Town of Mansfield, CT Early Vital Records Index 1679 - 1906
University of CT Library MAGIC Historical Map Collection, Mansfield 1874Whitney Hall, first residential and classroom building of the Storrs Agricultural School, formerly a civil war orphanageJohn Fletcher, died August 4, 1767 of smallpox, age 22 years, Wormwood Hill Cemetery
Mansfield, Connecticut Early Vital Records Index
1679 to 1906

A basic vital records index for the town of Mansfield, Connecticut is now available online.  This index comprises the early vital records through 1906.  Previously unavailable in this format, the index is easily accessible for genealogical research.  Alphabetized by last name, the table below provides a link to separate pages for ease of use.  The index provides first and middle names when available, the date, volume and page, and the event recorded in the town vital records.  The entire 52,000 index card set was transcribed by the staff at the Town of Mansfield Town Clerk’s Office.  The index provided here represents the 100 year cut-off of vital records available to the general public, nearly 16,000 entries.

Many people helped make this data available.  Thanks goes to all those at the Town of Mansfield Town Clerks Office past and present, especially Mary Stanton, Town Clerk, Sharon Tyler, Jo-Anne Roberts in IT, and those who assisted in the vital records keeping process for the past 350 years.

Using the Vital Records Index

This index was transcribed from a card file index, a format no longer suitable for the vast number of records.  The online index is intended to assist the researcher in finding specific locations of genealogical vital records.  From this information, researchers can request copies of vital records from the Town of Mansfield Town Clerk’s Office by citing specific volume and page.  Contact the Clerk’s office for payment and submission requirements.  Town of Mansfield Town Clerk's Office Vital Records Request

Julian and Gregorian calendar notation

The online data omits the dual Julian/Gregorian date notation.  During the transcription process, the dual date notation was dropped.  Therefore, researchers should be aware that dates prior to 1753 will not reflect the common dual date notation for events that occurred between January 1st and March 25th.  As an example, an event that would have had the notation February 3, 1750/51 will now only be shown as 2/3/1750, as 2/3/1751, or both as a duplicated entry in this index.  For veteran genealogists, this should not pose a problem.  For those unfamiliar, I would refer them to any genealogy guide for further explanation of the Julian and Gregorian calendars and the British adaptation in 1752.  British adaptation of the Gregorian Calendar

The Volumes of the Mansfield Vital Records

The vital records of the Town of Mansfield begin in Volume 1A, the earliest records date back to the 1670's.  The volumes then commence 1, 2, 3, 4, 4A, 5, and 14, with 14 being a Land Records volume.  (Other Land Record volumes have a few vital records recorded in them as well)  The volumes then are unnumbered and are referred by a date range.  Records for volumes 4A and 5 are often referenced by date and may not give an exact volume or page.

Errors and Omissions

As with any vital records history, there are errors and omissions.  The vast amount of work that went into this project should not be overlooked, however, errors can occur.  As I stated earlier, this data will be managed in order to improve its accuracy to assist future research.  Any errors should be reported to the manager of this data. To report an error or any other inquiries, contact the host at , please use "Mansfield Vital Records website" in the comment. I will  make corrections to the data as long as I can substantiate the need to reflect what is actually available in the town vital records.  This website shall serve as a link for people to request vital records from the Town of Mansfield and is an index to the actual vital records, it is not a surname list.

Good luck with your research.

Mansfield, Connecticut Early Vital Records Index
1679 to 1906
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