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Robert Waterman and his wife Elizabeth Bourne
see the following for our connection Abiah5 Waterman born 11 Dec 1714 Marshfield, Plymouth, MA bpt 13 May 1716 same place died 27 Feb 1782 Middletown Upper Houses, Middlesex, CT married John Eells
Ancestral Heads of New England Families page 253
There were three Waterman brothers who came to Amercia.
Richard was at Salem, MA, 1629, removed Providence, RI 1638, later to Warwick, RI 1643, finally to Newport, RI where he died 1673
Thomas was at Roxbury, MA before 1641, removed to Warwick, RI 1645 where he died 1676
Robert was in Salem, MA 1636, in Marshfield, MA 1638 until his death
Our Family line begins with Robert Waterman
1.    Robert Waterman born ca 1608, from Norwich, co Norfolk, England buried 10 Dec 1652, Marshfield, Plymouth, MA age 44 son of Thomas Waterman. Robert Waterman married 11 Dec 1638 at Marshfield, Plymouth, MA to Elizabeth Bourne born 1618 Tenderdon, co Kent, England died 12 Dec 1663, Marshfield, Plymouth, MA daughter of Thomas Bourne (1581-1664) and Elizabeth Bassendon (1590-1660). After Robert Waterman died his widow Elizabeth married Thomas Tilden bpt 19 Jan 1618/19 Tenterden, co Kent, England.
Mayflower Planters, Cape Code Series vol II 1580-1620 page 153
Robert1 Waterman arrived in New England from Norwich, England in 1636. The most valuable sites around Plymouth had already been taken up, so that the new comers had to push out boats along the shores of Massaachusetts Bay to find suitable places to settle. Robert finally located a pleasant place near Green's Harbor in what in now Marshfield. Here he resided until his death in Dec 12, 1652, and served efficiently in numerous town offices.
Marshfield A Town of Villages 1640-1990 by Cynthia Hagar Krusell/betty Magoun Bates 1990 page 75-76
Fifth and last of the original settlers on Marshfield Neck at Rexhame was Robert Waterman, who married Elizabeth Bourne in 1638 and settled north of Josiah Winslow and east of his father-in-law, Thomas Bourne. His house was located opposite today's Old Colony Lane, but is no longer standing. He served the town as a deputy to the Plymouth Colony Court. He had four sons who, when he died in 1652, were put under the guardianship of his neighbors Josiah Winslow and Anthony Snow. His son Joseph, born in 1639 or 1640, inherited the home and, not unexpectedly, married Sarah Snow, daughter of his guardian. Perhaps the isolation of the Neck contributed to the closeness and mutual support of the families there. The farm remained in the Waterman family for six generations and was sold eventually to Captain Otis Baker, whose widow, Mary, died there in 1900 at the age of 102.
Servants and masters in the Plymouth Colony, Appendices I,II, and III on Plymouth Colony Laws, court Orders, and descriptive Statistics:
Februay 6, 1665/66; PCR 4:113
Mr Josias Winslow and Anthony Snow are approued by the Court to be guardians to two of the sonnes of Robert Waterman, deceased, viz, Joseph Waterman and Robert Waterman; and supposing that Robert Waterman is under age, the Court appoints the said Mr. Winslow and Anthony Snow to bee guardian to him, as above said.
The Tilson Genealogy page 482: Inventory of estate of Robert Waterman of Marshfield, taken 13 Jan 1652/3, on oath of Elizabeth Waterman of Marshfield by Anthony Eames, Edmond Hicksman, Mark Evans and Anthony Snow. Amount œ78. Letters of Administration granted to Elizabeth Waterman, 1 Mar 1652/3. Ply Col Rec Vol III,IV 1651-68.
The Mayflower Descendant Volume 11 April 1909 No. 2: Robert Waterman died at Marshfield, 10 Dec 1652, his inventory was taken 13 Jan 1652; his widow Elizabeth was appointed administratix 1 Mar 1652.
