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Family of
Fredrick9 Henry Lynn and his two wives
Fredrick Lynn was first married to Phebe Clara Martindale
Fredrick's second wife was Eliza Ames my maternal grandmother
some earlier records show surname as Linn, however after 1920's my family spelled it as Lynn
Fredrick's mother Eliza8 Ursula (Churchill) Linn Fracher comes from a long line of early New England settlers
Eliza's Churchill line is from Josiah Churchill and Elizabeth Foote of Wethersfield, CT.
See Jotham Churchill line for more information on our Churchills
Family Pictures...
some of the Lynn's
picture of Marie, Grams Eliza and Irene Lillian
Picture of Eliza Ames nursing home 1973
picture of Wm., John, Pearl and Margaret
picture of Joe and wife Hazel
picture of Dutch holding RoseMarie/Mable with Tony
Picture of Joseph Dwight Halleck
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Fredrick's mother was Eliza8 Ursula Churchill Linn Fracher (Jotham7, John6, Samuel5, Samuel4, Samuel3, Joseph2, Josiah1 Churchill) born 20 Mar 1837 Indiana died 27 May 1900 West Concord, Dodge, MN buried Berne cemetery, Dodge county MN married 1st 4 Jun 1855 at West Union, Fayette, IA to John Robert Linn born 23 Sept 1823 Windsor Town, Kennebec, ME died 3 Aug 1863 on Steamer "City of Memphis" Siege of Vicksburg during Civil War son of Nathaniel Linn and Abigail Grover Wight. Eliza divorced John Robert Linn on 3 June 1860 Fayette county IA. Eliza married or did not marry second unknown father of Fredrick Henry Linn and third married 9 Apr 1872 at Waterloo, Black Hawk, IA to William Fracher who died bef 26 Jan 1895 MN. William and Eliza had no children.

American Civil War Soldiers Record
William Fracher
Kent, Stephenson, IL
Distinguished Service
Union side
Enlisted as a Private on 18 Sept 1861
Enlisted in Company E, 45th Infantry Regiment IL on 20 Nov 1861
Reenlisted in Company E, 45th Infantry Regiment IL on 28 Jan 1864
Mustered out Company E, 45th Infantry Regiment IL on 12 July 1865 in Louisville, KY
Civil War Pension Index; General Index to Pension Filles.
William Fracher served in E. 45 Ill. Inf
widow Fracher, Eliza E.
April 26, 1883 Iowa
Aug 15, 1891 MO

Census and old letters show were Eliza Churchill Linn lived at after her divorced from John Robert Linn as follows:

