Milford Men and Women in Service - World War II  



W O R L D   W A R  II


As Noble Men and Women as
Ever Served Their Country
in Time of War


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Index of Milford Service Men and Women

Aycock, Jack T.  S/SGT.

Aycock, James H.  CPL.

Aycock, Jesse E.  S 2/C

Barnard, Alvis B.  PFC.

Barnard, Dwain A.  PVT.

Barnard, Loyd T.  SGT.

Bates, Edgar Lee  S 2/C

Bearden, George William A.S.

Bell, Tom Jr.  PFC.

Bell, Tom Sr.  Chief Petty Officer

Bigham, Ray D.  CPL.

Bradley, Bernice W.

Brannon, Andy "Dick"  LIEUT. (J.G.)

Brannon, J.C.  SGT.

Brannon, Robert C.  SGT.

Briles, James O. Jr.

Bryan, Andy

Carlson, Edwin L.  PFC.

Carnahan, D.C.  S/SGT.

Clanton, Cordell  SGT.

Clanton, Joe W.  PVT.

Clanton, Wilson L.  S/SGT.

Cloer, Jesse B.  S/SGT.

Cockerham, Samuel E.  CPL.

Crumpton, Paul R.  SGT.

Crumpton, Titus B.

Crumpton, Wilmoth W.

Cummins, Ralph W.  S/SGT

Davis, Earl  Chief Petty Officer

Denison, J.W. Jr.

Denton, Joe Don  SGT.

Dyer, Ray C.

Easter, John Killian  PFC.

Edwards, H.T. Jr.  SGT.

Edwards, Samuel W.  PVT.

Evans, C.O.  C.M.M.

Few, Maurice E.  S/SGT.

Fields, John D.  CPL.

Florida, Bob  SGT.

Florida, Rufus A.  PVT.

Galbraith, Hubert H.  1st LT.

Galbraith, Lewis P.  A/C

Galbraith, Will Arch  LIEUT.

Goodman, Edwin J.

Goodman, William H. Jr.  S.C. 1/C

Greenhill, Stanley H. Jr.  CPL.

Guderian, Harrell  CPL.

Hale, A.D.  PVT.

Hale, Newton  T/SGT.

Hale, Truette Don

Hart, James E.  S 2/C

Henderson, C.M. "Hennie"  S/SGT.

Holloway, Bert A.  SGT.

Horton, Ethel P.  2nd LT.

Howard, James L. Jr.  S 2/C

Howard, Louis L.  LIEUT. (J.G.)

Jones, Carl W.  S 2/C

Jones, Hunter M.

Jones, Milton D.  CPL.

Jones, Ray L.  CPL.

Keenum, Howard W.  S 2/C

Keenum, Kenneth  S F 3/C

Kelsey, F.M.

Kilgore, Robert G.  C.W.T.

Killough, Morris N.  S/SGT.

Kuykendall, Mary Elizabeth

Lambert, Conrad C.  S 2/C

Lambert, Joe B. W.T.  3/C

Langford, Alton  SGT.

Langford, Audrell  CPL.

Langford, Edwin "Red"  S 2/C

Langford, Lynn  SGT.

Lavender, William Hall  PVT.

Ledbetter, M.L. "Rip"  CPL.

Leslie, Thos. R. Jr.

Lingo, Sam  CPL.

Littlejohn, Alvin Wallace

Littlejohn, Roy  SGT.

Major, Elbert  SGT.

Major, Myron H.  "Mike" CPL.

Malone, James Harvey

Martin, Aubrey D.  S/SGT.

Martin, Darwin  1st SGT.

Martin, Gurnsey W.  PFC.

Martin, Murray  SGT.

McAlpin, William H.  A/S

McCain, Wm. H.  PVT.

McCauley, Hubert K.  TK.

McClure, Harold

McDaniel, H.R.  CHAPLAIN

Miller, Weldon N. PFC.

Moore, Jerald D.  SGT.

Moore, Ralph W.  S/SGT.

Moore, Thomas Oscar  M.N. 3/C

Moore, Wm. Harvel  SGT.

Morrel, Daniel R.  SGT.

Morrel, J.C.  SGT.

Morrel, Mary E.  LIEUT.

Morrel, Ralph G.

Morrel, Ralph Jr.

Murray, Richard R.  T/SGT.

Parker, James L.  CAPT.

Parker, Joe  SGT.

Parker, Roland Gray  LT.

Pharr, Glenn  PFC

Powell, Morris W.  CPL.

Pullin, Jack  SGT.

Pullin, Thomas W.  CPL.

Rice, Robert L.  PVT.

Rich, Leonis  CPL.

Roberts, Robert R.  S 2/C

Robinson, Francis P.  CPL.

Rollins, Pleas L.  T/SGT.

Rosson, Adam F. Jr.  LIEUT.

Sevier, George R.  CPL.

Sevier, George Whitener "Teet"  S 2/C

Sheffield, Dexter F.  CPL.

Sheppard, Willie E.  PVT.

Shrader, C.H.  LIEUT.

Shrader, S.L. CPL.

Smith, James R.

Smylie, Morrel  LIEUT.

South, William B.  SGT.

Speer, Haskell L.

Sullins, Raleigh D.  PFC.

Surles, Marcus  S 2/C

Surles, T.J.  CPL.

Surles, Vernon  PFC.

Swilling, M.L.  CPL.

Swiney, Thomas Eugene

Tacker, Wade T.  PFC.

Turner, L.G.

Tyler, David C.  SGT.

Tyler, Gilbert  S/SGT.

Varner, Merrill  CPL.

Varner, Nelson  PFC.

Wagner, James C.  SGT.

Webb, Howard Lee  SGT.

Webb, John A.

Wheatley, Clarence W.  CPL.

Wheatley, Raymond C.  PVT.

Wheatley, Tom, 2/C  Petty Officer

Whitson, James M.  LIEUT.

Whitson, Sam A.  CPL.

Williams, Charlie R.  S/SGT.

Williams, Don Earl

Williams, John W. "Johnny"  MAJOR

Williams, Lonnie Lee  CPL.

Williams, Sid E.

Wilson, Thos. E.  1st LT.

Witten, Pat Wilson

Wood, John W.  LIEUT.

Workman, Thomas Frederick

Works, Roy C. 1st  SGT.

Wray, Thos. L.  CPL.

Wright, Lawrence A.  LIEUT.

Young, Jesse N.  PVT.

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