Snow-Estes Ancestry by Snow, Nora Emma 1939 page 145-147
Robert Waterman, yeoman, was of Plymouth, where he bought land May 7, 1639, but he removed to Marshfield, and was a freeman Mar. 7, 1642. A proprietor 1643; in Plymouth militia, 1643; a deputy in 1646; and a town officer. he settle next north to his brother-in-law, Josias Winslow, Sr. on Marshfield Neck, and the latter with Anthony Snow were appointed guardians to his two sons Joseph and Robert, Feb 6, 1665, after their mother's death, Mar 1, 1652, his widow was appointed administratrix of his estate, an inventory of which was taken and appraised by "Mr Anthony Eames Mr Hinksman Marke Eames and Anthony Snow the 13th Day of January 1652, exhibited att the court holden at Plymouth the sixt of June 1653, on the oath of Elizabeth Waterman." In connection with the settlement of his estate, the following is of interest; taken from Plymouth Colony deeds, III:169:
"Marshfeild the 4th of July 1670... wheras the Court of Plymouth was please formerlyy to graunt a Certaine p'sell of land and meddow unto Mr Jonathan Brewster late of Duxburrow, neare adjacent to the late fferey of and between Marshfeild and Scittuate which said land was allianated ... by the said Jonathan to old howell late of Marshfeild aforsaid, and three other p'sons; and after the death of the said howell; the Court thought meet to appoint Edmond Weston o Duxburrow to makesale of the said howells p'te whoe sold the same to Robert Waterman of Marshfeild aforsaid Deceased which said lands; I whose name is underwritten can testify that Elizabeth the late wife of Robert Waterman; and exequtrix of the said Robert, did make sale of the said p'sell of Land to Thomas Tilden of the Towne aforsaid for thirty pounds for the better Inabling her to; satisy the Creditors, her husband Waterman was Indebted unto; which said lands was put into the Inventory; and that I did receive; all or the Most p'te of the prise of the said land, and payed Debts therwith for and in her behalfe; as will or may appeer by severall acquittances from the creditors and this sale was made by her to the said Tilden, before her marriage with him; which said land the said Tilden sold afterwards to William Shurtley. me Josias Winslow;
As to the truth of what is here written I doe further testify to the account as knowne by mee John Bourne
The above witten was ordered by the Court to bee Recorded July 7th 1670"
Children of Robert and Elizabeth were:
1.1 Joseph2 Waterman born 1639/40 died young
1.2 Deacon John2 Waterman born 19 Apr 1642 Marshfield, Plymouth, MA died 14 Sept 1718 age 77 yrs Plympton, Plymouth, MA married 7 Dec 1665 at Plymouth, Plymouth, MA to Anna Sturtevant born 4 June 1647 Plymouth, Plymouth, MA died 9 Feb 1719/20 Plympton, Plymouth, MA age 71 dau of Samuel and Ann Sturtevant. Both buried in the Ye Olde Burial Grounds, Plympton, MA.
Children of Deacon John and Anna as shown in Snow-Estes Ancestry 1939:
1.2.1 Samuel Waterman born 16 Oct 1666 Plymouth, Plymouth, MA died 10 Mar 1717/18 marrried 1st 16 Jul 1692 Mary Ransom; married 2nd Bethiah who died at Plympton, 29 Jan 1726/7 age 59
1.2.2 Elizabeth Waterman born 15 Jan 1668/9 Plymouth, Plymouth, MA married Edmund Tilson
1.2.3 Anna H. Waterman born 18 Oct 1671 Marshfield, Plymouth, MA died 11 Mar 1735/6 married Robert Ransom. They had nine children
1.2.4 Lydia Waterman born 9 May 1678 Marshfield, Plymouth, MA died 23 July 1757 married a Shaw
1.2.5 Dea. Robert Waterman born 9 Feb 1681/2 Marshfield, Plymouth, MA died 16 Jan 1749/50 at Halifax married 1st 19 Mar 1702 to Mary Cushman born 12 Oct 1682 Plymouth, Plymouth, MA died 13 Mar 1722/3 Plympton, Plymouth, MA ; married 2nd Elizabeth Cushman born 17 Jan 1686 Plymouth, Plymouth, MA died 12 Mar 1725 Plympton, Plymouth, MA age 39y 1m 24d dau of Rev. Isaac and Rebecca (Rickard) Cushman; married 3rd Abigail Dingley who died 28 Nov 1771 Halifax
1.2.6 Capt. John Waterman born 23 Sept 1685 Marshfield, Plymouth, MA died 8 June 1761 Halifax married 19 Dec 1709 Lydia Cushman born 13 Dec 1687 Plymouth, Plymouth, MA

1.3 Thomas2 Waterman born 30 Nov 1644 Marshfield, Plymouth, MA died 19 June 1708 Norwich, New London, CT buried Norwich Town Burying Ground married Nov 1668 at Norwich, New London, CT to Miriam Tracy born ca 1648 Wethersfield, Harthford, CT died 1742 at Norwich, New London, CT only dau of Thomas Tracy and his 3rd wife Mary of Norwich;

Descendants of Robert Waterman, of Marshfield, MA in the line of his son Thomas online at NewEnglandAncestors. org
Thomas emigrated to Saybrook, Conn., where he remained a few years; thence to Norwich, Conn., and was one of the first settlers of that ancient town.
