Directory of the County of Grey for 1865-6. (Part 5)

The Eastern four Concessions of Melancthon, comprising rather more than one third of the township, were surveyed in 1830, and settled and improved to a considerable extent within the few years next following. The "Old Survey" of Melancthon is a fine settlement. The land is somewhat rolling, the soil rich and productive, and the neighbourhood is not troubled with those spring and autumn frosts so damaging to crops in some of the neighbouring townships. In 1848, the "Toronto and Sydenham Road" which traverses Melancthon diagonally, from N.W. to S.E., was laid out; and the next year the ranges of lots paallel to it, making in all a breadth of about 4 m., were laid out. As if to humour this diagonal survey, the other concessions in the township (except the "old survey,") are also diagonal, to the township boundary lines, giving Melancthon the distinction of being the only township in Upper Canada whose Concession lines are not parallel to one or more sides of the township. This latter survey was made in 1850 by the late David Gibson, P.L.S. Melancthon contains a large amount of "Cedar" and "Tamarack" swamp. Occupying, as it does, the water-shed between the four Lakes, it might be supposed to be hilly or mountainous; but the watershed is a drery level of swamps, thinly covered with tamarack or stunted cedar, out of which the headwaters of the various rivers ooze in sluggish rivulets. Perhaps it was in consequence of the Eastern concessions being settled so long before the rest of the township, and the great swamp abutting on the West, that the ridiculous canard about a Silver Mine somewhere in the recesses of the swamp obtained currency. It was asserted, with more or less of belief in the assertion, that a silver mine existed in a rocky "island" in the impenetrable recesses of the Melancthon or Luther swamp, known only to a few Indians, and some fortunate schemers among the whites. It is unnecessary to say that this Northern Potosi was never found nor is likely to be. Toward the N.E. corner of the new survey, about the 8th and 9th concessions, exists, we have reason to believe, the highest land in the Peninsula of Upper Canada. On the "South line" of Osprey, Mr. Gibson and other Surveyors estimated a point a short distance West of Osprey P. O., at 1180 to 1248 feet above Georgian Bay. (The estimates were made separately and at different dates). But about No. 28, on 8th., of Melancthon, a point is believed to be a few feet higher still. A large portion of Melancthon is yet in the hands of the Government. Conditions of actual settlement were made in all these townships by the Government, on the sale of the lots, and very many of them have been abandoned. Though beneficial in most instances, this rule does not appear to have wrought well in Melancthon. Five or six years ago, had there been no "settlement duties" required, thousands of acres would have been paid up by "absentees", but "settlement duties" being demanded by the Government they could not get their patent. So, no "duties" were done, and no taxes were collected, and very many forfeitures were made. The lots could probably have been sold, five years ago, for $1.50 per acre; now they are back in the hands of the Government, and when sold will not probably bring $.25 an acre. The gravelling of the "Toronto Line" has been of much benefit to Melancthon. The twenty miles of rather poor road to Orangeville is, however, a drawback to the advantages otherwise accruing from the gravelling of the diagonal line. Communication with the County Town is greatly facilitated, but from the position of Melancthon, its business interests rather lie toward Toronto, South east. Census Reports.-In 1861, the population of the Township was 1,359, standing in this respect fourteenth among the townships of Grey. Occupiers of land, 226, of whom 71 held from 20 to 50 acres each, 105 from 50 to 100 acres each, and 49 over 100 acres each. 1,494 acres of Spring Wheat, producing 20,061 bushels; Barley, 684 bushels; Pease, 5,160 bushels; Oats, 10,530 bushels; Potatoes, 22,274 bushels; Turnips, 60,512 bushels; Hay, 660 tons; Maple sugar, 10,946 lbs.; Wool 1,374 lbs.; Butter, 25,705 lbs.; Pork, 387 bbls. Magistrates.-Paul Jarvis, John Mills, Hugh Polley, Henry Bates, William Airth, David Tanner. Municipal Officers.-Reeve, Robert McGhee (Horning's Mills), Councillors-Charles McDowell, James Slack, L. Breen, John Culliton. Clerk- Kenneth McCaul (Dundalk P. O.) Treasurer- John Mills, (Melancthon P. O.) Schools-S. Section No. 1 T. F. Holdslip, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with maps, blackboard &c. Average attendance 1864, about 15. S. Section No. 2 (Horning's Mills) W. F. Munro, Teacher. House frame. Well furnished with maps, globes, object lessons &c., and good Common school Library. S. Section No. 3 George Leitch, Teacher (1864). House, log. Furnished with maps and blackboard. Average attedance for 1864, 9. S. Section No. 4, Miss Brunker, Teacher. Not open all the year. Average attendance, 9. House, log. S. Section No. 5, Robert Russell, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with maps and blackboard. Average attendance for 1864, about 22. S. Section No. 6, Miss Jane Ludlow, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance for 1864, about 7. S. Section No.7, Miss Isabella Brunker, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with maps and blackboard. R. C. Separate School (No.7), Miss Margaret Purtil, Teacher. House, log. No maps. Churches.-In addition to the two Chapels at Horning's Mills (Episcopal Methodist and Wesleyan Methodist-the latter building), there is one Roman Catholic Church in Melancthon; log. NOTE--The names following are arranged in three divisions, as assessed. 1st. The "Old Survey," consisting of the Eastern four concessions. 2nd. The remainder of the township, N. of the Gravel Road. 3rd. The portion of the township S. of the Gravel Road. For the same reason given in some former townships, we have declined making the distinction of "Freeholder" and "Householder" as it would here answer no useful purpose. Melancthon Old Survey. Con. Lot Allan, Wm. 1 3 Arnold, Bowley 1 6 Armstrong, Henry, (Innkeeper) 1 21 Armstrong, Matthew 1 24 Adamson, James 1 25 Airth, Wm. 2 14 Allen, Robert 2 16 Anderson, Joseph 4 18 Barkwell, John 1 16 Bates, Henry 1 17 Berry, Francis 2 18 Broderick, John 2 27 Broderick, George 2 28 Bates, Charles 2 29 Brown, Abraham 4 5 Creech, Edward 1 14 Clark, James 1 16 Coulter, Robert 1 28 Cummins, John 2 3 Care, James 2 16 Campbell, James 2 24 Campaign, James 2 31 Chartres, George 3 1 Clow, John 3 25 Curfee, John 4 6 Dutchburn, John 1 26 Doan, Sylvester (Shoemaker) 2 11 Dynes, Wm. 2 29 Dynes, Christopher 3 28 Emerick, John 2 15 Enty, Edward 4 12 Fawcett, Henry 1 10 Ferris, Wm. 1 11 Ferris, Edward 2 10 Forrest, Robert 2 19 Fewster, Wm. 2 20 Fotherby, John 4 11 Gillespie, John 2 2 Graham, Noble 3 3 Gowan, Joseph 3 11 Gozzard, James (Mason) 4 18 Glen, John 4 32 Hall, Wm. 1 3 Hall, Charles 1 5 Hamilton, Alex. 1 7 Hamilton, James 1 7 Hamilton, Robert 1 9 Hood, Joseph 1 9 Hudd, Stephen 1 12 Hogg, James 1 25 Hogg, W. 1 31 Hudd, Wm. 2 12 Howkins, James 2 13 House, Philip 2 21 Haines, Wm. 3 6 Hunter, David 3 16 Hindle, Henry 3 25 Jarvis, Paul 1 13 Johnson, Mrs. Alice 1 14 Jelly, John 2 1 Johnson, Thomas 2 10 Jelly, Simon 3 2 Jameson, Andrew 4 28 Jeffrey, Richard 3 20 Jelly, Wm. (Hotelkeeper) 1 1 Leitch, George 1 11 Long, Charles 1 20 Lamont, Duncan 1 21 Lotty, Arch'd 2 1 Lawrence, Samuel (Waggonmaker) 2 11 Lewis, Henry 2 18 Mews, T. (Blacksmith) 1 10 Mason, Mrs. (Innkeeper) 1 11 Marshall, George 1 15 Morrow, John 1 20 Markle, Daniel 1 21 Madill, Thomas 2 2 Madill, Wm. 2 3 Murray, Wm. 2 18 Meekin, James 3 8 Mercley, George 4 5 McGhee, Robert 3 15 McGhee, John, Sr. 1 15 McGhee, John, Jr. 1 15 McGhee, Wm. 1 15 McKinnon, John 2 16 McColley, Samuel 3 17 McKendry, Alex 3 28 McDonald, Janet 3 32 McColley, Robert 4 15 McNabb, Robert 3 8 Neely, John 4 13 Page, Reuben 1 5 Polley, Hugh 1 18 Polley, Samuel 2 12 Polley, Richard 2 13 Page, Elijah 2 17 Plewes, Wm. 2 32 Quin, Andrew 1 6 Reddick, George A. 2 12 Ryan, Patrick 2 21 Reid, Wm. 2 32 Small, Richard 1 1 Sproul, Jonathan 1 2 Silk, Wm. 1 8 Silk, Joseph 2 9 Silk, John 2 28 Silk, Henry 3 5 Silk, Jacob 3 5 Swift, Samuel 1 17 Seymour, J (Blacksmith) 1 26 Sanford, Matthew 3 10 Sibson, Robert 3 16 Slack, Richard, Sr. 4 9 Slack, James 4 10 Sleightman, James 4 20 Tinberry, George 1 2 Tangate, Wm. 1 19 Thomson, Joseph 1 26 Taylor, Wm. 2 17 Taggart, Edward 3 15 Tanner, David 3 13 Taggart, James 4 14 Taggart, Wm. 4 16 Wilson, T. (Shoemaker) 1 19 Wilson, John 2 10 Webster, Thomas 2 14 Webster, John 2 14 Walworth, Jeremiah 2 15 Williamson, John 3 17 Wiggins, Thomas 3 20 Watson, Wm. 4 9 Westacott, George 4 10 Wright, Samuel 4 20 Yokom, Elijah 2 11
Melanchton: North of Toronto and Sydenham Road.
