Directory of the County of Grey for 1865-6. (Part 4)

The Township of Holland is centrally situated in the County of Grey, having Sydenham on the North, Euphrasia on the East, Glenelg on the South, and Sullivan on the West. It was named after the late amiable Lord Holland; and though the "Garafraxa Road" on its Western boundary was laid out as early as 1840, the survey of the township at large was not taken in hand till 1849. Charles Rankin, P. L. S., made the survey in 1849 and 1850. The survey is rendered complex by the "Toronto and Sydenham Road" being projected through the township from N. W. to S. E., with five and sometimes six ranges of lots parallel with it in its diagonal course. The township is somewhat hilly, and will be in some parts, when a little older, very romantic. Portions of Holland, especially in the vicinity of the Garafraxa Road, are stony. The soil is generally clay, and for the most part very fertile. When the time comes that these Northern townships can bear the expense of underdraining on a moderate scale, the productiveness of the soil will be immensely increased. The timber is almost exclusively maple, beech and elm, with an occasional sprinkling of hemlock, and some cedar-swamps of no great extent. The township is well watered- by many springs, some small lakes, and several mill streams, that, running in different directions, form the head waters or become tributary to the Big Head, Sydenham or Saugeen Rivers. The Villages are Chatsworth or Johntown, (partly in this town-ship), and Walter's Falls. Post-offices are found at the two places just named, besides Berkeley, Sullivan and Massie Post-offices. There are three grist mills-one at Walter's Falls, Massie's and Conger's; and another building a short distance from Williamsford, up the so called "Sable." There are a number of Sawmills. In the Southern and central part of the township, are Lillburn's, Hamilton's, and Lawless's Sawmills. In the Northern part of the township are Conger's, Massie's, Ceasor's, Walter's, and another building. Census Reports.-The population of Holland was in 1861, 2,317, standing in this respect eighth among the Municipalities of the County. The natives of England were set down at 155; Scotland, 182; Ireland, 686, Canada, 1,261; all other countries, 33. Occupiers of land, 372; of whom 72 occupied from 20 to 50 acres each, 207 from 50 to 100 acres each and 90 over 100 acres each. Fall Wheat reported in 1861, 1,200 bushels; Spring Wheat, 44,889 bushels; Barley, 973 bushels; Pease, 8,590 bushels; Oats 28,107 bushels; Potatoes, 42,362 bushels; Turnips, 63,980 bushels; Hay, 1,381 tons; Maple Sugar, 12,485 lbs.; Wool, 5,563 lbs.; Butter, 43,610 lbs. Cheese, 1,030 lbs. Magistrates.-Henry Cardwell, George Deavitt, Richard Green, John Fleming, John Walters. Municipal Officers.-Reeve, John Lyons, (Berkeley P. O.) Deputy Reeve, William Howey, (Massie P. O.) Councillors, Richard Green, Joseph Byers, George Deavitt. Clerk, Henry Cardwell, (Chatsworth P. O.) Treasurer, John McInnis, Chatsworth P. O.) Schools.-Section No. 1. Samuel Holland, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance in 1864, 28. Section No. 2. Margaret Williams, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance in 1864, 22. Section No.3. John W. Jackson, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance in 1864, 10 Section No. 4. Carson Price, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance in 1864, 30. Section No.5. Minerva Smith, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance for first 6 mos. of 1864, 17. Section No. 6. Robert Welsh, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance for first 6 mos. of 1864, 35. Section No.9. George Henderson, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance for 1864, 14. Section No.12. John Sutherland, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance for 1864, 16. Union Section No. 11 (part Sydenham). George Henderson, teacher. House, log. Average attendance from Holland, 16; from Sydenham, 2; total average for 1864, 16. Union Section No.1 (part Sullivan). J. A. G. Williamson, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance from Holland, 17; from Sullivan, 22; total average for 1864, 39. Union Section No. 2 (part Sullivan). John H. Campbell, Teacher. House, frame. Average attendance from Holland, 9; from Sullivan, 4; total average for 1864, 13. Union Section No. 3 (part Sullivan). House, brick. Closed during 1864. NOTE.-In the following lists, "East" or "West" Toronto and Sydenham Road, includes only the diagonal ranges parallel to that road. "East Garafraxa Road," includes all the rest of the township, whether contiguous to that road or not. The Concessions number from the Garafraxa Road, Eastward.
East of Toronto and Sydenham Road.
Con. Lot
Allan, James, Sr. 1 74 Archer, Jonah 2 41 Archer, Joseph 2 43 Baird, John, Jr. 2 15 Blaney, Patrick 2 72 Blaney, David 2 70 Brown, Edward 1 70 Boyd, John 1 53 Clarke, Robert 1 39 Clarke, Robert, Jr 1 40 Carter, Robert 1 47 Downey, Edward 4 19 Deavitt, John 3 14 Dalahinty, Edmund 2 12 Dillane, John 2 35 Edwards, Joel 1 13 Erwin, Robert 1 30 Erwin, Thomas 2 32 Erwin, Samuel 2 31 Erwin William 2 39 Erwin, Joseph 2 23 Erwin, John 2 22 Farley, Wm. 2 13 Farley, James 3 21 Fagan, Edward 1 89 Fowell, Thomas 1 6 Fanning, Joseph 1 56 Fleming, John 1 57 Fleming, John Jr 1 59 Gilmore, Robert 1 4 Greenaway, Wm 1 45 Gillespie, John 1 72 Glenn, John 2 34 Gates, Samuel 2 24 Gates, Thomas 3 19 Gordon, John 3 1 Given, Robert 4 11 Hart, Humphrey 2 18 Hamilton, James 2 45 Hamilton, Patrick 2 40 Hamilton, Archibald 2 38 Hamilton, William 2 36 Handley, John 2 27 Irvine, Andrew 4 9 Jackson, William 3 65 Jackson, David 2 63 Jackson, David, Jr. 3 64 Kinifeck, James 3 24 Kinifeck, Jeremiah 2 8 Kinifeck, James, Jr. 3 7 Leitch, John 2 51 Leitch, Charles 2 52 Lawless, Lawrence 2 49 Lings, George 1 84 Logan, James 2 79 Mackey, William 1 21 Montgomery, William 1 1 Murray, James, Jr. 1 1 Minnes, John 1 3 Montgomery, John 3 75 Middleton, John 2 66 Matthews, Patrick Jr. 3 36 Malloy, Edward 3 26 Matthews, Michael 2 17 Murphy, John 3 8 Murphy, John, Jr. 3 8 Murphy, Matthew 2 5 Miller, S. C. 2 2 Matthews, Charles Jr. 4 17 McLean, John 2 26 McKinstrey, James 2 25 McLellan, John 2 19 McNally, George 2 83 McKay, Wm. Jr. 1 10 McNeil, Arch'd 1 41 Orr, Hugh 1 2 Porter, Andrew 2 78 Perdue, Joseph 4 13 Quin, James 2 55 Quin, John 3 71 Roach, Edward 2 11 Ritchie, Andrew 2 67 Ritchie, John 2 67 Shute, James 4 13 Shunn, Richard 1 11 Shunn, Wm. 1 15 Shunn, Wm. Jr. 1 15 Silverlock, Mrs. 1 24 Sargent, John 1 66 Sanderson, Robert 2 76 Sanderson, Thomas 2 76 Shute, Anthony 4 23 Shute, Anthony, Jr. 4 21 Snooks, Henry 1 20 Troughton, Thomas 3 22 Troughton, Francis 3 13 Troughton, Samuel 2 16 Tompson, Joseph 2 28 Tidsbery, George 2 68 Thomas, Thomas 3 69 Timson, Robert 1 18 Underwood, Robert 2 81 Whitney, Thomas 3 13 Whitney, John 3 11 Winch, Charles 2 25 Williscroft, Benj. 2 20 White, Wm. Sr 1 67 Walker, Andrew 1 78 Walker, George, Sr. 3 79 Webster, Robert 1 8 Wark, David 1 37 White, Robert 1 54 Wright, James 1 62 Young, Samuel 2 57
West of Toronto and Sydenham Road.
Con. Lot Allen, James Jr. 1 76 Allen, John 1 77 Abbott, Joseph 2 73 Abbott, Wm. 2 62 Bennett, Wm. 2 34 Boyd, Thomas 1 72 Brown, Thomas 3 73 Bateman, Peter 2 59 Blaisdell, Benj. 1 10 Bravinder, Christopher 1 6 Close, James Sr. 1 22 Carter, Thomas 1 48 Craig, George 3 72 Crawford, Andrew 2 49 Campbell, James 2 26 Campbell, Robert 2 26 Crowther, John 2 11 Deaver, Wm. 2 67 Doherty, Hugh 3 63 Ewart, Andrew 2 70 Ewart, Edwin 3 70 Earles, Elias 1 11 Freeborn, James 2 44 Foster, Alex. 2 77 Freeborn, Andrew 2 68 Freeborn, Johnstone 1 39 Freeborn, Robert 1 41 Freeborn, Thomas 1 42 Fleming, Wm. 1 57 Gauley, Joseph 1 44 Glenn, Samuel 1 53 Glenn, Joseph 1 53 Green, Thomas 3 76 Helferty, Christopher 2 33 Hare, James 1 21 Haskett, Robert 1 63 Jackson, John 2 37 Jackson, Joseph 2 31 Kirton, Alex 3 65 Lillburn, Samuel 1 30 Lyons, Mrs. 1 56 Lee, John 2 13 Madill, Samuel 2 58 Martin, John 1 15 McInnis, John 1 5 McKay, David 1 18 McCann, John 1 24 McCann, Michael 2 66 McKennett, Robert 2 50 McKennett, Richard 2 48 McKennett, Andrew 2 47 McCann, Francis 2 38 McInnis, James 1 2 Norten, Henry 1 25 Oliver, Edward 1 25 Orr, James 2 23 Orr, Matthew 2 19 Reid, Wm. 1 70 Reynolds, Clark 1 77 Roe, Peter 3 74 Shunn, Francis 1 9 Sargent, Thomas 1 63 Speers, Robert 1 74 Stephens, James 1 76 Smith, George 2 64 Sinclair, George 2 8 White, Wm. 1 54 White, George 1 58 Welsh, Robert 2 74 Wright, Benj. 1 62 White, Thomas 1 63 Williams, William 1 13 Watson, Samuel 1 17 White, Wm. Jr. 1 67 Walker, Robert 2 80 Walker, George 2 78 Weaver, Samuel 2 24 Virtue, David 3 61
East of Garafraxa Road.