from the Cary Family in America: Thomas, third son of Robert and Elizabeth Waterman was born in 1644. He was married to Miriam Tracy, of Norwich, in November, 1668. (Page 43.) They had eight children.Thomas was one of the original purchasers of Norwich, to which place he removed in or about 1660. His granddaughter Hannah was the mother of Benedict Arnold. Thomas Waterman one of the thirty purchasers of Norwick, CT
Lance Ware at Lance.Ware@cox.net has some good information on Thomas Waterman family on ancestry.com
Hyde Genealogy by Walworth, Reuben H. 1864 shows the following children married etc
Children Thomas and Miriam all born in Norwich, New London, CT
1.3.1 Thomas Waterman born Sept 1670 died 31 Dec 1755 Norwich, New London, CT married 29 June 1691 Elizabeth Allen/Allyn born 24 Dec 1669 Norwich, CT died 15 March 1755 Norwich, CT dau of John and Elizabeth (Gager) Allyn
Ensign Thomas Waterman
Ensign Thomas Waterman was oldest son of Ensgin Thomas Waterman, one of the original proprietors of Norwich.
Probate Records of Norwich, CT
Waterman, Thomas, Will Probated 6 April 1756. He late of Norwich. the exec. died before the Testater. At a Court held 7 June 1756 power of admin. granted to Asa Waterman upon the Estate of his father Thomas Watermen. Bequest to beloved wife Elizabeth, to son Thomas, to sons, John, Ebenezer, Daniel, Elisha, Asa. to my two daughters Elizabeth Lothrop and Sarah Slumar, wife Elizabeth sole Exec. (she died before husband) will made 15 May 1734. Wit. Isaac Huntington, Francis Griswold, James Hid
Children of Thomas and Elizabeth all born in Norwich from Hyde Genealogy: Thomas Waterman born 25 April 1692 married Sarah Haskins John Waterman born 16 April 1694 Elizabeth Waterman born 13 Aug 1696 died 1773 Norwich, CT married 26 June 1712 Samuel Lothrop Ebenezer Waterman born 20 Feb 1698 died 12 March 1782 married 19 Dec 1721 Sarah Griswold born 19 Jan 1700/1 Norwich, CT died 9 March 1748/9 dau of Samuel and Susannah (Huntington) Griswold Daniel Waterman born 2 Oct 1701 Norwich, CT died 7 March 1773 Norwich, CT married 26 June 1723 Norwich, CT Mary Gifford born 23 Dec 1701 Norwich, CT died 22 Oct 1760 Norwich, CT dau of Samuel and Mary (Caulkins) Gifford Elisha Waterman born 4 July 1704 died 13 Feb 1771 Norwich, CT married 22 Jan 1732 Norwich, CT Sarah Hackley born 2 Sept 1713 New London, CT died 1 Dec 1776 Norwich, CT dau of Peter and Elizabeth (Waterhouse) Hackley Asa Waterman born 15 Nov 1706 died 14 Nov 1783 Norwich, CT married Lucy Hyde born 16 April 1713 Norwich, CT died 16 Nov 1790 Norwich, CT dau of John and Experience (Abel) Hyde
Children of Asa and Lucy born at Norwich, CT: Thomas Waterman born 12 Aug 1734 drowned in 1773 while washing sheep married 24 May 1759 Eunice French born 24 July 1739 Norwich, CT dau of Samuel and Elizabeth (White) French
Children of Thomas and Eunice born in Norwich: Azariah Waterman born 3 April 1761 died from small pox ca 1780's Erastus Waterman born 19 March 1773 died 16 March 1850 Norwich, CT unmarried Lucy Waterman born 22 Sept 1763 married A Bostwick they settled in Charlton, NY and had seven children (Elizabeth, Sarah, Lucy, Harriet, Rhoda, Olive and a son) Eunice Waterman born 5 Jan 1765 died 3 Sept 1846 married 24 Nov 1791 Eber Backus Esq. born 10 Oct 1767 Norwich, CT died 30 May 1845 Caroline Waterman born 25 march 1769 married a Barlow they moved to Saratoga county NY Asa Waterman born 1 May 1743 married 20 July 1777 wid Anne Sterry of Providence, RI born 23 Feb 1752 dau of Gov. Nicholas and Hannah (Sabin) Cook
