Witch Trial Ancestors and Families

Witch Trial Ancestors & Families

Sibylla Palmifera
Dante Gabriel Rosetti

Welcome to the Witch Trials Ancestors and Families page!

It is our goal to bring together people from all over the globe who have one thing in common; one of their ancestors was involved in a Witch Trial. While this site does contain a good deal of information concerning the Salem, Massachusetts Witch Trials of 1692 it also contains information on people involved in Witch Trials in other places as well.

This site is still new and growing but we are pleased to offer you the following files for your perusal.

Genealogy Reports Some selected ancestral lines. Full information including notes and sources, where available, can be found in the main database.

JPG and images of select trial transcripts and photographs of ancestral homes. Also pen and ink drawings of ancestors and ancestral places. This page now includes selected pages from "Witch Craft in Salem Village" will also appear here. Some files may take a long time to download.

Assorted DOC and RTF files pertaining to the history of witch craft trials and participants. Currently contains vital records information for Massachusetts towns, as well as biographies on ancestors and other interesting information can be found here. Some files are very large.

WTF Database This genealogical database has been compiled by the members of the Witch Trial Families Mailing List. Notes and sources have been provided where possible.

This site has been compiled with information donated by the members of the Witch Trial Families Mailing List We are always welcoming new members to the list, please click the link above to join us. Anyone who has a Witch Trial ancestor (accused, accuser, afflicted, judge, clergy, constable...anyone who was involved in anyway) is welcome to join.

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