Directory of the County of Grey for 1865-6. (Part 2)

In the old maps, and in others which, though not old, are carelessly got up, is a line of road from the Garafraxa Road, near where Johntown now stands, in a diagonal direction to Southampton. Such a line was at one time contemplated, and actually surveyed (at least as far as the County Line of Bruce). Nothing more, however, was done with it; and when Sullivan was surveyed, Mr. Rankin-who surveyed the northern part of it-was directed to pull up the stakes and make a square survey of the township. But, though communication was not needed between Southampton town plot and the centre of the County of Grey, communication was still needed with Owen Sound and the navigation of Georgian Bay. An attempt was made a dozen years ago to get a direct road opened out between the two towns, and the Indians were induced to cede a half-mile strip adjoining the northern limit of Derby and Arran. Whether it was that the land on this strip got mainly into the hands of absentees and speculators, or that the crossing of the Aux Sable and the Saugeen Rivers became too formidable an undertaking, or both, we cannot say. The road, however, as a thoroughfare between the two points, was not opened out. In the meantime, Derby had become well settled, and Arran had filled up with inhabitants; and the main leading road through Derby, known as the Centre Road, became the stage road and thoroughfare. It runs directly across the centre of Derby, westward to the County line. It crosses the Garafraxa Road at "Rockford Castle", 4 m. S. of Owen Sound, though the stage generally turns off two or three miles before reaching the Garafraxa Road, and comes down the valley of the Sydenham River. The most noted point on the road is Sloan's Hotel, near the centre of the township. The place is now called Kilsyth. This road was laid out by the Government as a "Colonization Road," and presents some admirable specimens of first class causewaying. (See O.S. and Saugeen Road and Kilsyth.)
It is now some years since W. J. Marsh, Esq., took up 400 acres of wild land adjoining the northern boundary of the town plot of Thornbury; with a roaring stream pursuing its headlong way through his domain. In 1856 he settled on his land. Thornbury then contained a Grist and Saw Mill, and a few houses. In 1859, W. A. Clark purchased of him a water privilege on the Beaver River, with 5 acres of land attached. Mr. Clark made immediate preparations for building his woollen mills; and a residence for himself. In 1860, John Tyson came in, and purchased of Mr. Clark water privilege and land for a flouring mill. The flouring mill was put in operation in January, 1861, and the woollen factory in October of the same year. The parties who owned the ground adjoining, W. T. Marsh, W. A. Clark, and A. J. Whitney, offered every facility to parties wishing to settle in the new village; and soon Stores, Inns, and Mechanics Shops began to make their appearance in the new village, as yet without a name. The inhabitants wished it called Clarksville after the enterprising proprietor of the Woollen Works; but the P. O., authorities seem of late years to have set their faces against any more "villes", and so they compromised the matter by establishing a P. O. under the name of CLARKSBURG. At first it was merely a sub-office in connexion with Thornbury, but for a year past it has been independent, and receives daily mails from Collingwood. Clarksburg is a little over a mile from Georgian Bay, having only the town-plot of Thornbury (a square block of 900 acres) between it and the shore. The population is nearly 200. The whole place, as it stands, is the result of four years enterprise. It is fortunate for the present and future interests, of the village, that its "chief men and fathers" are men of such stability of character, enterprise and perseverance. The "Northern Woollen Mills," W. A. Clark, E., Proprietor, were, as already stated, put in operation in 1861. They are intended for two sets of manufacturing machines; and will work up, when all completed, 80,000 lbs. wool per annum. The main building, which is four-and-a-half storeys high, stands 34 x 62 feet on the ground. A Sheepskin Factory is attached, finished in 1864. At present the pelts are exported in pickle to the United States; but Mr. Clark intends, as soon as arrangements to that end can be completed, to have them dressed on the premises. About 20 hands are employed in the various departments of the works. Custom carding and fulling is likewise attended to. Tweeds, fulled cloths, beaver cloths, blankets, flannels, &C. are all manufactured, and are now known all over the Province. Mr. Clark has filled some very large orders during the last two years, for Montreal, Toronto and Hamilton wholesale houses. For this trade, his twilled scarlet flannels and checks are in special request. The establishment of the Northern woollen Mills has greatly stimulated the growth of wool in the county. The "Beaver Valley Mills" are the property of John Tyson, Esq., and form one of the chief establishments in the village. The building is of wood, neatly painted; and in its various flats affords ample storage for grain. There are three run of stones. Flour to a large amount, is manufactured at these extensive mills. There are 3 Stores, 2 comfortable Hotels, 2 Shoemakers, a shop for custom Spinning and Weaving, 1 Harness shop, 2 Waggon shops, a Blacksmith, Tailor, Cooper, Tinsmith, and several Carpenters. The Potash works of Mr. B. J. Marsh, were erected last year. There is no church precisely in the village, the English Church being just within the townplot of Thornbury, though answering for both villages, which indeed are likely, ere long to grow into one. An excellent school is in operation. There is an excellent opening in Clarksburg for both a Foundry and a Tannery. These wants will no doubt, be soon supplied. There is a spare water privilege above the mills, and two privileges below, where the whole volume of the Beaver River could be made available; and at least 3 other privileges in the village, supplied from the surplus water, which is very abundant, averaging about half the force of the stream. Clarksburg is in the township of Collingwood, 1 m. N. of Thornbury; 14 m. N. W. of Collingwood Harbor; 8 m S. E. of Meaford; and 28 m. E. S. E. of Owen Sound. Albery, Robt., Saddler, and Harness maker, Marsh St. Atkins, George, Carder, Northern Woolen Mills, bds. W. A. Clark. BEAVER VALLEY FLOURING MILLS, John Tyson, proprietor. BEAVER VALLEY HOTEL, Francis Le Roy, Proprietor Bracken, Robert, laborer bds Le Roy's Hotel. Brown, Wm. Shoemaker, at H. Sheridan's, Clark St. CASEY'S HOTEL, MARSH St. CASEY JOHN, Proprietor of Casey's Hotel. Calvery, John, Carpenter, Marsh St. CLARK, W. A. Proprietor Northern Woollen Mills, h. Marsh St. Clark, Andrew, Northern Woollen Mills. DICKSON, JAMES, Cooper, Clark St. Drake, George, Fuller, Norther Woollen Mills, h. Clark St. Drake, Mrs., Brook St. DOUGLAS, JOHN, Tailor, corner Marsh and John Sts. FAIRGRIEVE, JOHN T., Superintendent Northern Woollen Mills, bds at H. Fraser's FRASER, HUGH, Custom Weaver and Spinner, Marsh St. Fraser, Thomas, Weaver, at H. Fraser's. Gilston, James, Weaver, at H. Fraser's. Goggins, Wm. Spinner, Northern Woollen Mills, h Clark St. Hutchinson James, employee at Northern Woollen Mills, h Clark St HUNTER, WALTER,- Postmaster, and General Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, &c, Agent Western Assurance Co., Marsh St., h Clark St. Header, James, Farmer, bds at Casey's Hotel. Huff, Thomas W., Painter; bd's Le Roy's Hotel KEAST, THOMAS, Horseshoer and general Blacksmith, Clark St. LYNE, HENRY, General Merchant, Marsh St. Le Roy, Eugene, Saddler, Clark St. LE ROY, FRANCIS, Proprietor, Beaver Valley Hotel, Clark St. Le Roy, John B., Waggon maker, Clark St. Marsh, B. J., General Merchant, Marsh St. MARSH, W. J., J.P., Farmer, Clarksburg. McCue, Patrick, Saddler, at R. Allery's. Miller, Allan, Farmer. NORTHERN WOOLLEN MILLS, W. A. Clark, Proprietor. Pinney, Henry, Carder, Northern Woollen MiIls, bds W. A. Clark. Purser, Amos, Wool Puller, Northern Woollen Mills, bds W. A. Clark. Ray, Wm., Casey's Hotel. Rowe, Peter, Farmer, Marsh St. RORKE, JOSEPH, J.P., Commissioner in Queen's Bench, Marsh St. Sheridan, Wm., Boot and Shoe Maker, N. side Clark St. Sheridan, Humphrey, Boot and Shoemaker, S. side, Clark St. Sheers, George, Carpenter, Brook St. Stephens, Robt., Tinsmith, Marsh St. opposite Flouring Mills. TYSON, JOHN, Proprietor, Beaver Valley Mills, h Marsh St. Tyson, Milton, Miller, Beaver Valley Mills. Tyson, Charles, Beaver Valley Mills WHITNEY, A. J. Carpenter, Clarksburg
It is astonishing how far distant, thirty years ago, the shores of Georgian Bay seemed from the settled portions of Upper Canada. Up Yonge Street to Holland Landing, down the sluggish Holland River, and northward across Lake Simcoe to Orillia; across the country some twenty miles to Coldwater; then batteaux (in after days a steamer once a week) from Sturgeon Bay coastwise along Georgian Bay to any of the new and struggling settlements on its shores. The opening of the Northern Railway in the winter of 1854-5, put a new face upon matters. Up to that time the northern part of Grey had been comparatively isolated. Penetanguishene and some spots on the southern shores of the romantic inlet upon which it stands, were the only settlements on the waters of Georgian Bay. Penetanguishene was a Naval Station as far back as the war of 1812. Looking across, then, at a distance of 20 miles, from the strait between the Christian Islands and the shores of Tiny, Collingwood Mountain must have loomed up in silent and forbidding grandeur. But the spirit of progress, (and the wants of speculators!) are never satisfied. The settlements had reached Barrie; and it was desirable to extend the surveys northwesterly; especially as there were a great many floating "U. E. Rights" still to locate. People in the present day can scarcely have an idea of the persistence of the speculators in lands and land scrip before the Union. No sooner was a township surveyed than a shoal of these speculators pounced upon it, and secured the best portions of it and being, many of them, in the Upper Canada Parliament, they managed to get the "actual settlement" clause in the grants modified or set aside in their particular cases. To a considerable extent Collingwood was acquired by absentees, under U. E. and other land scrip. As mentioned in another place, the Government had bought up the Indian title to the lands as far west as the perpendicular line between St. Vincent and Sydenham; in fact as far west as the old limits of the County of Simcoe. Mr. Rankin, now of Owen Sound, was employed to survey two townships on Georgian Bay. There was then no Collingwood Town, with its low water-margin, Railway Elevator, dark background of cedar, and sentinel Lighthouse; no farms and fields smoothed out of the shaggy shoulders of the mountain; no Meaford nestling in the elbow of the Bight of St. Vincent, with its cultivated slopes in rear, and terrace-like farms extending down to Cape Rich-nothing, but the rude unbroken forest. In the eastern portion, good land was found on the top of the mountain; and as for the western half, it may all be set down as pretty good land, and sufficiently well situated; falling down toward the valley of the Beaver River, or occupying its bottom. An incident of the survey is worth preserving. Chief Wahbatick, of the Ojibways, now an infirm old man of 70 or 80, at Cape Croker, called upon Mr. Rankin, and ordered the surveying party to desist and leave "his land." Mr. Rankin reasoned with him; showing him that the Government did not profess to claim the land further west than Vail's Point, but that up to that headland they had bought out the Indian rights. Wahbatick had probably never consented to the transfer, as, in after years, when no longer considered as a Chief, he dissented from the surrender of the Saugeen Peninsula to Lord Bury. Be this as it may, he threatened the party; but having implicit faith in his "Great Father", at York; Sir John Colborne, the Lieut. Governor of Upper Canada, he would first try peaceful means. He departed, and within the short space of about ten days reappeared, having been, by canoe and on foot, to York (Toronto) in the meantime. The clerks at the Crown Land Office had imposed on the fiery little Chief; and giving him a paper which they asserted would cause all unauthorized trespassers to decamp, got rid of him. The paper was but a printed handbill, "Lands for Sale;" and this he had carried, carefully folded, in his bosom, all the way from York. He "served it" upon Mr. Rankin with all due importance; but seeing no immediate effect, grew confidential, and admitting he was "buckatae," (hungry), got something to eat and drink, and made peace with the party. The surveying party came across in boats from Penetanguishene, which, during the season was their "base of supplies." The Blue Mountains" were then considered so far away and so forbidding, that some apprehensions were felt for the safety of the party from Indians, wild beasts, and distance from civilization. The Naval Lientenant in command was extremely delighted to see the party safely return at the close of the season. When the plans were all sent in, the new Township was called by the Governor "Alta," from the great height of land within it. Capt. Moberly, a retired Naval officer drawing his grant of land in the Township, disliked the name "Alta," and prevailed on Sir John Colborne to change it to "Collingwood," as well as the other Township from "Zero," to St. Vincent, after those two Naval heroes. The natural outlet of the traffic of the western half of Collingwood, down the Beaver Valley to Clarksburg and Thornbury while the Eastern or Mountain half of the Township find their market and outlet Easterly toward Collingwood Town and the villages and Stations of Nottawasaga. Hence there are two interests in the Township, almost as distinct as if there were two Townships. The Council meet somewhat centrally in the Township, and try to reconcile these conflicting interests as best they can. There are three Villages in Collingwood; Thornbury, Clarksburg, and Williamstown [Heathcote]. The Township is rapidly improving and filling up, as may be evidenced by the fact that the number of acres held in 1864 is 14,000 more than in 1860. A pleasing feature in the statistics of this Township is that by the Census reports, it raised half as much Fall Wheat in 1860 as all the rest of the County. The injury to the Spring Wheat by summer frosts has forced the farmers to this experiment; but independently of that, it is found to be fully as remunerative a crop, under all circustances, and is now being increasingly cultivated throughout the County. The soil is generally clay, through the Township of Collingwood. The Owen Sound and Collingwood Gravel Road runs along the Shore, across the front of the Township, and forms an excellent commercial outlet. Were a wharf erected at Thornbury, as at Meaford, and the Owen Sound and Collingwood Steamer making daily calls, it would be still better. This is an improvement which the future must provide. Trout anglers in the Beaver take up their quarters in one of the three villages above-named, as taste or convenience decide. Deer hunters make their headquarters at Milligan's Hotel, at the foot of the Mountain, 4 m. E. of Thornbury. Many a deer is tracked round and round the Mountain by the hounds, and finally shot in Milligan's clearing or overtaken in the waters of Georgian Bay, to which in their desperation they often betake themselves. Census Returns.-Population in 1861, 1492. Acres under cultivation, 5,357. Fall Wheat, 11,243 bushels; Spring Wheat, 26,040 bushels; Peas, 8,279 bushels; Oats, 15,496 bushels; Potatoes, 28,687 bushels; Turnips, 16,155 bushels; Hay, 1,354 tons; Maple Sugar, 7,630 lbs,; Wool, 2,865 lbs.; Butter, 17,951 lbs. The amount of land in the township is about 68,600 acres. Of this, 37,000 acres were held by residents, in 1864.
