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Mitskogen Ole Mrs.

Ole Miller, 80, died early Saturday (June 2, 1956) at the Whitehall Community hospital. He was born in Telemarken, Norway, January 1, 1876, the son of Halvor and wife Christine Sundt Miller. Ole and his mother came to America in 1883 at the age of seven years. He spent his entire life here with Mr. and Mrs. Henry Olson, a sister, with the exception of a few years spent at Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, with another sister, Mrs. H. Rusten. He is survived by five nieces and seven nephews. A niece, Mrs. Cornelia Langsleth of Detroit Lakes, attended the last rites. Funeral services were held Monday at 3 p.m. at the Zion Lutheran church. The Rev. E.E. Olson officiated and burial was in Zion cemetery. THE BLAIR PRESS - JUNE 7, 1956

Gilbert Mikkelson was born in Biri, Norway, January 2, 1834, the son of Mikkel and Annie Mikkelson. He grew to manhood there and on March 25, 1859, was married to Miss Anna Huskelhus. Upon their arrival in America in 1869, they located at Mindoro. The following year they moved to this county and in 1873 or 74, Mr. Mikkelson secured 260 acres in sections 15 and 21 in Hale where he developed a good farm. In 1908 he lost his wife and since that time, he has made his home with his only son and heir, Ben, who now operates the homestead. The aged pioneer has always been one of the lading citizens of the Town of Hale. Being one of the first settlers, be became well acquainted with each farmer as he came to the town. His eagerness to develop the farming enterprise caused him to keep in touch with modern agriculturists and he was therefore in the front rank in farm work and farm life so long as he was able to operate his farm. When he turned the work over to his son, Ben, he had accumulated sufficient funds to pay him to enjoy all of the luxuries of the present decade, but although he had failed somewhat physically, his mind was ever alert for new ideas and modern methods, so that he was of great assurance to his son until death called him to the great beyond. The funeral was held Saturday at the Pigeon Falls Lutheran church, which he had long been an active member, and the remains were laid to rest beside that of his wife. The funeral sermon was preached by Rev. Orke. The pallbearers were Kris ?, August Goplin, H.H. Lewis, ? Anderson, Lars Lure, John Nokey. THE WHITEHALL TIMES-BANNER - MAY 1, 1919

One of the well known characters of our village, Alex Mikkelson, has passed beyond. He was the last of the three Mikkelson children who lived together in their home adjoining the village park. Aslak Mikkelson was born to the parents, Stener Mikkelson and Bertha Thompson, on December 27, 1864. Together with his parents, he came to America in 1866. They settled in the Tamarack valley where they lived until 1908. Then they moved on a farm which they purchased in Turi Coulee. However, they gave up active farming in 1914. That year they purchased the Sterling home in Blair, and lived in quiet and ease the last days of their lives. The brothers, Tov, and the sister, Julia, died a few years ago, leaving Aslak without a close relative. The last two years he has lived alone with his friends and has been preparing for the last eternal journey which he expected to make at any time. This summer it became evident that he as suffering with the dreaded cancer. Knowing the desperate condition in which he was living he made a trip to Savanah, Missouri to seek help. The ailment did not respond favorably to the treatment and Aslak died on the 4th of August, 1932. He does not leave any direct relatives; there are, however, several cousins and second-cousins who mourn his death. Funeral services were conducted from the First Lutheran church of which he was a member on Saturday August 6. His elderly remains were laid to rest beside those of his sister and brother on the old Trempealeau Valley cemetery, where it will rest until called to arise by the Lord and Master on the last day of judgment, Rev. Urberg conducted the sad last rites for Mr. Mikkelson. THE BLAIR PRESS - AUGUST 11, 1932