Con. Lot Adams, John 2 221 August, Wm. 10 28 Brown, James 1 288 Barrett, John 1 294 Bell, Robert (Shoemaker) 1 232 Beamish, Richard 2 288 Bell, John 1 236 Breen, Patrick 3 5 Bell, Wm. 1 293 Boucher, Michael 3 33 Bell, John 9 22 Breen, Moses 4 24 Bell, Jonadab 9 2 Badgero, Charles 11 25 Broughton, Joseph 1 247 Barr, Joseph, (Innkeeper) 1 296 Connor, Patrick 1 226 Cherry, Robert 1 227 Corbett, Jas. (Inn-keeper) 1 259 Cullington, John 1 281 Connor, John 2 278 Cootes, Isaac 4 32 Cootes, James 4 32 Cirkeren, James 7 30 Cole, Edward 4 10 Doubt, Thomas 3 38 Foley, James 5 34 Gibbons, Wm. 2 5 Gleason, John, Sr. 3 9 Gleason, John, Jr. 3 8 Grant, Lewis 3 20 Hewitt, Henry 1 253 Hollerand, John Sr. 1 273 Hollerand, John Jr. 1 273 Henders, Wm. 2 228 Hughes, Wm. 2 234 Henry, John 2 284 Hope, Wm. 9 29 Johnson, Wm. 1 211 Johnson, Christopher 3 41 Johnson, James 6 1 Keating, Martin 1 282 Kingston, John 2 281 Keating, Patrick 2 286 Kingston, Paul 3 8 Kinnear, James 3 35 Kirby, Robert 11 27 Longeway, Andrew 1 214 Lavelle, Owen 1 284 Llewellyn, John 2 211 Lennaghan, John 2 268 Miles, James 1 218 Mitchell, James 1 291 Maloney, Patrick 2 231 Meakin, Ellen 2 293 Morrow, Thomas 3 34 Morrow, John 4 36 McAuley, Kenneth 1 224 McDowell, Samuel 1 229 McCree, James 1 280 McDowell, Charles 1 230 McCue, Michael 3 6 McDonald, James 2 225 McCall, Edward 3 3 McQue, Patrick 3 7 McNamara, Patrick 4 8 McDonald, Wm. 6 34 McDonald, Michael 6 30 McNamara, Henry 5 7 McNamara, Bryan 5 10 McNamara, Thomas 5 11 McGuire, Philip 3 39 Noble, Wm. 1 239 Noble, Edward 1 239 Nethercut, Wm. 3 32 Norris, Edward 9 26 Oldfield, Michael 1 246 O'Boyle, Michael 3 4 Patterson, David (Miller) 4 38 Patterson, John 4 38 Peney, Kenneth 5 37 Phillips, Charles 9 24 Russell, James 4 37 Redpath, James 6 24 Redpath, Thomas 7 26 Redpath, Richard 7 23 Rowbotham, Wm. 7 18 Sowden, Jas. (Carpenter) 1 292 Smith, Roger 3 6 Stewart, James 8 26 Stewart, David 8 26 Shrigley, E. B. (Carpenter) 10 27 Shrigley, Rowley 10 17 Scott, Jonathan 9 19 Trudgeon, James 1 216 Trudgeon, Anthony 1 223 Taylor, Abraham 3 21 Tranmore, George 7 18 Thornton, Asher 10 26 Vanstone, Thomas 8 32 West, John 1 295 Mills, Isaac (Carpenter) 2 219 [Wills ??] White, Daniel 3 11 White, James 8 27
South of Toronto and Sydenham Road.
Con. Lot Andrews, Wm. 1 287 Atherson, Robert 2 299 Anderson, Andrew 7 8 Ballard, Mr. 1 246 Breen, Lawrence 2 253 Chartres, Wm. 1 244 Callahan, Bernard 1 271 Crawford, Wm. 2 249 Curran, Darley 4 272 Daly, Mrs. 1 245 Devlin, Wm. Sr. 1 289 Devlin, Wm. Jr. 1 288 Dane, James 2 245 Doyle, Patrick 2 286 Ferguson, James 5 22 Grey, Elias B. 1 261 Gillespie, George 2 297 Grimes, Anthony 3 289 Gant, Wm. 6 5 Hamilton, Samuel 1 292 Hodgins, David 2 289 Hodgins, John 1 291 Hulbert, Ezra 3 298 Hatton, Thomas 3 303 Hunking, Wm. 4 298 Hunking, John 5 5 Higgins, John 7 8 Irwin, John 3 301 Irving, James 1 290 Johnson, John 4 291 Keating, Dariel 3 272 Keating, Michael 3 273 Keating, John 4 264 Lewis, Wm. (Shoemaker) 3 297 Logie, Alex 6 22 Mullholland, James 1 241 Miller, Frederick 1 272 Mills, John 1 293 O'Boyle, John 1 279 Russell Alex 3 287 Swift, Joseph 1 274 Shean, Patrick 2 281 Stewart, John 2 274 Small, John 3 291 Strutt, Robert 3 294 Smith, John 3 291 Smith, Richard 3 302 Shoaff, Michael 2 287 Watson, James 2 293 Waters, Owen 2 288 Watson, John, Jr. 2 295 West, John 2 302 Watson, Robert 3 301 Watson, Francis 3 301 Young, Geo. (Blacksmith) 2 301
An isolated Postoffice on the Toronto and Sydenham Gravel Road, and the most South Easterly P. O. in the County of Grey. It is in the Township of Melancthon, and is 6 m. S. E. of Dundalk P. O., 20 m. N. W. of Orangeville. James Brown, Postmaster. Mails on Monday and Thursday from Flesherton, and on Tuesday and Friday from Orangeville.
A Hamlet in the township of Osprey, 4 m. S. W. of Singhampton and 6 m. S. E. of Maxwell. It contains a School-house, Tavern, Post-office, Store and Blacksmith's Shop. It is in the midst of a Highland settlement. Rev. John McLean, congregational Minister, who is also the Postmaster, preaches every two weeks in the School-house, which is also occasionally used by other denominations. Mr. McLean's congregation have a log chapel in progress. Mr. D. McDonald carries on the manufacture of potash in the vicinity. Mails on Tuesday and Thursday, (connecting at the Gravel Road with the Collingwood and Durham mail), and on Saturday to and from Singampton, Osprey and Horning's Mills. McArthur, Charles, Inn-keeper. McDonald, Donald, Farmer, and Potash Manufacturer. McIntyre, Alex., Farmer. McIntyre, Arch'd, Farmer. McIntyre, Donald, Farmer. McIntyre, Duncan, Farmer. McLean, Rev. John, Congregational, Postmaster. Richmond, Duncan, Grocer.
A large, prosperous and important incorporated Village on the Southern border of the County of Grey; partly in the township of Egremont, and partly in Normanby, with a smaller portion belonging to the township of Arthur, in County of Wellington. It is in a beautiful, upland situation, on the North side of the Southern fork of the Saugeen River, formerly (but erroneously) called the "Maitland River." The village has been of very rapid growth, the town plot being bush, broken only by the Garafraxa Road passing through it ten years ago, and now containing 1,200 inhabitants. The Wellington side of the town-plot was surveyed and sold by the Government in 1854. In 1855, a considerable number of settlers began to come in, take up lots, and clear off the timber. In 1856, the Grey side of the townplot was sold; and operations to "make a town" were vigorously commenced. The "Maitland Mills" now called "Martin's Mills," a half mile down the stream from the Garafraxa Road, had been built in 1850. In 1856, D. Yeomans built a Saw mill in the village, and started what was by way of pleasantry was called a "pepper mill," a temporary Grist Mill, with stones 3 feet in diameter, which, however, answered for the time a very good purpose. In 1859, the present Flouring mill of Mr. Yeomans' as built, superceding the "pepper-mill," which had done duty for three years previously. Mount Forest Mills.-David Yeomans, Esq., proprietor; situated in the river valley, at S. E. end of the valley. They consist of a Grist mill (frame), with 3 run of stones; William Henderson is the Lessee; and a Sawmill, Elijah Whelpley, lessee. A quarter mile further down the stream is Mr. Yeomans' Woolen factory, John Campbell, lessee. The Woolen Mill has one complete set of manufacturing machines, and also does custom carding, weaving, fulling &c. It was built about 6 years ago. Martin's Flour mills.-Built in 1850. A little distance below the Woolen mill last mentioned. Formerly known as "The Maitland Mills," John Martin, Esq., is the proprietor. Mr. Martin has also a Sawmill attached to the property. Wilton's Axe Factory-Attached to Yeomans' Mills. W. P. Wilton, Proprietor. Mr. Wilton is anxious to extend his operations, so as to include edge tools generally. Bentley's Steam Mills-At the N. W. end of the village in fact, just beyond the corporate limits, on the "Sligo Road." Mr. Bentley is one of the "early settlers," having begun his operations in 1856. He manufactures an immense amount of lumber, hitherto chiefly on his own account and for his own use; carrying on a large manufactory of chairs, furniture, &c. This part of the business is now carried on by George Begg. Begg's Chair and Furniture Factory. Formerly carried on by W. Bentley. Wareroom on Main Street. Factory at Bentley's Steam Mills. Chairs, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Spinning-wheels, Grain cradles, &C., &C., made, and on a large scale. Swan's Carriage Factory.-This is an extensive establishment, giving employment to a number of hands in the various branches. It is centrally situated on Main St., East side. Thomas Swan, Proprietor. Mount Forest Foundry.-Situated on Durham st. A 12-horse power engine gives motion to the machinery. The front building is a two story brick; which, together with the moulding shop (brick) occupies 80 feet by 30 feet of ground floor. The moulding shop is 80 ft. by 30, and is very complete in its appointments. Mill-machinery, Stoves, Ploughs, Cultivators, Drag Sawing-machines, &C., &C. Robert Kilgour, proprietor. This Foundry was established in 1860. Burned down and re-built in 1863. Jelley's Brewery.-Situated in the river valley, a short distance above Main st. Henry Jelley, Proprietor. Lamprey's Potash Works.-Corner of Durham and Normanby sts. The annual produce of the works is very considerable. A number hands are employed collecting ashes, manufacturing, &c. Soap and candle's are also manufactured to some extent. Brooke Lamprey, Proprietor. Vulcan Foundry.