Clough born 29 June 1697 Kingtston, NH son of Benoni Clough
1.5.9 Hannah Clough born 25 Sept 1698 died 13 Feb 1715
1.5.10 Judith Clough born 1 Oct 1700
1.5.11 Martha Clough born 23 Feb 1702
1.5.12 Jethro Clough born 16 June 1705 Salisbury, Essex, MA died 3 Dec 1757 married 14 June 1733 Mary Dustin born 8 Feb 1711/2 Haverhill, Essex, MA dau of Nathaniel and Mary (Ayer) Dustin (ICH: children born in Salem, Rockingham, NH) they had 10 children.
The Genealogy of the descendants of John Clough of Salisbury, MA
Jethro was a soldier from Haverhill in the French and Indian War and went on the expedition to Fort Ticonderoga and Crown Point. His name was on the muster roll of Capt. Timothy Parker's Company July 26, 1756 at Fort Edward, a wooden fort near the Hudson River erected in May 1756 and on the muster roll of the company on the expedition to Crown Point, Mar. 2, 1757. the name is spelled "Jethro Clugif" and "Jethrew Clugf." The return of the company April 2-Oct 8 recpoted his death, at Crown Point in 1757. His wife, Mary was the granddaughter of Hannah Dustin, heroine of the Indian massacre.
1.5.13 Tabitha Clough born 3 Sept 1707 Salisbury, Essex, MA married 10 April 1744 Phineas4 Flanders born 25 Jan 1719/20 Salisbury, Essex, MA son of Joseph Flanders and 3rd wife Mary Thompson
(ICH: the Flanders family from Europe to America 1935 has Tabitha's father as Joseph when it should be Thomas Clough). They had five children all on the church records of Salisbury for 2 June 1754.
Children of Tabitha and Phineas all born at Salisbury Betty Flanders born 22 Jan 1744 Hopkin Flanders born 7 Nov 1746 died 31 May 1808 Warner, Merimack, NH married 1766 Mehitable Fitts born 26 April 1747 Salisbury, Essex, MA died 1796 dau of Nathaniel Fitts of Salisbury Moses Flanders born 18 May 1749 bpt 2 June 1754 Anne Flanders born 26 Feb 1751 bpt 2 June 1754 Phinehas Flanders born 30 April 1753 died 20 March 1754 Salisbury, Essex, MA
1.5.14 Ruth Clough born 11 Sept 1711 Salisbury, Essex, MA married at Kingston, Rockingham, NH on 17 Nov 1729/30 to Capt. John Webster born 28 April 1709 Salisbury, Essex, MA died 29 Apr 1788 Salisbury, Merrimack, NH son of John4 Webster and Sarah Greeley
Children of Ruth and John: John Webster born 1745 married Rebecca Dearborn Stephen Webster married Hannah Pettingill Israel Webster married 1775 Elizabeth Rolf
1.6 Martha Clough born 22 Mar 1654 Salisbury, Essex, MA died 11 May 1683 Haverhill, MA married 13 Nov 1674 Cornelius2 Page bpt 15 July 1649 died 11 Aug 1697 Haverhill, MA brother of Mercy Page who married Martha's brother John Clough.
Children of Martha and Cornelius:
1.6.1 John Page Jr. born 27 Sept 1675 died 7 March 1717/18 married 2 May 1600 to Sarah Singletory
1.6.2 Amos Page born 22 Oct 1677
1.6.3 Elizabeth Page born 14 Sept 1678/9 died 12 June 1752 Hampstead, MA married 1 May 1700 to Thomas Johnson born 11 Dec 1670 Haverhill, MA son of Joseph Johnson
William Johnson and his Descendants for NEHGR vol 34 pg 60 by G.W. Johnson, Esq. of Royalton, NY
Elizabeth had by the will of her grandfather John Clough, a parcel of land in Haverhill, which was sold for twenty pounds, and besides a marriage fitting out by her father, had from his estate three acres of his homestead which was sold for twenty-five pounds.
Thomas was a farmer. He inherited and accumulated a good property, which he bestowed on his children in his lfe time. In Haverhill he had a farm of above a hundred aces and in the adjoining town of Amesbury he had above three hundred acres of meadow and timer land, part of a tract of about five hundard acres, once jointly owned by him and his brothers with a saw-mill thereon.
In 1728 the northerly part of Haverhill, the part in which Thomas and his brothers, and his sons John and Cornelius lived, was erected into a prish, called the North Parish; a meeting house built the same year and Nov 1730 an orthodox church organized therein, the following month Rev. James Cushing was settled and ordained, and March 23, 1732/3, Thomas was made one of its deacons, which he continued til his death. Thomas, his wife, his mother, his sons John, Cornelius and Nathaniel and his daughters Abigail, Ruth and Susannah, and the wife of Cornelius became members of the new church at its formation.  
Deacon Thomas died according to his gravestone "Feb. 18, 1742, in his 72nd year". He was interred in the North Parish cemetery, laid out by the town in 1734, which lies now partly in Haverhill and partly in Plaistow. By Elizabeth his only wife Deacon Thomas Johnson had five sons and five daughters.
1.6.4 Joanna Page born 6 Mar 1680/1 may have died young
1.6.5 Mehitable Page born 13 Feb 1681/2 died 9 Ma 1682
1.6.6 Cornelius Page born 1 Apr 1683 died 24 May 1683
1.7 Samuel Clough born 20 Feb 1656/7 Salisbury, Essex, MA died 1709 married 3 Aug 1679 Elizabeth Brown born 6 Sept 1656 Salisbury, Essex, MA dau of William and Elizabeth (Murford) Brown
Children of Samuel and Elizabeth:
1.7.1 Sarah Clough born 28 Feb 1680 died 20 Mar 1680
1.7.2 Jemima Clough born 28 May 1681
1.7.3 Hannah Clough born 1685
1.7.4 Samuel Clough born 14 Feb 1687/8 Amesbury, Essex, MA married 12 Dec 1706 Mary Blaisdell
John Clough History vol I
A tradition has been passed down among the descendants of Samuel3 that probably between 1736-1740 Indians attacked his home. The four older children were living elsewhere, but Mercy, John, Thomas, Elizabeth and Ebenezer and their parents were probably massacred. No records remain of these seven Cloughs. The tradition is told that Jemima was hidden in a churn and a small boy, probably Jonathan, was concealed within a tall clock. The Indians discovered these little children and carried them away captives to their village and treated them kindly. Years later, when an epidemic threatened to exterminate the inhabitants of the Indians' village, a friendly squaw returned the two children to Amesbury. Perhpas they found a home with their oldest brother, Peter Clough.
Children of Samuel and Mary: Peter Clough born 25 Oct 1707 Amesbury, Essex, MA died 12 Dec 1754 married 24 July 1735 Sarah Hunt Anne Clough born 23 March 1709 Mary Clough born 12 Oct 1710 married Ebenezer Currier Samuel4 Clough born 6 Feb 1715 Amesbury, Essex, MA married 14 Feb 1736 Hannah Hutchins born 28 Dec 1724 Kittery, ME dau of Thomas Hutchins
sent in by cousin Bonnie - some information on this family from the following:
Piscataqua Pioneers, Selected Biographies of Early Settlers in New England, 2000 page 128
Samuel was a cordwainer, or shoemaker, Samuel and his family lived in Kittery until 1756 when they moved to Arundel where he purchased 100 acres of land from John and Benjamin Burbank, located about two miles inland from Cape Porpus. Active in the affairs of the town, in Mar 1762, he was appointed tythingman at the meeting house, was a constable 5 May 1771, sealer of leather 9 Mar 1772, 1773, a surveyor in 1773. His cattle mark was a 'top cut of the left ear and two slits in same'. The dates of death for Samuel and Hannah are unnown as are their burial places. There are three separated burial plots located upon his land and they could be interred in any one of them.
John Clough History vol I page 130-131
Samuel and Hannah lived in Kittery, ME until 1756. Among the soldiers who are listed from Kittery in the expedition under the leadership of Sir William Pepperell, to attempt to capture Louisbury, Cape Breton, in Nova Scotia in 1745, was Samuel Clough. the New England Genealogical Register states that one half of the men in Wells, Maine, then included in Arundel, now Kennebunkport, also joined the expedition which was a "religious enterprise to drive those denominated infidels from Cape Breton." While the family lived in Kittery, four sons and two daughters were born. With other families, Samuel moved to Arundel. Three sons and another daughter were born in Arundel.
Children of Samuel4 and Hannah: Joseph Clough born 21 Feb 1743 Kittery, York, ME married Elvira (Zurviah) Hutchins Rhoda Clough born 21 May 1745 Kittery, ME married 5 Jan 1769 Paul March son of George and Abigail (Watson) March Martha Clough born 17 Feb 1746 (VR of York, ME) Samuel Clough born 14 May 1749 (VR of York, ME) bpt 7 Oct 1750 Kittery, ME married 7 June 1770 Lucy Wakefield born 1750 Wells, ME died 21 June 1820 Alfred, ME; Samuel married 2nd at Alfred, ME 28 Nov 1820 to Mrs Abigail Noble widow John Noble Thomas Clough born 10 Sept 1751 (VR of York ME) bpt 29 Oct 1752 Kittery, ME died 1795 count York, ME married married 15 Oct 1772 Hannah Goodwin dau of Benjamin and Sarah (Earl or Hearl) Goodwin by Rev. Silas Moody Noah Clough born 10 July 1753 (VR of York, ME) bpt 26 Oct 1753 Kittery, ME married 21 Aug 1777 Mary Goodwin (Church of Christ, Arundel, ME records as Noah Cluff)
Child of Noah and Mary: Shadrack Clough born 1777 Arundel, ME David Clough born 16 Nov 1780 Naomi Clough born 1784 Obed Clough born 1790 Lydia Clough born 1755 Kittery, ME married 25 July 1780 at Arundel to Silas Abbott as his 2nd wife.
Silas served in the Revolutionary War
Children of Lydia and Silas: Stephen Abbott Martha Abbott Enoch Abbott Betsey Abbott Lydia Abbott married 24 Oct 1800 her cousin Shadrack Clough born 1777 Arundel, ME Mary Abbott Electa Abbott John Clough born 1756 Arundel (Kennebunkport), ME died 17 Feb 1846 Wolfeboro, Carroll, NH married 1st unknown; married 2nd at Waterboro 31 Aug 1787 Mehitabel Coffin died at birth of son Isaac; John married 3rd 1794 to Susannah Brown died at Wolfeboro, NH; John married 4th 1834 Mehitabel Whitehouse
Child of John and 1st unknown wife: Joseph Clough born 3 June 1782
Child of John and Mehitabel Coffin: Isaac Clough 3 Oct 1790 Arundel, ME
Isaac Clough born 1788 died 13 Oct 1866 married Lydia Whitten Enoch Clough born 1757 Arundel, York, ME
Enoch enlisted in the early part of the Revolution, fought at Cambridge, MA, marched to Quebec, Canada, where he was captured and imprisoned. After his release, he enlisted again and was at White Plains and Saratoga. During a third enlistment he was aide-de-camp to Major General Baron De Kalb until the General died at Camden. Enboch returned to Arundel and shipped aboard a privateer for Bilboa an later upon another privateer that was sunk at sea and his life was lost. Among the papers that Samuel C. Clough found in Joel's old trunk were letters about the loss of Enoch and his share of the spoils from his voyage on the privateer. Joel Clough/Cluff born 1760 Arundel, York, ME married 25 Jan 1784 Church of Christ, Arundel, ME to Dorothy Hutchins
Child of Joel and Dorothy: Enoch Clough born 1784 Arundel, York, ME most likely Mercy Clough born 15 April 1717 killed by Indians John Clough born 16 March 1724 killed by Indians Thomas Clough born 12 March 1724 killed by Indians Jonathan Clough born 26 Jan 1726 living in 1745 Elizabeth Clough born 26 June 1728 killed by Indians Jemima Clough born 6 April 1730 died 28 April 1816 Hopkinton, NH married 29 Aug 1751 John Currier died 22 Sept 1801 Hopkinton, NH
1.7..4.11 Ebenezer Clough born 20 Feb 1735 killed by Indians
1.7.5 Ebenezer Clough born 19 Jan 1689
1.7.6 Elizabeth Clough born 23 April 1693 married 7 Oct 1714 Amesbury, Essex, MA to Samuel Hunt born 3 Oct 1690 Amesbury, Essex, MA died 1747 son of Edward and Ann (Weed) Hunt
1.7.7 David Clough born 16 May 1696
1.7.8 Rachel Clough born 26 Jan 1700 may have died young
1.7.9 Jacob Clough born 26 Jan 1700 may have died young

1.4 John2 Clough Jr. (John1) born 6 March 1648/9 Salisbury, Essex, MA died 19 April 1718 age 70 yrs Salisbury, Essex, MA buried Salisbury Plains Cemetery married 13 Nov 1674 Salisbury, Essex, MA to Mercy Page born 1 Apr 1655 Haverhill, Essex, MA died 25 Jan 1718 Salisbury, Essex, MA daughter of John Page who died 23 Nov 1687 Haverhill, Essex, MA and Mary Marsh born ca 1620 Ingham, Norfork, England died 15 Feb 1697 Haverhill, Essex, MA daughter George Marsh and Elizabeth Key.

Descendants of John Page (1614-1687) of Hingham and Haverhill, Massachusetts : together with genealogical records of certain branches of the Mead, Jeffers and Hunkins families. Haverhill, N.H.: Haverhill Historical Society, 1972, page 453;  MA VR to 1850 for b,m,d.
Children of John aand Mercy all born at Salisbury, Essex, MA:
1.4.1 Benoni(y) Clough born 23 May 1675 died 22 Feb 1767 Kensington, NH married Hannah Merrill born 12 July 1672 Kensington, NH
Children of Benoni and Hannah: Benjamin Clough born 25 Sept 1694 died young Ichabod Clough born 29 June 1697 Kingston, NH died 24 Dec 1745 Kingston, Rockingham, NH married 20 Dec 1722 his cousin Rebecca Clough born 3 June 1696 Salisbury, Essex, MA dau of Thomas2 Clough
Children of Ichabod and Rebecca: Elisha Clough Kingston, Rockingham, NH must have died young Elijah Clough born 5 June 1724 Kingston, Rockingham, NH died 1793
Abstracts of the Probate Records of Rockingham county, NH 1771-1799 by Helen F. Evans
Clough, Elijah (!&93) #5902
EST. East Kingston yeoman decd. testate. WILL: Dran 1/31/1787. Legatees: Wife Sarah; Bro. Jonathan; Newphes Caleb Webster and Nathaniel Clough son of his bro. Zaccheus; Elijah Clough Webster son of his nephew Caleb Webster. Exex.. wife Sarah. His sig. Witnesses: Jonathan Collins, Nathl. Bachellor and Nathan Bachellor. CERT. WILL (D30:463): Presented by Exex. and on oaths of witnesses Nathaniel Bachellor on 4/16/1793 land of Collins on 6/1/1793. INVY: 5/6.1793. Comm: Nathl. Bachellor, esq.; David Tilton and Eliphalet Webester. Value not tallied. Esti. £231.0.0+. Oaths 5/13/1793 Tilton, Webster and Admx. to Nathl. Bachellor, JP. Ezekiel Clough born 15 Aug 1726 Kingston, Rockingham, NH died 26 May 1744 Zaccheus Clough born 12 June 1728 (6 Mar 1725) Kingston, Rockingham, NH died 1810 married 1751 Love Meader born 1734 died 1837 dau of Nathaniel Meader of Lee, NH
Zaccheus Clough was second Lieutenant under Capt. Archelaus Woodman in 1776. Zaccheus was a blacksmith by trade. Lived in Lee, NH.
Children of Zaccheus and Love all born Strafford county NH: Nathaniel Clough born 1753 Durham, Strafford, NH died 26 Nov 1808 married Abigail Perkins
Nathaniel was a Goldsmith William Clough born 5 Dec 1768 Lee, Strafford, NH died 31 Dec 1853 Newmarket, Rockingham, NH aged 85 yrs married 14 Feb 1793 Lee, Strafford, NH to Susanna Runnels born 4 July 1773 Lee, Strafford, NH died 25 Nov 1865 aged 93 yrs Durham, Stafford, NH dau of Job and Sarah (Ellison) Runnels of Lee, NH
Children of William and Susanna: Sally Clough born 11 April 1793 died 19 April 1869 David Clough born 20 June 1795 (Hisotry of Durham, NH says David join the Mormons and went west to Utah) Benjamin Clough born 3 or 5 Sept 1798 Lee, Strafford, NH died 16 Oct 1865 age 67 yrs married at Danville, Canada 8 Feb 1837 to Eliza A. Magoon born 6 March 1806 Shipton, Canada died 8 June 1844 Shipton, Canada dau of Ephraim and Fannie (Pope) Magoon
History of Durham
Eliza A. Magoon Clough was born in Canada. Her father went from Salem, MA to Canada. She died in Shipton, Canada and Benjamin Clough returned to his father's house in 1847 and about 1854 bought a farm near the railroad station in Durham, known as the Chesley or Hart farm. Benjamin was a tanner by trade.