1860 Federal census Iowa Center twp, Fayette, IA 6 July
Augor, Harrison 43 M Farmer 8,000 1,500 New York
Augor, Clarissa 37 F New York
Augor, Casius 14 M Wisconsin
Augor, Ellsie 7 F Wisconsin
Augor, Clarence 3 M Iowa
Doty, Jane 13 F Illinois
Linn, Eliza 23 F Domestic born Indiana
Linn, Wallace E. 3/12 M born Iowa
1865 State MN Census Milton twp, Dodge, MN 1 June
Jothan Churchill
Sylvester Churchill
Geo. Churchill
Arene Churchill
Eliza Lynn
Fred Lynn
1870 Federal census Waverly 4wd, Bremer, IA 15 July
Linn, Eliza age 32 hair dresser born NY
Linn, Henry age 9 at home born IL (this is Fred)
1875 lived Bremer county Iowa Maxfield township section 13
1880 Federal Census Maxfield, Bremer, IA 16/18 June
Froscher, William age 50 born PA farmer
Froscher, Elisa age 42 born IN keeping house
Froscher, Henry age 16 son born WI at home (this is Frederick Henry Linn)
1885 State census Maxfield twp, Bremer, IA
Fracher, William age 56 farmer born PA
Fracher, Elisa age 46 keeping house born IN
Linn, Henry age 21 born WI (my grandfather Frederick Henry Lynn)
Heinz, Henry age 9 born Buchanan county IA
Martendale, Cary age 18 female born WI (she later became Fred's first wife)
Frasher was also spelled FROSCHER
also found in Cedar county Iowa marriages who may or may not be our Eliza as she was called Ursula sometimes: Ursula Linn married to H.T. Davis  ?
Children of Eliza and John Robert Linn:
1. Warren9 Byron Linn born 6 July 1857 Leroy township, Bremer, IA "In a sod house on the Wapsie" died 3 Nov 1935 Iowa City Hospital, Cedar Rapids, Linn, IA buried Wilsons Grove cemetery, Fayette, Fayette, IA married first by Rev. Wm. D. Mabry on 15 Mar 1882 West Union, Fayette, IA Anna Eastman born 26 Aug 1860 Almont, Lapeer, MI died 23 Jan 1898 Banks township, Fayette, IA buried Wilson's Grove Cemetery oldest daughter of Solomon Eastman and Elizabeth Roe. Warren married second 20 Aug 1899 Rochester, Olmsted, MN at Christian Church to Flora Harris born 17 Feb 1870 Indianapolis, Indiana twin daughter of Daniel Wilson Harris and Joan Elizabeth Cress.
Warren was orphaned by the civil war, Warren's early life was one of hardship and privation. When but 14, he was making his own living and at 18 he had bought the first forty acres of what later became his home farm. He built a three room house on it and both were paid for when he married. He managed, by hard work and self-denial, to save enough money to attend the Academy of Upper Iowa University and in later years when married, he returned to U.I.U. where he took a business course to fit himself for the Insurance business which he carried on in addition to farming. In 1902 he retired from the farm and devoted all his time to Insurance. In 1906 he was elected to the Board of Directiors of the Mutual Free and Tornado Association of Cedar Rapids, IA. In 1916 member of the Executive Committee, which office he held until his death. He became Vice President, Jan 19, 1928 and on Aug. 30, 1935 became acting President. His illness prevented him from enjoying the fruits of a lifetime of endeavor in the Insurance field. He wa too ill to be sworn in as President of the Company. Warren was a man of strong convictions and when he felt that he was right, nothing could swerve him from his purpose.
Flora was was educated in Texas where she taught school, later visited her brother Valentine B. Harris at Rochester, MN where she must have meet Warren. She remained in Minnesota to teach and study music. She was a member of the Iowa Federation of Women's Clubs and was a poet of note. Many of her poems have been published. Flora had a twin sister named Cora.
Warren's Children after the census for both Linn, Eastman and Harris families:
1878 History of Fayette Co. Iowa - Centre Township Page 714
EASTMAN, Solomon, farmer, Sec. 6; P. O. Randalia; born in Canada May 5, 1839; came to this county in 1868. Married Elizabeth Roe Oct. 29, 1859; she was born in England, Sept. 9, 1839; they have five children - Anna, born Aug. 26, 1860; Minnie, born March 3, 1863; Cora, born June 13, 1868; Nettie, born Oct. 28, 1873; Lottie, born Nov. 21, 1875. He is a Republican and a member of the United Brethren Church.
1870 Federal census Windsor twp, Fayette, IA - P.O. West Union 5 July
Eastman, Solomon age 33 farmer born Canada
Eastman, Elizabeth age 32 keeping house born England
Eastman, Anne age 9 born MI
Eastman, Minnie age 7 born WI
Eastman, Cora age 3 born WI
1880 Federal census Center twp, Fayette, IA 16 June
Eastman, Solomon self age 42 farmer born Canada
Eastman, Elizabeth age 41 wife keeping house born England
Eastman, Anna age 19 dau teaching school born MI
Eastman, Minnie age 17 dau at school born WI
Eastman, Cora age 12 dau at home born WI
Eastman, Nettie age 7 dau born IA
Eastman, Lottie age 4 dau born IA
1870 Federal census Franklin twp, Marion, IN 16 June
Harris, Dan.l W. age 41 music teacher born IL
Harris, Jane E. age 36 keeping house born KY
Harris, Evangeline age 16 born IN
Harris, Valentine age 14 born IN
Harris, Charles age 12 born IN
Harris, Willie age 10 born IN
Harris, Henrietta age 4 born IN (called Etta)
Harris, Cora age 4/12 born IN twin
Harris, Flora age 4/12 born IN twin
1880 Federal census Independence, Washington, TX 4 June
Harris, Daniel head age 50 farmer born IN
Harris, Joan wife age 46 keeping house born KY
Harris, Valentine son age 25 teacher born IN
Harris, Charles son age 23 lawyer born IN
Harris, William son age 20 at school born IN
Harris, Henrietta dau age 14 born IL
Harris, Cora dau age 10 born IL
Harris, Flora dau age 10 born IL
1880 Federal Census Fayette, Fayette, IA 1 June
Linn, Warren B. age 22 boarder student born IA
1895 Iowa State census Banks, Fayette, IA
Warren B. Linn age 37 born Bremer county IA
Annie Linn age 34 born WI
Ettie E.B. Linn age 11 born Fayette county IA
Evangeline Linn age 7 born Fayette county IA
Cora Linn age 5 born Fayette county IA
Nellie Linn age 4 born Fayette county IA
Jenna Linn age 2 born Fayette county IA
1900 Federal census Center twp, Fayette, IA 8 June
Eastman, Solomon head born May 1837 age 63 born Canada farmer
Eastman, Elizabeth wife born Sept 1839 age 60 mother of 5 living 4 born England
Dornell, Minnie boarder born Feb 1881 age 19 born IL teacher
1900 Federal census Banks twp, Fayette, IA 14 June
Linn, Warren head born July 1857 age 42 born IA farmer
Linn, Flora wife born Feb 1870 age 30 born IN
Linn, Etta E. dau born May 1883 age 17 born IA (Elizabeth Bird)
Linn, Evangeline dau born July 1886 age 13 born IA
Linn, Cora dau born Apr 1888 age 12 born IA
Linn, Nellie dau born June 1890 age 9 born IA
Linn, Blanche dau born Mar 1893 age 7 born IA
Linn, Ruth dau born Mar 1896 age 4 born IA
Harris, Etta siser in law born Nov 1866 age 34 born IL
1910 Federal census Sumner, Bremer, IA 18/19 Apr
Linn, Warren B. head age 52 married2 married 10 yrs born IA agent Insurance
Linn, Flora H. wife age 39 married1 mother of 3 living 3 born IN
Linn, Cora dau age 22 born IA
Linn, Blanch dau age 16 born IA
Linn, Nellie B. dau age 19 born IA teacher school
Linn, Isabelle M. dau age 9 born IA
Linn, Francis dau age 6 born IA
Linn, Fern B. dau age 1 10/12 born IA
1920 Federal census Sumner twp, Bremer, IA 7/8/15 Jan 1920
enumerated by Warren B. Linn
Linn, Warren B. head age 61 born IA
Linn, Flora H. wife age 49 born IN
Linn, Maurine Isbella dau age 18 born IA
Linn, Frances dau age 16 born IA
Linn, Fern V. dau age 11 born IA
1930 Federal census Sumner twp, Bremer, IA
Linn, W.B. head age 72 bor IA agent Insurance
Linn, Flora H. wife age 60 born IN
Linn, Fern dau age 21 born IA
Children of Warren and Anna:
1.1 Elizabeth "Etta" Bird Linn born 18 May 1883 died 1906
1.2 Laroy Linn born 25 Dec 1884 died 25 Jan 1885
1.3 Evangeline Linn born 16 July 1886 Banks township, Fayette, IA died 16 July 1963 buried 24 July 1963 buried same place as husband married 14 Feb 1913 Joseph Dwight Halleck, B.S., D.D. S. State Univ. Ia, Lt. Comdr. D.C. U.S.N. Ret.; born 24 Feb 1882 Colorado Springs, El Paco, CO died 20 July 1962 Los Angeles county CA buried 27 July 1962 at Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery Section S Site 1655, San Diego, CA. son of Parker Sedgewick Halleck and Lavinia Jane Platt.
Evangeline attended College of Pacific, member Mu Zeta Rho, member of the San Diego Chaper D.A. R. #133519 and Chapter 10, P.E.O., Los Angeles, CA. Never had children. Evangeline wrote the book on the Seven Generations of George Linn family
U.S. Veterans Cemeteries online at
Joseph was in the service from 20 Feb 1913 to 30 June 1938 (25 years US Navy)
buried 27 July 1962 at Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery Section S Site 1655, San Diego, CA.