Including Schools in "Union" with other townships, Collingwood has fourteen Common Schools. Union Section No.1 (with Nottawasaga). - John Brown, Teacher, House, Frame, Furnished with Maps and Globe. Average attendance for 1864, about 25. S. S. No.2. Martin Badjero, Teacher. House, Stone. Furnished with maps and Globes. Average attendance for 1864, about 15. S. S. No.3. Archibald Currie, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with Maps and Globe. Average attendance for 1864, about 16. Union S.S. No.4. (with Euphrasia). William C. Hewish, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with Maps and Globe. - Average attendance for 1864, about 40. (Williamstown School.) Union S.S. No. 5. (with Euphrasia). Joseph McAuslan, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with Maps and Globe. Average attendance for 1864, about 20. S. S. No. 5. Archibald Campbell, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with Maps and Globe. Average attendance for 1864, about 69. S.S. No.6. James Currie, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with Maps and Globe. Average attendance for 1864, about 17. S. S. No. 7. George Spong, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with Maps and Globe. Average attendance for the year, about 14. S. S. No. 8. Daniel Wright, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with Maps and Globe. Average attendance for 1864, about, 21. S. S. No. 9. (Thornbury School). Francis Powell, Teacher. House, Frame. Furnished with Maps and Globe. Average attendance for 1864, about 50. Union S. S. No. 10. (with Nottawasaga). Malcolm Smith, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with Maps and Globe. Average attendance for 1864 about 30. S.S. No.12. James McMahon, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with Maps and Globe. Average attendance for 1864, about 15. S.S. No.13. (Clarksburg) House, Frame. Robert Albery, Teacher. Furnished with Maps and Globe. Average attendance for 1864, about 23. S.S. No.14. Sarah McMillan, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with Maps and Globe. Average attendance for 1864, about 16. Collingwood possesses a Township Library, purchased a few years ago; and a division of it is placed in each Ward, and changed at the commencement of the year from one Ward to another. Each librarian receives some $10 a year. The good effects of the scheme are aleady visible in the improvement and intelligence of the young people. Churches.-Exclusive of the Churches in the villages already named, there are the following in the Township: Episcopal Church; frame; on 9th Concession, about 5 m. from Thornbury Primitive Methodist Church; frame; on 10th Concession, about 5 m. from Clarksburg. Weslayan Church; log; on 10th Concession, 6 m. from Clarksburg. Sawmills.-Thornbury Sawmill, Riddell & Murdy,-Lessees; Cumming's Sawmill half a mile above Clarksburg; Wilson's Sawmill, 2 m. above Clarksburg; Stottenberg's Sawmill, on Mill Creek, on Lot 10, Con. 8. Township Officers.-Reeve, Alex. Mitchell [Clarksburg, P. O.] Councillors, W. White, W. Reid, D. Wright, Neil Smith. Clerk, Richard Rorke, [Heathcote P. O.] Treasurer, James Johnston, [Heathcote P. O.] NOTE.-In the following list, f is "Freeholder," and h is "Householder," as so noted in the assessment roll for 1864.
Con. Lot Arbuthnot, Neil f 1 41 Allcock, Robert f 9 13 Atkins, Mrs f 10 19 Abbey, Luke h 11 18 Atkins, Robert h 11 33 Alexander, Joseph f 9 28 Alexander, John f 12 13 Alexander, Samuel f 9 29 Andrews, Samuel f 12 34 Brown, Wm. f 7 27 Burchill, Samuel h 11 9 Barr, Robert f 1 1 Barr, Adam f 1 1 Buie, Neil f 2 20 Bell, John f 3 1 Brown, Arch'd f 3 21 Brooks, Wm f 4 18 Beaton, Donald, senr. f 6 20 Beaton, Donald, junr. f 6 20 Beaton, John f 6 20 Brock, George E. h 7 8 Brophy, James f 7 20 Brownlee, James f 8 18 Brooks, Abraham f 8 23 Ballantyne, Wm. f 8 27 Badger, Aaron f 9 22 Belfry, John A f 9 26 Belfry, Ira f 9 26 Burns, Thomas f 10 9 Bell, Joseph f 11 12 Bolls, John f 11 33 Bradbury, Luke, Shoemaker h 12 23 Brooklebank, Wm. f 12 16 Burns, Henry f 12 22 Buhart, David f 10 25 Croker, Robert h 12 32 Clark, John f 12 15 Clark, George f 12 15 Cumming, David f 11 30 Carefoot, Richard f 11 22 Clark, W. A. f 10 31 Collins, Henry h 11 14 Carefoot, John f 11 16 Carefoot, Thomas f 10 13 Carefoot, Henry f 10 13 Condlin, John h 10 15 Carefoot, Wm. f 10 16 Carscaden, Joseph f 9 21 Carscaden, Dean f 8 19 Carscaden, Thomas f 8 19 Cordner, Wm. h 6 3 Chamberlain, John h 6 4 Couper, John f 5 4 Couper, Wm. f 5 4 Campbell, Wm. f 4 5 Campbell, Donald f 3 10 Campbell, Dugald f 2 19 Currie, John h 2 15 Currie, Dugald f 1 10 Craig, Robert f 11 33 Currie, Neil h 1 12 Currie, John f 1 13 Currie, John f 1 14 Currie, Arch'd f 1 14 Currie, John f 2 1 Campbell, Arch'd f 2 3 Currie, Arch'd f 2 3 Currie, Malcolm f 1 3 Currie, Neil f 1 3 Currie, Edward f 1 2 Campbell, Hugh f 4 3 Draper, Benj h 8 21 Draper, Paul h 8 21 Donaldson, Wm. Blacksmith f 12 23 Day, John f 12 36 Dinsmore, John f 12 33 Dinsmore, Andrew f 12 33 Eaton, Cyrus h 12 26 Emery, John f 12 12 Elven, Thomas f 11 32 Erven, Thomas f 9 24 Fremlin, Frederick f 2 13 Fleming, A. G. f 2 21 Fleming, John f 2 21 Ferguson, George f 3 8 Ferguson, Finlay f 3 9 Fleming, Alex f 3 20 Fleming, Henry f 3 21 Field, Wm. f 7 23 Field, Thomas f 8 24 Fawcett, Chas f 9 24 Fawcett, Robert f 10 24 Futhey, Robert f 11 9 Fawcett, John f 11 23 Ferguson, John f 11 33 Ferguson, Charles h 11 33 Ferguson, James f 11 33 Fleming, William Innkeeper f 12 23 Fletcher, Dickenson f 12 27 Fife, Wm h 12 22 Gould, Henry f 12 41 Grant, Charles f 12 4O Gage, Geo. Carpenter f 12 36 Green, John f 12 21 Gould, Rev. John, Canada Presbyterian f 11 34 Goldsmith, James f 11 26 Goldsmith, Wm f 11 26 Grainger, John f 11 29 Grainger, Joseph f 11 29 Goodfellow, Adam f 11 12 Grierson, John f 9 12 Griffeth, George f 10 27 Grierson, Walter f 9 12 Gould, Jesse h 9 14 Gould, Allan f 12 39 Galbraith, Maxwell f 8 26 Greig, James f 8 27 Gibson, James f 7 20 Galloway, Edward f 5 18 Gillies, Donald f 2 2 Gillies, Arch'd f 2 2 Gillies, Alex f 1 2 Gardner, James f 8 9 Gardner, Charles f 8 9 Henderson, Donald f 1 4 Henderson, John f 1 5 Harris, Wm. f 4 16 Hamwood, Alban f 5 20 Hill, Joseph f 8 25 Hurst, Edward h 8 29 Hutchinson, John h 10 20 Hutchinson, James h 10 20 Holderahaw, James h 11 18 Hutton, George f 11 18 Hewgill, Wm. f 12 17 Hamilton, Mrs f 12 23 Hewish, W.C. Teacher f 12 23 Holdship, George f 12 35 Holdship, Wm. f 12 35 Hammond, Darius f 2 43 Isaac, Wm. f 10 22 Irwin, Michael f 10 16 Isaac, Charles f 10 17 Jordan, John f 3 8 Johns, Samuel f 4 15 Johnson, George f 8 13 Johnson, Wm f 11 26 Kinney, Samuel f 12 18 Kinney, Charles f 12 18 Kennedy, Wm. f 11 10 Kirk, John h 9 18 Kerr, Wm. f 6 21 Lunan, George f 3 23 Lang, John f 4 3 Latimer, James f 4 14 Lunan, James f 6 18 Latter, Wm. f 8 16 Loughead, Joseph f 10 21 Loughead, James f 10 21 Loughead, Wm. f 10 21 Loughead, Smith f 10 23 Loughead, Joseph f 10 23 Loughead, John f 11 19 Loughead, John f 11 23 Loughead, Wm h 11 25 Loughead, Thomas f 11 25 Loughead, Warren f 11 21 Lapp, Jeremiah f 12 15 Londry, John B. f 12 40 Moore, Benj. f 12 28 Maloney, Patrick f 12 29 Maloney, John f 12 29 Miller, Mrs. f 12 20 Moscrop, Joseph f 12 22 Monroe, Thomas f 11 33 Mossington, Geo. h 11 28 Moore, Elias f 10 28 Marsh, W. J. f 10 30 Maddill, Wm. f 9 25 Melville, Adam h 8 23 Milligan, Robt. f 6 25 Morphet, Robt. f 6 7 May, John f 4 16 May, Wm. f 4 19 Martin, Thomas f 2 21 McNichol, Neil f 1 4 McMurchy, Malcolm f 1 9 McAlister, John f 1 10 McCannell, Archibald f 1 15 McCoy, John h 2 9 McLeod, Alex f 2 19 McLeod, Duncan f 2 19 McDougall, Alex h 2 20 McCaffrey, Gilbert f 2 21 McPherson, John f 3 2 McQuin, Alex f 3 2 McIntyre, Mrs f 3 15 McLeod, John f 3 16 McLeod, Alex f 3 16 McArthur, Peter f 3 16 McLeod, John f 3 17 McArthur, John h 3 17 McNichol, Peter f 3 17 McGregor, Gregor h 4 22 McEachern, John f 4 8 McLennan, John f 4 9 McAlister, Donald f 4 9 McArthur, Charles f 4 15 McAlister, Donald f 5 8 McAlister, Dugald f 5 8 McLeod, Murdoch f 5 19 McKay, John f 5 19 McArthur, John f 6 9 McArthur, Peter f 6 15 McArthur, Hugh f 6 16 McKenzie, Donald h 6 19 McLeod, Robt. h 6 19 McGee, Johnston f 6 21 McKinley, James f 6 21 McArthur, Duncan f 7 17 McCollman, Duncan f 9 11 McIlroy, John f 9 19 McIlroy, Thomas f 9 20 McKee, Wm. f 9 29 McMaster, James f 9 30 McCollman, Donald f 10 11 McCollman, Angus f 10 11 McCollman, Neil f 11 17 McIlroy, George f 11 21 McGuire, Charles f 11 35 McGuire, James f 11 34 McGuire, Richard f 11 35 McGuire, Richard Sr. f 11 35 McCallum, James f 12 14 McCallum, John f 12 14 McCallun, Samuel f 12 16 McKinlay, Arch'd h 12 20 McCarroll, Mrs. f 12 23 McRae, John f 42 13 Nicholson, John f 8 28 Park, John f 6 19 Peachy, Reuben f 6 25 Parks, Milo f 9 3 Prentice, Jacob f 12 21 Proctor, Louis h 11 31 Parsley, Dr.W. H f 12 36 Rogers, Eli f 12 37 Rogers, Daniel H f 12 32 Rorke, Thomas J f 12 24 Rorke, Richard f 12 25 Rorke, Thomas H f 12 25 Ryder, Christopher h 11 10 Robinson, Mrs. f 11 20 Ryan, Thomas f 11 15 Rorke, George f 9 18 Rairdon, John f 8 4 Reid, Wm f 8 16 Randall, John f 7 23 Reikie, George f 7 26 Reikie, John f 7 26 Reikie, George, Sr. f 7 26 Reid, Wm f 5 19 Robinson, John h 3 9 Smith, Neil f 2 9 Smith, Malcolm f 2 11 Sullivan, John h 2 11 Shaw, John f 3 15 Stevens, Richard f 3 21 Shaw, Andrew f 4 14 Skelton, Joseph f 4 17 Shaw, Thomas f 4 18 Smith, Thomas f 5 4 Skelton, Wm. f 5 17 Scobie, James f 6 16 Sheridan, James f 6 21 Spies, Frederick f 6 25 Small, Thomas, junr. f 7 15 Stottenburgh, Alfred h 7 14 Stottenburgh, Hiram h 7 14 Small, Joseph h 7 16 Small, Thomas f 7 15 Stottenburgh, Peter f 8 10 Shore, Andrew f 8 20 Smithson, George f 9 29 Spaul, Austin f 10 22 Scroggie, Samuel f 9 28 Shaw, Wm. f 11 18 Shaw, Christopher f 11 20 Stephens, James f 11 32 Stewart, Major Chas. f 11 37 Shannon, Thomas f 12 12 Stotts, Peter f 7 27 Small, Wm. h 7 16 Shore, Robert f 7 22 Shaw, Joseph f 12 19 Shaw, Edward h 12 19 Stephens, James f 12 36 Theakston, John f 11 25 Tong, John h 10 20 Taylor, Jeremiah f 9 23 Thompson, John f 2 13 Vickers, Joseph h 3 9 Vamplew, Wm. f 10 19 Walters, Henry f 6 15 Wilson, Ambrose f 6 21 Wallace, James f 8 17 Wallace, Andrew f 8 17 Wright, Daniel f 4 18 Wallace, Hugh f 8 22 Wright, Arthur f 8 23 Wright, Richard f 8 23 Wheatland, Cornelius f 8 27 Wagg, Francis f 9 13 Walter, Geo., senr. f 9 15 Walter, Geo., junr. f 9 15 Walter, James f 9 15 Wilson, Robert f 9 24 Wilson, Thomas f 9 28 White, Wm. f 10 18 White, Samuel f 10 18 Whitney, Abraham f 10 29 Walter, Wm. f 11 17 Wilson, James Miller f 11 26 Wilson, James f 12 23 York, Henry f 12 21