Children of Benjamin and Eliza (History of Durham, NH) Louise Victoria Clough born 17 Oct 1838 Shipton, Canada died 31 Oct 1899 age 61 yrs married 17 June 1860 John J. Bunker of Durham, NH died 31 Oct 1899 son of Ephraim and Dolly (Merrill) Bunker Susan Almira Clough born 7 March 1840 Shipton, Canada died 22 Nov 1875 married 14 Dec 1865 at Exeter, NH to John Wilsow Emerson Thompson Jerry Clough born 21 March 1801 died same year Susanna Clough born 19 Feb 1806 died 2 June 1833 William Clough born 22 June 1808 died in infancy Bettey Clough born 23 Dec 1810 married 3 May 1838 John Fogg of Newfields, NH William Clough born 22 Aug 1813 Canada died 27 Sept 1834 Lucinda Clough born 26 June 1816 died 9 Sept 1852 Susanna Clough married David Cram Abigail Clough died 17 Jan 1815 Lee, NH David Clough born 6 April 1730 Kingston, Rockingham, NH died 14 Feb 1731 Jonathan Clough born 8 Nov 1731 Kingston, Rockingham, NH Ruth Clough born 27 Oct 1733 Kingston, Rockingham, NH died 1 June 1745 Hannah Clough born 7 Nov 1735 bpt 16 Nov 1735 Kingston, Rockingham, NH died 21 Oct 1744 Martha Clough born 12 May 1737 bpt 13 Aug 1738 died 1762 Nathan Clough born 1 Feb 1699/1700 died 23 July 1752 married 25 Oct 1722 Rachel Brown born 15 Aug 1702 Kensington, NH dau of William and Ann (Heath) Brown Ezekiel Clough born 24 May 1702 married 19 May 1725 Sarah Brown sister of Rachel Lydia Clough born 20 Feb 1704 Nehemiah Clough born 18 April 1706 died 2 June 1733 Joseph Clough born 25 Aug 1708 Jacob Clough born 5 June 1710 Judith Clough born 5 July 1712
1.4.2 Mary Clough born 8 April 1677 Salisbury, Essex, MA died 15 Dec 1760 Salisbury, Essex, MA married ca 1703 Moses Merrill born 3 Sept 1683 Newbury, Essex, MA died 17 Jan 1756 Salisbury, Essex, MA
1.4.3 John Clough born 30 June 1678 married Elizabeth Long my line 1.4.3 below
1.4.4 Cornelius Clough born 7 May 1680 Salisbury, Essex, MA died 13 Jan 1714 Salisbury, Essex, MA married 1st 13 Jan 1714 Joanna Sanborn born 1 Dec 1692 died 1717 dau of Benjamin Sanborn
1.4.5 Caleb Clough born 26 Oct 1682 married 29 March 1707 Mary Mason; married 2nd 27 Dec 1722 Lydia Perkins
1.4.6 Joseph Clough born 14 Oct 1684 died 13 Oct 1732 Kingston, Rockingham, NH married at Salisbury, MA on 11 Aug 1708 Mary Jeness born ca 1684 died 12 Oct 1732 Kingston, Rockingham, NH
1.4.7 Sarah Clough born 5 April 1686 married 14 Dec 1720 Daniel Gile
1.4.8 Jonathan Clough born 11 April 1688 died 2 June 1782 age 95 yrs Belchertown, MA buried West Thompson cemetery at Thompson, Windham, CT married first 31 Dec 1709 Hannah Gile born 11 Aug 1690 Salisbury, Essex, MA died 11 Nov 1727 ae 37 yrs buried same cemetery as Jonathan dau of Ephraim and Martha (Bradley) Gile; 2nd married 24 Feb 1728 Mary Gile died 28 March 1787 age 95 yrs buried beside Jonathan; Mary was a cousin of Hannah
Jonathan's gravestone
"Deacon Jonathan Clough
D. June 2, 1782, Ae. 95 yrs"
the following will show that Jonathan and Hannah moved from MA to CT
John Clough of Salisbury, MA Vol II page 59
Perhaps this grandson of John Clough lived a more exciting career than his seven brothers. Indians were increasingly hostile in 1710, and Jonathan began his military service when with his brothers he became a member of Capt. Eaton's Company and marched to Exeter to repel these dangerous foes. The previous year, 1709, he married Hannah Gile. Their first home was in Salisbury and both became members of the first church in 1715.
Ephraim Gile and Jonathan were interested in a new township called Cheshire, now Chester, NH. In March, 1720 surveyors laid out the lots and Ephraim and Jonathan became Proprietors of the town. Ephraim built a log house on lot 61 and cleared a piece of land. He helped to cut the first pathway from Haverhill to Chester and also the Haverhill Proprietors made another road from Kingston the same year.
Jonathan owned lots 55, 74 and 77, but he did not move to Chester, because a better opportunity presented in Connecticut. Ephraim Gile, Jr brother of Hannah Gile Clough, and his wife, Judith who was also his cousin, were moving to Thompson, CT where land was more level and easier to clear than in NH. Jonathan and Hannah and their five children joined the Giles in this migration in 1722. for more details see page 60-61 of the Clough book
Children of Jonathan and Hannah: Mehitable Clough born 10 Nov 1710 Salisbury, Essex, MA married 14 Feb 1734 at Congregational Church, Thompson, Windham, CT to Thomas Goodale Obadiah Clough born 5 Aug 1712 Salisbury, Essex, MA died 4 March 1728 age 16 yrs Jonathan Clough born 14 Nov 1714 Salisbury, Essex, MA died 1810 Belchertown, MA Hannah Clough born 31 Jan 1718 Salisbury, Essex, MA married at Congregational Church, Thompson, Windham, CT on 15 Dec 1741 to Benajah Adams Timothy Clough born 21 Feb 1719/20 Haverhill, Essex, MA (MA VR's) married 27 Oct 1743 at Middletown, Middlesex, CT to Mary Washburn dau of Joseph and Hannah (Johnson) Washburn
Children of Timothy Clough and Mary Washburn can take their line back to Francis Cooke and also Mary Chilton, both who came on the Mayflower 1620
Timothy Clough bought land in both Middletown and Stafford, CT and lived at both places, finally in Stafford in 1749.
Children of Timothy and Mary: Jonathan Clough born 30 July 1744 Middletown, Middlesex, CT married at Stafford, Tolland, CT 28 May 1767 Kesiah Abigail Walker born 22 June 1746 Ashford, Windham, CT
John Clough of Salisbury Vol II page 160
Town records of Stafford, CT show that Jonathan Clough is appointed a Committee to provide for the Soldiers families that are in the Continental Army. The Revolutionary War Rolls for CT (Vol 2-C) list Jonathan Clough, private of Stafford half-days training in 1775 and a private in the Lexington Alarm. Johnathan bought land in West Springfield, MA in 1794. The church records of Belchertown, Hampshire, MA show that he and his wife were living there in 1816.
Children of Jonathan and Kesiah: Judith Clough born 18 April 1768 Stafford, Tolland, CT died 5 Jan 1848 Holyoke, Hampden, MA married 29 Nov 1789 Stafford, Tolland, CT to William Perkins of West Springfield, MA born 31 Aug 1764 Enfield, Hartford, CT
This family moved to West Springfield, MA Timothy Clough born 24 April 1770 Stafford, Tolland, CT died 4 July 1853 Belchertown, Hampshire, MA married ca 1790 Susanna Orcutt dau of Daniel and Lydia (Cushman) Orcutt and removed to Ludlow, Hampden, MA then to Belchertown, Hampshire, MA
1850 Federal census Belchertown, Hampshire, MA 26 Sept
Timothy Clough living with Phillip Whitmore family
MA VR shows a Timothy Clough died Belchertown, Hampshire, MA 4 July 1853 age 83 widow
Children of Timothy and Susan listed in History of Ludlow, MA Abigail Clough born 3 Oct 1792 Stafford, Tolland, CT married 16 Oct 1811 at Palmer, Hampden, MA to Calvin Barrett born 1790 Woodstock, Windham, CT died 4 Nov 1857 Belchertown, Hampshire, MA (MA VR's) son of Smith and Abigail (White) Barrett
1850 Federal census Belchertown, Hampshire, MA 5 Oct
Calvin Barrett age 60 born CT
Abagial Barrett age 58 born CT
Horace Barrett age 22 born MA
1870 Abigail living with son Enos in Palmer, MA P.O. Three River
Children of Abigail and Calvin: Smith Barrett born ca 1811 Springfield, Hampden, MA (MA VR) died 6 Aug 1854 age 41 Springfield, Hampden, MA Enos H. Barrett born April 1825 Springfield, Hampden, MA married 6 Sept 1865 at Palmer, Hampden, MA to Adaline Augusta Davis born 17 Dec 1840 MA dau of Erastus and Sarah (Root) Keith
MA VR's marriage online at
Enos H. Barrett age 40 of Belchertown, MA born Springfield, MA son of Calvin and Abigail Barrett
married 6 Sept 1865 at Palmer, MA to
Adaline A. Davis age 24 of Palmer, MA born in Lenox, Berkshire, MA dau of Erastus and Sarah E. (Root) Keith
1870 Federal census Palmer, Hampden, MA P.O. Three River 17 June
Barrett, Enos age 45 farmer born MA
Barrett, Adaline A. age 29 keeping house born MA
Barrett, Mary A. age 18 at home born MA
Barrett, Frank G. age 4 born MA
Barrett, Myron E. age 2 born MA
Barrett, Catherine J. age 10/12 Aug born MA
Barrett, Abigal age 77 no occupation born MA
Thompson, Jane age 44 no occupation born MA
1900 Federal census Guilford, New Haven CT 29 July
Barrett, Enos H. head born April 1825 age 75 married 36 yrs born MA farmer own farm
Barrett, Adeline A. wife born Dec 1840 age 59 mother of 5 living 5 born MA parents MA
Barrett, George S. son born July 1875 age 24 born MA farmer
Barrett, Seth E. son born Aug 1881 age 18 born CT farm labor
Barrett, Annie B. dau born July 1883 age 16 born CT
Spencer, Abram C. hiredman born Sept 1879 age 22 born CT Horace J. Barrett born ca 1828 married 5 May 1852 Belchertown, MA 1825(MA VR's) Mary Hutchinson dau of Benj and Louise Hutchinson
1860 Federal census Belchertown, MA 7 June
Horace J. Barrett age 33 spinner born MA
Mary K. Barrett age 24 born MA
Abbie Barrett age 7 born MA
Ettie Barrett age 5 born MA
Ellen Barrett age 4 born MA
Farnk Barrett age 1 born MA
1870 Federal census Monson, Hampden, MA P.O. Monson Map Aug 1870
Barrett, Horace J. age 42 machincist born MA
Barrett, Mary K. age 37 keeping house born MA
Barrett, Abby L. age 17 at school born MA
Barrett, Ettie age 15 at school born MA
Barrett, Ella L. age 14 at school born MA
Barrett, Minnie age 9 at school born MA
Barrett, Frank E. age 3 born MA
Kemp, Geo. age 30 blacksmith born MA
Kemp, Julia H. age 28 born MA
next door was Mary's parents
Hutchinson, Benj age 62 born MA
Hutchinson, Louise age 66 keeping house born MA
Cooper, Jennie age 13 at home born MA Calvin Jr. Barrett Susan Clough born 1794 Ludlow, Hampden, MA Hannah Clough born 1797 Olive Clough born 1801 Candice Clough born 1801 died 1871 married Charles Hanover Timothy Clough born 1804 Belchertown, Hampshire, MA (Clough book) died 27 March 1864 Brooklyn, NY buried Greenfield cemetery married 16 June 1847 Clara Augusta Mumby born 1819 died 21 Nov 1910 Brooklyn, NY Jonathan Clough (sometimes called John) born 22 May 1806 Ludlow, Hampden, MA died 9 Aug 1852 Belchertown, MA married 1 Dec 1824 Elmira Levins born 1 Nov 1806 Thompson, Windham, CT died 23 April 1899 Daniel Clough born 1808 must have die young Daniel Clough born 1811 John Clough born 1775 Thompson, Windham, CT married int 11 July 1795 at West Springfield, MA to Sarah Orcutt; John married 2nd 1810 Lovice Barbour died 27 June 1850 Mary/Molly Clough born 8 May 1777 Stafford, Tolland, CT married 23 April 1795 Belchertown, Hampshire, MA to William Ward
This family moved to Madison, NY Daniel Clough born 7 Aug 1779 Stafford, Tolland, CT married int 24 Aug, married 26 Sept 1799 West Springfield, Hampden, MA to Jerusha Orcutt born 1777
Daniel lived in West Springfield
Children of Daniel and Jerusha: Desire Clough born 9 May 1800 died 18 Oct 1862 Jonathan Clough born 7 June 1802 died 2 Oct 1802 Abner Clough born 26 April 1806 died 4 march 1857 Ralph Clough born 6 May 1810 died 13 Aug 1879 Warren Clough born 9 Sept 1812 died 14 July 1865 married Mabel M. ___
1850 Federal census Belchertown, Hampshire, MA
Warren Clough age 38 born MA
Maria M. age 29 born MA
John M. Clough age 11 born MA
George E. Clough age 9 born CT
Fielelia J. Clough age 7 born MA
Betsey A. Clough age 5 born MA
Charles H. Clough age 3 born MA
Orcutt W. Clough age 1 born MA
1860 Federal census Pelham, Hampshire, MA 4 Aug
Warren Clough age 48 farmer born MA
Mabel M. Clough age 38 born MA
John W. Clough age 20 born MA
George E. Clough age 19 born MA
Betsey A. Clough age 16 born MA
Carles H. Clough age 14 born MA
Orcutt W. Clough age 12 born MA David Clough born 13 Nov 1814 died 27 April 1876 Jerusha Clough Born 6 Aug 1817 died 15 Jan 1851 Daniel Clough born 26 July 1819 died 10 July 1907 married 29 July 1849 at Palmer, Hampden, MA as his 2nd wife to Julia Paul born ca 1827 dau of John Paul Abigail Clough born 25 Oct 1781 died 3 Dec 1781 Seth Clough Ithamer Clough born ca 1749/50 Middletown, Middlesex, CT died 7 March 1843 age 93 yrs Hartford, Washington, NY buried Old Cemetery at Hartford, Washington, NY married 8 Nov 1774 in Stafford, Tolland, CT to Bette Heath born 8 March 1749 Tolland county CT died 25 Feb 1825 age 76 yrs Hartford, Washington, NY buried Old Cemetery at Hartford, Washington, NY dau of Isaac and Elizabeth Heath
Cemetery records from "Gravestone Inscriptions in Hartford, NY and Vicinity"
online at NEHGR vol 115 pages 198-209, 290-303; vol 116 pages 57-71; 112-120 and 205-213
Children of Ithamer and Bette: Hannah Clough born 18 Sept 1775 Strafford, Tolland, CT died 10 Feb 1868 Gouverneur, St. Lawrence, NY married ca 1791 to William Sweet born ca 1771/2 Rhode Island died 7 Nov 1854 Gouverneur, St. Lawrence, NY. Both buried in the Wayside cemetery in Richville, Washington, NY. (Jerry Defoe line)
Clough book says lived at Ticonderoga, Essex, NY
Jerry Dafoe wrote:
William and Hannah Sweet moved to Ticonderoga, NY about 1813 where he bought a 200 acre tract of land in the Vineyard. Here he built the first squared log house in town. When this house was built, the old log barn across the road had already been built for some time, and many think it was one of General Burgoyne's outposts. The old house was occupied by several generations until destroyed by fire in 1927
1850 Federal census Gouverneur, Saint Lawrence, NY
William Sweet age 78 farmer born RI
Hannah Sweet age 76 born CT
1860 Federal census gouverneur, Saint Lawrence, NY 29 June
Hannah Sweet age 84 born CT Elizabeth Clough born 20 Sept 1777 Elijah Clough born 30 Jan 1779 Philinda Clough born 17 Nov 1783 Lois Clough born 2 March 1784 married Egelson died soon Reuben Clough born 8 aug 1785 Arden Clough born 28 April 1791 Modecai Clough born 26 Sept 1757 Stafford, Tolland, CT died 19 Dec 1775 Elijah Clough born 24 Aug 1759 Stafford, Tolland, CT died 16 Jan 1776 Uriah Clough married Mary Orcutt dau of Daniel and Lydia (Cushman) Orcutt Lydia Clough born 20 May 1721 Salisbury, Essex, MA married 13 Jan 1737 at Congregational Church, Thompson, Windham, CT to Nehemiah Cady born 12 March 1711/12 Pomfret, Windham, CT son of Ezekiel and Abigail Cady Ephraim Clough born 12 Jan 1724 Thompson, Windham, CT died 15 July 1804 Belchertown, Hampshire, MA married 1744 Mary Johnson dau of Nathaniel Johnson of Stafford, Tolland, CT Mary Clough born 9 Jan 1726 Thompson, Windham, CT maybe married 25 Aug 1762 at Congregational Church, Thompson, Windham, CT to Joseph Harris John Clough born 11 Nov 1727 Thompson, Windham, CT died 1809 (LDS record) married 9 May 1751 Susanna Wilson
Children of Jonathan and Mary: Ruth Clough born 23 Aug 1730 Thompson, Windham, CT Obadiah Clough born 18 Feb 1731 Thompson, Windham, CT married 1st 31 July 1755 at Killingly-Putnam Congregational Church to Elizabeth Whitmore born 18 Aug 1734 dau of Francis and Elizabeth (Bassett) Wetmore:Obadiah married 2nd Betty Whitmore
History of Windham county, CT vol 1-2
Town Affairs in Killingly. Thompson Parish 4 June 1770
Votes for pew-spots were passed and revoked. June 4, 1770, four pew-spots were granted; one east side the pulpit to Nathaniel and Stephen Crosby, west side to Ephraim Guile; a spot west side the great or south doors to Deacon Jonathan Clough and his son Obadiah,
Children of Obadiah and Elizabeth as shown in Barbour Collection CT VR for Killingly, Windham, CT: Ebenezer Clough born 23 Nov 1755 Tamson Clough born 11 Feb 1757
Children of Obadiah and Betty: Jonathan Clough born 9 May 1760 Willard Clough born 22 Feb 1762 died young Aaron Clough born 9 March 1765 Mary Clough born 9 March 1767 Sarah Clough born 10 Sept 1769 David Clough born 14 Sept 1771 Willard Clough born 14 June 1776 Elizabeth Clough born 11 Nov 1732 Thompson, Windham, CT married 8 June 1766 James Bloss
1.4.9 Mercy Clough bpt 20 Sept 1691 int 27 Sept 1710 at Salisbury, MA to Jacob Flanders born 5 Aug 1689 Salisbury, Essex, MA died aft 1759 same place son of John Flanders and Elizabeth Sargent
1.4.10 Moses Clough born 26 March 1693 married 14 Nov 1717 Hannah Cass; 2nd married 23 June 1726 Charity Hopkins
1.4.11 Aaron3 Clough born 16 Dec 1695 bpt 4 Aug 1700 Salisbury, Essex, MA died 20 Jan 1781 buried Salisbury Plains Cemetery married 23 Jan 1721 Abigail Moulton born 1673 died 26 Jan 1743 Salisbury, Essex, MA buried Salisbury Plains cemetery dau of Sobriety (Hilton) Moulton; his second wife was Rebekah Brown died 22 Jan 1781 buried same grave as husband
Genealogy of Descendants of John Clough of Salisbury, MA vol I
Aaron's first wife Abigail Moulton was great granddaughter of John Moulton, famous founder of Hampton, NH. She was also a descendant of Edward Hilton, first settler of Dover, NH.
Children of Aaron and Abigail all born in Salisbury, MA: Mercy Clough born 22 Oct 1721 married 1 Dec 1743 Enoch Brown son of Jonathan Brown Mary Clough born 20 Feb 1724 died 8 March 1730 Abigail Clough born 17 June 1726 died 2 April 1730 Merriam Clough born Feb 1729 died 10 March 1730 Sarah Clough born 24 Jan 1731 married 6 Sept 1753 John True of South Hampton, NH Aaron Clough born 18 Feb 1733 died 29 Jan 1800 married 1761 Mehitable Gould Shed died 8 Nov 1796 Hannah Clough born 28 Sept 1735 married John Brown Simon Clough born 20 April 1738 died 1777 of Gilmanton, NH killed at Battle of Bennington married 1759 Patience Chase born 1739
Patience Chase was descended from Aquilla Chase who settled in Hampton, NH in 1640. While at Hampton Falls, Simon signed a petition for a separate parish. About 1775 he went to Gilmanton, NH where he had a six hundred acre grant of land and was one of the first settlers. He built a home overlooking Crystal Lake that was still standing in 1950 as well as the two large elms south of the house that Simon planted.