1900 Federal census 1wd Ann Arbor, Washtenaw, MI 1 June
Hallleck, Joseph D. boarder born Feb 1882 age 18 born CO student U of MI
1920 Federal census Puget Sound US Navy Yark, Kitsap, Washington Jan 1920
Halleck, Joseph Dwight officer age 38 married born CO
1930 Federal census Lakewood twp, Ocean, NJ 29 Apr 1
Halleck, Joseph W. head age 48 born CO US Naval base
Halleck, Evanaline wife age 43 born IA 
1.4 Cora Linn born 10 April 1888 Banks township, Fayette, IA died 8 June 1969 Los Angeles county CA most likely died Compton married August 1916 Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN to Albert LeRoy Aylmer born 29 Mar 1885 Fargo, Cass, ND died 10 Jan 1970 Los Angeles county CA son of William Aylmer and his wife Amelia Frederick.
Cora graduated Upper Iowa Univ; taught school at Eagle Grove, IA and Jamestown, ND
Albert graduated Univ. MN, B.A. 1908; attended Univ. Maryland Law School; practiced law at Jamestown, ND; continued law practice at Compton, Los Angeles, CA; was Mayor of Compton 1937.
(notice that the ages in census are often wrong however same family. Usually whoever gave the census info didn't always know correct info)
1885 ND State census Fargo, Cass, ND
Aylmer, Wm age 40 born Canada
Aylmer, Amelia age 29 wife born NY (born 9 Apr 1856 NY died 16 July 1947 Los Angeles city, CA)
Aylmer, Wm. Jr. age 4 son born Dakota
Aylmer, Alice age 2 dau born Dakota (born 25 Nov 1885 ND died 12 Feb 1964 Los Angeles city, CA)
Aylmer, R. age 2/12 born Dakota
1910 MD Federal census - 15th wd Baltimore, Baltimore, MD 25 Apr
William Aylmer head age 61 born Canada
Amelia Aylmer wife age 52 born NY mother of 3 living 3
Alice F. Aylmer dau age 19 born North Dakota
1920 MD Federal census 13th wd Baltimore, Baltimore, MD 8 Jan
Aylmer, William head age 70 born Canada
Aylmer, Amalia wife age 60 born NY
Aylmer, Alice dau age 30 born ND
1930 CA Federal census Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA dist 8 - 8 Apr
Aylmer, Emelia W. head age 73 wd born NY
Aylmer, Alice F. dau age 46 boprn ND
Bowers, Francis E. lodger age 72 wd born IA
1920 Federal census ND Jamestown, Stutsman, ND
Aylmer, Roy L. head 34 born ND lawyer
Aylmer, Cora wife age 31 born IA
Aylmer, William S. son age 4/12 born ND
Child of Cora and Albert:
1.4.1 William Stanley Aylmer born 18 Aug 1919 Jamestown, Stutsman, ND
graduated Compton Jr. College, 1938; Univ. CA at LA class of 1941
1.5 Nellie Linn born 15 June 1890 Banks township, Fayette, IA died May 1980 Hawkeye, Fayette, IA married 18 Aug 1912 at Sumner, Bremer, IA by Rev. Hadwin Williams, M.E. Pastor to Arthur Lewis Eitel born 30 Jan 1888 near Hawkeye, IA son of Edward and Rosina Eitel.
Nellie and Art were living at Hawkeye, IA on the Eitel farm purchased by Art's father Edward Eitel in 1880. Nellie was a teacher and her hobby was collecting and refinishing antique furniture for their home.
The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 155
page 151
Mrs. Nellie Lynn Eitel.
DAR ID Number: 154481
Born in Fayette County, Iowa.
Wife of Arthur Lewis Eitel.
Descendant of John Lynn, as follows:
1. Warren Byron Lynn (b. 1857) m. 1882 Anna Eastman (1860-97).
2. John Roberts Lynn (1823-63) m. 1855 Eliza Churchill (1837-1900).
3. Nathaniel Lynn (1788-1867) m. 1814 Abigail Grover Wight (1795-1850).
4. John Lynn m. Rebecca Anderson (b. 1759).
John Lynn (1754-1834) received a pension, 1818, for service as private in the Massachusetts troops, under Colonel Learned. He was born in Boston, Mass.; died in Windsor, Maine.
1920 Federal Census Center, Fayette, IA - 22-24 Jan
Eitel, Arthur L. head age 31 born IA farmer
Eitel, Nellie B. wife age 29 born IA
1925 state census Center, Fayette, IA
Eitel, Arthur L. head age 37
Eitel, Nellie L. wife age 34
Eitel, Mary E. dau age 8
Eitel, robert E. son age 1
1930 Federal census Center twp, Fayette, IA - 7 Apr
Eitel, Arthur L. head age 42 born IA
Eitel, Nellie L. wife age 39 born IA
Eitel, E.M. "Eleanor" adopted age 13 born SD
Eitel, Robert E. son age 6 born MN
Children of Nellie and Arthur:
1.5.1 Robert Edward Eitel born 10 Nov 1923 Hawkeye, Fayette, IA
1.5.2 Eleanor Eitel adopted Feb. 1922 born 18 July 1916 Yankton, SD
Eleanor's birth name was Zola Jones daughter of Earl Jones and his first wife Emma Freece. Eleanor's birth mother died in 1918. Eleanor also had an older brother who died in infancy. Eleanor graduated at Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, IA 1939. She was a teacher.
1.6 Jennie Blanche Linn born May 1893 married May 1919 Earl Jones; divorced no children by Jones
1920 Federal census Utica twp, Yankton, SD 2 Jan - SD State Hospital
Jones, Blance age 26 born IA employee ward attendant
at Yankton State hospital on page 2a
Jones, Earl age 26 born IL employee dairyman 
1.7 Bessie Ruth Linn born 31 Mar 1896 Banks township, Fayette, IA married 1 June 1919 to Raymond Cecil Wells born 4 May 1895 Sumner, IA son Farmer Joshua Wells.
Bessie was raised in the family of her Uncle Ed and Aunt Nettie (Eastman) House at Sumner, Bremer, IA
Seven Generations of Linns page 156
Bessie Ruth Linn Attended Cedar Falls Normal School; taught school five years
Raymond Cecil Wells graduated Sumner H.S. 1915; attended Chicago School of Watchmaking, jeweler and salesman
1910 Federal census Sumner, Bremer, IA 4 May
House, Edmond E. head age 43 born married 17 yrs IA
House, Nettie M. wife age 36 no children (Nettie Eastman House was sister of Bessie's mother Anna)
House, Bessie R. (Linn) niece age 14 born IA
1920 Federal Census Waverly twp, Bremer, IA 2 Jan
Wells, Raymond C. head age 24 born IA jeweler in Jewelery store
Wells, Ruth wife age 23 born IA
1925 IA state Census Lawler, Chickasaw
Raymond C. Wells head age 29 born IA
Bessie R. Linn wife age 28
Wayne E. Wells son age 4
Jean R. Wells dau age 3
1930 Federal census Jefferson, Fayette, IA 11 April
Wells, C. Raymond head age 34 born IA parents WI/IA salesman automobile
Wells, Mary wife age 34 born IA
Wells, Wayne son age 9 born IA
Wells, Jean dau age 8 born IA
Children of Bessie and Raymond:
1.7.1 Wayne Eugene Wells born 26 April 1920 Waverly, Bremer, IA died 16 Mar 2001 Parachute, Garfield, CO (re SSDI)
Wayne graduated Clinton, IA H.S. 1937. Four years at State University Iowa.
1.7.2 Jean Rae Wells born 11 Aug 1921 Waverly, Bremer, IA
Children of Warren and Flora:
1.8 Isabelle Maurine Linn born 13 Mar 1901 Banks twp, Fayette, IA died June 1981 Vacaville, Solano, CA married as his second wife at Spokane, WA to William Boney Vanamburgh born 18 Oct 1897 born Aurora, Lawrence, MO died 21 Aug 1985 Fairfield, Solano, CA son of Donald Lewis Van Amburgh and Jessie Mary Cline Bonney.
1930 Federal Census Oakesdale, Walla Walla, Whitman, WA 5 Apr
listed with Reid family
Linn, Maurine E. boarder age 29 born IA school teacher public schools
1.9 Frances Linn born 7 Aug 1903 Sumner, Bremer, IA died 17 Dec 1993 Hamburg, Fremont, IA married at Sumner, Bremer, IA to David L. O. Sjulin born 31 Jan 1901 Shenandoah, Page, IA died Sept 1971 Hamburg, Fremont, IA
David was the younger brother of State Senator Carl O. Sjulin and Leslie Sjulin. The Inter-State Nurseries was ran by Leslie Sjulin. Carl, Leslie and David were sons ofJohn and Alma S. Sjulin
Iowa Cemetery Records online at
Alma S. Sjulin born April 1860 died 27 April 1934 buried Rose Hill cemetery at Shenandoah, Grant, IA
John L. Sjulin born 1 May 1859 died 31 Oct 1901 buried Rose Hill cemetery
Matthew W. Sjulin born 12 July 1894 died 12 Dec 1895 buried Rose Hill cemetery
1900 federal census Grant, Page, IA 12 June
Sjeelen, John head born May 1859 age 41 married 12 yrs born Sweden to USA 1889 NA
Sjeelen, Alma S. wife born April 1860 age 40 mother 3 living 2 born Sweden laundress
Sjeelen, Carl W. son born Mar 1890 age 10 born IA
Sjeelen, Leslie A. son born Oct 1891 age 8 born IA
ICH: Carl Oscar Sjulin was born 3 March 1890 married Una Dilla Hines
Leslie Rudolph Sjulin born 6 Oct 1891 married Elfie Cordelia Anderson
1905 Alma and son David lived Shenandoah, Page, IA
1910 Alma and son David lived Shenandoah, Grant twp, Page, IA
1920 Alma and son David lived Shenandoah, Grant twp, Page, IA
1930 Federal census Hamburg City, Fremont, IA 8 Apr
Sjulin, David L.O. head age 29 born IA
Sjulin, Francis E. wife age 26 born IA
Sjulin, Maralin dau age 1 10/12 born IA
Children of Frances and David:
1.9.1 Marlyn Sjulin born ca June 1928
1.10 Fern Vernette Linn born 1 June 1908 Sumner, Bremer, IA died 22 June 1989 Sumner, Bremer, IA buried Wilson Grove cemetery married 19 Sept 1934 at Waverly, Bremer, IA to Henry Charles Schuldt born 28 Nov 1905 Sumner, Bremer, IA died April 1983 Sumner, Bremer, IA buried Wilson Grove Cemetery son of Heinrich Louis Schuldt and Martha M. Schmadeke