A beautiful Bay washing the northernmost part of the County, and an arm of Georgian Bay, named after a pilot in the exploring expedition of Capt. W. F. W. Owen, R. N., at which time the shore of Georgian Bay was an uninhabited wilderness, with the solitary exception of Penetanguishene and immediate neighbourhood. Colpoy's Bay has the Township of Keppel on the South, the Township of Albemarle on the North and the Townplot of Wiarton at its Western end. It opens out Northeasterly into the Lake, having White Cloud Island lying directly in its mouth. Further out, like the second cordon of a blockading squadron, lie Griffeth's Island and Hay Island; in such order that when within the Bay, the view of the open lake is entirely obstructed, and the shelter is complete. The Bay is of great depth; nine miles long; from White Cloud Island to the head of the Bay, (Wiarton is as yet only a "Town" on paper), and has no shoals, sand-bars nor rocks to obstruct the navigation. As the visitor enters the Bay both shores are guarded by a high precipitous ridge of rugged limestone a short distance back from the shore, that on the N. W. side being the highest and most irregular. These ridges lessen down toward the head of the Bay; in fact almost disappearing. On the Southern shore, for two miles before reaching the head of the Bay a beautiful succession of improving farms is presented. This was formerly an Indian Reserve, but given up and sold some three years ago. Here we find a P. O. lately established for the convenience of the settlers. "Oxenden P. O." The mail from Owen Sound is carried across by boat to "Colpoy's Bay." P. O. directly opposite, 1 1/4 m. across), in the Township of Albemarle, and County of Bruce. In the latter vicinity are also some good farms. Colpoy's Bay is a favorite resort for summer picnic parties by Steamer, from Owen Sound. The two Post-offices above named are 30 m. from Owen Sound, by water. In former years all communication with Colpoy's Bay was by coasting in boats. Lately the County line has been opened out, and Owen Sound is brought 10 m. nearer. From Colpoy's Bay across to Lake Huron is only 7 m.
A Post Village in the N.E. corner of the Township of Glenelg, on the Toronto and Sydenham Road, 26 m. from Owen Sound, 17 m. from Johntown, and 6 m. N. W. of Flesherton. In the village are 3 stores, a Post office, an Episcopal Church, a Wagonmaker; Shoemaker, Carpenter, 2 Blacksmiths, and a tavern. A large quantity of wheat and other grain is purchased in the winter. Messrs. McFarland and Reynolds are General Dealer's; Mr. Van Felsen confines himself principally to Drugs and Medicines. Mails on Wednesdays and Saturdays from Flesherton and Johntown. The Post office was formerly known as "East Glenelg;" but last year, the name "Cornabuss" was given by the P. O. Department. Atkinson, Mrs. Armstrong, Mark, Farmer. Colemon, Samuel, Farmer. Colemon, W. J., Clerk at C. Reynolds Dundas, Wm., Boot and Shoe Maker. Eaton, Alfred, Blacksmith. HASKETT W. N., Hotel keeper Haskett, Robert, Haskett's Hotel McDuffy, Daniel, Farmer. MCFARLAND, W. J.. Postmaster, and General Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, and Country Produce. Noble, Alfred, Wagon Maker. Ritchie, Wm. Carpenter REYNOLDS, CLARK, general Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Country Produce, &c. Reynolds, Mrs., Groceries &c. Van Felsen, Charles, Druggist. Van Felsen, Charles, jr., and Photographic Artist. Van Felsen, George, Painter and Photographic Artist. Walker, George, Blacksmith.
A Post office on the Owen Sound and Collingwood Road, in the Township of Collingwood, on Georgian Bay. It is 6 m. from Collingwood Harbor, and a little over a mile from the County line of Simcoe. Beside the P. O. there are in the immediate vicinity, a tavern (Mrs. Cook's), and an excellent new Stone School-house. Cook, Mrs., Inn-keeper. Martin, Thomas, Farmer. Fleming, A. G, Postmaster and farmer. McCaffrae, Gilbert, Labourer.
A Post Office on the 10th con. of the township of Bentinck, 7 m. W. of Latona P. O., from whence it is supplied with mails on Wednesdays and Saturdays. 13 m. from Durham, and 28 from Owen Sound. Hector McRae, Postmaster.
The name popularly bestowed upon the upper part of the valley of the Beaver River. This valley commences as a narrow gorge between limestone precipices at the bottom of Eugenia Falls, but soon widens out into very respectable proportions. On the east side of the valley, the Collingwood or Blue Mountains slope down with a descent of sometimes two or three miles, as yet chiefly covered with wood. The Western slope is more abrupt, and apparently less elevated. The river pursues a pretty swift course through cedar swamps and partially cleared farms, toward Georgian Bay. The valley, including the slopes, is frequently three to five miles in width. The time is coming when this valley will be one of the most attractive spots in Upper Canada. The attempt was made, two or three years ago, by some of the residents at its upper end, to call it "Queen's Valley;" but the old name is likely to remain, not withstanding this expressed desire. The Cuckoo Valley is a noted resort for angler's. (See also "Beaver River.")
A Post-office in the Township of Sydenham-, on the "Lake Shore Line;" 8 mi. from Owen Sound. Mail to and from Owen Sound on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Abraham Cameron, Postmaster. Messrs. S. & A. Cameron carry on here a Boot and Shoe manufactory, employing several hands.
As elsewhere stated, the Government had, in 1833, when the survey of St. Vincent and Collingwood was taken in hand, acquired by treaty, with the Ojibway Indians, the Eastern portion of the present county of Grey. In 1836, the Government, by another treaty, acquired the remainder of the county of Grey as far north as the original Northern limits of Derby. Though a part of Owen Sound town was surveyed in 1840, and the township of Sydenham wholly completed in 1842 and '43, it was not till 1846 that Derby was surveyed. It was named after the late Lord Derby, the father of the present Earl. It is scarcely as large a township as some of the others; its distance from North to South being somewhat less. The number of acres assessed in 1864 is- 40,147. Derby lies in the N.W. of the county, being bounded N., by Keppel, E. by Sydenham, S. by Sullivan, and W. by Arran. Its general aspect is even. There are large tracts of pretty level and very good land in Derby. In the East, toward the Garafraxa Road, especially between that road and the Sydenham River, is a very stony tract. West of that, some places show a friable, sandy soil; but more generally clay. Timber, maple, elm, and ash. There may be said to be no oak, but there is a good deal of pine in Several of the cedar swamps. These latter prevail to some extent in the vicinity of the Pottawatamie River. There are few better townships to be found; as a whole; than Derby, whether we consider soil, timber, convenience to market or enterprise of the settlers. There is air of thrift about the appearance of most of the farms in the concessions; not by any means universal in the county. The population has considerably increased since the Census was taken, many new settlers having come into the Township. There are on the Roll for 1864, 320 resident Householders. Taking the very safe "Rule of Five," we find these would represent a population of 1,600. In 1861, the population is given as 1,243. There are no villages in Derby, except Kilsyth, which is now beginning to be considered as a "village." There are two Post-offices-Kilsyth and Alvanley. Some years ago, an addition was made to the township by the "Half-mile Strip" being added to its Northern side. -(See Centre Road, Derby.") Mills.-There are two Grist Mills-"Derby Mills," and "Inglis Mills"; Five Sawmills, viz.: Coulters' Sawmill, on Centre Road, on a branch of the Pottawatamie, 5 m. from Owen Sound; Jones Sawmill at the Falls of the Pottawatamie, on the Gravel Road, 2 m. West of Owen Sound; Inglis' Sawmill; Herriman's Sawmill, on Centre Road, 3 m. from Owen Sound, on the Sydenham River, 3 m. from Owen Sound-and Cross' Sawmill, on the Sydenham River, below Inglis' 2 1/4 m. from Owen sound.
