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1. Matthew WIGHAM , son of Unknown and Unknown , was born about 1659 and was buried 27th May 1713.1

General Notes: Matthew WIGHAM was living at Sighill (now Seg Hill) Northumberland at the time of the baptism of his first two sons Michael (1679) and William (1682). The other confirmed child - George, was baptised in 1692 when the family were living at Backworth. The confirmed grandchildren of Matthew were baptised when the family were living at Crow Hall from 1711. Matthew himself and his spouse Isabel TATE were both buried in St Albans Churchyard, Earsdon, in 1713 and 1720 respectively. They were both residing at Crow Hall.

Crow-hall is located off Hartley Lane - locally known as "the bee-hive road". It is now referred to as Crow Hall Farm.

The association between the WIGHAM family and Crow Hall continued for over 40 years.

Research Notes: Although the origins of Matthew are as-yet undiscovered, there are resonably strong connections through potential siblings living at Sighill at the same time having links back to Newcastle to around 1590. IGI records show only a single other potential parent for Matthew - baptised in KIlcaldy, Fife, Scotland **see additional research**.

Given the number and origin of records corresponding to Wigham, the population of Northumberland, and demographics in the early-18th century, the likely whereabouts of the family during this period (assuming to be in Northumberland) would be in the Earsdon parish - references to Wigham in the Earsdon parish register date back as far as 1606. However, there are a greater number of Wighams at that time in the River South Tyne area including Hexam (Warden), Haltwhistle, and Allendale**.

Matthew married Isabel TATE 19th May 1678 in St. Alban's Church, Earsdon, Northumberland 1.,2 Isabel TATE died 30th Jul 1720.1

Research Notes: of Crow Hall at time of death

Children from this marriage were:

+ 2 M    i. Michael WIGHAM was christened 25th Feb 1679 in St Alban's, Earsdon 2,3 and was buried 9th Apr 1740 in St. Alban's Church, Earsdon, Northumberland.1

+ 3 M    ii. Matthew WIGHAM was buried 12th Jul 1753 in St. Alban's Church, Earsdon, Northumberland 1.,2

   4 M    iii. William WIGHAM was christened in 1682 in St. Alban's Church, Earsdon, Northumberland.1.,2

Research Notes: born in the Sighill district of Earsdon

   5 M    iv. George WIGHAM was christened in 1691.1.,2

Research Notes: born in the Backworth district of Earsdon