Con. Lot Anderson, Francis 2 50 Armstrong, John 3 50 Aitken, John 6 29 Atkinson, John 8 8 Adams, Alex. 10 4 Budge, Robert 11 18 Bradley, David 11 14 Bruce, James 10 17 Brown, Joseph Sr. 8 7 Burchill, John 8 4 Brennan, James 5 29 Boyle, James 5 30 Brosnan, John 6 27 Brosnan, John, Jr 6 27 Brennan, Patrick 3 70 Brennan, Thomas 2 67 Brennan, James Jr. 2 68 Boyle, John 4 30 Barron, Walter 2 62 Brennan, John 2 65 Brennan, Michael 3 67 Brennan, Wm. 3 68 Barron, George 3 43 Baird, Andrew 2 16 Bell, Joshua 1 19 Byers, Joseph 1 22 Breeze, Stephen H. 1 4 Buchanan, John 1 17 Buchanan, Wm. Sr. 1 16 Buchanan, Wm. 1 16 Buchanan, Arch'd 1 15 Crookshank, John 3 21 Crisp, Capt. S. 1 18 Cardwell, Henry 1 6 Cardwell, Joseph 1 6 Charlton, John 1 7 Cook, Aaron 1 21 Chambers, Wm. 3 3 Coulter, Edward 3 5 Coulter, David 3 6 Campbell, Wm. 2 3 Craven, Richard 2 5 Cunningham, Martin 2 6 Cunningham, Michael 2 6 Clarke, George 3 10 Clarke, Wm. 3 11 Clarke, Hamlet 3 11 Clarke, Robert Sr. 2 9 Cameron, John 3 17 Cameron, Alex. 3 18 Campbell, Edward 3 42 Cowling, John 3 44 Cexzon, George 2 52 Carson, Samuel 3 61 Carson, David 2 61 Carson, Dickson 3 62 Chisholm, Thomas 5 6 Caldwell, Robert 5 27 Ceasor, John Jr. 7 7 Ceasor, George 7 7 Carson, John 7 4 Cairns, John 6 1 Colville, Charles 6 1 Cook, John 11 7 Ceasor, John Sr. 8 7 Cunnington, John 9 8 Crichton, Thomas 9 6 Campbell, Philip 9 1 Campbell, Peter 9 1 Connell, George 11 9 Connell, David 11 9 Clarke, Thomas 11 16 Crawford, John 11 19 Crawford, Walter 11 19 Dickson, Thomas 12 6 Dickson, Joseph 10 6 Dickson, Mrs. 10 6 Dickson, Isaac 10 6 Dunbar, John 8 10 Dwyre, Thomas 7 10 Davidson, Wm. 4 24 Donnelly, James E. 3 48 Dale, Henry 3 51 Dale, George 3 52 Donnelly, Mrs. 2 53 Donnelly, Wm. 3 53 Deavitt, George 2 12 Dowd, Martin 3 16 Derrickson, Benj. 1 19 Douglas, Daniel 1 20 Douglas, James 1 20 Douglas, Wm. 1 20 Dudgeon, James 1 2 Dudgeon, Wm. 1 2 Dillane, Wm. 1 12 Ewing, Robert 1 15 Edgar, John 3 3 Edgar, Joseph 3 4 Elder, Donald 2 19 Elliot, Rev. Mr. 2 34 Fleming, Alex 4 27 Folkington, David 12 15 Foster, John 7 6 Foster, Wm. 8 6 Ferns, Samuel 3 41 Fraser, James 2 15 Foster, Samuel 1 3 Gaddis, John 1 16 Geary, John 1 22 Garrett, Wm. 2 1 Garrett, James 3 1 Garrett, John 3 2 Galbraith, John 2 18 Galbraith, Arch'd 2 18 Gunn, John 2 20 Gell, Robert 2 28 Green, Richard 2 30 Goy, Joseph 2 52 George, Wm. 3 65 Gill, Thomas 8 11 Gill, Michael 8 12 Gunn, Donald 9 4 Gunn, John 9 4 Heighes, Wm. 12 4 Hayes, Robert 11 6 Henderson, James 10 13 Henderson, George 10 15 Howey, Wm. 7 5 Hammell, James 11 2 Hanna, Samuel 11 3 Howey, Edward 8 4 Howey, James 8 5 Hammell, Wm. 5 4 Hammell, Robt. 5 5 Holland, Robt. 4 5 Holland, John 4 5 Houghton, Joseph 3 9 Hagen, Patrick 1 25 Hagen, Owen 1 25 Halliday, Thos. 1 27 Halliday, John 1 28 Halliday, James 1 28 Henry, Robert 11 12 Henry, Wm. 11 12 Johnstone, Robert 12 18 Jackson, John 2 63 Jamieson, W. J. 5 5 Jamieson, David 7 5 Kirk, James 4 2 Kirk, Wm. 4 2 Little, John 1 8 Lee, George Sr 1 14 Little, Wm. C. 3 8 Lee, George 2 35 Laird, James 4 4 Lynch, James 7 30 Lynch, Dennis 7 30 Love, John 10 12 Long, Charles 11 18 Lyons, Thomas 11 20 Lyons, John 12 21 Lyons, Wm. 12 20 Lyons, James, Sr 12 19 Lyons, James, Jr 12 20 Lyons, Patrick 12 19 Lee, Joseph 12 15 Murdoch, John 2 63 Milligan, Joshua 6 4 Massie, Alex 6 4 Matheson, Duncan 6 4 Matheson, Adam 6 4 Mara, Michael 3 69 Merriam, Justus 4 6 Miller, James 2 49 Moggy, Wm. 3 49 Moggy, Joseph 2 54 Moggy, John 3 59 Murray, James 3 19 Murray, Wm. G. 3 21 Matthews, Michael 2 11 Matthews, Charles Sr. 2 13 Matthews, Thomas 2 13 Matthews, James 2 14 Matthews, Patrick 3 14 Markle, W. K. 1 19 Muldoon, Edward 1 26 McKay, John 6 30 McGregor, Hugh 1 4 McCauley, Alex 1 13 McCauley, John 1 13 McIntosh, Peter Sr. 1 30 McIntosh, Peter Jr. 1 29 McClintock, Wm. 3 15 McInnis, John 2 22 McDonald, Angus 3 21 McCauley, John 2 24 McKay, Wm. Sr. 2 25 McKay, John 2 25 McKay, Angus 2 26 McLeod, Joseph 2 27 McBride, John 2 32 McKay, John 2 36 McKay, Roderick 3 45 McGeary, Owen 2 56 McGeary, James 2 56 McCartney, Francis 2 57 McGuire, John 5 1 McLean, Neil 7 26 McLellan, Samuel 9 9 McInnis, John 9 6 McDonald, Philip 9 4 McLean, W.J. 10 1 McQuaker, Wm. 10 1 McQuaker, Andrew 12 7 McCauley, George 10 7 McCauley, Cochrane 10 8 McCauley, Patrick 11 8 McNally, John 12 22 McLachlin, Peter 11 3 Neely, John 12 13 Neely, Wm. 12 16 Neely, Jacob 12 16 Neely, Thomas 12 16 Norton, Wm. 11 7 Norton, Samuel 10 9 Nicholson, John 9 7 Neelands, Andrew 6 3 Orr, George 1 20 Prile, Andrew 5 28 Pearce, John Sr. 2 39 Pearce, John Jr. 2 39 Page, Ephriam 2 40 Page, James 2 40 Pearce, George 3 43 Pritchard, Robert 2 58 Prile, Michael 4 28 Paton, Neil 6 27 Poole, John 6 28 Page, Aaron 7 9 Page, Elijah 6 7 Philips, Mrs. 8 7 Phillips, Wm. 9 10 Price, John 9 1 Price, Carson 10 4 Price, Robert 10 9 Perdue, Thomas 6 8 Pearce, Wm. 1 1 Quinton, Thomas 11 1 Quinton, Richard 11 1 Roach, James 2 15 Robinson, Wm. 9 13 Reid, Patrick 11 16 Rose, John 11 17 Rose, Magnus 11 17 Rose, Jacob 3 21 Ramage, Alex 8 1 Ramage, Thomas 8 2 Ramage, Matthew 8 2 Ramage, James 8 3 Roe, Patrick 5 30 Reader, Robert 2 29 Russell, Patrick 2 8 Richardson, Samuel 1 4 Redfern, Wm. 1 5 Ross, Robert Sr. 2 2 Strathy, A.E. 1 18 Smith, Wm. 1 30 Smith, Donald 1 30 Sinclair, Donald 2 4 Sinclair, Peter 2 4 Sparrow, Edward 2 33 Sparrow, Thomas 2 34 Stringer, John Sr. 2 38 Stringer, Wm. 2 38 Sheils, James 3 60 Sheils, Charles 3 60 Sutcliff, John 4 18 Shea, John 5 21 Stevenson, Joshua 5 22 Stevenson, Wm. 5 22 Sullivan, Patrick 6 27 Shaw, Robert 7 9 Shaw, Wm. 7 8 Sutherland, John 10 5 Steele, Michael 10 16 Seabrook, John 11 1 Squire, David 12 8 Smith, Donald 11 4 Thompson, Henry 7 6 Taylor, Hugh 6 6 Taylor, Wm. 6 5 Taylor, John 8 6 Thompson, L. 2 29 Telfer, John 2 17 Thorp, Charles 1 2 Tompsett, Wm. 1 9 Vennard, John 4 26 Vennard, Robert Sr. 4 26 Wilson, Mrs. 1 17 Williams, Alfred 12 14 Williams, Charles 1 19 Williams, Robert 2 51 Wark, John 3 61 Wark, Thomas 2 64 Wark, Wm. 2 64 Walker, Francis 4 1 Walker, John 5 1 Walker, Alex 5 2 Walker, Alex Jr. 5 2 Walker, Andrew 5 3 Walter, John 12 2 Waiter, John Jr. 12 1 Wray, James 4 3 White, Robert 4 25 White, James 5 24 White, George 5 25 Winter, W. J. 6 4 Wallace, James 10 17 Williamson, David 9 3 Williamson, James 9 2 Williamson, James Jr. 9 3 Young, M.A. 10 4 Young, Thomas 11 5 Young, David 11 5 Young, James 11 5 Young, Wm. 11 6
A Post Village in the Township Egremont, 6 m. from Mount Forest. Mr. M. D. McKenzie is the Postmaster, and likewise keeps a General Store. There is a Blacksmith's Shop and a Sawmill at Holstein; the latter the property of Mr. John Shells. Mails are supplied from Mount Forest.
