Directory of the County of Grey for 1865-6. (Part 6)

This is one of the Eastern Townships of the County; having Collingwood township on the North, Nottawasaga (in Simcoe) on the East, Melancthon on the South, and Artemisia on the West. It is a high level upland township, of the richest soil; soil clay loam, on a gravelly subsoil. It ought to be one of the finest and most productive among the Agricultural townships of Upper Canada. For some years past, however, it has been much affected with late frosts in Spring and early frosts in Autumn, or rather in the end of Summer, very greatly to the damage of Spring wheat and Hay crops. During the last two years, a much larger breadth of Fall Wheat has been sown; and, as it has been found to succeed well so far, high hopes are entertained that things will yet turn out well for Agriculture in Osprey. It is a curious fact that there are scarcely any forest trees in Osprey other than maple or elm. Pine, Hemlock, Beech and Basswood, are almost unknown. A fine growth of almost exclusively maple covers the uncleared portions. Osprey occupies the highest of the elevated plateau between Georgian Bay and Lakes Erie and Ontario, and sends waters to Georgian Bay both by the Beaver and Nottawasaga Rivers, and to Lake Huron by the Saugeen. Its elevation will be from 1000 to 1200 feet above Georgian Bay. Springs abound in the township, some of them in magnificent fountain-heads; making pools that never freeze, many yards across, with hard bottoms of marly limestone, and forming mill streams at once. Thus at Feversham, the Beaver is quite a river-like stream, though only three or four miles from its highest source. The air is of the purest and most exhilarating character; and the general health of the township always most excellent. Is it too much to look forward a generation, and see in fancy water-cures and hygienic retreats established on this airy upland, beside some of these pure head-springs? Osprey, though an inland township, is well situated for Markets. Its nearest corner comes within about seven miles of Collingwood Harbour. Collingwood is, and always has been, the chief Markettown for Osprey; as, before Collingwood town was in existence, Osprey contained but a very few settlers. The "Durham and Collingwood" Gravel Road runs directly across the township, as nearly as possible in the centre, and gives a good access toward market in either direction. Feversham, Maxwell and Singhampton, also offer home-markets for merchantable produce. Artemisia and Osprey were surveyed by Chas. Rankin, Esq., P.L.S., in 1849 and '50. A few settlers had come into the Eastern part of Osprey, next Nottawasaga, before the lands were in market; but it was in 1855 and the two following years that the bulk of the lands were "taken up." It was chiefly settled with people from the counties of York and Peel; people who had some experience of Canadian life, and calculated to "push." Their industry and perseverance would seem to deserve better success than has attended their efforts for two or three years past. Perhaps if Fall Wheat, &c., supersede the precarious Spring Wheat, so liable to injury from the frosts, a brighter day may be dawning upon them. The South-Eastern part of the township is occupied by Highlanders, mostly from the Islands. The second generation will make excellent settlers, but the original immigrants (and the same remark applies to the majority of the Irish immigrants in the County), have so little idea of life in the bush, and are so apt to sit down contented with any condition that is somewhat better than they had at "home" that they do not "go ahead," as do settlers reared in the country. Osprey, as well as some others of the Eastern townships, was originally attached to the County of Simcoe, and then to the County of Wellington; and handed over to Grey, upon the latter being erected into a separate County. In consequence, the Municipality has been, for several years, paying instalments of the old County debts of both these Counties, and though nearly through with such payments, is not yet quite clear. The original "Durham Road" crosses the township from East to West about two miles from its South border. Three Concessions parallel with that Road are laid off on each side, in 50-acre lots, and originally granted to actual settlers, free. It is a fine tract of land. The Southernmost of the three lines of road especially, called the "South Line of Osprey," presents a series of beautiful farms, the land lying very handsomely, and being of the richest soil. On this line (lot 65, 3rd S. Durham Road), about two miles from the town line of Nottawasaga, is the highest land in the Western peninsula actually measured. The late David Gibson, Esq., P. L. S., made it 1,180 feet above Georgian Bay. Other Surveyors have made it as much as 1,248 feet. Census Reports.-Population in 1861, 2,201; natives of England and Wales, 183; Scotland, 344; Ireland, 344; Canada, 1,307; all other countries, 21. Occupiers of lands, 402; of whom 24 held less than 50 acres each; 65 held from 50 to 100 acres each; 311 from 100 to 200 acres each; and 2 upwards of 200 acres each. Fall wheat raised, 118 bushels; Spring Wheat, 38,733 bushels; Barley, 2,713 bushels; Pease, 5,257 bushels; Oats, 19,272 bushels; Potatoes, 29,872 bushels; Turnips, 75,385 bushels; Hay, 675 tons; Maple Sugar, 8,760 lbs.; wool, 1,766 lbs.; Butter, 19,145 lbs.; Cheese, 409 lbs.; Pork, 362 bbls. With respect to the above figures, it may be observed that the four years that have intervened since the Census was taken have done wonders in the way of increase of products, notwithstanding the drawbacks of "Summer frosts." As an instance, one firm in the township purchased last year 32,000 bushels of grain; although the whole amount of grain, raised (not "sold"), in 1860 was 66,093 bushels. The same firm purchased last year 56,000 lbs. pork; although the whole amount slaughtered in 1860, was 72,400 lbs. Fall Wheat is also now taking its place as an important product in the township, though it figures in very insignificant proportions in the Census of 1861. Municipal officers.-Reeve; Thomas Gamey (Maxwell P. O.); Dep. Reeve, John Hamilton (Singhampton P. O.) Councillors; James Winter, John Douglas, Robert Loughead. Clerk, James Gibson (Osprey P. O.) Treasurer, Josiah Gamey, (Maxwell P. O.). Magistrates.-Edward Harton, John Buckingham, Thomas Gamey, William Kinnear, Edward Galloway, John Hamilton, William Lugit, Alexander Munroe, Arch'd. McIntyre, John Douglas. Schools.- No. 1. David Stewart, Teacher. House, log. Furnished with maps, and Blackboard. Average attendance for 1864, about 23. No.2.- (At McIntyre P. O.) - John Kearnan, Teacher (1864) House, log. Maps and Blackboard. Average attendance in 1864, 43. No.3. (Not organized.) No.4,. Miss M. A. Brunker, Teacher. House, log. Maps and Blackboard. Average attendance for 1864, about 15. No. 5. Francis Whewill, Teacher. House, log. Maps and Blackboard. Average attendance in 1864, about 25. No. 6. Jasper Sullivan, Teacher. House, log. Maps and Blackboard. Average attendance for 1864, about 34. No. 7. Feversham School. Frame building; well furnished with Maps and Apparatus. Richard Campbell, Teacher, 1864. Average attendance for the year, about 19. No. 8. (Not organized). No. 9. John Pentland, Teacher. House, log. Maps and Blackboard. Average attendance for 1864, about 40. No.10. Joseph McCallum, Teacher. House, log. Particularly well furnished with Maps, &c. Average attendance for 1864, about 32. Union No.1. (Nottawasaga and Osprey). Singhampton School. House, on Nottawasaga side of County Line, stone. Maps, &c. Neil McDonald, Teacher. Average attendance for 1864, about 36. NOTE.-Residents of Villages are omitted in the Township list; except where they are assessed for farm lands. For reasons else-where given, (see "Artemisia," &c.,) the distinctions "Freeholder" and "Householder" are not here given. The letter "S" distinguishes the three Concessions South of the Durham Road. All the other Concessions are North of that Road; Concession 14 being on the Northern limit of the Township. Con. Lot Armstrong, James 14 25 Allen, John 14 21 Armstrong, Edward 11 16 Adair, Alex 10 28 Allister, George 8 15 Algeo, Thomas 9 35 Anderson, Thos. 6 22 Anderson, Michael 6 22 Averill, David 4 36 Averill, Benj. 4 36 Arnott, Wm. 3 32 Arnott, Samuel 1 6 Armour, Robert 1 S 73 Armour, Wm. 2 S 71 Armitage, Eli 3 S 71 Armitage, Wm. 3 S 74 Andrews, Joseph 11 12 Alexander, George 11 20 Andrews, John 11 13 Brown, Robert A 12 Beattie, Wm. A 14 Beattie, James A 14 Buey, Duncan A 17 Buey, Arch'd A 18 Buey, John 10 36 Buchanan, John 14 33 Baker, Louis 14 19 Barber, Charles 14 10 Bullock, Charles 12 10 Brownlee, Robert Sr. 13 20 Brownlee, Hugh 13 21 Brownloe, Alex 13 21 Buckingham, John 12 20 Brown, Thomas 12 24 Bruce, George 13 29 Buey, Angus 12 32 Bristow, George 13 36 Bristow, Wm. 13 26 Bateman, Thornton 13 37 Burchard, John 10 2 Burns, Michael 10 8 Brown, Robert 10 12 Brown, Robert Jr. 10 43 Baldry, John 11 23 Bowtell, Henry 11 27 Burns, Patrick 8 2 Burke, Richard 9 12 Burke, John 9 13 Brewster, Wm. 8 30 Brown, Robert 7 31 Booth, James 9 32 Bulmer, Henry 7 16 Bulmer, Wm. 6 29 Bell, Donald 9 32 Brydges, Edward 5 6 Brownridge, Albert 5 8 Brownridge, John 5 8 Brownridge, Samuel 5 9 Brownridge, George 4 12 Brownridge, Thomas 5 12 Bell, Arch'd 5 23 Bell, Murdoch 5 25 Bell, John 4 26 