Thorstein Michaelson was born on April 11, 1849, on Saed Eidfjord, Hardanger, Norway, and was baptized at Ulvik Parish. He was married to Bertha Olesdatter Eveit in October 1872. They came to America in 1877 and lived in Baldwin, Wisconsin for five years, and then going to Griggs County, North Dakota where they homesteaded land in Dover Township. His wife died August 20, 1904. In 1909 he again married to Mrs. Sven Legreid of Hannaford, North Dakota. They moved to Blair the next year and have since made their home here. He was one of the pioneers in the church work of North Dakota and was one of the founders of Eidfjord congregation and also the Mabel congregation. He was an active member of the Blair Zion Lutheran church and a man highly respected by all. His death occurred Saturday, January 2, 1925, after an illness of several months from cancer of the throat. Funeral services were held at the Zion Lutheran church Tuesday, January 5 at 2 p.m. The following children were born to Mr. Michaelson and his first wife: Ella, died in 1901; Mary, died in 1905; Ole, of Wimbledon, North Dakota; Tena, Mrs. Sever Peterson of Wimbledon, North Dakota; Christina, Mrs. Ed Flewell of Duluth, Minnesota; Ida, Mrs. Ole Dale, Ettrick; Clara, did in 1910; Bessie, Mrs. Ludwig Johnson, Blair. THE BLAIR PRESS - JANUARY 17, 1926

Elizabeth Week was born in Eidfjord, Hardanger, Norway, December 11, 1854. She was the daughter of Hoger and Anna Week. She was baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran church of her native parish by Rev. Tomasius. She was united in marriage to Swen B. Legreid September 5, 1874. To this union three children were born, Britha (Mrs. John L Johnson), Beaver Creek; Anna (Mrs. Ole Bratland) Blair and Ole who died at the Whitehall hospital June 18, 1929. The parents, with their three children emigrated to America in June 1883. They purchased the present Sammie Legreid farm in Joe Coulee. S.B Legreid passed away June 1, 1904. Mrs. Legried was joined in marriage to Tom Mickelson in June 1909. They lived a year at Wimbledon, North Dakota and then took up residence at Blair. Mr. Mickelson died January 2, 1925. Mrs. Michelson continued to reside in the home in Blair until her health failed. The past several years she has made her home with her daughters, Mrs. Ole Bratland and Mrs. John L. Johnson. She passed away at the latter’s home March 7, 1941 at the age of 86 years, two months and 24 days. Besides the children mentioned she is survived by nine grandchildren; 15 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandchild. A grandson, Archie Legreid, was stricken with infantile paralysis and died last fall. Mrs. Mickelson was a lifelong member of the Lutheran church. Before her marriage, she was employed at the home of her pastor, Rev. Thomasius. In America she was a member of the North Beaver Creek church during her residence there. After her return from North Dakota she joined the Zion Lutheran church at Blair. The church and the Word of God held a large place in her life. She was a firm believer in the virtues of thrift and industry. She used with diligence the talents entrusted her. She was gifted with more than ordinary keen intelligence and refinement. While loyal to the land of her adoption, she dearly loved the language and people of her origin. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. T.E. Sweger Tuesday, March 115h at 1 p.m. at the Ole Bratland home in Blair and at 2 p.m. at the North Beaver Creek church. Mrs. Elvin Rogness and Mrs. Lloyd Quammen sang “Freelst av Naade” at the church. Pallbearers were all grandsons, Sammie and Ralph Legreid, Arthur, Bennie, Melvin and Swen Johnson. Interment was in the cemetery beside the church. THE BLAIR PRESS - MARCH 13, 1941