Children of Simon and Patience: Simon Clough born 3 Nov 1759 born Hampton Falls, NH died 1843 Lower Barnston, Canada married 4 May 1780 Mary Avery of Guilford, NH by Rev. Isaac Smith
Children of Simon and Mary: Chase Clough born Gilmanton, NH married Lydia Taylor
The name, Chase was the maiden name of his grandmother, Patience Chase. he went to Kennebec county ME where serval of his cousins preceded him. He settled at Mt. Vernon, a town named for the home of George Washington. He served in the War of 1812.
Children of Chase and Lydia: Betsey Clough married Sam Taylor Willoughby Clough born 22 April 1812 Nancy Clough married Alwin Currier Sally Clough married Ruel Palmer Hannah Clough married John Stevens Taylor Clough Sophronia Clough married James Packard Phineas Clough married Ruth C. Sanford Nathaniel Clough born 22 Nov 1804 Mount Vernon, ME married Rebecca W. Greeley born 24 Oct 1806 Readfield, ME
Children of Nathaniel and Rebecca: Cyrus G. Clough born 28 Oct 1832 Mount Vernon, ME Greenleaf G. Clough born 9 Oct 1835 Mount Vernon, ME
Illustrated History of Plumas, Lassen & Sierra Counties, with California from 1513-1850 page 322
Plumas county - Judge Greenleaf Greeley Clough
This gentleman is a native of Mt. Vernon, Kennebec county, Maine, where he was born October 9, 1835. His parents, Nathaniel Clough and Rebecca W., whose maiden name was Greeley, were also natives of Maine. The judge arrived in California September 24, 1859, and settled in Sierra county at Gibsonville. He had studied the law as his profession early in life, and soon after commenced its practice, making his debut at Downieville. He also practiced in the courts of Plumas, frequently coming from the former place to Quincy during the winter months, with commendable zeal and fidelity in behalf of his client, on snow-shoes. In 1877 he was presented by his party (the republicans) as their choice for the judgeship of the Twenty-first Judicial District, composed of Plumas, Lassen, and Modoc counties, his opponent being the Hon. J. D. Goodwin, then presiding judge of the district, over whom he was successful. He served two years. In 1879 he was again placed before the people for the position of superior judge&emdash;a position created by the new constitution, then about to go into effect. On this occasion he was opposed to Judge E. T. Hogan, the democratic candidate. Judge Clough was married on July 5, 1879, to Miss Metta S. Lowell, the second daughter of James M Lowell, from Maine also. The union has been blessed with one child, a son Leon Clough, now two years of age. The judge has ever been and still is a hard student, devoted to the law. Has many warm friends in all parties, and has a fine appreciation of them. He resides in Quincy. He is a man of energy, industry, and of strict temperate habits. Henry Clough born 4 June 1838 Mount Vernon, ME Charles L. Clough born 31 Dec 1844 Chesterville, ME Moses Clough Simon Clough Judith Clough Joseph Clough Rebecca Clough Nehemiah Clough born 26 July 1792 Parmelia Clough Moses Clough born 1804 went to WI
1860 Federal census Lawrence, Brown, WI
Moses Cluff age 56 farmer born NH
Louisa Cluff age 54 born NH
Charles Cluff age 30 carpenter born Canada
Lestina Cluff age 29 born Canada
1870 Federal census Lawrence, Brown, WI
Clough, Moses age 69 farmer born NH
Clough, Lavina age 66 keeping house born NH Mary Adelia Clough born 11 May 1807 Gilmanton, Strafford, NH died 11 April 1873 Brown county WI married Ebenezer Benjamin Church born 24 Dec 1805 Litchfield, Kennebec, ME died 1861 Brown county WI
they moved to Lawrence twp, Brown, WI in 1852 stopping in Milwaukee, WI for six years
1860 Federal census Lawrence, Brown, WI
Ebenezer Church age 54 farmer born ME
May Church age 52 born NH
Harry Church age 21 born Canada
George Church age 16 born Canada
1870 Federal census Lawrence, Brown, WI
Church, Mary age 63 keeping house born NH
Church, Harry age 29 farmer born Canada
Church, George age 25 farmer born Canada
Church, Jessie age 1 born WI Isaiah Clough went to WI Jonathan Clough Jonathan Clough born 8 Aug 1761 Aaron Clough born 22 Jan 1763 Edward Clough born 19 April 1768 Ruth Clough Perley Clough born 5 July 1770 Joseph Clough born 14 Dec 1774
Children of Aaron and Rebekah: Edward Clough born 30 July 1746 Tabitha Clough died young
1.4.12 Tabitah Clough born 8 Sept 1697 died 20 Aug 1698 Salisbury, Essex, MA

1.4.3 John3 Clough (John2, John1) born 30 June 1678 Salisbury, Essex, MA married 5 March 1700/1 Elizabeth Long born 30 Oct 1680 Salisbury, Essex, MA daughter of Richard Long and Ann French. Ann French was dau of Joseph2 French and Susanna Stacy of Salisbury, Essex, MA.

Settlers Surnamed Long to New England before 1700 NEGSR vol 104 page 40
Richard Long, house carpenter of Salisbury, was killed by Indians 4 Sept 1694, and is first recorded in Salisbury 1671. He married 21 July 1680, Ann, 1659-1731 daughter of Joseph and Susan (Stacy) French, and they had issue Elizabeth who married John Clough; William who married Ruth Eastman 2nd Sarah Shepare/Shepard, 3rd Deborah Tongue; Richard who married Sarah Coker; Susannah may have married an Eaton; Joseph never married; Sarah died infancy; Elinor who married Nathaniel Mason; and Sarah who married Wm. Russell, all born between 1680-1693. His widow married second Thomas Mudgett and third Alexander Magoon of Kingston, NH. He was recognized as a kinsman by Robert Long of Newbury and may have been born in New England but parents are unknown. Descendants have been traced in eastern MA, NH and Maine. 

Also see NEHGR vol 100 pages 254-5 for more info on Richard Long and his family

Children of John and Elizabeth all born in Salisbury, Essex, MA: Ann Clough born 25 Dec 1701 married 8 Jan 1730 as his second wife to Nathan Gould born 20 April 1796 died 1747 son of Samuel and Sarah (Rowell) Gould
Children of Ann and Nathan: Ann Gould born 13 Nov 1730 Salisbury, Essex, MA Nathan Gould born 1 Feb 1732 Salisbury, Essex, MA Tabetah Clough born 27 Feb 1702 died 4 Sept 1703 Salisbury, Essex, MA Susanna Clough born 19 Dec 1704 married 7 Jan 1725 Isaac Griffin born 21 Dec 1699 of Kingston, Rockingham, NH son of John and Susanna (Brown) Griffin
Children of Susanna and Isaac: Phebe Griffin bpt 26 Jan 1726 at Kingston Isaac Griffin bpt 26 Sept 1731 at Kinston Elizabeth Griffin Mary Griffin bpt 4 Aug 1734 Lidia Clough twin born 6 Nov 1706 died 8 April 1713 Salisbury, Essex, MA Sarah Clough twin born 6 Nov 1706 died 1754 married 3 Jan 1727 Ephraim Hoyt
Children of Sarah and Ephraim: William Hoyt married Sarah Smith of Exeter Hannah Hoyt born 5 Feb 1730 married 20 Feb Joshua Abbott Reuben Hoyt born 21 March 1733 Sarah Hoyt born 8 Aug 1735 married 1754 Benjamin Smith of Exeter Ephraim Hoyt born 28 Feb 1738 died 1767 Mary Hoyt born 28 Jan 1740 married ___ Richardson Benjamin Hoyt Lydia Hoyt pt 15 Jan 1744 married Joseph Smith of Exeter John Clough born 5 July 1708 my line below Elizabeth Clough born 6 July 1710 died 26 Aug 1771 Newton, NH married 6 July 1738 Nathaniel Colby at Amesbury, Essex, MA Elinor/Eleanor Clough born 25 Oct 1712 bpt 12 April 1713 Salisbury, Essex, MA died before 1791 married as 1st wife on 22 Jan 1732 Samuel3 Welch born 13 Feb 1711 Kingston, Rockingham, NH died 5 April 1823 Bow, Merrick, NH age 112 yrs son of Samuel2 Welch and his wife Mary Judkins of Kingston, Rockingham, NH (from Philip Welch of Ipswich and his Descendants at NEHGR vol 23 page 61 and 419) After Eleanor died, Samuel married 2nd 6 July 1791 at Pembroke, NH wid Rachel (Sargent) Elliott born 1738 dau of William Sargent of Newton,, NH (also see John Clough Descendants)
page 61 Philp Welch of Ipswich and his Descendants
Samuel Welch lived to a great age; within a year or two of his death, he was visited by John Farmer and Jacob B. Moore, two celebrated historians and antiquaries of Concord, NH, and in the second volume of their Historical Collections (pp 148-153), may be seen an interesting account of their interview with him. They again visited him a short time before his death. Samuel stated that his wife Eleanor was much older than himself? She died leaving four children and he then married in 1791, Widow Rachel Elliott of Bow, born in 1738, daughter of William Sargent of Newton, NY. Samuel was then eighty and Rachel fifty-three.
ICH: In the Philip Welch of Ipswich book page 60 it shows two different Elener Clough's that Samuel is suppose to have married. It appears to have mistakes in dates as both women had children with same names, only different birth dates. I think Elener and Eleanor are the same women and when research was done for the book dates were copied wrong.
Children of Eleanor and Samuel: Eleanor4 Welch born 1733 Kingston, Rockingham, NH Jonathan Welch bpt 15 May 1735 Kingston, Rockingham, NH Samuel Welch bpt 29 June 1738 Kingston, Rockingham, NH Reuben Welch bpt 15 Feb 1740 Kingston, Rockingham, NH Richard Clough born 18 Nov 1714 Salisbury, Essex, MA Elisha Clough born 14 May 1717 married 2 Oct 1740 Martha/Mary3 Welch 20 Jan 1718 of Kingston, Rockingham, NH dau of Samuel and Mary (Judkins) Welch. Mary's sister Tabitha married John Clough brother of Elisha.
Philip Welch of Ipswich and his Descendants at NEHGR vol 23 page 419
Welch and allied families by Gustine Courson Weaver 1932 page 86
Mary, married in Kingston, NH, Oct 2, 1740, Elisah Clough of North Yarmouth, Maine; had a son, Amos Clough, born in 1742, who states, in an interview taken down in 1833 when he (Amos Clough) was 91 years old, thate he was born in Brentwood, NH, and that Benjamin Welch of Yarmouth, Maine, was his uncle, and came from Kingston, NH.
See John Clough Descendants for more info on Elisha Clough
from cousin Bonnie Kehoe-Gove...
Piscataqua Pioneers, Portsmouth, NH 2000 page 128
Elisha was admitted to the Kingston Church 14 March 1742
Children of Elisha and Mary: Elizabeth Clough born 18 Sept 1741 married at Kingston, Rockingham, NH on 3 Feb 1761 James Buswell Mary Clough born 13 June 1743 married at Kingston, Rockingham, NH on May 1765 to Benjamin Winslow Elisah Clough Jr. bpt 12 May 1745 Richard Clough born 1 Sept 1747 married 1st Mary Clough; 2nd Elizabeth ------; 3rd on 19 Nov 1776 at Concord, NH to Sarah Dow Jonathan Clough bpt 8 Oct 1749 died 11 Oct 1805 married 1st on 3 Feb 1774 at South Hampton, Rockingham, NH to Abigail Buswell; married 2nd on 6 Feb 1787 at Atkinson, Rockingham, NH to Ann West Levi Clough b.c. 1750 Martha Clough bpt 21 July 1751 Ann Clough bpt 24 Feb 1754 David Clough b.c. 1756 died 1818 Bow, NH married 25 Aug 1783 Hannah Winslow Tabitah Clough born 27 March 1760 Danville, Rockingham, NH married 27 May 1784 to Samuel Hoyt John4 Clough (John3, John2, John1) born 5 July 1708 Salisbury, Essex, MA died bef 18 June 1787 according to his will in Poplin, Rockingham, New Hampsire (now Fremont) married first 14 Feb 1734 Tabitah Welch born 10 March 1708/9 Kingston, Rockingham, NH died before Oct 1750 daughter of Samuel2 Welch and Mary Judkins. John married second 19 Oct 1750 Abigail Kimball born 18 Aug 1726 Exeter, Rockingham, NH died bef April 1759; John married 3rd on 5 or 15 April 1759 to Mary Sayer.

"Philip Welch of Ipswich, MA 1654 and his descendants" by Alexander McMillan Welch 1947
page 39
John's 1st wife Tabitha3 Welch born March 10, 1708/9 married Feb 14, 1734, John Clough; admitted Sept 27, 1730 to First Church of Kingston, NH
ICH: According to John4 Clough's will he was of Poplin, New Hampshire which is now present town of Fremont, New Hampshire once a part of Exeter known as Poplin between 1764-1824, after an English mill town. The town was renamed Fremont in 1854, after General John C. Fremont. Present day Fremont, NH is a town in Rockingham county in the Boston-Cambridge-Quincey metro area.
Abstracts of the Probate Records of Rockingham county NH 1771-1799 by Helen F. Evans
Clough, John (1787) #5260
EST. Poplin yoeman Decd. testate. WILL: Drawn 3/14/1782. Legatees. Wife-Mary; Sons-Richard, Amos, Samuel, Joseph, Benjamin, Nathan and John. Daus-Lydia Lewis and Hannah Morrill. Exec. son John. His sig. Witnesses: James Tucker, Elisha Hook and Enoch Smith. CERT. WILL (D29:115): Presented by Exec. and witnesses Hook and Smith. INVY: Appr. 6/18/1787. Comm. enoch Smith and Moses Brown. Value £213.19.11. Oats 6/19/1787 Comm. and Exec. to John Scribner, JP. Judge notes that port, corn and potatoes were omitted from Invy.
children of John and first wife Tabitha: Lydia Clough born 7 Nov 1734 died 29 Nov 1735 Salisbury, Essex, MA John Clough born 17 April 1736 Salisbury, Essex, MA married 28 Jan 1784 Abigail Lydia Clough born 20 June 1738 Salisbury, Essex, MA married 20 Sept 1770 David Lewis born 31 Aug 1736
David built the first frame house in Francestown, NH also the first grist mill. Hannah Clough born 18 Feb 1741 NH (of Poplin, NH NEHGR 58:47) died 13 Sept 1807 married 9 Oct 1766 at Danivlle, Rockingham, NH to Jabez Morrill born 15 Feb 1744/5 Salisbury, Essex, MA died 26 Aug 1800 Weare, Hillsboro, NH son of Abraham and Elandor (True) Morrill
History of Weare, New Hampshire
Jabez Morrill, 1769, bought lot twenty-three in the gore, of Samuel Nutt, and in 1775 built his house on the east side of the same. He lived about one-third of a mile east of Cram brook. Mr. Morrill was a member of the Baptist church, filled many town offices and held numberous positions of trust.
Children of Hannah and Jabez: Eleanor Morrill born 20 Sept 1768 died 14 Feb 1849 John Morrill born 29 June 1770 Weare. Hillsboro, NH died 30 April 1862 Springfield, Sullivan, NH married Lydia Kinsman Hannah Morrill born 20 Aug 1772 married Wells Currier Tabitha Morrill born 25 Oct 1774 Jabez Morrill born 23 Feb 1777 Weare, Hillsboro, NH Abraham Morrill born 1 Feb 1779 Weare, Hillsboro, NH died 19 Nov 1859 same place married Martha Gordon Lydia Morrill born 4 Jan 1782 died 15 Sept 1870 married Samuel Buswell son of Edmund Buswell True Morrill born 27 Nov 1784 Amos Clough born 27 Feb 1742 Brentwood, Rockingham, NH married 17 May 1765 Bethia Baker born 14 July 1741 North Yarmouth, Cumberland, ME dau of Samuel and Susannah (Mitchell) Baker.
They lived in North Yarmouth, ME. They both lived well into their 90's.
The War Record of Amos may include service at Crown Point, NY, in Capt. Jeremiah Marston's Company, of Hampton, NH, John Goffe's Regt., in French and Indian War in 1762. He enlisted July 3, 1775 in the Revolution and was in Capt. Parker's Company, a private of North Yarmouth, Cumberland, ME.
Children of Amos and Bethia born in North Yarmouth, Cumberland, ME: Tabitha Clough born 1776/7 married 19 Jan 787 Robert Maxfield
Children of Tabitha and Robert: Reuben Maxfield Susan Maxfield Elet Carr Maxfield Bethiah Maxfield Elizabeth Maxfield Levi Clough born 6 Jan 1771 bpt 14 Sept 1791 First Congregational Church at North Yarmouth, ME married 24 Sept 1795 Abigail Small born 1769 died 11 Dec 1830; Levi Clough of Gray, ME married 2nd Pub 25 Sept 1830 married 25 Sept 1831 Martha Ash of Portland, ME
Children of Levi and Abigail: Simeon Clough Jr. born 28 Sept 1796 North Yarmouth, Cumberland, ME married ca 1823 Mary Wyman dau of Capt Joaiah and Nancy (Bradford) Wyman Levi Clough Jr. born 21 Aug 1798 N. Yarmouth, Cumberland, ME married 1 Dec 1820 Sarah Merrill died 19 May 1824 age 26 yrs; Levi married 2nd 19 April 1827 Priscilla Merrill of Westbrook, ME Nathan Clough born 2 Nov 1799 Elizabeth S. Clough born 3 Nov 1801 N. Yarmouth, Cumberland, ME died 20 Aug 1870 age 68 yrs 9 mths Pub to marry 29 April 1829 Joshua M. Rideout of Portland, ME son of Reuben Rideout John Clough Jr. born 4 March 1803 N. Yarmouth, Cumberland, ME married Eleanor who was from Stockhom, Sweden. John was a sea captain and master of the Barque Ontario in 1845 Beriah Clough born 5 March 1806 North Yarmouth, Cumberland, ME died between 1860-1870 Mapleton, Aroostook, ME married 21 Sept 1821 at Garland, ME Tryphenia Stewart born 1817 of Alton, NH dau of Eliab and Nancy (Clark) Stewart
1850 Federal census Garland, Penobscot, ME 19th Sept
Berca Clough age 42 farmer born ME
Tryphenia Clough age 33 born NH
Nancy E. Clough age 14 born ME
Levi W. Clough age 9 born ME
John Clough age 4 born ME
Marietta Clough age 1 born ME
1870 Federal census Mapleton, Aroostook, ME 23rd Aug
Clough, Tryphena age 60 keeping house born Dover, NH
Clough, Herbert O. age 15 working on farm born Garland, ME
Clough, Moses A. age 18 working on farm born Garland, ME
Children of Beriah and Tryphena all born in Garland, Penobscot, ME info from Clough book and me: Nancy Clough born 1835 married Joseph Henry Lincoln born ca 1832 ME
1870 Federal census Portage Lake, Aroostook, ME 30 July
Lincoln, Joseph H. age 38 farmer born Dexter, ME
Lincoln, Nancy P. age 34 keeping house born Garland, ME
Lincoln, Charles M. age 5 born Presquedole, ME
Kelley, charles age 15 workin on farm born New Brunswick Levi W. Clough born ca 1841 died in the Civil War, buried in the South John Clough died in Civil War, buried at Arlington Cemetery Abbie Clough born ca 1849 married Oscar Hughes Moses Clough married Carrie Hussey of Guilford, ME Herbert Oscar Clough born 13 April 1856 Garland, ME died 10 March 1939 married 28 Aug 1886 Hannah Elizabeth Whiting born 27 Feb 1855 died 26 June 1926
family info on Herbert and Hannah from David Sims: Melvin Clough Maurice Clough Ethyl Mildred Clough born 30 March 1894 Garland, ME died 30 Oct 1980 married Vernon C. Patten born 8 March 1892 died 18 Feb 1977 both buried Evergreen cemetery, Garland, ME
Children of Ethyl and Vernon Pattern: Marion Clough Pattern Lois Frances Pattern married Joseph Maurice Johnson
Children of Lois and Joseph: Janett Lorraine Johnson married David L. Sims Mary Clough born 2 Jan 1808 N. Yarmouth, Cumberland, ME married Joseph Winslow died 18 June 1873 age 76 yrs Prudence Clough born 30 April 1810 died 1830 Simeon Clough born 14 Sept 1775 North Yarmouth, Cumberland, ME died 5 Feb 1827 (hung himself) married 21 May 1801 Elizabeth Jordan born 16 June 1779 died 28 Feb 1836
John Clough Descendants
Simeon was a housewright. He was taxed at North Yarmouth in 1794 on a farm, part of lot 100 acre division containing 49 acres and buildings thereon; once tract of land; poart of lot 88, containing 16 acres; one tract in lot 50 containing 2 acres; in lot 89 10 acres. He was a member of the church at Cumberland Center.
