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Canada | Williscroft, Woolliscroft, Wolliscroft Onename Study


The surname Williscroft, Williscraft and Woolliscroft are found in Canada today. Bearer’s of the surname arrived in the 1820’s. Below I have summarised what I know about the different branches. There are links to additional information where I have it. I have excluded information on those people who are still living for privacy reasons. This is very much work in progress and the list is not exhaustive! Please contact me if the person you are interested in is not mentioned.

If you would like to add information about your branch of the family or make a comment please get in touch

The first record I have of a Williscroft in Canada was when Alexander Williscroft who was serving in the Royal Artillery was posted to St John, Newfoundland about 1826. His wife and family joined him but they returned to Cornwall in England after his death. More

The first Williscroft's to emigrate to Canada were William and Sarah Williscraft who applied to emigrate in 1827 in Flurrie Bridge, Lurgen, Ireland. They arrived in Canada the following year with eight of their children and settled in Ontario. Descendants of William and Sarah still live in Ontario but they have also migrated through out Canada and into the United States. More

Micah Woolliscroft arrived in Canada to avoid bankruptcy charges in England. He only stayed for a few months before returning to England. More

William Woolliscroft was aboard HMS Tartar in Esquimault Harbour, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada on census night (7 Apr). William was a private in the Royal Marines. He was the son of  William & Mary Woolliscroft of Macclesfield, Cheshire. More

In 1869 Michael Williscroft from Rugeley in Staffordshire arrived in Canada. He sailed from Liverpool aboard the Purssian arriving in Quebec. Sometime after his arrival he changed his name to George Williscroft. In the 1890’s Michael returned to England with his third wife but he paid a return visit in 1905. More

On the 30 May 1870 a John Williscroft and his siblings? arrived in Quebec aboard the Moravian. This is the only record I have found for the family in either the UK or North America. Please let me know if you know anything.

Williscroft 1870

On the 17 Aug 1873  Isaac and Margaret Williscrofwith their family arrived in Quebec, Canada aboard the Polynesian which had set sail from Liverpool. The immigration records show Isaac was going to Smith Falls in Ontario where other Williscroft who originate in Ireland were living. I think this suggests a family connection but I haven't found any evidence to support my theory so far. Isaac did not remain long in Ontario before moving to the USA.  More

In 1903 my great-uncles James Williscroft and his brother George Henry Williscroft left Staffordshire to work in the mines of  Nova Scotia.

In 1904 John Thomas Williscroft from Glasgow immigrated to Quebec where he married Fanny Rutty. John later returned to Scotland and his ancestry can be traced back to Kingstone in Staffordshire. More

In 1911 Fred Williscroft immigrated with his family and settled in Ontario. Fred was born in Kettlebrook, Warwickshire and his ancestry can be traced back to Colton in Staffordshire. More

William Alfred Woolliscroft was living in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada when he married and his children were born. In 1919 he moved to New York with his family and then to California by 1927. William was the son of William & Kate Woolliscroft. More

John Fowler Woolliscroft enlisted as a Trooper in the 12th Regiment Canadian Mounted Rifles on the 12 January 1915. At the time of his death he was serving in 8th Bn., Canadian Infantry (Manatoba Regt.). He died in action on the 12 September and is buried at the British Cemetry, Haynecourt, Nord, France. More

Arthur John Woolliscroft immigrated to Alberta, Canada in 1928. Arthur was born in Jersey, Channel Islands but his ancestry can be traced back to the 1600’s and Staffordshire. More

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