Bell, Charles 4 33 Beatty, John 3 42 Beatty, John, Jr. 3 44 Beatty, Robert 3 41 Brunkhard, Francis 2 30 Brown, Thomas 1 S 5 Brown, James 1 S 15 Bowes, Thomas 1 45 Bulmer, Walker 1 S 48 Bowes, Campbellman 1 53 Barrow, Alex 2 S 12 Brown, George 2 S 21 Badjero, Mrs. 2 S 61 Badjero, Wm. 3 S 61 Bell, Allan 14 36 Carr, John 2 S 11 Carr, Andrew A 1 Christner, Solomon 13 3 Crawford, James 12 6 Crawford, James, Jr. 13 6 Cooper, Thomas 12 10 Cameron, Neil 12 27 Cameron, Hugh 12 29 Cameron, Angus 11 29 Cameron, Donald 7 23 Cameron, Kenneth 7 26 Cameron, Malcolm 5 31 Cripps, Villiers 13 29 Curran, James 12 33 Clemens, Thomas 11 8 Campbell, John 10 9 Campbell, Alex 9 22 Colquet, Daniel 10 10 Crone, John 11 21 Curran, Samuel 10 27 Curran, Wm., Sr. 11 30 Copeman, John 3 S 11 Clinton, John 9 1 Connor, Patrick 9 3 Carnaghan, Robert 8 16 Cousins, Robert 9 37 Cockerill, John 7 8 Clark, James 6 17 Coutts, Wm. 7 22 Croft, Charles 5 2 Conklin, John 4 6 Clark, Thomas 4 13 Clary, Wm. 2 44 Conn, John 2 38 Coutts, George 3 18 Crimby, Wm. 1 S 21 Crimby, John 1 22 Cassell, Isaac 1 S 52 Clary, Thomas 1 55 Clary, John 1 54 Chapman, James 1 74 Crone, John A. 2 S 64 Downie, Wm. A 12 Dyer, Alfred 12 7 Dand, Wm. 13 7 Christie, George A 9 Christie, James A 9 Cooper, James 14 30 Christner, John 13 4 Davidson, Wm. 12 13 Douglas, John 13 15 Doig, Wm. 13 22 Davies, John 13 25 Davidson, George 8 17 Dobson, Peter 4 11 Dobson, Thomas 5 11 Davidson, Wm. J. 1 S 17 Davidson, Wm. 1 S 18 Davidson, Robert 1 18 Dair, John 1 S 48 Duncan, John 10 7 Emerson, Mathew 7 28 Ferguson, Wm. 1 57 Fisher, Thomas 12 35 Fisher, Alex 13 28 Fisher, Samuel 14 32 Fowler, Thomas 12 11 Fleury, Robert 13 16 Felstead, Wm. 13 17 Fernando, Leonard 13 19 Friethy, John 13 34 Field, Henry 6 10 Fletcher, George 6 16 Fyke, Benj. 5 11 Fitchet, Jacob 3 67 Free, John 2 60 Free, Robert 2 60 Graham, John 1 30 Graham, James 13 24 Graham, Wm. 13 23 Graham, John 13 18 Graham, Thomas A 6 Graham, Wm. A 7 Gillies, James 14 35 Goldie, James 14 22 Gray, John 12 25 Gray, Richard 13 26 Gray, Wm. 1 S 78 Galloway, John 10 5 Galloway, Ephraim 10 4 Gamey, James 7 20 Gamey, Alex. 7 20 Gamey, Thomas 7 1 Gamey, Josiah 6 15 Gamey, John 5 1 Guy, Wm. 6 11 Gilbert, Wm. 2 64 Gordon, John 2 22 Gibson, James 2 S 78 Gibson, Wm. 3 S 77 Glazier, George 3 S 11 Holley, James A 19 Hendry, John, Sr. 14 11 Hendry, John, Jr. 14 9 Hizzard, James 13 9 Holden, John 12 32 Holden, Wm. 13 31 Holden, Martha 11 36 Heney, Samuel 12 31 Hudson, Henry 10 14 Hudson, John 11 18 Hudson, James S. 10 17 Hudson, Joseph 10 18 Hollingshead, Wm. 10 21 Hanley, Jane 9 2 Horton, Mrs. Jane 9 16 Horton, George 9 16 Horton, Samuel 9 16 Heron, Duncan 7 12 Heron, Rich'd, Jr. 7 13 Heron, Rich'd, Sr. 8 13 Hodgson, John 7 19 Hill, David 3 10 Hammell, John 7 29 Hamilton, Wm. Sr. 3 79 Hamilton, Wm. Jr. 3 80 Hamilton, John 3 77 Hewson, George 2 34 Hicks, Wm. 3 30 Hutchinson, John 1 16 Hay, Howard 3 S 73 Inkster, John 8 8 Irwin, John 1 14 Inglis, George 3 S 70 Inglis, James 3 S 70 Jackson, Henry 3 S 75 Jackson, Christopher 11 14 Joyce, James 3 71 Jacklin, Robinson 2 36 Jordan, Wm. 1 1 Johns, Wm. 1 S 59 Johnson, Wm. 10 6 Johnson, Christopher 11 9 Johnson, John 3 S 9 Kingsley, Mrs. 8 18 Kirton, John, Sr. 6 8 Kirton, John, Jr. 6 7 Kirton, Wm. 6 7 Kinner, Wm. 6 19 Kennedy, Neil 7 21 Kyle, Wm. 1 76 Kyle, John 1 78 Lush, George 10 11 Lloyd, James 11 25 Lindsay, John 9 33 Linn, Adam 3 19 Little, James 3 16 Little, Gilbert 1 S 6 Laughlin, Robt. 3 12 Livingston, John 1 S 2 Livingston, James 1 S 1 Lang, James 1 61 Lowes, Henry, Sr. 3 S 79 Learmont, John 4 25 Loughead, Isaac 8 28 Loughead, Abraham 9 28 Loughead, Robert 9 29 Loughead, Wm. 9 30 Long, Hosea 7 10 Myers, Joseph 12 9 Mullen, Wm. 12 15 Matthews, Stephen 13 37 Matts, Abraham 11 37 Madden, Thomas 9 6 Madden, John 9 7 Madden, Jas. Sr. 8 9 Madden, Jas. Jr. 9 9 Murphy, James 9 8 Moffatt, John 8 7 Monaghan, Michael 8 27 Morrison, Robert 9 31 Morrison, John 7 25 Morrison, George 4 8 Madill, Wm. 6 6 Maxwell, Joseph 6 10 Milney, George 5 20 Muirhead, Gavin 3 65 Muirhead, John 3 50 Munroe, Alex 3 59 Mathewson, Mrs. 2 35 Morton, Wm. 1 S 8 Millar, John 1 51 Macklem, Thomas 1 S 53 Mitchell, John 2 S 69 Marshall, Robt. 2 S 76 McDonald, John 2 61 McDonald, John A 20 McDonald, Arch'd 12 37 McDonald, Alex 12 37 McDonald, Donald 10 34 McDonald, Neil 9 23 McDonald, John 7 33 McDonald, Lachlin 7 34 McDonald, Dugald 5 26 McDonald, Alex 5 27 McDonald, Malcolm 4 28 McDonald, Donald 4 30 McDonald, Hector 4 34 McDonald, Donald, Sr. 5 34 McDonald, Donald, Jr. 5 34 McLean, Wm. 4 37 McLean, Mrs. A 22 McLean, Alex 6 23 McLean, Dugald 6 24 McLean, Lachlin 6 25 McLean, Hector 7 32 McLean, John 7 32 McLean, John 6 33 McLean, Hector 6 36 McLean, Arch'd 4 24 McLean, Rev. John 4 31 McLean, Allan 4 32 McLean, Donald Sr. 5 35 McLean, Arch'd 4 35 McLean, John 2 57 McLean, Donald 2 55 McLean, Lachlin 2 54 McLean, Donald 3 S 63 McLean, Alex. 2 S 63 McFadyen, Colin A 23 McFayden, Donald 4 27 McFayden, Alex. 4 31 McQueen, Donald A 24 McQueen, Alex. 9 26 McDugald, Mrs. A 28 McDougall, Fred 8 21 McDougall, Mr. 5 37 McTaggart, Arch'd 14 37 McLam, James 14 24 McGirr, James 14 17 McKenzie,, John 9 22 McKenzie, James 14 14 McKenzie, John 14 13 McKenzie, John 2 S 77 McGowan, David 12 30 McGowan, James 12 30 McPhee, John 12 33 McMullen, Alex. 10 37 McGinn, Wm. 9 15 McInnis, John 8 20 McInnis, Arch'd 9 25 McInnis, George 4 23 McKinnon, Alex. 2 S 73 McKinnon, Donald 3 S 67 McKinnon, Hugh 3 S 66 McKinnon, Arch'd 8 22 McKinnon, Alex 7 24 McKinnon, Donald 4 26 McKinnon, Neil 4 30 McKinnon, Donald 5 36 McArthur, Alex 2 S 67 McArthur, John 2 S 66 McArthur, John 8 23 McArthur, Neil 6 25 McArthur, Charles 5 31 McArthur, Neil 5 33 McArthur, John 5 33 McConnell, Robt. 9 34 McConnell, Thomas 8 26 McAvenny, David 7 3 McAvenny, Daniel 7 4 McCutcheon, Wm. 7 6 McFarlane, Arch'd 2 66 McFarlane, Neil 6 21 McQuarry, Harvey 6 27 McQuay, Samuel 4 20 McQuay, Andrew 4 20 McEachern, John 5 21 McEachern, Donald 4 21 McPhail, Neil 5 22 McPhail, Donald 6 24 McIntyre, Donald 5 28 McIntyre, Arch'd 5 29 McIntyre, Duncan 5 30 McIntyre, Alex 4 31 McIntyre, Donald 5 31 McIntyre, John 5 32 McPherson, Andrew 5 19 McMurray, Wm. 3 6 McMaster, George 3 3 McMaster, Abraham 3 2 Nesbit, John A 22 Newlove, Love 3 38 Newell, Thomas 1 S 54 Otterwell, George 12 8 Otterwell, Philip 12 8 Osborne, John 11 1 Osborne, James 8 5 Paul, Thomas 12 2 Poole, Thomas 12 3 Pinch, John 12 19 Park, James 11 24 Pallister, Henry 11 35 Phillips, Wm. 6 2 Potts, Edward 3 62 Potts, Andrew 3 63 Parson, George 3 S 13 Perego, Thomas 4 16 Riddle, Wm. Sr. A 4 Rolfson, Neil A 13 Roberts, Richard 13 5 Rayner, Edward 13 9 Robinson, John 13 10 Ross, Gilbert 12 12 Reid, Wm. 12 27 Rourke, Roger 11 13 Radley, Jackson 6 3 Radley, John, Sr 6 4 Radley, Joseph 6 9 Ransay, David 4 9 Roome, Joseph 5 14 Richmond, Duncan, Jr 3 55 Reid, John 1 17 Robinson, James 2 S 8 Robinson, Matthew 1 20 Rich, John 1 S 25 Rowe, Mrs. 1 63 Rowe, Wm. 1 65 Rowe, John 1 S 64 Russell, John 3 S 14 Service, Robert A. A 15 Stephens, Thos. Sr. 14 34 Stephens, Thos. Jr. 14 34 Stoneham, Job 12 7 Speer, John 11 16 Suggett, Wm. 12 17 Spofford, Robert 11 14 Stott, Aldrich 10 24 Sayjohn, Thomas 10 25 Sayjohn, Joseph 6 12 Seymour, Wm. 8 6 Spafford, Hugh 8 10 Spafford, Matthew 8 11 Sproule, Mrs. Mary 10 16 Sproule, James 6 13 Shields, James, Jr. 8 33 Smith, Andrew 9 36 Spiker, Isaac 7 5 Sutherland & Bowes 6 11 Scott, Robert 6 14 Sing, Joseph 5 15 Scilly, Michael 4 17 Scilly, John 4 18 Scilly, Wm. Sr. 3 35 Scilly, Wm. Jr. 3 37 Stephenson, Alex 2 59 Stephenson, James 1 60 Stewart, Wm. 2 35 Stewart, Andrew 3 21 Snowdon, John 1 8 Scout, Wayman 1 50 Spratt, James 1 S 61 Spratt, Wm. 1 S 60 Sheard, Abel 1 73 Strain, Wm. 2 S 4 Sandilands, George 3 S 52 Stiver, Edward 3 S 65 Smith, Benj. 2 S 65 Spanhouse, John 2 S 70 Stewart, John 2 S 74 Stewart, Wm. 2 S 80 Sullivan, Cornelius 8 26 Taylor, Moses 8 37 Taylor, Joseph A 1 Thompson, Hugh 14 16 Thompson, James 13 13 Thompson, David 10 20 Thompson, George 11 22 Thompson, Arch'd 10 2 Thompson, Wm. 8 25 Tatton, Jesse 3 52 Thorn, Arch'd 2 21 Timony, John 3 S 75 Tupper, John 3 S 80 Tedford, Wm., Sr. 2 S 55 Tedford, Wm., Jr. 2 S 53 Tupling, Soudon 14 20 Vert, John 1 60 Wilson, James 3 8 Wilson, Andrew 12 18 Wilson, George 13 10 Wilson, Mrs. A 5 Wilson, George A 6 Whewell, Francis 12 1 West, John 13 33 Wright, Hugh 11 6 Weldrick, John 11 11 Wright, Elisha 10 13 Wright, Wm. A. 10 19 Wright, Arch'd 11 19 Wright, Robert 1 S 10 Wright, Daniel 9 10 Wismer, Philemon 8 11 Witty, Burton 8 19 Witty, John 6 31 Woodhouse, Robert 7 15 Wise, Robert 6 27 Whitson, David 7 37 Wright, Alex 5 13 Wiggins, Robt. 4 15 Walker, James 4 29 Walker, John 3 58 Walker, Alex 2 41 Wheeler, Andrew 2 78 Wheeler, John 2 79 Wisdom, John 3 39 Wisdom, Wm. 3 40 Wisdom, George 2 34 Winters, James 2 30 Winters, Francis 2 26 Winters, John 2 24 Winters, Wm. 2 20 Winters, Samuel 2 18 Wood, Nathaniel 2 S 75 Wood, John 1 S 75 Wade, Richard 1 S 76
A Post office on the "South line" of Osprey Township, about a mile from the S. E. corner of the Township; near the Nottawasaga Townline. It is 6 m. S. of Singhampton, and 9 m. N. of Horning's Mills. There is a Store and a Blacksmith's Shop near the P. O. Mail North and South on Saturdays. Callaghan, James, Blacksmith. GIBSON, JAMES, Farmer, and Postmaster. PENNOCK, JOHN, General Merchant. Stewart, Wm., Sr., Farmer. Stewart, Alex., Farmer. Stewart, Richard, Farmer. Stewart, Samuel, Farmer.