Section. No. 1.- Thomas H. Gillespie; Teacher. House, log. Average attendance for 1864, 32. Section No.2. Mary A. Meir, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance for 1864, 11. Section No.3. Archibald B. Walker, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance for 1864, 36. Section No.4. J. W. Bingham, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance for 1864, 21. Section No. 7. W. L. B. Hamlin, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance for 1864, 8. Section No.8. D. F. S. Ritchie, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance for first six months of 1864, 19.. Union Section No.7. Arran and Derby Wm. Elliott, Teacher. Union Section No. 9. Arran and Derby. Andrew Quinn, teacher. Union Section No.2. Derby and Sydenham. House, stone. D. R. Dobie, Teacer. Average attendance, (from Derby), for 1864, 20. Union Section No.3. Sydenham and Derby. Christina McKay, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance (from Derby), for 1864, 10. Union Section No.1. Sullivan and Derby. Edward Lunn, Teacher. House, log. Average atndance for 1864, (from Derby), 5. Agricultural Society.-The Township of Derby Agricultural Society holds an Annual Exhibition every Autumn, generally at Kilsyth. It has tended much to foster Agriculture in the Township. W. Beaton, (Kilsyth P. O.), Secretary. Nb.-f signifies "Freeholder," h "Householder" Con. Lot Anderson, Andrew f 1 8 Agan, Francis f 2 6 Armstrong, James h 3 7 Armstrong, John h 4 1 Anthony, Francis f 5 12 Anthony, John f 5 12 Agnew, James f 6 7 Anderson, Thomas f 9 16 Agnew, Wm. h 12 3 Arnett, Peter h 12 16 Adair, Alex f 1/2 m. str 2 Brown, Wm. f 1/2 m. str 1 Barber, Nathaniel f 12 11 Barber, James f 12 12 Bentley, Randall h 12 4 Brock, Alex. f 11 10 Brock, Francis h 11 10 Barber, John h 9 4 Barber, James h 9 4 Barnard, John h 8 16 Barnard, George f 8 16 Breen, George f 8 5 Breem, Henry f 8 6 Black, John h 7 10 Black, Hugh h 7 11 Brown, Duncan f 7 4 Brown, Donald f 6 4 Brooks, George f 5 15 Brooks, John h 5 15 Barnes, Samuel h 4 13 Beaton, Wm. f 5 4 Beaton, Neil f 5 4 Beaton, Lachlin f 5 4 Barber, Francis f 3 7 Butchart, David f 3 14 Barber, James f 3 6 Boyle, John f 2 1 Bryant, Wm. h 4 17 Coleman, James f 1 1 Carson, James f 1 2 Carson, John f 1 5 Couch, Mark h 1 8 Cross, James f 1 11 Cooney, John f 2 2 Coulter, Alex f 4 9 Coulter, Mrs. J. D. f 4 9 Coulter, R. D. f 4 10 Coulter, Hugh f 4 10 Cameron, J. McA. f 5 5 Cashore, John h 6 11 Cavanagh, Robt h 6 16 Currie, Wm. h 7 4 Cochrane, James f 7 7 Charlton, John B. h 9 11 Costley, James h 9 14 Campbell, Wm. h 11 1 Coventry, Wm. h 12 2 Coventry, Joseph h 12 2 Dezell, John h 11 16 Davis, Charles f 12 7 Dalgarm, Alex h 11 10 Douglas, James h 9 1 Dick, Robt. h 4 11 Duncan, Alex h 2 8 Dickson, Robt h 2 12 Dowd, Jarvis h 5 3 Elliott, Wm. (Teacher) h 12 5 Egerton, Thomas f 12 13 Ekins, Claudius f 12 15 Frost, R. L. f 1 7 Frost, Thomas f 1 6 Follis, Irwin h 7 13 Finch, Abraham h 7 8 Foilis, Charles f 6 11 Fleming, Wm. f 9 6 Fleming, Donald f 6 9 Fleming, James f 6 9 Fleming, Charles f 6 10 Fleming, Alex Sr. f 6 10 Fleming, Alex Jr. f 9 6 Fleming, John f 6 1O Fairbairn, John f 2 13 Flower, Samuel f 2 14 Graham, Robt f 6 6 Geddes, Wm h 1 2 Gibson, Thomas f 1 14 Galbraith, John h 2 13 Gillespie, Thos., Teacher h 4 6 Gerry, Jonathan f 5 15 Gerry, Wm.J. h 5 15 Garvie, Joseph h 6 1 Graham, Joseph f 7 6 Graham, Wm. h 7 6 Gray, Gilbert h 8 4 Gorley, Thomas jr. h 8 12 Graham, Solomon h 9 2 Gorley, Wm. h 9 9 Garvie, Alex h 9 12 Garvie, Joseph Sr. f 9 12 Gilchrist, Donald f 11 6 Gimby, John f 1/2 m. str 3 Gimby, Joseph f 1/2 m. str 4 Hanna, Richard h 9 11 Harris, James f 12 8 Henderson, John h 12 5 Hyde, Wm. h 11 14 Henderson, Wm. f 10 2 Henderon, Geo. h 10 2 Hart, John h 9 17 Harbottle, Ralph f 9 5 Hall, Wm., [Weaver] h 9 5 Hall, Samuel h 7 13 Hamilton, James h 8 1 Hall, Alex. h 8 3 Hilts, David h 7 9 Hunt, James h 7 5 Hunter, Andrew h 5 16 Hardie, Andrew f 4 8 Harrison, Charles f 4 6 Harrison, Richard f 4 6 Hall, Simon f 3 3 Hall, Francis f 3 4 Hall, Wm. f 3 5 Hamilton, Henry jr. f 2 3 Herriman, Nathaniel f 1 9 Herriman, Angus C. f 1 9 Horne, J. [Inkeep'r] h 1 7 Hamilton, John f 1 3 Hamilton, Henry, Sen f 1 4 Hammond, Richard h 8 14 Inglis, Peter f 1 10 Johnson, W. H. f 1 12 Johnson, David f 2 12 Johnson, James f 2 12 Jones, Wm. f 5 5 Jones, Wm. f 5 16 Jones, S.A. f 5 17 Jackman, James, senr. f 6 5 Jackman, James, junr. f 6 5 Johnston, Wm. h 6 11 Johnson, John f 7 6 Johnson, Samuel h 7 11 Johnson, James f 1/2 m. str. 10 Kinchen, Joseph h 7 14 Kennedy, John f 11 12 Kaake, Adam f 4 7 Lundy, Wm. h 3 1 Lochead, David h 4 12 Lochead, James h 4 12 Lochead, Wm. f 4 12 Lochead, John f 4 12 Linn, John f 5 9 Leslie, Alex h 5 15 Lee, Robert h 6 4 Linn, Robert f 6 7 Leslie, Thomas f 6 17 Leslie, Jeremiah f 6 17 Livingston, David h 7 8 Lister, James f 9 1 Lister, Wm. f 9 3 Meabry, John f 1 5 Maxwell, Hamilton f 3 12 Mundell, Wm. f 5 11 Maxwell, Thomas h 5 13 Maxwell, Michael h 5 13 Maxwell, James f 5 13 Moore, Alex. f 7 12 Mackie, Wm. f 8 8 Moore, David f 9 10 Moore, Robert f 9 10 Moore, George h 10 6 Marshall, David f 10 11 Mole, David h 11 3 Marshall, John h 11 11 Marshall, David, senr. f 11 12 Mitchell, Francis f 12 6 Mitchell, Wm. f 12 6 Morrow, Wm. A. f 12 9 Morrow, Wm. f 12 8 Matthews, G.M. f 1/2 m. str. 16 McGregor, Robert f 1 1 McNab, George f 1 3 McBrian, Edward h 1 6 McNab, Richard f 1 6 McDermid, Hugh f 1 10 McDermid, John f 1 10 McMeekin, Wm., [Innkeeper] f 1 10 McNab, Wm. h 2 1 McNab, George, junr. h 2 2 McLeod, Hugh h 2 7 McInnis, Jesse f 2 8 McDougall, David f 2 14 McAllister, Philip h 3 1 McAllister, Thomas h 3 1 McInnis, Mrs. f 3 8 McArthur, Donald, senr. h 6 2 McArthur, Donald, jr. h 6 2 McDonald, Chas. h 6 3 McDermid, George h 7 1 McArthur, Duncan h 7 2 McPhee, John f 7 3 McGaffin, James f 7 9 McClusky, James [Potter] h 7 9 McNerin, Samuel h 7 13 McDermid, Arch h 8 3 McDermid, James h 8 4 McAvoy, James f 8 7 McFarlane, Joseph h 9 2 McInnis, James h 10 1 McInnis, Thomas h 10 1 McFarlane, George f 10 10 McDonald, John f 12 7 Norris, John h 8 5 Neelands, Wm. f 3 10 Neelands, Daniel f 5 10 Nelson, Wm. h 3 10 Noonan, John f 12 11 Noonan, Dennis f 12 11 O'Neil, Michael f 1 1 Oliver, James f 1 13 Ormanby, Wm. f 3 14 Owen, Wm. f 8 13 Pearce, Ezra h 2 14 Porteus, Simon h 4 10 Reilly, Solomon f 1 9 Rankin, Charles f 1 11 Reilly, John f 1 10 Rowan, Wm. f 1 12 Rossitter, Harvey f 1 12 Reilly, John h 3 2 Reid, Wm. h 4 1 Reid, John h 4 9 Rowan, John h 6 3 Robertson, James h 9 7 Robertson, Robert h 9 7 Robertson, John h 9 7 Robertson, Robt.,jr. h 10 6 Rice, Ira W. h 11 9 Simpson, George f 1 2 Smith, John f 1 8 Sharp, James f 1 12 Simpson, Wm.B. h 2 2 Snell, Thomas h 2 3 Sergeant, Jesse h 2 12 Sibbald, Thomas f 3 11 Sibbald, John h 3 11 Spencer, George G. h 5 11 Smith, Alex h 7 1 Stedman, Morris h 7 2 Smith, Alex f 7 3 Smith, James f 7 3 Sinclair, Arch'd f 7 8 Smith, George (Innkeeper) h 7 9 Sloan, Thomas (Post master, Kilsyth) f 7 10 Saunders, Wm. h 8 10 Saunders, David h 8 10 Smith, Alex h 9 4 Struthers, Wm. h 10 10 Stephens, John h 10 10 Saunders, Gilbert h 11 7 Smith, David h 11 10 Smith, Hugh h 11 10 Struthers, James h 11 12 Scarrow, Wm. h 10 2 Thompson, John h 6 4 Todd, James R f 6 11 Tait, Edward f 6 12 Thompson, Robert f 8 7 Thompson, Thos.,(Innkeeper) h 1/2 m. str 16 Tolton, Joshua h 8 9 Vance, James f 7 12 Westerman, James f 1 7 Wiggins, Samuel f 6 13 Wiggins, John f 6 13 Wiggins, Thomas f 6 13 Wilcox, Thomas f 7 7 Walker, Arch. (Teacher) h 7 10 Walmsley, Wm. (Potter) h 7 9 White, John h 9 3 Waddell, Gavin f 10 9 Waddell, Robert f 10 9 Webster, James, (P.M., Alvanley P. O.) f 10 16 Webster, Alex f 1/2 m. str. 15 Wilson, John h 11 13 Witherspoon, James h 11 16 Wilkinson, Brigham f 11 14 White, Benj. f 12 8 Wyce, Jacob h 3 8 Yates, Wm. h 6 6 Young, George h 8 8 Young, James h 12 3
Situated in the township of Derby, 2 m. south of Owen Sound. The motive power is supplied by a beautiful spring creek that gushes out of the limestone rock within a few yards of the mill, and falls into the Sydenham River half a mile below. The mills consist of Grist Mill and Oatmeal Mill, with one run of stones for each department, and were built a few years ago by the late proprietor, John McInnis. A few months ago they were purchased by the present proprietors, Messrs. J. & D. Johnson. DICKSON, ROBERT, Lessee Derby Mills Galbraith, Adam, Miller JOHNSON, J. & D. [James Johnson and David Johnson], Proprietors Derby Mills.
Situated in the Township of Normanby, 5 m. N. W. of Mount Forest, on a small stream that empties into the S. Br. of the Saugeen, and at the mouth of the stream. The Grist Mill has two run of stones. A Sawmill is also attached to the property, driven by the same stream. Dickson, John, Proprietor Grist and Saw-mills. Dickson, Joseph, Miller.
A Post office in the Township of Egremont, 9 m. East of Orchardville, from whence it is supplied with mails. Alexander Taylor, Postmaster and General Merchant. Dromore is 45 miles from Owen Sound; and 17 m. from Mount Forest, and from Durham.