Jonathan Moulton's account Book 21 Jan 1820 ... died 2 children of Simeon Clough
Children of Simeon and Elizabeth: Hannah Clough born 26 Oct 1802 Eliza Clough born 7 April 1804 married John Farwell Lucy B. Clough born 8 Oct 1805 married Levi Whitecomb Phoebe Clough born 5 May 1807 died 18 Feb 1832 age 25 yrs Joan Clough born 25 Sept 1808 married Jason Hamilton Allen G. Clough born 6 Aug 1810 married 1st Elizabeth ____; married 2nd Mercy E. Wither; married 3rd Sarah Wither Samuel Clough born 12 July 1812 Mary Clough born 4 Dec 1814 married Eben Snow Simeon Clough twin born 2 April 1817 married Elsie McPherson Jane Clough twin born 2 April 1817 married Capt. Josiah Bradford Clough Annie Clough born 21 Jan 1820 married Mr. Greeley Elmira Clough born 23 Sept 1823 married Mr. Merrill Amos Clough Jr. born twin 15 May 1781 North Yarmouth, Cumberland, ME married 28 Nov 1799 Sarah Titcomb in NY John Clough born twin 15 May 1781 North Yarmouth, Cumberland, ME died 18 June 1872 age 91 yrs 4 mths married 18 Feb 1810 Hannah Prince died 17 May 1851 age 76 yrs 7 mths dau of Paul and Sarah (Southworth) Prince
Children of John and Hannah: Lucinda Clough born 1811 died 28 March 1826 Arexime Clough born 1813 died 30 Aug 1855 Willard Clough born 1816 died 16 Sept 1867 Octavia Clough born 1821 died 30 Oct 1823 Miranda Clough born 1823 died 26 Feb 1884 Nathan Clough born Brentwood, Rockingham, NH married 13 Jan 1778 Sarah Johnson
This family settled in Weare, NH. First lived in Woburn, MA before going to Fisherville (Newbury, NH) in 1801; his will was made in Hopkinton, NH 3 June 1806.
Children of Nathan and Sarah: Nathan Clough born 10 May 1778 John Clough born 17 Aug 1780 Sarah Clough born 28 Jan 1783 Lydia Clough Joseph Clough born Brentwood, Rockingham, NH
He lived in Poplin, NH Benjamin Clough born 29 May 1750 Brentwood, Rockingham, NH married Thankful
They lived in Poplin, NH and may have lived in Lyndeborough, NH
Children of Benjamin and Thankful: John Clough born 6 March 1773 Poplin (now Fremont), Rockingham, NH Tabitha Clough born 16 July 1775 Stephen Clough born 1786
Children of John and second wife Abigail Kimball Richard Clough born 1751 Brentwood, Rockingham, NH Samuel Clough born ca 1752 Brentwood, Rockingham, NH my line below Tabitah Clough born Brentwood, Rockingham, NH
Child of John and third wife Mary: John Clough born 28 Feb 1760 Brentwood, Rockingham, NH Samuel5 Clough (John4, John3, John2, John1) born 1752 Brentwood, Rockingham, NH died 19 Jan 1799 ME married Sarah Estes born 16 April 1752 North Yarmouth, Cumberland, ME died 4 Dec 1848 West Gardiner, Kennebec, ME aage 96 yrs 8 mths buried Clough cemetery West Gardiner, Kennebec, ME under the name Sarah C. Hall. Sarah married second 28 Sept 1815 to Jedediah Hall in Litchfield, Kennebec, ME.
Samuel Clough of Durham, ME is reported to have come there from Berwick, ME, a town where he met Quakers who were moving from MA to the Vicinity of Yarmouth, ME. since his brother, Amos, possibly another brother, Richard, and their Welch relatives were already in North Yarmouth, there is reason to believe that Samuel of Brentwood went to Durham, ME. Evidently a former group of Quakers had already occupied farms in the vicinity of Durham, including North Yarmouth because the girl whom Samuel married was born there. Doubtless Samuel visited his relatives there and met Sarah Estes. A Samuel Clough came from Berwick, ME to Durham, ME in the second group of settlers who were Quakers. Samuel and Edward Estes bought land in Durham then called Royalsborough, on June 10, 1771, lot 16 was owned by Samuel and lot 17 by Joseph Estes, the brother of the girl whom Samuel married. Samuel did not live to see his family grow to maturity. His sons became men of whom he would have had reason to be proud and his descendants in later generations became distinguished citizens.
Sarah was daughter of Edward Estes born 20 Feb 1702/9 Lynn, Essex, MA died 17 Feb 1788 Durham, Androscoggin, ME and Patience Carr born 1709 RI died 13 Feb 1788 Durham, Androscoggin, ME. Children of Samuel and Sarah all born in Durham, Androscoggin, ME with births recorded in Friends Church records found at Windham Historical Society.
Sarah Estes wife of Samuel Clough was born at North Yarmouth, Maine on 16 April 1752. The "Records of the Woman's Monthly Meeting of Friends for Herpswell and Falmouth" in the list of marriages from 1751 to 1790 on page 3, "at our Monthly Meeting held at Falmouth ye 23th of ye 3rd mo. 1772 the Preparative Meeting Cald upon their appeared for Falmouth Hope Winslow and Sarah Goddard on account from Herpswells shere as Sarah Cloof (Clough) has bone Contrary to the good orders used amongst friends on the account of her marring with one not of our Society and in so doing hath Denyd membership with us Sarah Cloof hath sent in a paper to this meeting by nay of acknolegment friends refers it for further Consideration." The date when Samuel and Sarah were married is not on record. Sarah's mother, Patience (Carr) was very prominent in the Quaker meetings. Samuel Clough died after making his will on Jan 10, 1799. The Friends Records are stored in Portland, ME. Since the names of the children are recorded in these ancient books, Samuel and Sarah must have been forgiven by the Society.
Children of Samuel and Sarah: Anna Clough born 7 March 1772 Durham, Androscoggin, ME died 5 Feb 1859 West Gardiner, Kennebec, ME married at Litchfield, Kennebec, ME to Abraham Fisher born 12 Sept 1767 Barrington, Strafford, NH died 12 Sept 1830 Litchfield, Kennebec, ME
The Fishers are said to have been an old Scotch family, the ancestor in Amercia being Thomas Fisher
1850 Federal census Litchfield, Kennebec, ME 7 Sept
Anna Fisher age 78 born ME
Sarah Fisher age 45 born ME
Children of Ann and Abraham: Lydia Fisher born 4 Oct 1803 died 2 March 1867 Muscatine, Muscatine, IA buried Bloomington Friends cemetery, Muscatine, Muscatine, IA married Lot Goddard born 1809 ME died 2 March 1867 buried Bloomington Friends cemetery, Muscatine, Muscatine, IA
1850 Federal census Litchfield, Kennebec, ME 7 Sept
Lot Goddard age 40 farmer born ME
Lydia F. Goddard age 46 born ME
Charles Goddard age 15 born ME
Jepi Goddard age 13 born ME male
John W. Goddard age 10 born ME (died 26 Aug 1862 buried same cemetery as parents)
Elijah Goddard 2nd age 8 born ME
Abraham F. Goddard age 6 born ME
1860 Federal census Muscatine, Muscatine, IA 27 June 1860
Lot Goddard age 50 farmer born ME
Lydia F. Goddard age 59 born ME
John W. Goddard age 20 farmer hand born ME
Abram F. Goddard age 17 born ME
Sarah Fisher age 55 born ME (Lydia's sister?, died 16 June 1884, buried same cemetery as Lydia)
Wm. Campbell age 30 farm hand born ME Sarah Fisher born 1805 died 16 June 1884 Muscatine, Muscatine, IA buried Bloomingtn Friends cemetery in Muscatine, IA. Never married Lois Fisher born 24 Nov 1809 died 8 Nov 1880 Muscatine, Muscatine, IA buried Bloomington Friends cemetery, Muscatine, IA married 25 Nov 1840 Hallowell, Kennebec, ME to Samuel Deane born 23 July 1803 Greene, Androscoggin, ME died 14 Dec 1897 94 yrs 1 mo 21 days Muscatine, IA buried Bloomington Friends cemetery at Muscatine, IA son of Cyrus and Mary (Winslow) Deane; Samuel was first maried to Catherine Bailey who died before 1840
1850 Federal census Hallowell, Kennebec, ME 23 Aug 1850
Samueal Deane age 46 farmer born ME
Lois F. Deane age 40 born ME
George Deane age 18 farmer born ME
Mary E. Dean age 8 born ME
Lucy A. Deane age 6 born ME
Lydia F. Deane age 3 born ME died 26 Oct 1856 buried same cemetery as parents
William H. age 1 born ME
1860 Federal census Sweetland twp, Muscatine, IA P.O. Muscatine 3 July 1860
Samuel Deane age 56 farmer born ME
Lois F. Deane age 50 born ME
Mary C. Deane age 18 born ME
Lucy A. Deane age 16 born ME
William H. Deane age 11 bon ME
1870 Federal census Sweetland twp, Muscatine, IA P.O. Milton 6 Aug 1870
Deane, Samuel age 67 farmer born ME parents MA/NH
Deane, Lois F. age 60 keeping house born ME
Deane, Mary E. age 28 at home born ME
Deane, William age 21 at home born ME
Fisher, Sarah age 67 retired born ME (sister of Lois)
1880 Federal census Sweetland twp, Muscatine, IA 2/3 June
Dean, Samuel age 76 carpenter born ME
Dean, Lois age 70 wife keeping house born ME
Dean, Wm. C. age 31 son farmer born ME
Dean, Maria L. age 22 wife of son keeping house born IA parents NH
Dean, Albert J. age 2 g son born IA
Children of Lois and Samuel from LDS records: George Deane born ca 1832 Hallowell, Kennebec, ME Mary Catherine Deane born 22 Sept 1841 Hallowell, Kennebec, ME died 1914 buried Bloomington - Friends cemetery married 31 Aug 1870 Pliny Fry born 8 July 1842 Carroll county NH died 1936 buried in the Bloomington Friends Cemetery, he was a Friends Minster
History of Muscatine County IA 1879 page 635
PLINY FRY, far., Sec. 7; P. O. Muscatine; born in Carroll Co., N. H., July 8, 1842; at 12 years of age, came West with his parents to Mahaska Co., Iowa, in 1854, and removed to Muscatine Co., in 1869 and settled, where he now owns forty acres of land. Married Miss Mary C. Deane Aug. 31, 1870; born in Kennebec Co., Me., Sept. 22, 1841; came to Muscatine Co., with her parents in 1858. Mr. Fry is Secretary of the Y. M. C. A., of Muscatine. Mr. and Mrs. Fry are members of the Orthodox Friends' Church. Mr. Fry is a Republican. Lucy Ann Deane born 14 Dec 1843 Hallowell, Kennebec, ME Lydia F. Deane born 12 Oct 1846 Hallowell, Kennebec, ME died 26 Oct 1856 Mscatine, IA buried same cemetery as parents William Henry Deane born 8 April 1849 Hallowell, Kennebec, ME Lucy Fisher born 5 May 1816 died 23 July 1885 70 yrs 2 mths 18 days Muscatine, Muscatine, IA buried Bloomington Friends cemetery in Muscatine, IA married 1845 as his 2nd wife, Richard Mott Pinkham born Oct 1799 died 25 Oct 1877 Muscatine, Muscatine, IA. buried Bloomington Friends cemetery, Muscatine, IA Richard was first married to Mary Bunyan who died 18 Jan 1844
Richard Pinkham of Old Dover, NH and his descendants East and West by Rev. Charles Nelson Sinnett 1908
Richard Mott Pinkham in his early years he went to sea with old Skipper Haskell of Harpswell, ME; moved West in 1852 and settled on a farm three and half miles from Muscatine, IA, where he spent a prosperous and helpful life. His was a sturdy and noble character. He was very fond of books, and had a great store of literary and historical information. His good judgement on all sorts of subjects was regarded by his neighbors as almost infallible. He had a the very strongest love of justice and every call of duty was implicitly obeyed. His intergrity of character was admired by all who knew him and he left an example which has inspired scores to a true life.
1860 Federal census Sweetland, Twp, Muscatine, IA P.O. Muscatine 29 June 1860
Richard M. Pinkham age 60 farmer born ME
Lucy Pinkham age 45 born ME
Anna Pinkham age 11 born ME
Craster Pinkham age 9 born ME
Martha E. Pinkham age 7 born IA
Ida A. Pinkham age 5 born IA
Matthias Nestor age 20 born Wirtenburg
1870 Federal census Sweetland twp, Muscatine, IA P.O. Milton 6 Aug 1870
Pinkham, Richard age 70 farmer born ME
Pinkham, Lucy age 59 keeping house born ME
Pinkham, Anna L. age 21 teaching school born ME
Pinkham, Ida A. age 14 at home born IA
Children of Lucy and Richard from Pinkham Genealogy: Mary Elizabeth Pinkham born 8 Aug 1846 died 10 Dec 1847 buried Quaker cemetery Mancester, Kennebec, ME Anna Laura Pinkham born 20 Oct 1848 married 28 April 1875 Lannes Condit born 17 March 1849 Adrian, MI son of Benjamin Franklin condit and Marian McKenzie.
Richard Pinkham of Old Dover, NH and his descendants East and West 1908 by Charles N. Sinnett
Lannes studied in the University of MI; was an Accountant; for over 35 years employed at the Minneapolis court House. They linved in Minneapolis, MN Erastus Edwin Pinkham born 30 Sept 1850 died 7 aug 1863 Martha Elma Pinkham born 12 April 1853 Muscantine, IA married 15 Oct 1879 Luther Weston Light born 16 Sept 1847 Port Rowan, Ontario, Canada son of Felix Light and Mary Ann Chambers of VT
Richard Pinkham of Old Dover, NH and his descendants East and West 1908 by Charles N. Sinnett
Martha graduated from Muscatine, IA public schools with fine record; began teaching before she was 17 years and taught with great success until 1876; also taught for two years after 1877; Luther was manager of a large farm near Muscatine, Ia. for several years; soon after their marriage the removed to a homestead in southwestern Kansas; in NOv 1887 they moved to Wilmington, CA. Luther was a farmer in CA for 13 years; then employed in contract work in San Pedro, CA; he later held a postion of trust with the Consolidated Lumber Company. Ida Angelican Pinkham born 18 Nov 1855 Muscatine, IA married 7 March 1877 William Wallace born 19 July 1855 Rock Island, IL son of John and Isabella (Knox) Wallace who were both born in Scotland
Richard Pinkham of Old Dover, NH and his descendants East and West 1908 by Charles N. Sinnett
Ida after her marriage lived in Wilton, IA; moved to Muscatine, IA in 1885; moved to Los Angeles, CA 1887; moved to Omaha, NB 1890; Ida was of great assistance in the writing of his part of the Pinkham history, as she has her father's family records in his own handwritting; William was a dealer in live stock. Isaac Clough my line below Joshua Clough born 15 April 1776 married a sister of Mary Crossman Abigail Clough born 3 Nov 1778 married Nathan Crossman born 6 Mar 1793 Durham, Androscoggin, ME son of Solomon Crossman and Mehitable Goddard. Tabitha Clough born 21 Jan 1781 died 12 Dec 1864 buried Friends Cemetery at West Gardiner, ME married 23 Aug 1800 at Durham, Androscoggin, ME to Ebenezer Bailey born 4 Aug 1776 Hanover, Plymouth, MA died 4 March 1824 buried Friends Cemetery at West Gardiner, ME son of Timothy Bailey and Katherine Pinkham.
Ebenezers' father Timothy Bailey was son of Timothy Bailey and his second wife Hannah Curtis, his first wife was Sarah Buck.