A village in the Township of Melancthon, between the first and second Concessions, in what is known as the "Old Survey" of the Township. Horning's Mills P. O., is 12 m. South of Singhampton; but although the road runs direct South from Singhampton, Horning's Mills is not situated on the County line, like the village just named. In Melancthon, the County line of Grey projects, as it were, one Concession into Simcoe. This village is 6 m; N. of the end of the "Toronto and Sydenham" gravel road, and about 22 m. N. of Orangeville. The place is very scattered; a few houses being in the vicinity of the mills, and nearly a mile South, a few more near the Hotel; with the Postoffice and Mr. Jarvis' Store midway between. The South end of the place is sometimes called "Masonville," having been laid out as a village under that name a few years ago by the late John Mason, Hotel Keeper. Population of Horning's Mills about 100. Within the bounds of the village are 3 Stores, a School, a Gristmill, a Fulling Mill, a Sawmill, a Postffice, 2 Blacksmiths Shops, a Waggon Shop, a Tavern, 3 Shoemakers, a Tailor, &C The Grist Mill is the property of W. Airth, Esq. It has two run of stones. It is the oldest Mill in the County, having been built 30 years ago by the late Mr. Horning. The Carding and Fulling Mill belongs to Mrs. Johnson, and is leased by Mr. E. Creech. These, as also Mr. John McGhee's Sawmill, are situated on the headwaters of the Pine River, a tributary of the Nottawasaga River. The fall on Mr. Airth's property is as much as 200 feet, affording almost unlimited waterpower. Being fed from springs, none of which are more than two miles distant, it shows little or no variation in the volume of its water at any time of the year-neither affected by floods. Adjoining the School House, is a pretty little Cemetery, the property of the public, containing over an acre. There is an Episcopal Methodist Chapel, and a Wesleyan Chapel (the latter not quite finished) near enough to be considered in the village. The Wesleyan and New Connexion Methodists, and the Canada Presbyterians worship at present in the Schoolhouse. The School Section possesses a Common School Library. A melancholy tale hangs round the early settlement of this place. Thirty years ago, four children, one a son of Mr. Hornings and three other children named Van Meer, wandered into the woods, perhaps in search of the cows, and were never more heard of! It was supposed, it does not seem to be known on what grounds, that they were carried off by Indians. The mystery was never cleared up. No traces were discovered, nor were any remains of the little unfortunates ever found. It is easy to refer to, but impossible to describe the desolation of the parents, the sickness of "hope deferred", the catching at every atom of probability on which a hope might hang, only to be again disappointed; and at last the utter darkness and the blank despair. Twenty years after, a young Indian looking man appeared in the settlement, and gave on that he was Mr. Horning's son, but his contradictory accounts of himself gained no credence, and he was set down as an impostor. AIRTH, WILLIAM General dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, &C Proprietor Grist Mill. Commissioner for taking affidavits, J. P. Berry, Francis, General Weaver. Creech, Edward, Lessee Carding and Fulling Mill. Doan, Sylvester, Boot and Shoe Maker. Ferris, William, Farmer. Ferris, Edward, Boot and Shoe Maker. Hudd, Stephen, Farmer. Hewitt, Rev. W. J., Wesleyan Methodist. Hiscocks, Rev. J., Episcopal Methodist. JARVIS, PAUL General dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries and Country Produce, and Postmaster. JOHNSON, MRS., General dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, &C Proprietress Fulling and Carding Mill. Leitch, George, Farmer. LAWRENCE, SAMUEL, Waggon Maker and general Blacksmith. Lytle, James, Blacksmith (at S. Lawrence's). MEWS, THOMAS, Blacksmith. Mason, Mrs., "Wheat Sheaf Hotel." Munro, V. F., Teacher. MARSHALL, GEORGE, Boot and Shoe maker. McGHEE, JOHN, Proprietor Sawmill. Polly, Richard, Farmer. Reddick, George, Farmer. SHEPPARD, GEORGE, Lessee Grist Mill. Yokom, Elijah, Farmer.
A small stream that rises in the Eastern part of the Township of Keppel, and after a short course through a part of that township, and the Township of Sarawak, falls into Owen's Sound about 4 m. from the Town of that name. At present it drives no machinery except a Sawmill at its mouth, in Sarawak. Its upper course is generally sluggish; flowing through a series of flats and swamps which it occasionally overflows in spring. Its lower course is sometimes visited for trout fishing; but it is rather too small a stream for good fishing. It is chiefly noticeable on account of its Falls 1/2 mile from its mouth. Its mouth forms an excellent boat harbour.
For want of a better name, these Falls, and the small river which forms them, have been called "Indian," because they are found on lands until lately constituting an Indian Reserve. The Ojibways sometimes call the stream "Drumming River," from the resemblance of the noise of the Falls to the "drumming" of a partridge, as frequently heard in the woods. These beautiful Falls are, we are most happy to say, yet in a complete state of nature. No work of man is visible from the chasm below, or from the brink, except on the latter the carving of "many a long forgotten name" on a beech rooted in the rock. The descent is sheer. The height of the Falls, as we once found by actual measurement, is 41 ft.; and behind the curtain of falling waters it has becone customary for all visitors to pass. It is a favourite resort for summer picnic parties from Owen Sound, who proceed to the mouth of the river in boats.
Sometimes also called "Sydenham Falls." They are three miles south of Owen Sound, on the Sydenham River. The river here plunges over rocks from a height of 70 ft. above the bed of the stream below. The fall is broken and irregular: When the water is very low, the rocks show their black, mossy faces, and the waters dart hither and thither in jets and Streams; but, when the river is full, it is a rude tumbling cascade, descending in a sheet of foam to the bottom. Nothing can be more picturesque than these Falls, as seen from below, and the rapids and rocks round which, the visitor has to pick his way to reach the bottom of the cascade. The people of the town and neighbourhood are justly proud of them. Lord Elgin, when Governor General, paid a visit to these Falls in the autumn of 1851, when in Owen Sound. The road from Owen Sound, for a quarter of a mile before reaching the Falls, is beyond all cavil the prettiest and most romantic bit of road in the County.
Situated just above the Falls of the Sydenham River, 3 miles from Owen Sound, and in the Township of Derby. In 1842, when the embryo town of Owen Sound was scarce discernable to the eye, and Derby as yet an unsurveyed wilderness, Mr. Elliott, a Millwright, from Goderich, came in Mr. W. C. Boyd's schooner; the "Fly," and commenced putting up Mills at the Falls of the Sydenham. Either in '42 or '43, before they were quite finished, he sold it to Mr. Boyd, who, in 1845, sold them to Peter Inglis, Esq., the present proprietor. The Mills consist of a Grist Mill (with two run of stones) and a Sawmill. The original Grist Mill was superseded in 1862 by a newer structure; handsomely built, 2 1/2 stories high, adjoining the old site. The residence of the proprietor stands on an elevation near the Mills, and commands a most extensive prospect Northward. The Indian shore, as far as Cape Commodore (20 m. distant), is distinctly visible, with the blue waters of the Lake East and North, and the Town of Owen Sound, and the intervening valley, lying, as it were, almost at the spectators feet. Little over a quarter of a mile above is Mr. Herriman's Sawmill, and at the turn of the road, between the two, is W. McMeekin's Inn. Dickson, Thomas, Miller. INGLIS, PETER, Proprietor Grist and Sawmills; Clerk of the County Court, and Registrar of Surrogate Court. McMEEKIN, WILLIAM, Innkeeper. Reilly, John, Sawyer.
A village on the Garafraxa Road, between the Townships of Sullivan and Holland, 9 m. South of Owen Sound. Described under the name of "Chatsworth" (which see).
A country Post Office in the Township of Sydenham, on the "Lake Shore Line," 12 m. from Owen Sound; one or two miles from the shore of the "Sound." There is a fine improving country around it. Mails to and from Owen Sound on Tuesdays and Saturdays. There is a frame Church at Johnson, belonging to the Presbyterian Church of Canada (Kirk). Rev. Alex. Hunter, B. A., of Leith, preaches every Sabbath. Also a frame Schoolhouse. Mr. Simon Graham, Teacher. The P. O. derives its name from the name of the Postmaster, although the P. O. Department have taken some liberties with the spelling. JOHNSTON, WILLIAM, Postmaster. JOHNSTON, ROBERT, Farmer.
