Wilsey Genealogy and individual notes

Wilsey Genealogy and individual notes

Welcome to my web site! Many hours of work have been put into the research and documentation of these ancestors and others along with the hard work of many others, thank you. I hope you will benefit from the information I present here. It covers Wyoming County, Luzerne County, Lackawanna County, Susquehanna County and Bradford County and a few others in Pennsylvania, not to mention New York and New Jersey and of course, New England. I am sure you will find errors and incomplete data. If you do, please email me the corrections, thank you to the ones that have. I know you will find ancestors listed as 'living' where it would be impossible. That is the programs selection, not mine.  See below Note for my 2nd great grandfather Jacob Willsey for whom I am searching. I am also searching for Emory Carey, Amos Cook and Hart Roberts  and there are others.

If you should find any errors please send me the corrections and I will update my files as soon as possible.

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Following from Leah Millard & Don Wilsey Note: First paragraph is recent information obtained from Lest-We-Forget, 15 Feb 2006 issue, page 90 "About 67 years ago the later house was occupied by Richard Welch, father of Richard J. and George. Mrs. Wilsey mother of the late Perry and Jabez and John Wilsey, with her daughter Nancy, were housekeepers." I believe there are a few misconceptions on the information put out for Jacob Wilsey/Willsey, the husband of Eleanor “Nellie” Daily. On her headstone the name is spelled Willsey, notice the double L.. She and other children are buried in the La Grange or Jackson Cemetery, Tunkhannock Twp., Wyoming Co., Pennsylvania. In the information put out the death date for Jacob shows as June 12, 1830. Montrose Hist. Society Diary of Isaac Post: June 12, 1830; sent Henry & George Scott to dig grave for Jacob as he died this morning with smallpox or some other disease equally as bad. This date came from Montrose, Susquehanna Co., Pennsylvania diary of Isaac Post. Isaac had Jacob working for him as early as 1826 (supposedly this was the year one of Jacob's sons was born). He worked & boarded with Isaac, drawing such comments as "(8/19/1826 ) away to camp meeting, (12/17/1827) Jacob about they say he looks quite cross, went away south to Springville, Susquehanna Co., Pennsylvania yesterday had my horse gone all knight perhaps to see some of the girls, did rong in not letting it be known that he was a going to be away so that the cattle could have been taken care of. (12/25/1827) Jacob away slayriding or keeping Christmas. (5/26/1828) Jacob was out last knight is a poor hand today has not earned his victuals he is being contrary & if he does not mend his ways I must turn him off. This does not appear to be the actions of a married man with a family of 4 boys and 1 daughter. On June 12, 1830 he sent 2 men to dig Jacobs grave. On Dec. 4, 1826 Issac appeared in court for Smith vs Wilsey. The papers for the lawsuit show this Wilsey (it says late of Susquehanna Co., Pennsylvania) became the Honorable Jacob Willsey and who later settled Willseyville near Candor, NY. The Hon Jacob came from Herkimer Co., NY who possibly was listed in Isaacs diary on Jan 14, 1813 as "Mr. Dutchman came in & family". Having read the Hon Jacobs diary for later years, with his ego, find it odd that he did not have a son named Jacob & feel the Montrose Jacob probably belonged to him and in no way was connected to Eleanor Daily. From History of History of Luzerne, Lackawanna and Wyoming Counties, PA Some of their Prominent Men and Pioneers - Churches of Falls, Mill City Baptist Church - . . . In June 1820, Rev William Stover began preaching among the people regularly once a month. In the autumn following a revival occurred and Betsey, Joseph, Daniel, Elizabeth, Hiram, and Hannah Post, Helen Wilsey and Olive Patrick were baptized and received into The Abington Six Principle Church at Baily Hollow, then known as The Baily Hollow Church. In the fall of 1821 Stephen Post, Jacob Wilsey and Clarisa Townsend were baptized and united with the church at Baily Hollow. In the winter following David, Betsey, and Hannah Post, Amanda and Amy Holmes, Elizabeth, Betsey, Nelson, and Elisha Armstrong, Patience Williams and Noah and Amanda Taylor were baptized and received into The Baily Hollow church. Possibly coincidentally Eleanor Daily's Jacob died sometime after conception of a son born 1828 and 1830. In the tax rolls for Tunkhannock Twp., Wyoming Co., Pennsylvania there is 1816-Jacob Wilse, 1817-Willsey, 1818-Woolsey, 1819- Wilsey, 1821-Wilsey, 1822/23-Wiley, 1824-Willsie and the1820 census shows a Jacob Wiley. A descendant from Arizona says it has been passed down that Jacob was born July 1, 1774 and was buried 2 miles west of Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania. It was also directly from the mother of this source that the information tying our Jacob to be the son of Jacob & Amy (Snyder) came about. She had been approached by someone writing a Wilsey book asking for her info, she told them she did not know who Jacob's father was,