-A new Foundry on Wellington st. At the time these sheets were prepared for the press, the foundry was indeed in operation but scarcely yet in complete order, the buildings having only been got ready during the past winter. The main building is not yet erected; but the iron-planing and wood-planing machine's, iron and woodturning lathes, &c., are all in operation. The Engine is 8 horse power, but can be wrought up to 12. Everything connected with this new enterprise, is being pushed on vigorously. Hartley, Ashley, & Co., Proprietors. Ainley's Tannery is in the N. W. part of the town, near Bentley's Steam Mill's. Business commenced in 1861. Steam is not yet used, though it is contemplated, and the arrangements of the building calculated for it. Thomas Ainley, Proprietor. Public Buildings-Beginning at S. end of the town we first come to the Episcopal Church (St. Pauls') a plastered building considerably enlarged last year. It is near the Market Square, on high ground overlooking the river. The Roman Catholic Church (St. Mary's) stands a little further North on somewhat higher ground, and is distinctly visible from all portions of the town. It is an imposing brick edifice, the finest of the kind in the county. Erected last yar, at a cost of $4,000. The outside is finished, but work is still going on inside. It will cost, when finished, $6,000. Rev. P.S. Maheut, priest. On the opposite corner of Queen street (at corner of Fergus street) is the new Wesleyan Methodist Church (brick). It was opened for Divine worship in January, 1865. A neat and commodious building. Rev. S. C. Philp, Jr, Supt. On Queen st., near Main st., is the Canada Presbyterian Church, a framed building, plastered. St. Andrew's Church (Kirk) stands on Fergus st., a convenient though plain edifice of wood. Rev. John Hay, minister. The Episcopal Methodist Chapel stands on rising ground on Wellington st., East side of the town. A frame (plastered) building. Rev. W. B. Rowe, minister. The Baptist Chapel stands on Wellington st., near the new Foundry of Hartley, Ashley & Co. Very similar in appearance the E. M. Chapel, being a frame, plastered. Rev. Wm. Muir, minister. The Methodist New Connexion Chapel is near the N. end of the village, facing on Main st. It is a new and commodious brick edifice. Rev. J. B. Kershaw, and Rev. W. H. Moss. The Common school is situated on Fergus st., a roomy brick building but, as it would seem, not yet large enough for the requirements of the place, a "branch" being daily kept under another teacher in the Orange Hall on Main st. Hewitt's Hall is convenient, Assembly Room attached to the Hotel of Mr. Hewitt, and used for various public purposes. The Bank of Montreal is a handsome brick building, centrally situated on Main st., East side. Hotels.-Bateman's Hotel. A large frame building near the Methodist N. C. Chapel, at N. end of the town. Coyne's "American Hotel." A popular and well-known house, formerly kept by W. Mason. W. side Main st. Isaac Coyne, proprietor. Coulson's (late Wilson's) "British American Hotel," Main st. opposite Coyne's Hotel. The Stage office for Coulson's Owen Sound and Fergus stages. R. D. Coulson, Proprietor. The "Anderson House." Hiram Anderson, Proprietor. A good house, near the centre of the village, on Main st. Hewitt's Hotel, corner of Main and Queen sts. Wm. Hewitt, proprietor. Streets, etc.-The Garafraxa Road, in its passage, through the town, takes the name of "Main Street." Main st. is about a mile long, and contains all the merchant shops and chief places of business. The majority of the buildings are of wood, though many neat brick buildings are now seen. Excellent bricks are being made at the top of Main st. Main st. needs grading and gravelling, an improvement which the new village corporation will doubtless immediatly take in hand. Following this will come the making of sidewalks-as yet imperfect. East of Main st. (on the Egremont side of the town) are Fergus and Egremont sts., parallel with the principal street, and on the West or Normanby side are Elgin and Normanby sts, likewise parallel with Main st. The cross streets are short, and as yet unimportant, with the exception of Queen st., which forms the County line, and extends out into the country in both directions. The bridge over the Saugeen on Main st. is the only bridge of importance in the municipality. It was carried away by the bursting of the dam three or four years ago and, after a long delay, re-built. Incorporation, &c.-About a year ago steps were taken to have the place incorporated as a village. Lying as it does in two Counties, there was, as might be expected, a difference of opinion as to which County it was most expedient to be attached. A vote taken by direction of the Co. Council of Grey, in the latter part of 1864, resulted in a majority of 30 in favor of connection with Grey; but it was claimed that the result of the Municipal Election in January, 1865, neutralized that vote, as three Councillors out of five were returned favourabIe to Wellington. Meanwhile, first the Wellington County Council, and then that of Grey, severally, by by-law, attached Mount Forest to their respective Counties. The question was therefore left to the Governor-in-Council to decide, and by Proclamation to give legal notice of the decision. As these sheets are passing through the press, the Proclamation is daily looked for, and if possible will be noted in the Appendix. A Railway has long been talked of, from Guelph, through Fergus or Elora and Arthur. Such an extension would place Mount Forest in a very favoured position, as the centre of a new and rich agricultural country. But times are at present unfavourable for such enterprises. Municipal Officers.-Reeve, David Yeomans; Councillors, John Naismith, Thomas G. Smith, John Jebb, Dr. Dunbar. Clerk, William Balfour. Magistrates.-Thomas Graffe, James Reid, John Kilgour, Henry H. Stovel, David Yeomans, John Naismith, James C. Wilkes, Alexander Reddick. Rifle Company.-Organized in 1861. Capt., A. Godfrey; Lieut., T. Wilson; Ensign, J. Rogers. Stores, etc.-Mount Forest is furnished with the usual number of Merchants' Stores, and Mechanics' Shops of all kinds. The Alphabetical List of residents will give a good idea of the various branches of business carried on in the place. Stages run daily North and South, carrying the Mails.
Table of Distances.
From Mount Forest to Durham 16 miles. to Owen Sound 44 miles. to Collingwood 60 miles. to Hanover 27 miles. to Walkerton 33 miles. to Kincardine 60 miles. to Paisley 50 miles. to Southampton 67 miles. to Arthur 15 miles. to Fergus 27 miles. to Guelph 49 miles. to Toronto 90 miles. to Hamilton 67 miles. to London 110 miles. AINLEY, THOMAS, Proprietor Tannery, Sligo Road, h. same. AMERICAN HOTEL, Isaac Coyne, Proprietor, Main st. ANGLO-AMERICAN HOTEL and General Stage Office, Main st., R. D. COULSON, Proprietor. Ashley, John (of Hartley, Ashley & Co.), h. near the river. ANDERSON HOUSE, Main st., Hiram Anderson, Proprietor. ANDERSON, HIRAM, Proprietor Anderson House. Bissel, Amos, Sr., Main st. BISELL, AMOS, Jr., Dealer in Stoves, Scales; Tinware, &C. Main st. Balfour, William, Town Clerk, h. Wellington st. Black, George, Miller, Mount Forest Mills. Blakely, Robert, Boot and Shoemaker, Queen st. Brown, Robert F., Teamster, Fergus st. Bishop, John, Mason, Egremont st. BISHOP, WM., Proprietor "Royal Exchange" Hotel, Main st., South. Brown, Misses, Milliners, Egremont st. BEAVER MUTUAL INSURANCE CO., H. H. Stovel, Agent, Main St. Bennett, Daniel, Sawyer, Bentley's Steam Mills, h. Sligo Road. BENTLEY, WILLIAM, Proprietor Mount Forest Steam Sawmill and Cabinet Factory. Sligo Road, h. Main st. Bennett, Hiram, Fireman, Bentley Steam Mills, h. Sligo Road. Black, James, Cabinet maker, Bentley Steam Mills, h. Sligo Road. BANK OF MONTREAL, Main st. James Hogg, Agent. Burns, George, Boot and Shoemaker, Main st. h. same. BEGG, GEORGE, Manufacturer and Dealer in Chairs and Furniture, Wholesale and Retail, Bentley's Steam Works, Sligo Road; Warerooms Main st. North, h. Main st. Begg, Martin, Cabinet maker, at G. Begg's Factory, h. Elgin st. Bowie, Thomas W., Clerk, J. McMullen's, Main st. Boselly, Edward (of F. & E. Boselly), h. Elgin at. Boselly, Francis (of F. & E. Boselly), h. Normandy st. BOSELLY, F. & E. Proprietors Mount Forest Pail and Tub Factory, Bentley's Steam Works. Brown James, Farmer, Main st., cor. Durham st. Brown, Mrs., Milliner, Main st., cor. Durham st. Boos, J., Tailor, Main st., North. BATEMAN, T., Proprietor British Hotel, Main st., North. Bennett, Rev. George, Episcopal Methodist, Elgin at. BRITISH HOTEL, Main st., North, T. Bateman, Proprietor. Bell, John, Labourer, Normanby st. Burrell, Thomas, Labourer, near Queen st. Bell, Crawford, Boot and Shoemaker, at W. Edward's, h. Wellington st. Campbell, John, Lessee Mt. Forest Woolen Factory. Campbell, Colin P., at Mt. Forest Woolen Factory. Campbell, Nathaniel, at Mt. Forest Woolen Factory. Chambers, James, Limeburner, near the River. Crawford, George, Labourer, Egremont st. CANADA LIFE ASSURANCE CO., H. H. Stovel, Agent, Main st. CRAWFORD, J. M., Stoves and Tinware, Main st. COLCLEUGH, JAMES, Medical Hall, Main st., Importer and General Dealer in Drugs, Chemicals, Books and Stationery. Colcleugh, George, Clerk, Medical Hall, Main st. Colcleugh, William, Clerk, Medical Hall, Main st. CAMPBELL, J. M., Books and Stationery, Main st., h. same. Code, William, Blacksmith, at T. Swan's Carriage Factory, h. Elgin st. Cowe, William, Waggon maker, T. Swan's Carriage Factory, h. Egremont. City Hotel, Main st., Samuel Smith, Proprietor. Crane, Robert, Bentley's Steam Mills, h. Sligo Road. Canham, Harry, Cabinet maker, Bentley's Steam Factory, h. Main st. Crichton, William, Shoemaker (at W. Jamieson's), bds. Elgin st. Crichton, George, in H. H. Stovell's office, bds. EIgin st. Cooil, Thomas, Clerk, J. Robinson's, bds. same. Clark, Robert, Saddler, at John Rodger's. COYNE, ISAAC, Proprietor American Hotel, Main st. CONKLIN, JONATHAN, Queen st. COULSON, R. D., Proprietor Anglo-American Hotel, Main st. Dorland, Stephen, Cabinet maker, Elgin st. Doddington, Jesse, Carpenter, Wellington st. Duffy, James, Moulder, Mt. Forest Foundry, bds. R. Kilgour's. Doley, Charles, at J. G. Sadler's Main st. Drew, Isaiah, Clerk, T. G. Smith's bds same. DICKSON, PETER, Baker and Confectioner, Main st. Dickson, Peter Jr., Teamster bds P. Dickson, Sr. DALE, R. J., Watchmaker and Jeweller, Main st. DUNBAR, Dr. S., Main st. Doyle, James, Cooper, Main st. Doyle, Richard, Blacksmith, Main st., North end. Davidson, Mrs., Birmingham st. Davidson, John, Teamster, Birmingham st. Dunbar, Samuel, Boot and Shoemaker, Main st. Duffy, Francis, Vulcan Foundry, h. Elgin st. Dickson, William, Carpenter, Birmingham st. Duncan, George, Turner, G. Begg's Factory, h. Queen st. Dickenson, George, Cooper, Queen st. ECROYD, DR. ALFRED E., M.R.C.S., office and house, Main st. Evans, William, Livery Stable Keeper, Main st. Elgin, J. H., Blacksmith, bds. R. Gooch. EDWARDS, WILLIAM, Boot and Shoemaker, Main st., near Coyne's Hotel. Eaton George, Tinsmith, at h. Bissell's, h. Wellington st. Fairbairn, Thomas, Teamster, bds. R. Kilgour's. Flait, Mr., Carpenter, N. of Wesleyan Church. Fleming, John, Builder, Main st. FOLEY & McCARRY, Barristers and Attorney at Law, office Main. st., opposite