The Northernmost Township of the County of Grey. Bounded North by Colpoy's Bay, East by the waters of Owen's Sound, South by Derby, and West by Amabel. Keppel, and the other Townships forming the Saugeen Peninsula, were surrendered to the Government by the Ojibway Indians residing at Newash and Saugeen, in the early part of 1855; a grand Council of the Tribes assembling to consummate the treaty with Lord Bury, then the head of the Indian Department. Keppel was surveyed the same year by Charles Rankin, Esq., of Owen Sound, and an efficient staff of assistants. It was sold by auction at Owen Sound, in the autumn of 1856; an upset price having been put on each lot by the Surveyors. For two or three years thereafter, Keppel, along with Sarawak, was attached for Municipal purposes to Derby, and is still attached to Sarawak. The soil in Keppel is unequal. Some tracts are of very excellent quality, and moderately free from stones; other portions are stony and contain rocky streaks, and occasionally rock ridges of several feet perpendicular height. There are a number of small lakes in the township, most of which are surrounded by cliffs of limestone of no great elevation. A diagonal line of road was surveyed through the township, from the vicinity of Owen Sound Northwesterly. Of the three roads shown on the survey, the Southernmost is the one improved best and most travelled. The "South Diagonal" as it is called, in conjunction with the County Line; lately opened up and improved, makes a land communication between Owen Sound and the settlements at the head of Colpoy's Bay; the only communication until the last two years having been wholly or partially by water. The only village in the Township is North Keppel, on a bight of the shore opposite Griffith's Island. The Census Returns of 1861 give us extremely little information respecting this Township of any practical value now, as it was then only beginning to be extensively settled and improved The population of Keppel, Sarawak, and the town plot of Brooke is set down as being at that date 592. The Assessment Roll for 1864 contains about 280 names of residents, representing a population of 1,400 which would be about the number for the united Municipality in the summer of 1864; but there has been a considerable and steady influx of new settlers during the year, and the Roll of 1865 when completed, will show a large exeess over that of 1864. Magistrates-There are three Magistrates in the United Municipality, viz. William McNaught, Lockhart Ormiston and George Lee, Esqrs. Of these, Mr. Lee is the only resident in Keppel; the others are in Sarawak. Municipal Officers (for United Townships). Reeve Alexander Bell (Sarawak P. O.); Councillors, George Webb, James Cruikshank, William Ritchie, and Arch. Campbell. Clerk Abraham S. Vandusen (Owen Sound P. O.); Treasurer, James Vandusen (Owen Sound P. O.). Schools-There are five Common Schools within the United Municipality, viz. Section No. 1 (Village of Brooke), George Barrit, Teacher. House frame. Average attendance for 1864, 20. Section No.2. George Meir, Teacher (first half of 1864). Ave. attendance for ditto, 8. House, log. Section No.3. Jane A. Sellon. Teacher. House, log. Average attendance for first half of 1864, 15. Section No. 4 Mary Gerolamy, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance for 1864, 8. Section No. 5. Sarah A. Doyle, Teacher. House, frame. Average attendance for 1864, 13 (North Keppel School). NOTE. In the following list, "N. C. D." is North of Centre Diagonal Road; "S. C. D." means South of that road; "C. R." denotes "Colpoy Range," lying on Colpoy's Bay; "G. R." denotes "Georgian Range," a tier of lots from the North Line of Sarawak, on the shore of Owen's Sound; "J. R." is Jones' Range, on the former Indian Reserve, near the head of Colpoy's Bay. Con. Lot Atkinson, Edward 2 N.C.D. 36 Ager, Gordon 18 35 Atkey, James 25 12 Arnold, Richard 26 24 Atkey, James, Jr. 25 12 Atkey, George 23 11 Atkey Henry 23 11 Abel, John 18 26 Boyd, Wm. D. C.R. 40 Boyd, Matthew 2 S.C.D. 26 Boyd, Wm. 8 5 Barramack, Joseph 9 2 Brown, Arch. 1 S.C.D. 30 Brown, Malcolm 1 S.C.D. 31 Butchart, Andrew 2 S.C.D. 15 Butchart, George 9 S.C.D. 11 Barrows, Rich'd 1 N.O.D. 10 Black, Robert G.R. 7 Black, Adam G.R. 7 Baylis, Wm. 17 33 Bell, Alex 20 42 Brown, John 24 26 Brown, Wm. 19 1 Brown, James 20 1 Clemens, Albert A. 14 Cheer, Amos 3 10 Cheer, John 3 9 Cruickshank, Jas. 2 S.C.D. 9 Carr, John A. 23 Crampton, John G.R. 23 Campbell, Arch. 18 40 Campbell, John 18 30 Campbell, Wm. 18 37 Crampton, Charles 21 39 Clark, John 24 33 Chatwin, Edwin C.R. 38 Chatwin, Alfred C.R. 37 Cornish, John C. R 32 Cornish, Richard C. R. 31 Cameron, Roderick C. R. 28 Cartmell, Jas. B J. R. 8 Connelly, Patrick 21 8 Corkwell, Thomas 18 27 Davidson, Samuel 3 16 Davidson, Joseph 3 16 Dunn, William 15 9 Duncan, Robert 2 S.C.D. 10 Duncan, Arch. 2 S.C.D. 10 Dunbar, Robert 1 N.C.D. 1 Dwar, Wm. 16 34 Dawson, Wm. 19 41 Dodds, Joseph 25 40 Dodds, Francis 24 40 Dewar, David C. R. 38 Dodds, Robert 7 7 Edmonstone, S. W. 21 31 Ferguson; Wm. B. 6 Freeman, Thomas 19 28 Flaherty, Wm. J.R. 5 Farrow, Frederick 19 2 Gerolamy, John B. 3 Grady, Thomas G. R. 20 Goldhawk, H. G. R. 16 Garvin, Alex G. R. 9 Garvin, James G. R. 9 Garvin, Hugh G. R. 9 Graham, George 24 37 Graham, Alex 23 36 Graham, Wm. 26 34 Gardner, Wm.G. 21 3 Hambley, Wm. 1 N.C.D. 30 Hay, Robert 22 45 Hutchinson, Singleton 17 32 Halliday, Wm. 24 35 Horn, John C.R. 38 Harvey, Wm. C.R. 38 Hutchin, Alex. C.R. 33 Hutchin, James C. R. 33 Hart, Francis 20 5 Johnston, James A. 15 Johnson, C. M. J.R.P. Johnson, John R. J.R.S. Kennedy, Allan A. 3 Kennedy, Duncan A. 2 Kennedy, Donald A. 2 Kennedy, Dugald A. 3 Kelso, Alex 2 S.C.D. 23 Lochead, Robert A. 8 Little, James 5 7 Lennox, John 2 S.C.D. 12 Leslie, James 3 4 Lee, George G.R. 19 Laing, Wm. 26 33 Limburner, Horace C. R. 38 Lewis, Wm. 21 34 Mills, Francis B. 13 Munro, Henry B. 1 Mitchell, David A. 5 Miller, Robert 4 2 Moore, Wm. 8 6 Moore, James 7 6 Moore, Thomas 7 6 Moore, Samuel 7 5 Murray, William (Mason) 2 S.C.D. 11 Mouck, Michael G R. 21 Marshall, Henry G. R. 10 Muir, Andrew 18 34 Madill, Samuel 19 29 Miller, John 20 28 Miller, Henry C. 20 29 Matthews, James 21 6 McAuley, John J. B. 1 McCrae, Finlay D. 20 36 McCulloch, James 16 7 McDonald, ??? B 11 McDonald, Andrew 1 S.C.D. 1 McGuire, John 19 39 McHardie, John 21 44 McHardie, James G.R. 8 McKenzie, Duncan B 10 McKenzie, George 19 43 McKenzie, Wm. 24 38 McKenzie, Hugh 25 36 McKenzie, James 26 35 McMillan, Wm. 22 44 McNaught, John 24 13 [I have been advised this likely should be George McNaught. Bill Martin] North, Alfred R. J.R. 2 Ormiston, Thos. 21 42 Pringle, George 6 5 Pringle, John 5 4 Perkins, John 16 9 Perkins, George 1 N.C.D. 11 Perkins, Elias 1 N.C.D. 11 Payette, Lewis G.R. 13 Payette, David G.R. 14 Pease, Thomas 23 37 Picken, Rob. (Merchant) C.R. 38 Robertson, Daniel 4 12 Battan, Joseph 4 7 Ritchie, Wm. B. 9 Ritchie, John B. 7 Ritchie, Peter B. 7 Ritchie, D. S. F. (Teacher) B. 1 Ryder, Rob. (Blacksmith) 3 5 Sugden, Jonas 6 2 Spencer, Wm. J. 6 3 Spencer, Edwin H. 5 1 Smith, Wm. B. 7 3 Smith, Janet 5 25 Smith, James 19 40 Smith, James B. (Millwright) C. R. 38 Smith, Jas. W. C. R. 37 Smith, John C. J. R. 4 Swain, Edward 15 2 Stewart, Ebenezer G. R. 15 Stewart, Rob. (Carpenter) 19. 18 Shaw, Gawin, Sr. 17 35 Shaw, Gawin, Jr. 17 35 Shaw, Benj. 17 36 Shanks, John 21 40 Shean, James 19 3 Sheridan, James 23 6 Smail, John 24 28 Snelgrove, Thomas 25 37 Scales, Richard C.R. 31 Scales, Thomas C.R. 31 Scales, Wm. C.R. 28 Skinner, John 26 32 Skinner, George C.R. 32 Scott, James R. J.R. 10 Scott, John W. J.R. 8 Simms, James 22 8 Simms, Wm. H. J.R. 6 Soper, Levi J.R. 3 Taylor, Alex A. 4 Taylor, James 1 S.C .D. 16 Taylor, Henry G.R. 15 Taylor, Peter (Mason) 21 38 Taylor, George 21 37 Troup, Joseph 23 28 Thistle, John 25 37 Wilson, Henry A. 7 Wilson, Mrs. 3 4 Walker, Henry 7 4 Walker, J.R. C.R. 38 Wallace, Thomas 2 S.C.D. 31 Wallace, Anthony 1 S.C.D. 10 Ward, Alfred 24 30 Ward, Wm. 24 30 Westaway, Wm. 22 43 Winters, Wm. 23 30 Wyburn, Wm. 23 30 Yeo, Thomas 14 10
A Post village in the centre of the Township of Derby, 7 1/2 m. from Owen Sound, 8 m. from Tara, and 23 m. from Southampton. It is on the Owen Sound and Saugeen stage road (see "Centre Road, Derby"), not on the the Gravel Road which runs through the Township near its Northern limit. It contains a Postoffice, a Pottery, a Disciples' Meeting House, 2 stores, a tavern ("Sloan's Hotel"), a Blacksmith shop, &c. The Earthenware manufacture of Walmsley and McCluskie has attained considerable proportions, the Pottery having now been in successful operation for several years; and many articles of the more ornamental kinds, as well as those in common use, are now produced at the works. There are daily mails, to and from Owetn Sound, Tara, Invermay, Southampton, &c. FLEMING, WILLIAM, General Merchant. Finch, Abraham, Tailor and Farmer. McCluskie, James (of Walmsley & McCluskie), Potter. SLOAN, THOMAS, General Merchant and Postmaster. Smith, George, Innkeeper, "Sloan's Hotel." Stedman, William, Blacksmith. Walker, Archibald, Teacher. WALMSLEY & McCLUSKIE, Manufacturers of Earthen and Stone Ware. Walmsley, William (of Walmsley & McCluskey), Potter.