In 1848, what is called the "Durham Road"- was laid out. It stretched across the Souterm part of the Townships of Osprey, Artemisia, Glenelg and Bentinck, from Nottawasaga Westward. Nor did it stop at the limits of this County; for the same survey was continued through the Township of Brant; and, after meeting the diagonal survey of the "Elora Road" at the S. W. corner of the latter Towhship, continued its way, at first West, then N. W. to Kincardine on Lake Huron. The lots on this Road were "free-grants," and from 1849 it may be said to have been fully settled. The portion of it from Durham Eastward, was surveyed by the late David Gibson, Esq.,. P. L. S. In common with other Roads laid out by Government for Colonization purposes, it follows to some degree the inequalities of the country, while preserving its general course. From Durham to Collingwood is about 50 miles. Durham lies principally on very high ground, on the right bank of the Saugeen, and the road Eastward follows the ridge for 1 1/2 miles, then takes an elbew Southward, crosses the Saugeen, and continues Eastward on lower ground. At 3 1/2 m. from Durham is McArthur's tavern, and a Black-smith's shop. The place is sometimes called "Pringleville." The Gravel Road is now found a quarter mile or more South of the original "Durham Road," avoiding thereby a range of hills over which the line runs. When it comes out on the straight line again, the traveller finds himself 5 m. from Durham. We have just passed a small wayside Inn (Mrs. Black's), and see on our left a small Church belonging to the Canada Presbyterians. As we enter Priceville; (10 m. from Durham), we find the Gravel Road has again made a detour to the South, and passes through the village not only off the line, but with a zig-zag to humour the ground, and save cutting. There is good Hotel accommodation at Priceville, though there is none on the way thither. Here the Road, instead of going Eastward on its old course, turns off N.E. toward Flesherton and Maxwell, toward crossing the Toronto and Sydenham Road at the former place. There are no Hotels till we get to Flesherton, and the 5 miles between the places is found to be pretty hilly. A Gravel Road in these regions does not necessarily involve deep cuttings and easy grades. Constrast the Road with what it was, and be thankful for what you have got, especially as it costs you nothing in tolls! From the village of Flesherton it is three or four miles to the next tavern (T. Munshaw's), then anothor mile and a half to Miller's tavern, and about 3 m. farther to the village of Maxwell, in Osprey. We are now going East through the centre of Osprey, in beautiful and level country, 3 or 4 m. North of the real "Durham Road." There is one Hotel at Maxwell, new and commodious. From thence we go about 7 m. East on a straight and beautiful road, to the County line of Simcoe. We are now in sight of Singhampton, and only 1/2 m. S. of it. We turn North on the County line, put up comfortably in Singhampton, and when we go on again toward Bowmore and Collingwood Harbour (the latter 13 m. from Singhampton), we find we are out of the County of Grey, and have lost our Gravel Road.
A large, rising and important Village, situated on the main branch of the Saugeen River, partly in the township of Bentinck and partly in Glenelg, at the intersection of the "Garafraxa" and "Durham" Roads, both of which are gravelled, and free of tolls. It lies in the midst of a fine agricultural country, and has from year to year evinced a steady improvement and progress. When Grey was created as a separate County, the claims of Durham to be made the County Seat were strongly urged. It was certainly somewhat more central than Owen Sound; but as the roads in the county were of the most primitive chracter, and the times almost impassable, and Owen Sound a lake port, the claims of the latter prevailed. The County Crown Land Agency has, however, always remained at Durham. At the present time arrangements are in progress toward the incorporation of the place under a Village Corporation. It will probably be arranged during the present year so as to take effect in 1866. Durham is distant from Owen Sound and the waters of Georgian Bay, 28 m.; from Mount Forest, 16 m.; from Arthur, 31.m.; Fergus, 43 m.; from Guelph, 56 miles. Durham is midway between Collingwood and Kincardine, being about 50 miles from each. Eastward, is 10 m. to Priceville; and 15 to Flesherton and Westward is 11 m. to Hanover, and 17 to Walkerton. Mails and Stages daily, to and from Owen Sound, Guelph, Collingwood and Kincardine, and all the intermediate points. The village is situated partly on high table land overlooking the valley of the Saugeen, and partly on the lower level beside the river. A very long hill separates the upper and lower towns, and in former days presented a very formidable appearance to the teamster and traveller; but it is now cut down to a uniform and easy grade. Abundance of limestone, of a light blue shade is found in the neighborhood, and many buildings are erected of this substantial material. The improvement of the place during the last three or four years, with respect to the number and description of the buildings erected, has been most marked. Merchant shops, private residences, etc., may now be seen in Durham, which would do credit much larger and older places. The population by careful Municipal census, taken in September 1864, with a view to incorporation, was 850. Durham presents a good market for agricultural produce to the country around and should the present agitation for a Railway result in securing that object, it must give such an impetus to the business of the town as cannot fail to conduce most wonderfully to its growth and importance. A noticeable feature in the trade of Durham, are the frequent Cattle Fairs that are held; not only the periodical fairs established under patent by the Governor, but special fairs at the invitation of Drovers and Cattle dealers, who come up the country thus far to complete their purchases of fat cattle, sheep, &C. Like the greater part of our towns, all the business is done upon one street-the Gravel Road, running North and South. The town is about a mile long. Mills and Factories.-Edge Mills.-The property of Mrs. S, J. Edge, of Crettyard, Queens Co., Ireland. John Kelly, Lessee. There is first a Grist and Flouring Mill, with three run of stones; next a saw-mill, with circular and upright saws, and lastly a Woollen Factory (in same building as flouring Mill). The Woollen Mill has 3 power-looms, a spinning machine with 200 spindles, 2 carding machines, and the usual facilities for fulling and finishing cloth. The mills are situated a quarter of a mile up the river from the Garafraxa Road. Inkerman Foundry.-Situated in the Lower Town on Garafraxa street. Messrs. A. & A. Cochrane, Proprietors. The branches of business carried on in this extensive establishment, consist of foundry iron work proper, mill and other castings-waggon, carriage, and sleigh making-Tinsmithing and Blacksmithing in all their branches -the manufacture of Threshing machines, cross-cut sawing machines, and Agricultural implements, generally, &c. From 15 to 20 hands are employed all the year round. The Buildings consist, 1st, of a large 3-story stone building 90 x 35 feet, with a wing for moulding shop 40 feet square. The machinery is moved by a 10-horse steam engine. On Garafraxa street, in front of the main building, is a long wooden building containing the Show Room, Tinshop, Office, &c. The Blacksmith shop is a stone building 30 x 40 feet, containing 4 fires. In the upper stories of the large building the shops for Waggon-making, Pattern-making, wood work of implements and machines, &c., are situated; the various planing machines, &c., being driven by belting from below. This establishment is the largest of the class in the County; and the annual product of the works in manufactured articles, amounts to a very large sum. Messrs. Cochrane established themselves in Durham in August, 1854. Durham Mills-Peter Paterson, Proprietor. These Mills consist of Flouring Mill, Oatmeal Mill, Sawmill and Woollen Factory. The Sawmill was erected about 12 Years ago. The Flour and Oatmeal Mill was first put in operation in 1859. The Flour Mill has 3 run of stones; one of which are used for manufacturing oatmeal. Everything in the mill is conveniently arranged for the despatch of business. The buildings are of wood. Water-power is supplied by the Saugeen River. The mills are situated a short distance West of the principal street. In the Woollen Factory is a set of manufacturing machines complete. Custom carding and fulling is likewise executed. Smith's Tannery.-This is one of the most important enterprises in the town. Mr. Thomas Smith, the proprietor, established himself in Durham as a Saddler and Harness maker some years since, and about seven years ago added tannery to his former business. The establishment has grown on his hands, till now a powerful steam engine- is used to assist the operations; a considerable number of hands are employed, and a large amount of work turned out, both in the shape of leather and harness. It also benefits the neighbourhood by creating a good market for hides, sheepskins; and tanbark. The Tannery and Saddlery are on Garafraxa street, in the lower town, and the tall square chimney of the former is a conspicuous object in glancing over the town. Rowswell's Pearl Ash Factory.-Situated in the Upper Town, a short distance west of the main street-Herbert Rowswell, proprietor. Mr. Rowswell, who is also an extensive merchant in the town, established the Pearl Ash Factory about eight years ago, though not at first in Durham. This is the most important factory of the kind in the County, turning out 400 barrels Pearl Ash annually. It affords a profitable market for the country surrounding, for ashes and "black salts." For the latter, the proprietor paid out, in the year 1864, from $5,000 to $6,000. The employment given to coopers, teamsters, &c., is also a considerable contribution toward the prosperity of the place. Five hundred cords of wood are to be cut and hauled annually, to keep the fires going; the material for 400 barrels pearl ash are to be collected, and the pearl ash itself teamed to Collingwood. It is by such enterprises the country must thrive. Sheppard's Brewery, J. W. McDonnell's Furniture Factory, Parrott's Tin and Sheet Iron Works, &c., &c., may also be mentioned among the manufactures of the town. Churches and Public Buildings.-Trinity Church, Episcopal, Upper Town. Building, frame, Rev. Wm. B. Evans, B.A. Canada Presbyterian Church. Upper Town. Durham Road, West. Building, frame. Rev. Wm. Park. N. C. Methodist Church. Upper Town. Building, frame. Rev. J. H. Fowler. Wesleyan Methodist Church. Lower Town. Building frame. Rev. Isaac Baker. Baptist Church. Lower Town. Building frame. Rev. A. Stewart. Disciples' Meeting House; Upper Village. Frame. Used also as a Court Room. Orange Hall, at the top of Garafraxa Street hill, in Upper Town. The lower story is used for the junior division of the Common School, and frequently for public meetings. Lodge Room in second story. Common School. A comfortable building on the slope of the hill West of Main Street. Hugh Jones, Teacher. Hotels.