In giving a rapid sketch of the town of Owen Sound, the County Town of Grey, it is not necessary to go very far back into the past; for the "oldest inhabitant" has not yet, by virtue of his residence, become very venerable. The place dates from the year 1840. In that year, John Telfer, Esq., formerly of Dumfries township, was appointed, under Lord Sydenham, then Governor General, Agent for the locality, and arrived via St. Vincent, in a batteau, early in the fall. A small portion of the town plot had been surveyed in 1837 by Charles Rankin, Esq., P.L.S., as well as the original line of the Garafraxa Road, leading South to the settlements of the Wellington District. Mr. Rankim and his party were again ordered to Owen Sound in 1840. They landed at the river edge, at the foot of Union Street, under the overhanging cedars that almost hid the sky, coming from Penetanguishene in batteaux. Mr. Telfer got up the "body" of his first log house while they were there. They laid out a portion of the valley into half acre lots, and went off again on the 11th November. At that time the site of the town had a very forbidding aspect. Tangled cedar, hemlock and balsam covered the whole flat. The River was choked up with decaying logs. The cedars leaned across the stream and met overhead, almost shutting out the light of day; and near the mouth of the river was an unsavoury marsh on either side, alive with frogs and mosquitoes. In 1841, the first settlers began to come in to "Sydenham," as it was for many years called. During the summer, Mr. Telfer had Union Street chopped and Poulett Street "slashed." The latter was "logged up" the next year. The first tavern was erected by Mr. H. G. Campbell, on the present site of Coulson's British Hotel. Mr. W. C. Boyd built the older part of the "Exchange Hotel," corner of Scrope and Union streets, and opened a house of entertainment and a Store. He was the first Storekeeper. Mr. Hinchcliff was the second; and Mr. George Brown, the present Postmaster, was the third. For some time, Mr. Telfer acted as Postmaster, but without the appointment. The nearest Post office was St. Vincent P. O., Meaford, kept by the late W. Stephenson. Mr. Stephenson would send over letters and papers, as he found opportunity, to Mr. Telfer; and kept a "petty account" with him. When the place seemed to need a Post office, the present Post master, George Brown, Esq., was appointed. For some years the mail route was from Barrie, via St. Vincent. In 1844, Bishop Strachan visited "Sydenham", coming round on the steamer "Gore," Capt. James, Dick. In 1851, Lord Elgin visited the place, arriving in the Government steamer "Mohawk," and remaining a couple of days. In 1848 the first Division Court was held, Judge Powell of Wellington presiding. In 1851, W. A. Stephenson was appointed Collector. R. Carney, Esq., had previously held the office; but, on being transferred to another port, he resigned. In the same year the "Comet" newspaper was established. In the fall of 1853, the "Lever" and "Times" were started; the latter being still published. The Court House and Gaol were built in 1853. The first Quarter Sessions for the County were held in the Spring of 1854. The late F. T. Wilkes was the first County Judge. In 1856, the population of the town was found to be 1,985. A Special Act of Incorporation as a Town, under the name of Owen Sound, was applied for, and passed; and the first election of Councillors took place in January, 1857. Richard Carney, Esq., was the first Mayor. The population of the town is now 2,400. Owen Sound is situated at the head of the Sound of that name, an arm of Georgian Bay, and at the mouth of the Sydenham River, which runs through the town. The valley in which the town is situated, opening out upon the waters of the Sound, is about half a mile wide and a mile and a half long; skirted with hills on each side about 100 feet high. Above the hills is a beautifnl upland, which in process of time will be a favourite spot for private residences, a few of which already make their appearance. The town occupies a considerable space of ground, and is not yet very closely built. Poulett Street is the principal business street, and contains some substantial stone and brick buildings. The River has been improved in its navigation, and admits vessels drawing seven to ten feet of water, up to the Swing Bridge, near the centre of the town. (See "The River.") The town has a large export trade with Collingwood and the Copper Mines at the North, and imports to some extent from Chicago and Detroit. Communication by steamboat daily with Collingwood, and weekly with Bruce Mines and Sault Ste. Marie in summer; and daily to Collingwood, Southhampton, Guelph, &c., by stage. Public Buildings.-The Court House of the County was erected in 1853. It is a plain structure of stone, standing on slightly elevated ground, overlooking the harbor and mouth of the river. The gaol is attached to the Court House, occupying the rear wings of the building. The insecurity of the latter has become a proverb in the County; as scarcely a year passes but some prisoner escapes. The ground floor of the County Buildings contains the offices of the Registrar of Deeds, the County Treasurer, the County Court Clerk, the Sheriff, and the Clerk of the Peace, opening upon a central corridor that traverses the building. Above are the Court Room, a fine lofty apartment; the Judges Room; the Grand Jury Room, and two Petit Jury Rooms. The Common and Grammar Schools are accommodated in a substantial and plain stone building, on Hill st. not far from the Court House. The building is the property of the School Corporation, and was erected seven or eight year ago. The number of pupils in the various departments has been so great, that for some years a junior division has been accommodated in a separate building. St. George's Church (Episcopal) stands at the foot of Division st. hill, at East side of the town. It is a rough cast frame building, built in 1852, and enlarged three or four years ago. It has, a small tower surmounted with a belfry, containing a bell of moderate dimensions. The Wesleyan Chapel stands on Scrope st. near the centre of the town. It is a stone building erected in 1851, but greatly enlarged a few years ago. It is now the largest church in the town. The N. C., Methodist Chapel is a neat stone building on Baker st., toward the Eastern side of the tower, erected seven or eight years ago. The United Presbyterian (now Canada Presbyterian) Church fronts on Division st. It is a frame building, plastered to intimate stone. A large and comfortable house. The Free Church, (now Canada Presbyterian), is a frame building on Boyd st., near the foot of Union st. hill, built about 5 years ago. The Congregational Chapel is a frame building on West side of the River, midway between the bridges. Built in 1856. The Baptist Chapel is occupied during the week for a junior division of the Common School, as well as by the congregation on the Sabbath. It is a frame plastered building on Hill st. near the school. The Disciples' Meeting House is a small neat brick building, on Division st., erected a number of years ago. The Drill Room and County Agricultural Society's Exhibition Building fronts on Hill st., near Division st. It is a plain frame building, with a very large amount of floor room. Erected in 1862. Manufactures.-Harrison's Flouring Mill is a very large and substantial frame building, at the south end of the town, on the Sydenham River. The present Mill was erected in 1857. It is 100 x 49 feet, 4 1/2 storeys high, including the stone basement storey. It is well finished, and contains three run of stones. The premises are calculated for six run. A large amount of flouring is done at the "Owen Sound Mills," the flour being shipped via Collingwood by steamer in summer, and teamed to that town by road in winter. Harrison Brothers, Proprietors. Harrison's Sawmill is built upon the most approved modern principles, with large circular saw, lath saws, &c. Average cutting, about 500 ft. per hour. The present mill was built in 1863; the old Sawmill being pulled down to make room for it. Harrison Brothers. Harrison's Carding and Fulling Mill is situated between the Flouring mill and the Sawmill, occupying the stone building formerly used as a Grist mill. It contains 2 Carding Mills, and the usual apparatus for fulling and finishing cloth. Chatwin & Comely's Cabinet Factory is situated near the Grist Mills. Water power derived from the Sydenham River. This business has been established three years, and has now attained very considerable proportions, a very large amount of Furniture of all kinds being annually produced. Warerooms on Poulett st. Riddle & Secord's Brewery is situated on West side of the River, near the hill. The business was originally established by John Riddle, Sr., in 1851. The present Brewery was erected in 1857, and extensive additions made, in 1861. The building is of stone, 2 1/2 storeys high, and about 90 x 50 feet in size. Rossiters' Fanning Mill Factory is near Union st. bridge, on the West bank of the river. It is a large and commodious frame building 60 x 28 feet; 3 1/2 storeys high, including the stone basement. Built in 1864. The business however was established several years previously. Some hundreds of Fanning Mills, with all the latest improvements, are turned out every year. Rossiter & Brother, Proprietors. Quinm's Tannery is at the South end of the town, fronting on Poulet st. South. It was burnt down and rebuilt in 1864. The present building is 2 1/2 storeys high, 7O x 36 feet. The business was first established in 1857. This tannery does a large business, all the latest improvements and necessary apparatus being introduced, the vats filled and run off with pipes, &c. James Quinn, Proprietor. Lenfestey's Pearlash Factory is situated at the water's edge near Boyd's old wharf. First put in operation in 1864. The manufacture of Pearlash has many advantages over that of potash; as it is equally saleable, and the quality not so entirely dependent upon the quality and purity of the raw ashes. Peter Lenfestey. "Owen Sound Iron Works," David Christie, Proprietor. Situated in the centre of the town, on Baker st. The buildings are all of stone. The main building is 2 storeys, 75 x 28 feet; with an East wing extending 60 feet on Baker st., and 90 feet parallel to Scrope St., containing Engine-room, shops, &c.; and a Moulding Shop in rear, 60 x 40 feet. The establishment is very complete, and all kinds of machinery and implements are manufactured. Steam engines, Threshing and Sawing machines, Stoves, Ploughs, Mill-gearing. &c., &c. The proprietor has been in business in Owen Sound (until 1861 in partnership with Mr. G. Corbet), since 1851. "Christie's" bell is a well known "institution" in the town, keeping time for all labourers and mechanics working by the day. Frost's Tannery is on the River bank, in rear of Poulet st., near Kennedy's Foundry. The business was first established by R. Crawford, Sr., and came into the hands of the present proprietors in 1864. The establishment is of moderate extent, and the business is pushed on with vigor. John Frost & Sons. Sloan's Melodeon Factory is situated on Scrope st., near Baker st. This establishment has been in existence for some years, and the proprietor has been quietly and unobtrusively working his way into patronage and reputation as a manufacturer of really good and durable instruments. John Sloan. Crawford's Tannery is situated on Murdoch st. It is a framed 2 story building, 112 x 24 feet. It is one of the most extensive tanneries in the County, well fitted up, does a large business, and employs several hands. The business was established by Mr. Crawford in 1857. Robert Crawford, Jr., Proprietor. Frost's Potash Works are in rear of the store of the Proprietors, on Poulett st.; and were established in 1864. John Frost & Sons, Proprietors. "Grey Foundry." This Foundry is situated on, near Scrope st. It is a large and handsome 2-storey stone building, 80 x 36 feet, with a wing for steam-boiler, planing-machine &c., and a stone moulding shop in rear, 70 x 40 feet. This foundry was established 3 years ago, when the former firm of Christie & Gorbet dissolved partnership. The proprietors have first-class facilities for turning out all kinds of engines, machinery, mill gearing, &c. Threshing niachines, sawing machines, potash kettles; ploughs, stoves, &c., largely manufactured. George Corbet & Sons, proprietors. "Sydenham Foundry." Wm. Kennedy & Sons, proprietors. Situated at the upper end of Poulet st., near Harrison's Mills. The proprietors erected their present premises in 1863. The main building is of frame; 60 x 28 feet, 3 storeys high, including the stone foundation storey. Moulding shop, 60 x 28 feet; Engine-room, &c., 40 x 14 feet. Messrs. Kennedy, being professed millwrights, pay particular attention to mill-gearing and fitting up mills. General castings of all kinds, agricultural implements, window sash, &c. made. Spencer's Cabinet Factory is situated on Poulett st., opposite Frost & Son's Store. They manufacture all sorts of Furniture, &c. &c., and have acquired an excellent reputation for tuning and repairing Piano-fortes, Melodeons, &c. Spencer Brothers, Proprietors. Malone's Brewery is situated in the lower part of the town, near the bay. It is an extensive building of stone, recently enlarged. Mr. Malone formerly did business on Scrope st. Henry Malone, proprietor. Dowsley's Carriage Factory. The proprietor has been many years established in Owen Sound, and has gradually built up a large business. The Factory is situated on Scrope st., near Christie's Foundry. Waggons, single and double Carriages, Sleighs, Cutters, &c.. manufactured in first class style. Thomas Dowsley, Proprietor. Miller's Carriage Factory. On Scrope street, South of Union st. A good establishment, and annualy growing larger. All descriptions of vehicles manufactured, general blacksmithing done, &c. George Miller, proprietor. T. Cavers' Blacksmithing and Waggon shop, and a similar establishment by James Brown - J. Hillis's Cooperage - Chas. Paynter's ditto - A. Blyth's ditto - W. C. Armstrong's Brickyard - I. Wildish's Brickyard - J. Dougal's Fanning-mill Shop - J. Leask's Wagon-shop, &c., &c., may be also mentioned among the manufacturing interests of Owen Sound. Hotels.-Coulson's British Hotel is situated at corner of Poulett & Union sts., opposite the Market square. It is a 3-storey brick building, well fitted up, and is now the largest Hotel in town. John P. Coulson, proprietor. Johnson's. Hotel is on Poulett st., a short distance from the last named House. It is a comfortable house, well fitted up. James Johnson, proprietor. Bishop's Hotel is near the Swing Bridge, at the foot of Poulet st. E. W. Bishop, proprietor. Davis's Commercial Hotel is at corner of Division and Bay sts. W. H. Davis, proprietor. Wilson's Exchange Hotel is on Union st., corner of Scrope. James Wilson, proprietor. Weeks's Hotel is on Union st., above Scrope. Hiram Weeks, proprietor. Other Taverns in the town are Dawson's Tavern, near Kennedy's Foundry, and Cobean's Tavern, near Davis's Hotel. Wharves, Warehouses, &C.-Peel st. Warehouse and Wharf. On the East Side of the River, at the foot of Peel st. This was the first of the large Storehouses erected in Owen Sound during the last few years. It is very substantially built, and of large capacity; fitted up with Elevators, &C. The steamer "Clifton" (Collingwood line) and the Bruce Mine's and Lake Superior Boat use this wharf. Capt. W. H. Smith, proprietor; Geo. S. Miller, Agent; Maitland's Storehouse; On the same side of the River, above Capt. Smith's. Erected in 1864. A very fine Warehouse, with large storage for grain, &c. elevators complete. Wharf attached to premises. Thos. Maitland, proprietor. Rogerson's Storehouse. A substantial stone Warehouse above Maitland's, on the River-side. Two storey, with excellent cellarage. Wharf attached. Rogerson & Ormiston, proprietors. Spencer's Lumber Yard adjoins the last named premises, and is the principal depot for pine lumber in town. A large amount of seasoned lumber is always found stacked in the yard. George Spencer. The Swing Bridge over the Sydenham river, rendering the connexion between the Owen Sound and Saugeen Gravel road and the Owen Sound and Collingwood Gravel road complete, is a handsome white painted structure spanning the River; the piers of which rest on piles. It was erected four years ago, at a cost of $1,600. Paterson's Storehouse is above the Swing Bridge, near the foot of Baker st., and is the largest building of the kind in the town or county. The lower storey is of stone, forming excellent and well- drained cellarage. The superstructure is of frame, comprising three full storeys, and a storey in the roof. Its storage capacity is very large, and it is fitted up with elevators, &c. As it stands some height above the water, Vessels are loaded by spouts directly from the building. The river, not being improved above the Bridge does not permit large schooners to take on full freights so high up. Robert Paterson, proprietor. Chisholm's Storehouse is situated on West side of the river, near the Basin. A large amount of Wheat is stored every winter, for shipment in the Spring. The Storehouse is fitted with elevators. Wharf attached. Steamers and vessels for the Mines often load at this wharf during the season of navigation. John Chisholm, proprietor. Sutherland's Storehouse. Situated on the Basin; West Side. A large Storehouse, doing a large amount of Wheat storage every winter. Well fitted up with elevators, &c.; and wharf attached. A considerable amount of shipping to the Mines every season. James Sutherland, proprietor.