Lars Jacobson Miklethun was born in Eidfjord, Hardanger Norway, February 9, 1848. His early years were spent on the Micklethun farm in Norway and he was baptized and confirmed in that country. On May 6, 1871 he married Britha Asbjornsdatter Maureseth and together they have spent a long and happy wedded life. The widow survives him. Mr. Miklethun was 35 years old at the time when he came to this country. He lived at Fergus Falls for a time and then moved to Wisconsin. Mr. Miklethun later located near Brookings, South Dakota, where he made his home for 17 years. Twenty years he left Brookings County, South Dakota and located in Dover Township, Griggs, County, North Dakota, where he lived until last fall when he and his wife came to Blair to spend the winter with their son, Anton. He had intended to return to North Dakota but a Devine Providence willed otherwise He died Monday morning March 6 at 7:30 o’clock of acute diabetes. He was 74 years old. Those of the family who survive to mourn the loss of a beloved member are: Jacob L. Miklethun of Minneapolis, Minnesota; Senator John L. Miklethun of Dover, Griggs County, North Dakota; Anton Miklethun of Blair; Lewis Miklethun of Wimbledon, North Dakota; Mrs. Anna Tompkins, White, South Dakota; and Mrs. Louisa Seljestad of Scotsguard, Sask., Canada. A brother, Ole Miklethun of Dover, Griggs County, North Dakota and three sisters also survive him; Mrs. Anna Brovold of Crookston, Minnesota; Mrs. Margritha Vik in Norway and Mrs. Sigrid Klaboe of Seattle, Washington. The two sons, Jacob and John and the daughter, Anne, arrived in Blair the 5th but came to see their father alive. The remains were taken to North Dakota for burial. The funeral was held Saturday, March 11th, interment was made in Eidfjord cemetery in Dover, Griggs County, North Dakota. Rev. George S. Natwick officiating. THE BLAIR PRESS - MARCH 30, 1922

After years of physical anguish and a longing for eternal rest, George Mikkelson was finally called home on Friday, December 21, 1934. For years his prayers have ascended to the Throne of mercy, that the soul might be liberated from the body of affliction. To him it was a blessing that he could die, and his dear ones also feel that he now is in a better condition, he having died with faith in Jesus. Guttorm Mikkelson was born in Morgendal, Telemarken, Norway, September 9, 1850 to parents Ellef and Turi Mikkelson. He was baptized in the parish church in Norway. As a lad of ten years he came to America with his parents in 1861. They settled in a place called Yorkville, Wisconsin. The following years, 1862, the family moved to the Trempealeau Valley settlement of Norwegians, which was then new country. They homesteaded in Turi Coulee, which farm was to be Guttorm’s home for most of his remaining years of life. Records of his confirmation are not available but it is reasonable to believe that he was in the class of 1865 or 1866 in the Trempealeau Valley congregation. On December 20, 1889 he was united in marriage with Bertha Larson who lived together with him for 45 years and a day. To this union were born the following children: Martin and Edwin of Blair; Arthur of LaCrosse; Gena (Mrs. Albert Johnson); Lily (Mrs. Selmer Johnson); and Bella (Mrs. Aleck Kvaalseth) all of Blair. They lived on the homestead until 1925, when they moved to Blair where they lived until his death. For many years his physical condition had been bad, suffering from rheumatism, thus being rendered nearly helpless and suffering until pain of body. Death came on December 21, 1934, when he was 84 years, 3 months and 12 days old. Funeral services were conducted on Christmas Eve, December 24 from the home and the First Lutheran church at 1 p.m. The pastor, Rev. Urberg , spoke on the Christmas celebration in Jesus. Interment was made in the Trempealeau Valley cemetery. He is survived by Mrs. Mikkelson and the six children. He is also survived by his brother, Tom Mikkelson of Turi Coulee and 23 grandchildren. THE BLAIR PRESS - JANUARY 3, 1935

Bergit Lyngen Mikkelson was born in Horg, Trondbjem, Norway, January 7, 1868 to the parents, Lars and Gunhilde Lyngen. She emigrated to America in the spring of 1889 and came directly to Blair. On December 20, 1889, she was united in marriage to Guttorm Mikkelson by the Rev. Himlie. The young couple made their home in Turi Coulee until about 1927 when they came to the village of Blair. Mr. Mikkelson passed away on December 21, 1934. During the last two and one-half years of her life, Mrs. Mikkelson was confined to a wheelchair due to rheumatism but otherwise she was strong and well. She is survived by six children, Edwin of Blair; Martin of Oakland, California; Arthur of LaCrosse; Gena, Mrs. Albert J. Johnson; Lily, Mrs. Selmer Johnson and Bella, Mrs. Aslak Kvaalseth all of Blair community. There are also 24 grandchildren, and 15 great-grandchildren. One sister, Mrs. Anna Johnson of Trempealeau Valley also survives. A sister, Mrs. Ole Dale and a brother, Ole Lyngen, preceded her in death. Funeral services were conducted at the First Lutheran church Friday afternoon, October 5 with the Rev. K.M. Urberg officiating. Burial was in the Trempealeau Valley cemetery. Mrs. Carl Johnson sang and Mrs. Urberg presided at the organ. Pallbearers were John and Henry Dale, Oscar and Olaf Lyngen and Sanford and Carl Johnson. THE BLAIR PRESS - OCTOBER 12, 1950