Hyde Genealogy, the descendants in the female as well as the male lines from William Hyde of Norwich by J. Munsell 1864 page 109
Capt. Asa Waterman was a commissary in the war of the revolution, and was for a time stationed at Providence which is where he probably became acquainted with his wife. After his death, his widow and children removed to Barrington, RI where she took possession of propety left her by her father.
Children of Asa and Anne born at Norwich: Robert Sterry Waterman born 9 Nov 1781 Timothy Waterman born 30 June 1783 Asa Waterman born 24 Aug 1785 lived at Dighton, MA Nicholas Cook Waterman born 15 Nov 1787 Lucretia Waterman born 29 April 1778 Nancey Waterman born Feb 1780 married a Watson Azariah Waterman born 18 Dec 1745 died 7 Sept 1753 Arunah Waterman born 24 April 1749 died 27 Aug 1838 Johnson, VT married 24 Jan 1771 Hannah Leffingwell born 19 Jan 1749 Norwich, CT 22 Dec 1812 Johnson, VT dau of John and Hannah (Edgerton) Leffingwell
Hyde Genealogy, the descendants in the female as well as the male lines from William Hyde of Norwich by J. Munsell 1864 page 109
Arunah belonged to Capt. Johnson's company of minute men in the war of the revolution. After his discharge, in 1777, he was assistant commissary of purchases, baggage maste, etc. They resided at Norwich until 1801 when they removed to Johnson, VT. He was a justice of the peace, and was a member of the Vermont legislature for several years.
Children of Arunah and Hannah all born in Norwich, CT: Asa Waterman born 2 Dec 1772 married 1st Anna McConnell; married 2nd Anna Dodge Arunah Waterman born 8 Nov 1778 married 1st Rebecca Noyes; married 2nd Mehitable Dodge Thomas Waterman born 5 Jan 1781 married Eleanor Dodge Azariah Waterman born 2 May 1785 married 1807 at Johnson, VT still there in 1856 Joseph Waterman born 13 Aug 1787 married 1st Lucy M. Flint; married 2nd Laura Ann Hubbel Hannah Waterman born 14 April 1774 married Dyar Leffingwell Lucretia Waterman born 25 April 1776 married Levi Atwood Fanny Waterman born 21 Feb 1783 married Thomas M. Pollard Lucy Waterman born 18 July 1793 married Joseph Doane Azariah Waterman born 1 Oct 1754 died 5 Sept 1759 Lucy Waterman born 15 Jan 1737 married her second cousin Judge Matthew Adgate son of Matthew and Hannah (Hyde) Adgate Mary Waterman born 19 April 1739 married her second cousin Capt. Jedediah Hyde son of Rev. Jedediah and Jerusha (Perkins) Hyde Deborah Waterman born 8 May 1741 died 2 June 1755 Sarah Waterman married Slumar Nehemiah Waterman born 5 Aug 1709 Norwich, CT died 27 Oct 1796 Bozrah, CT married 28 Feb 1733 Sarah Gifford born 21 Oct 1712 Norwich, CT died 21 Jan 1795 Bozrah, New London, CT dau of Samuel and Mary (Caulkins) Glifford and sister of Nehemiah's brother Daniel
1.3.2 John Waterman born Mar 1672 married 1st 5 Nov 1701 Elizabeth Lathrop born 1 Nov 1679 died 5 Oct 1708 Norwich, CT dau of Samuel and Hannah (Adgate) Lathrop; John married 2nd 27 Sept 1709 Mrs. Judith Woodward died 15 May 1720; John married 3rd 16 Apr 1721 Elizabeth Bassett
Connecticut Puritan Settlers at Genealogy.com
John Waterman and Elizabeth Lathrop, both of Norwich, married Nov 5, 1701. Four Children are recorded to them, among the number, is Hannah, born Sept 28 1708.