2. Wallace9 A. Linn born 26 Mar 1860 Wilson Grove, Fayette, IA died 1918 (not sure where he died) married 29 Nov 1888 Ono, Shasta, California Martha Frances Kidder born 12 March 1871 died 16 June 1958 buried Ono Cemetery, Ono, Shasta, CA under the name Martha Frances Crawford daughter of Rev. William Samuel Kidder and Mary Elizabeth McFarland.

Wallace and Martha were divorced, no children (they lived in Redding, CA for a short time; Martha's family was from Igo, Shasta, CA. Martha married her second husband on 20 June 1897 to Ono O. Crawford. Some of the Kidder family are buried in the Ono Cemetery outside of Igo, Shasta, CA west of Redding.
1870 Federal census Cedar Falls, Black Hawk, IA Orpahn Home Cedar Falls 13 Aug
Wallace Linn age 10 born IA (in old family letters it is told that Eliza put Wallace in Orpahn home because she counldn't take care of him)
1880 Federal Census LeRoy, Bremer, IA 8 June
works on the Robert Brodie farm
Linn, Walace age 22 laborer works on farm born IA
Son of Eliza and unknown father. Fredrick was raised with the surname Linn/Lynn
3. Fredrick9 Henry Lynn (my maternal grandfather) born 9 July 1862 Iowa (some records show born in WI) died 9 Apr 1945 Hastings, Dakota, MN buried Lakeside cemetery Hastings, MN (tombstone says born 1857 however this is wrong) married first 25 Sept 1887 Key, Bremer, IA to Phoebe Clara Martindale born 1864 Woodland, Sauk, WI died 23 Feb 1905 Berne, Dodge, MN buried Berne cemetery, daughter of Abel Darius Martindale and Elmira Goddard
(note from ICH: Abel Martindales' mother Ruth Smead maternal family line goes back to Joseph Baldwin and Hannah Whitlock through their son Jonathan Baldwin from which we also have a direct line in our Churchill family line from which Fredrick's mother is from. This would make Fredrick and Phoebe distant cousins)
1880 Federal census Hazelton Village, Buchanan, IA 5 June
Machame, Isaac age 46 laborer born PA
Machame, Elmina age 33 wife keeping house born Canada
Machame, Matilda age 3 dau born IA
Machame, George age 2 son born IA
Martindale, Alzina age 15 step dau born IL
Martindale, Clarinda age 13 step dau born IL (Fred's first wife)
Martindale, Florence age 8 step dau born IA
1880 Federal census Maxfield, Bremer, IA 16/18 June
Froscher, William age 50 farmr born PA parents PA
Froscher, Eliza age 42 wife keeping house born IN parents NY/NY
Froscher, Henry age 16 son at home born WI
1885 State census Maxfield twp, Bremer, IA
Fracher, William age 56 farmer born PA
Fracher, Elisa age 46 keeping house born IN
Linn, Henry age 21 born WI
Heinz, Henry age 9 born Buchanan county IA
Martendale, Cary age 18 female born WI (she later became Fred's first wife)
1900 Federal census Milton twp, Dodge, MN 22 June
Lynne, Fred H. head born July 1862 age 37 born WI farmer
Lynne, Carolina wife born Oct 1867 age 32 born WI mother of 11 living 7
Lynne, Besriebei dau born Jan 1887 age 13 born IA
Lynne, Francis dau born May 1889 age 11 born MN
Lynne, Edith dau born Nov 1890 age 9 born MN
Lynne, Jake son born Aug 1891 age 8 born MN
Lynne, Tommy son born Feb 1892 age 8 born MN
Lynne, Gladys dau born Mar 1894 age 6 born MN
Lynne, Bill son born Apr 1900 age 3/12 born MN
1905 Minnesota State ceneus - Milton twp, Dodge, MN - 17 June
Lynn, Fred age 45 born WI
Lynn, Bessie age 20 born IA
Lynn, Jacob age 14 born MN
Lynn, Tommy age 12 born MN
Lynn, Gladys age 10 born MN
Lynn, Robert W. age 4 born MN
Lynn, Charlie age 2 born MN
Lynn, Harry age 9/12 born MN
1910 they were in South Dakota. Have not found them there yet.
1915 State census South Buffalo twp, Sully, SD P.O. Onida
Fred H. Lynn age 54 rancher born WI
Elizabeth Lynn age 29 born MN
E. Jacob Lynn age 26 rancher born MN
Thomas Lynn age 23 rancher born MN
Floyd Lynn age 17 rancher born MN
William Lynn age 15 rancher born MN
Johnie Lynn age 7 born SD
Patrick Lynn age 4 born SD
Lester Lynn agge 1 born SD
1920 Federal census Hastings, Dakota, MN - 8 Jan East 3rd Street
Lynn, Fred head age 56 born WI laborer
Lynn, Elizabeth wife age 34 born MN
Lynn, John son age 13 born Dakota
Lynn, Patrick son age 9 born Dakota
Lynn, Edward son age 8 born Dakota
Lynn, Frank son age 5 born Dakota
Lynn, Matthew son age 3 2/12 born WI
Lynn, Marie dau age 2 3/12 born MN
Lynn, Jake son age 28 born MN farmer farm stock
Lynn, Thomas son age 24 born MN laborer farm stock
Lynn, Will son age 19 born MN laborer farm
Lynn, Charles son age 17 born MN laborer farm
1930 Federal census Hastings, Dakota, MN - 4 Apr East third street
Lynn, Fred head age 64 born WI
Lynn, Elizabeth wife age 43 born MN
Lynn, John son age 21 born SD laborer odd jobs (John Bowman)
Lynn, Clifford son age 19 born SD laborer farm work
Lynn, Cecil son age 17 born SD
Lynn, Frank son age 16 born SD
Lynn, Daniel son age 15 born WI
Lynn, Marie dau age 13 born MN
Lynn, Margaret dau age 10 born MN
Lynn, Lucil dau age 7 born MN
Lynn, Joseph son age 6 born MN
Lynn, Lillian dau age 4 born MN (my mother)
All Lynn bpt records found at Dakota County Historical Society in South St. Paul, MN
Children of Frederick and 1st wife Clara:
3.1 Besriebei "Bessie/Bess" Linn born Jan 1887 Bremer county IA died 25 Mar 1967 Hastings, Dakota, MN buried at Lakeside Cemetery, Hastings, MN married 23 Dec 1903 at Berne Dodge, MN to Austin Glasby born 4 Feb 1873 died 30 Jan 1929 Cascade, Olmsted, MN buried Oakwood cemetery Rochester, Olmsted, MN son of Washington and Margaret (O'Donnell) Glasby
ICH: I remember Bessie when I was a very young girl as we lived with two of my uncles Jake and Bill, who were her brothers right next door to her house in Hastings, MN.
Austin Glasby served as a private in Philippine Islands, Nueva Caceres 1900
Obit - Hastings Gazette - 30 March 1967 - Mrs. Bessie Glasby 86, Drowns in Lake
Funeral services for Mrs. Bessie Glasby, 86, who drowned in the backwaters of Lake Isabelle in East Hastings last Saturday evening, were held Wednesday in the Ellis Funeral Home Chapel. Burial was in Lakeside cemetery. Mrs. Glasby had been living with her daughter, Mrs. Myrtle Lindemann, the past few years, following the death of her husband. Last Saturday evening, Mrs. Lindemann returned from the store to find her mother missing. She, with a neighbor, went to look for the missing women but when they were unable to find her, they notified authorities, who came with search lights. Failing to find any trace of the missing woman, the search was called off about midnight. The following morning, a neighbor, Mrs. Elias (Florence) Nogle and her two children walked to the water's edge and found the body. Born in Bremer county Iowa on January 7th, 1881 (1887) Mrs. Glasby is survived by three sons, Lee of Welch, William of Faribault, and Theodore of Hastings; four daughters, Mrs. Henry (Cecelia) Jacobs of David City, Neb., Mrs. Nina Beason of the Texas Panhandel, Mrs. William (Marie) Dane of Byron, Minn., and Mrs. Lindemann; one sister, Gladys, of Hopkins; two brothers, Floyd Lynn of South St. Paul, and William Lynn of Hastings; five half brothers; three half sisters; and grandchildren and great grandchildren. A visitation was held in the Ellis Funeral Home from Tuesday at 2:00 p.m until time for the funeral service on Wednesday. Rev. Henry Lewis, pastor of the Methodist church, officiated, with Mrs. Richard Burvee presiding at the organ as she and Mrs. Robert Miller sang the hymns, "In the Garden" and "Near the Cross." Serving as pallbearers were Frank Kaiser, Ed Nogle, Roy Glasby, Ernest Glasby, Greg Glasby, and Robert Glasby.
Federal census of the Washington Glasby family, parents of Austin
1870 Federal census New Haven, Olmsted, MN P.O. Rochester, MN 5 July
Glasby, Washington age 45 farm laborer born NY
Glasby, Margaret age 26 keeping house born England
Glasby, Levi age 9 at school born NY
Glasby, Maggie age 6 at school born NY
Glasby, Clinton age 2 born MN
1880 Federal census Pine Island, Goodhue, MN 27 June
Glasby, Washington age 56 farmer born NY
Glasby, Margaret age 39 wife keeping house born England parents Ireland
Glasby, Levi age 18 son at school born MN
Glasby, Clinton age 11 son at home born MN
Glasby, Alfred age 9 son at home born MN
Glasby, Austin age 6 son at home born MN (married Besriebei Linn)
Glasby, Oscar age 6 son at home born MN (married Edith Linn)
Glasby, Mary age 4 dau at home born MN
1900 Federal census Kalmer twp, Olmsted, MN 12 June 1900
Glasby, Washington head born Aug 1828 age 72 born NY
Glasby, Bania son born May 1887 age 13 born MN at school
1910 Federal census New Haven twp., Olmsted, MN (enumerater could not spell names correctly)
Glasby, Margaret head age 64 mother of 9 living 9 born NY
Barth. (Bartholomew), Frances (male) head age 35 married 10 yrs born WI
Barth., B. wife age 33 mother of 2 living 2 orn MN
Barth., Ly___ C. son age 9 born MN
Barth., Edna E. dau age 5 born MN
1910 Federal census New Haven twp, Olmsted, MN
Glasby, Austin head age 35 married 5 yrs born MN
Glasby, Bessie wife age 25 mother of 3 living 3 born IA
Glasby, Lee son age 5 born MN
Glasby, Lucy dau age 3 born WI
Glasby, Onina dau age 9/12 born MN
1930 Federal census Oronoco twp, Olmsted, MN
Glasby, Bessie head age 47 wd born IA
Glasby, Meryl M. dau age 16 born MN
Glasby, Theadore son age 10 born MN
Glasby, Marie dau age 6 born MN
Glasby, Edward son age 4 7/12 born MN
Glasby, Edna dau age 4 7/12 born MN
Children of Besriebei and Austin:
3.1.1 Lee Glasby born 11 Oct 1904 MN died Dec 1975 Cannon Falls, Goodhue, MN buried Lakeside cemetery, Hastings, Dakota, MN married 1st Hazel Slawson died 30 Jan 1936 Olmsted county MN; Lee married 2nd Edna Sylvia Tanney
1930 Federal census Rochester, Olmsted, MN, part 3wd
Glasby, Lee head age 25 born MN
Glasby, Hazel wife age 21 born MN
Glasby, Tony son 3 6/12 born MN
Glasby, Vernon son age 1 6/12 born MN
Hansen, Inez B. lodger age 27 born MN
Note from ICH: also buried near Lee are his two sons:
Kevin P. Glasby 1956-1981
Harry A. Glasby Sp4 CO C 1 BN 7 infantry Vitnam BSM
1 July 1950-21 April 1972
Children of Lee and 1st wife Hazel: Tony Lee Glasby born 20 Feb 1927 Rochester, Olmsted, MN died 25 Feb 2004 buried Ponto Lake Cemetery at Pine River, Cass, MN
Brainerd Daily Dispatch - Brainerd, MN
Obit - Tony L. Glasby - Feb 2004
PINE RIVER -- Tony Lee Glasby, age 77, of Pine River, passed away Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2004, at the St. Cloud VA Hospital. He was born Feb. 20, 1927, in Rochester to Lee and Hazel (Slawson) Glasby. He served in the U.S. Navy during World War II and was a lifetime member of the Disabled American Veterans. Vernon Glasby born 26 Jan 1929 Rochester, Olmsted, MN died 1 aug 1996 St. Paul, Ramsey, MN married 25 Nov 1950 to Matilda Moes
Hastings Star Gazette 8-8-1996
Obit - Vernon Glasby son of Lee and Hazel Slawson
Vernon Robert Glasby of Hastings, a former employee of Hudson Manufacturing, died Thursday, Aug. 1, 1996, at United Hospital in St. Paul. He was 67 years old. Mr. Glasby was born Jan. 26, 1929, in Rochester, the son of Lee and Hazel (Slawson) Glasby. He married Matilda Moes on Nov. 25, 1950, at St. Boniface Church in Hastings. He worked at Hudson for 33 years and was a laborer for Dakota County Highway Department. He was a member of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton parish. He is survived by his daughters. Jean Kavitz of Hastings, and Mary (John) Wells of Red Wing; brothers, Robert (Cathie) and Roy (Katherine), all of Hastings, and Wayne (Kelly) of Cannon Falls; 14 grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; step-mother, Edna Glasby; sisters, Lorraine (Norman) Osmera of Wahoo, Neb., Stella Curtis of Indiana, Lucille Balster of Red Wing, Gloria (Dennis) Burr of White Rock, Charlotte (Tom) Peterson of South St. Paul, and Sylvia (Al) Bauer, Victoria (Jack) Dahlstrom and Delores Riley, all of Red Wing, and Paul (Vickie) of Hastings. He was preceded in death by his parents; sisters, Loretta and Marion, and brothers, Harry and Kevin. Funeral services were held Monday, Aug. 5, at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church, with interment in the St. Boniface cemetery. the Rev. Blane H. Wasnie officiated.
Children of Lee and and 2nd wife Edna: Stella Louise Glasby Lucille Lola Glasby Ernest Glasby Paul Leroy Glasby Charolette Jean Glasby Harry Austin Glasby Gloria Ann Glasby Victoria Marie Glasby Sylvia Leah Glasby Kevin Rodger Glasby Delores May Glasby
3.1.2 William Glasby
3.1.3 Theodore Glasby
3.1.4 Cecelia Glasby married Henry Jacobs
3.1.5 Nina Glasby married a Beason
3.1.6 Marie L. Glasby born 27 May 1924 died 14 Oct 1994 Las Vegas, Clark, NV married William Dane
3.1.7 Myrtle Glasby Lindemann born 14 July 1914 died May 1983 Hastings, Dakota, MN

