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Our Family


Sheila's Father's Side:

Maternal: Huff (Roy, Link, Terry, Cansdell)

Paternal: Witt (Neufeld, Friesen, Jung, Sauer, Safer/Schaefer)

Jason's Father's Side:

 Maternal: Campbell

(scroll down left column for my Campbell line)

Paternal: Agnew

Sheila's Mother's Side:

Maternal: Campbell (Henry, Linn)

Hall (Anderson, Temple, Thompson)
Paternal: Rader (Yeager, Froshour, Tinsley, Mullen)

Jason's Mother's Side:

Maternal: Chisum (Isham, Carter, Bradley, Gillington, Whitsell, Phillips)  

Paternal: Huffman (Burnett)


Pedigree Chart starting with

My current project is to put all members

of the family into pedigree charts.


Pedigree Chart starting with


Census Records Index Page

This page has copies of the census records that I have collected, most are .jpgs

Cemetery Index Page

Source Documents Collected


Inquiries, additions, corrections, etc.

Please list surname etc. in message/regarding area of email

I get a lot of junk mail and I delete messages from unknown people

that have a blank message line. 





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