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A Search for my People

As I sit an think about my father, and his father, and his grandfather, all deceased, I realize that I knew very little about any of them. Sometime before my father died, he stated that he didn't care much for flowers, but in passing, he would appreciate anyone (me) just dropping a wildflower on his grave. Now, in thinking back over the 30 plus years since his death, that although I have kept flowers there at all times, I have never given him a wildflower. This web site is my dedication to my father.

I had always been interested in the Windrow family, but by the time that I became interested in my family history, most of the family members who could give information to me had already died. This site is an attempt to share the things that I have found with other members of the family.

Richard Windrow is my first known ancestor. He was shown married to Millender Antony 17 October 1781 as is noted in THE DOUGLAS REGISTER, an account of the records of Rev. William Douglass of the Parish Register of Goochland Co. VA. This date is not the marriage date, but the date of the birth of the first child. We can assume that they were married about a year earlier. A will has been found for Richard Windrow in Williamson County TN.

I do not know where Richard Windrow or many of his descendants are buried, but the area of the now Rutherford County Community known as Windrow is a country side of rolling hills with trees and open fields. A cemetery is located in one of those fields in a grove of trees. This is a long abandoned cemetery of perhaps a hundred graves. Even though the cemetery is unkempt, and there are only a few markers left, this is a quiet area in which one can hear the birds singing and if one were really still and waited awhile, a fawn might appear from behind one of those old trees. I like to think that this cemetery, known as Windrow Cemetery, is the last resting place of Richard Windrow and his wife Millender Anthony, and perhaps some of their children.

Update on Early Burials

According to Mrs. Lillian Brown Johnson in her book My Findings Vol.I the early Windrow and Brown families and their relatives were buried in a cemetery on the Pleasant Watkins Brown place by the Overall Creek. The cemetery was used as a burial place from sometime before 1850 until at least 1925 when the cemetery was destroyed and the stones were pushed into the creek.

This web site presents our known information on the descendants of Richard and Millender.



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