The old name of Georgian Bay, meaning the "Lake of the Great Spirit." (See "Georgian Bay.")
A Post Office on the Garafraxa (Gravel) Road, in the Township of Glenelg, and which was formerly called "Glenelg" P. O. The name was changed in 1864 by the P. O. authorities. The office was established in 1853. It is distant 7 m. from Durham, and 21 m. from Owen Sound. Mails daily, North and South. Mails are exchanged every Wednesday and Saturday with Crawford P. O., in Bentinck, and Scone P. O. in Elderslie; and, on Saturday only, with Glascott P. O. in Glenelg. APPLEBY, MARK Postmaster. Cain, George, Farmer. Cain, James, Farmer. Jeseman, John, Farmer. McFarlane, John, Farmer. McFarlane, Duncan, Farmer. McFarlane, John, Jr., Farmer. Riddell, James, Farmer.
In the Township of St. Vincent, on Owen Sound and Collingwood Gravel Road. It is 4 1/2 m. from Meaford, and 14 1/2 from Owen Sound. In summer, when Mails between Owen Sound and Meaford are carried by steamboat, Leavens is supplied by a triweekly land mail. In winter, the Mails are daily, in each direction. Arthur, John, Broom maker. Blanchard, A. C. Boot and Shoe Maker. CUNNINGHAM, STEPHEN, Postmaster. Groom, T. B., Boot and Shoe Maker. LEAVENS, R. B., Farmer. Richmond, Cyrus, Farmer.
A village in the township of Sydenham, on the Eastern shore of Owen's Sound, 7 m. (by the road) from Owen Sound Town. John Telfer, Esq., the Government Agent in the settlement of Owen Sound town-plot and vicinity) removed to Leith (so named by him) about 19 years ago, took up a lot or two of wild land, built a Grist mill, and laid out a village. A very pretty little trout and mill stream, named the "Water of Leith," gives power to the mill, and empties into the Sound at the village. Its mouth forms a convenient boat harbour, but is not valuable for navigation, properly so called. Adam Ainslie, Esq., the present proprietor of the mills, &c., ran out a wharf (finished in 1861), which showed 8 1/2/ ft. water at its end at the time, but, from the recent fall of water in the Upper Lakes, is less now. Mr. Telfer's interest in the place was bought out by Mr. James Wilson (formerly of Galt, now of Owen Sound), who erected a Distillery, not now in operation. Mr. Ainslie succeeded Mr. Wilson in the ownership of Leith. The Grist mill has been enlarged since its first erection. It has two run of stones. A little further down the the shore, on a different stream, is an Oatmeal Mill, the property of James Ross, Esq. Messrs. Ross & Sons have also in course of erection a Tannery, in the vicinity of the Oatmeal Mill. There are several Mechanics in the Village, Blacksmith, Tailor, Shoe maker, &C. The present population is 110. Mails to and from Owen Sound on Tuesdays and Saturdays. There is a neat frame School House, well furnished with maps, &c. Henry Moore, Teacher. The average attendance of scholars for 1864, was 30. Religious services are held in the School House every Sabbath, in connection with the Scottish Kirk; Rev. Alex. Hunter, B. A. (who resides in the village), is the Minister. A Subscription Library is sustained by the inhabitants of the villaget; M.A. Ross, Secretary and Librarian. Fees, 50 cts., entrance, and 25 cts., a year. A lodge of Good Templars (British American), holds its meetings every Monday evening. An Hotel, very pleasantly situated, is kept by Mr. Moulton. AINSLIE, ADAM, Proprietor Leith Mills. Alexander, Richard, Labourer. Burr, Peter, Blacksmith. Brown, Thomas, Carpenter. Cameron, Peter, Carpenter. Cameron, George, Carpenter. Cameron, Arthur B., Carpenter. Clark, James, Carpenter. Duffy, Michael, Labourer. GRIERSON, ROBERT. Lenfestey, John, Miller, Leith Mills. LEMON, CHARLES, Boot and Shoe Maker. Moore Henry, Teacher, bds. A. Ainslie's. Moulton, Royal, Innkeeper, Leith Hotel. Marshall, Anthony, Labourer. McNeil, Neil, Labourer. McNeil, Malcolm, Labourer. McKeen, Wm. Farmer. North, Daniel, Labourer. Rickson, Henry bds. A. Ainslie's. ROSS, JAMES, Postmaster. ROSS, JOHN, Assistant Postmaster. Ross, James, Jr.
One mile from Leith, on the Sydenham "Lake Shore Road," at the turning off toward Leith. It is 6 m. from Owen Sound, and in the midst of a fine and improving setttlement. At the Corners are found a store, a tavern, a school house, Waggon Shop, Blacksmith Shop, &c. Leith is the Post-town. A frame Church, belonging to the Canada Presbyterians is in the immediate vicintity. Rev. R. Dewar, Minister. The School House is frame, supplied with maps and Globe; and the scholars during 1864, averaged in attendance 48. The children of school age in the Section number 104. Armstrong, Charles, Farmer. Biggar, Andrew, Farmer. Clark, Robert (of Davidson & Clark). Campbell, Roland, Waggon maker, at J. P. Telford's. DAVIDSON & CLARK, Carpenters and waggon makers. Davidson, James (of Davidson & Clark). Dewar, Rev. Robert, Canada Presbyterian. Hudson, John, Farmer. Nisbet, George. Farmer. SPEEDIE, WM., General Merchant, one door from Vanwyck's Hotel. Telfer, William. TELFORD, JAMES, Blacksmith. Telford, William P., Teacher. VANWYCK'S HOTEL, Leith Corners, Lake Shore Road. VANWYCK, ROBERT, Proprietor, Vanwyck's Hotel. Wilson, John.
In order to begin aright, it is necessary to premise that the Maitland River (named after Sir Peregrine Maitland, Governor of Upper Canada; and falling into L. Huron at Goderich), does not in any part of its course touch the County of Grey, nor derive a drop of its waters therefrom; and the only reason for introducing its name in this work arises from the following circumstances. In 1837, Charles Rankin, Esq., P.L.S., received orders from the Crown Land Department of Upper Canada, to proceed to lay out a line of road between the head of Owen's Sound, and the settlements of the Wellington District. Before this date, Lewis Burwell, Esq., P.L.S., of Brantford, had been sent up to near the headwaters of the Grand River, to lay out some new townships. When Mr. Burwell came to the township of Luther, he merely ran lines around it, and reported, it "all swamp." Though time has proved Burwells report to have considerable foundation in fact, it seems the Government of that day had serious doubts about its correctness. Mr. Rankin, however, was allowed to go about the present business in his own way; and being certain of the reliability of his friend Burwell's report, after commencing at Garafraxa township near the village (or rather then the settlement of) Fergus, he bore off N. W. through what is now the township of Arthur; intending to turn north when he was sure of being round the great Swamp. When he struck the "Maitland," at what is now Mount Forest, he judged from the high banks and swift water that there could be no great swamp in the immediate neighbourhood. Newash, the Ojibway Chief of Owen's Sound told him it was "a Saugeen." Having always found Newash's topography marvellously correct, he never had a doubt about it; and "Saugeen" it was in his report. For the next three years, nothing was done. Emigration and settlements were at a standstill. The County was slowly recovering from the effects of the Rebellion of 1837. In 1841, the Government, not liking on the map the appearance of Mr. Rankins line, sent John McDonald, Esq., of Goderich, a Surveyor who had been in the employ of the "Canada Company," to run out a new and straight line-one that would serve as a Town line between the new townships to be laid out. Mr. McDonald's survey extended from the "Maitland" to the South limit of Sydenham Township. Coming from Goderich, and finding a swift stream running directly toward it (though it soon turns N. W.), his first thought would naturally be that it was the Maitland River; though he might have judged that a stream as large as the Saugeen at Mount Forest would make a larger river than the Maitland by the time it reached the Lake at Goderich. Whether he consulted the Indians on the subject, or consulting them paid no attention to their statements, the fact remains that he dubbed the Southern Fork of the Saugeen with the name "Maitland," and that it was many years before the blunder began to be popularly corrected. All persons who had occasion to travel the "Garafraxa Road," 10 or 15 years ago, knew about the "Maitland hills" and the "Maitland woods" the latter a mile long, through the then nameless townplot of Mount Forest. When, some years after McDonald's survey was made, some persons followed down the stream, searching for land, till it joined the Saugeen (near where Hanover now stands), and followed up the main stream of the Saugeen to Durham, and reported at the latter place that the "Maitland" was "a Saugeen" people would believe them. And at the present day there will he people found reading these pages who will dispute the fact of the "Maitland" being no Maitland. The large Provincial Maps of Tremaine and Tackabury have this river correctly laid down, but the smaller Maps of Ensign, Bridgman & Fanning, New York, both in the editions of 1855 and of 1861, have it down according to the erroneous tracings of McDonald; and so widely has the error taken a root, that in the map of Upper Canada, given in Chewett & Cos. "Canadian Almanac" for 1865, the river goes from the South corners of Egremont and Normanby, where Mount Forest ought to be, galloping away towards Goderich!-the old error again, repeated.
An affluent of the Nottawasaga river, rising by various streams in Osprey and Melancthon, and falling into the Nottawasaga near Angus. As Osprey and Melancthon occupy some of the highest tableland in the settled portions of Upper Canada, these streams on their entrance into Nottawasaga Township, descends very rapidly, and might be utilized to a very large extent for manufacturing purposes. The main stream of the Mad River, then not far from its source, passes through the rising village of Singhampton at the County line of Simcoe.
A well known country Corners, in the Township of Sydenham, at the foot of the "Lake Shore" Road, and on the Gravel Road between Owen Sound and Meaford, 3 m. from the former place. There is an excellent brick School House at the Corners, which, with a with a well conducted Hotel by Mr. Wilkinson, and the farmhouse (formerly the tavern) of Mr. R. Manders, constitutes the hamlet. The School House was built three years ago at an expense of $1,000. Average attendance of scholars in 1864, 30. There is as yet no Postoffice nearer than Owen Sound. The Sydenham Township Agricultural Society always hold their Annual exhibition, and the Township Council generally meet, at Manders' Corners. MANDERS, RICHARD, Farmer. McKay, Hugh, Teacher, bds. at R. Manders. WILKINSON, WILLIAM, Proprietor "St. Vincent Hotel."