Hannah Waterman married 11 Aug 1730 at Norwich, CT to Absalon King, of Long Island who died 23 Sept 1732;
Hannah married 8 Nov 1733 Benedict Arnold
Children of John and 1st wife Elizabeth all born in Norwich, CT (Vital Records of Norwich 1659-1848) Elizabeth Waterman born 5 Oct 1702 died 1752 married 1724 Jonathan Avery  of Norwich, CT son of Thomas and Hannah (Miner) Avery; he married 2nd 1752 Dorothy (Denison) Copp wid of David Copp Eleazer Waterman born 22 June 1704 married 1731 Martha Adgate born 1710 died 1755 John Waterman born 8 June 1706 died 23 April 1730 unmarried Hannah Waterman born 28 Sept 1708 Norwich, New London, CT died Norwich, New London, CT married 11 Aug 1730 at Norwich, CT 1st Absalom King born 6 Jan 1703/4; 2nd 8 Nov 1733 Benedict Arnold III
            Child of Hannah and Absalom:
   Hannah King born 28 July 1731 died 30 April 1739
            Children of Hannah and Benedict: Benedict Arnold born 15 Aug 1738 Norwich, CT died 30 April 1739 the Traitor London, Middlesex, England
   Benedict Arnold born 3 Jan 1740/1 died 14 June 1801
   Hannah Arnold born 9 Dec 1742
   Mary Arnold born 4 June 1745
   Absalom King Arnold born 4 April 1747
   Elizabeth Arnold born 19 Nov 1749
   Absalom Arnold born 22 Oct 1750
   Mary Arnold born 10 Sept 1753
   Elizabeth Arnold born 29 Sept 1755
Children of John and 2nd wife Judith: William Waterman born 20 July 1710 died 1789 married 1733 Margaret Tracy born 1710 Samuel Waterman born27 Sept 1712 Ebenezer Waterman born 2 Feb 1714/5 married 1748/9 Elizabeth (Chapman) Comstock wid of Jeremiah Chapman Peter Waterman born 31 Aug 1717
Children of John and 3rd wife Elizabeth: Mary Waterman born 12 Oct 1722 David Bassett Waterman born 9 Sept 1725 Elizabeth Waterman born 28 Aug 1730 died 1765 married 1751 Nathaniel Backus born 1727 died 1787 son of Nathaniel and Hannah (Baldwin) Backus; Nathaniel married 2nd 1766 Elizabeth Lefflingwell
1.3.3 Elizabeth Waterman born 8 Aug 1675 died 25 June 1751 married 10 July 1695 Capt. John Fitch born 1667 died 24 May 1743 of Windham, CT
History of the Fitch family A.D. 1400-1930
by Roscoe Conkling Fitch 1930
page 205
Children of Elizabeth and John: Elizabeth Fitch born 1 June 1696 married Nathaniel Webb son of Samuel Webb Miriam Fitch born 17 Oct 1699 died 1744 married Hezekiah Riley Priscilla Fitch born 5 Feb 1702 married Rev. Solomon Paine of Canterbury, CT Capt. John Fitch II born 18 March 1705 died 19 Feb 1760 married 1731 his second cousin Alice Fitch dau of Ebenezer Fitch of Wiondsor, CT
1.3.4 Miriam Waterman born Apr 1678 died 22 Sept 1760 unmarried
1.3.5 Martha Waterman born 6 Dec 1680 Norwich, CT died 18 Nov 1753 Lyme, CT married 30 June 1709 as his 2nd wife Deacon Reinold3 Marvin born 1699 Lyme, CT died 18 Oct 1737 Lyme, CT son of Lieut. Reinold2 and Sarah (Clark) Marvin
Descendants of Reinold and Matthew Marvin of Hartford, CT by George Franklin Marvin 1904 page 48
Reinold was first married 1696 Phebe Lee born 14 Aug 1677 Lyme, CT died 27 Oct 1707 Lyme, CT dau of Thomas and Mary (DeWolf) Lee.
