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Georgetown Mills| Williscroft, Woolliscroft, Wolliscroft and variants Onename Study

Georgetown Mills

The Georgetown Mill is the oldest mill in Northern British Columbia located 17 miles north of Prince Rupert. Map It was constructed by George Williscroft in 1875 and the mill was the first to supply timber to the Yukon. After his death in 1895 the mill was operated for three years by his brother W. A. Williscroft for the Trustees. A new company took it over and operated the mill to 1907 when it was brought by Peck & Kergin. They operated the mill for eleven years when it was leased in 1918. George's son Walter H Williscroft ran the mill for many years for Peck & Kergin interest.

Georgetown Mills

(source This was saw milling - Andrews, Ralph W. (Ralph Warren), 1897-1988, Bonanza Books, New York, 1957)

George was the grandson of William Williscraft who immigrated to Ontario, Canada in 1828. He was born in Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada. He was a postmaster at Williscroft Post Office in Elderslie, Ontario, Canada. He married his first wife Eliza Rusk in 1860. Two months after the birth of his son John Edwin in 1865, George joined the Gold Rush. A new find of Gold had been discovered at Kootenay. In 1866 George was living in Fort Simpson, Comox-Atlin, British Columbia, Canada. In 1883 he married for a second time to Annie MacDonald a Tsimshian indian princess. George died in 1895.

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