WIGHTMAN Family History: George R. Wightman of Galesburg, Michigan

 A Family History of George R. Wightman of Galesburg, Michigan

This website presents a family history of Dr. George Ransom Wightman, a 19th century physician who lived in Galesburg, Michigan (near Kalamazoo). George and his wife Mary (Crandall) raised a large family, in central New York state and then later in southern Michigan. I have tried to provide as complete a picture of George and Mary's descendants as possible, although I am sure that it is still incomplete. I do not present any data on living individuals.

I have also provided a treatment of George R. Wightman's paternal ancestry, back to John Wightman of Burbage, Leicestershire, England (16th century), the father of the famed heretic Edward Wightman of Burton-on-Trent, who was burned at the stake by order of King James in 1612. I provide evidence from several scholarly sources that paint a somewhat different picture of Edward and his kin than is typically presented in most genealogical works. I also note that the descent from Edward to George R. Wightman is still a matter of strong tradition-- one that has not been documented by original 17th century English sources. This Wightman lineage includes famous individuals, such as Providence founder Roger Williams (a direct ancestor of George R. Wightman), President Abraham Lincoln and General Benedict Arnold (both distant cousins).

The coat of arms shown here is associated with the Wightman family of Leicestershire. It is believed to belong to Thomas Wightman of Burbage, a likely but unproven ancestor of the Wightmans of this lineage. The object on the arms is a "maunch"-- a lady's sleeve. A maunch was sometimes carried by a knight at a tournament as a sign of devotion to a lady. The maunch was featured on many arms that originated in Leicestershire in general, and the Burbage area, in particular. Another coat of arms, depicting three leopard faces on the arms, was presented to William Wightman of Harrow-on-Hill (near London). While William of Harrow-on-Hill is a cousin of the Wightmans described here (he is also a descendant of the Wightman Burbage family), he did not have any known surviving male children. Therefore, no one of the surname Wightman would have any legitimate claim to the leopard arms.

DR. GEORGE R. WIGHTMAN (1806-1890)

EDWARD WIGHTMAN, the heretic (1566-1612)

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JOHN WIGHTMAN (ca 1520 - ca 1580)


EDWARD WIGHTMAN, the heretic (1566 -1612)


JOHN WIGHTMAN (1599 -1699)


GEORGE WIGHTMAN, "of Quidnessett" (1632 - 1722)




ABRAHAM WIGHTMAN (1711 - 1800)


ABRAHAM WIGHTMAN (1761 - ca 1826)


HUMPHREY WIGHTMAN (1780 - ca 1850)


DR. GEORGE R. WIGHTMAN (1806 -1890)


JAMES MYRON (1833-1876) HENRY IRVING (1840-1845) DANIEL DEFOREST (1848-1851)
WILLIAM ALONZO (1835-1882) CHARLES ALBERT (1842-1864) SARAH ESTELLE (1852-1858)
HATTIE MALONE (1837-1909) ELI PALMER (1844-1920) IDA MAY (1855-1887)
GEORGE H. (1839-1864) MARY JOSEPHINE (1846-1901) ALICE LOUISE (1858-1935)

George's descendants can be followed from the page associated with each of his children.

Additional material on the following maternally-connected families:

SWADDLE                TIBBITTS                KELLOGG            PALMER            WOODHURST                BROWN               

I've relied heavily on four major sources:

Other important sources include:

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