3.2 Frances Linn twin born 10 May 1888 Milton, Dodge, MN died 30 Nov 1918 Rochester, Olmsted, MN age 30 yrs 5 mths 10 days married 26 Jan 1904 Berne, Dodge, MN to Earl M. Bartholomew born 12 May 1886 Dodge county MN died 5 Mar 1918 at Minnesota State Prison, Stillwater, Washington, MN age 32 yrs 9 mos 23 days buried Milton cemetery, Dodge, MN son of John and Mary (Walker) Bartholomew (MN death records in my files)

1910 Federal census Knife Pct, McKenzie, ND 22 Apr
Bartholomew, Francis servant age 23 mother of 2 living 2 born MN
Bartholomew, Raymond son age 4 born MN (death records shows born SD)
Bartholomew, Pearl dau age 1 born SD
Children of Frances and Earl:
3.2.1 Pearl Mae Bartholomew born 31 Oct 1908 SD died 30 Oct 1985 Goodhue county MN married John Bowman son of Frederick Henry Lynn's second wife.
ICH: Pearl and John adopted my two brother Harry and Fred when they were very young boys. The boys grew up in Lake City area of MN
3.2.2 Roy Monroe Bartholomew born 12 Feb 1911 South Dakota died 10 Nov 1912 Kalmar, Olmsted, MN 1 yr 8 mos 29ds (pre death record) buried Milton cemetery, Milton, Dodge, MN

3.3 Frank Linn twin born 10 May 1888 Milton, Dodge, MN (twin) died 1891, 2 years old

3.4 Edith Linn born 24 Nov 1890 Milton, Dodge, MN (death record shows born 25 Nov 1884) died 30 Aug 1930 Hastings, Dakota, MN buried Lakeside Cemetery, Hastings, MN married 23 Dec 1903 Berne, Dodge, MN to Oscar Glasby born 4 Feb 1874 Genoa, MN died 15 Oct 1937 Colonial Hospital, Rochester, Olmsted county MN son of Washington and Margaret (O'Donley) Glasby

Obit - Hastings Gazette - 5 Sept 1930 - HASTINGS WOMAN IS PREMATURE VICTIM - Mrs. Edith Glasby, Resident Here for Past Six Months, Succumbs at Age of 46. Was Quiet, Kindly Citizen
An illness of three years' duration culminated Saturday morning in the death of Mrs. Edith Glasby, aged 46, at her home on East Second street where she had resided since coming to Hastings from Rochester, Minn., about six months ago. Dropsy and arthritis were the primary causes of her demise. Mrs. Glasby was a quiet, home-loving woman but she had made a number of friends during her brief residence here and her death, occurring in the prime of womanhood, is genuinely deplored. Born at West Concord in Dodge county, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Lynn, Mrs. Glasby had made her home at Rochester until six months ago, when the family moved to this city. Besides her husband, Oscar Glasby, she leaves three children and two grandchildren to mourn her premature calling. The children are Mrs. E. Colburn of Turtle Lake, Wis., and Paul and Gladys, residing at home. her parents, who also survied are living here. There are nine brothers and five sisters living in other localities. The funeral services were conducted Monday afternoon from the residence, Walter Case, Tabernacle pastor officating, and interment took place at Lakeside cemetery. Pallbearers at the services were Henry Hubley, John Zuzek, John Moser, Mat Dorner, Francis Reichling and Herman Schildt, Jr.
Obit - Rochester Post-Bulletin - 16 Oct 1937 - Fish Stuck in Throat Suffocates Man, 63 - Oscar Glasby Dies in Police Ambulance After Falling into Window
Oscar Glasby, 63 years old, a caretaker, died yesterday aftrernoon while being rushed to a hospital in the police ambulance. Death was due to suffocation, caused by a piece of fish stuck in his larynx, according to a physician. Coroner J.E. Crewe said there would be no inquest. Glasby collapsed as he walked in front of the Commercial Lunch & Bar on North Broadway, falling into and smashing a plate glass window. He was still alive when the police ambulance arrived. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Monday from the Earl Vine funeral home. Burial will be at Othello. Glasby was born February 4, 1874 near Genoa. He married Edith G. Lynn of near there. Surviving are one son, Paul, of Rochester; two daughters, Mrs. Ernest Colburn and Mrs. George Soneson of St. Paul; three brothers, Al and Dan of Rochester, and Frank of Genoa; and two sisters, Mrs. Mary Worthing and a Mrs. Phillips of Rochester.
1920 Federal census Rochester, Olmsted, MN - 14 Jan
Glasby, Oscar head age 41 born MN
Glasby, Edith wife age 30 born MN
Glasby, Gladys dau age 13 born WI
Glasby, Paul son age 11 born MN
Glasby, Stella dau age 9 born MN
Glasby, Clinton bro age 48 born MN
1930 Federal census Rochester, Olmsted, MN
Glasby, Oscar head age 55 born MN
Glasby, Edith G. wife age 45 born MN
Glasby, Gladys M. dau age 23 born WI
Glasby, Paul R. son age 21 born WI

3.5 Elmer Jacob "Jake" Linn born 12 Aug 1891 Milton, Dodge, MN bpt 17 Dec 1921 St. Boniface Catholic Church, Hastings, died 16 Apr 1964 Hastings, Dakota, MN buried St. Boniface Catholic Cemetery; never married

3.6 Thomas Jayson Linn born 12 Feb 1896 Milton, Dodge, MN (death record shows born 12 Feb 1895) died 12 Jan 1920 Hastings, Dakota, MN buried 14 Jan 1920 St. Boniface Catholic Cemetery; never married

17 Jan 1920 - Hastings Gazette
Thomas J. Lynn son of Mr and Mrs. Fred Lynn, died on Monday after a week's illness with pneumonia. He was twenty-four years of age, and the family came here from Oneida, S.D., four years ago having previously lived at West Concord, MN. He leaves his parents, eight brothers, Jacob, Floyd, William, Daniel, Carl, John, Patrick, Cecil, and Lester and four sisters, Marie Lynn, of Hastings, Mrs. Oscar Glasbey,, Mrs. Austin Glasbey, and Mrs. George White of Rochester. The funeral was held from St. Boniface Church on Wednesday at nine a. m., the Rev Werner Schneppenheim officiating. Interment at church cemetery.