A Postoffice on the 9th Concession of the Township of Sullivan, 11 m. S. W. of Chatsworth. Distant about 20 m. from Owen Sound. Mails every Saturday to and from Chatsworth. Stephen B. Conger Postmaster. About 1/2 mile distant, on the headwaters of the Aux Sable, is a Sawmill, the property of Mr. J. A. Conger.
A Post village in the Northern part of the Township of Holland; 5 m. from Chatsworth, 5 m. from Walter's Falls, and 14 m. to Owen Sound. The neighbourhood began to be settled about 1853, and is rapidly improving. The place contains a Postoffice, Grist mill, Sawmill, blacksmith shop, Horseshoe Nail Factory, and a School House. The sawmill was erected in 1859; the Grist Mill in 1863. Both are the property of Alex. Massie, Esq. The Grist Mill is one of the best little Mills in the County. Shafting throughout. One run of stones. The Mills are on the Big Head River. There is another water privilege, a quarter of a mile below, unemployed. Regular services are held every Sabbath in the School house by the Wesleyan and N. C. Methodist denominations, and occasionally by other denominations. There is an air of thrift and enterprise about the place, which promises well for its future growth and prosperity. Ceasor, John, Blacksmith. Coleman, Robert, Farmer. HOWEY, WILLIAM, Farmer, Commissioner in Queens Bench. Henderson, George, Teacher. Lang, Andrew, Farmer. MASSIE, ALEXANDER, Proprietor Grist and Sawmills, and Postmaster. Matheson, Duncan, Carpenter. Matheson, Adam, Carpenter. Milligan, Joshua, Farmer. Partridge, Joseph, Manufacturer of Horseshoe Nails. Winter, William. J., Farmer.
A new and rising village in the township of Osprey, on the Durham and Collingwood Gravel Road. Population about 60. It is 9 m. from the Toronto and Sydenham Road at Flesherton, and 20 m. distant from Collingwood Harbour. The place contains a Post office, a store, two churches, school-house, tavern, Blacksmiths, Shoemaker, Carpenters, Spinning wheel maker, Cabinetmaker, &C. There is a large traffic across the country continually setting toward the Railway at Collingwood, and its influence is tending to build up Maxwell and other places on the route of the Gravel Road. As an example of the amount of trade which may be done even in a small place by enterprise and capital, it nay be mentioned that the firm of Sutherland & Bowes, Merchants, took in, in the winter of 1863-4, 32,000 bushels of Grain, and 50,000 lbs. of Pork, and teamed the whole to Collingwood. Mr. Maxwell has erected and removed into a new and commodious Hotel during the past few months. The two chapels belong to the Wesleyan Methodists and the Canada Presbyterians, respectively. They are new and scarcely yet finished. Rev. James Greenfield, of Stayer (Presbyterian), preaches every four weeks. Rev. D. E. Brownell, of Feversham (Wesleyan) every two weeks; and Rev. I. Ryder (Primitive Methodist), every four weeks. Bowes, George S. (of Sutherland and Bowes.) Field, Henry, Boot and Shoemaker. GAMEY, THOMAS, Farmer, commissioner in Queen's Bench; J.P. (2 miles West.) GUY, WILLIAM, Horse-shoer and General Blacksmith. Heron, Thomas, Carpenter. Heron, Robert, Carpenter and Builder. Heron, Duncan, Farmer, Lessee Feversham Sawmill. Heron, Richard, Farmer. Long, Hosea, Farmer. Long, Wesley, Carpenter. MAXWELL, JOSEPH, Proprietor Maxwell Hotel, and Postmaster. Sproule, James, Farmer. Sageon, Joseph, Farmer. SUTHERLAND & BOWES, General Dealers in Country Produce, Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes, &C. Sutherland, James A. (of Sutherland & Bowes.) Shields, Andrew, Cabinet maker. SCOTT, ROBERT, Blacksmith. ( 3/4 m. East).
When the Township of St. Vincent was surveyed, which was as long ago as 1833, the town-plot of Meaford was left in a block of no great extent. In 1845, when the township was pretty well filled up, the late W. R. Gibbard, Esq. P.L.S, was instructed to lay out the village. We believe we are correct in stating that the name was bestowed by Mr. Gibbard. As the former name of the township had been changed some years before to St. Vincent, in honour of the naval hero, Admiral Jervis, Earl St. Vincent, it seemed a happy thought to call the principal village in the Township by the name of his country seat. In the same manner, Mr. Gibbard named the streets, Nelson, Collingwood, Sykes, Bayfield, &c.,- all names of naval heroes. The place did not spring at once into importance; for, three years after its survey, it yet contained but four houses. The first Postmaster was the late Wm. Stephenson, and the Postoffice then as now was called "St. Vincent P. O." It is told that Mr. Stephenson made many a journey to Barrie on foot, to take and bring his mails. The first storekeepers in the place were Moses Chantler, Jesse T. Purdy, George Jackson (of Durham, M.P.P.), and D. L. Layton. Mr. Layton is the only one of these now in the business, and is the present Postmaster. Mr. Purdy laid out village lots South of the Government survey, and Mr. Stephenson North of it; and, as each made efforts to induce purchasers and settlers, the place assumed for a time the appearance of three embryo villages. The Owen Sound and Collingwood Gravel Road, running somewhat from North to South through the village, and called at different points Sykes Street, Seymour Street, and Edwin Street, respectively,- appears to have brought the place together. Business is centering on the Gravel Road and on Nelson street, leading from it toward the Wharf. Meaford lies very prettily. The lake view in front is at all times exhilerating; he site of the town is dry, although not elevated, a beautiful country lies around, sloping toward the town; many handsome cottages adorn the streets at different points, and the public buildings and places of business are very creditable to the taste and enterprise of the inhabitants. There are a number, of Stores and Manufactories. We will endeavour to give a cursory glance at most of these as well as the Churches, &C, and then pass on to the Alphabetical List of inhabitants. If we imagine ourselves arriving by Steamer Clifton from Collingwood, our attention would probably be first directed to the wharf at which Capt. Smith sets us down. It is of considerable length, and very substantially built. It was built seven or eight years ago by the Township Corporation of St.Vineent, aided by a grant from Government, and cost about four thousand pounds. At the shore end of the wharf stands the storehouse, likewise Township property, both being leased at present to Mr. L. S. Menere. As we emerge from the enclosed yard of the Storehouse, we are on Bayfield Street-rather open and unenclosed as yet. On an opposite corner, at our right is the Wheat Storehouse of Mr N. Burley. Further on, and facing the shore, is "Georgian Inn", once Mr. Stephenson's property. J. R. Mitchell & Co's Steam Planing Mill, and Sash and Door Factory stands on the water's edge; and a little further on is Mr. D. Sinclair's Foundry. The latter is not yet a very extensive business, but yearly growing larger. Immediately in front of us is D. L. Layton's General Store, and Post office, and in the next building is Messrs. J. & W. Stewart's Store. A few steps further away from the lake bring us to the foot of Nelson Street, with a little hill in it, (a few feet only) between us and the Gravel Road. Behind us is the old bridge over the Big Head River, and near it the Steam Tannery of C. Carney, Esq., employing a number of hands. On our way up Collins Street, toward the Gravel Road, we pass near or in front of the establishments of Jethro Shiphird, Tailor; John Monaghan, Boot and Shoe Maker; Barnhart & Wagstaff, Druggists; George Brown, Jr., Groceries & Liquors; W. F. Livingston, Saddler; James Mack, Merchant; Jordan & Farley, Saddlers; W. Stephens, Tinsmith; John Lindsay, Merchant; G. A. Caswell, Boot and Shoe Maker; J. Paul's " Meaford Hotel;" the Wesleyan Brick Church, 40 ft. by 60, erected in 1864, cost $2,400; the Town Hall of the Township, also erected last year, brick, cost-$2,400, 56 by 35 feet in size, with walls 28 feet in height. Pausing at the corner of the Gravel Road, we see on the corners opposite us, the brick store of W. D. Taylor, and Messrs. Andrew's Store; and further North John Patton's Cabinet Shop; James Cox's Black-smiths Shop, N. C. Methodist Church (unfinished), Orange Hall (brick), &c. Turning to the left we pass successively the offices of John Albery, T. Plunkett, and W. D. Pollard, the stores of D. A. Chase, (General Merchant), Messrs. Cleland (Stoves and Tin-ware), K. Hurd (General Merchant), W. Meikle (General Store), C. Burns (Groceries, and Boots and Shoes), W. H. Foster (Druggist, seedsman, &c.), Coulson's Hotel, &c. A short distance West of the Gravel Road ("Sykes Street"), stands the Congregational and Disciples' Chapels, the former of brick, and the latter a very good specimen of the Concrete wall, rough-cast. Some distance beyond the Congregational Chapel is the Canada Presbyterian Church, a small brick octagon. Passing South over the new bridge across the River, we see on the edge of the stream, the Woollen Mills of J. T. Purdy, Esq. James Williams, lessee. The works contain a complete set of manufacturmg machines; and picking, carding, fulling, dyeing and dressing are done-for customers who wish their own wool manufactured. Further up the stream are the Grist Mills of Mr. Purdy (3 run of stones), the Sawmill; and near by, the site of Mr. M. Chantler's Grist Mill (burned, and the water-privilege unemployed). Near the Mills are the Waggon and Blacksmith Shop of Mr. Hamilton, and the Waggon and Carriage Shop of Messrs. W. McDonald & Co. Below the Mills, on the river edge, is the new Pearlash Factory of Mr. A. Lawson. Above the Grist-Mill is a spare water-power. Once over the bridge, the Gravel Road takes the name of Seymour street; and on it we find the establishments of Messrs. Henderson & McIntosh (General Dealers and Merchant Tailors), Drummond's Cabinet Warehouse; Pillgrem's General Store; Dr. Maclean's office; Wilcox's Boot & Shoe shop; the Methodist Episcopal Church, finished a year ago, cost $2,000, brick; Stubb's Hotel, &c. In this portion of the village are also the Fanning Mill Factory of Mr. C. Watt, turning out 150 Mills and a large number of Straw-cutters, &c., annually; the Episcopal Church, a neat Gothic wooden building; the Masonic Hall; Cain's Job Printing Office, &c. Creek Mills.