Witch Trial Ancestors Genealogy Reports

Genealogy of Witch Trial Ancestors & Families

Lady Hamilton as Cercee
George Romney 1782

Genealogy Report for Major Simon Willard this report includes but is not limited to the surnames; Willard, Blood, Wood, Dunster, Sharpe, Wheeler, Hosmer, Bacon, Lakin, Clark, Stow(e). Major Simon Willard was a majestrate during the Salem Witch Trials of 1692, his sons Capt. Benajmin Willard and Reverand Samuel Willard spoke out against the Witch Trials. Reverand Samuel Willard was in turn accused of Witch Craft. Reverand Samuel Willard was the pastor at the Old South Church in Boston, MA and he baptised Benjamin Franklin. It has long been thought and Constable John Willard who also spoke out against the witch hysteria and was hung was a relative of Major Simon Willard but no solid connection has been to this date.

Genealogy Report for Nicholas Danforth. Nicholas' son Thomas Danforth was a judge during the witch trials. This file includes the surnames; Barber, Withington, Wilson, Mansfield, Poulter,

Genealogy Report for Susannah North Martin Susannah was accused of Witch Craft in Salem, MA and was subsequently hung as a witch. This report includes the surnames, Hadley, Hadlock, hoyt, Jameson, Beedle, Hopkins, Tuxbury, Shepard, Edwards, Blaisell

Genealogy Report for Ann Foster Ann was accused of witch craft in Salem, MA and died in prison while awaiting trial. Her daughter, Mary Lacy and grand-daughter Mary Lacy, jr. were also accused of witch craft but 'confessed' and in turn accused their mother and grandmother. This file includes the surnames Blood, Kemp, Lacy, Stone, Russ, Nutting, Longely, Jewett, Farnsworth, Gilson, Shattuck.

Genealogy Report for Mercy Lewis Mercy was one of the 'afflicted girls' of the Salem Witch Trials. There are no descendants listed for her at this time but ancestral and related names include; Darling, Edwards/Awards, Maine

Genealogy Report for William Towne This file includes Rebecca NURSE, Mary EASTY/ESTY and Sarah CLOYCE. More information is available on their ancestral lines by searching through the database. This file contains descendants of these lines. Surnames include; Towne, Nurse, Easty, Cloyce, Perkins, Blessing, Lawson, Hayward, Browning, Howe, Willard, Peabody, Wilkins, Symonds, Cummings, Tarbell, Knight.

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