J. McMullen's. Fields, Mr., Carpenter, Egremont st. French, Mrs., Dressmaker, Main st. Ferrier, James, Blacksmith (at I. Ireland's), Main st. Freeland, John, Labourer, Elgin st. Forsyth, James, Labourer, Queen st. Gee, William, Moulder, Mt. Forest Foundry, bds. R. Kilgour's. Gouinlock, Robert, House and Sign Painter Main st. Gribbin, John, Tailor, Main st. GOOCH, R. & Co., family Groceries, Main st. Gooch, Richard (of R. Gooch & Co.), h. Main st. Gilles, C. J., Painter, G. Begg's Factory Grier, James, Pump maker, at I. Ireland's bds same. GRUER, WM., Carpenter and Builder, Wellington st. GRAFFE, THOMAS J., proprietor Mount Forest Examiner, Associate Coroner for Counties Grey and Wellington, Conveyancer, Land Agent &c. Examiner Building, Main st., South. Godfrey, Alex, Boot and Shoemaker, Main st., South. Godfrey, Joseph, Carpenter, John street. Gregory, A. T., Nurseryman. HENDERSON, WILLIAM, lessee Forest Flour Mills HARTLEY, ASHLEY & CO., Proprietors Vulcan Foundry, Wellington st. Hartley, Richard, (of Hartley Ashley & Co.), h. near the River. Hall, Robert, Boot and Shoemaker, Main st., Humphrey, Mr., Carpenter, Queen st. Honey, James, Blacksmith (at Jno. Thompson's), h. Main st. HOGG, JAMES, Agent Bank of Montreal, Main st. Hampton, Josiah, General Dealer in Groceries and Produce, Main st. HEWITT, WILLIAM, Proprietor Hewitt's Hotel, cor. Main and Queen sts. HEWITT'S HOTEL, W. Hewitt, proprietor, Main and Queen st. Hornell, David, Clerk, J. & A. McKinnon's. Harris, John, Stage driver, Wellington st. Henderson, George, Proprietor "Farmers' Home" Inn, N. end Main street. Hall, Joseph, Farmer, Main st., North. Hall, Wm., Pumpmaker (at I. Irelands), bds. same. HAY, REV. JOHN, Church of Scotland, Normanby st. Hanburgh, Frederick, Carpenter, Normanby st. Ireland, Isaac, Pumpmaker, Main st., near Sligo Road. JELLY, HENRY, Brewer and Maltster, Mt. Forest Brewery. Jebb, Mrs., Fergus st. Jamieson, Wm., Boot and Shoemaker, Main st., opposite J. & A. McKinnons. Johnston, James, Pumpmaker at I. Ireland's, bds. same. Jebb, John, Cabinet Warehouse, Main st. Kerr, James, Tinsmith, h. Fergus street. KILGOUR, ROBERT, Proprietor Mt. Forest Foundry, Durham st. KILGOUR, JOSEPH, JR., Travelling Agent, Mt. Forest Foundry, h. Main st. Kilgour, John, Moulder, Mt. Forest Foundry, h. Main st. Kerby, John, Plough Builder, Mt. Forest Foundry, h. Durham st. KENNEDY, JOHN, Attorney at Law, "Mammoth House," Main st., h. Main st. KINNON, J. & A. (John and Adam), General Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, &c., Main st., opposite Coyne's Hotel. Kershaw, Rev. J. B., Methodist New Connexion; Parsonage, Main st. Knowles, John, Tombstone Agent, Wellington st. Kerr, James, Tinsmith, at J. M. Crawford's, h. Wellington st. Lewis, Wm., Manufacturer and Dealer in Boots and Shoes, Main st. Lund, R., Proprietor "Prince of Wales" Hotel, Main st. Little, Moses, Teamster, N. Wesleyan Ch. Langdon, Charles, Cupola man, Mt. Forest Foundry. LITTLE, ROBERT, Butcher, Main st. Lilly, Wm., Tailor, Main st. Langton, T., Plasterer, Elgin st. LIVERPOOL AND LONDON AND GLOBE Insurance Co., James C. Wilkes, Agent, Division Court Office, Main st. Lackay, Wm., Road Contractor, Normanby st. LAMPREY, BROOKE, Proprietor Potash and Soap Factory, Durham st. Lee, Wm., Carpenter, Sligo Road. Matkin, F. B. (of R. Gooch & Co.), h. Main street. Markham, Martin, Boot and Shoemaker, Miller st. MURPHY, FRANCIS, Provincial Land Surveyor, h. Queen st. Maheut, Rev. P. S., Roman Catholic, Fergus st. Morris, Wm., Pattern maker, Mt. Forest Foundry, h. Main st. Mevill, Mark, Blacksmith, Mt. Forest Foundry, bds. R. Kilgour's. MARSHALL & TASKER (Anthony Marshall and William Tasker, Sadlers and Harness Makers, Main st.) MEDICAL HALL, J. Colcleugh, Proprietor, Main st. Marshall, J. J., Baker and Grocer, Main st. Moodie, Robert, Blacksmith, at T. Swan's Carriage Factory. Moore, John, Carriage maker, at T.Swan's Carriage Factory, h. Fergus st. Miller, Thomas, Main st. Millar, Dr. A. H., Office Main st., opposite T. McMullen's, bds. Coyne's Hotel. Muir, Rev. Wm.. Baptist, near Kilgour's Foundry. MARTIN, JOHN, Proprietor Martin's Mills. MOUNT FOREST "EXAMINER", Published every Thursday; T. J. Graffe, Proprietor, Office, Main st., South. MOUNT FOREST STEAM SAWMILL, and Furniture Factory. W. Bentley, Sligo Road. MOUNT FOREST MILLS, D. Yeomans, Proprietor. Mount Forest Hotel, John Ross, Proprietor, Main and Queen sts. MOUNT FOREST FOUNDRY, R. Kilgour, Proprietor, Durham st. Mason, William, Wellington st. Mason, John, Wellington st. McDonald, Robert, Proprietor "Wellington Hotel," near Yeoman's Mills. McNaught, Wm., Labourer, N. of Wesleyan Ch. McKenzie, Mr., Tailor, Egremont st. McNee, John, Waggon Maker, at T. Swan's Carriage Factory. McArthur, Angus, Groceries and Liquors, Main st. McMULLEN, JAMES, General Merchant, Main st. McLAREN, DANIEL, Groceries and Liquors, Main st. McLAREN, JOHN, General Dealer in Hardware, Main st. McDonald, Gilbert, Blacksmith, at R. Doyle's, Main st. McLennan, James, Labourer, Birmingham st. McMILLAN, NEIL, General Merchant, Main st., South. McMILLAN, ARCHIBALD, Normanby st. McDonald, Donald, Labourer, Queen st. McCutcheon, Wm., Cabinet maker, near the River. McGill, Thomas, Carpenter, Fergus st. McKay, John, Blacksmith, Main st. McElvenny, James, Waggon maker, Main st., North. NAISMITH, JOHN, General Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, &C, Main st., North. Norris, John, Carpenter, Normanby st. Orr, Robert, Boot and Shoemaker, N. of Wesleyan Ch. O'Dea, Peter, Labourer, Egremont st. Orr, Robert, Shoemaker, at W. Jamieson's, h. Albert st. Orange Hall, Main st., North. Peterson, John, cabinet maker, h. Fergus st. Philp, Rev. S. C., Jr., Wesleyan Methodist, Fergus st. Petrie, John E., Bricklayer and Plasterer, Fergus st. Pearce, James, Egremont st. Porter, Francis, Finisher, Mt. Forest Foundry, bds. R. Kilgour's. Patterson, James W., Fancy Bazaar, Main st. Porter, F., Tailor, Main st. Perkins, A. R., Book keeper, T. Swan's Carriage Factory, bds. with Proprietor. Poole, Eli, Waggon maker, Main st., h. Wellington st. PROVINCIAL INSURANCE CO. of Canada, J. C. Wilkes, Agent, Div. Court Office. Peters, John, Cabinet maker at G. Begg's Factory, h. Normanby st. Prince of Wales Hotel, R. Lund, Proprietor, Main st. QUEEN INSURANCE COMPANY, H. H. Stovel, Agent, Main st. Reid, Thomas, Builder, Township Treasurer for Egremont, Fergus st. Redmond, John, Teacher, N. of Wesleyan Ch. Rowe, Rev. W. B., Episcopal Methodist, Parsonage, Egremont st. Ross, John, Proprietor "Mt. Forest Hotel" cor. Main and Queen sts. RYAN, BROTHERS, Waggon and Carriage makers, and General Blacksmiths, Main st., South. Ryan, Thomas (of Ryan Brothers), Main st., South. Ryan, James (of Ryan Brothers), Main st., South. Ryan, Robert (of Ryan Brothers), Main st., South. ROBINSON, JOHN, General Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, &c., Main st. Ross, James, Carpenter, Main st., one door from J. Robinson's Store. REDDICK, ALEX., Main st., J. P. Rogers, John, Saddler and Harness maker. ROBINSON, W., Butcher, Main st. Reynolds, John, Cooper, Main st. ROYAL EXCHANGE HOTEL, W. Bishop St. Paul's Church, S. end of Main st., overlooking the River. St. Marys Church, near Market Square. Sutton, Thompson, Labourer, N. of Wesleyan Ch. SHEPPARD, JOHN, Bailiff of Division Court, h. Fergus st. Spence, Wm., Carpenter, N. of Wesleyan Ch. Stephenson, Duke, Farmer. Shave, Wm., Carpenter. STOVELL, HENRY H., Notary Public, Commissioner in Queens' Bench, Insurance and General Agent, and Issuer of Marriage licenses, Main st., h. Wellington st. Sutton, Edward, Iron Finisher, Mt. Forest Foundry, h. Durham st. SADLER, J. G., Manufacturing Jeweller, Watchmaker and Tobacconist, Main st. Somerville, Samuel, Shoemaker at W. Lewis', bds. same. SMITH, THOMAS G., Postmaster and General Merchant, Main st. Smith, Robert, Assistant Postmaster, Post office. SEED, GEORGE, Watch and Clock maker, opposite Post office, Main st. Stovel, Joseph, Merchant Tailor, Dry Goods, Groceries, &C., Main st. Smith, Samuel, Proprietor "City Hotel," Main st. SWAN, THOMAS, Waggon and Carriage Factory, and General Blacksmithing, Main st., h. Fergus st. Spence, David, General Merchant, and Dealer in Produce, Mammoth House, cor. Main and Queen sts. Smith, Isaac, sawyer, Bentley's Steam Mills. STOVEL, SAMUEL, General Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, &c., Main st. Stovel, Ebenezer, at S. Stovels, Main st. Smith, John, Labourer, Birmingham st. SCOTT, J. & R. (James and Robert), General Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Country Produce, &c., Main st. Stovel, Thomas, Pump maker and Bricklayer, Main st., h. Fergus st. Twohey, John, Teamster, Fergus st. Thompson, John, General Blacksmith, next to Post office, Main st., h. Wellington st. Trout, Thomas, Bricklayer, Normanby st. Thorp, Mr., near Gregory's Nursery. Unsworth, Miss., Milliner and Bonnet maker, Main st. WELLINGTON HOTEL, Robert McDonald, Proprietor. Whelply, Elijah, Lessee Mt. Forest Sawmill. WILTON, WM. P., Edge tool and Axe Factory, near Mount Forest Mills. Ward, Miles, Fergus st. Watson, Alex., Plasterer, Fergus st. Wright, Jonathan, Carpenter, Main st., h. Egremont st. Wood, John, Teamster, Fergus st. Walker, Simon, Moulder, Mt. Forest Foundry, bds. R. Kilgour's. Walters, Wm., Carpenter, Mt. Forest Foundry, h. Durham st. Wilson, Wm., Painter, T. Swan's Carriage Factory,. Fergus st. Wright, Jas., Wheelwright and Grain Cradle maker, Bentley's Steam Works, h. Sligo Road. WILKES, JAMES C., Division Court Clerk, Notary Public, Commissioner in Queen's Bench, Conveyancer and Insurance Agent, Main st., North, bds. h. Reddick. Wilson, Wm., Main st. Wilson, George, Elgin st. WYLIE, WILLIAM, Normanby st. Wilson, Samuel, Normanby st. Wright, Joseph, Carpenter, Normanby st. YEOMAN S, DAVID, Proprietor Mt. Forest Mills, Reeve of village, J. P. Yarlett, Henry, Carpenter, Miller st. Young, Wm., Labourer, Fergus st. YEOMANS, L. H., Chemist and Druggist, Main st., h. same.