-Middaugh's [formerly Hunter's] "British Hotel," is situated East side of the street, in the the Upper Village, at the corner of the "Durham Road," is a large and commodious first-class hotel, extensively patronized. H. J. Middaugh, Proprietor. Koiley's "Durham Hotel" is likewise in the Upper Village, nearer the top of the hill, and on West side of the street. It is a comfortable, well-conducted house. James Koiley, Proprietor. Both, these hotels are of stone. Mackay's "Argyle Hotel" is on East side of the street, near the top of the hill in Upper Village. A commodious house, with extensiye stabling. Hugh Mackay, Proprietor. "Royal Exchange Hotel," is on the main street, in the Lower Village some distance South of the river. It has excellent stabling attached. Henry Cole, Proprietor. The Post Office has always continued to be called, as at first, "Bentinck" This is a matter of some inconvenience, and ought to have been remedied ere this. The Post Office is in the Lower Village, near the bridge. A. B. McNab, Postmaster. The County Crown Land Office is in the Upper Village, near the North end. William Jackson, Esq., Agent. Mr. Jackson was appointed in 1854. His brother, George Jackson, Esq., the present Member for the County was first Agent, having been appointed in 1846 to superintend the settlement of the Durham Road. The Division Court Office is at the same place, W. Jackson being also Clerk of Division Court. Mechanic's Institute.- Not at present in working order. Loyal Orange Lodge, No. 632, meets in the Orange Hall on the Thursday evening at or before the full moon. J. W. McDonnell, W. M.; Thomas Jones, Secretary. With the exception of a Rifle Company, in very effective drill there are at present no Societies, apart from the religious denominations. Magistrates.-George Jackson; M. P. P., David Jackson, Alexander Cochrane, James Edge, Alexander B. McNab, Robert Dalglish, Archibald Hunter, James Paterson, James Brown. Allen, Joseph, Wagon Maker and General Blacksmith; Garafraxa Street, L. T. Armour, Thomas, Pearlash Worker (at H. Howsell's Factory). ARGYLE HOTEL, H. Mackay, Proprietor; Garafraxa St., U. T. Allen, Henry, Farmer, Lower Town. Andrews, Robert, Boot and Shoemaker, Lower Town. Baldwin, John, Carpenter, L. .T Barnes, Mrs., Garafraxa St., L. T. Burt, Mrs., Garafraxa St., L. T. Buckingham, F. G., Plasterer, Garafraxa St., L. T. Brown, Thomas, Farmer, L. T. Brown, James, J. P., General Merchant; Township Clerk for Glenelg, Garafraxa St., L. T. Bailey, George, Blacksmith (at A. & A. Cochrane's Foundry), Garafraxa St., U. T. Blair, Benjamin, Ploughmaker, (at A. & A. Cochranes). Burt, Alex, Blacksmith, (at Joseph Allen's), bds. Mrs. Burt. Burt, Mrs., Garafraxa St., L.T. Burt, James, Moulder; Lower Town. Boulden, Thomas, Carenter, Durham Road West. BRITISH HOTEL, H. J. Middaugh, Proprietor, Upper Town. Boyle, William, Boot and Shoemaker, Garafraxa St., U. T. Brown, Peter, Sawyer, Durham Mills, L. T. Baker, Rev. Isaac, Wesleyan Methodist, L. T. CRAWFORD, JOSEPH C., Physician and Surgeon; Associate Coroner for the County of Grey, Garafraxa St., U. T. CAMERON & ROSS, General Merchants, Garafraxa St., U. T. Clark, Henry, Brickmaker, Garafraxa St., L. T. Cocking, George, Plasterer, L. T. COCHRANE, A. & A, Proprietors Inkerman Foundry, Garafraxa St., L. T. Cochrane, Alexander, J. P. (of A. & A. Cochrane), h. Garafraxa St. L. T. Cochrane, Adam, (of A. & A. Cochrane) h. Garafraxa St. L. T. CARSON, JOHN, General Merchant and Produce Dealer, Garafraxa St., L.T. COLE, HENRY, Proprietor, "Royal Exchange Hotel", Garafraxa St., L. T. Chittick, Christopher, Blacksmith, (at Jos. Allen's), L. T. DURHAM MILLS, Peter Patterson, Proprietor, Lower Town. DURHAM PEARLASH WORKS, H. Rowswell, proprietor, Queen St., U. T. DURHAM HOTEL, James Koiley, Propietor, Upper Town. DURHAM "STANDARD," White & Johnston, Publishers, Garafraxa St., L. T. Douglas, Robert, Farmer, L. T. Dargavell, Wm., Blacksmith, (at Jos. Allen's), bds. same. Delaney, Michael, labourer, L. T. Dalglish, Robert, General Merchant and Millowner, Garafraxa St., U. T. Elliot, Mrs., Tailoress, Queen St., U. T. EDGE MILLS, John Kelley; lessee, Lower Town. Evans, Rev. W. B., B. A., Episcopal, Garafraxa St., hill. EDWARDS, F. H., Watchmaker and Agent for the Sale of Jewellery and Fancy Goods, Garafraxa St., L. T. Fowler, Rev. John H., New Connection Methodist, L. T. FLETCHER, DUNCAN, General Merchant, Garafraxa St., U. T. FRASER, MATTHEW, General Merchant, Garafraxa St., L. T. Foreman, Mr., Senr., L. T. Foreman, Mr.; Division Court Bailiff, L. T. Fagan, John, labourer, L. T. Gainer, Owen, labourer, L T. Gray, Wm., Currier, Smith's Steam Tannery. Gunn, Jates, Physician and Surgeon, Associate Coroner for Grey, Garafraxa St., U. T. GRIFFIN, BARTHOLEMEW, General Merchant, Garafraxa St., U. T. Graham, Wm., Iron Finisher, (A. & A. Cochrane's Foundry) HUNTER, ARCHIBALD, J. P., Durham Road East, U. T. Horton, Robert, Carriage Maker and Trimmer, (A. & A. Cochrane's), bds. Cole's Hotel. HUNTER, J. H., General Merchant, Hunter's Buildings, U. T. Harris, Mrs., Dressmaker and Milliner, Garafraxa St., U. T. INKERMAN FOUNDRY, A. & A. Cochrane, Proprietors, Lower Town. ISAACS, GEORGE, Saddle and Harness maker, Garafraxa St., U. T. JACKSON, GEORGE, M.P. P, Garafraxa St., U. T. Jackson, David, Farmer, Agent for Canada Permanent Building and Saving Society, U. T. JACKSON, WILLIAM, Crown Land Agent for the County of Grey, Clerk 2nd Division Court, Garafraxa St., U. T. Jones, James, Sash Maker and Carpenter, Garafraxa St., U. T. Johnson, John, (of White & Johnson) "Standard" Office; L. T. JONES, THOMAS, Manufacturer and General Dealer in Boots, Shoes, Leather & Findings, Garafraxa St., U. T. JONES, HUGH, Teacher; h. Garafraxa St., U. T. Jamieson, Joseph, Carpenter, L. T. Jones, James, Carpenter, Garafraxa St., L. T. Jack, John, Painter, L. T. Jamieson, Wm., Carpenter, Garafraxa St., L. T. Knowles, Mrs., L. T. Kreiss, George, Cabinet Maker, Garafraxa St., L T. Kelsey, Norman, Ambrotype and Photographic Artist, U. T. KELLY, JOHN, Lessee "Edge Mills," Lower Town. Kelley, John, labourer, Durham Road West. Kincaid, Robert, Teamster, Edge Mills, L. T. KOILEY, JAMES, Proprietor, "Durham Hotel," Upper Town. Leavens, Charles, Saddler (Smith's Steam Tannery and Saddlery). Lauder, John, Farmer, U. T. Luke, S. L. M., Painter, h. near Edge Mills, L. T. MILLER, JOHN A., General Merchant, Garafraxa St., L. T. Miller, John, Garafraxa St., L. T. Miller, Victor, teamster (at A. & A. Cochrane's). McKay, Hugh, Proprietor "Argyle Hotel," Garafraxa St., U. T. Matthews, George, Carpenter, Garafraxa St., U. T. Moore, John, Farmer, near Edge Mills, L. T. Moffat, Charles, Carpenter, Durham Road West. Middaugh, H. J., Proprietor "British Hotel", Upper Town. Myghton, Joseph, Nurseryman, Garafraxa St. U. T. Mockler, Mrs., Millinery and Fancy Goods, Books and Stationery, British Hotel Buildings, U. T. Moodie, John, Lower Town. McDONNELL, DUNCAN, Barrister and Attorney, Garafraxa St., U. T. McFarlane, Robert, Waggon-maker, Queen street, U.T. McCauley, Thomas, Carder, Edge MilIs, L.T. McKinnon, Charles, teamster, Edge Mills, L . T. McCauley, Wm., Weaver, Edge Mills. L.T.. McKECHNIE, N. & G. (Neil McKechnie and Gibbert McKechnie), General Merchants, Garafraxa St., L. T. McKechnie, Miss, Milliner, Garafraxa St., L.T. McKenzie, Roderick, General Merchant, Garafraxa St., L.T. McNab, Alexander B. J.P., Postmaster, Insurance Agent, Conveyancer, and Agent for obtaining Loans. Lower Town. MCKENZIE & BROTHER (Alex. McKenzie & Arch'd McKenzie), General Merchants, Garafraxa street, L.T. McDonnell, J. W., Licensed Auctioneer, Cabinet maker, and Builder, Garafraxa St., L.T. McDonald, John, Blacksmith (at A. & A. Cochrane's Foundry), L.T. McIntyre, D., Tailor, Garafraxa St., L.T. McCulloch, John, Carpenter, Garafraxa St., L.T. McGauley, John, Miller, Paterson's Flouring Mills, L.T. McClure, Robert, Foreman, Paterson's Woollen Factory L.T. McKenzie, Donald, Boot and Shoemaker, Garafraxa St., L.T. McCasey, John, labourer, L.T. Neelands, James, Merchant, Garafraxa St., L. T. Perry, John, Farmer, near Edge Mills, L.T. PARROTT, JOHN, Tinsmith, Garafraxa St. L.T. Park, Rev. Wm., Canada Presbyterian, L.T. Pringle, Robert, Carpenter, U.T. Porter, Francis, Millwright, L.T. Pitt, John, Currier, Smith's Steam Tannery, L.T. PATERSON, PETER, Proprietor, "Durham Mills," Lower Town. PARKER & CATTLE, Chemists, Druggists, Seedsmen, &c., Garafraxa St., U.T. Parker, Henry (of Parker & Cattle), Garafraxa St., U.T. Paterson, Angus, Paterson's Flouring Mills, L.T. Paterson, John, Paterson's Flouring Mills, L.T. ROMBOUGH, W. R., Provincial Land Surveyor and Conveyancer, Garafraxa St., L.T. Ross, William (of Cameron & Ross), Agent for Western Insurance, Garafraxa St., U.T. Ryan, Michael, Clerk, at J. Miller's, Garafraxa St., L.T. Rowland, John, Constable, Garafraxa St., L.T. "ROYAL EXCHANGE HOTEL," Henry Cole, Proprietor, L.T. Renwick, James, Blacksmith, Garafraxa St., L.T. ROWSWELL, HERBERT, General Merchant, Proprietor Pearlash Factory, Garafraxa St., U.T. Slatcher, Wm., Miller, Edge Mills, L.T. Stewart, Robert, Clerk (at M. Fraser's), Garafraxa St., L.T. Sullivan, James, Tinsmith (with A. & A. Cochrane), h. Garafraxa St., L.T. SUTHERLAND, ROBERT, Baker and Confectioner, Garafraxa St., L.T. Smith, John R., Saddle and harness maker, and Tanner, Garafraxa St., L.T. SMITH, THOMAS, Proprietor Smith's Steam Tannery, Saddle and Harness maker, Garafraxa St., L.T. Stewart, Rev. Alex., Baptist, L.T. Story, Thomas, Farmer, L.T. Smith, Robert, Pearlash worker (at H. Rowswell's Pearlash Factory) SHEWELL, JOHN, Chairmaker and Painter, Garafraxa St., hill. Stevenson, Stevenson, Moulder (at A. & A. Cochrane's Foundry). Sypes, Jacob, Waggon-maker (at A. & A..Cochrane's Foundry). Tuckey, Walter, Butcher, Garafraxa Street, L. T. Tutton, Wm. H., Waggonmaker, [at A. & A. Cochrane's,] h. Garafraxa St., L.T. Vallett, Charles, Teamster, Garafraxa Street, L.T. WESTERN INSURANCE COMPANY, Wm. Ross, Agent; Office, Garafraxa Street, U. T. Walton, Thomas, General Blacksmith, Garafraxa Street, U. T. Waters, George, Miller, Edge Mills, L. T. Wilson, Mrs., near Edge Mills, L. T. Wilson, John, near Edge Mills, L. T. WHITE & JOHNSON, Publishers Durham Standard, Book and Job Printers. Office, Garafraxa Street, L. T. White, Robert, [of White & Johnson]. WILLEY, JAMES, Boot and Shoe Maker, Garafraxa Street, L. T. WOODLAND, JOSHUA, General Merchant, Garafraxa St., U. T. Wilson, Alex., Tailor, Garafraxa Street, U. T. WOOD, J. W., Physician and Surgeon, Associate Coroner for Grey. Upper Town.
Proceeding Westward from Durham toward Walkerton and Kincardine; on the "Durham Road," now gravelled as far as the County Line at Hanover, we descend from the high upland on which Durham is situated, and when about three fourths of a mile distant; cross the Saugeen, which here takes a considerable bend to the North. After receiving the "Rocky Saugeen," it bends more Southward, and we shall see it again. Another three fourths of a mile brings us to a high ridge and a deep cut on the road, immediately afer passing which a beautiful piece of woods; about a mile long, opens up, with the road through it as straight as an arrow, cut out fifty yards or more wide. We observe an unusual amount of pine in this tract for this County and prophesy good rates for it when it comes to be sold. It belongs to the Edge estate. After passing the Edge woods, we come to an Inn on the left; and now find the country rolling, with long slopes on the road, though no heavy "hills." About 5 m. from Durham we come to Chittick's Tavern and a blacksmiths shop. Half a mile further the road bears away to the left, to avoid the Saugeen River. We see Fensom's Mills at our right, where the bend of the road occurs. "Allan Park" Post Office and store occurs next, 6 m. from Durham. About a mile further on the road comes out to the straight line again, and we soon gain sight of Hanover, in a pretty level and well cleared up neighbourhood. At McGaw's "Hanover Hotel" we strike the County line, and find we are now 11 m. from Durham and 6 m. from Walkerton.
A Post Office on the "Toronto and Sydenham" Road, in the Township of Melanthon, 11 m. S. E. of Flesherton, and 26 m. N. W. of Orangeville. Distant from Owen Sound 41 m. Elias B. Grey, Postmaster; James Mulholland, Acting Postmaster. Mails on Monday and Tuesday from Flesherton, and on Tuesday and Friday from Orangeville.
(Lately changed to "Cornabuss".)