Public Property.
Market Square. About two acres of ground are reserved, at the River side, near the Post-office, and called the Market Square, though not reserved for that purpose originally. Being central in position, there is little doubt that the Market house for the Town will be, ere long, erected on this Square. The "Market Square" reserve, in the original plan of the town, is situated between Bay and Hill sts., very far to the North end of the town. "People's Cemetery." This fine property consists of 20 acres in the township of Derby, adjoining the town-plot on the South. It was purchased by the Corporation in 1858; and about one fourth of it surveyed into small blocks and sold. It is well fenced; and, being naturally a very fine piece of ground, is becoming an attractive spot for the visits of the living, as well as a beautiful and quiet resting-place for the dead. It is about a mile from the Postoffice. The Pleasure Ground. This is a noble gift to the town by the Government. It lies mostly on the high ground East of the builtup portion of the town, and contains some 40 acres. As yet, no expense has been put on it to improve it; but in a few years it will make a fine park for the townspeople to take the air in, and become a great ornament to the town. It is intended to improve a portion of it nearest the town this year (1865), while the remainder is used by the inhabitants as a grazing common. Military Reserve. Further North than the Pleasure Ground, and commanding, from the top of the limestone bluffs, the whole harbour. It belongs to the Ordnance Department. No use has yet been made of it; and a number of squatters have taken advantage of the fact to erect dwelhngs and enclose gardens on it. River Frontages. These are the "broken fronts"- along the River. Many of them have been leased out by the Corporation; for which, as it would now appear there was no authority. Whatever may be done with the River frontages on East Side of the river, the public will, we hope, see to it that the frontages on West side of the river, between the two lower Bridges, are reserved as a spot of ornamental ground. It would be vandalism to do otherwise. The Marsh. On both sides of the River, near its mouth, is a tract of marshy ground, but slightly elevated above the bay; which is valueless at present, except as an occasional grazing spot for cattle. When the River was dredged five years ago, it was urged that the material should be used to "make land" on the Marsh; but it was found expensive; and abandoned.
Merchants and Dealers.
Among so many in the same line it might appear invidious to particularize, and a general list comes more appropriately in the Alphabetical lists of Trades and Professions; to which the reader is referred. There has been a very great improvement in the appearance of the Merchant Shops within the last eight years. Before that time there was not a handsome shop-front nor a shop of large dimensions in the place. Now, Owen Sound can campare favourably with any similar town in the Province in these respects. The shop-fronts of Buchan and Price, Parker & Cattle, and in James Butchart's new Building, are conceded to be very handsome.
Institutions and Societies.
Mechanics' Institute. Established in 1855. The Institute now possesses a very good library, and deserves much better support than has been accorded to it for some years past.. W. Kough, President. Jno. Rutherford, Secretary; R. H. Hill, Librarian. Board of Trade. Established in 1864. Meets quarterly. Committee meets on first Tuesday evening of every month. Officers: D. Christie, Pres't; Geo. Williams, Vice-Pres't; Committee-W. Kough, J. Pottenger, P. Lenfestey, T. G. Chatwin, Geo. Price, J. W. Parker, S. J. Lane. G. Spencer, W. A. Stephens, J. Chisholm. Sec'y and Treas., W. W. Smith. St. George's Society, President, Thomas Scott, Esq., Vice-President, Thomas Boardman. St. Andrew's Society, President, Thomas Gordon, Esq., Secretary, James Douglass. St. George's Lodge, Freemasons, meets on Wednesday on or before full moon. Installation of Officers, 24th June, J. W. Parker, W. M.,; S. Johnson Parker, Secretary. Loyal Orange Lodge No. 611, meets on first Monday of every month, W. M., Bro. Simon Park; D. M., Bro. R. Malcom; Sec., Bro. W. H. Carney; Treas., Bro. Jas. Graham; S.C., Bro. S. Cobean; Chaplain, Bro. Geo. Crane.
George Brown, Thomas Lunn, Robert Paterson, Alexander M. Stephens, David Christie, George Spencer, Charles Rankin, Robort Crawford, John Frost, Thomas Scott, William H. Smith, John Chisholm, George Corbet, John Blyth, William Miller, William A. Stephens, Ezra Brown, George James Gale, Frederick LePan, Thomas Gordon, John Miller. Peter Lenfestey.
Public Officers.
COUNTY: Joseph Maughan, Sheriff. Henry Macpherson, Judge. Thomas Lunn, Registrar. Wm. Armstrong, Clerk of the Peace. John Creasor, County Attorney. F. Le Pan, Treasurer. M. Macnab, Collector Inland Revenue. Thomas Gordon, Coroner. G. J. Gale, County Clerk. James Douglas, Deputy Registrar. TOWN: A. M. Stephens, Mayor. Thomas Gordon, Town Clerk. Robt. Paterson - Councillors, Centre Ward. S. J. Lane, " W. Kough, " John Chisholm, - Councillors, River Ward. Henry Kennedy, " Jas. Brown, " W. A. Stephens,- Councillors, Bay Ward. Chas. Rankin, " D. Christie, " George Spencer, Assessor. John Bythe, Collector of Taxes. W. A. Stephens, Collector of the Port. Geo. Brown, Postmaster. MISCELLANEOUS: C. R. Wilkes, Clerk Division Court. G.T. Gale, Official Assignees under Bankrupcy Act, J. G. Francis, " " Thos. Scott, Harbor Master. W. H. Carney, Sec. Board of School Trustees.
Table of Distances.
Owen Sound to Tara 16 miles to Invernay 17 miles to Southampton 31 miles [This is by stage route. An air-line would be 22 miles.] to Johnstown 9 miles to Durham 28 miles to Orchard 36 miles to Mount Forest 44 miles to Arthur 59 miles to Fergus 71 miles. to Elora 74 miles. to Guelph 84 miles. to Meaford 19 miles. to Thornbury 27 miles. to Clarksburg 28 miles. to Collingwood 41 miles. to Leith, by water 6 miles. to Cape Rich, by water 20 miles: to Meaford, by water 28 miles. to Thornbury, by water 35 miles. to Collingwood, by water 50 miles. to Light on Griffith's Island 20 miles. to Cabot's Head 50 miles. to Cape Symth (Manitoulin) 85 miles. to Killarney P. O. 100 miles. to Bruce Mines 220 miles. to Sault Ste Marie 250 miles.
River and Harbour.
The magnificent Inlet known as Owen's Sound forms in its inner reaches an unsurpassed Harbour. The bay (for it is more properly a bay than a Sound), opens out to the N. N. E. on Georgian Bay. free from shoals and islands, with a width of 8 statute miles, and runs up into the land 15 statute miles from the outer headlands. Within "Squaw Point", (4 m. from the town), is considered the Harbor. The anchorage at this distance from the town, is about 20 fathoms. It gradually shoals toward the head of the bay, having a clay bottom, till after passing Boyd's old wharf (in 12 ft. water, at present), the bottom becomes fine sand and the "Bar" is reached. At the outer stake, which shows the North end of the dredged channel, the water is now 8 feet, but is to be deepened. At some points within, it is even less; a state of affairs which has led, during the past Winter, to an appropriation of $10,000 by the town, for the purpose of re-dredging the channel and river to a depth of 10 or 12 feet. The Harbour is tolerably well sheltered from almost all wind. The only wind that raises a swell is N. N. E. As the prevailing winds are N. and N. W., the shelter is found very complete. The advantages of Owen Sound harbour pointed it out as the natural terminus of the Northern Railway, intended to connect Toronto with Georgian Bay; but the interest of parties holding wild lands at the Hen and Chickens, secured its terminus at that place, and the forming of breakwaters and artificial protection at Collingwood. The Sydenham River, which occupies so conspicuous a place in a survey of the town, makes an exceedingly poor show on the Admiralty Charts by Capt. Bayfield, made 40 years ago. It is put down as a creek too shallow at the mouth to admit boats; and "half a mile up, the stream becomes rapid." The probability is that the silt at the mouth of the river was more of an obstruction then than when the settlement was begun; for no one now residing in the place asserts finding at any time less than 2 1/2 feet water on the bar. The depth generally found on the shallowest part was 3 feet, sometimes 3 1/2 feet. Or the oft noticed rising and falling in the Lake might partially account for it. It might have been a season of very low water; or more probably, it might have been after a long continued N. wind, which sometimes drains Georgian Bay, at least its Southern shores, of a foot or more water. Five years ago a channel was dredged across the bar, several hundred yards in length, about 100 feet broad, and 12 feet deep (the water was then nearly two feet higher than at present). Inside the river the improved channel follows a bend in the river, and then reaches the "Basin," a triangular dredged space sufficiently large for a Steamboat to be swung round in. From the Basin to the Swing bridge at Division Street, the river banks are perfectly straight. This was all brought to an uniform depth of 11 feet five years ago; and though the fall of the water and silting of the channel has reduced the depth two or three feet in some places, its former depth will be restored during the summer of 1865. $25,000 were expended on the first improvement of the River and Harbour; $12,000 of which was a grant from Government, the rest raised by the Town Corporation. A small lighthouse is erected at the mouth of the river, at the W. bank of the channel.
Corporation Limits.
The Town plot of Owen Sound contains about 5,000 acres, being a nearly perfect triangle in shape, about 5 m. long and 2 1/2 m. broad. It extends West to the Pottawatamie River and the 3rd Concession of Derby, and North to Squaw Point. It would have resulted to the benefit of the town, thus far at least, if the area of the town-plot had been much smaller. The "Park Lots," blocks of ten, twenty, and forty acres, are mainly in the hands of absentee speculators, and are lying unimproved. Had the town-plot been but 1,000 acres, instead of 5,000, the remainder would have been sold as farms on condition of actual settlement, and smiling farms would have environed the town on every side, and greatly tended to its prosperity; whereas (at least until very recently), it was a common remark, that the town was surrounded with woods. An imaginary line, drawn from Squaw Point to the centre of the mouth of the Pottawatamie River, is the boundary of the Corporation domain on the side of the Harbour. Why the liberality that existed in giving the town an unneccesary amount of land, did not extend to giving it the waters of the harbour to the centre between Squaw Point and the Indian shore, is difficult of explanation.
The Connections of the Town.
The Garafraxa Road, elsewhere described, enters the town-plot at the South, and connects directly with Durham, Mt. Forest, Arthur, Fergus, and Guelph, being gravelled throughout its entire length, and, as far as the limits of the County of Grey, free of tolls. The Owen Sound and Collingwood Gravel Road comes down into the valley of the town from the East, by Division Street, and meets the Saugeen Gravel Road at the Swingbridge over the Sydenham River. The latter road enters the town from the West. Garafraxa Street hill brings in the travel from Sydenham Lake Shore Road, and the main portion of the traffic from the Meaford Road; while a continuation of Poulett Street Southward connects with the township of Derby, and is the present stage-route for Saugeen. In addition to these, West Street leads North toward the Pottawatamie Bridge and the township of Sarawak. By water there is daily connection with Collingwood and intermediate ports by the Steamer "Clifton," Capt. W. H. Smith; and with Bruce Mines and Northern Ports weekly by the Steamer "Algoma," Capt. Leach. There are several schooners belonging to the Port, and arrivals from Detroit, Chicago, &c., are frequent during the season. Railway connection is still in the future. A Charter was obtained some years ago for a central line to Toronto, 110 miles long, following nearly the course of the Toronto and Sydenham Road, and joining the Grand Trunk at Weston, but the Charter is likely to lapse, and nothing done. The route most beneficial to the town would be an extension of the Northern Railway from Collingwood, via Meaford, a distance of 41 m. Volunteer Infantry.-In 1862, a Company of Volunteer Infantry was organized in the town, and are now in a very efficient state of drill. The Town Corporation, in conjunction with the County Agricultural Society, erected a large plain building on Hill-Street to serve the double purpose of a Drill Room and an Exhibition Building. In this the Company meet for drill. George Brodie was gazetted as Captain, and commanded the Company for nearly two years. Since he has received the appointment of Drill Instructor for the district, the Company has been commanded by Lieut. John Creasur; Geo. M. Butchart, Ensign.