There are two small Lakes in the County of Grey called "Mountain Lake." The first and best known is in St. Vincent Township, within two miles of Cape Rich, and near the residence of Col. W. Watson, which overlooks it. It is about a quarter of a mile wide, and a mile and a quarter long, lies embosomed in hills except at its Eastern end; is at a considerable altitude above Georgian Bay and has no visible outlet. The surplus waters of the lake percolate through the gravelly ridge that bounds its Eastern end, and form, a short distance below, a small stream, which, somewhat reinforced by other springs, turns Carson's Mill at the shore of Georgian Bay. The other "Mountain Lake" is in the township of Keppel, between the 17th and 18th Concessions. It is irregular in shape, about two miles long and from a quarter to three quarters of a mile broad. Its waters are clear, and are reported to abound in fish. It is almost entirely surrounded by perpendicular limestone cliffs.
Otherwise known as "McInnis' Corners," and sometimes as "Holland Corners." This is a hamlet in the township of Holland, on the Toronto and Sydenham Road, 3 1/2 m. from Chatsworth. This Road, running S. E.. and N. W. cuts across the meeting of a Concession road and Side-line, making "Six Corners," by which name indeed it is sometimes called. The Township Council of Holland hold their meetings at the "Corners." It contains a small public Hall, built by Mr. Jacob Rose, and used for public worship by the Baptists and Methodists, and for other purposes-a Tavern, a Store, and a Blacksmith's Shop. There are two Shoemakers, a Farrier, and a Tailor at the Corners; and a Waggon shop near by. There is no Post office as yet but should be. Population 70. Chatsworth is the nearest P. O. Cruikshank, John, Farrier. Elder, Donald, Farmer. Fowle, Thomas, Waggon maker. Gunn, John, Mason. MURRAY, WILLIAM G., Merchant and Tailor. Murray, James, Farmer. Minnies, John, Farmer. Montgomery, Wm., Blacksmith. McKay, Wm., Farmer. McInnis, John, Shoemaker. McInnis, John, Jr., Millwright. McDonald, Angus P., Inn keeper. ROSE, JACOB, Trader. Rose, Reuben, Boot and Shoemaker.
A thriving village in the Township of Normanby, half a mile from the County line of Bruce, and 5 m., S. of the Durham Gravel Road at Hanover, and about 20 m. from Mount Forest. It is 7 m. direct N. of Clifford, on the Elora and Saugeen Road, to which point great efforts are being made to get a Gravel Road, to start from Hanover, passing through Neustadt to Clifford, the whole length of which would be 12 miles. The work will probably be taken up by a private Company, as the County Municipalities do not seem inclined to assist. Neustadt (signifying "New town," a name applied to several places in Germany), is exclusively a German village, and lies in an exclusively German settlement. Its population is 300, and increasing. It contains a Flouring-mill, Sawmill, Flax-mill (near by), Brewery, Tannery, Postoffice, 3 Stores, 3 Hotels, 2 Blacksmith shops, &C. There is also a School-house, in which the resident Lutheran Minister preaches every second Sabbath, and a Roman Catholic Church (unfinished). Neustadt was not (like Ayton) a Government "town-plot." D. Winkler, Esq., "squatted," as it is called, in 1855. In 1856, he obtained, by purchase, 400 acres, where Neustadt now stands. A beautiful little stream runs through it, a tributary of the S. fork of the Saugeen, which latter flows past the village in a N.W. direction, about 1/2 a mile to the East. Mr. Winkler put up a Sawmill in 1855, and a Flouring-mill in 1857 (finished in 1858). In '55, all was "bush." In '56 the village plot was surveyed, and a few settlers began to find their way to it. In '57 the Postoffice was established, and Mr. Winkler appointed Postmaster, a situation he still holds. The village stands on a piece of uneven ground, chiefly in a hollow beside the mill stream. It contains some good buildings, among which may be mentioned Zettler's "Commercial Hotel," a handsome stone structure. A Woollen Mill is needed, and operations are commencing for the building. A Waterloo firm have also purchased a site on which to erect a Foundry. The Flouring Mill is 3 1/2 storeys high, the lower storey being stone. Has two run of stones. The Sawmill is supplied with water from the same dam. David Winkler, Proprietor. The Tannery is the property of John Wienert. Business was commenced in 1859. Mr. Wienert has since added Boot and Shoe making to his business. The Brewery was built in 1859. Stonebuilding. H. Huether, proprietor; who reports his operations to be extending every year. The Flax Mill is nearly 3/4 mile East of the village, on the S. fork of the Sangeen. There is no manufacture of linen at the mill; the flax is merely "scutched." Messrs. Perine & Hendry are the Proprietors. The mill was put in operation in 1864; and has, therefore, at this present writing, been in operation but for one season. The products of the mill are sent to Canestoga, where Messrs. Perine have a similar mill; and the flax from both mills is sent to Doon, in Waterloo, and there spun, woven and bleached. The coarser and stronger fabrics only are made as yet, but arrangements are in progress to manufacture fine bleached linens. The proprietors of the Neustadt Flax Mill are anxious to get all the flax straw they can, and are ready at all times to furnish, without expense, seed to parties willing to grow flax. An equal quantity of seed may be returned in the fall; or, if the farmer prefers it, the value of the seed will be charged against him when he sells his flax-straw. The "straw," as pulled and dried in the fields (without rotting, and with the seed on), is worth from $9 to $10 per ton at the mill; or, if of extra quality, perhaps $11. If the farmer should thresh and rot it himself, he may seed the seed and get the flax scutched on "shares;" in which case the scutched flax is weighed, and he receives the half. He may then either manufacture his half, or sell it to the mill at the market price, usually about 10c. per lb. The winter of 1864-5 was the first season for the Mill. The business of the coming season is anticipated to be very much larger. In fact, but a limited number of the farmers round heard in sufficient time that a certain market would be found for their flax, or, hearing, had perhaps full confidence in the arrangements being carried out. Now, with the Mill in active operation, and seed offered them in any quantities they choose to sow, the case is different. The proprietors are prepared to buy all the seed they can get at $1.12 1/2 per bushel, or to rent all the suitable land they can find, at about $5. an acre, prepared for sowing; the farmer harrowing in (but not finishing), the seed. The flax is all "dew-rotted." The streams in this limestone country are found to be too "hard" to answer well. Last autumn was a very favourable season for rotting; but the long droughts of the summer effected the yield of flax, as it did of all other crops. The motive power is derived from the Saugeen River. In fact, a large power is not needed. The mill is frame; one end somewhat barn-like, for storing the "straw." The other half contains the scutching machinery, which is very simple. The flax (being already rotted and threshed), first goes through the "breaker," a heavy sharp-ribbed iron roller, several times; and then through "roughing" and "finishing" processes; when it is "scutched," and ready for shipment. The "waste" is likewise baled up and sent off; and after undergoing a cleaning process, finds a market as "oakum," &c. About 16 hands are employed; 13 of whom are in the mill. The New Flouring-mill, standing close beside the Flax-mill, is a tall four-storey building, erected during the past season by D. Winkler, Esq. At the present writing, the building is enclosed and roofed, the lower floor laid, and part of the machinery within, ready to put to its place. The lower storey is stone, the superstructure frame. It is intended for four run of stones. An Hydraulic Canal of considerable length, conveys water from the dam of the Saugeen direct to the Mill; and the water is discharged again at a lower bend of the river, a few feet in rear of the Mill. ALLAN, GEORGE, General dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, &c; Aberli, John, at Flax-mill; Barlett, Henry, Mason. Bittorf, John, Township Collector for the Ward. BASLER, AUGUSTE, Miller and General Merchant. Carter, Henry, Tinsmith, at F. W. Puschinsky's. COMMERCIAL HOTEL, A. Zettler, Proprietor. Dopfer, John, Foreman, Flax-mill. Davis, David, Flax mill. Dunneman, Henry, Waggon-maker. Denner, Adam, Blacksmith. EULER, ADAM, inn-keeper, near the new mills. Fink, Casper. Carpenter. Fischer, Andrew, Cabinet-maker. Fleischman, Christopher, Carpenter. Foster, Martin, Veterinary Surgeon. Forler, George, Flax-mill. Franz, John, Cabinet-maker. Gillies, Wm., Teamster, Neustadt Brewery. Hendrigham, John, Labourer, D. Winkler's. HUETHER, HENRY, Proprietor Neustadt Brewery. Hothenadel, Peter, Flax-mill. Heimbecher, Henry, Chair-maker, Fischer's Factory. HENDRY, WILLIAM (of Perine & Hendry), Flax-mill. Iungblut, Mrs., Flax-mill. Iuckesch, John, Tailor. Knap, Peter, Tanner, at J. Weiner's. Kegel, George, Flax-mill. Karber, John, Flax-mill. Knittel, George, Carpenter. Klages, Andrew, Carpenter. Lang, Dominic, Soap and Candle manufacturer. Loos, Labourer, D. Winkler's. Lovitt, Peter, Flax-mill. Limperdt, Conrad, Mason. Meister, George, Cooper. Mathieson, Wm., Flax-mill. Muller, Philip, Labourer. Merkel, Jacob, Blacksmith. Miller, Frederick, one door from Winkler's Mill. McGregor, Wm., Clerk, bds. Dr. Niemeier's. McEDWARDS, A. S., Manager for J. & R. Scott. NORMANBY HOUSE, W. Rebscher, Proprietor. Nester, Francis, Blacksmith and Waggon-maker. Nettle, George, Carpenter. NEIMEIER, Dr. GEORGE, Assistant Postmaster, Commissioner in Queen's Bench, Conveyancer and Building Society Agent, Postoffice. Orff, Caspar, Labourer. Orff, John, Labourer. Preukert, Jacob, Flax-mill. Preukert, John, Flax-mill. Plaff, Adam, Boot and Shoemaker. PUSCHINSKY & BASLER (Frederick W. Puschinsky and Auguste Basler), General Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, &C. Puschinsky, F. W., Tin and Coppersmith, dealer in Stoves, Ploughs, Sugar-kettles, &c. Puschinsky, Wm., Lock maker, Threshing machine repairer, &c. PERINE & HENDRY, Proprietors Neustadt Flax-mill. Rebscher, Henry, Teamster, D. Winkler's. REBSCHER WM., Proprietor "Normanby House." Riesch, Henry, Brewer, Neustadt Brewery. Runstedler, Lewis, Carpenter and Builder. Spielmacher, Henry, Teamster, D. Winkler's. Sparling, Frederick, Gunsmith, &C Shierschmidt, Charles, Cooper. Schafer, Edward, Tinsmith, at F. W. Puschinsky's. SCOTT, J. & R., General Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, &c., &c. Neustadt and Mount Forest. Schmidt, Auguste, Shoemaker, at J. Weinert's. WINKLER, DAVID, Proprietor Grist and Sawmills, Postmaster, J. P. Weaver, George, Sawyer, Winkler's Sawmill. Winkler, John C., Boot and Shoemaker. WEINERT, JOHN, Proprietor, Tannery. Wiegand, Adam, Tailor. Wiedmeyer, S., Shoemaker, at J. Weinert's. Wagoner, Jacob, Flax-Mill. Wagner, John, Mason. Wolff, Adam, Waggon maker. WHEELER, JACOB, Harness maker. Zettler, Peter, Carpenter. Zingler, George, Miller, Winkler's Mills. ZETTLER, ANDREW, Proprietor "Commercial Hotel."