From 1846 to 1850, the chief portion of the County of Grey was surveyed. Following the surveys pertaining to the leading roads, came the surveys of the adjoining townships. During this period, Egremont was surveyed by Mr. Kerr. Mr. Dennis completed his survey of Bentinck and Glenelg in 1850, and probably Mr. Kerr in Egremont, and Mr. Gibson in Normanby finished theirs the same year. The municipal records do not reach back further than 1850. In tht year the Assessment Roll showed thirty names, nearly all of them on the ranges parallel to the Garafraxa Road- the first part of the Township surveyed. For three or four years after, but few settlers settlers came in. But, in 1854-55, a very large accession of new settlers took place in the various townships, and Egremont was favoured among the rest. Its population in 1861, was 2,934, standing sixth among the townships of Grey. It has, of course, increased considerably since. Egremont is well settled, and on the whole, a very excellent township. Looking at this Township from its Western edge, along the Garafraxa Road, the Northern half appears pretty hilly which is really the case generally through the Northern part. The Central part of the township is rather flat, though of excellent soil. A chain of small lakes is found, emptying by several small streams into some of the numerous branches of the Saugeen. Connected with this miniature lake system is the broad streak of low lying ground crossing the Garafraxa Road, four or five miles N. of Mount Forest, and known to all the old travellers on the road as the "Forty mile Swamp," being that distance from Owen Sound. The South part of the township is a fine undulating country, with an excellant soil, not too heavy. The soil is variable, at times sandy, occassionally gravelly, often a friable loam, and sometimes, though not often, a heavy clay. Egremont contains several Post offices, but no village of any importance after Mount Forest, which is partly in this township. Schools.-There are nine school Sections wholly within the township, beside five others, "Union Sections" connected with Normanby. No. 3 Union. Alexander McRae, teacher. House frame. Furnished with Maps, &c. Average attendance for 1864, 19 from Egremont, and 18 from Normanby. No.4 Union (Male). Robert Fairbairn, Teacher. House, brick. (Mount Forest School). Furnished with maps, &c. Average attendance for 1864, 32 from Egremont, and 32 from Normanby. No.4 Union. (Female). Jemima Hay, Teacher. House, frame. (Mount Forest School). Furnished with Maps, &c. Average attendance for 1864, 28 from Egremont, and 31 from Normanby =59. S. S. No. 4. James Allan, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with Maps, &c. Average attendance 1864, 34. S. S. No. 5. John Mearns, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with Maps, &c. Average attendance for 1864, 39. S. S. No. 6. William Reid, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with Maps, &c. Average attendance for 1864, 24. S. S. No.7. Henrietta Henry, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with Maps, &c. Average attendance for 1864, 19. S. S. No.9. Daniel Drimmie, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with Maps, &c. Average attendance for 1864, 20. S. S. No.10. Thomas Moore, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with maps, &c. Average attendance for 9 months of 1864, 24. S. S. No.11. James Cavanagh, Teacher. House log. Furnished with maps, &c. Re-opened, 1st January, 1865. Average attendance for first half of 1864, 19. S. S. No. 12. Robert Legate, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with Maps, &c. Average attendance for 1864, 18. S. S. No. 13. Elizabeth Sterratt, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with Maps, &c. Average attendance for 9 months of 1864, 13. Union No. 1, and Union No.2, included in Normanby. Township Officers.-Reeve, Henry Wakefield, (Bentinck P. O.) Deputy Reeve, John Shields, (Holstein P. O.) Councillors, J. L. Doyle, S. Wallace, T. Mickleburg. Clerk, Benjamin Rogers, (Orchard P. O.) Treasurer, Thomas Brown, (Holstein P. O.) Magistrates.-Joseph Pilcher, James Brown, Samuel Wallace, John Shields, Benj. Rogers, F. W. Stevenson. Census Reports-Occupiers of land in 1861, 528; Do. 20 to 50 acres each, 14; 50 to 100 acres each, 123; 100 to 200 acres each, 382. Acres under cultivation 10,311. Spring Wheat, 55,691 bushels. Barley, 2,708 bushels. Pease 11,235 bushels. Oats, 39,887 bushels. Potatoes, 46,040 bushels. Turnips, 17,739 bushels, Hay, 1,015 tons. Maple Sugar, 10,133 lbs. Wool 3,306 lbs. In 1864, the total number of assessed Residents on the Roll, was 686, which would represent a total population of about 3,500, which may be assumed as the present population. The number of acres on the Assessment Roll-"Resident" and "Non-resident,"-is 73,296. The value of Real Estate in the Township, is set down, (under the curious system prevailing in the County, of assessing at one-fourth the market value), at $226,364. Say one million dollars. The return of Personal property ($6,200), is so utterly worthless, that it does not even furnish us with data for an estimate. In Egremont there are twenty two Concessions. The 1st, 2nd., and 3rd, are parallel to the Garafraxa Road; the 4th to 22nd inclusive, lie from East to West; the 4th being on the Southern line of the Township; and the 22nd on its Northern limit. In the eight Townships forming the Southern two tiers in Grey, the Concessions run East and west; and are numbered from the South. In the Northern half of the County the Concessions lie North and South, and are numbered generally from the East. As in Egremont all are set down as "Householders" who have not yet obtained their patents from Government; we have omitted the distintion made in the Rolls, between "Freeholder" and "Householder"-it would be invidious here. Con. Lot Acheson, Thomas 2 12 Allan, James 3 13 Amos, Alex 19 11 Armstrong, Chnstopher 1 7 Aitkins, Alex Sr. 2 27 Allan, James Sr. 3 15 Allan, D. Teacher 3 26 Acheson, John 18 1 Adams, James 18 8 Amos, George 18 12 Alles, Andrew 15 3 Aberdeen, Alex 15 7 Adams, Henry 2 33 Adams, Robert 12 3 Avery, Lacey 2 54 Andrew, Thomas 9 17 Ashdown, James 2 60 Bigham, Hadley 3 66 Bigham, Amos 6 7 Bigham, R. J. 6 7 Brown, Duncan 6 24 Brown, John 6 28 Brown, Roger 5 23 Bryans, James 1 3 Blaney, John 2 8 Baird, James 3 8 Babcock, Johiel 22 1 Baxter, James 22 12 Bothwell, Stewart 22 17 Bell, John 22 27 Bell, Albert 21 10 Brown, Thomas 20 7 Bell, Thomas 19 15 Bradley, Wm. 1 18 Bradley, George 2 21 Brown, Wm. 2 25 Brown, Mrs. R. 2 26 Black, Alex 3 16 Brown, John 18 26 Brown, Malcolm 18 27 Bruce, James 16 5 Baird, John 15 14 Batey, Isaac 1 14 Buchan, Mrs. Agnes; Storekeeper 1 18 Brown, James Bricklayer 2 29 Brown, Thomas 2 39 Brown, James 2 40 Brown, Adam, jr. Carpenter 2 42 Brown, Adam, Sr. 2 42 Bowman, James 3 32 Brown, Robert 3 41 Burrrows, Wm. 3 42 Brody, James 14 11 Bunston, Jos., Merchant 13 11 Boax, George 13 11 Buchanan, Neil 12 21 Barton, George 1 19 Baker, John 2 51 Bartley, Robt. 3 45 Burrow, Robt. 3 47 Bouldings, Robt. 10 7 Bigham, John 9 18 Bye, Job 9 19 Bouldings, Charles 8 1 Bye, Robert 8 9 Bye, George 8 9 Buchanan, Alex 8 23 Bowman, Wm. 7 2 Blanchard, Gilman 7 6 Bentley, Jas., Shoemaker 1 26 Burgess, James 1 30 Cochrane, John S. 1 1 Cochrane, Robt. 1 2 Crittenden, James 2 5 Crittenden, Isaac 2 7 Chipperfield, G. W. 3 6 Croft, Henry 19 1 Coleridge, Daniel 19 13 Connor, Thomas 19 19 Cummins, Michael 19 9 Chapman, Wm 2 17 Chapman, Thomas 2 18 Campbell, Peter 2 23 Campbell, Gilbert 3 21 Calvert, Wm 18 7 Clark, Donald 18 20 Clark, Neil 18 21 Clark, Arch. 18 23 Calvert, James 17 8 Cleaver, George 15 A Cripps, Adam 1 15 Cornell, Joseph N 1 18 Campbell, James 2 34 Crawford, Peter, Sr 14 9 Cameron, Allan 14 13 Clark, Duncan 14 15 Coutts, Alex 13 A Campion, Thomas 13 5 Campion, Francis 13 5 Cameron, Hugh 13 9 Calder, John 13 21 Campbell, Donald 12 17 Campbell, Hector 11 17 Carmichael, Donald 11 18 Carons, Patrick 1 20 Cameron, Wm. 1 22 Cowan, Wm., Sr. 2 50 Cowan, Wm. Jr. 2 52 Coxhead, Eli 9 23 Caulfield, Wm. 8 17 Cameron, Arch. 8 29 Currie, Donald 7 12 Campbell, Peter 7 24 Campbell, Duncan 7 31 Carson, Jacob J. 1 29 Cornell, Joseph 1 30 Canham, Harry, Cabinetmaker 1 33 Curle, Robert 6 3 Currie, Dugald 6 12 Currie, Wm. 6 13 Campbell, John 6 22 Curle, Wm. 5 8 Darby, David 2 14 Dodds, James 2 2 Doherty, Jacob 3 12 Dixon, James 22 15 Dunnet, Thomas 21 A Douglas, Thos. 21 1 Dodd, Wm. 21 18 Dobson, James 20 21 Daniels, Thos. Shoemaker 1 11 Doyle, W. G. 2 24 Dixon, John 18 24 Doherty, Mrs.Rachael 17 11 Drimmie, John 16 11 Drimmie, Alex 15 25 Dundas, James 13 25 Doupe, Charles 11 1 Dice, Francis 11 25 Dice, James 11 26 Dice, George 11 27 Dawson, Robert 1 24 Dillon, Wm. 10 17 Dunbar, Wm. 1 31 Doyle, Rich'd, Blacksmith 1 33 Davidson, Alex 3 64 Donough, Andrew 6 2 Davis, C. H. 6 6 Douglas, Wm. 4 13 Emery, Robert 19 5 Ellice, Richard 16 1 Eccles, Wm. 16 7 Elliot, John 16 8 Ellice, John 15 1 Ellice, Moses 15 2 Eaket, Samuel 8 16 Elliot, James 1 33 Fleming, Stuart 2 11 Fleming, Thomas 2 