Reinold was chosen one of the first two deacons in the First Congregational Church, Lyme, when it was formed, 27 march 1693, but he is more frequently referred to, on the later town records, by his military title.
Children by Reinold and 1st wife Phebe:
Phebe Marvin born 3 Dec 1796
Reinold Marvin born Jan 1698/9
Daniel Marvin born 24 Jan 1701/2
Lydia Marvin born 12 Jan 1703/4
Hester "Esther" Marvin born 3 April 1707
Children of Martha and Reinold: Martha Marvin born 3 April 1710 Elisha Marvin born 26 April 1711 died infant James Marvin born 26 May 1713 Sarah Marvin born 8 march 1715/16 Elisha Marvin born 8 March 1717/18 Miriam Marvin born March 1719/20
1.3.6 Lydia Waterman born Aug 1683 married 25 Nov 1708 Eleazer Burnham born 1678 son of Thomas and Lydia (Palgree) Burnham of MA
1.3.7 Anne Waterman born Apr 1689 married 4 Nov 1713 Josiah DeWolf born 1689 of Lyme son of Simon and Sarah (Lay) DeWolf

1.4 Joseph Waterman born ca 1649/50 Marshfield, Plymouth, MA (at Neck End) died 3 Jan 1712 Marshfield, Plymouth, MA age 62 and buried in the Winslow Cemetery at Marshfield, MA (MD 8:177 and 10:50). Joseph married 1673 to Sarah3 Snow born June 1651 Marshfield, Plymouth, MA died 11 Sept 1741 Marshfield, Plymouth, MA age 90 yrs 3 mths, she is buried in the same cemetery as her husband Joseph (MD 10:50). Sarah was the daughter of Anthony Snow and Abigail2 Warren. My line

The will of Joseph Waterman of Marshfield, MA (Plymouth county PR #22163 dated 6 Aug 1709, mentions wife Sarah and following children: Joseph, Anthony, Sarah Hewett, Elizabeth Bartlett dec'd, Abigail Winslow, Bethiah and Lydia. Will proved 12 March 1710. Joseph and Sarah (Snow) Waterman had five daughters and two sons. Copies of their birth records will be found in the Marshfield, MA Vital Records, printed in the second and third volumes of Mayflower Descendant magazine.

Children all born in Marshfield, Plymouth, MA
1.4.1 Sarah4 Waterman born 4 May 1674 died 25 Apr 1757 Marshfield Plymouth, MA buried in the Old Burial Grounds of the Congregational Church in Marshfield. Sarah married Solomon Hewett born 25 Nov 1670 Marshfield, Plymouth, MA died 5 Dec 1715 Marshfield, Plymouth, MA son of John Hewett and Martha Winter
1.4.2 Joseph4 Waterman (Sarah Snow3, Abigail2 Warren, Richard1 Warren) born 2 or 20 Jan 1676 died 23 Nov 1715 aged 49 yrs Marshfield, Plymouth, MA married 16 June 1709 by Rev. James Gardner at Marshfield, Plymouth, MA to his first cousin Lusannah4 Snow (Josiah Snow3, Abigail2 Warren, Richard1 Warren) born 7 Mar 1682/3 Marshfield, Plymouth, MA died 7 Mar 1732 Pembroke, Plymouth, MA age 49 yrs under name Lusannah Tracy wid of Thomas Tracy daugthter of Josiah3 Snow and Rebecca Barker. My Line
Families from Joseph and Lusannah have double Mayflower lines to Richard1 Warren.