Funeral services for Tor Mikkelson who passed away at his home in Turi Coulee Thursday morning, November 21, 1946 at the age of 87 years, four months and 16 days were held at the home and at the Trempealeau Valley church Saturday afternoon with the Rev. B.J. Hatlem officiating. Burial was in the church cemetery. Ms. Arthur Solberg, Mrs. Freeman Benedict, Mrs. Harold Gunderson and Miss Ruby Kvaalseth sang “The Old Rugged Cross” at the house and Mrs. Hatlem sang “Come All Ye Disconsolate” and “Jeg ved Mig en Sovn I Jesu Nave” at the church. Pallbearers were Henry Shephard, Theodore Drangstveit, Selmer Helgeson, Haakon Knutson, Oscar Weslie and Halvor Knutson. Flower girls were Mrs. Harold Gunderson and Ruby Kvaalseth. Tor Mikkelson was born July 4, 1859 to parents Turie and Eilef Aasheim in Morgedal, Brunkeberg Telemarken, Norway. He emigrated to this country with his parents at the age of two years. He was confirmed in the Trempealeau Valley church on September 12, 1875 with a class of 60, ten from Black River Falls, one from Beaver Creek and 49 from Trempealeau Valley by Rev. Loben and has been a member of this congregation all his life. As a young man he worked in the north woods for several winters. He was united in marriage to Tilla Mikkelson at Louisberg, Minnesota on November 15, 1903. They came to Blair soon after and took up farming on the home farm. Retiring in 1937 they turned farming operations over to Aslak Kvaalseth, but continued to reside in part of the house. His only brother, George, died almost 12 years ago. He leaves to mourn his death, his wife, three nephews, Edwin Mikkelson, Blair; Martin Mikkelson, Oakland, California; and Arthur Mikkelson, LaCrosse; and three nieces, Mrs. Albert J. Johnson, Mrs. Selmer Johnson and Mrs. Aslak Kvaalseth, all of Blair. Blessed be his memory. THE BLAIR PRESS - NOVEMBER 28, 1946

In his home in Reynolds Coulee, John Mitskogen died, as was his way of living alone. When his neighbor, Arthur Oldendorf came to visit him on Tuesday, he found him on his bed sleeping the last sleep. It seems that he had laid down to take a nap, and then the end came. All indications point to the fact that death came on Thursday, July 13, 1939, sometime during the day. John always felt that he did not wish to be a bother for anyone. When his brothers wished to take him to their homes, he always would thank them and insist on living alone. He did not wish to receive aid from neighbors as long as he had means to care for himself. John Mitskogen was born May 10, 1864 to the parents Ole Mitskogen and Lisa Henriksdatter in Finnskogen, Sweden. Finnskogen lies directly across the border in Sweden from Solar, Norway. He was baptized as an infant in the home “bygd”. In 1867 his father, Ole, came to America where he found relatives and friends in the Town of Preston. Lisa and the four children followed in 1868. They homesteaded the present Christ. Mitskogen farm in Lakes Coulee. John, who never married, lived at home and worked around as a laborer. He spent 18 winters in the north woods. The parents bought the present John Miskogen home in Reynolds Coulee where they lived until the father died in 1900. In 1900 John moved in with his mother. Mrs. Mitskogen died in 1914. Since her death, John has kept the home farm alone. There were nine Mitskogen children, all boys: Ole died in 1931, Peter died in 1935, John the deceased, August of Haiti, South Dakota; Christian of Blair; Henry died in 1937; Olaus, Otto and Ludwig of Blair. Funeral services were held in the Blair First Lutheran Church on Wednesday, July 19 at 2 p.m. with the Rev. Konrad Urberg officiating. Interment was made at Rest Haven beside his parents. THE BLAIR PRESS - JULY 20, 1939