3.7 Gladys LaVine Linn born Mar 1894 Milton, Dodge, MN died Dec 1976 St. Paul, Ramsey, MN married Adolph Frarck

Stanley Rhonald Frarck born 13 June 1935 Ramsey county

3.8 Lorenzo "Louie" Linn twin born 3 Mar 1898 Milton, Dodge, MN died 8 Mar 1899 Milton, Dodge, MN

3.9 Lorena "Lula" Linn twin born 3 Mar 1898 Milton, Dodge, MN died young? not listed 1900 census

3.10 Floyd Herbert Linn born 5 Aug 1899 Milton, Dodge, MN bpt 17 Dec 1921 St. Boniface Catholic Church, Hastings (bpt records shows born 8 Aug 1898) died 19 Dec 1989 South St. Paul, Ramsey, MN married 25 June 1929 Merrifield, Dakota, MN to Viola Van Horn born 19 Nov 1906 Mission township, Crow Wing, MN died 29 Oct 1999 South St. Paul, Dakota, MN daughter of William Harrison Van Horn and Emma Lavina Myers. Floyd and Viola both buried at Fort Snelling

St. Paul Pioneer Press - 21 Dec 1989
Floyd H. Lynn, age 90, died 19 Dec 1989. Res. South St. Paul. Survived by his wife, Viola; 3 daughters, Eileen Bour & her husband, John, Dolores Caza & her husband, Duane, Beverly Caneff & her husband, Edward; 8 grandchildren, 8 great-grandchildren; 2 sisters, Marie Kaiser, Lillian Clough Pahl; 2 brothers, Joe & Dan Lynn. Preceded in death by his parents Fred & Clara Lynn; 5 sisters & 5 brothers. Private family service 11a.m, Friday, at English-Meeker & Kandt Funeral Home, 140 8th Ave N. SSP. Interment National Cemetery. No visitation.
1930 Federal census South Saint Paul, Ramsey, MN 1 April 1930
Lynn, Floyd H. head age 29 born MN butcher packing Plant
Lynn, Viola wife age 23 born MN parents born IA
Children of Floyd and Viola:
3.10.1 Eileen Lynn
3.10.2 Dolores Lynn
3.10.3 Beverly Lorraine Lynn born 19 June 1940 St. Paul, Ramsey, MN

3.11 William Robert "Bill" Linn born 10 Apr 1900 Milton, Dodge, MN bpt 17 Dec 1921 St. Boniface Catholic Church, Hastings, died 10 Apr 1970 Hastings, Dakota, MN buried St. Boniface Catholic Church Cemetery; never married

3.12 Charles Fredrick Linn born 24 June 1902 Milton, Dodge, MN bpt 25 April 1921 St. Boniface Catholic Church, Hastings (death records shows born 10 April 1902) died 29 Apr 1921 Hastings, Dakota, MN buried 2 May 1921 St. Boniface Catholic Church Cemtery; never married

7 May 1921 - Hastings Gazette
Charles F. Lynn died at his home in Barker's Addition last Saturday, from typhoid fever, aged nineteen years. The funeral was held from St. Boniface Church on Monday at nine a. m., the Rev. Werner Schneppenhelm officiating. Interment at the church cemetery.

3.13 Harry Lyle Linn born Feb 1905 Milton, Dodge, MN died 1912 South Buffalo, Sully, SD

3. Fredrick Henry Lynn second marriage ca 1905-1910 to Elizabeth Ames (my maternal grandmother) born 14 Nov 1887 Milton, Dodge, MN died 23 Oct 1980 Cannon Falls, Goodhue, MN. The following children of Frederick and Elizabeth are 11th generations from Richard Warren1.