The name of the Indian Village over against Owen Sound Town. So named from Newash, the Ojibway Chief, who was dwelling there among his tribe when the settlements began in this County. Newash, used to say that he had lived there all his life, as had his father and grandfather before him. It is much to be regretted that the ambition of Lord Bury (for a short time Chief Superintendent of Indian Affairs) to celebrate the name and exploits of his family (vide the names Keppel, Albermarle, Sarawak, Brooke, Bury, St. Edmund), should have tempted him to change the name from Newash, to Brooke on the surrender of the Reserve. For further description, see the article "Brooke," in the Appendix.
The Township of Normanby, named after the British nobleman of that name, lies at the S. W. corner of the County of Grey, having the Township of Bentinck on the North, Egremont on the East, the Township of Minto, in Wellington, on the South, the Township of Howic, in Huron, at the S. W. corner, and Carrick, in Bruce, on the West. It is one of the best townships in the County, one of the newest, and by the census of 1861 the most populous. As elsewhere mentioned, the Garafraxa Road (forming its Eastern boundary) was run out by John McDonald, P.L.S., of Goderich, in 1841. At that time only one parallel Concession on each side was laid out, but in 1845, a second and third tier of lots were laid off on each side. These constitute what may be called the "Old Survey," in Normanby and other townships. The front lots were given in 50-acre "grants" to actual settlers, and the road soon began to be lined with a thin fringe of settlements. In 1851 the survey of the rest of the township was taken hold of by the late David Gibson., P.L.S., and finished either that or the following year. The "New Survey" was first held for sale by the Government in 1856. For a year or two before that date, however, there had been a great influx of German immigrants, filling up Carrick, and parts of Normanby, Brant and Bentinck. These squatters purchased the lots on which they had settled; and the face of the country soon began to show the hand of improvement. It is remarked through Canada that not only do Germans make enterprising and reliable settlers, but that they seldom locate on poor land. Normanby is no exception. The Western and South-western half of the township is excellent land, not troubled with excess of stones, and lying handsomely. The Saugeen River, in its passage from Mount Forest to Hanover, divides the township diagonally into rather unequal parts, the N. E. being the larger. The part S.W. of the river is the finest part of the town-ship, and is chiefly in the hands of the Dutch. While there are some beautiful lands at different points on the Garafraxa Road, the Eastern part of the township has a considerable amount of swampy and gravelly land. The prevailing soil in Normanby is clay. Normanby has two villages entirely within its limits- Ayton and Neustadt, and Mount Forest and Orchardville partly within it. It has several Grist and Sawmills, Stores and country Taverns. A curious system has been in vogue respecting Assessors and Collectors. An Assessor and a Collector is appointed annually for each Ward in the Township. The latter may work satisfactorily; but, with five Assessors, the Court of Revision must have an unusual amount of business. Census Reports.-Population in 1861, 3,963; Natives of England, 151; Natives of Scotland, 365; Natives of Ireland, 708; Natives of Canada, 1,999 (besides 51 of Fr. Canadian origin); Natives of the U.S., 45.; Natives of Prussia, Germany and Holland, 628; Natives of France, 12; Coloured persons, 29. Total occupiers of lands, 597; holding from 20 to 50 acres each, 18; holding from 50 to 100 acres each, 212; holding over 100 acres each, 353. Fall wheat raised; 1,902 bushels; Spring Wheat, 78,378 bushels; Barley, 3,448 bushels; Pease, 8,261 bushels; Oats, 39,160 bushels; Potatoes, 37,905 bushels; Turnips, 171,360 bushels; Hay, 1,862 tons; Maple Sugar; 14,694 lbs; Wool, 3,921 lbs.; Butter, 62,062 lbs.; Cheese, 865 lbs.; Pork, 830 brls. During the four years that have intervened, the annual products must have risen to nearly double the above figures; but it is impossible to obtain later statistics. Municipal Officers.-Reeve, William H. Ryan (Mt. Forest P. O.).; Dep. Reeve, David Winkler (Neustadt P. O.); Councillors, J. Robertson, H. A. McMahon, J. McColman. Clerk, Dr. George Niemeier (Neustadt P. O.); Treasurer, Robert Watson (Bentinck P. O.). Magistrates.-William H. Ryan, George Niemeier, John Robertson, Henry McMahon, David Winkler, Thomas Smith. Schools-Union No. 1. David Allan, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with Maps,. &c. Average attendance for 1864 (from Normanby), 21. Union No.2. Samuel Quinn, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with Maps, &c. Average attendance for 9 months of 1864, 13 (from Normanby). No. 1. Nathaniel Grier, Teacher.- House, log. Furnished with Maps, &c. Average attendance for 1864, 34. No.2. David Grier, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with Maps, &c. Average attendance for last 6 months of 1864, 14. No.3. Annie Corley, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with Maps, &c. Average attendance for 1864, 19. No.4. Edwin Riley, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with Maps, &c. Average attendance for 1864, 31. No.5. Wm. H. Riddell, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with Maps, &c. Average attendance for 1864, 48. No.6. Patrick O'Leary, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with Maps, &c. Average attendance for 1864, 43. No.7. Margaret Heterick, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with Maps, &c. Average attendance for first six months of 1864, 17. No.8. Henry Muir, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with Maps, &c. Average attendance for 1864, 30. No.9. Dominic Zweifel, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with Maps, &c. Average attendance for 1864, 27. No.12. Charles Hartlieb, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with Maps, &c. Average attendance for 1864, 18. No.13. Henrietta Gardiner, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with Maps, &c. Average attendance for 1864, 18. R. C. Separate School, No. 2. Jeremiah O'Sullivan, Teacher. House, log. R. C. Separate School, No.10. Vacant. House, log. Union No.4 (Normanby and Egremont; Mt. Forest School). House, brick. Furnished with Maps, &c. Average attendance, from Normanby, for 1864, 33. Union No. 4 (Normanby and Egremont; Mt. Forest Female School). House, frame. Furnished with Maps, &c. Average attendance, from Normanby, for 1864, 32. Union No.3 (Normanby and Egremont). House, frame. Furnished with Maps, &c. Average attendance for 1864, from Normanby, 18. NOTE.-The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Concessions are parallel with the Garafraxa Road; the Concession lines running N. and S. From the 4th to the 18th Concessions, the lines run E. and W.; Concession 4 being at the S. limit of the township and Con. 18 bounding the North limit.