Alphabetical List of Residents.
Andrew, David, Wheelwright, Union st. Andrew, Mrs., Baring st. Andrews, Milo, Sawyer, Harrison's Mill. Anderson, Adam, Bay st. Anderson, George, Carpenter, Bay st. Anderson, Chas. D., Bay st. ARMSTRONG, WM., Clerk of the Peace, Co. Grey, Court House, h. Russell st. ATKINS, THOMAS, Contractor, Hill st. Ancorn, John, Labourer, Stavely st. Arnold, David, Labourer, Park lots, E. of Town.. ALLEN, BENJAMIN, Merchant, h. West st. Allen, George W., Fruit Store, Poulett st. Amer, George A., Carpenter, Scrope st. Angus, James, Stage-driver, Poulett st. Adams, Wm., Labourer, Park lots, E. of Town. Armstrong W. C., Brickmaker, Campbell st. BROWN, GEORGE, POSTMASTER, Notary Public, &c., Post-office. Brown, Ezra, Park lots, W. of Town. BROWN, JAMES, Blacksmith and Waggon-maker, Poulett st. Brown, Wm. J., Teamster, Hill st. Brown, John, Clerk, Boak & Woods. BOAK & WOODS, General Merchants, cor. Union and Scrope sts. Boak, Charles (of Boak & Woods). Barber, Charles, Christie's Foundry. Broders, Edward, Shipwright, W. side River. Branson, Wm., Labourer, West st. Bezeck, John, bds. P. Lenfestey. BISHOP, E. W., Proprietor Owen Sound Hotel, near Swing bridge. Bevit, Mrs. (widow ) C. J., Water st. Balfour, George, Tailor, Bay st. BLYTH, JOHN, County Inspector Weights and Measures; Tax Collector for Owen Sound, Bay st. Blyth, Alex, Cooper, cor. Poulett and Division sts. Bradbury, Miss, Select School, Bay st. Brown, Mrs., Bay st. BOYD, JOHN, merchant, Hill st. Baptist Chapel Hill st. Boldeau, Lewis, Waiter, Coulson's Hotel, h. Scrope st. Barclay, Matthew, Carpenter, Hill st. Barclay, Wm., Carpenter, Park lots, E. of Town. Brown, James, Park lots, E. of Town. Brokensher, Wm., Teamster, Douglas st. Boucher, Edward, Fisherman, Bay Shore. Boucher, Edward, Jr., Fisherman, Bay Shore. Burch, Mrs. (widow John), West st. BRITISH HOTEL, cor. Poulett and Union sts., J P. Coulson, proprietor. Beith, Mrs. (widow James), near congregational Ch. BARNHART & WAGSTAFF, Medical Hall, Coulson's Block, Poulet st. BARNHART, CHAS. E., M.D. (of Barnhart & Wagstaff), h. near Patterson's Warehouse. Boddy, Albert, Waggon maker, h. Scrope st. BUCHAN & PRICE, General Merchants, "The Emporium," Poulett st. BUCHAN, JAMES (of Buchan & Price), h. Poulett st. Breckenridge, Robert, Constable, h. Water st. BUTCHART, JAMES, General Merchant, Stoves and Tin-ware, Tin and Coppersmith, Poulett st. BUTCHART, GEO. M., Jas. Buchart's; Poulett st. Butchart, Mrs. (widow John T.), Confectioner, Poulett st. BUTCHART, ANDREW, Tin and Coppersmith, Division st. Billings, Wm., Carpenter, Park lots, E. of Town. Billings, George W., Gardener, Park lots, E. of Town. Billings, Joseph, Saddler, R. Edgar's. Boardman, Thomas, Accountant and General Agent, Murdoch st. Bates, Anthony, Labourer, Poulett st., South. Brown, James, Contractor; Poulett st., South. Briggs, Edward, Mason, Albert st. Briggs, Alred, Labourer, Albert st. Birins, John, Teamster, Cemetery Grounds. Boyce, James, Butcher, Baring st. Bryant, Chas., Labourer, Newburn st. Brown, Chas., Teamster, Coulson's Hotel. Brown, Mrs., Union st. Brown, Wm., Clerk, A. M. Stephens. Bell, Wm., Stage driver, Coulson's Hotel. Bell, John, Tailor, Murdoch St. Baker, Heury, Teacher Modern Languages, bds. Russell st. Bishop, T. A., Saddler, T. Shaw's. Bissette, Lewis, Labourer, William st. Beatty, Michael, Labourer, Union st. Bowie, Wm., Carpenter, Union st. Buzzard, James, Dowsley's Carriage Factory, bds. T. B. Dowsley's Bagsley, J., Shoemaker, h. Scrope st. Brodie, Capt. George, Hill st. CHATWIN & COMELY, Proprietors Cabinet and Chair Factory; Warerooms, Poulett st. CHATWIN, THOMAS G., (of Chatwin & Comely), h. Bay st. COMELY, DAVID, (of Chatwin & Comely), h. Baring st. Cumming, Mrs. (widow John), West st. CHRISTIE, DAVID, Proprietor "Owen Sound Iron Works," Baker st., h. Stephen st. CREIGHTON, JOHN, Boot and Shoemaker, Poulett st. Creighton, Abraham, Sr., Shoemaker, River st. Creighton, Abraham, Jr;, Shoemaker, h. Scrope st. Creighton, David, (of Rutherford & Creighton), bds. River st. CREIGHTON, GEORGE P., T. C. Stephens', h. River st. Creighton, Thomas, Mariner, h. River st. CARNEY, WILLIAM H., Bookseller and Stationer, Poulett st. Cobean, John, Innkeeper, cor. Division & Bay sts. Cobean, Samuel, bds. J. Cobean's. Cobean, Robert, Dowsley's Carriage Factory, bds. T. B. Dowsley's. CREASOR & CREASOR, Barristers, Attorneys, &c. Bay st. CREASOR, JOHN (of Creasor & Creasor), County Attorney, h. Hill st. CREASOR, DAVID A. (of Cressor & Creasor), h. Boyd st. Crane, George, Labourer, Peel st. Crane, George, Jr., bds. G. Crane, Sr. Campbell, Wm., Turnkey in Gaol, h. Bay st. Campbell, Alex., Hill st. Campbell, James, Labourer, Boyd st. Campbell, Wm., Blacksmith, Union st. Campbell, Wm., Park Lots, E. of Town. Courtney, Ab., Labourer, Market Reserve. Cook, Wm., Labourer, Market Reserve. Common School, Hill st. Congregational Church, W. side River. County Agricultural Building, Hill st. Cushing, Rev. John, Roman Catholic, h. adjoining Ch. Coveney, Edward, Labourer, Princes st. Carson, John W., Waggon maker, Water st. CORBET, GEORGE & SONS, Proprietors "Grey Foundry and Machine Shop," Union st. Corbet, George (of Geo. Corbet & Sons), h. W. side River. CORBET, JOHN, Machinist (of Geo. Corbet & Sons), h. Scrope st. Corbet, James (of Geo. Corbet & Sons), bds. G. Corbet, Sr. Corbet, George, Jr., bds. G. Corbet, Sr. Corbet, Robert, bds. G. Corbet, Sr. COULSON, JOHN P., Proprietor British Hotel; Stage Proprietor, cor. Poulett & Union sts. COATES, JOHN, Saddler & Harness maker, Poulett st., h. Water st. CAIN, WILLIAM C., Photographic Artist, "Cain's Gallery of Art," Poulett st. Cowper, Geo. C., Clerk, Rogerson & Ormiston, bds. T. Rogerson. Cousby, Henry, Labourer, Garafraxa Road. Cousby, John, Labourer, bds. H. Cousby. Cousby, Jeremiah, Saw fitter, Division st. Carr, Wm., Labourer, Scrope st. COMMERCIAL BANK, Union st., J. Pottenger, Agent. Crawford, Robert, Sr., Union st. CRAWFORD, ROBERT, Jr., Proprietor Crawford's Tannery, h. Murdoch st. Cathcart, Wm. H., Carpenter, Baker st. Carr, Edward, Labourer, Park Lots, E. of Town. Chambers, Timothy, Miller, h. Albert st. CHISHOLM; JOHN, Forwarder and Commission Merchant, Chisholm's Wharf; Basin; h. Poulett st. Chisholm, Thos. h., bds. J. Chisholm. Conklin, Thadeus, Warehouse Clerk, bds. J. Chisholm. Cameron, Alex., Carpenter, Poulett st. CAMERON, ALLAN, M.D., office and h. Poulett st. Cameron, Neil, Carpenter, Dease st. Cameron, John, Carpenter, Park Lots, E. of Town. COMMERCIAL HOTEL, W. H. Davis, Proprietor, cor. Bay & Division sts. Cavers, Thos., Carpenter, Union st., h. Poulett st. Clydesdale, Wm., Blacksmith, Scrope st. Cruse, Wm., Waggon maker, h. Scrope st. Cuthbert, Barnabas, Labourer, Park Lots, S. of Town. Crichton, Alex., Clerk, R. Paterson, h. Union st. Corey, R.M., Saddler, B. Edgar, bds. same. Clark, Edward, Saddler, R. Edgar, bds. same. Canada Presbyterian Church (U. P.); Division st. Canada Presbyterian Church (Free), Boyd st. Cockburn, Andrew, Farmer, Park Lots, E. of Town. Collison, George, Park Lots, E. of Town. Douglas, James, Deputy Registrar, Court House, h. West st. Donohue, John, Chatwin & Comely's Factory, h. Poulet st. Donohue, Mrs., Milliner, Poulett st., h. same. Drake, Henry L., Harrison's Sawmill, h. West st. Dillon, Francis, Harrison's Sawmill. Duncan, Arch., Market Clerk, h. West. st. DUNN, PAUL, Division Court Bailiff, h. Water st. Dunn, Wm., Carpenter, Russell st. Dunn, Edwin, bds. P. Dunn. DAVIS, WILMOT H., Proprietor Commercial Hotel, cor. Bay & Division sts. Davis, John, Teamster, Poulett st. Davis, Mrs., Milliner, Poulett st. Davis, George, Labourer, Union st. Dowsley, Thomas B., Proprietor Carriage Factory, Scrope st., h. Murdoch st. Darragh, John, Turner, Hill st. DOYLE, RICHARD J., General Agent "Beaver Mutual Insurance Co." for Saugeen Division; office, Rogerson & Ormiston's, h. Hill st. Drill Room, Hill st. Doig, Andrew, Mason, Stavely st. Dunoon, George, Weaver, Stavely st. Denoon, Donald, Saloon keeper, Union st. Doyle, Patrick labourer, Douglas st. Dwyer, John, Douglas st. Douglas, John, Clerk, h. cor. Scrope & Baker sts. Dawson, James, Innkeeper, Poulett st. Dobie, David, Teacher, Murdoch st. Drury, John, Blacksmith, Murdoch st. Dewar, Catherine, Boyd st. Dean, Thomas, Labourer, Park Lots, E. of Town. Dougal, John, Fanning mill Manufacturer, Poulett st. DOUGLASS, JAS., Merchant Tailor, Poulett st. Dass, Robert, Carpenter, Poulett st. Duffy, Joseph, Miller's Carriage Factory. Dunn, John, Park Lots, E. of Town. Dunn Peter, Park Lots, E. of Town. Dredge, Charles, Finisher, Corbet's Foundry. Durie, David, Park Lots, E. of Town. EDGAR, ROBERT, Saddler and Harness maker, Poulett st. EXCHANGE HOTEL, Jas. Wilson, Proprietor, cor. Scrope and Union sts. Fox, William, Plasterer, Hill st. Fox, John, Plasterer, Hill st. Fox, Charles, Plasterer, Hill st. Fields, Edward, Chatwin & Comely's Factory, bds. Johnson's Hotel. Freeman, Thomas, Labourer, bds. Cobean's Inn. Farrell, Mrs., Stavely st. Farrell, Reynolds, Labourer, Victoria st. FROST, JOHN & SONS, General Merchants, Poulett st. FROST, JOHN (of J. Frost & Sons), h. on hill W. of River. Frost, John W. (of J. Frost, & Son's), bds. W. Frost. Frost, Wm. (of J. Frost & Sons), h. Poulett st. Frost, Alfred (of J. Frost & Sons), bds. J. Frost. FRIZZELL, JAMES, Boot and Shoemaker, Poulett st. FORHAN, MICHAEL, Watchmaker and Jeweller, Poulett st., bds. West st. Fessant, Stephen, Baker, Murdoch st. FOSTER, WILLIAM, Union st. Hill. FRENCH, FREDERICK, Tailor, Poulett st. Feather, Eleazer, Labourer, Dease st. Frame, John, Mariner, h. Newburn st. FRANCIS, JOHN G., Official Assignee under Bankruptcy Act, cor. Murdoch and Campbell sts. Glass, James, Labourer, W. of Basin. Gimby, Charles, Boot and Shoemaker, Bay st. Ginty, Charles, Labourer, Bay st. Graham, Owen, Labourer, Hill st. Graham, John, Labourer, Stavely st. Gundry, Edwin, Clerk, P. Lenfestey, h. Hill st. Green, John, Labourer, Garafraxa