Lusannah married 2nd at Marshfield, MA on 3 June 1723 Thomas Tracy born ca 1688 died 8 Dec 1755 Pembroke age 67 son of John and Deborah Tracy. Thomas married 2nd at Pembroke on 28 May 1733 Lydia (Randall) Barstow.

Estate of Joseph Waterman of Marshfield, MA (Plymouth co PR #22164) mentions a Letter 17 Jan 1715, widow Luce Anna Waterman appt'd admx. Inventory taken 11 Jan 1715, mentions 299 acres at Norwich. Mentions daughters Abigail Magoon wife of John Magoon Jr. and Abiah Eells wife of John Eells, the only children of Joseph Waterman.

Children of Joseph and Lusannah: Abigail5 Waterman born 10 Apr 1710, Marshfield, Plymouth, MA died 4 Feb 1791 Pembroke, MA aged 81 yrs buried North Pembroke, MA married 28 Nov 1728 at Marshfield, Plymouth, MA to John Magoun Jr/Magoon born 10 July 1705 Scituate, Plymouth, MA bpt 22 July 1705 Second Church of Scituate died 19 Aug 1743 Pembroke, Plymouth, MA buried Pembroke, MA son of John and Hannah (Turner) Magoun
The will of John Magoon of Pembroke, gentleman, dated 15 Aug 1743, proved 5 Sept 1743, names mother Hannah Magoon; wife Abigail; sons John and Joseph Magoon; daus. Lusanna Magoon and Abigail Magoon
Children of Abigail and John all born in Pembroke: Lusanna Magoon born 16 Jan 1729 bpt 24 May 1730 Second Church of Scituate Abigail Magoon born 28 Feb 1732 bpt 20 May 1733 Second Church Scituate John Magoon born 6 Aug 1735 bpt 19 Oct 1735 Second Church of Scituate Hanah Magoon born 17 May 1737 bpt 11 Sept 1737 Second Church of Scituate died 15 May 1738 Betty Magoon born 19 March 1738 died 10 April 1739 Joseph Magoon born 28 May 1740 died 30 Aug 1740 Joseph Magoon born 8 Sept 1741 Joseph5 Waterman born June 1712 Marshfield, Plymouth, MA died there 28 Mar 1715 buried Winslow Cemetery Marshfield, MA Abiah5 Waterman born 11 Dec 1714 Marshfield, Plymouth, MA bpt 13 May 1716 same place died 27 Feb 1782 Middletown Upper Houses, Middlesex, CT married John Eells (see Eells page for info on this line) my line
1.4.3 Elizabeth4 Waterman born 7 Sept 1679 died Oct 1708 Marshfield, Plymouth, MA (MD 8:177) married 28 Dec 1699 as his first wife her second cousin Ichabod4 Bartlett died perhaps at Duxbury ca 1716/7 son of Benjamin3 Bartlett and Sarah Brewster. After Elizabeth died, Ichabod married 14 Nov 1709 as his second wife Desire5 Arnold and had children by her also. Children of Elizabeth and Ichabod: Josiah, Nathaniel, Joseph and Elizabeth
1.4.4 Abigail4 Waterman born 31 Dec 1681 died 18 Aug 1729 age 47 Marshfield, Plymouth, MA (MD 10:51) married as his first wife Kenelm Winslow born 22 Sept 1675 died 1 June 1757 age 82son of Nathaniel Winslow and Faith Miller. After Abigail died Kenelm married as his second wife Ann WinslowTaylor widow of John Taylor and daughter of Edward Winslow.