Elizabeth also had a son John Robert Bowman born 1907 SD bpt 9 April 1913 St. Boniface Catholic Church, Hastings, Dakota, MN; another record which may be John: John Herbert Bowman born 21 April 1905 MN died 27 Sept 1968 Dakota county MN. Elizabeth was also married 2nd to a James Moore and 3rd Lawrence Elwin "Lindy" Hall. She outlived all her husbands.
Children of Fredrick and Elizabeth:
3.14 Patrick Clifford Lynn born 21 Jan 1910 South Buffalo, Sully, SD died 3 Nov 1973 Hastings, Dakota, MN never married
3.15 Edward Cecil "Dutch" Lynn born 10 Oct 1912 South Buffalo, Sully, SD bpt 9 Mar 1919 St. Boniface Catholic Church, Hastings (bpt records shows born 10 Nov 1912) died 12 Aug 1974 Hastings, Dakota, MN buried at St. Boniface Catholic Church Cemetery married first 27 Dec 1937 before civil registrater/rectified and blessed 25 Sept 1943 at St. Boniface Catholic Church, Hastings/divorced Mabel Julia Nagle born 1919 died 15 Aug 1977 Hastings, Dakota, MN. Dutch daughter of Joseph Nogle and Viola Duncanson; Dutch married second Dora Furney born 26 May 1921 died May 1980 Hastings, Dakota, MN buried at Lakeside cemetery Hastings, MN.
15 Aug 1977
Sulla, Mabel J. (Lynn) age 57, Hastings. Survived by her husband Dale, one daughter Mrs. John T. (Rose Marie) Hansen, Beldenville, Wisc. Two brothers Elias Nogle, Hastings and Wesley of Central Valley, Calif. Two grandchildren, one great grandchild. Visitation 7 to 9 pm Wednesday Ellis Funeral Home, Hastings. Funeral services 10 am Thrusday, Ellis Chapel. Interment St. Boniface Cemetery. Parish wake services 8 pm Wednesday, Ellis Chapel.
Children of Dutch and Mabel:
3.15.1 Anthony "Tony" Edward Lynn born 12 June 1939 Hastings, Dakota, MN died 23 June 1957 in drowning accident near Hastings, Dakota, MN
3.15.2 Rose Marie Lynn born 14 May 1943 Hastings, Dakota, MN
3.16 Francis "Lester" Lynn born 25 Jan 1914 South Buffalo, Sully, SD bpt 9 Mar 1919 St. Boniface Catholic Church, Hastings, died 15 Oct 1980 Red Wing, Goodhue, MN married/divorced Dorothy V. Price born 26 Feb 1911 Deadwood, Lawrence, SD died 31 Mar 1977 Hastings, Dakota, MN buried Lakeside cemetery Hastings, MN dau of Mary Jane Jacobson, sister of James Price of ILL and Bernard Price of Minneapolis, MN
ICH: Aunt Dot as she was known to us was the best pie maker. She made mouth watering pies. She was always smoking while walking around cooking. I always liked her. At time of her death had two sons from her 1st marriage, Daniel Thomas and Ames Henry Haley of St. Paul, MN.
1930 Federal cenus St. Paul, Ramsey, MN 22 April
Haley, Daniel H. head age 41 born MN parents NY/WI
Haley, Dorothy wife age 19 born SD parents SD (married at 16, married 3 yrs)
Haley, Daniel Thomas son age 5/12 born MN (MN birth index 28 Oct 1929 Ramsey county MN)
Children of Dorothy and 1st husband Daniel:
1. Daniel Thomas Haley born 28 Oct 1929 St. Paul, Ramsey, MN
2. Ames Henry Haley born 25 Sept 1933 St. Paul, Ramsey, MN died 22 Dec 2001 St. Paul, Ramsey, MN
3. Mary Jane Rhoda Haley born 8 Aug 1931 St. Paul, Ramsey, MN
3.17 Matthew Daniel "Dan" Lynn born 18 Sept 1916 WI bpt 9 Mar 1919 St. Boniface Catholic Church, Hastings (bpt records shows born 18 Dec 1916) died 25 Sept 1995 Cannon Falls, Goodhue, MN buried St. Ansgar's Lutheran cemetery, Cannon Falls, MN never married
Matt Lynn
Matthew Daniel "Matt" "Dan" Lynn, 79, Cannon Falls and formerly of Hastings, died Monday afternoon, Sept 25, 1995 at the Phoenix Care Center in Cannon Falls. He was born on September 18, 1916 in Hastings, the son of Fred and Elizabeth (Ames) Lynn. He grew up and lived in Hastings, working with his father in farming most all of his life. He was an avid horseman. He is survived by his brother, Joseph (Hazel) Lynn of Vasa; sister, Marie Kaiser of Coates; and nieces, nephews and cousins. He was preceded in death by his parents; 4 sisters and 6 brothes. Funeral service will be held on Thursday, Sept 28 at 1 p.m. at Lundberg Funeral Home in Cannon Falls, with Pastor Kenneth Carlson officiating. Visitation will he held Thrusday from 11 a.m. untile service time at the funeral home. Burial will be at St. Ansgar's Lutheran cmetery in Cannon Falls. memorials are preferred in lieu of flowers. Pallbearers will be Robert Hall, B.J. Hall, John Williamson, Frank Kaiser, Harry Clough and David Carpenter. Arrangements by Lundberg Funeral Home, Cannon Falls.
3.18 Marie (living) born Ravenna township, Dakota, MN bpt St. Boniface Catholic Church, Hastings, married 2 Jan 1936 Hastings, Dakota, MN at St. Boniface Catholic Church to Xavier Joseph Kaiser born 2 Jan 1913 Wilimar, MN died 13 March 1979 Hastings, Dakota, MN buried 16 March 1979 at St. Boniface Catholic Church Cemetery son of Michael Xavier Kasier and Anna Widmer
(ICH: When I was 15 years old I went to live with my aunt Marie and uncle Xavier Kaiser. I called Marie, mom Marie and Xavier, dad Kaiser. They are and were very special people in my life and will always have a special place in my heart.)
Hastings Gazette - March 15, 1970 - Xavier "Joe" Kaiser, 66 Dies Suddenly March 13- Funeral Friday 1:30 p.m.
The many Hastings area friends of well known and friendly Xavier "Joe" Kaiser, age 66, were deeply saddened to learn of his sudden passing on Tuesday, March 13, 1970, in Regina Memorial Hospital, where he had been taken only a short time before. Mr. Kaiser, of 15697 Clayton Avenue, Rosemount, (Empire), had for many years owned and operated Kaiser Auto Parts in Hastings. Visitation is from 3 to 9 p.m. today, March 15, in the Caturia Funeral Home. Funeral services will be conducted at 1:30 p. m. on Friday in the Caturia Funeral Home Chapel by Father Florian Muggli. Interment will be in the St. Boniface Church cemetery. Xavier Joseph Kaiser was born in Watertown, Minnesota, January 2,1913, a son of Michael X. and Anna Widmer Kaiser. He was married to Marie Lynn in St. Boniface Catholic Church, Hastings, Janurary 3, 1936. Mr. Kaiser was engaged in general trucking and was owner/operator of his own fleet, being assisted in the operation by his son. Left to mourn his untimely passing are his wife Marie; three daughters: Mrs. Yvonne Garrelts, Mrs. Jeanette Rowan, both of Hastings and Mrs. Ernest (Irene) Hahn of California; one son, Frank Kaiser of Hastings; four sisters: Mrs. Marie Elling and Mrs. Ralphe (Madeline) Corrigan, both of St. Paul, Mrs. Catherine Girgen of Vermillion and Mrs. Neil (Annette) Hanson of Florida; one brother, Norbert Kaiser of Arizona; also eight grandchildren.
the following are the 1920 and 1930 Federal census on Xavier Joseph Kaiser's parents, brothers and sisters
1920 Federal census Blakely twp, Scott, MN 30/31 Jan
Kaiser, Mike head age 33 born MN farmer general farm
Kaiser, Anna wife age 31 born MN
Kaiser, Cathreine age 8 born MN
Kaiser, Xavier son age 6 born MN
Kaiser, Goffred son age 5 born MN
Kaiser, Clemens son age 4 born MN
Kaiser, Norbert son age 1 born MN
1930 Federal census Vermillion twp, Dakota, MN 3 Apr
Kaiser, Mike head age 44 born MN farmer general farm
Kaiser, Anna wife age 40 born MN
Kaiser, Katherine dau age 18 born MN
Kaiser, Xavier Jr. son age 17 born MN
Kaiser, Goffred son age 15 born MN
Kaiser, Clements son age 13 born MN
Kaiser, Norbert son age 11 born MN
Kaiser, Madeline dau age 8 born MN
Kaiser, Anette dau age 6 born MN
Children of Marie and Xavier "Joe":
3.18.1 Yvonne Mable Kaiser born 7 Dec 1937 Dakota county MN VR's shows 22 Dec 1937 at St. Angustine, South St. Paul, MN died 25 Feb 1995 Modesto, Stanislaus, CA buried St. Boniface Catholic cemetery - Hastings, Dakota, MN. married 1st 22 Oct 1955 to Gerald Joseph Carlson at St. Boniface Catholic Church, Hastings, Dakota, MN/divorced. Gerald was bpt March 1935 at St. Patrick, Eau Claire, WI son of Richard Carlson and Stella Mann. Yvonne married 3rd Dwayne Garrelts/divorced. Yvonne had another husband in between Carlson and Garrelts however I don't recall his name, they divorced.
Modesto Bee - Modesto, CA
Yvonne M. Garrelts - Dec 7, 1937-Feb 25, 1995 - Yvonne Mabel Garrelts, 57, of Modesto died Saturday at Evergreen Convalescent Hospital. Mrs. Garrelts was a native of St. Paul, MN. She lived in Modesto for 14 years. She was a member of Calvary Lutheran Church, Modesto. she is survived by her daughter, Debra Garrelts of Modesto; her mother, Marie Lynn Kaiser of Minnesota; a brother, Frank Kaiser of Minnesota; a sister Irene Hahn of Minnesota; and one grandchild. A funeral will be held at 1:30p.m. Thursday at Whitehurst Norton Funeral Chapel, Turlock, CA. Burial will be held in Minnesota. visitation will be from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday and 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. thursday at the chapel.
Hastings Gazette - Hastings, MN
Yvonne Garrelts, 57, of Modesto, Calif., died Feb 25, 1995. Graveside services were held at St. Boniface Cemetery in Hastings. Rev Carrie Tokheim officiated. Pallbearers were Mike, Kaiser, Churck Kaiser, John Kaiser, Tim Rowan, Terry Rowan and Rusty Hahn. Yvonne Garrelts was born Dec 7, 1937, in South St. Paul, the daughter of Xavier J. and Marie Lynn Kaiser. She was a graduate of Hastings High School. She is survived by her daughter Deborah Garrelts of Modesto; grandson George; mother, Marie of Coates; sister Irene Hahn of Mora; and brother Frank Kaiser of Hastings. She was preceded in death by her father and sister Jeanette Rowan. The Thomas Ellis Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.
Child of Yvonne and Gerald "Jerry"Joseph Carlson:
3.18.1 Paula Jean Carlson born 26 June 1959 Hastings, Dakota, MN died 27 June 1959 Hastings, Dakota, MN, buried in the babies area of St. Boniface Catholic cemetery, Hastings
Child of Yvonne and Dwayne Garrelts:
3.18.2 Debra Garrelts
3.18.2 Jeanette Marie Kaiser born 19 July 1939 Dakota county MN pre VR died 15 Feb 1982 Red Wing Nursing Home, Red Wing, Goodhue, MN buried St. Boniface Catholic cemetery, Hastings, Dakota, MN. was married 1960 first to Jerry Wayne Duckworth/divorced; Jeanette married second 28 July 1962 to William Donald Rowan/Divorced born 22 July 1941 Hastings, Dakota, MN died 10 Feb 1991 Red Wing, Goodhue, MN buried Guardian Angles cemetery, Hastings, Dakota, MN. Bill married 2nd to Linda ___.
Child of Jeanette and Jerry Wayne Duckworth: Anthony Joseph Duckworth
Child of Jeanette and William Donald Rowan: Terrance James Rowan
3.18.3 Frank Xavier Kaiser born Cottage Grove, Washington, MN pre VR married Carolee Jo Jennrich dau of Charles Jennrich and Mae Meyer
Children of Frank and Carolee: Michael Xavier Kaiser Lisa Mae Kaiser Charles Andrew Kasier Jonathan Eric Kaiser Joseph Allen Kaiser
3.19 Margaret Elizabeth Lynn born 8 Apr 1921 Hastings, Dakota, MN bpt 2 May 1921 St. Boniface Catholic Church, Hastings, died 25 June 1970 Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN married first Bob Hazemann. Margaret married second Mel Dixion
Funeral Services for Mrs. Melvin Dixon, 49 Held Sat. June 27
Funeral services for Mrs. Melvin (Margaret A.) Dixon 49 were conducted Saturday, June 27 at 11:00 o'clock in the Caturia Funeral Home Chapel with Rev. Everett Bexell, pastor of Our Saviour's Lutheran church officiating. Serving as pallbearers were Frank Kaiser, DeWayne Garrelts, William Rowan, Harry Clough, Frank Denzer and Dale Sully. Interment was made in the Burnside Cemetery, Burnside, MN. A daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth Hall of Vasa, and the late Fred Lynn, Mrs. Dixon was born April 8, 1921 in Hastings. She attended St. Boniface School and later completed her education at the Hastings High. Mr. and Mrs. Dixon were united in marriage in 1965 at Cannon Falls and established their first home on an acreage near Vasa, later moving into Hastings. She passed away June 25 at the University hospital, following a period of ill health. Surviving the deceased besides her husband are two sisters Mrs. Xavier Kasier of Hastings, Mrs. Lum Pahl of Millville, one step-sister Mrs. Gladys Fraark of Minneapolis, six brothers, Cecil, Patrick, Lester, Daniel of Hastings, Joseph Lynn of Vasa and two stepbrothers, Bill of Hastings and Floyd Lynn of So. St. Paul. A visitation was held at the Caturia Funeral Home at 7:00 p.m. on Friday and on Saturday from 9:00 a.m. until time for the service.
3.20 Luciel May Lynn born 23 May 1922 Hastings, Dakota, MN bpt 16 July 1922 St. Boniface Catholic Church, Hastings (death records shows born 26 May 1922) died 25 Apr 1930 St. Rapheal Hospital in Hastings, Dakota, MN from third degree burns
Hastings Gazette - 25 April 1930 - Child Fighting For life After Gas Explosion
Explosion of Small Quantity of Gasoline Near Kitchen Range May Cost Life of Lucille Lynn, 7-year-old Victim of Household Tragedy. father also Burned. - Lucille Lynn, 7-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lynn, residing in East Hastings, is fighting for her life at St. Raphael's hospital and her father also a hospital patient, is suffering with painful burns about the face, neck and hands as the result of a tragic occurrence at the Lynn home Wednesday afternoon. According to the story told by Mrs. Lynn, a samll quantity of gasoline in a container standing near the kitchen range exploded violcntly while she was in the front room using the telephone. The flaming gasoline container was hurled into an adjoining room where it ignited a five-gallon can of kerosene. A momonet after the explosion, Lucille who had been playing in the kitchen, came running to her mother, her clothing a mass of flames and her hair ablaze. Mrs. Lynn tore the burining garments from the child and smothered the flames with a rug, snatched from the floor. Failing to realize the seriousness of her daughter's injuries, she then carried her outdoors and plced her in the seat of the family car while she returned to the house to call the fire department, the interior of the dwelling, by this time, having been ignited by the flaming herosene. In the meantine, Lillian, a younger sister of Lucille, with her clothing also ablaze, had run to the garden where he father was working. Mr. Lynn beat out the flames in the child's garments with his hands, but in so doing he sustained painful burns which are causing him a great deal of suffering at the hospital, where both he and Lucille where taken for treatment after the tragic mishap. The girl, according to hospital attendants, was resting somewhat easier Thrusday but it was feared that her burns were too serious to respond to medical treatment. Her ears were burned deeply and her scalp was so babdy seared by the flames that it was necessary to remove all of her hair to treat the burns. Parts of her body were also burned and blistered painfully. She was suffering such intense pain, on her arrival at the hospital, that even the opiates, administered to quiet her and deaden the agony of the burns, failed to exercise the desired effect and serveral attendants were required to keep her in bed. The little girl is one of a family of ten children, but fortunately the others, with the exception of Lillian, were not enfangered by the explosion of the gasoline container. The latter, although her clothing was ignited, escaped serious burns, due to her father's prompt action in beating out the flames.
3.21 Joseph "Joe" Peter Lynn born 26 Jan 1924 Hastings, Dakota, MN bpt 28 Jan 1924 St. Boniface Catholic Church, Hastings, died 10 Dec 1997 Red Wing, Goodhue, MN married Hazel Ester Hazemann sister of Bob Haszemann first husband of 3.19 Margaret Elizabeth Lynn.
Children of Joe and Hazel:
3.21.1 Pat Lynn
3.21.2 Carol Lynn
3.21.3 Jerry Dean Lynn born 12 Dec 1958 Hastings, Dakota, MN died 31 Dec 1958 Hastings, Dakota, MN
8 Jan 1959 - Hastings Gazette
Infant Son died Baby Jerry Lynn, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lynn of Welch, born Dec 12, at Memorial Hospital, passed away Dec 31. the child had become ill and while on the way to the hospital he succumbed. the remains lay in state in the Caturia Funeral Home where, Saturday, Jan. 3 at 2:30 p.m. a service was conducted, Pastor Marvin Palmquist of St. John's Lutheran church officiating. burial was made in Lakeside cemetery. Surviving beside the sorrowing parents are two sisters and both the maternal and paternal grandmothers.