st. Gould, W. J., Moulder, h. Cathcart st. Gilson, Michael, Saddler, R. Edgar. GORDON, THOMAS, Town Clerk, Coroner, Conveyancer, General Agent, Court House, h. Union st. Gordon, Thos. Henry, bds. T. Gordon. GALE, GEORGE JAMES, County Clerk, Land Agent, Official Assignee under Bankruptcy Act. Patterson's Buildings; h. Terrace st. Gordon, Wm., Labourer, Poulett st. South. GREENLEES, ROBERT, General Merchant, "Toronto House," Union st. Glass, Thomas, Labourer, Murdoch st. Gladstone, Robert, Park lots, E. of Town. Gladstone, Adam, Park lots, E. of Town. Guthrie, John, Stage driver, bds. Coulson's Hotel. Goodson, Rev. George, Wesleyan Methodist, Union st. Hill. Grammar School, Common School Building, Hill st. Hart, Thomas, Harrison's Sawmill. Herbert, Henry, Hill st. Hetherington, John, Labourer, Bay st. Horton, Samuel, Teamster, Hill st. Horton, Samuel, Jr., Teamster, Hill st. Hall, John, Bellman, Pleasure Ground Reserve. HOWELL, BENJ., Tailor, Poulett st. Howell, Charles, Weaver, Stavely st. Howell, George, Printer, Times Office, bds. B. Howell. HALL, CHARLES, Boot and Shoemaker, Poulett st. Heming, Howard, Clerk, W. Kough, bds. Johnson's Hotel. Hopkins, John, Boot and Shoemaker, Scrope st. Hopkins, Thomas, Boot and Shoemaker, Union st. Hopkins, Benj., Butcher, Poulett st. Hillis, John, Cooper, Poulett st. Haines, John, Painter, Poulett st. Harkley, Robert, Master Mariner, h. Poulett st. Hector, Mrs., Scrop st. HILL, RICHARD H., Bookseller and Stationer, Union st., h. Boyd st. Hill, Vesey, bds. Boyd st. Hewitt, James, Carpenter, Murdoch st. Horn, Andrew, Cabinet maker, Murdoch st. Hannah, Samuel, Carpenter, Union st. HARRISON, BROTHERS, Proprietors Flouring, Woolen and Sawmills. HARRISON, WILLIAM (of Harrison Brothers), h. Albert st. HARRISON, ROBERT (of Harrison Brothers), h. Albert st. HARRISON, JOHN (of Harrison Brothers), h. Victoria st: Hinds, Francis, Teamster, Poulett st. Hopkins, John, Saddler, R. Edgar; bds. same. Holmes, Robert, Limeburner, Garafraxa Road. Holmes, Wm., Limeburner, Garafraxa Road. Holmes, Charles, Garafraxa Road. Harwood, John, Park lots, Garafraxa Road. Hinds, Thomas M., Park lots, E. of Town. Hazzard, James, Labourer, Park lots, E. of Town. Hutchins, Samuel, Clerk, R. Patterson; bds. same. Inch, John, Labourer, Water st. Jamieson, David, Labourer, Water st. Johnston, James, Teacher, h. Russell st. Johnson, Christopher, Labourer, Garafraxa st. Jackson, James, Labourer, Cathcart st. JOHNSON'S HOTEL, Poulett st., opposite Market Square, Jas. Johnson, Proprietor. JOHNSON, JAMES, Proprietor, Johnson's Hotel. JOHNSON, W. J., Master Mariner, h. Bay st. Jones, John, Shoemaker, J. Frizzell's, bds. same. Jamieson, John, Baker and Confectioner, Poulett st. Jones, James, Labourer, Scrope st. Jackson, Thomas, Labourer, Newburn st. Jackson, Peter, Carpenter, Park lots, E. of Town. Jones, John, Bay Shore. KENNEDY, WM. & SONS, Proprietors "Sydenham Foundry and Planing Mills.", Poulett st. KENNEDY, WM. (of W. Kennedy & Sons), h. Poulett st. Kennedy, Alex. (of W. Kennedy & Sons), bds. W. Kennedy. Kennedy, Matthew (of W. Kennedy & Sons), bds. W. Kennedy. Kennedy, Thomas (of W. Kennedy' & Sons), bds. W Kennedy. Kennedy, James, Waggon maker, Newburn st. KENNEDY, HENRY, Trader, cor. Union st. and Garafraxa Road. Kennedy, Thomas, Trader, has. H. Kennedy. Kennedy, Michael, bds. H. Kennedy. Kennedy, George, bds. H. Kennedy. Kennedy, Patrick, Teamster, Hill st. Knight, Augustus J., Law Student, J. J. Robertson's. Kellogg, Mrs., Hill st. KOUGH, WILLIAM, Hardware Merchant, Union st. h. same. Kempt, Edward L., Park lots, E. of Town. LANE & STEPHENS, Barristers and Attorneys, Office, Coulson's Block, Poulett st. LANE, SAMUEL J. (of Lane & Stephens), h. Union st. Lane, David, Labourer, Water st. Lee, Wm., Labourer, Marsh st. Lowe, Wm., Shoemaker, Hill st. Little, Thomas, Labourer, Victoria st. Little, Jas. H. (of Pratt & Little), bds. Murdoch st. LENFESTEY, PETER, General Merchant, Poulett st. LE PAN, FREDERICK, County Treasurer, Court House, h. Baker st. Lenox, Wilson, Boot and Shoemaker, Murdoch st. LEE, JOHN, Boot and Shoemaker, Poulett st. LEASK, JOHN, Waggon maker, Poulett st. LUNN, THOMAS, Registrar for Co. Grey, Court House, h. Poulett st. Leavens, Wm., Dowsley's Carriage Factory, bds. T. B. Dowsley. Lyons, John, Labourer, Murdoch st. Lyons, James, Labourer, Murdoch st. Lethbridge, Robt., Mason, Park lots, W. of Town. MAUGHAN, JOSEPH, Sheriff of Grey, Office Court House; h. W. of River. Mills, John, High Constable for County, h. near Riddell's Brewery. Moore, Chas. R., Deputy Sheriff, Court House, h. W. of River. Moote, Zenas, Carpenter, Stephens st. Munro, David, Blacksmith, Union st., h. Terrace st. Moe, Husted, Purser Steamer Clifton, h. River st. MILLER, JOHN, Merchant, Town Treasurer, cor. Poulett and Union sts., h. W. of River. MILLER, WM., bds. John Miller. MILLER, GEORGE, Proprietor Carriage Factory, Scrope st., h. same Miller, Robert, Waggon maker, h. Campbell st. Miller, Jas. C., Clerk, Harrison's Mill, h. Campbell st. MILLER, GEORGE S., Wharfinger, Warehouseman, and Agent for Steamer Cliton, Peel st. Warehouse, h. Cathcart st. Miller, George N., Corbet's Foundry. Miller, Henry, Labourer, Scrope st. Miller, Thomas, Labourer, Scrope st. Miller, John, Governor of Co. Gaol. May, Mrs. (widow Thomas), Bay st. May, Richard, Labourer, Water st. Moffett, John S., M. D., M.R.F.S., Office and h. Bay st. MALONE, HENRY, Proprietor Malone's Brewery; h. Hill st. MALONE, DANIEL, Poulett st., next Times Office. MALONE, MRS., Milliner, Poulett st., next Times Office. Mullholland, Rev. A. H. R., Church of England, h. Division st. Morgan, Wm., Labourer, Stavely st. Middleborough, John, Teamster, Park Lots, E. of Town. MAITLAND, THOMAS, Forwarder and Contractor, Maitland's Storehouse, h. Princess st. Markle, John (of Phelps & Markle). MORROW, DAVID, Boot and Shoemaker, Poulett st. MEIR, JOHN, Groceries and Provisions, Poulett st. Meir, George, Clerk, bds. J Meir. Manley, Henry, M.D., Office and h. Division st. MITCHELL, Z., Baker and Confectioner, Poulett st. Muloch, Francis, Labourer, Dease st. Marks, Thomas, bds. F. Hinds. Marshall, James, Blacksmith, J. Brown's. Malcom, Samuel, Labourer, Murdoch st. Malcom, Robert, Mason, Park lots, E. of Town. Mitchell, Wm. S., Clerk, bds. W. C. Sumner. Methodist N. C. Chapel, Baker st. MACNAB, MALCOLM, Collector Inland Revenue, Union st. MACPHERSON, HENRY, County Judge, h. Bay st. McKenzie, David, Carpenter, near Riddell's brewery. McKenzie, Kenneth, Waggon maker, Bay st. McKenzie, Alex., Innkeeper, Bay st. McKenzie, Mrs., Select School, Scrope st. McDonald, Arch., Labourer, Water st. McDonald, Felix, Weaver, Hill st. McDonald, Colin, Labourer, Bay st. McDonald, Alex., Labourer, Bay st. McDougall, David, Farmer, River st. McLEAN, JOHN, Princess st. McLean, Daniel, Teamster, foot of Bay st. McLean, John A., Teamster, West st. McLean, Arch., Carpenter, Park lots, E. of Town. McDowell, Thomas, Contractor, Hill st. McKay, Donald, Farmer, Park lots, E. of Town. McNab, Wm., Carpenter, Division st. McNab, James, Sr., Poulett st. McNab, James, Jr., millwright, Poulett st. McCracken, Wm., Teamster, Scrope st. McFadden, Donald, Tailor, Baring st., McPhee, Alex., Farmer, Park lots, E. of Town. McPhee, John, Labourer, Stavely st. McFadden, John, Carpenter, Douglas st. McClay, Mrs. (widow Robert), Murdoch st. McKerrol, James, Shoemaker, Boyd st. McCallum, Arch., Farmer, Park lots, E. of Town. McCabe, Henry, Mason, Park lots, W. of Town. McMurchy, Robt., Carpenter, Poulett st., South. McMurchy, Duncan, Poulett st. McPheeters, Robert, bds. Johnson's Hotel. McGill, Hugh, Cupola man, Corbet's' Foundry, h. Brooke. McIntyre, Alex., Tailor, Frost & Sons. McIntyre, Chas., Labourer, J. Frost's. McKay, George, Fanning mill Maker, Rossiter's Factory. McNab, James, Master Mariner, h. Water st. NEVING, THOMAS and DAVID, Butchers, Scrope st. Norris, Mrs. Sarah, Scrope st. Nicol, George, Carpenter, Corbet's Foundry, h. Brooke. Neweombe, George L., Dease st. Osborne, James, Sawyer, h. Poulett st. ORMISTON, LOCKHART, Pottawatamie River. ORMISTON, WM., Sawmiller, Pottawatamie River. ORMISTON, JOHN (of Rogerson & Ormiston), bds. J. Rogerson. O'Neil, Matthew, Miller's Carriage Factory. Owens, Joseph, Teamster, at J. Frost's. Owen Sound Mechanics' Institute, R. H. Hill, Librarian, Union st. OWEN SOUND "TIMES,"' every Friday; $1.50 in advance. Poulett st. Rutherford & Creighton. OWEN SOUND "ADVERTISER," every Wednesday; $1.50 in advance. Pratt & Little. Office Union st. OWEN SOUND "COMET," every Friday; $1.50, in advance. Owen Vandusen. Office, Division st. Paynter, Charles, Cooper, Water st. Paynter, Wm., Teacher, bds. C. Paynter. Porter, W. M., Labourer, Water st. Pugh, Wm. Teamster, Marsh st. Pengilly, Wm., Tailor, Bay st. Price, Wm., Labourer, Garafraxa st. Price, Wm., Labourer, West st. PHELPS & MARKLE, Saloon keepers, cor. Union & Poulett sts. Phelp, Charles (of Phelps & Markle). PATERSON, ROBT., General Merchant, cor. Union & Scrop sts. h. Scrope st. Patterson, Edward, Hostler, Johnson's Hotel. PRICE, GEORGE (of Buchan & Price), h. Baker st. Parker & Cattle, Druggists, Seedsmen & Wine Merchants, Poulett st., OWEN SOUND, DURHAM & GODERICH, C. W. PARKER, JOSEPH W. (of Parker & Cattle), h. Poulett st. PARKER S. JOHNSON (of Parker & Cattle), Bds. J. W. Parker. Patterson, W. J., Boot and Shoemaker, Poulett st. PARKE, SIMON, Groceries and Liquors, Union st, h. same. PARK, JAMES, Groceries and Provisions, Scrope st., h. same. Plant, Henry, Painter, Scrope st. PRATT & LITTLE, Proprietors & Publishers "O. S. Advertiser." Office, Union st. Pratt, C. J. (of Pratt & Little), bds Murdoch st. POTTENGER, JOHN, Agent, Commercial Bank, Union st. Pense, Charles T., Teller, Commercial Bank, Union st. Pearson, Henry, Insurance Agent, Hill st. PEARSON, JOHN, Trader, Hill st. Pearson, Edward, Labourer, Park Lots, E. of Town. Preston, James, Grammar School Teacher, h. Hill st. Popham, Edwin, Carpenter, Poulett st., cor. Campbell