1.4.5 Anthony4 Waterman born 4 June 1684 died 3 Apr 1715 Marshfield, Plymouth, MA (MD 10:50) married Elizabeth5 Arnold daughter of Seth Arnold4 and Elizabeth Gray. After Anthony's death Elizabeth married second 17 Jan 1717/18 to Jonathan3 Alden
1.4.6 Bethiah4 Waterman born 20 Aug 1687 Marshfield, MA died 28 Nov 1746 Boston, Suffolk, MA buried Granary Burial Ground married 20 Feb 1710/11 by Rev. James Gardner to Samuel Doggett born 7 April 1683 Marshfield, Plymouth, MA died Sept 1745 Boston, Suffolk, MA son of Samuel Doggett and 1st wife Mary Rogers
see A history of the Doggett-Daggett family by Samuel Bradlee Doggett 1979
see John Rogers of Marshfield and some of his descendants by Josiah H. Drummond 1898 page 20-21 on Mary Rogers and Bathsheba Holmes wives of Samuel Doggett
see Mayflowr Families Through Five Generations vol 18 Part 1 Richard Warren for children of Bethiah and Samuel page 153

1.4.7 Lydia4 Waterman born 20 Feb 1689 Marshfield, MA died 17 Jan 1750 Marshfield, Plymouth, MA (MD 10:49) married John Thomas born 8 Nov 1683 Marshfield, MA died 14 April 1769 Marshfield, MA son of Samuel and Mercy (Ford) Thomas

Mayflowr Families Through Five Generations vol 18 Part 1 Richard Warren
The will of John Thomas of Marshfield, yeoman, Dated 12 May 1764, proved 16 May 1770
all children below shown in same book
Children of Lydia and John all born in Marshfield, MA: Zerviah Thomas born 3 Oct 1715 died 23 Noc 1808 age 93 yrs Plainfield, CT married ca 1743 James Bradford born 2 July 1717 Plymouth, MA died 10 Oct 1801 age 84 yrs Plainfield, CT son of William and Hannah (Foster) Bradford. Bradford line descendant of Pilgrims William Bradford and Richard Warren
James Bradford's will Plainfield, CT dated 17 May 1798, proved 5 Jan 1802, names wife Keziah (sic); sons Anthony and Samuel; oldest dau Persillah Dorrance and dau Keziah Clift Ann Thomas born 5 April 1717 died 7 Dec 1723 age 6 yrs Anthony Thomas born 25 March 1719 died 14 July 1781 age 62 yrs 3 mos 20 days Marshfield, MA married 23 Jan 1745/6 at Marshfield, MA to Abigail Alden born 27 Feb 1727 Duxbury, MA died 24 July 1802 age 75 Marshfield, MA dau of John and Hannah (Brigge) Alden. Alden descendant of Pilgrim John Alden Lydia Thomas bpt 26 March 1721 died 9 April 1810 age 89yrs 1 moth 2 days Marshfield, MA married 28 Feb 1743 Marshfield, MA to Joseph Kent born 6 Dec 1717 Marshfield, MA died 1 Jan 1801 age83 yrs 10 days Marshfield, MA son of John and Sarah (Smith) Kent John Thomas born 9 Nov 1724 died 2 June 1776 age 52 yrs Chambly, Quebec, Canada married 12 Sept 1761 Hannah Thomas dau of Nathaniel and Hannah (Robinson) Thomas Sarah Thomas born 23 Nov 1726 died 23 Sept 1798 Lisbon, CT married 10 March 1752 at Marshfield, MA to Jeremiah Kinsman born 28 Feb 1719/20 died 24 June 1801 Lisbon, CT son of Robert and Rebecca (Burley) Kinsman Kesiah Thomas born 7 Nov 1739 died 11 Dec 1751 age 21 yrs 1 m 4 days
1.5 Robert Waterman born 1652 Marshfield, Plymouth, MA died 18 May 1741 Marshfield, Plymouth, MA age 89 married Oct 1675 at Hingham, Plymouth, MA to Susanna Lincoln born 14 May 1654 Hingham, Plymouth, MA died 10 Feb 1695/6 Marshfild, Plymouth, MA age 40 daughter of Daniel Lincoln and his wife Susanna; Robert married 2nd 20 Feb 1699 Sarah Lewis Lincoln dau of James and Sarah Lane Lewis.
1.6 Elizabeth Waterman

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