The Greenhalgh and Clarke Families - Main Page
This tree traces the family history of my son in law John Greenhalgh. There were many Greenhalgh families in 19th century Lancashire. Daniel Greenhalgh a blacksmith, moved from Ainsworth to Bolton where the elder sons, over several generations maintained the family craft, working as mechanics in the cotton mills and foundries of the industrial revolution. Also shown on this tree are John's Glessall ancestors from rural Westmorland, the artistic Clarke family from Lincoln and Nottingham, and their marriages with the Molyneux family from Lancashire.

I have not intentionally included information on any living person. You can explore the family history by using the buttons at the top of each page to search through the surname index or look at the family tree charts. Clicking on any name in a chart will lead to that person's details. Direct ancestors are marked with a tree icon.

If this is also your family or you are just interested, please explore - If you have any questions, contact me and I'll be happy to discuss them.