st. Price, John, Saddler, R. Edger's. QUINN, JAMES, Proprietor Tannery, Poullet st., South. ROSSITER & BROTHER, Proprietors Fanning mill Factory, Union st. Bridge. Rossiter, Reuben W. (of Rossiter & Brother), h. Poulett st. Rossiter, M. W. (of Rossiter & Brother), bds Bishop's Hotel. Riddell, John, Sr., h. West st. RIDDELL & SECORD, Brewers, "Riddell"s Brewery." Riddell, John Jr. of Riddell & Secord), bds. West st. Robinson, Francis, Riddell & Secord's Brewery. Robinson, Rev. Robt., Congregational, h. Scrope st. Robinson, Charles, Sexton St. George's Church, h. Baker st. Robinson, John, Miller's Carriage Factory, Scrope st. Robinson, Peter, Stage driver, bds. Coulson's Hotel. Rowland, James, Cabinet maker, Chatwin & Comely's, h. Poulet st. Ross, Murdoch, Labourer, West st. Ross, Alex, Road Contractor, Poulett st. Ross, John, Union st. Roy, James, Labourer, Hill st. Roy, John, Labourer Marsh st. RANKIN, CHARLES, District Surveyor, Office Poulett st., h. near Swing bridge. Rankin, George, Blacksmith, Bay st., h. Scrope st. Racey, Thos. C. J. Malone's Brewery, h. Hill st. ROBERTSON, JAMES J., Attorney, Office, Poulett st. near Post Office, bds. River st. RUMSEY, GEO. J., General Merchant, Poulett st. Rumsey, Wm. H., Clerk, G. J. Rumsey's. ROGERSON & ORMISTON, General Merchants, cor. Poulett and Division sts. Rogerson, John (of Rogerson & Ormiston), h. cor. of Poulett and Division sts. Roberts, Richard, Constable, Bay st. Redfern, Edward, Eating house, Union st. Redfern, Wm., Labourer, Boyd st. Riechtberg, Henry, Cooper, Scrope st. Reid, Francis, Gardener, Scrope st. RUTHERFORD & CREIGHTON, Proprietors and Publishers O. S. Times; Office, Poulett st. RUTHERFORD, JOHN (of Rutherford & Creighton), bds. Baring st. Rutherford, David, Miller's Carriage Factory. Rigby, A. C., Labourer, Garafraxa Road. Revel, John, Plasterer, Murdoch st. Ramsay, Joseph, Blacksmith, h. Boyd st. SECORD, HORATIO (of Riddell & Secord), bds. Weeks' Hotel. SNIDER, GEORGE, h. West of River. Stephenson, Robert, Teamster, Riddell & Secord's. Stevenson, Stevenson, Corbet's Foundry, Union st. Stevenson, Rev. Thomas, Canada Presbyterian, h. Union st. Hill. Sutherland, John, Clerk, R. Paterson's, h. Scrope st. SUTHERLAND, JAMES, Grain Dealer, Forwarder and Warehouseman, Sutherland's Warehouse, Basin; bds. Scrope st. Sutherland, Donald, Sutherland's Warehouse, h. Stephens st. Sutherland, Robert, Cabinet maker, Chatwin & Comely's Factory, h. Murdoch st. Sutherland, Mrs., Nurse, West st. SMITH, JOHN B., Carpenter, West st. SMITH, CAPTAIN W. H., Master and Owner Steamer Clifton, h. near Steamboat Wharf. SMITH, WILLIAM W., Publisher "County of Grey Gazetteer and Directory," Life and Guarantee Assurance and Building Society Agent, Stephen st. SMITH, LEWIS, General Merchant, and Trader, Bay st. Smith, James, Labourer, Hill st. Smith, John A., "Montreal Cheap Boot and Shoe Store," Poulett st. Smith, Hamilton, Labourer, Scrope st. Smith, Robert J., Book keeper and Cashier, W. C. Sumner & Co.; bds. W. C. Sumner. SPRY, WM., Provincial Land Surveyor, Office, Poulett st., h. Frost st. Spry, Francis, Frost st. STEPHENS, A. M. & CO., Groceries, Hardware, and Agricultural Implements, Poulett st. STEPHENS, ALEX. M. (of A. M. Stephens & Co.), h. Prince st. STEPHENS, WM. A., Collector of Customs, Office and h. Water st. STEPHENS, THOS. C., General Merchant, and Trader, Poulett st., h. Water st. STEPHENS, R. E., Fruit Tree Agent, Water st. Stephens, Wm. B., A. M. Stephens & Co. Spilker, John, Potter, Park lots, E. of Town. Sadler, Robt., Bricklayer and Builder, bds. Bishop's Hotel. SPENCER, GEORGE, Conveyancer, Commission Agent and Lumber Merchant, Water st. SPENCER, BROTHERS, Cabinet makers, Poulett st. Spencer, David (of Spencer Bros.), bds. Poulett st. Spencer, Walter (of Spencer Bros.), bds. Poulett st. Spencer, Mrs., Poulett st. Spencer, Alfred J., Clerk, bds. Jno. Miller. Spencer, Stephen, Blacksmith, h. Murdoch st. Stinson, James, Teamster, Water st. Spragg, John C., Dealer in Oysters, Fresh Fish, &c., Bay st. SPRAGG, PHILIP, Pump maker, Scrope st. Stoddart, Robert, Carpenter, Hill st. St. George's Church (Episcopal), Division st. Shaw, Rev. C., Methodist New Connexion, h. Baker st. Sellon, Edward, Carpenter, Park lots, W. of Town. Sharp, Daniel, Hostler, Coulson's Hotel. Sharp, O. R., Billiard Saloon Keeper, bds. Coulson's Hotel. SLOAN, JOHN, Proprietor Melodeon Factory, Scrope st. Speer, Alex., Butcher, Scrope st. SCAGEL, SAMUEL C., General Merchant, Union st. SCAGEL, JOHN, General Merchant, Union st. Sutton, Thomas, Labourer, Murdoch st. SUMNER, W. C., & Co., General Merchants and Produce Dealers, Union st. Sumner, William C. (of W. C. Sumner & Co.), h. Baring st. SCOTT, THOMAS, near Swing bridge. Scott, John, Tailor, J. Douglas'. SHAW, THOMAS, Saddler and Harness maker, Poulett st. Simpson, W. C., Tailor, J. Douglas', Poulett st. Sexton, Wm., Sausage maker, near Armstrong's Brickyard. Strang, H. I., Teacher, Common School, bds. Scrope st. STEPHENS, HENRY, Tin and Coppersmith, Poulett st. STEPHENS, JOHN J. (of Lane & Stephens). Stephens, John S., bds. T. C. Stephens. Taylor, Mrs. Agnes, Park lots, E. of Town. Taylor, Henry C., Mariner, West st. Taylor, Joseph, Labourer, Scrope st. Taylor, John, Blacksmith, Market Square. Taylor, Mrs. Mary, Eating house, Market Square. Taylor, Henry, Grocer, Union st. TODD, EDWARD, Stationer and Bookseller, Poulett st. h. Bay st. Todd, John, Labourer, Water st. THOMPSON, JAMES, Gun and Locksmith, Bay st. Thompson, George L., Carpenter, Garafraxa st. Thompson, J. H., Barber, Poulett st. TUCKER, WILLIAM H., Baker and Confectioner, Bay st. Tucker, John, Boot and Shoemaker, Bay st. Telfer, Gideon, Blacksmith, bds. Mrs. Beith's. Trotter, Richard, Baker, Poulett st. Vandusen, Abraham S., Clerk, J. Frost & Sons, h. Bay st. VANDUSEN, OWEN, Proprietor & Publisher O. S. Comet, h. Bay st. Vick, John K., Watchmaker and Jeweller, Poulett st., h. Murdoch st. VICKERS & JOHNSON, General Merchants, Union st. Vickers, Thomas (of Vickers & Johnson), h. Union st. Wildish, Isaac, Brickmaker, near Harrison's Mill. Woods, James (of Boak & Woods), cor. Union and Scrope sts. WEEKS, HIRAM, Proprietor Weeks' Hotel, Union st. Wright, Wm., Bay st. Wilson, Isaac, Labourer, Hill st. WILSON, DAVID, Carpenter and Builder, Union st. Wilson, James, Christie's Foundry, bds. D. Christie. Wilson, Alex., Mason, Terrace st. Wilson, Wm., Labourer, Murdoch st. WILSON, JAMES, Proprietor Exchange Hotel, Union st. Wilson, Walter, Blacksmith, Christie's Foundry, h. Boyd st. Wilkes, Mrs. (Widow F. T.), Poulett st. WILKES, CHARLES R., Clerk Division Court. Paterson's Buildings, Scrope st., h. Princess st. Wilkes, Holmes, Division Court Office, bds. C. R. Wilkes. Wade, Charles, Farmer, Park lots, E. of Town. Williams, David, Mason, Park lots, St. Vincent line. WILLIAMS, GEORGE, General Merchant, Poulett st., opposite Times Office. Welsh, James, Labourer, High st. Wyllie, Robert, Commission Agent, Scrope st. White, James, Sr., Farmer, Park lots, E. of Town. WATTERS, ALEX., Clothing and Roots and Shoes, Union st. White, Wm., Moulder, Corbet's Foundry. Whitehead, Josiah, Bar keeper, Coulson's Hotel. Young, David, Carpenter Hill st. Young, James, Farmer, Park lots, E. of Town. Young, George, Park lots, E. of Town. Yates, Thomas, Moulder, Corbet's Foundry, bds. Wilson's Hotel. Zelenka, Joseph, Shoemaker, near Harrison's Mill.
BOARDMAN, THOMAS, Office, Poulett st. FRANCIS, JOHN G., Scrope st. GALE, GEORGE JAMES, Scrope st. GORDON, THOMAS, Union st. SPENCER, GEORGE, Water st. WYLLIE, ROBERT, Scrope st.
Agents, Fire and Life Assurance.
CREASOR, JOHN, Bay st. DOYLE, R. J., Office, Poulett st. FRANCIS, JOHN G., Scrope st. LANE, S. J., Coulson's Block, Poulett st. SPENCER, GEORGE, Water st. SMITH, W. W., Stephen st. STEPHENS, W. A., Water st.
Agricultural Implements.
GREY FOUNDRY, Union st. O. S. IRON WORKS, Baker st. STEPHENS, A. M. & CO., Poulett st. SYDENHAM FOUNDRY.
Bakers and Confectioners.
BUTCHART, MRS., Poulett st. Fessant, Stephen, Murdoch st. Jamieson, John, Poulett st. MITCHELL, Z., Poulett st. TUCKER, W. H., Bay st. Trotter, Richard, Poulett st.
COMMERCIAL BANK Agency, Union st.
Thompson, J. H., Poulett st.
Barristers, Attorneys, and Solicitors.
CREASOR & CREASOR, Bay st. LANE & STEPHENS, Poulett st. ROBERTSON, JAMES J., Poulett st.
Brown, James, Poulett st. Clydesdale, Wm., Scrope st. Munro, David, Union st. Rankin, George, Bay st.
Booksellers and Stationers.
Carney, W. H., Poulett st. HILL, R. H., Union st. TODD, EDWARD, POULETT ST.
Boot & Shoemakers.
Creighton, Abraham, Sr., River st. Creighton, Abraham, Jr., Poulett st. CREIGHTON, JOHN, Poulett st. Ewing, John, Scrope st. Frizzell, James, Poulett st. Gimby, Charles, Bay st. Hall, Charles, Poulett st. Hopkins, John, Scrope st. Hopkins, Thomas, Union St. Lee, John, Poulett st. Lowe, Wm., Hill st. Lennox, Wilson, Murdoch st. Morrow, David, Poulett st. Patterson, W. J., Poulett st. SMITH, JOHN A., Poulett st. Tucker, John, Bay st.
MALONE, HENRY, Hill st. RIDDELL & SECORD, W. of River.
Armstrong, W. C., Campbell st. Wildish, Isaac, near Harrison's Mill.
Boyce, James, Baring st. Hopkins, Benj., Poulett st. NEVING, D. & T., Scrope st. Speer, Alex., Scrope st.
Cabinet Makers & Upholsterers.
CHATWIN & COMELY, Poulett st. Horn, Andrew, Murdoch st. SPENCER, BROTHERS, Poulett st.
Carding & Cloth Dressing.
Anderson, George, Bay st. Barclay, Wm., Douglas st. Barclay & Horn, Division st. Barclay, Matthew, Hill st. Billings, Wm., Union st. Hill. Cameron, John, Park Lots, E. of Town. Cameron, Alex., Poulett st. Cathcart, Wm. H.., Baker st. Cavers, Thomas, Union st. Dunn, Wm., Russell st. Hewett, James, Murdoch st. Jackson, Peter, Park Lots, E. of Town. Moote, Zenas, Stephen st. McKenzieie, David, Paterson st. Popham, Edwin, Poulett st. Stoddart, Robert, Hill st. SMITH, JOHN B., West st. Sellon, David, Park Lots, W. of Town. Thompson, Geo. L., Garafraxa st. Vanvkenburgh, J., Boyd st. Wilson, David, Union st. Hill. Young, David, Hill st.