Con. Lot Aldrich, Wm. B 63 Aldrich, Charles 2 1 Anderson, Wm. B 65 Ammerman, David 5 31 Alder, Robert 2 46 Acton, Robert 2 60 Allan, R. 3 57 Arthur, Robert, Sr. 3 70 Arthur, Robert, Jr. 3 68 Arthur, James 3 68 Aird, Edward 15 15 Ash, Francis 18 5 Anderson, James 5 14 Allan, John 1 27 Allan, James 12 17 Amerell, George 13 9 Brown, Peter 1 8 Barlow, Thomas 1 10 Blaisdell, Daniel 1 18 Barns, Pat. (Inn-keeper) 1 20 Budd, James B 69 Bentley, John B 72 Bentley, James B 72 Barrett, James 2 16 Boyle, David 2 38 Blaney, Thomas 2 53 Bailey, James 2 57 Bright, Robert 2 72 Bray, Michael 3 7 Blythe, Colin (Sawyer) 3 23 Bedford, Samuel 3 57 Blaney, Edward 3 58 Beamish, Richard 4 9 Biener, Peter 4 10 Becker, Henry 5 5 Blindhaner, John 8 3 Becker, Conrad 8 10 Becker, John 8 13 Baner, John 8 13 Brennan, John 8 24 Baetz, Conrad 9 2 Brannigan, Wm. 18 6 Bergan, John 10 24 Burns, Joseph 11 15 Burns, Michael 15 27 Braun, Philip 12 5 Brown, Jacob 12 10 Brown, Michael 12 10 Basler, Auguste 13 6 Burke, Michael 13 27 Began, John 14 21 Began, Michael 14 22 Berryman, Wm. 15 19 Burkholdor, David 5 21 Butchart, Wm. 10 17 Ball, Hugh 15 20 Ball, John 15 20 Buttril, John 16 8 Buttril, Philip 17 9 Batcheldor, Thomas 16 9 Becker, Adam 16 9 Brusso, Ludwig 16 13 Baxter, Henry 16 14 Ball, James 16 21 Becker, Christian 17 3 Byers, Thomas 17 19 Byers, John 17 20 Barber, Robert 18 4 Burns, Patrick 18 30 Brydon, Robert 2 68 Burke, Thomas 8 31 Colvert, John 1 13 Caldwell, Thos. (Merch't) 1 13 Cornish, John 1 15 Cannan, James 1 21 Chamberlain, Wm. 1 24 Corley, James 1 29 Corley, John 1 31 Christopher, Christian 17 3 Crozier, Wm. A 74 Crozier, John 2 65 Crozier, Robert 2 66 Carlyle, John B 64 Carson, Samuel 2 15 Carmount, R.W. 2 33 Cairns, Martin 2 34 Chilton, Henry 2 73 Chilton, Sylvester 3 71 Cassidy, Francis 3 28 Cody, Patrick 3 40 Connell, James 17 10 Curran, Edward 3 47 Clark, Robert 4 60 Clarey, Mrs. Mary 3 72 Clark, George 4 21 Calder, Alex 6 26 Ganovan, James 7 30 [Canovan ??] Cavanagh, Patrick 8 18 Cooper, John 12 19 Casey, Daniel 12 28 Casey, Thomas 14 29 Carl, Mrs. 14 3 Colbert, John 14 25 Calton, James 14 27 Campbell, Duncan 18 6 Collins, Jeremiah 13 30 Darby, John 1 28 Damerling, Andrew 7 10 Dickson, James B 62 Dickson, John 3 59 Dickson, John (Miller) 3 65 Dowlan, George 3 10 Dingman, Thomas (Innkeeper) 3 42 Dahmer, Casper 4 12 Dyer, Oliver 4 18 Dreier, Ernest 6 14 Dreier, Frederick 4 27 Dano, John, Jr. 5 12 Dierlam, Auguste 7 13 Doyle, Thomas 7 19 Doyle, James 7 20 Doyle, Francis 9 17 Dowling, James 7 26 Dam, John 8 14 Dam, Henry 10 11 Dam, John Sr. 9 13 Dowling, Cornelies 9 24 Dowling, Patrick 9 25 Doerr, Peter 10 6 Dikert, John 11 7 Donohoe, John 13 25 Disney, George C. 17 18 Davis, David 18 7 Derby, Andrew 18 22 Derby, Joseph 18 23 Derby, Thomas 18 26 Ellinghanson, Eberhard 15 3 Emmel, Adam 4 5 Evans, James 5 13 Edgar, John 6 24 Ellice, Samuel 6 29 Eidh, Ludwig 8 5 Enright, James 10 30 Enright, John 10 31 Enright, Patrick 11 21 Eckstein, Daniel 14 5 Esch, Peter 15 16 Elliot, Robert 17 22 Edwards, Thomas 3 67 Erkslein, Nicholas 12 1 Fries, Adam, (Inn-keeper) 1 28 Foster, John 1 32 Fee, Alex 2 11 Fitzgerald, John 2 34 Fitzgerald, Morris 10 29 Freeman, Joseph 2 70 Fitzgibbons, John 3 8 Fisher, John 3 41 Fisher, Enoch 4 19 Fisher, Nicholas 11 12 Fisher, Frederick 17 1 Flynn, James 14 21 Flynn, Patrick 14 22 Fitzsimmons, D. 3 70 Fox, John 4 30 Farmer, Thomas 6 17 Forbes, George 11 19 Finnegan, Owen 14 13 Foley, Michael 14 24 Ford, Henry 16 10 Ford, Wm. 15 10 Flynn, Robert 17 8 Fulton, Thomas 18 27 Feik, Valentine 12 14 Feik, John 12 15 Godfrey, James 1 14 Godfrey, Edward 1 14 Garvey, Mrs. 1 16 Goodson, John 1 19 Gardiner, Francis B 74 Gardiner, Richard 10 21 Gray, John 2 2 Graspey, Thomas 3 2 Gadd, Thomas 3 15 Gibney, John 3 46 Gant, Thomas 3 50 Gant, Caleb 3 50 Gant, Alex 3 50 Gerbrach, Henry 4 2 Gerhardt, Peter 5 6 Gerhardt, Henry 9 7 Gammon, James 2 36 Glebe, Zacharias 5 8 Grebe, George 5 10 Goetz, Conrad 6 7 Gebert, Christian 7 7 Geil, John 7 11 Grier, Adam 9 8 Grier, George 9 10 Grier, John 9 12 Gold, Frederick 11 16 Gankel, Jacob 13 15 Golden, John 13 24 Geilfur, George 14 3 Geilfur, Mrs. 16 5 Guenther, George Sr. 14 7 Guenther, George Jr. 14 7 Green, Francis 14 13 Guittard, Jacob 15 1 Gilmour, David 16 16 Greig, Peter 17 27 Gross, George 18 1 Green, Owen 18 17 Geddes, Walter 18 20 Geddes, Thomas 18 21 Grebe, Matthias 6 5 Hart, Joseph 1 13 Harvey, Michael 1 16 Heany, Owen 1 17 Heany, James 9 22 Heany, Christopher 1 17 Heany, Patrick 9 23 Hill, Wm. 1 26 Hunt, Mrs. 1 30 Hatch, J. H. A 69 Harley, Wm. A 72 Hastings, John 2 63 Halliday, George 2 64 Halliday, James 3 26 Holmes, Wm. 2 67 Holmes, Thos. E. 2 67 Holmes, John C. 2 67 Halfpenny, Jacob 3 39 Hanragham, John 3 42 Hanragham, Patrick 3 42 Hawkins, Daniel 3 15 Hawkins, John 10 22 Hessenauer, Henry 4 1 Hyslop, Mrs. 18 19 Hollirger, Philip 4 1 Hunsberger, Benj. 4 2 Hartlieb, Charles 4 3 Hoefling, J. 4 4 Hermann, Henry 4 5 Hughes, John 18 10 Hughes, Wm. 18 11 Harner, C. H. 4 20 Harmiston, James 4 26 Henbach, David 5 4 Henry, Francis 5 23 Henry, Robert 18 26 Herle, John 6 3 Herbst, Frederick 6 6 Hillis, James 18 8 Hillis, Samuel 18 8 Hatter, Moses 6 21 Hopf, Martin 7 9 Herr, Ludwig 8 2 Horf, George 8 4 Horf, Nicholas 8 4 Hammer, George 8 7 Horrigan, Dennis 8 28 Henderson, George 18 25 Henderson, Robert 17 15 Holm, Charles 9 4 Hillgaertner, S. 9 20 Himmer, George 10 13 Hill, Christian 11 2 Hahn, Frederick 11 11 Hahn, Henry 11 11 Hahn, Ludwig 11 12 Hartman, George 11 14 Hannan, Richard 11 21 Hohnstein, John 13 5 Hollitor, Philip 13 15 Hickley, John 15 5 Hetterick, John 15 12 Horst, Henry 15 13 Horst, Caspar 15 13 Hopkins, Robert 15 23 Hopkins, Charles 16 15 Heinzman, Conrad 16 5 Huehn, Nicholas 16 12 Hofman, Lewis 17 2 Harrison, George 17 7 Hogg, Peter 17 22 Iost, George 5 9 Ireland, Stephen 6 19 Irons, Charles 16 31 Jacksin, J. B. 1 31 Jeffrey, Robert 5 24 Knox, Andrew B 73 Knox, Thomas E. 11 27 Kenny, John 2 6 Kenny, Patrick 13 28 Kerans, Patrick 3 32 Kenna, Michael 3 36 Klug, Henry 3 53 Kreuzer, George 5 7 Koenig, John 5 12 Koenig, Lewis 6 10 Kreutzer, John 6 8 Killer, Jno. (Blacksmith) 6 10 Kealy, Michael 7 24 Knester, John 9 3 Kessel, Fred 9 5 Kutz, Peter 9 26 Klein, Reinhard 10 5 King, Hiram 10 27 Kirby, Patrick 11 23 Kirby, John 12 23 Kreller, Fred. Jr 12 8 Kreller, Fred. Sr 12 9 Kreller, Wm. 12 9 Kearnan, Wm. 12 25 Keys, Hugh 13 19 Knapp, Daniel 14 1 Klages, Andrew 14 2 Kopischke, Gottlieb 16 2 Koss, Joachim 17 3 Killingbeck, George 17 13 Kalb, John 48 9 Kalb, Henry 18 2 Kerr, Mrs. 18 29 Lalonde, S. 1 11 Lalonde, Joseph 2 25 Logan, Hugh B. 1 15 Loughead, John 1 18 Lackey, John B 66 Lackey, Thomas B 67 Lucas, Wm. Jr. 2 8 Leass, Christopher 2 28 Lovell, John 2 60 Lawson, John 4 17 Leopold, Martin 6 25 Lenot, John 8 16 Leissemer, Peter 9 1 Leissemer, John 10 1 Lippert, Conrad 9 18 Lanz, John 11 1 Lynch, Mortimer 11 17 Lovet, Michael 11 29 Lang, Dominic 14 3 Little, John 17 12 Little, Samuel 17 13 Leonard, Anthony 17 29 Lobsinger, Lewis 18 1 Lewis, Woodall 12 18 Montroy, Eli 1 10 Malloy, Patrick 1 16 Morrison, Cornelius 8 21 Morrison, Samuel 8 22 Morrison, John 2 7 Marshall, Robert, Jr. 15 31 Marshall, John 3 14 Marshall, Robert 3 5 Marshall, James 2 17 Marshall, Andrew 16 19 Marshall, Alex 3 1 Marshall, Wm. 3 3 Munro, John 2 29 Munro, Henry 2 30 Murphy, Darby 14 20 Murphy, James 2 42 Murphy, Michael 10 25 Mullin, John 2 51 Mullin, Arthur 2 53 Mullin, Peter 13 23 Mullin, Dennis 7 27 Moor, John 3 44 Moor, Samuel 3 58 Moor, Robert 3 59 Moor, George 16 30 Meyer, Charles 4 13 Masterson, Charles 4 17 Mohan, Peter 7 17 Mooney, Thomas 7 25 Marth, John 8 11 Miller, John 8 11 Miller, Henry 8 12 Miller, John 11 6 Miller, Paul 12 5 Miller, Nicholas 14 5 Mitchell, Wm. 11 18 Mitchell, John 13 7 Mearns, David 12 20 Meier, Peter 13 12 Meyer, James 11 10 Meyer, George 11 10 Meyer, Vincent 13 22 Maas, Martin 14 12 Murray, James 14 15 Morris, Wm. 14 15 Morris, John Jr. 14 19 Morris, John 14 26 Morris, Patrick 14 26 Mulvihill, Thos. 14 22 Mehar, Jeremiah 14 31 Mehar, John 16 29 McFarland, Bernard 14 20 McFarland, Thomas 2 55 McFarland, James 1 24 McFarland, Geo. Sr. 1 25 McFarland, Geo. Jr. 1 25 McFarland, Wm. 2 58 McGee, James B 68 McGee, Neil 13 18 McNeice, Daniel 2 9 McCormack, Michael 2 24 McCormack, James 12 24 McNamara, Daniel 2 25 McVean, Robert 2 27 McGrath, John 2 31 McPhee, Neil 2 44 McPhee, Malcolm 2 45 McPhee, Arch'd 2 47 McPhee, John 2 49 McGillivray, Donald 3 52 McGillivray, Alex 2 52 McCulloch, David 3 4 McCalmon, John 3 12 McKay, John 17 17 McGowan, Samuel 3 19 McGowan, John 3 19 McGowan, Thomas 3 34 McDonald, Alex 9 29 McDonald, Angus 9 30 McDonald, John 9 31 McDonald, Donald 3 21 McDonald, Hugh 3 56 McIntee, Stephen 3 27 McIlroy, Patrick 3 43 McMaster, John 3 54 McKinlay, John 3 73 McCauley, Edward 4 10 McHoreed, Andrew 3 20 McMullen, James 4 24 McMullen, Peter 4 26 McKinnon, Donald 5 15 McKinnon, Duncan 5 16 McKinnon, John 5 17 McKinnon, Malcolm 5 19 McIntosh, John 10 26 McMahon, Cornelius 11 29 McMahon, Henry A. 12 21 McDermott, Bernard 12 24 McCarthy, Patrick 13 18 McKenzie, Kenneth 17 30 McNaughton, Lachlan 17 31 McKenna, Miles 8 24 Nolan, Patrick 10 23 Nolan, Edward 10 23 Nolan, John 2 