John Potts Descent
Descendants of John Potts
A Child of Thomas Potts
I.  John Potts (c. 1608 - 12 Feb 1672) born in Llangirrig, Montgomery, Wales, died in Llanidloes, Montgomery, Wales
            mar. (c. 1630 in Llanidloes, Montgomery, Wales) Anne Potts II.  Thomas Potts (1632 - 1672/73) born and died in Llanidloes, Montgomery, Wales
            mar. (c. 1757 in Wales) Elizabeth (c. 1636 - 8 Jan 1707) born in Llanidloes, Montgomery, Wales, died in Philadelphia, PA III.  Thomas Potts (d. 3 Oct 1719) born in Montgomeryshire, Wales, died in Bristol, MD IV.  Thomas Potts (1680 - 10 Jan 1752) born in Wales, died in Colesbrookdale, PA
            mar. (20 Aug 1699 in Germantown, PA) Martha Keurlis V.  John Potts (1710 - 6 Jun 1768) born in Germantown, Philadelphia, PA, died in Pottstown, Montgomery, PA
            mar. (11 Apr 1734 in Coventry, Chester, PA) Ruth Savage VI.  Samuel Potts (13 Nov 1736 - 3 Jul 1795) born in Popodickon, Berks, PA, died in Pottsgrove, Montgomery, PA
            mar. (7 Mar 1758 in Philadelphia, PA) Joannah Holland VII.  John Potts (20 Oct 1760 - 17 Oct 1809) born in Coventry, Chester Co., PA, died in Pottstown, Montgomery Co., PA
            mar. Elizabeth Ramsay VIII.  Sophia Wilson Potts  (c. 1787 - 1839) prob. born in Alexandria, VA, died in Alexandria, VA
            mar. Dr. Thomas Semmes

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