-A mile North of the centre of the village, on the Lake shore, are "Creek Mills,"- so called by Mr. Fuller, the original proprietor of the water-power. They consist of two Sawmills, one above the other, on a creek emptying into the Lake there. The upper mill is the property of Mr. James Spratford; the lower, of Mr. Joseph Cox. Both have upright saws and lath saws, and are run with vigour. A Grist-Mill is spoken of. There is spare water power above the Sawmills. The population of this suburb is 100. For convenience, it is treated as a portion of Meaford in this work, as the town will soon grow down to it. Magistrates.-Charles Carney, David L. Layton, Thomas Donovan, Thomas Harris, William D. Taylor, Jesse T. Purdy, James Stewart, John Johnson. Meaford has grown rapidly since the wharf was built, and especially since the gravelling of the Owen Sound and Collingwood Road. It is stated, on good authority, that from 60,000 to 80,000 bushels of wheat are bought and stored every winter. An excellent Agricultural country surrounds it, its manufactures are increasing, and there is every reason to anticipate it will become a large place. Mail stages pass daily in both directions; and during the season of navigation the steamer "Clifton" calls both going and returning, between Owen Sound and Collingwood. It is distant 18 1/2 m. from Owen Sound, 8 1/2 m. from Thornbury, and 22. m. from Collingwood. The Postoffice is still officially known as "St. Vincent P. O.;" and the name Meaford, somewhat- to the disadvantage of the place, frequently fails to appear in connexion with the village. It is to be regretted that advantage was not taken of a fire some years ago, by which the Posffice was burned, and the official stamps, &c., had all to be renewed, to have this needful change of name made. The wharf stands at the W. side of the mouth of the river. There are 10 to 12 ft. water at its end. Were the wharf somewhat lengthened, and a breakwater extended at right angles to it, or the river bar dredged so as to form an inner harbour in the river itself, it would add greatly to the trade and prosperity of the town. The site of the town was originally covered with beautiful hardwood timber; and on retired streets and vacant lots, and frequently in gardens and around dwellings, beautiful specimens of "second-growth" maple, &c., are found, singly or in groves, giving a pleasant and attractive air to its summer aspect; for, after all, beauty is often cheaply obtained. North winds prevail to some extent in winter, and are sometimes very cutting; but the inhabitants accept the occasional discomfort as the price they pay for being on navigable water. The population is estimated (March, 1865), at one thousand. Andrews, Anthony, Mason, Parker Street. ANDREWS, T. & J. N. General merchants, and Builders. Gravel Road, directly opposite Town Hall. Andrews, Thomas (of T. & J. N. Andrews), h. Parker street. Andrews, John Nicholas (of T. & J. N. Andrews), h. Parker street. ALBERY, JOHN, Insurance Agent, Township Clerk of St. Vincent, Notary Public; Conveyancer, &c. Gravel Road, h. Lake Shore, North Brunger, Stephen, Carpenter, Creek Mills. Baily, Thomas, Mason, Creek Mills. BIRD, HENRY, Cabinet maker, Gravel Road, North. Ball, John, Joiner, bds. J. R. Mitchells. Blanchard, John, Baker, Collingwood street. BARNHART & WAGSTAFF, Chemists and Druggists; Nelson street, opposite Paul's Hotel. BROWN, GEORGE, Jr. Grocery, Liquor and Provision Store, Nelson street, opposite Paul's Hotel. BURNS, CHARLES, Dealers in Groceries, Boots and Shoes, Trowbridge St., one door from Gravel Road. Boyter, Thomas, Fisherman, Lake Shore, East. Brown, Valentine, Tanner, h. Nelson st. Butchart, Wm., Tinsmith, bds. James Cleland's. Boone, F., Tailor (at Henderson & McIntosh's), h. William Henry street. Boyes, Joseph, Labourer, Seymour st. Boyes, David, Labourer, Seymour st. Brown, Hiram, Teacher, William Henry st. Brown, David, Weaver, William Henry st. Bushie, David, Carpenter, William Henry st. Brown, Thomas, Butcher, New Bridge, h. William Henry st. Barber, Francis, Waggon-maker, Victoria st., bds. Stubb's Hotel. Boyes, George, Shoemaker. Burdett, Robert, Mason and Plasterer, Marshall st. Baker, Felix, Pearl-ash worker, bds. Edwin st. Bowser, Roger, Brickmaker, near Purdy's Mill. Boyce, George, Shoemaker, Miller st. BURLEY, N., Warehouseman, near the wharf, h. St. Vincent st. CHASE, GEORGE A., General dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, &c., Sing's Block, Sykes st. COMMERCIAL HOTEL, John Stubbs, proprietor, Gravel Road, cor. Edwin st. Cox, Joseph, Sawyer and Blacksmith, Creek Mills. Chambers, John, Mason, Creek Mills. Chambers, Philip, Mason, Creek Mills. Cox, George, Limeburner, Creek Mills. Cox, James, Blacksmith, Gravel Road, North. Congregational Chapel, Trowbridge st. Curry, John, Innkeeper, "Georgian Inn," near the wharf. Christie, J., Weaver, Nelson st. CARNEY, CHARLES, Proprietor Meaford Tannery, h. Bayfield st. Chapman, Benj., Saddler (at W. F. Livingston's), bds. Nelson st. Chapman, Richard, Potash maker, h. W. side River. Cain, W. F., Saddler, bds. H. Jordan's. CAIN, JOHN C., Proprietor, Meaford Book & Job Printing Office, Victoria st. COULSON'S HOTEL Sykes st. COULSON, R. D., Coulson's Hotel, Sykes st. CLELAND, H.& J. Tin and coppersmiths, Dealers in Stoves, Bar iron, &c., Sykes St. Cleland, James (of H.& J. Cleland), h. Sykes st. CASWELL, GEORGE A., Boot and Shoemaker, Nelson st., adjoining Paul's Hotel. Caswell, Henry, bds Stubbs' Hotel. Charlwood, James, Gardener, bds. Stubbs' hotel. Collins, Robert, Victoria st. Collins, George, miller, bds. Victoria st. Cronk, Reuben, Sawyer, h. near the Mills. Chantler, Moses, Owen st. Chantler, George, Insurance Agent, Owen st. Crossley, John, Weaver, Trowbridge st. Collins, Arthur, Teacher, bds. H. Purdy's. Caswell, J. A., Shoemaker, bds. Nelson st. Carney, Sidney S., Meaford Tannery. Dewar, Robert (of J. R. Mitchell & Co.), Bricklayer, Lombard st. Duff, Rev. Charles, Congregatonal, Parker st. Dunn, James, Carpenter, near the Foundry. Dailey, D. V., Clerk, (at T. & J. N. Andrews'), bds. Parker st. Dean, Thomas, Clerk (at T. & J. N. Andrews'), h. Seymour st. Doherty, Wm., Carpenter and Joiner, Collingwood st. Drummond, D., Cabinet Warehouse, Seymour st. Dewstow, Wm., Miller, William Henry st. Dew, Mrs Sarah (widow John), Edwin st. Delane, Patrick, Labourer, Seymour st. DRUMMOND, ROBERT, Cabinet maker and Upholsterer, Seymour st., near New bridge. Disciples' Meeting House, Nelson st. DONOVAN, THOMAS, Civil Engineer and Provincial Land Surveyor, Sykes st., cor. Collingwood st. Ellis, Charles, Carpenter, Creek Mills. Ellis, James, Fanning-mill maker, Creek Mills. Ellis, George, Gardener, Creek Mills. Ellis, George, Jr., Farmer, Creek Mills. Edwards, Joseph S., Insurance Agent, Gravel Road, North. Emery, Peter, Farmer, Creek Mills. FULLER, PETER, Insurance Agent, Creek Mills. Farley, Fergus (of Jordan & Farley), h. Nelson st. FOSTER, W. H., Chemist and Druggist, Seedsman, Dealer in Furs, &c., Sykes st., near Coulson's Hotel. Finley, Richard, Clerk (at K. Hurd's, Syke st.) Ford, Benjamin, Labourer, Seymour st. Govett, Thomas, Mason, Creek Mills. Garrett, Isaac, Farmer, Creek Mills. Garrett, Christepher, Limeburner, Creek Mills. Goss, H. F., Tailor, Collingwood st. GEDDES, JAMES, Solicitor, Conveyancer, &C office Collingwood st., h. Bayfield st. Grant, James C., Blacksmith h. Miller st. Grier, Wm., Shoemaker, Collingwood st. Green, Charles, Mason, William Henry st. Greenaway, William, Sawyer, Trowbridge st. Glover, Wm., Plasterer, St. Vincent st. Hutchinson, Rev. James, Church of England, Gravel Road, North. Hutton, Richard, Hostler, "Georgian Inn." Henderson, W. K., Carpenter aud Builder, Nelson st. Hawkins, Wm., Brickmaker, William Henry st. Hutchinson, Mrs. C. (widow Thomas), Nelson st. Hay, Rev. William, Wesleyan Methodist, Nelson st. Hurd, Kilborn, General Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, &c., Sykes st., opposite Coulson's Hotel. Hill, George, Carpenter, Sykes st., opposite Town Hall. Hill, Mrs. George, Ambrotypes, Photographs, &c., Gallery, Sykes st. opposite Town Hall. HEDERSON & McINTOSH; General Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, &c., and Merchant Tailors, Seymour st. Henderson, Joseph (of Henderson & McIntosh), h. Seymour st. Halleck, Benj., Carpenter & Joiner, William Henry st. Haines, Mrs. Joan, (widow James), William Henry st. Hunt, Charles, Waggon Maker, bds. Stubbs' Hotel. Hutton, Mrs. Ann, (widow William) foot of Victoria st. Hurd, Asahel, Blacksmith, Marshall st. HAMILTON, JOSEPH, Carriage Maker, Miller st. Hamilton, Alex., Blacksmith, Miller st., foot of Hamilton's Hill, h. rear of Mrs. Chantler's. Hamilton, Gerard B., Blacksmith, Barrie st., cor. Owen st. Hadley, Nathaniel, Gardner, Barrie st. Heath, Albion, Carpenter and Joiner; Barrie st. cor. Owen st. Hollingbeck, Isaac B., Shoemaker, h. Trowbridge st. Huff, Elisha, Shoemaker, St. Vincent st. Helstrop, Robert, Waggon Maker, St. Vincent st. Johnson, Alex., Clerk, bds. G. A. Chase's, Sykes st. Johnson, Robert, farmer, Gravel Rd. North. Johnson, Robert, Jr., Gardner, Gravel Road, North. Johnson, Arthur, Labourer, Gravel Rd. North. Johnson, Richard, Tanner, bds. R. Johnson's. Jay, John, Mason, Bayfield st. JORDAN & FARLEY, Saddlers and Harness Makers, Nelson st. Jordan, Hugh, (of Jordan and Farley), h. Nelson st. Knox, John, Carpenter, Creek Mills. LIVINGSTON, W. J., Saddler and Harness Makers, Nelson St., opposite Paul's Hotel, h. Parker st. LaRush, Charles, Butcher, Bayfield st. next "Georgian Inn." Lang, John, Carpenter and Joiner, Collingwood st. LAYTON, DAVID L. General Merchant and Postmaster, Bayfield st. h. Wynthusen Square. LAYTON, JOHN, Clerk, h. Collingwood st. LINDSAY, JOHN, General Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, &c. Nelson st., next Town Hall. Lloyd, Edward, Tailor (at Henderson & McIntosh's) Langtree, Thomas, Carpenter, Seymour st. LAWSON, ANDREW, Pearlash Manufacturer, River bank, below Grist Mill h. head of Edwin st. Lindsay, Mrs., Dressmaker, Trowbridge st. MEIKLE, WILLIAM, General Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Country Produce, &c. Sykes st., directly opposite Coulson's Hotel. Menere, Levi S., Lessee Meaford Wharf and Forwarder, h. Parker st. MEAFORD HOTEL, John Paul, Proprietor, Nelson st. MITCHELL, J. R. & Co., Sash and Door Factory, Bayfield st., near the wharf. Mitchell, J. R. (of J. R. Mitchell & Co.), h. St. Vincent st. MONAGHAN, JOHN, Boot and Shoemaker, Nelson st. opposite Paul's Hotel, h. Lake shore, East. MACK, JAMES, (Agent for H. Conn), Dry Goods Groceries, Boots and Shoes, &c., Nelson st. Montgomery, Wm. Butcher, Nelson st. MINTURN, JOHN, Painter, William Henry st. McDONALD, ELIJAH, Pump maker, Gravel Road North. McVie, Mr., Book keeper, Creek Mills. McPherson, John, Shoemaker, bd. Nelson st. McGillvray, William, Clerk, Nelson st. McDonald, Hector, Saddler, bds. W. F. Livingston's. McIntosh, D. G., (of Henderson & McIntosh), h. Semour st. McDonald, Wm., Butcher, Marshall st., cor. William Henry st. Maclean, Dr. C. R., Physician & Surgeon, Seymour st. McDONALD, WILLIAM & Co., Carriage makers, cor. Owen and Barrie sts. McDonald, Wm. (of W. McDonald & Co.), h. Trowbridge st. McGee, John D. (of W. McDonald & Co.), h. Nelson st. New Connexion Methodist Chapel, Gravel Road, North. Oliver, James, Mason, Creek Mills. Orange Hall, Gravel Road, North. Pitts, Emanuel, Gardner, Creek Mills. PATTON, JOHN, Cabinet Maker, Gravel Road, North, h. Parker st. PAUL, JOHN, Proprietor "Meaford Hotel", Nelson street. Plunkett, Robert, Carpenter, bds. H. Jordan's. POLLARD, W. D., Solicitor and Attorney, Sing's Block, Sykes St., h. W. of lower bridge. Potter, Mr., William Henry st. PILLGREM, WM., General Dealer in Dry Goods, Grocries, &c., Seymour st. PURDY, JESSE T., Proprietor Grist and Sawmills, h. near the mills. Purdy, Adelbert, Purdy's Mills. Purdy, Edwin, Purdy's Mills. Purdy, William H., Miller, h. Victoria st. Purdy, Hassard W., Farmer, Seymour st. Patrick, Daniel, Labourer, Edwin st. PLUNKETT, THOMAS, Division Court Clerk, Bookseller and Stationer, Sing's Block, Syke st. Randall, Bobert, Labourer, Gravel Road, North. Raymond, Ambrose, Carriage maker, h. Sykes st. near Collingwood st. Raymond, Curtis, Farmer, bds. at C. Carney's. Robinson, Matthew, Carpenter and Joiner, Collingwood st. Roadhouse, Thomas, Mason, William Henry st. Rugg, Samuel, Carpenter, William Henry st. Robinson, George, Boot and Shoe Maker, William Henry st. Rugg, Oliver T., Shoemaker, Victoria st. Rugg, Emery, Fisherman, Seymour st. Richmond, Samuel, Carpenter and Joiner, Trowbridge st. Spratford, James, Spratford's Sawmill, "Creek Mill." STEWART, J.& W., General Merchants, Bayfield st. Stewart, James (of J. & W. Stewart), h. Trowbridge st. Stewart, William (of J. & W. Stewart), h. Trowbridge st. Stewart, James Jr., Clerk, h. Gravel Road, North. SINCLAIR, DUNCAN, Proprietor Meaford Foundry, Bayfield st., near the wharf. Shipphird Jethro, Tailor, Bayfield st., h. Collingwood st. STEPHENS, William, Tinsmith, Nelson st. Smith, James, Cooper, St. Vincent st. SYMES, THOMAS, M.D., office at R. H. Foster's Drug Store, h. Collins st. Shaw, Rev. William, Methodist Episcopal, William Henry st. STUBBS, JOHN, Proprietor Commercial Hotel, Gravel Road, S. of River, cor. Edwin st. SINCLAIR, Dr. J. G. Physician and Surgeon, bds. Coulson's Hotel. Smith, John, Labourer, Marshall st. Sing, Mrs. Sarah, Miller st. SING, CYRUS R., Notary Public, Issuer of Marriage Licenses, and Commissioner in Queen's Bench, St. Vincent st. Sterret, Robert, St. Vincent st. Tait, Adam, Blacksmith, Edwin st., h. Seymour st., near Stubbs' Hotel. Thomas, David, Brickmaker, Creek Mills. TAYLOR, WILLAM D., General Merchant, Sykes st., cor. Nelson st. Taylor, William H., Sykes st., cor Nelson st. THOMPSON, ALEX., Clothier, h. Seymour st. Thompson, Mrs. M. A. (widow Adam), William Henry st. Verrel, Bernard, Creek Mills. Vanderburgh, Nelson, Labourer, William Henry st. Wright, James, Carpenter, Creek Mills. Wilcox, Mrs. Eliza J. (widow Amos), Gravel Road, North. WAGSTAFF, JAMES (of Barnhart & Wagstaff) Chemist and Druggist, Nelson st. opposite Paul's Hotel. Wesleyn Methodist Chapel, Nelson st. WILLIAMS, JAMES, Lessee Meaford Woollen Mills, h. William Henry st. WATT, CHARLES, Fanning Mill Manufacturer, Factory and house, cor. William Henry and Harriet sts. Weston, John, Sawyer, Seymour st. near Stubbs' hotel. WILCOX, THOMAS C., Boot and Shoemaker, Seymour st. Watt, James, Labourer, Seymour st. Watt, Andrew, Division Court Bailiff, Seymour st. Weaver, Rev. F. G., New Connexion Methodist, h. St. Vincent st. York, Henry, Well-digger, Parker st.
From Meaford, on Georgian Bay, to Eugenia, at the falls of the Beaver River, in Artemisia, is 20 miles, direct South, at least as direct as the township lines run, which is slightly E. of S. This road is between the 4th and 5th concessions in St. Vincent and Euphrasia townships, and is called the "Fourth Line" in each. From Meaford to Griersville is 5 m. The Road may be said to be uphill all the way. A mile in rear of Meaford, a beatiful prospect is presented on looking lakeward. Arrived at Griersville, through a fine improving country on each side, the traveller finds that the "uphill" is not yet quite finished. Before him, at a little distance, lies a perpendicular escarpment of the limestone rock so frequently seen in this county, and which he must ascend through a narrow "cut," quarried and blasted out of the rock. Having probably rested and dined at Wilson's Hotel, Griersville, the rock-ascent is soon and easily made, and the table land of Euphrasia gained. At the town-line between St. Vincent and Euphrasia, a Methodist Chapel (Mount Zion Chapel) stands on East side of the road. About 3 m. further is Duke's tavern, a small wayside Inn. Shortly after passing Duke's, the road begins to descend to the South, opening out into the valley of the Beaver River. If the traveller inquires diligently and watches closely, he will discover the isolated Post-office of Epping, a great convenience, however, to the inhabitants around. The view southward is most beautiful. The slopes of the Collingwood and St. Vincent "Mountains," partially opened up, but nearly all yet covered with wood, and the magnificent valley of the Beaver, present a fine picture. The road is now none of the best, unless a good time of the year is taken to make the journey. An occasional school-house, or small Chapel, is met with on the way, showing that the people are not insensible of their moral and educational interests. About 1 1/2 m. from Epping, the bottom of the descent is reached. In the midst of a pretty long "causeway," through a cedar-swamp, the Beaver River is crossed, and shortly after, the Road begins to ascend. A School-house is seen on the right, and Purdy's Sawmill on the left. It is now 6 m. from Eugenia. The traveller keeps on uphill, through a rather winding road, nearly all forest; thinking, perhaps, that the descent of this new road is much pleasanter than its ascent, and, looking back, or to the right occasionally, to admire the exhilarating forest scenery of the "Cuckoo Valley," that not even a new bush-road, can altogether spoil; and having gone about three miles uphill, gets to the high table land of Artemisia. In fact he has been in Artemisia for the last mile or two, without knowing it. In due time he reaches the village of Eugenia. We have given prominence to this Road for the reason that, though as yet not much travelled at its Southen end, it must eventually become a leading road between the "Toronto Line" and the Lake; and partly because of the wild and beautiful scenery surrounding it.
Part Five