1850 Federal census town of Litchfield, Kennebec, ME - 5 Sept 1850
Amos Bailey age 47 farmer born ME
Nicy Bailey age 43 born ME
James F. Bailey age 21 Millman born ME
Julia A. Bailey age 19 born ME
Charles H. Bailey age 15 farmer born ME
Jeremiah C. Bailey age 14 born ME
George N or W. Bailey age 9 born ME
Simeon E. Bailey age 6 born ME
Nicy E. Bailey age 2 born ME
John D. W. Bailey age 15 farmer born ME
Tabitha Bailey age 67 born ME
1860 Federal census West Gardiner, Kennebec, ME - 26 June 1860
with family of Amos Bailey
Tabitha Bailey age 78 born ME shows by John Kaherl
children all born in Litchfield, Kennebec, ME Amos Bailey born 11 Nov 1801 married Nicy Sarah Bailey born 19 May 1804 Amy Bailey born 2 Feb 1807 Comfort Bailey born 26 Dec 1808 Amiel Bailey born 14 Dec 1811 Nathan C. Bailey born 12 July 1817 married 22, 5 mo., 1845 to Lydia Douglas
Friends' Records at Vassalborough, ME
Nathan C. Bailey of Winslow, son of Ebenezer Bailey of Litchfield, County of Kennebec, deceased, and Tabitha his wife, and Lydia Douglas, daughter of Cornelius Douglas of Winslow, County and State aforesaid, and Phebe his wife in Vassalboro, 22, 5 mo., 1845. Naomi Bailey born 11 Aug 1819 Patience Clough born 12 Aug 1783 Durham, Androscoggin, ME married 30 March 1804 at Durham, Androscoggin, ME to William Goddard
1850 Federal Census ME - Lewiston, Lincoln, ME - 20 Aug 1850 - family 621
William Godard age 64 farmer
Patience Godard age 67
Josiah Godard age 31
Charles Godard age 23 farm laborer Esther Clough born 8 Oct 1786 Durham, Androscoggin, ME died 1879 St. Albans, Somerset, ME married 24 May 1807 at Durham, Androscoggin, ME to Josiah Vining born 15 May 1784 Royalsborough, Cumberland, ME died before 1860 as not listed in later census son of Benjamin Vining and 2nd wife Lydia Turner. Children names from Clough book listed after the census:
1850 Federal Census ME - St. Albans, Somerset, ME - 29 Aug 1850 - family 507
Josiah Vining age 66 farmer born ME
Esther Vining age 62 born ME
Louisa Vining age 37 born ME
Abigail Vining age 32 born ME
Esther Vining age 31 born ME
William F. Vining age 19 laborer born ME
1860 Federal Census ME - St. Albans, Somerset, ME - 11 June 1860 - family 2&3
Jeremiah Vining age 50 farmer born ME
Susanna N. Vining age 43 born ME
Maria A. Vining age 23 domestic born ME
Sarah E.B. Vining age 18 born ME
Charles A. Vining age 10 born ME
Esther Vining age 72 wid born ME
1870 Federal Census ME - St. Albans, Somerset, ME - 7 July 1870 - family 214
Vining, Esther age 84 keeping house born ME
Children Esther and Josiah: Israel Vining born 11 March 1808 died 20 June 1860 married 1st Rebecca Norton; married 2nd 19 Nov 1837 Mrs. Joan Bigelow Haws
1860 Federal census St. Albans, Somerset, ME 11 June 1860
Israel Vining age 52 farmer born ME
Joann Vining age 51 born ME
Nathaniel H. Vining age 20 farm laborer born ME
Henry C. Vining age 14 born ME
George Vining age 12 born ME
Cushman Vining age 8 born ME Jeremiah Vining born 11 Nov 1809 Litchfield, Kennebec, ME died 1890 NV married Susan Neal Buffum
1850 Federal census Palermo, Waldo, ME 6 Sept 1850
Jeremiah Vining age 37 farmer born ME
Susan Vining age 30 born ME
Maria Vining age 13 born ME
Sarah B. Vining age 11 orn ME
Charles A. Vining age 2/12 born ME
1860 Federal census St. Albans, Somerset, ME 11 June 1860
Jeremiah Vining age 50 farmer born ME
Susana N. Vining age 43 born ME
Maria A. Vining age 23 domestic born ME
Sarah E. B. Vining age 18 born ME
Charles A. Vining age 10 born ME
Esther Vining age 72 widow past laborer born ME
1870 Federal census St. Albans, Somerset, ME 9 July 1870
Vining, Jeremiah age 60 farmer born ME
Vining, Susan N. age 53 keeping house born NH
Vining, Maria A. age 35 school teacher born ME
Vining, Sarah C.B. age 29 born ME
Vining, Charles A. age 20 attending school born ME
Children of Jeremiah and Susan LDS records: Maria Augusta Vining born 1837 St. Albans, Somerset, ME Sarah Elizabeth Vining born 1842 St. Albans, Somerset, ME Charles A. Vining born 1843 St. Albans, Somerset, ME died 2 June 1849 Albion E. Vining born may 1848 St. Albans, Somerset, ME died 25 Sept 1848 Chalres A. Vining born 1840 St. Albans, Somerset, ME Sarah Clough Vining born 25 Dec 1811 Durham, ME died 1 June 1889 St. Albans, ME 28 March 1839 as his first wife to Hiram Hawes born 19 May 1817 Albion, ME died 16 Jan 1912 nearly 95 yrs. Hiram married 2nd Nancy Avery
More information on this family from the book
Richard Hawes of Dorchester, MA and some of his descendants 1932 by Frank Mortimer Hawes
there is a new book out
The Richard Hawes Genealogy by Raymond Gordon Hawes 466 pgs
Children of Sarah and Hiram Hawes born in St. Albans, ME. Maria Fowler Hawes born Jan 1840 died 1930 Worcester, Worcester, MA married 26 Sept 1861 by Rev. C. M. Dinsmore (MA VR's 1841-1910) to George A. Wright born July 1839 Palmer, MA died Worcester, Worcester, MA son of George and Hannah Wright
Lucy M. Hawes in 1850 census age 10
Hawes family history shows Maria and George married at Lawrence 26 Sept 1861
1870 Federal census St. Albans, Somerset, ME 23 July
Wright, George A. age 30 farmer born MA
Wright, Maria F. age 30 keeping house born ME
Wright, George H. age 8 at home born MA
Wright, Chanclor age 2 at home born ME
Wright, Hannah A. age 7/12 born ME
1880 Federal census St. Albans, Somerset, ME 5/6 June
Wright, George A. age 40 machinist born MA parents England
Wright, Maria F. age 40 wife keeping house born ME
Wright, George H. age 17 son laborer born MA
Wright, Manter J. age 12 son born ME
Wright, Alberta H. age 10 dau born ME
Wright, Charles W. age 8 son born ME
Wright, Chancy D. D. age 2 son born ME
1900 Federal census Worcester, Worcester, MA 6 June
Wright, Geo. A. head born July 1839 age 60 married 39 yrs born MA repairer of machines
Wright, Maria wife born Jan 1840 age 60 mother of 6 living 4 born ME
Wright, Alberta dau born Sept 1869 age 30 born ME nurse
1910 Federal census 9th ward Worcester, Worcester, MA
Wright, George A. head age 70 m1 married 49 yrs born MA machinist in machine shop
Wright, Maria F. wife age 70 m1 mother of 6 living 4 born ME
Children of Maria and George: George H. Wright J. Manter Wright Josephine Wright died young Alberta H. Wright Charles W. Wright Chauncey Wright Abby Vining Hawes born 3 March 1842 died 28 Oct 1918 St. Albans, ME married 1st George Goodwin who was killed in the Civil War; married 2nd 8 Nov 1864 Charles A. Southard Ellen Louisa Hawes born 6 April 1843 died 15 Oct 1928 married 1st Ruel Farnham died ca 1894; married 2nd Henry Moore Vesta Hawes born 21 Jan 1845 died 26 Aug 1878 Charles Hiram Hawes born 30 Dec 1846 Sarah Frances Hawes born 28 March 1854 died 31 March 1921 married ca 1890 Charles F. Moore Louisa Vining born 13 Nov 1813 died 8 March 1899 Amesbury, MA Jacob Herrick Vining born 20 Nov 1815 West Gardiner, ME died Sept 1893 Richmond, IN married 1st Lucy W. Dillingham; married 2nd Catherine _____ Abigail Vining born 16 July 1817 married John Huntington Esther Vining born 13 Feb 1820 died 1852 Amesbury, MA Josiah Vining Jr. born 22 Sept 1822 died 1842 Amesbury, MA Ruth C. Vining born 12 Dec 1824 married Nov 1849 Ephraim M. Huntington John Warren Vining born 27 May 1827 died 18 July 1838 St. Albans, ME William Francis Vining born 22 Feb 1831 married Rebecca Currier Isaiah Clough born 7 Jan 1789 Durham, ME died 12 Sept 1865 age 76y 8m married Mary Haskell born 19 Sept 1790 Harpswell, ME died 21 Sept 1880 90ys dau of Capt. William Haskel and Sarah Pinkham. Isaiah and Mary are buried in the Clough cemetery in West Gardiner.
Most of this family buried in the Clough cemetery in West Gardiner, Kennebec, ME
for more info see: "Richard Pinkham of Old Dover, NH and his descendants East and West 1908"
1850 Federal Census ME - Litchfield, Kennebec county ME - 10 Sept 1850 - family 379
Isaiah Clough age 61 farmer born ME
Mary Clough age 59 born ME
Cordelia Clough age 34 born ME
Marinda Clough age 25 born ME
Alphuis Clough age 22 born ME
Greenlief H. Clough age 20 born ME
Emma J. Clough age 19 born ME
Sarah M. Clough age 14 born ME
1860 Federal Census West Gardiner, Kennebec, ME - 26 June 1860 - 192
Isaiah Clough age 72 farmer born ME
Mary Clough age 69 born ME
Marinda Clough age 35 born ME seamtress
Sarah M. Clough age 24 born ME seamtress
Artis L. King age 18 farm hand born ME
Childrenof Isaiah and Mary Ira Clough born 28 Aug 1811 died 6 June 1886 married Mary Jane Vining died 19 Sept 1855 age 43yrs both buried in Clough Cemetery in West Gardiner, ME; Ira married 2nd Caroline French Susanna Clough born 22 Aug 1813 died 23 Aug 1821 Cordelia Clough born 4 Feb 1816 died 5 July 1886 age 70ys 5ms buried in Clough cemetery in West Gardiner, ME married Rev. Samuel Hathorne Tobias Clark Clough born 27 June 1818 died 9 Oct 1845 age 27ys 3ms 12ds buried in Clough cemetery in West Gardiner, ME Charles Clough born 16 Oct 1820 died 7 Nov 1908 buried Clough cemetery in West Gardiner, ME married Vesta A. Dyer died 27 March 1867 age 38 yrs 7 mths 3 days buried in Clough Cemetery in West Gardiner, ME
Source: Illustrated History of Kennebec County Maine 1625-1892
section from the chapter Town of West Gardiner
Charles O. Clough, son of Isaiah and Mary (Haskell) Clough, and grandson of Josiah Clough, was born in 1820, and is a carpenter and farmer. He married Vesta A., daughter of David Dyer, of Fall River, Mass. They have four children: Anna, Hartwell, Willis and Lillian. Rufus Clough born 10 Nov 1822 Litchfield, Kennebec, ME died 14 may 1913 Chelsea, ME married Frances B. Blanchard born 1827 died 14 March 1899 Miranda/Marinda/Merinda Clough born 27 May 1825 Litchfield, Kennebec, ME died 12 Sept 1890 Monmouth, ME age 65ys 4ms buried in Clough Cemetery in West Gardiner, ME married 1 Sept 1867 as his 2nd wife to Leander Trask born 1817/8 ME buried in Clough Cemetery in West Gardiner, ME son of Ebenezer Trask. They lived in Belgrade, Kennebec, ME. Leander married first wife 9 July 1847 Nancy D. Saunders who died before 1867. Alpheus Clough born 28 Sept 1827 died 6 Oct 1853 age 26ys 8d buried in Clough cemetery in West Gardiner, ME Greenlief H. Clough born 16 July 1829 died 4 Oct 1850 age 21ys 2ms 18ds buried Clough cemetery in West Gardiner, ME Emma Jane Clough born 23 May 1831 died 17 Jan 1922 age 90ys 7ms 25ds buried Clough Cemetery in West Gardiner, Kennebec, ME married 28 Oct 1855 Benjamin Hopkins born 1 June 1830 Hallowell, ME died 1 Dec 1908 West Gardiner, Kennebec, ME age 78ys 6 ms buried Clough Cemetery in West Gardiner, ME Orrin S. Clough born 19 June 1833 died 11 Nov 1845 12ys 5m 3d buried Clough cemetery in West Gardiner, Kennebec, ME Sarah Matilda Clough born 25 June 1835 Litchfield, Kennebec, ME died 6 Dec 1926 married 22 Feb 1866 Artis L. King died 8 Feb 1891 Elizabeth Clough born 7 Aug 1791 died 2 April 1865 Bowdoin, ME married 11 Jan 1811 at Brunswick, ME to Benjamin Leavitt Vining born 10 Dec 1786 Pownalborough, Lincoln, ME died 20 Dec 1814 Winthrop, ME son of Jonah and Olive (Leavitt) Vining Jeremiah Clough born 22 Nov 1793 Durham, Androscoggin, ME
Clough book
Jeremiah was a resident of Freeport in 1810; he was taxed for one Poll and a dwelling and "outhouse." Topsham, ME History shows a picture of his house on Elm Street. Jeremiah was disowned on 22 Aug 1817 (Leeds, ME Records for 1813-1872) May have been from a Quaker custom as several other members of the family were also disowned. Josiah Clough born 29 Nov 1794 Durham, Androscoggin, ME died 11 Feb 1849 Topsham, ME married 1st on 30 June 1820 Eunice Haskell born 14 March 1800 died 18 April 1844; Josiah married 2nd Mrs. Elizabeth (McManus) Quimby widow of Rev. M. Quimby
Children of Josiah and Eunice: Elizabeth Jane Clough born 29 Oct 1820 married Joseph R. Coombs Henry Augustus Clough born 9 Sept 1822 died 23 Nov 1833 James Franklin Clough born 17 Oct 1824 Frances Ann Clough born 21 Aug 1826 died 22 Sept 1842 Elvira Amanda Clough born 27 Dec 1828 Charles Alonzo Clough born 27 march 1831
Children of Josiah and Elizabeth: George Haskell Clough born 5 April 1833 went to sea and California Ellen Augusta Clough born 16 May 1838 married John Alexander Sidney Alfonzo Clough born 24 Feb 1840 died 3 Sept 1885 never married Eunice Clough born 3 July 1845 Mary Clough born 1 May 1796 Isaac Clough (Samuel5, John4, John3, John2, John1) born 1 Feb 1774 Durham, Androscoggin, ME died 22 Oct 1859 Durham, Androscoggin, ME age 85 married Mary Crossman born 1 May 1777 Pownalboro, York, ME died 24 Oct 1857 age 80 yrs dau of David Crossman and Sarah Bounds.

John Clough of Salisbury, MA vol I
Tradition says that David Crossman and his brother Solomon came from Nova Scotia to Maine before 1780. Sarah Bounds was from an aristocratic and well-to-do family in Maryland. It is related that soon after her marriage she put on silk gloves and went into the woods to help her husband roll logs. From her father's estate she received three slaves to whom she gave their freedom after bringing them to Maine.
Isaac Clough was a farmer and resided in Durham and Brunswick, ME three and a half miles north of Brunswick on the river road. He gave land to five of his children who settled around him. Franklin and Isaac Jr. received money for their portion of his estate. His youngest child, Maria W. Clough Jacobs inherited his farm. Children of Isaac and Mary all born in Brunswick, Crumberland, ME. This family were Quakers.
1850 Federal Census Brunswick, Cumberland, ME 23 Sept
Isaac Clough age 75 farmer born ME
Mary Clough age 73 born ME
Sophia Clough age 46 born ME
Luncinda Clough age 42 born ME
Children of Isaac and Mary: Josiah R. Clough born 8 Oct 1797 Brunswick, ME died 11 Nov 1868 Lynn, Essex, MA 71 yrs 1 mth 4 das (MA VR shows Josiah E. Clough while the death record shows Josiah R. Clough) married at Lynn, Essex, MA on 17 Oct 1830 to Phebe Ann Newhall born 16 Jan 1805 Lynn, Essex, MA died after 1880 dau of Israel and Phebe (Hart) Newhall
(ICH: Clough book shows different set of childen then the census below, except for J. Everett and Elizabeth A. which are the same)
1850 Federal Census Lynn, Essex, MA 21 Aug
Josiah R. Clough age 52 cordwainer born ME
Phebe A. Clough age 44 born MA
J. Everett Clough age 19 cordwainer born MA (MA VR shows him as a son)
Joseph H. Clough age 16 cordwainer born MA
Mary Clough age 14 born MA
Francis R. Clough age 11 male born MA ( MA VR shows him as a son)
Elizabeth A. Clough age 8 born MA (MA VR shows her as a dau)
Samuel B. Clough age 5 born MA (MA VR shows him as a son)
1860 Federal Census 6-wd Lynn, Essex, MA 13 Aug
Josiah R. Clough age 62 cordwainer born Maine
Phebe A. Clough age 55 born MA
Joseph H. Clough age 26 expressman born MA
Elizabeth A. Clough age 17 born MA
Samual B. Clough age 14 born MA
1870 Federal Census 6-wd Lynn, Essex, MA 28 July
Clough, Phoebe A. age 65 keeping house born MA
Clark, James M. age 30 clerk in store born MA
Clark, Lizzie A. age 28 house keeper born MA
1880 Phoebe with son Josiah Everett Clough
Children of Josiah and Phebe all born at Lynn, Essex, MA: Josiah Everett Clough born 20 Sept 1831 died 6 Oct 1908 Lynn, Essex, MA age 78 yrs 16 days buried Pine Grove cemetery, Lynn, MA (MA VR) married 14 Nov 1854 at Lebanon, York, ME to Mary E. Carley born NH
1890 Veterans Schedules
Josiah E. Clough
Lynn, Essex, MA
year enlisted 10 Sept 1862
Year discharged 7 Aug 1863
Rank: Private
CO D, 8th Reg MA Inf.