11 Fleming, Samuel, Jr. 2 13 Fleming, James 3 11 Ferguson, Alex 22 11 Fitzpatrick, Patr'k., Shoemaker 1 10 Ferguson, John 17 4 Freeman, Richard 3 29 Freeman, Wm. 3 29 Freeman, Samson 3 31 Ferguson, James 12 14 Fairbairn, John 12 20 Ferguson, George 11 14 Fitzgerald, Henry 1 21 Farrel, Charles 2 49 Farrell, Carons 3 58 Forsyth, Henry 5 6 Garnett, James 3 2 Gager, Owen 3 7 Garson, John 18 17 Geddes, James 16 A Galbraith, Neil 14 22 Greenly, Matthew 12 A Gordon, James 1 24 Gillies, Charles 10 18 Grimshaw, Z. 9 A Gayley, John 9 3 Gibson, George 7 9 Giles, Wm. 3 60 Gardiner, Thomas 5 1 Hill, Thos 1 4 Hamilton, Alex 21 5 Hargrave, Wm. 22 18 Hooper, James 21 13 Hornsby, John, Sr 21 16 Hornsby, John, Jr 21 15 Hately, David 17 A Haw, Robinson 17 25 Henderson, Robert 16 12 Henderson, Alex 15 13 Heard, James 15 19 Hicks, James 15 22 Hiscock, John 14 17 Hiscock, Fred 14 17 Hughes, Edward 13 24 Howe, Wm. 13 27 Houston, James 12 12 Hamilton, John 11 3 Howson, Andrew 11 8 Hilts, Solomon 2 48 Horshurgh, John 2 52 Hunt, James 2 5 Healy, Patrick 3 43 Hilts, Michael 3 48 Hilts, Abner 3 48 Hunter, Finlay 10 1 Hunter, John 9 1 Henry, Mrs. E. 9 8 Hewitt, James 8 3 Hewitt, Robert 8 12 Hudson, John 8 15 Huston, David 7 25 Hunt, Wm. 2 59 Hunt, John 2 59 Heener, Josiah 2 63 Harding, John 2 62 Horn, Robert 6 5 Irvine, Mrs. Jane 1 6 Isaac, James 17 12 Isaac, Wm. 17 13 Isaac, John 17 13 Iles, Daniel 9 20 Ireland, Isaac, Pumpmaker 1 33 Irving, James 3 64 Johnson, James 3 9 Johnston, John N. 18 6 Jaffray, Alex 17 18 Jackson, Barnabas 16 24 Jack, Wm. Sr. 11 15 James, Wm. 8 21 Johnston, George Sr. 4 1 Johnston, George Jr. 4 2 Konold, Wm. 22 19 Kennedy, Angus 17 23 Keith, Thomas 15 4 Kidd, Samuel 3 33 Kerr, Chas. & Co., Blacksmiths 3 40 Kerr, Alex 14 20 Kennedy, John 11 4 Kennedy, Robt. 11 4 Kennedy, Martin 11 5 Kennedy, Wm. 11 6 Keith, Peter 7 20 Keith, Wm. 3 57 Keith, Hugh 5 17 Keith, Arch'd 4 20 Keith, Andrew 4 20 Keith, Duncan 4 21 Kennedy, John 4 22 Kennedy, Robert 4 23 Keith, Duncan 4 25 Keith, Roger 4 26 Lepard, Nelson 2 3 Lepard, Christopher 2 4 Lepard, Hiram 2 4 Linnel, Joseph 2 5 Linnel, Wm. 2 7 Lawrence, George 22 4 Lawrence, Wm. 21 6 Lawrence, John 21 7 Lindsey, Jas. 21 11 Lamont, James 21 24 Legate, Robt. 20 12 Leask, Jas. 20 14 Leith, John 20 19 Lamb, Wm. 19 2 Lamb, David 19 3 Lamb, Joseph 19 4 Lee, Wm. 18 1 Leslie, Andrew 17 15 Long, Robt. 16 14 Little, Arch'd 1 16 Lewis, Wm. 1 17 Langdale, John 13 28 Lumley, William 12 2 Lumley, George 12 5 Logan, Wm. 12 8 Leslie, Peter 3 50 Lamont, Angus 10 10 Lamont, Arch'd 10 11 Lilwall, Wm. 10 21 Lamont, James 8 11 Leversage, James 7 28 Lindsay, Wm. 6 4 Mack, Joseph 3 4 Mead, Wm. 3 5 Morton, David 22 3 Machesney, James 22 5 Muir, John 22 21 Matthews, James 20 A Moor, Joseph 19 12 Moodie, Peter 19 25 Martin, James 19 20 Morrison, Robert 1 7 Main, Nelson 3 27 Main, Robert 3 28 Myers, James 17 19 Moodie, Robert 17 26 Moodie, George 17 27 Mills, Mrs. A 16 20 Merchant, Joseph 15 6 Murphy, George 15 23 Main, Adam 2 37 Main, John 2 41 Morley, John 14 A Mutch, Alex 14 4 Mark, John 12 1 Murdock, James 12 13 Miller, John 12 15 Mitchell, Charles 12 18 Morrison, Walter 11 7 Mickleborough, Thomas 3 49 Morrison, George 8 4 Morrison, John 7 3 Mosier, Jacob 3 71 Morrison, John 6 1 Montgomery, Donald 5 4 Muir, Robert 5 7 Morrison, Robert 4 5 McGregor, John 1 2 McMicken, James 3 8 McLachlan, Daniel 3 14 McFadden, John 22 9 McKinnon, Donald 22 20 McKechnie, Hugh 22 25 McLachlan, Arch'd 22 26 McDonald, Neil 21 19 McCormick, Dugald 21 21 McIntyre, John 21 25 McDonald, John 21 26 McQueen, John 20 22 McQueen, Charles 20 23 McDonald, Robert 20 25 McPhail, John 19 22 McCannell, Donald 19 23 McCannell, James 19 24 McDonald, Alex 19 26 McTavish, Alex 1 8 McIntee, Edward 1 12 McKenzie, James 2 16 McDonald, Donald 18 25 McKenzie, Donald 17 5 McKenzie, Alex 17 9 McDonald, Alex 17 20 McDougall, Lachlin 17 21 McDougall, Malcolm 17 23 McNorton, Daniel 15 21 McNalty, Thomas 1 18 McKenzie, Neil, Merch't 2 41 McGillivray, John 14 19 McGregor, Alex 13 3 McInnes, Malcolm 13 14 McEachern, Arch'd 13 19 McEachern, John 13 20 McLean, Angus 11 10 McPhee, Malcolm 11 9 McArthur, Neil 11 11 McArthur, Alex 11 13 McIntee, Patrick 1 19 McCallum, John 1 20 McKellar, Neil, Jr. 2 56 McEvery, Fanton 3 46 McEachern, Malcolm 10 5 McEachern, Peter 10 6 McFadyen, Peter 10 12 McEachern, John 10 13 McEachern, Gilbert 10 14 McQueen, Peter 10 19 McClarty, John 10 9 McDougall, Henry 9 2 McEachern, Angus 9 4 McEachern, John 9 7 McIntyre, John 9 7 McClarty, Arch'd 9 9 McClarty, Charles 9 10 McPhee, Dugald 8 28 McBride, John 7 7 McBride, Robert 7 8 McFadyen, Wm. 7 15 McMillan, Malcolm 7 22 McGough, Jas., Carpenter 1 30 McKellaar, Neil, Sen. 2 57 McCauley, John 3 59 McGee, Henry 3 62 McLean, John 3 68 McIntyre, Alex 6 9 McPhee, Arch'd 6 14 McPhee, Neil 6 15 McPhee, Peter 6 16 McDougall, James, Sen. 6 16 McLachlan, James 6 18 McPhee, Donald 6 20 McPhee, Dugald 6 21 McFarlane, Hugh 5 16 McLachlan, Duncan 5 18 McLachlan, John 5 19 McQueen, Donald 5 24 McLachlan, John 5 26 McQueen, John 5 28 McIntyre, Nichol 4 8 McIntyre, Joseph 4 14 McIntyre, John 4 15 McIntyre, Arch'd 4 16 McIntyre, Peter 4 17 McIntyre, Duncan 4 17 McArthur, Peter 4 24 McCulloch, George 4 27 McQueen, Allan 4 29 Nason, Joseph 1 2 Neven, David 22 23 Nixon, James 21 1 Neal, George 1 10 Nelson, John 18 13 Nelson, John 17 2 Nelson, Wm. 15 9 Nelson, Hugh 13 7 Nelson, James 13 8 Nicholson, Alex 13 13 Nicol, John 13 23 Nichol, Hugh 12 19 Nelson, John Carpenter 1 22 Orchard, Samuel 2 14 Orchard, John 1 13 Orr, Alex 13 17 Orr, Neil 13 18 O'Connell, John 2 46 Orchard, Paul 7 27 O'Hara, Oliver 2 58 Patterson, Hugh 19 A Patterson, John 20 2 Pace, John 2 28 Pollok, Alex 3 25 Pollok, George 3 22 Pearce, Garrett 18 10 Pinder, Wm. 1 15 Paul, James 11 22 Parker, James 1 21 Pennock, Ira 2 44 Peckover, Daniel 10 8 Patton, James 1 25 Pelcher, Joseph 1 32 Pitt, John 20 20 Quinn, Samuel 2 20 Quinn, Isaac 3 19 Quinn, Thomas 3 19 Quinn, Gerry 18 11 Quinn, John 3 34 Reid, Peter 20 9 Reid, Gavin 19 8 Ranton, John 18 3 Rutherford, John Carpenter 18 15 Ross, Allen 15 18 Rogers, Benj. 1 14 Robertson, David 1 16 Reid, James 2 36 Reid, Thomas 3 35 Reid, Wm. 3 37 Romanes, Wm. Blacksmith, &C 3 40 Robbie, Charles 14 1 Robbie, Arch'd 14 2 Rosa, James 14 8 Reed, Robert V. 14 21 Reid, Jackson 13 10 Rawn, Henry 13 15 Rawn, Abijah 13 16 Roberts, Edward 12 27 Roberts, Ezekiel 12 28 Reid, Joshua 2 49 Rawn, Frederick 2 50 Rawn, John 3 53 Rawn, Nicholas 3 53 Rawn, George 3 55 Rawn, Stephen 3 56 Robb, Samuel 10 16 Robb, Joseph 9 15 Rodger, Elliot 6 4 Ross, David 5 9 Rogers, James 5 12 Ray, Colin 5 2 Rutherford, John 4 4 Stevenson, F. W. 5 14 Stevenson, Horatio 5 13 Ssott, John 6 A Smith, George 3 71 Simpson, John, 3 68 Sirr, Mrs. H. 1 5 Smith, John 22 A Setter, George 22 7 Stephenson, Joseph 21 17 Smail, Walter 20 17 Scott, Wm. 19 14 Smail, John 19 16 Sirr, Wm. 1 9 Sirr, Thos. 1 9 Sharp, Dawson 2 19 Sharp, Joseph 2 22 Starratt, Th. 3 20 Sharp, David 3 24 Spencer, John, Sr. 18 9 Shearer, James 17 7 Skinner, H. W., Butcher 18 22 Snell, Wm. 17 12 Schank, Andrew 16 3 Spencer, John 16 18 Swanston, Andrew 2 30 Stevenson, John 2 32 Stonehouse, Mich'l, Shoemaker 2 41 Shields, John 3 39 Sim, James 14 3 Sim, Robert 14 5 Sim, David 14 6 Scott, Samuel 14 7 Scott, Wm. 14 10 Shields, James 14 10 Sinclair, Duncan 14 14 Scythes, Henry 13 6 Swanston, James 14 18 Smith, John 13 1 Spence, Daniel 12 23 Snell, George 12 24 Slesser, Wm. 11 22 Spicer, Richard 11 23 Shell, Christopher 1 22 Spence, George 1 24 Sharp, James 2 47 Seaman, Smith 2 45 Shell, Lacy, Carpenter 3 48 Spicer, John, 10 15 Smith, Andrew 9 17 Stewart, John 9 22 Stephenson, George 8 A Sinclair, Malcolm 8 5 Sinclair, John 8 6 Starratt, Isaac 7 1 Shearer, Alex 1 31 Smith, Alfred 1 32 Torrey, John 19 7 Taylor, Robert 17 17 Taylor, Alex. Merchant 17 17 Traynor, Peter 1 17 Tanner, Thomas 3 30 Troup, James 12 4 Traynor, Henry 12 16 Torrance, James 3 54 Tebby, Henry 9 16 Thorp, Thomas 1 26 Thornton, John 6 11 Vollet, Thomas 1 1 Vollet, Aaron 2 1 Vessie, James 2 10 Whitmore, John 22 6 Whitmore, Samuel 22 7 Wilson, Hugh 22 16 Wilder, Thos 1 2 Wilder, William 21 2 Wilder, Nathanael 21 3 Waters, Matthew 21 12 Wilder, David 20 3 Wilder, Charles 20 3 Wilder, Wm. 20 5 Wilson, Wm. 20 6 Wilder, Daniel 20 1 Wilson, John 20 26 Wilson, James 20 27 Weir, Alex 20 15 Wilson, John 1 10 Wilder, Isaac 18 4 Wilder, Hiram 18 5 Wilder, Peter 18 6 Wilder, Russell 16 4 Williams, John 16 6 Woodall, Matthew 16 15 Werrey, Henry 16 16 Weir, Robt. 16 23 Webster, John 14 12 Watson, John 14 27 Walmsley, Jonathan 13 2 White, John 13 4 White, Jasper 13 4 Wilson, James 13 26 Whitehead, Charles 12 6 Way, John 12 22 Waddell, Adam 11 21 Waddell, And., Shoemaker 11 24 Whitley, John 1 19 Wilson, Emanuel 3 51 Wires, Wm. 3 52 Waddell, Thos. 10 22 Wardell, John 7 A White, Wm. 7 4 Wyatt, George 7 9 Wallace, James 7 10 Watson, George 7 14 Ward, Chester 7 18 Wilson, Wm., Innkeeper 1 26 Walker, Wm. 1 28 Wright, Thomas 1 29 Wilson, Daniel 6 10 Wright, David 5 2 Wallace, Albert 5 11 Wallace, Samuel 4 9 Wallace, William 4 11 Young, John 3 61
Part Three