42 Nolan, Lawrence 16 25 Nichol, Thomas 2 43 Nevill, Thomas 2 71 Nispel, Henry, Jr. 6 4 Nispel, John 6 5 Nester, Matthias 13 1 Nester, Sigismund 13 15 Orchard, John 1 14 Osborne, Aaron 1 20 Orr, Joseph 1 25 O'Shaughnessy, Peter A 75 O'Brien, Michael 2 22 O'Brien, James 14 16 O'Brien, Thomas 14 16 O'Brien, John 14 17 Ovens, Robert 2 61 O'Gram, Harrison 4 15 O'Neil, Michael 4 28 O'Neil, Thomas 13 26 Oswald, Sebastian 11 15 Oehm, Frederick 5 18 O'Farrell, Matthew 8 19 O'Farrell, Andrew 8 19 O'Donnell, Mortimer 12 16 O'Donnell, Patrick 12 29 O'Donnell, Michael 12 30 O'Reilly, Wm. 13 13 Oliver, Thomas 17 16 Pettigrew, Quintin 1 8 Putman, Solomon 1 17 Pettie, Henry 2 6 Peters, James 2 24 Patterson, Wm. 2 50 Peter, Wm. 3 17 Peter, John Yost 10 3 Pletsch, Adam 4 16 Paul, Vollbrecht 5 11 Pfeffer, George 7 8 Pfeffer, Valentine 10 20 Ploethner, Fred 8 6 Pfeil, John 8 8 Prochnow, Edward 9 1 Priess, Otto 9 6 Porter, Levi B. 13 4 Porter, George 13 5 Plantz, Henry 13 6 Parley, Thomas 13 14 Parley, Patrick 13 14 Peterson, Wm. 18 7 Quirk, John 2 8 Rae, Matthew 15 14 Reiss, John 15 6 Rogers, Robert 1 7 Rogers, Thomas 1 19 Reddick, John 1 22 Russell, Thomas 2 5 Reid, James 2 14 Reid, Roderick 2 21 Ragan, Thomas 2 39 Ragan, Patrick 2 41 Ragan, Michael 14 25 Robertson, John 2 56 Reddy, John 3 4 Reed, George 3 22 Reed, Wm. 3 24 Ryan, Martin 3 45 Ryan, Cornelius 12 22 Ryan, Wm. H. 3 75 Ryan, Michael 8 20 Riepert, Charles 5 25 Riepert, Henry 6 15 Riepert, John S. 5 25 Runge, John 6 6 Ruppenthal, James 7 9 Ridding, John 7 10 Reihl, Conrad 8 9 Rowan, John 8 17 Rahn, John 10 2 Raheilly, Patrick 11 26 Robinson, Jonathan 15 17 Robinson, Benjamin 18 18 Ryder, Edward 15 30 Reiner, Fred 16 3 Rehkorf, Auguste 16 6 Rehkorf, Henry 16 6 Ringall, Adam 17 4 Schwartzbeck, Francis 18 1 Sterrit, Hamilton 1 9 Souster, John 1 17 Smith, Patrick 1 20 Smith, Alex 18 31 Smith, Wm. 1 23 Smith, Alfred 4 31 Smith, John Sr. 1 23 Smith, John Jr. 1 24 Smith, Thomas (Merchant) 1 28 Smith, John 3 41 Stinson, Mrs. 1 26 Stinson, George 4 23 Shields, David B 71 Stewart, George 2 19 Stewart, Duncan 4 25 Stewart, James 3 18 Stewart, Wm. 3 32 Stewart, Peter 5 27 Sample, Andrew 2 37 Stevenson, Wm. 5 26 Stevenson, Robert 2 59 Stevenson, Thomas 3 37 Stevenson, Mrs. 2 62 Steffens, Herman 3 9 Sirr, John 3 11 Sirr, Thomas 17 25 Shiel, Alex 6 23 Shiel, John 3 49 Small, Hillyard 3 53 Shannon, Dennis 3 64 Shannon, Glasgow 4 11 Shannon, Patrick 3 64 Schultz, Frederick 7 11 Schultz, John 4 6 Schultz, Henry 7 11 Schott, Henry 4 7 Schwab, Henry 4 12 Schwab, Henry, Jr. 4 12 Siefert, Jacob 5 1 Strobel, Jacob 5 1 Schauss, James 7 1 Schaus, James B. 7 2 Schauss, John 6 1 Schaus, Philip 6 2 Seip, James 5 3 Schmidt, Christian 5 5 Sing, John 5 5 Sansen, Charles, Jr. 6 6 Schwalm, John 6 9 Stroh, George 6 12 Stroh, John 8 8 Seffrey, James 6 24 Sullivan, Timothy, Sr. 7 28 Sullivan, Cornelius 7 29 Sullivan, Michael 13 26 Saeger, James 8 1 Schrieber, Charles 8 6 Schlowhauer, Nicholas 9 21 Seigmiller, James 10 4 Schenck, George 10 7 Schilling, Charles 11 5 Schilling, Frederick 13 8 Schilling, Fred. W 13 8 Siegrist, Nicholas 11 6 Snyder, Christian 12 3 Scoales, Wm. 13 20 Scoales, John 13 21 Scott, Timothy 14 10 Sheehan, Morris 14 18 Shoenbachler, Augusta 15 4 Spielmacher, Jacob 15 4 Spielmacher, Andrew 17 6 Sauer, Charles 13 10 Schneider, Henry 13 11 Schoen, Julius 7 5 Steckenreiter, Anthony 16 4 Steckenreiter, John 16 4 Sharpe, Wm. B. 17 22 Sharpe, John 17 23 Schenck, George 10 17 Tilson, Wm. 2 55 Tilson, John 1 24 Tarry, Joseph 1 29 Tompkins, Mrs. 2 32 Tanner, George 7 31 Tanner, Wm. 2 43 Tate, John 3 38 Taylor, John 3 46 Thompson, James 3 48 Theiss, John 6 8 Tegler, Christian 7 6 Tone, Matthew 7 21 Tone, Wm. 11 25 Tone, James 11 25 Teigh, Henry 7 22 Tiffany, George 12 17 Thomson, Arch'd 15 26 Unger, Absalom 7 3 Umbach, Frederick 12 7 Voight, Sebastian 4 8 Vance, Henry 3 6 Wappler, Andreas 16 13 Wappler, Henry 11 2 Wright, Samuel 10 18 Wright, John 10 19 Wright, George 10 18 Wright, Henry 9 19 Wright, George, Sr 9 19 Werner, Henry 8 7 Woods, Wm. 7 16 Witherlow, John 6 20 Wilkinson, Isaac 1 7 Wilson, John 1 12 Warner, P. R. (Innkeeper) 1 19 Watson, Robert 3 13 Watson, Robert Jr. 2 14 Watson, David 16 17 Webber, Robert 2 18 Webber, James 2 18 Wilcott, Wm. 2 40 Whiteford, Robert Sr. 18 15 Waldron, Wm. 2 47 Williamson, Joseph 2 69 Ward, John 2 75 Whalin, Patrick 3 25 Williams, James 3 48 Weber, Jacob 4 8 Weber, Peter 10 4 Walters, Wm. 4 22 Walters, John 5 20 Weltz, Frederick 10 8 Weltz, Adam 10 9 Weltz, John 10 10 Werner, Daniel 11 3 Werner, Martin 11 4 Widmeyer, Francis 11 13 Walter, Jacob 14 12 Wesch, Henry 14 11 Widmeyer, Englebert 12 6 Widmeyer, Adam 12 11 Westenhoefer, C. 16 4 Wagner, Mathias 16 5 Widmeyer, David 11 12 Widmeyer, Anthony 12 13 Willis, Sidney 17 9 Wilson, Charles 11 24 Waters, John 18 13 Weber, Jacob 12 2 Wangler, Joseph 13 1 Weber, Philip 12 3 Wilson, Peter 17 11 Winkler, David 13 2 Wagner, John R. 13 7 Wagner, Andrew 18 1 Walter, Frederick 14 9 Young, James 13 16 Young, John 17 28 Youngbluth, John 14 6 Youngbluth, George 14 6
Now changed to "ORCHARD," which see.
A new village on Colpoy's Bay, or rather on Big Bay, between Colpoy's Bay and Owen's Sound. It is on the North Shore of the Township of Keppel hence the name. The land in the vicinity is good, and a large and flourishing settlemant has sprung up since the land was sold in 1857. Mr. John Horne put up a sawmill five or six years ago and is now making preparations to erect a Grist Mill also. A pretty little stream falls into the Bay at this point; and there is a break in the bluffs that fringe the most of the shore, the land descending gently to the water. North Keppel is 18 m. from Owen Sound town. Mail every Tuesday from Owen Sound. BOYD, WILLIAM C., Farmer. DEWAR, ROBERT, Postmaster. HORNE, JOHN, Proprietor Sawmill. PICKEN, ROBERT, General Merchant.
The Nottawasaga is a County of Simcoe River, and had the County line been three or four miles further West, would not have touched the County of Grey at all. Some of its tributaries rise in the Eastern edge of the County; the Mad River in Osprey, and two branches of the Pine River in Melancthon.
A new village on the Garafraxa Road, 8 m. S. of Durham, and 8 m. N. of Mount Forest. It is partly in Normanby, and partly in Egremont. It was laid out as a village by the proprietor of the ground, John Orchard, Esq., in 1858, and named Orchardville. When a Post office was applied for, it was granted, under the name of Orchard. The P. O. authorities have a great horror of unnecessarily long names, and an especial dread of multiplying villes. It may be stated, as an item for the curious, that there are fewer names of Post Office ending in ville now than four years ago! About that time we ran over the Post office list, and found there were 1600 Post offices in Canada, and of these 130 ended in ville, a class of names we took occasion to say, that seemed alarmingly on the increase. At the close of 1864, there were within a dozen of twenty one hundred Post offices, and only one hundred and ten Villes among them; an actual diminution of the number, which no-one will regret. It thus happens that though Orchardville is the name of the village, as set forth in all the title deeds, "Orchard" is the name of the P. O., and is likely soon entirely to supersede the longer name. There is no water power at Orchard. It contains, in addition to the Store and Post-office of Mr. Caldwell, a Tavern, a Blacksmith-shop, Shoemaker's-shop, &c. Mails are daily in both directions; being on the Stage-road from Guelph to Owen Sound. Population, 80. Allan, James, Boot and Shoemaker. Allan, John, Shoemaker. Batey, Isaac, Farmer CALDWELL, THOMAS, Postmaster and General Merchant. Calvert, John, General Blacksmith. Crinklaw, Joseph. Cook, Leonard. GREIG, Rev. P., Canada Presbyterian. HOWSON, MRS., Proprietress "Orchardville Hotel." Hart, Joseph, Farmer. Moore, Robert, Labourer. McCrae, John, Carpenter. Orchard, John, Farmer. Quin, John, Carpenter; County Constable. ROGERS, BENJ. J. P., Township Clerk for Egremont. Sayjohn, Abraham, Blacksmith (at J. Calvert's).
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