1860 Federal census Rochester, Strafford, NH P.O. Farmington 25 June
Josiah Clough age 25 shoemaker born MA
Mary E. Clough age 23 born NH
Charles E. Clough age 6 born NH
Mary P. Clough age 4 born NH
Frank Clough age 1 born NH
baby Clough age 1/12 born NH
Sarah Carley age 41 born NH (perhaps Mary's mother)
1870 Federal census ward 6 Lynn, Essex, MA 6 Aug
Clough, Josiah E. age 38 works in shoe factory born MA
Clough, Mary E. age 33 keeping house born NH
Clough, Chars. E. age 15 at school born NH
Clough, Mary P. age 14 at school born NH
Clough, Frank age 12 at school born NH
1880 Federal census Lynn, Essex, MA
J. Everett Clough self age 48 born MA shoe factory
Mary E. Clough wife age 43 born NH house keeping parents VT/NH
Charles E. Clough son age 25 born NH shoe cuttter
Frank D. Clough son age 21 born NH shoe factory
Phoebe Ann Clough mother age 75 born MA parents MA
1900 Federal census Saugus, Essex, MA 19 June
Clough, Josiah E. head born 1831 age 69 married 53 yrs born MA parents ME/MA
Clough, Mary E. wife born 1837 age 63 mother of 4 living 3 born NH parents NH
Clough, Charles son born March 1854 age 46 married 5 yrs born NH cutter shoe factory
Clough, Valeria d in l born 1874 age 26 born NY parents NY
Children of Josiah and Mary all born in New Hampshire: Charles E. Clough born March 1854 NH Mary P. Clough born ca 1856 Milton, NH married 12 July 1876 Henry F. Norwood son of Henry and Eliza M. Norwood Frank D. Clough born ca 1858 Rochester, Strafford, NH married 24 Dec 1881 Lynn, Essex, MA Herritta Seldon born ca 1857 Nova Scotia dau of Henry and Hannah Seldon baby Clough born ca 1860 Joseph H. Clough born ca 1834 Samuel B. Clough born ca June 1836 died 19 Dec 1839 age 3 1/2 yrs Lynn, Essex, MA (MA VR) Francis R. Clough born ca Nov 1839 died 7 April 1859 19 yrs 6 mths Lynn, Essex, MA (MA VR show him as son of Josiah and Phebe) Elizabeth Ann Clough born 15 Jan 1843 married 4 Oct 1866 Lynn, Essex, MA (MA VR) to James M. Clark born ca 1840 MA son of James and Mary Ann Clark Esther Clough born 4 Nov 1798 died 6 Feb 1876 age 76 yrs 3 mths buried 9th Feb 1876 (Friends' Records of Unity, ME) marriage int 26 April 1826 married certified 16 May 1826 Brunswick, Cumberland, ME (as shown in Brunswick Vital Records 1740-1860) to Andrew Gray born fall of 1801 of Topsham, Sagadahoc, ME died 25 May 1869 age 67 yrs 7 ms 2 ds buried Ridge Cemetery, Monmouth, Kennebec, ME
Monmouth Vital Records vol 2 - 1780-1891 children of Andrew and Esther C. Gray
Rebecca Gray born 10 Jan 1829
Franklin E. Gray born 8 Nov 1830
George W. Gray born 23 Jan 1833
Joseph L. Gray born 10 Dec 1834
Mary E. Gray born 20 March 1837
Daniel O. Gray born 29 Feb 1840
1850 Federal census Monmouth, Kennebec, ME 22 July
Andrew Gray age 49 farmer born ME
Esther Gray age 51 born ME
Franklin Gray age 19 farmer born ME
George Gray age 17 farmer born ME
Mary E. Gray age 13 born ME
Joseph Gray age 15 born ME
David Gray age 10 born ME
John Jones age 27 farmer born ME Rebecca's husband
Rebecca Jones age 21 born ME Andrews dau Rebecca
George A. Jones age 1 born ME Rebecca's son
David Jewett age 40 born ME
Charles W. Coburn age 1 born ME
1860 Federal Census Plymouth, Penobscot, ME - 15 June
Andrew Gray age 59 farmer born ME
Sophia Gray age 58 born ME
Joseph Gray age 24 joiner born ME
Mary Gray age 22 born ME
David Gray age 20 born ME
1870 Federal census Plymouth, Penobscot, ME P.O. Newport
Gray, David C. age 30 farmer born ME
Gray, Esther age 70 keeping house born ME
Downs, Fred age 10 born ME
Monmouth-Ridge cemetery, Kennebec county cemetery records
Gray, Sophia dau of Andrew and Esther died Sep 3, 1848 21 yrs
Children of Esther and Andrew: Rebecca Jane Gray born 10 Jan 1829 Monmouth, Kennebec, ME died 25 Sept 1885 buried 29 Sept 1885 Friends' Cemetery at Brooks, Waldo, ME (Friends Records at Unity ME) married 14 Nov 1847 at Monmouth, Kennebec, ME to John Dow Jones born 10 mo. 23, 1822 Palermo, Waldo, ME died 28 Dec 1891 buried Friends' Cemetery at Brooks, Waldo, ME son of Tobias and Hannah (Dow) Jones
see John Dow Jones in Issac Jones line
1850 living with Rebecca's parents in Monmouth, ME
1860 Federal census P.O. Monroe Centre, Brooks, Waldo, ME 17 July
John D. Jones age 38 farmer born ME
Rebecca J. Jones age 31 born ME
George A. Jones age 11 born ME
Alvah F. Jones age 3 born ME
Ever S. Jones age 1 born ME
1870 Federal census Brooks, Waldo, ME 17 June
Jones, D. John age 47 farmer born ME
Jones, Rebecca age 40 keeping house born ME
Jones, Alvah age 18 at home born ME
Jones, Lucy E. age 11 at home born ME
Jones, Mary E. age 9 at home born ME
Jones, John L. age 5 at home born ME
1880 Federal census Brooks, Waldo, ME 7 June
Jones, John D. age 57 farmer born ME
Jones, Rebecca age 51 wife keeping house born ME
Jones, Mary E. age 19 dau at home born ME
Jones, John L. ae 15 son works on farm born ME
Jones, Albert M. age 8 son born ME
Lang, ----- female age 35 pauper born ME
Children of Rebecca and John: George Andrew Jones born 10 Sept 1848 died 13 May 1927 Alvah F. Jones born ca 1857 ME married 1st on 7 July 1879 Lowell, MA to Mattie S. Ball born 1861 Canada died 29 Dec 1897 Chelmsford, MA dau of Wright and Persis Ball; married 2nd on 11 Oct 1898 at Lowell, MA to Mary Farrell born ca 1877 Ireland dau of John and Bridget (Gallagher) Farrell
1910 Federal census Lowell, Middlesex, MA 3 April
Jones, Alvah F. head age 53 m2 born ME boarding house
Jones, Rebecca M. dau age 25 born MA
Jones, Esther dau age 15 born MA
Jones, Albie M. dau age 13 born MA Ever S. Jones Lucy E. Jones Mary E. Jones John L. Jones Albert Mark Jones born 5 Jan 1872 died 2 March 1911 Franklin E. Gray born 18 Nov 1830 Monmouth, Kennebec, ME George W. Gray born 23 Jan 1833 Monmouth, Kennebec, ME Joseph L. Gray born 10 Dec 1834 Monmouth, Kennebec, ME Mary E. Gary born 20 March 1837 Monmouth, Kennebec, ME Daniel O. Gary born 29 Feb 1840 Monmouth, Kennebec, ME Sophia C. Gary died 3 Sept 1848 21 yrs buried Ridge cemetery, Monmouth, Kennebec, ME Sophia Clough born 8 July 1802 (ICH: I don't think she ever married)
1850 Federal Census Brunswick, Cumberland, ME 23 Sept
Isaac Clough age 75 farmer born ME
Mary Clough age 73 born ME
Sophia Clough age 46 born ME
Luncinda Clough age 42 born ME
1860 Federak Census ME - Brunswick, Cumberland, ME 25 July
Lucy Clough age 56 born ME
Sophia Clough age 60 born ME
Abigail Crossman age 75 born ME
1870 Federal census Brunswick, Cumberland, ME 7 July
Clough, Sophia age 66 keeping house born ME
Clough, Lucinda age 64 keeping house born ME1848 Fanny Clough born 9 Nov 1804 Lucinda Clough born 1 May 1806 died 4 May 1880 age 74 ( ICH: I don't think she ever married since the three sisters listed in the 1860 census below lived together off and on)
1850 Federal Census Brunswick, Cumberland, ME 23 Sept
Isaac Clough age 75 farmer born ME
Mary Clough age 73 born ME
Sophia Clough age 46 born ME
Luncinda Clough age 42 born ME
1860 Federak Census ME - Brunswick, Cumberland, ME 25 July
Lucy Clough age 56 born ME
Sophia Clough age 60 born ME
Abigail Crossman age 75 born ME
1870 Federal census Brunswick, Cumberland, ME 7 July
Clough, Sophia age 66 keeping house born ME
Clough, Lucinda age 64 keeping house born ME Mariam Clough born 23 Aug 1807 died 24 May 1808 David Crossman Clough my line Franklin Clough born 29 Nov 1810 Durham, Androscoggin, ME (born Lynn according to Lynn VR) died 27 Nov 1885 Lynn, Essex, MA married 11 Aug 1833 Lynn, Essex, MA to Orpha Haskins Breed born 26 May 1807 Francestown, Hillsborough, NH died 6 June 1876 Lynn, Essex, MA.
Children after the cenusu:
1850 Federal Census Brunswick, Cumberland, ME 23 Sept
Franklin Clough age 40 shoemaker born ME
Orpha Clough age 43 born ME
Orpha C. Clough age 13 born ME
Erepina C. Clough age 11 born ME
Melvin F. Clough age 9 born ME
Mary C. Clough age 8 born ME
Esther Clough age 6 born ME
Celinda Clough age 4 born ME
George B. Clough age 2 born ME
Lincoln Clough age 1/12 born ME
1870 Federal Census 3-wd Lynn, Essex, MA - 1 July
Clough, Franklin age 59 pedler born ME
Clough, Orpah H. age 63 keeping house born NH
Clough, Orville A. age 17 works in shoe fact. born ME
Clough, Orpah age 32 keeping house born MA
1880 Federal census Lynn, Essex, MA
George B. Clough self age 32 born ME shoemaker parents born ME
Julia A. Clough age 40 born MA keeps house parents ME/MA
Estella C. Clough dau law age 21 born MA milliner parents MA/MA
Franklin Clough father age 69 born ME parents ME
Children of Franklin and Orpha: Info on this family from line of cousin Bonnie Kehoe-Gove
which includes vital records from Lynn and Swampscott, MA; ICH: also MA Vital Records to 1850 Melvin Franklin Clough born July 1835 died 29 July 1835 age 7 mths Lynn, Essex, MA Orpha Casendana Clough born Aug 1836 Lynn, Essex, MA died 28 Sept 1836 age 5 wks Lynn, Essex, MA Orpha H. Clough born bet 1833-1836 Lynn, Essex, MA married at Lynn as his 2nd wife on 22 Oct 1871 to Henry M. Goddard son of Amos and Abigail Goddard Everline Theresa Clough born 26 May 1839 Lynn, Essex, MA Melvin Franklin Clough born 30 Aug 1840 Lynn, Essex, MA died 5 June 1894 married 28 July 1864 Lynn, Essex, MA Keziah C. Davis born 15 Jan 1845 of Brunswick, Cumberland, ME dau of Chas. B. and Elizabeth "Betsey" C. (Pillsbury) Davis
ICH: Lynn, Essex, MA Vital records shows Melvin was a cornwiner
age 24 and Keziah age 19 when married
1880 Federal census Lynn, Essex, MA 18 June 1880
Clough, Melvin F. age 40 works in shoe factory born MA parents MA
Clough, Kesiah C. age 34 wife house keeping born ME parents ME Mary Crossman Clough born 6 Dec 1843 Lynn, Essex, MA died 23 July 1898 married 1st 30 Oct 1858 at Lynn, Essex, MA to Orin Chamberlain born 4 March 1841 Danvers, Essex, MA died 23 March 1861 Lynn, Essex, MA son of John and Mary Chamberline. Mary married 2nd 20 Sept 1865 at Lynn to Charles Henry Smith born 7 May 1842 Lynn, Essex, MA died 15 Jan 1904 buried in the Civil War Soldier's Lot, Row 6, South Section, Pine Grove Cemetery at Lynn, Essex, MA son of John H. and Lydia Ann (Beers) Smith
Records found under different spellings:
ICH: - Mary was 16 when she married Orin who was 21. They were married by H. E. Hempstead clergyman
ICH: - I found the following death record in MA VR 1841-1910 vol 147 page 228 under town of Lynn
Oren Chamberlain age 20 died at Lynn 23 March 1861 of Cancer, married, cordwiner born in Danves, lived on Turnpike St., Lynn, MA son of John and Mary Chamberlain
1860 Federal census 2nd ward Lynn, Essex, MA 16 June 1860
Orrin Chamberlain age 19 laborer born MA
Mary C. Chamberlain age 17 born MA
Mary E. Chamberlain 6/12 born MA
1870 Federal census 5th ward Lynn, Essex, MA 1 July 1870
Smith, Charles H. age 28 house carpenter born MA
Smith, Mary C. age 27 keeping house born MA
Smith, Flora M. age 4 at home born MA
Smith, Joseph age 2 at home born MA
Chamberlain, Eveline age 10 at school born MA
1880 Federal census Lynn, Essex, MA
Charles H. Smith self age 38 born ME carpenter parents ME/MA
Mary C. Smith wife age 37 born MA keeping house parents ME/.MA
Mary F. Smith dau age 14 at school born MA (same person as Flora)
Joseph Smith son age 12 at school born MA
Children of Mary and Orin: Mary Evelyn Chamberlain born 27 Dec 1859 Lynn, Essex, MA (MA VR)
Children of Mary and Charles: Florence Meader Smith born 15 Dec 1865 Lynn, Essex, MA died 2 June 1930 Danvers, Essex, MA buried Swampscott Cemetery, Swampscott, MA married 2 June 1883 at the First Baptist Church, Lynn, Essex, MA to James Wallace Kehoe twin to Hattie both born 20 Oct 1859 Swampscott, Essex, MA died 17 March 1938 son of James Kehoe and Catherine Campbell Marshall of Yarmouth county, Nova Scotia and later Swampscott, MA. Florence and James had five children; Florence married 2nd Harry Metcalf
1910 Federal census 4th ward Lynn, Essex, MA 16 April 1910
19 High Street
Kehoe, Florence M. head age 42 m1 married 25 yrs mother of 5 living 5 born MA keeper lodging house
Scanborough, Albert G. lodger age 42 m1 married 14 yrs born MA
------, Adam R. lodger age 69 wd born ME
Kennedy, Lucy R. lodger age 26 single born ENG to USA 1895
Blackman, John lodger age 21 s born ENG to USA 1909
Blackman, Robert lodger age 23 s born ENG to USA 1909
Faulking, Blanche A. lodger age 30 s born Can-Eng
Forkea, Viola F. lodger age 31 m1 married 5 yrs 0 children born MA
Ferry, George S. lodger age 77 m1 married 24 yrs born NY
Pelas, Maurice C. lodger age 32 m1 married 6 yrs born Can-Eng to USA 1894
Heunter, Edward J. lodger age 31 div born MA
1920 Federal census 5th ward Lynn, Essex, MA no date
Kehoe, Florence M. head age 53 divorced born MA chambermaid lodging house
Kehoe, Walter L. son age 26 born MA stamping shoe shop
Children of Florence and James all born in Swampscott: Hattie Marion Kehoe born 15 Feb 1885 Swampscott, Essex, MA died 1 June 1923 Monson, Hampden, MA from epilepsy buried Swampscott cemetery
1920 Federal census Monson, Hampden, MA 3 Jan 1920
Manson State Hospital Epilepsy unit
Hattie M. Kehoe age 34 born MA Mabel Evelyn "Eva" Kehoe born 19 Nov 1887 Swampscott, Essex, MA died 5 June 1965 MA buried Peabody, Essex, MA married 1st Frederick Edward Atkins born 18 Dec 1887 Lynn, Essex, MA died June 1976 Swampscott, Essex, MA; had seven children. Mabel married 2nd William Eaton; married 3rd Frank E. Chaffin
1900 Federal census Peabody, Essex, MA 15 June 1900
Upton, Howard E. heaad born Aug 1869 age 30 born MA parents MA
Upton, Emma wife born Jan 1869 age 31 born MA parents MA
Atkins, Fred A. adopted son born Dec 1887 age 12 born MA parents MA
Atkins, Walter F. adopted son born Feb 1889 age 10 born MA parents MA
Upton, Mabel E. adopted girl born April 1900 2/12 born MA parens Nova Scotia
1910 family listed with Mabels' sister Minerva
1920 Federal census Lynn, Essex, MA 16 Jan 1920 65 Highland Ave
Atkins, Frederick A. head age 32 born MA parents MA cutter factory
Atkins, Mabel E. wife age 32 born MA parents MA
Atkins, Walter E. son age 12 born MA
Atkins, Blaine S. son age 7 born MA
Atkins, Florence E. dau age 3 9/12 born MA
Atkins, Mabel E. dau age 2 5/12 born MA
Atkins, Harold F. son age 8/12 born MA
1930 Federal census 2nd ward Salem, Essex, MA
Atkins, Fred A. age 42 leather worker in leather shop
1930 Federal census 5th ward Lynn, Essex, MA 9 April 1930
Eaton, William H. head age 43 born ME parents ME
Eaton, Mabel E. wife age 42 born MA
Atkins, Florence E. step dau age 14 born MA
Atkins, Mabel E. step dau age 12 born MA Minerva "Minnie" Gertrude Kehoe born 2 March 1889 Swampscott, Essex, MA died Oct 1974 buried Pine Grove cemetery at Lynn, Essex, MA married 1905 Thomas E. Anderson born ca 1885 Salem, Essex, MA died bef 23 May 1941. They had three daughters.
1910 Federal census 4th ward Lynn, Essex, MA no date
Anderson, Thomas A. head aage 23 m1 married 5 yrs born MA parents ME -------- fireman in shoe factory
Anderson, Minnie B. wife age 21 mother 2 living 1 born MA tab fixens shoe factory
Anderson, Evelyn M. dau age 3 born MA
Atkins, Walter E. lodger age 22 m1 married 3 yrs born MA no job
Atkins, Mabel E. lodger wife ae 23 mother 1 living 1 born MA no job
Atkins, Fred A. lodger age 2 born MA
1920 Federal census Lynn, Essex, MA 2 Jan 1920
Anderson, Thomas E. head age 34 born MA actor traveling?
Anderson, Minnie G. wife age 30 born MA -- repairer shoe factory
Anderson, Irene dau age 9 born MA
Anderson, Helen dau age 7 born MA
Anderson, Evelyn dau age 13 born MA
1930 Federal census Lynn, Essex, MA 5 April 1930
Anderson, Minnie G. head age 40 divorced born MA repairer shoe factory
Anderson, Irene G. dau age 19 born MA presser shoe factory
Anderson, Helen E. dau age 17 born MA Walter Laurence Kehoe born 9 June 1893 Swampscott, Essex, MA died 21 Nov 1972 Stoneham, Middlesex, MA buried Swampscott cemetery married 17 Oct 1921 at Woburn, Middlesex, MA to Edna Belle (Hale) Snow Chase. Had a dau and son. Harold LeBurton Kehoe born 1 May 1898 born Swampscott, Essex, MA died 15 Aug 1973 Lynn, Essex, MA buried Swampscott cemetery, married Elizabeth Esther Deehy born 19 April 1897 Carrick-on Suir, co Tipperary, IRE died 13 Nov 1957 Salem, Essex, MA buried Swampscott cemetery. They had two sons and daughter.
