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Welcome to the Wizard's Realm.

A unique look at two very different family histories and the lives of the people who explore them.

As we travel through Steve's (wizard) family we will see how the lives of the Stymiest, Harder, Becker and Gomsrud ancestors shaped the very foundation of this country as some of America's first families.

Jumping forward in time we will see how Bill's (xevon) family struggled with day to day life during and after the civil war as soldiers and simple farmers. The Roberts, Creason, and Sexton families were the backbone of American culture.

Come join us on our journey. Look around, take a little, give a little. And don't forget to sign our guest book and let us know how you found us and what you think of our sight. We appreciate your comments.

Thank you and enjoy your stay.

Thanks to Jeff "The Wizard of Draws" Bucchino for the use of the wizard at the top of this page. Check out his site for which I have a link on the links page.

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