Carriage and Waggon makers.
Amer, George A., Scrope st. Andrew, David, Union st. Brown, James, Poulett st; Cavers, Thomas, Union st. DOWSLEY, THOMAS B., Scrope st. McKenzie, Kenneth, Bay st. MILLER, GEORGE, Scrope st.
Clothiers and Tailors.
ALDRED, JAS. A., Poulett st. Balfour, George, Bay st. Bell, John, Murdoch st. DOUGLASS, JAMES, Poulett st. French, Fred., Poulett st. HOWELL, BENJ., Poulett st. SIMPSON, GEORGE, Poulett st. Taylor, Henry, Union st. Watters, Alex., Union st.
Blyth, Alex., cor. Poulett & Division sts. Hillis, John, Poulett st. Painter, Charles, Water st. Riechtherg, Henry, Scrope st.
BARNHART & WAGSTAFF, Coulson's Block. PARKER & CATTLE, Poulett st.
Dry Goods and Groceries.
BOYD, JOHN, Hill st. BOAK & WOODS, cor. Union and Scrope sts. BUCHAN & PRICE, Poulett st. CATON, JAMES & CO., Poulett st. Greenlees, Robert, Union st. LENFESTEY, PETER, Poulett st. PATERSON, ROBERT, cor. Union and Scrope sts. ROGERSON & ORMISTON, cor. Poulett and Division sts. RUMSEY, J. G., Poulett st. SMITH, LEWIS, Bay st. Stephens, T. C., Poulett st. SUMNER, W. C. & CO., Union st. SCAGEL, JOHN, Union st. SCAGEL, S. C., Union st. VICKERS & JOHNSON, Union st. WILLIAMS, GEORGE, Poulett st.
Eating Houses and Saloons.
Denoon, Donald, Union st. PHELPS & MARKLE, cor. Poulett and Union sts. Redfern, Edward, Union st. Taylor, Mrs. Mary, Market Square.
Fanning Mill Manufacturers.
DOUGAL, JOHN, Poulett st. ROSSITER & BROTHER, near Union st. Bridge.
Forwarders and Shippers.
ATKINS, THOMAS, Maitland's Wharf. CHISHOLM, JOHN, Chisholm's Wharf. MILLER, GEO. S., Steamboat Wharf. SMITH, CAPTAIN W. H., Steamer Clifton. SUTHERLAND, JAMES, Sutherland's Wharf.
Founders and Machinists.
Fruit and Fish Dealers.
Allen, George W., Poulett st. Spragg, John C., Bay st.
Fruit tree Agents.
KENNEDY, HENRY, cor. Union st. and Garafraxa Road. STEPHENS, A. M. & CO., Poulett st. STEPHENS, ROBERT E., Water st.
MEIR JOHN, Poulett st. MILLER, JOHN, cor. Poulett and Union sts. PARK, JAMES, Scrope st. PARKE, SIMON, Union st.
BUTCHART, JAMES, Poulett st. KOUGH, W., Union st. STEPHENS, A. M. & CO., Poulett st.
Hotel and Tavern Keepers.
BISHOP, E. W., cor. Division and Water sts. Cobean, John, cor. Bay and Division sts. COULSON, JOHN P., cor. Poulett and Union sts. DAVIS, W. H., cor. Bay and Division sts. Dawson, James, Poulett st. JOHNSON, JAMES, Poulett st. McKenzie, Alex., Bay st. Weeks, Hiram, Union st. WILSON, JAMES cor. Union and Scrope sts.
Lumber Merchants.
Masons, Bricklayers, and Plasterers.
Briggs, Alfred, Albert st. Doig, Andrew, Stavely st. Fox, John, Hill st. Fox, Charles, Hill st. Herbert, Henry, Hill st. Lethbridge, Robt., Park lots, W. of Town. McCabe, Henry, Park lots, W. of Town. Revell, John, Murdoch st. Sadler, Robert, bds. Bishop's Hotel. Williams, David, Park lots, St. Vincent line.
Melodeon Maker.
SLOAN, JOHN, Scrope st.
Davis, Mrs., Poulett st. Donohue, Mrs., Poulett st. MALONE, MRS., Poulett st., cor Baker.
Painters and Glaziers.
Hayne, John, Poulett st. Plant, Henry, Scrope st.
CAIN, W. C., cor. Poulett and Baker sts.
Physicians and Surgeons.
BARNHART, CHAS. E.,. Poulett st. CAMERON, ALLAN, Poulett st. Manley, Henry, Division st. Moffett, John S., Bay st.
Planing Mills.
GREY FOUNDRY, Union st. O. S. IRON WORKS, Baker st. SYDENHAM FOUNDRY, Poulett st.
Potash Makers.
FROST, J. & SONS, Poulett st.
Spilker, John, Park lots, E. of Town.
Printers and Newspaper Publishers.
PRATT & LITTLE, "Advertiser" Office, Union st. RUTHERFORD & CREIGHTON, "Times" Office, Poulett st. VANDUSEN, OWEN, "Comet" Office, Division st.
Provincial Land Surveyors.
RANKIN, CHARLES, near Swing Bridge. SPRY, WM., Poulett st.
Pump maker.
SPRAGG, PHILIP, Scrope st.
Saddlers and Harnessmakers.
EDGAR, ROBERT, Poulett st. SHAW, THOMAS, Poulett st.
Sash and Blindmakers.
KENNEDY, WM. & SONS, Sydenham Foundry.
HARRISON, BROTHERS, Sydenham River. ORMISTON, WM., Pottawatamie River.
PARKE, S., Union st. PARKER & CATTLE, Poulett st. STEPHENS, A. M. & CO., Poulett st.
Stoves, Tinware, &C.
BUTCHART, JAMES, Poulett st. BUTCHART, ANDREW, Division st. CHRISTIE, DAVID, Foundry, Baker st. CORBET, GEO. & SONS, Foundry, Union st. STEPHENS, HENRY, Poulett st.
CRAWFORD, ROBERT, Jr., Murdoch st. FROST, J. & SONS, Poulett st. QUINN, JAMES, Poulett st. South.
Anderson, Miss, Common School. Bradbury, Miss, Bay st. Cumming, Miss, Common School. Dobie, David, Murdoch st. Fleming, R. M. M., Grammar School. Johnson, James, Common School. McKenzie, Mrs., Scrope st. Preston, James, Grammar School. Strang, ??, Common School.
CHISHOLM, JOHN, Poulett st. KENNEDY, HENRY, Garafraxa Road. KENNEDY, THOMAS, at H. Kennedy's. MAITLAND, THOMAS, Princes st. PEARSON, JOHN, Hill st. Smith, Lewis, Bay st. Stephens, Thos. C., Poulett st.
CHATWIN & COMELY, Poulett st. Darragh, John, Hill st.
Watchmakers & Jewellers.
FORHAM, MICHAEL, Poulett st. VICK, JOHN K., Poulett st.
Dunoon, George, Stavely st. HOWELL, CHARLES, Stavely st. McDonald, Felix, Hill st.
The Bay, so named after Capt. W. F. W. Owen, R. N., Admiralty Surveyor on the Lakes. It is a beautiful sheet of water, and one of which the inhabitants of the county town are justly proud. It opens out to the N. N. E. into Georgian Bay or Lake Manitou, being 8 miles in breadth at the headlands bounding it-Point William or Vail's Point, and Cape Commodore. From these headlands, it runs up into the land 12 1/2 Geographic, or about 15 Statute miles. It is remarkably free from islands and shoals. With the exception of a shoal at Vail's Point (extending out about a mile), there is neither island nor shoal in its whole extent. Its safety and easy acess make it a magnificent sheltering bay for heavy weather. With all possible respect for the inestimable services of Capt. Owen and Admiral Bayfield, we must say that the name of Sound, as applied to this sheet of water, is a misnomer. It is neither a Sound with respect to its shallowness of water, nor as being in any sense a channel connecting other waters. It is a Bay, and a very fine one. Its depth, on a line between the two outer headlands, is 360 feet. The water shoals toward each shore, and decreases in depth toward the head of the "Sound," with considerable regularity. It becomes, from 60 fathoms, 50 fathoms, then 40; at Squaw Point, 4 m. from the head of the bay, it somewhat suddenly comes down to 20 fathoms in depth. From that it decreases steadily, till the bar is reached outside the mouths of the Sydenham and Pottawatamie Rivers. Owen's Sound is sheltered from N. and N. W. winds, the prevailing winds of the region. It lies somewhat open to N.E. and N. N. E. winds, and vessels are sometimes windbound in Owen Sound harbour till a shift in the wind gives them a chance for tacking. The bottom is generally clay. On each side of the "Sound," a ridge runs with more or less regularity parallel with the shore, but generally about a mile back from the water. The Eastern shore (in the township of Sydenham), lies in many places pretty low, covered with hemlock and other timber loving a cold moist soil. In consequence, the well cleared up farms lie on the higher level back, and the shore has few cleared openings. On the Western side (Sarawak and Keppel townships), the land is drier directly on the shore, and it is becoming well opened up. We much mistake if the Owen's Sound slope of Keppel and Sarawak does not yet become (sheltered as it is from the North and West), the best fruit growing locality in these Northern counties. The Sound generally freezes in the winter about half its distance out; the outer half being only frozen for a mile or so next the shores. There is seldom much ice till late in January. Floating ice is sometimes brought in from the North shore in the Spring by Northerly winds; but navigation is generally open two weeks after Lake Ontario ports; in fact, as soon as vessels could arrive from below. This bay is becoming a favorite resort for summer tourists; and is much used by the people of Owen Sound town for boating and sailing. During the summer months, there is great regularity in the wind. A light South wind prevails in the morning, blowing off the land, which changes about 10 o'clock to a Northerly wind of delightful coolness, lasting till four or five o'clock in the afternoon. About 6 o'clock there is generally a dead calm. Pleasure parties, awake to these peculiarities, can generally manage to get a fair wind both to go down the bay and to come back. The vicinity of the Indian River and Indian Falls, is a favorite resort for pleasure parties.
The road from Owen Sound to Collingwood is gravelled to within five miles of the latter place, the improvement ceasing at the county line between Grey and Simcoe. Before the gravelling, the route, except as a winter road in sleighing, was scarcely practicable for loaded teams. It is now a well travelled road, all the year round. After rising out of the valley of Owen Sound, and attaining the first tableland, at the distance of 3 m. from the town, we come to Manders' Corners, where the Sydenham "Lake Shore" road comes in from the North (our direction toward Colllngwood is Easterly). W. Wilkinson keeps a comfortable Hotel at the Corners. We shortly after rise to a higher tableland, by a rock cutting in the road, and our next stage is to Woodford, 9 m. from Owen Sound, and half way to Meaford. We look in vain for a village, but there are two taverns and a Post office. Hill's N. American Hotel is a good and popular house. Before arriving at Woodford we had crossed a great gully and ascended a steep cutting up the side of a perpendicular rock, and had passed through a strip of the stoniest land to be seen for many miles. We must not judge the township of Sydenham by this strangely unfavorable sample of it. About a mile from Woodford, we are in the township of St. Vincent, and have passed the highest ground between Owen Sound and Meaford about 600 feet above Georgian Bay. When within about 5 m. of Meaford, we come out on a high piece of the road, and see stretched before us the broad waters of the Lake in front, with the shores of Nottawassga Bay and the Christian Islands in the far distance, and a large portion of St. Vincent township to the right and left and in front. From this point to the Lake seems all deseent. Before we reached there, we have passed Leavens' Post office on our left, distant about 15 m. from Owen Sound. After reaching the shore, the gravel road turns to the right, and follows shore a mile to the village of MEAFORD, 18 1/2 m. from Owen Sound. From Meaford, we run back from the shore nearly a mile, and just before commencing a very long slope, turn off to the left and resume our former Easterly course. The road is a little winding in places, but on the whole keeps pretty near the shore; and in due time we arrive in Thornbury, between 8 and 9 m. from Meaford, or 27 m. from Owen Sound. The road from here to Collingwood is pretty level, and follows the shore closely, the traveller being seldom out of sight of the Lake. Three miles E. of Thornbury is Milligan's hotel, a comfortable stopping place. Four miles further is Mrs. Cook's tavern; and nearby, but at a most inconvenient distance from the Road, is Craigleith Postoffice. At Milligan's the "Blue Mountains" come out quite close to the Lake. The road just skirts the base. At this point the mountain is 750 feet above the Lake. In rear of Craigleith P. O., a point is 900 feet high. We see, as we skirt the foot of the mountain, where the Shale Oil works were once in operation, but now abandoned. (See Blue Mountains.) A mile from Craigleith, we enter the County of Simcoe. The road is gravelled no more, but pursues its way through sandy cedar swamps; a passable road, considering all things. Five miles then bring us to COLLINOWOOD, distant by the road 41 m. from Owen Sound.
Part Seven