3.22 Irene Lillian Lynn born 29 Jan 1926 Hastings, Dakota, MN bpt 5 June 1932 St. Boniface Catholic Church, Hastings, Dakota, MN died at home 15 Aug 1993 Red Wing, Goodhue, MN buried St. Ansgar's Lutheran cemetery, Cannon Falls, MN married first 12 March 1942 in Hastings, Dakota, MN to Harold Lincoln Clough divorced; married second 7 June 1958 Millville, Wabasha, MN to Lumbert Pahl born 8 Aug 1913 Mazeppa, Wabasha, MN died 18 Nov 2000 Rochester,Olmsted, MN son of Fredrick W. Pahl and Christena.

ICH: this is my father's obit. He changed his name to Gerard "Jerry" Beckwith
Wisconsin State Journal- Madison, Wisconsin - Wed July 7th 2004 Gerard "Jerry" Beckwith of Deforest/Waunakee - Gerard "Jerry" Beckwith, age 85 of DeForest/Waunakee, died on Monday, July 5, 2004, at his home, where he was cared for by his wife, children and Hospice, following a brief illness. He was born on Feb 12, 1919 in Maine. He married the former Bonnie Ziegler and they had resided in the Windsor area since 1982. He was formerly employed as a trucker. Following his retirement he delivered papers for The Capital Times and the Prairie Valley News. Jerry enjoyed playing cards with family, fishing, bowling and had a natural talent for playing the organ by ear, after hearing a song. He was a past member of the Madison Moose Lodge and a member of St. Johns Catholic Church in Waunakee. Survivors include his wife, Bonnie; two sons, Harry Clough of Rochester, Mass. (ICH: should be Minn.), and Jera Beckwith of DeForest; six daughters, Irene (Ernie) Hahn of Apache Junction, AZ., Viola Kujath of Oklahoma, Cathy (Donald) Strout of Windham, Maine, Shannon (Andrew) Leuzinger of Mount Horeb, Dawn Beckwith and Irene E.A. (Elizabeth), both of DeForest; two grandchildren; two brothers, Raymond Clough of Port Richie, Fla., and Francis Kavanaugh of Saugus, Mass. He was preceded in death by two sons, Shayne and Shawn Beckwith in a drowning accident in 1973; and other siblings including his brothers, Edwin Clough of Massachusetts, and Sam Clough of New York. Funeral services will he held on Friday, July 9, 2004, at 11 a.m. at St. Johns Catholic Church in Waunakee, Monsignor James Gunn will Officiate. Friends may call at the the Winn Funeral Home on Thursday, July 9, 2004 from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. Friends may also call at the Church on Friday, from 10 a.m. until the time of services. Winn Funeral Home, 5785 Hwy Q, Waunakee.
Rochester Post Bulletin archives 20 Nov 2000 - Plainview
The funeral for Lumbert Pahl will be 1 p.m. Tuesday at Schleicher Funeral Homes, Plainview Chapel, with the Rev. Terje Hausken officiating. Burial will be in the Millville Cemetery with military graveside rites by the Millville American legion. Mr. Pahl, 87, of Plainview, formerly of rural Millville, died Saturday (Nov. 18, 2000) at Saint Marys Hospital in Rochester. born Aug 8, 1913, in Mazeppa, he grew up there and attended Mazeppa schools. he and his wife, Irene Lynn, farmed in the Millville area. She died in 1994. (1993 ICH) survivors include a son, Donald of Rochester; four grandchildren; three sisters, Minnie Sorenson of Rochester, Nina (Ozzie) Jensen of Eyota and Violet Denny of Swansville, Minn; and two brothers, Harry of Utica and Gilbert of Millville. he was preceded in death by a daughter and several brothers and sisters. Friends may call an hour before the service Tuesday at the funeral home.
Children Irene and 1st husband Harold:
3.22.1 Irene Elizabeth Clough
3.22.2 Viola "Vi" Katherine Clough
3.22.3 Harry Harold Clough
Child of Irene and Lawrence "Lindy" Hall who married my maternal grandmother many years later.
3.22.4 Robert "Bob" John Clough Hall
Child of Irene and unknown:
3.22.5 Fredrick "Fred" Elmer Clough
Child of Irene and Mr.Taylor:
3.22.6 Adeline Marie (Punky) Clough born 27 April 1954 Hastings, Dakota, MN died 19 Sept 1970 St. Mary's hospital at Rochester, Olmsted, MN buried St. Boniface cemtery, Hastings, Dakota, MN. Died of injuries from auto accident.
When she was a young child she was adopted by my uncle Joseph Peter Lynn and Dorothy his wife, after which she was called Adeline Marie Lynn. She was of half Indian blood.
Car accident takes life of Marie Lynn, 16 - Final Services Tues. Marie Lynn, 16 years old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Lynn of 1162 E. 3rd St., succumbed Saturday, Septemter 19, at St. Marys hospital at Rochester, where she had been taken, following a one car accident, late Friday night or early Saturday morning near Cannon Falls. She was taken to the hospital, suffering severe head injuries, which later caused her death. the driver of the car Dennis Taube 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. August Taube of Cannon Falls, died at the scene of the accident. According to authorities, the accident was evidently caused by the car striking a railroad embankment. Miss. Lynn's body was brought to the Caturia Funeral Home, where a visitation was held from Monday 7:30 p.m. until Tuesday, Sept 22, at 2:00 p.m. when funeral services were conducted in St. Boniface church, with Rev. Robert O.S.B. officiating, whith burial in the St. Boniface cemetery. Serving as pallbearers were Dale Sulla, DeWayne Garrelts, Steve Crapps, Cody Evans, Jim Bohn and Harold Copley. Besides her parents, Miss Lynn is also survived by her grandmother, Mrs. Elizabeth Hall of Vasa.
Child of Irene and unknown:
3.22.7 Sophia Marie "Connie" Clough 1 Sept 1955 Hastings, Dakota, MN
ICH: she was adopted when she was 2 half years old and raised in Iowa under a different name. I was able to locate her. We meet again in 1993.
Children of Irene and 2nd husband Lambert Pahl:
3.22.8 Donald Lumbert Pahl born 17 March 1959 Rochester, Olmsted, MN
3.22.9 Betsy Lou Pahl born 23 Nov 1960 Rochester, Olmsted, MN died 4 Sept 1985 Millville, Wabasha, MN auto accident buried 6 Sept 1985 Millville cemetery
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