Children of Harold and Elizabeth: James Wallace Kehoe Viola Kehoe Bonnie Kehoe Joseph Smith born ca 1868 MA married Mary K. Fisher born 1863 Canada
1930 Federal census Lynn, Essex, MA 2 April 1930
Smith, Arthur W. head age 35 married age 31 born MA MA/Canada electrical contractor
Smith, Louise wife age 29 married age 25 born MA parents MA
Smith, Mary dau age 2 6/12 born MA
Smith, M--- son age 7/12 born MA
right below same page Authur's parents
Smith, Joseph head age 62 born MA parents MA box maker in box factory
Smith, Mary wife age 67 born Canada parents Canada Esther Clough born ca 1844 ME Celinda Clough born 1846 ME George B. Clough born 1848 ME Brunswick, Clumberland, ME married 6 Jan 1870 Lynn, Essex, MA to Julia A. Dupar born ca 1842 Lynn, Essex, MA dau of William and Elisa A. Dupar
1860 Federal census Plymouth, Plymouth, MA 15 June
Elisa Dupar age 55 washwoman born ME
William P. Dupar age 22 mariner born ME
Julia A. Dupar age 20 born ME
Andrew Dupar age 13 born MA (6 Oct 1845 Salem, MA died 1897 Lynn, MA)
Elisa A. Dupar age 12 born MA
Estella C. Dupar age 8/12 born MA
1870 Federal census Lynn ward 4, Essex, MA 10 Aug
Clough, George B. age 22 shoe maker born ME
Clough, Julia A.D. age 28 keeping house born ME
Clough, Estella age 10 at school born MA
Pease, George age 34 shoe maker born MA
Pease, Addaide age 30 shoe stitcher born ME
1880 Federal census Lynn dist 207, Essex, MA 1 June
Clough, George B. age 32 Channeller on shoes born ME
Clough, Julia A. age 40 keeping house born MA parents ME
Clough, Estella C. age 21 dau in law (step dau) Milliner born MA
Clough, Franklin age 69 father born ME Lincoln Clough born ca Aug 1850 ME Orville Alverton Clough born 23 Feb 1853 Brunswick, Clumberland, ME died 9 May 1930 married 1st 30 Sept 1880 Lynn, Essex, MA M. Lizzie Parrott born Lynn, Essex, MA dau of Marshall and Nancy Parrott; maried 2nd to Luella A. Penley
1920 Federal census 3rd ward Lynn, Essex, MA 5 Jan 1920
Clough, Orville A. head age 66 born ME parents born ME/NH embalmer undertaker
Clough, Lualla A. wife age 56 born ME parents born ME
Pecker, Mary B. lodger age 61 born MA parents born MA nurse private family
Gove, Jannie S. lodger age 47 wd born MA parents born NH/MA table work shoe factory Joshua Clough born 24 Nov 1812 Brunswick, Cumberland, ME died 15 Dec 1891 married 13 Aug 1843 at Friends' Meeting House (MA vr's) at Bolton, Worchester, MA to Hannah Maria Wheeler born 3 April 1823 Berlin, MA died 27 May 1888 in ME dau of Abel and Nancy (Jones) Wheeler (MA vr's)
1850 Federal census Durham, Cumberland, ME 30 July
Joshua Clough age 37 farmer born ME
Orilla Clough age 25 born MA
Orren Clough age 4 born MA
Ada I. Clough age 2 born MA
Maria Clough age 1 born ME
1860 Federal census Berlin, Worcester, MA 6 July 1860
Peregrine Wheeler age 64 farmer born MA
Rhoda R. Wheeler age 61 born MA
Joshua Clough age 47 farmer born ME
Hannah M. Clough age 37 born MA
Orrilla H. Clough age 15 f domestic born MA
Orin Clough age 13 born MA
Adiner Clough age 11 f born ME
Willard Clough age 9 born ME
Ella M. Clough age 1 born ME
1870 Federal Census Durham, Androscoggin, ME - 3/4 June
Clough, Joshua age 57 farmer born ME
Clough Hannah M. age 47 keeping house born MA
Clough Orilla age 25 dress maker born MA
Clough, Ada I. age 21 works in cotton mill born ME
Clough, Ella M. age 11 born ME
Clough, Lincoln A. age 5 born ME
Clough, Emma E. age 3 born ME
Children of Joshua and Hannah: Orella/Aurilla Clough born 7 Nov 1844 Berlin, Worecester, MA (MA vr's) Orrin Clough born 29 Oct 1846 Bolton, Worecester, MA Ada Inez Clough born 9 Jan 1849 Bolton, Worecester, MA Willard Clough born 30 Aug 1850 Bolton, Worcester, MA Irwin Clough born 14 June 1852 died 1857 Bolton, Worcester, MA Ella Maria Clough born 28 June 1858 Elwood Clough born 30 Nov 1861 died 1867 Isaac Clough born 9 May 1814 Brunswick, Cumberland, ME died 5 Nov 1905 age 91 most likely China, Kennebec, ME buried Branch Mills cemetery, China, Kennebec, ME married Catherine Cunningham born 1 Jan 1832 Scotland died 5 June 1905 age 73 yrs buried Branch Mills cemetery, China, Kennebec, ME.
1850 Federal census China, Kennebec, ME - 4 Sept
Isaac Clough age 35 farmer born ME
Catharine Clough age 18 born ME
Alley A.N. Clough age 6/12 born ME
1860 Federal Census China, Kennebec, ME - 18 June
Isaac Clough age 46 farmer born ME
Catherine Clough age 30 born Scotland
Annella Clough age 10 born ME
Morris Clough age 8 born ME
Josephine Clough age 7 born ME
Winfield Clough age 5 born ME
Charles G. Clough age 4 born ME
Ethan E. Clough age 2 born ME
1870 Federal census China, Kennebec, ME - 21 June
Clough, Isaac age 55 farmer born ME
Clough, Catherine age 38 keeping house born Scotland
Clough, Morris age 18 farm laborer born ME
Clough, Nellie C. age 20 house keeping born ME
Clough, Josephine age 17 house keeping born ME
Clough, George W. age 15 farm laborer born ME
Clough, C. Gunner age 14 farm laborer born ME
Clough, Sybel W. age 7 attending school born ME
Clough, Ethen E. age 5 attending school born ME
Clough, Everett age 2 born ME
1880 Federal census China, Kennebec, ME 21 June
Clough, Isaac age 67 farmer born ME
Clough, Catherine age 48 wife keeping house born Scotland
Clough, George W, age 25 son born ME works on farm
Clough, Sybel W. age 17 dau at home born ME
Clough, Ethan E. age 14 son works on farm born ME
Clough, Everett A. age 13 son at school born ME
1900 Federal census China, Kennebec, ME - 14 June
Clough, Isaac head born Aug 1814 age 86 married 50 yrs born ME
Clough, Catherine wife born Jan 1833 age 67 mother of 11 living 8 born Scotland parents Scotland
Clough, Everett son born Jan 1870 age 30 born ME farmer
Children of Isaac and Catherine: Annella "Nellie" Catherine Clough born 11 Feb 1850 China, Kennebec, ME died 24 Nov 1932 Natick, Middlesex, MA buried 27 Nov 1932 Rural cemetery, Southboro, Worcester, MA married 1873 at Waltham, MA (MA VR's) to Samuel Goodhue Jones born 1 Nov 1852 Dennysville, Washington, ME died 2 July 1922 Boston, Suffolk, MA buried 6 July 1922 Mt. Feake cemetery, Waltham, Middlesex, MA son of Samuel Lewis Jones and 2nd wife Mary Sherman ( had some info)
1880 Federal census Framingham, Middlesex, MA 5 June
Samuel G.. Jones self age 28 born ME works in straw shap
Nellie C. Jones wife age 28 born ME keeping house
Nellie M. Jones dau age 4 MA
ICH: the father of Samuel G. Jones, Samuel Lewis Jones first married 6 March 1839 Mary Greenleaf Goodhue died Feb 1844 age 25 Dennysville, ME
History and genealogy of the Goodhue family in England and America to the year 1890 by Jonathan E. Goodhue 1891
person #863 page 118
Mary Greenleaf Goodhue born 1819 married Sanmuel Jones of Dennysville, ME where she died Feb 1844 age 25. Mary and Samuel had: Eliza Rogers Jones, Martha Galvin Jones and Charles Henry Jones
census for Samuel Goodhue Jones parents
1850 Federal census Dennysbille, Washington, ME 26 Sept
Samuel L. Jones age 35 survery of land born ME (born 14 Nov 1814 Edmunds, ME)
Mary Jones age 30 born ME
Eliza Rogers Jones age 9 born ME
Martha Galvin Jones age 7 born ME
Mary Jones age 4 born ME
Almira Jones age 2 born ME
Edith Jones 6/12 born ME
1860 Federal census Dennysville, Washington, ME 11 June
Samuel L. Jones age 45 wheelwright born ME
Mary S. Jones age 42 born ME
Eliza R. Jones age 18 school teacher born ME
Matha A. Jones age 16 born ME
Mary E. Jones age 14 born ME
Elmira C. Jones age 12 born ME
Edith L. Jones age 10 born ME
Samuel G. Jones age 8 born ME
Alice P. Jones age 6 born ME
Hannah S. Jones age 4 born ME
Daniel S. Jones age 1 born ME
1870 Federal census Dennysville, Washington, ME 1 June
Jones, Saml. L. age 55 carpenter born ME
Jones, Mary S. age 52 keeping house born ME
Jones, Myra C. age 22 teaching school born ME
Jones, Edith L. age 20 born ME
Jones, Hannah age 14 born ME
Jones, Benj. age 8 born ME
1880 Federal census Dennysville, Washington, ME
Jones, Samuel L. age 65 wheelwright born ME parents MA
Jones, Mary S. age 51 wife keeping house born New Brunswick parents ME/NB
Child of Samuel and Annella: Nellie May Jones born 6 April 1876 Ashland, Middlesx, MA died 23 May 1924 Southborough, Worcester, MA buried Rural cemetery in Southboro, Worcester, MA married 8 Oct 1895 at Natick, Middlesex, MA to John Albro Woodward born 18 March 1871 Concord, Merrimack, NH died 2 July 1945 Newton, Middlesex, MA buried Rural cemetery in Southboro, Worcester, MA son of David Rufus and harriet E. (LeBosquet) Woodward. Nellie and John divorced and John married 2nd Grace Warren Goodnow
1900 Federal census Framingham, Middlesex, MA
Woodward, John head born Mar 1871 age 29 m4 yrs born NH gardener
Woodward, Nellie M. wife born April 1876 age 24 mother of 2 living 2 born MA
Woodward, Evan A. son born Nov 1896 age 3 born MA
Woodward, Harriett M. dau born April 1900 age 2/12 born MA
Hancock, Marie J. boarder born Jan 1880 age 20 born MA
see the following for more info on John Albro Woodward
Children of Nellie and John: Evan Albro Woodward born 30 Nov 1896 Natick, Middlesex, MA Harriet May Woodward born 4 Aopril 1900 Framingham, Middlesex, MA Franklin Goodhue "Woodie" Woodward born 27 Nov 1901 Marlboro, Middlesex, MA Morris Clough born July 1851 China, Kennebec, ME
1880 Federal census Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Clough, Morris age 28 keeps farm born ME parents ME
Clough, Nellie age 28 keeps house born IL parens NY
1900 Federal census Fort Benton twp, Chouteau, MT 4 June
Clough Mo. boarder born July 1851 age 48 born ME parents ME rail road bridge foreman
1910 Federal census Moran, Spokane, WA 12 May
Morris Clough boarder age 58 born ME farm laborer
1920 Federal census Modesto, Stanislaus, CA 17/18 Jan
Clough, Morris roomer age 68 born ME parents ME/Scot house carpenter Josephine Mira Clough born 8 March 1853 China, Kennebec, ME died 1 March 1909 same place buried Branch Mills cemetery at China, Kennebec, ME married 1 Sept 1875 China, Kennebec, ME to Wilbur A. Grant born 21 July 1850 Palermo, Waldo, ME died 1927 buried Branch Mills Cemetery at China, Kennebec, ME son Alden Grant and Susan Mersvey.
1880 Federal census Palermo, Waldo, ME
Wilbur A. Grant self age 29 born ME farmer parents ME
Josephin M. Grant wife age 27 born ME keeping house parents ME
Bion W. Grant son age 1 born ME
1900 Federal census Palermo, Waldo, ME
Grant, Willie A. head born July 1850 age 49 married 25 yrs born ME parents ME farmer
Grant, Josephine M. wife born March 1853 age 47 mother of 2 living 2 born ME parents ME/NY
Grant, Bion W. son born Sept 1878 age 21 born ME attending insane asylum
Grant, Bertie F. son orn Dec 1882 age 17 born ME in school
1910 Federal census Palermo, Waldo, ME 28 April 1900
Grant, Wilbur A. head age 59 wd born ME parents ME farmer general farm
Grant, Bert F. son age 27 single born ME sawyer in saw mill
Grant, Bion W. son age 30 m1 m 8 yrs born ME no work
Grant, Nellie dau in law age 26 mother of 3 living 3 born MA
Grant, Eugene W. gs age 6 born ME
Grant, Laurice gs age 5 born ME
Grant, James gs age 3 born ME
Children of Josephine and Wilbur: Bion Wilbur Grant born 18 Sept 1878 Palermo, Waldo, ME married 1st Nellie ___; married 2nd 7 April 1926 Edith E. Littlefield
WWI Draft Registration 1917-1918
Bion Wilbur Grant
born 13 Sept 1878
1910 Federal census Palermo, Waldo, ME 28 April 1900
Grant, Wilbur A. head age 59 wd born ME parents ME farmer general farm
Grant, Bert F. son age 27 single born ME sawyer in saw mill
Grant, Bion W. son age 30 m1 m 8 yrs born ME no work
Grant, Nellie dau in law age 26 mother of 3 living 3 born MA
Grant, Eugene W. gs age 6 born ME
Grant, Laurice gs age 5 born ME
Grant, James gs age 3 born ME
1930 Federal census Monmouth, Kennebec, ME 5 April
Grant, Bion W. head age 51 married at 47 born ME Foreman woolen mill
Grant, Edith L. wife age 22 marrie at 17 born ME
Grant, Elizabeth L. dau age 3 4/12 born ME
Grant, Lorenzo B. son age 2 11/12 born ME
Grant, Margaret M. dau age 1 1/12 born ME Bert F. Grant born Dec 1882 Palermo, Waldo, M Edied 1963 buried Branch Mills cemetery at China, Kennebec, ME married 26 Nov 1911 to Geneva M. Boynton of Liberty, ME
1920 Federal census Palermo, Waldo, ME 9 Jan
Grant, Bertie F. head age 37 born ME parents ME teamster hauling lumber
Grant, Geneva M. wife age 26 born ME parents ME
Grant, Wilbur A. father age 69 wd born ME farm laborer home farm
Grant, Eugene W. nephew age 15 born ME farm laborer working out
1930 Federal census Palermo, Waldo, ME 14 April
Grant, Bert F. head age 47 born ME general farm
Grant, Glenora M. wife age 36 born ME
Grant, Josphine C. dau age 10 born ME
Grant, Winfred B. dau age 7 born ME George Winfield Clough born Dec 1859 died 7 Dec 1902 age 42 yrs 11 mths 20 days accidental Amesbury, Essex, MA married Catherine F. Pearsen born Dec 1862 Prince Edward Island, Canada dau of Edward R. and Elizabeth J. (Edwards) Pearsen; after George died, Catherine married 26 Jan 1905 Fred J. Hooper born Trobridge England son of Henry Johana (Carson) Hooper.
vr information from MA VR's online at
1900 Federal census Amesbury, Essex, MA 9 June
Clough, George W. head born Dec 1859 age 40 married 18 yrs born ME superintendant town farm for the county
Clough, Catherine J. wife born Dec 1862 age 37 mother of 3 living 3 born PEI Canada
Clough, George W. son born Sept 1884 age 15 born PEI Canada
Clough, Laura J. dau born Jan 1891 age 9 born ME
1910 Federal census Amesbury, Essex, MA 13 April
Hooper, Fred J. head age 39 m1 married 5 yrs born Canada supt. town farm
Hooper, Catherine F. wife age 48 m2 mother of 4 living 3 born Canada matron town farm
Hooper, Fred W. son age 3 born MA (5 July 1906 Amesbury, MA)
1920 Federal census Amesbury, Essex, MA 21/22 Jan
Hooper, Fred J. head age 48 usa 1872 born Eng wood heeler wood heel factory
Hooper, Catherine F. wife age 57 usa 1880 born Canada
Clough, Laura J. step dau age 28 born ME
Hooper, Fred W. son age 13 born MA
Children of George and Catherine: George W. Clough born Sept 1884 PEI Canada child Laura Josephine Clough born 26 Jan 1891 China, Kennebec, ME Charles Gunner Clough born ca 1856 Ethen E. Clough born 1858 Sybel W. Clough born ca 1863 Ethen E. Clough 1865-1952 buried Branch Mills cemetery, China, Kennebec, ME Everett A. Clough born Jan 1870 China, Kennebec, ME
1910 Federal census Orrington, Penobscot, ME 16 April 1910
Clough, Everett A. head age 42 born ME parents ME farmer general farm
Clough, Sarah wife age 43 born ME parents ME Mary Clough born 10 May 1816 Maria Clough born 15 May 1820 died 13 May 1821 Maria W. Clough born 5 May 1822 Brunswick, Cumberland, ME died 1858 Brunswick, Cumberland, ME age 35 married 3 April 1842 at Lynn, MA (MA VR to 1850) to Isaac P. Jacobs born 25 Dec 1821 Dover, Stafford, NH died 6 Dec 1896 Albion, Marshall, IA buried Friends Cemetery at Lagrand, Marshall, IA ( (ICH: however he doesn't show up on the county death register). Isaac married 2nd Naomi A. (Elliott) Smith born 5 Nov 1828 Brunswick, Cumberland, ME died 8 May 1878 age 49 yrs 6 mths 3 days buried Larue Quaker cemetery in big Grove twp, Benton, IA
Benton County IA 1878 Biographies
Big Grove township
Jacobs, J.P. (ICH: I.P. Jacobs) (of J.P. Jacobs & Son), farmer and stock raiser, Sec. 29, P.O. Garrison; was born in Dover, NH Dec. 25, 1821; came to this county in March, 1865; has 160 acres of land, valued at $5,000. Hs held the office of Town Trustee for seven years. Belongs to the Friends' Church. For the first wife, married Mariah W. Clow; she was born in Brunswick, ME., by her he had four children - Mary S., I. Orland, Anna M. and Abbie S. For second wife, married Naoma A. Elliot; she was born in Brunswick, ME, Nov. 5, 1828. Mrs. Jacobs was married to J. Smith, by whom she had three children - James W., Nellie M. and Katie A.. Emigrated from New Hampshire to Maine, where he spent the greater part of his life; thence to Muscatine county IA, in 1863; lived there until he came to Benton county., where he has followed farming and fine stock raising. Mr. Jacobs has on hand fifteen head of full blooded Jerseys; had an offer for the herd of $100 per head; has cows valued at $200; also has some full blooded Poland-China pigs, which he has demand for all over the Northwest. Any one wanting good stock, will do well to call on him. Can give pedigree of his whole herd, which constists of and can be found on A.J. Herd's book. Lady Annie, No. 1055; Jersey Bell, No. 1021; Lizzie, No. 1485; Rose of Sharon, No. 1483; Maud, No. 1484; Sylvia, No. 2385; Fawn, No. 2746; Lady Alice, No. 1054; Macon, No. 1043. Has some of the best Jerseys in the State for size and blood.
from Genealogy of Descendants of John Clough of Salisbury, MA page 368-9
The Jacobs-Clough Family in Iowa by Albert Lindley Beane 1943
On the river road, three miles north of Brunswick, ME. stands a substantial, well-preserved farmhouse, built about a century ago. This farm was inherited by the thirtheenth child of Isaac Clough, Maria W. Isaac Clough possesed many acres which he gave to serveral of his children, and to the others he gave money when they went to the city to live. Maria married Isaac P. Jacobs, born in Dover, NH, Dec 25, 1821, only child of his father. He was tall, of commanding presence, possessing a strong mentality and excellent financial ability. His hair was dark, eyes blue. Maria and Isaac worked in the same factory in Providence, RI, fell in love and were married in 1842, and established a home on land that was part of the Isaac Clough estate. Maria died of consuption in 1858 at the age of abt 35 years, leaving four children: Mary Susan, Isaac Orlando, Annie Maria and Abbie Sophia. A year or two later, Isaac Jacobs married Naomi Elliot Smith and had three children (ICH: she already had three children from her first marriage). In 1862 he sold the farm and boarded the train, going by way of Montreal, P.Q., to Muscatine, Iowa where they resided for a year. then he moved to a fine farm in Big Grove township in Benton county, Iowa which he purchased from Benjamin Paige, a native of New Hampshire. A large, well constructed house, painted white presented an inviting appearance. This home was usually filled with guests on Sundays. Mary Susan, Annie Maria and their step-sister, Mary Ellen Smith, taught for years successfully in the country schools. In 1873 the family began to disintegrate. Mary Susan married Edward Dickson, Isaac married Adeline French of Marengo, Annie Maria married her step-brother, James W. Smith, and Abbie Sophia married Joseph Linley Beane who was born near Farmington, ME and became a minister in the Society of Friends'. In 1878 Naomi Jacobs died of apoplexy. Isaac lived until 1898, died in Albion, IA aged 77 yrs. Abbie Sophia Beane lived at Le Grand, IA and was 88 years old when her son wrote this story in 1943.