Mrs. Ole Mitskogen was born in Ostmark, Sweden, April 12, 1834 and died April 21, 1914, reaching the age of 80 years and 9 days. Together with her husband, she came to this county in 1868 and settled on a homestead in Lake Coulee in the Town of Preston, where they resided until the year 1896 when they moved to Reynolds Coulee. Her husband died in the last named coulee 14 years ago. After that time, Mrs. Mitskogen resided with her son, John, until two years ago. Since that time she had been staying with her son, Peter, at City Point and with her son, Olaus, in Fly Creek valley, and died at the latter place. Mrs. Mitskogen was mother of nine sons, all living, six of whom were present at the funeral, namely; Peter of City Point; Henry of Hayti, South Dakota and Ludvik of Seattle, Washington, were not present at the funeral which was held last Friday at the Synod church in Blair of which she was a member and conducted by Rev. S.S. Urberg. The services were largely attended. THE WHITEHALL TIMES AND BLAIR BANNER - APRIL 30, 1914

Olaus O. Mitskogen is a native of this county, having been born in Lake's Coulee, five miles south of Blair, January 6, 1873, son of Ole O. and Lisa (Hendrickson) Mitskogen. The father, Ole O. Mitskogen, was born in Sweden in 1822, came to America in 1867, followed by his family in August 1868, worked as a farm hand one year, homesteaded a farm in Lake's Coulee section 2, range 8, township 20 (Preston), and there lived until his death in 1900. The mother, Lisa Hendrickson, was born on Sweden, in 1834, and died in the spring of 1914. Olaus O. Miskogen was reared on the home farm, and remained with his parents until 1896, when he purchased his present farm of 160 acres in section 34, range 7, township 22 (Preston). Since coming here he has made many improvements and has developed as good a place as is to be found in the community. His home, a frame structure, two stories high, with eight rooms and a basement, was erected in 1908. The barn, 28 by 56 by 14 feet, with cement floors, and modern equipment, was erected in 1905. The farm is well fenced, and the implements, machinery and tools are of the best. In carrying on general farming, Mr. Mitskogen makes a specialty of raising a good grade of Holstein cattle for beef and dairy purposes. A prominent man in the community, Mr. Mitskogen has served on the township board, and has been a member of the school board since 1910. Since 1906 he has been secretary of the Synod Norwegian Lutheran church (now united). Mr. Mitskogen was married June 8, 1894, to Nellie Haug, who was born in Ettrick Township, January 11, 1874, the daughter of John O. and Nine Haug, and died January 11, 1900. Odin, a child of this union, was born October 15, 1897. Of the other two children, Olava died at the age of 2 years, and Julia at the age of 10 years. On May 4, 1901, Mr. Mitskogen married Amanda Anderson, who was born in Pigeon Township, August 17, 1878, daughter of Halvor and Christian (Benson) Anderson, natives of Norway. HISTORY OF TREMPEALEAU COUNTY - 1917

Gilbert Mikkelson has lived in this county for over 45 years, and on his present farm in Hale Township for over forty years. He was born in Biri, Norway, January 2, 1834, the son of Mikkel and Annie Mikkelson. In that country he was reared and there he was married March 25, 1859 to Annie Huskelhus. They came to America and located in Mindoro, in LaCrosse County, where they about a year. About 1870 they came to this county and three or four years later secured 260 acres in sections 15 and 21, township 23, range 7 (Hale), where they developed a good farm. There the wife died in 1908. Of the children in the family there is now living but one, Ben, born at Mindoro October 2, 1869 and is married. He was reared on the home place, educated in the common schools and has become a substantial man in the community. He has been supervisor for three years and school clerk for nine years. His financial holdings include stock in the Pigeon Grain and Stock Company and in the Whitehall Hospital. The family faith is that of the United Norwegian Lutheran church. The father is still living. HISTORY OF TREMPEALEAU COUNTY - 1917


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