1850 Federal Census Brunswick, Cumberland, ME 23 Sept
Isaac P. Jacobs age 28 shoe maker born NH shoemaker
Maria Jacobs age 28 born ME
Mary Jacobs age 3 born ME
Laurietta Jacobs age 2 born ME
Mary Goddard age 40 born ME
John H. Goddard age 17 shoe maker born ME shoe maker
1860 Federal Census Brunswick, Cumberland, ME 25 July
Isaac Jacobs age 39 farmer born ME
Naomi Jacobs age 32 born ME
Mary S. Jacobs age 13 born ME
Isaac O. Jacobs age 8 born ME
Ann M. Jacobs age 6 born ME
Abby S. Jacobs age 5 born ME
June Smith age 10 born ME
Mary E. Smith age 8 born ME
1870 Federal Census Big Grove twp, P.O. Luzerne, Benton, IA 16 July
Jacobs, Isaac P. age 52 farmer born NH
Jacobs, Niomi A. age 41 keeping House born ME
Jacobs, Mary S. age 23 school teacher born ME
Jacobs, Orlando age 18 farm laborer born ME
Jacobs, Anne age 16 at home born ME
Jacobs, Abbe age 15 at home born ME
Smith, Wm. James age 19 farm laborer born ME
Smith, Mary Ellen age 18 at home born ME
1880 Federal census Big Grove twp, Benton, IA 1 June
Jacobs, Isaac P. age 58 farmer born NH
Jacobs, Isaac O. age 27 son farmer born ME
Jacobs, Adda R. age 20 dau in l keeping house born OH parents Eng
Jacobs, Charles P. age 1 grandson born IA
Nieman, Rbt. age 20 servant farm laborer born Germany
Elliott, Mary age 44 boarder born ME
Children of Naomi before she married Isaac:
Katherine 'Kate" Smith married Lewis Ebenezer Shutts
Nellie M. Smith married George Fry
James W. Smith married his step sister Annie Maria Jacobs
June Smith
Mary E. Smith
Children of Maria and Isaac: Mary Susan Jacobs born ca 1848 Brunswick, Cumberland, ME married 19 March 1873 at Big Grove, Benton, IA to Edward S. Dickson born 1846 Pittsburg, PA Laurietta Jacobs born 1848 ME may have died young Isaac Orlando Jacobs born Sept 1853 Brunswick, Cumberland, ME married 1st Adeline French they div
1880 Federal census Isaac and Adeline living with Isaac's father
1900 Federal census Big Grove, Benton, IA 18 June
Jacobs, Isaac O. hired man born Sept 1854 age 46 divorced born ME
1910 Federal census Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 16 April
Jacobs, Isaac O. head age 57 m2 married 5 yrs born ME mach weights post office
Jacobs, Abbie wife age 51 m1 no children born NH Annie Maria Jacobs born ca 1855 Brunswick, Cumberland, ME died 23 Feb 1882 27 yrs 10 mths 20 days buried La Rue-Quaker cemetery, Big Grove twp, Benton, IA married her step brother James W. Smith
1880 Federal census Levey, Sac, IA 24 June
Smith, J.W. age 29 farmer born ME
Smith, Anni age 26 wife keeps house born ME
Smith, Lewis age 2 son born IA Abbie Sophia Jacobs born 1855 Brunswick, Cumberland, ME died 1947 Legrand, Marshall, IA buried Friends Cemetery at Legrand, Marshall, IA married ca 1879 Joseph Linley Beane born 12 March 1853 Farmington, ME died March 1916 Legrand, Marshall, IA buried Friends Cemetery at Le Grand, Marshall, IA
1870 Federal census Big Grove towp, P.O. Luzerne, Benton, IA
Bean, Joel age 58 farmer born NH (died 7th Mo. 7th 1885 aged 73 yrs buried LeGrand Friends Cemetery, Marshall, IA)
Bean, Charlotte age 63 Keeping house born Eng
Bean, Joseph L. age 17 farm laborer born ME
1880 Federal census Legrand, Marshall, IA
Joseph Bean self age 27 born ME farmer parents NH
Abbie Bean wife age 25 born ME keeps house born ME parents ME
Albert L. Bean son age 1 born IA
Hartley Bean son age 6m born IA
1900 Federal census Legrand Twp, Marshall, IA 4 June
Beane, Joseph L. head born March 1853 age 47 married 26 yrs born NH parents NH clegyman quaker
Beane, Ada wife born May 1855 age 45 mother of 2 livin 2 born ME parents NH
Beane, Albert L. son born April 1879 age 21 born IA school teacher
Beane, Burnice son born Nov 1880 age 19 born IA teacher Elocution
Beane, Kelley Abbie cousin born June 1859 age 40 born NH teacher
1910 Federal census Legrand Twp, Marshall, IA 23 April
Bean, Joseph L. head age 57 m1 married 37 yrs born ME parents NH minister
Bean, Abbie S. wife age 55 mother of 2 living 2 born ME
Bean, Albert L. son age 35 born IA school teacher
Bean, Burnice H. son age 39 m1 married 8 yrs born IA farmer general
Bean, Raymond H. grandson age 6 born OK
1930 Abbie livin with son Burnice
Children of Abbie and Joseph: Albert Linley Beane born April 1875 died 1944 buried Friends cemetery at Legrand, IA (ICH: I don't think Albert ever married. He was always living with parents or brother) Burnice Harley Beane born 17 Sept 1879 (census Nov 1880) Legrand, Marshall, IA died 1966 Manchester, ME (Clough book) buried Friends cemetery at Legrand, Marshall, IA married 5 March 1902 Nellie J. Carey. Burnice and Nellie divorced.
Burnice was "Iowa's Self-Made Paleontologists"
Genealogy of Descendants of John Clough of Salisbury, MA vol II pg 26
When Burnice was 13 years of age, he noticed strange specimens that were imbedded in sandstone or loose sand while workmen were excavating a sandbank on his father's farm. Curiosity compelled him to collect these fossils, then to searchh for their origin. His studies proved that he had discovered and preserved the greatest concentration of fossils known to the world. Thus Burnice Beane is known as an authority in Paleontology. His books and articles in scientific magazines have been published far and wide and he has lectured in New York, Paris, London, and Capetown. He has supplied collections of Crionoids for American and foreign museums. Wherever "rockhounds" are searching, there Dr. Beane will be among them.
Past Exhibit of the State Historical Society of Iowa
Burnice Hartley Beane grew up on a farm at the edge of Le Grand quarry. In the quiet times, between chores and schoolwork, he found time for his hobby - collecting insects, bird eggs, rocks, and finally fossils. Beane helped his mother manage the farmily farm while his father toured the Midwest as an evangelist Quaker minister. They sold their cash crops of strawberries, watermelon and potatoes in Marshalltown and other nearby towns. Burnice attended Penn College in Oskaloosa for a short time and then returned to the family farm near the edge of the quarry. Here he raised his family and continued his interest in the fossils of Le Grand. As an enthusiastic youth, Burnice Beane saved the crinoids of Le Grand from the rock crusher because of his interest in fossils near his home. He added to his growing collection, kept records of his finds and studied the crinoid for over fifty years. Although a farmer by trade many recognized him as an on the fossils of the Le Grand area. Today many other amateurs are following Mr. Beane's example and responcibly collect fossils for the enjoyment and future research. In 1909 the ownership of the Le Grand quarry passed to the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad.  The quarry produced Crushed stone for road and railway ballast, agricultural lime and building stone for the Old Iowa State Historical Building originated from the quarry. The quarry's most significant product however, is the small flower-like animals, crinoids, that are preserved in the rock.
1920 Federal census LeGrand, Marshall, IA 7 Jan
Carey, Addie head age 62 wd born NC
Beane, Lewis grandchild male age 11 born IA
Beane, Elmo grandchild male age 10 born IA
1930 Federal census LeGrand, Marshall, IA 23 April
Beane, Burnice head age 50 div born IA farmer general farm
Beane, Abbie mother age 74 wd born ME
Beane, Albert brother age 55 born IA
Beane, Raymond son age 26 born OK clerk general store
Beane, Lewis son age 22 born IA laborer farm
Beane, Elmo son age 20 born IA clerk general store
Children of Burnice and Nellie: Raymond Hartley Beane born 26 Dec 1903 Agra, Lincoln, OK died 1971 buried Friends Cemetery at Legrand, Marshall, IA Ralph Arlington Beane born 23 Oct 1905 Legrand, Marshall, IA died 1 Sept 1996 Mason City, Cerro Gordo, IA married at Iowa City, Johnson, IA on 28 March 1936 to Eunice H. Askelson died Jan 1986
Mason City Globe Gazette
09/04/1996 Ralph Arlington Beane
Ralph Arlington Beane, 90, of West View Care Center, Britt, where he had been a resident since June 1996, and formerly of Prairie View Apartments in Garner and Nevada, died Sunday(Sept. 1, 1996) at North Iowa Mercy Health Center, Mason City. Funeral services will be held at 1:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 5, at the Memorial Lutheran Church, 11th and G Avenue, Nevada, with the Rev. Ellen Taube officiating. Interment will be in Nevada Municipal Cemetery. Visitation will be held today at the Chet Ryan Mortuary, 708 Fifth St., Nevada. The family will be present from 6:30 to 8 p.m. A memorial fund has been established. Ralph Arlington Beane was born Oct. 23, 1905, in LeGrand, to Dr. Burnice H. and Nellye (Carey) Beane. Ralph Beane was a 1923 graduate of LeGrand High School. He graduatedfrom William Penn College, Oskaloosa, in 1927, later receiving a master's degree from Iowa State College, Ames. Ralph was united in marriage to Eunice H. Askelson on March 28, 1936, in Iowa City. Ralph was superintendent of schools in Gilbert, Lone Rock, Everly, Green Mountain and Steamboat Rock schools. Before his retirement in 1971, he was a principal at Rudd, Rockford, and Marble Rock Schools. He was a birthright member of the Friends Church in LeGrand, and was an active member of Memorial Lutheran Church in Nevada and held offices at the and state level. Through the years, Ralph was active in and held offices in the Iowa State Education Association, Masonic Lodge, Lions and Kiwanis Clubs, and the American Red Cross. He was a Boy Scout leader and an R.S.V.P. volunteer for 25 years, totaling 18,700 hours of service. Ralph was instrumental in establishing the Nevada Senior Citizens Center, the Fellowship Luncheons and the Meadows Senior Housing Apartments. Ralph took great joy in his family. He was an avid sportsman. Survivors include one son, Blaine D. Beane of Barrington Hills, Ill.; one daughter, Karen Norstrud of Britt; nine grandchildren; and 22 great-grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his wife, Eunice, in January of 1986; a daughter, Alanna Nelson in 1986; and three brothers, Raymond, Lewis and Elmo Beane. Lewis Beane born 1908 died 1962 buried Friends Cemetery at Legrand, Marshall, IA Elmo Beane born 1909 died 1931 buried Friends Cemetery at Legrand, Marshall, IA David7 Crossman Clough (Isaac6,Samuel 5, John4, John3, John2, John1) born 19 Sept 1809 Brunswick, Crumberland, ME died after 1889 unknown married first on 21 Oct 1834 at North Berwick, ME (Friends' Records at Berwick ME) to Mariam Jenkins born 7 Sept 1806 North Berwick, York, ME died before July 1846 daughter of Joshua Jenkins and his 2nd wife Sybel Pope; David married second 1 July 1846 China, Kennebec, ME in Quaker ceremony (Friends' Records at Harlem (China)), ME under name Daniel C. Clough) to Avis Keene Jones born 20 March 1817 South China, Kennebec, ME died 4 Sept 1866 Lewiston, Androscoggin, ME buried in the Old Quaker Cemetery in South China, Kennebec, ME daughter of Isaac Jones b 19 Feb 1782 died 30 March 1857 and Nancy Randall born 6 Oct 1780 died 6 April 1859 who are also buried in same cemetery (Nancy was daughter of James Randall and Mary Shorey.) David married third 26 Nov 1875 to Emma "Emily" F. Andrews born 23 Aug 1827 East Oxford, Oxford, ME dau of Loved and Huldah (Marston) Andrews. David and Emma had no children.
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more information and facts can be found in
Genealogy of Descendants of John Clough of Salisbury, MA Vol I and Vol II
Title: The Genealogy of the descendants of John Clough
of Salisbury, Massachusetts.
Published: [Marblehead? Mass.] : John Clough Genealogical
Society, 1952 [i.e. 1968]-<1966 >
LC Call No.: CS71.C643 1968
Author: Speare, Eva Augusta Clough, 1875-1972, ed.
Title: The story of the family of John Clough of
Salisbury, Massachusetts.
Published: [n.p.] John Clough Genealogical Society [1943]
LC Call No.: CS71.C643 1943
Friends Church Records at Windham, ME Historical Society
New England Historic Genealogical Society - Friends records
Massachusetts and Maine Families Vol I & II
Massachusetts VR online at
The Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury, MA
by David W. Hoyt 1897 good place for John Clough family lines
my cousins Clark Whelton, David Clark and Mel Fletcher
my own personal records
Federal census records
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Information on John Page family can be found in "The Family of John Page of Haverhill, Massachusetts 1614 to 1977"
by Lynn M. Case and Page Sanderson, Published Baltimore Gateway Press, 1978. Library of Congress Call # CS71.P133 1978 and
History of Hingham, Plymouth, MA shows:
This surname has been perpetuated here in localities known as
Page's Bridge and 11 Page's Meadows; " but I have not ascertained
definitely what the chris. name of the fa. of the ell. of this smiarne
b. here was. There are good reasons, however, for believing it was
John, who was afts. of Haverhill. The mother, undoubtedly, was
Mary, dau. of George Marsh, one of the early settlers of Hing. She
was b. in Eng. Their
Ch., bt. in Hing., were -
i. Jons, July 11, 1641 ; prob. settled at Hav"hill.
if. ONESEI-HoRovs, Nov. 20, 1642. Sottled at Salisbury.
In BENJAMIN, July 14, 1644. Settled at Haverhill.
IV MARY, May 3, 1646.
JOSEPH, Match 6, 1647-48 ; afts. offlaverlell.
VI. CORNELIUS, July 15, 1649. Settled at Haverhill.
Vii. SABAH, July 18, 1651.
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Check out the CARR family line at:

The following is from the Carrr family line from which we connect:

11. PATIENCE6 CARR (JOHN5, CALEB4, BENJAMIN3, ROBERT2, THOMAS1) was born 1701 in Newport RI, and died February 13, 1788 in Durham, Androscoggin ME. She married (1) <UNNAMED>. She married (2) JOSEPH PECKHAM 1722, son of JOHN PECKHAM and SARAH. He was born March 08, 1678/79 in Little Compton RI, and died March 14, 1725/26 in Middletown RI. She married (3) EDWARD ESTES August 27, 1730 in Newport, Newport, RI, son of RICHARD ESTES and ELIZABETH BECK. He was born February 20, 1702/03 in Lynn, Essex, MA, and died February 17, 1788 in Durham, Androscoggin ME.

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Notes for EDWARD ESTES: Edward Estes resided in Hanover, Mass and in Harpswell before moving to Durham [then Royalsborough] with his son [Caleb]. Nov 12 1770 he received deed of Lot 18, in Royalsborough [now Durham], though it is evident that he had been living there for some time.

i. Elizabeth Estes born June 07, 1731, Harpswell, ME; d. 1814, Durham, Maine.
ii. Waite Estes born May 31, 1733.
iii. Ann Estes born May 14, 1735; d. January 28, 1790.
iv. Israel Estes born August 27, 1737; d. May 13, 1742, Hanover, Plymouth, Massachusetts.
v. John Estes born August 13, 1739.
vi. Caleb Estes born August 10, 1741; d. 1744, Hanover, Plymouth, Massachusetts.
vii. Mary Estes born September 29, 1743.
viii. Edwaard Estes born November 11, 1745.
ix. Caleb Estes born November 26, 1747, Plymouth, Hanver, Massachussetts; d. 1822, Plymouth MA.
x. Patience Estes born September 15, 1748 married John Dally
xi. Joseph Estes born July 21, 1750 married Mary Goddard November 29, 1775.
xii. Sarah Estes born April 16, 1752, North Yarmouth Maine; d. December 04, 1848, West Gardiner, Maine.

Bounds Family:
Mary Crossmans' mother, Sarah was daughter of Jonathan Bounds Jr. and Sarah Ackworth of Maryland. Information on the Bounds family can be found in the book "The Boundless Bounds Family" by Ruth T. Dryden 1989. Second Edition revised June 2000 by Sharon Bounds Block, Eleanor Poe Bounds and Jinny Myler Collins (ICH: I have this book in my library)

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