Directory of the County of Grey for 1865-6. (Part 8)

Sullivan is one of the Western townships of the County of Grey, being bounded North by the township of Derby, East by the Garafraxa Road and Holland, South by Bentinck, and West by Arran and Elderslie, the County of Bruce. The township was surveyed in 1844, Charles Rankin, P. L. S., laying out the Northern part, and John Stoughton Dennis, Esq., P. L. S., surveying the Southern part. There was once an old road-line run out, following the general line of the Toronto and Sydenham Road in its S. E. part, and running diagonally across Sullivan toward Saugeen. On some maps this line of Road still figures. It was called the "Toronto and Saugeen Road," but in point of fact was never opened out. Dennis and Rankin were instructed to pull up the stakes when they came to them, and make a square survey of the township. It would have been a lasting benefit to the country if all other diagonal surveys had been knocked in the head as effectually as this one; for a glance over the map of Upper Canada will show, that West of Toronto alone, in a country without a mountain range, and with scarcely a navigable river, there are 25 three cornered townships; and the County lines are as nearly as crooked as in England, where the Surveyor had nothing to do with them. The old road-line mentioned divided the labours of the two Surveyors in laying out the towaship. Another old road-line has disappeared in Sullivan. The original course of the Garafraxa Road was a mile or two to the West of the present line, in Sullivan, and passed some of the small lakes found in that part of the township. This line was partially brushed out and a few fallen logs &c. removed, so as to render it possible to travel it, but was really never travelled, as the new line was run out in 1841. A. M. Stephens, Esq., the present Mayor of Owen Sound, was one of a party of young men engaged in this brushing; and came near perishing in an early snow-storm that overtook the party in the then nameless wilderness of Sullivan, just at a time when their provisions had entirely run out. With a piece of bread each, the size of a man's hand, the party of twelve set their faces to the blast, to try to reach Owen Sonnd (a distance of 17 miles); where there was at least one inhabited house! The snow was nearly three feet deep. It was found that only two of the party were strong enough to be of any assistance to the rest. These two took turns in breaking the snow for the others. This was in December, 1840. As " Grant lots" of 50 acres each were laid out on each side the Garafraxa Road in 1841, a few settlers came into Sullivan that year and the following year, along the road, and began the hard struggle for life in the backwoods. The winter of 1842-43 is still remembered throughout Canada as a long and snowy one. In the Owen Sound region, the snow had accumulated to 5 feet before Spring, and it fell middle of November-and on 15th April, Mr. Telfer, the Government Agent at Owen Sound, remarked that Winter surely "couldn't last much longer!" Provisions were exceeding scarce in the settlement. A settler named Barnes, living 13 miles from Owen Sound, on the Garafraxa Road between Holland and Sullivan, died in the Spring (1843) of actual starvation. Had he been alone, he might have got through; or gone where provisions could be got. But he had a family; and in trying to get his children a mouth full of anything that could be eaten, he often neglected himself; and after living some time on cow cabbage, he at last sunk under his privations and died. Sullivan (named after the late Hon. R. B. Sullivan, Crown Land Commissioner, at the time) now contains many fine farms, the homes of thrifty and enterprising farmers. Ten years ago the township began to be extensively settled. With the exception of some blocks of wild land in the S. W. part, held by non-residents, the township is mainly in the hands of settlers. The township is not all equally good. An imaginary line, drawn diagonally from the N. E. to the S. W. corner, would, with some approximation to exactness, divide the township with respect to quality of soil, &C. The N. W. half is much superior to the S. E. half. The former is undulating, but not hilly; soil a good clay-not so heavy as in the adjoining township of Elderslie; but sufficiently friable. Timber, maple and elm. Some pine in the cedar-swamps. The S. E. portion is more hilly-broken somewhat with the branches of the Saugeen; soil inclined in many places to be gravelly, with a good deal of swamp, and several small lakes. This portion is not so well settled. The Western part of Sullivan is watered by the Sable River, the Eastern part by the Sydenham, and the Southern part by the North Fork of the Saugeen. There is but one Postoffice in the township-"Marmion," though there are others on its borders in different directions:-Invermay at the N. W., Scone at S. W., Sullivan at the E., and Chatsworth at N. E. Mills.-Elliot's Mills: Lot "H," Conc. 2., on the Sydenham River. Elsewhere separately described. Pringle's Sawmill: On 3rd Con., Lot "D," on a Spring creek, a tributary of the Sydenham. Hind's Sawmill: On 3rd. Concession, Lot 14; situated on the Sydenham River. Richard Hinds, proprietor. Strathy's Sawmill: On the Garafraxa Road, at the so called ("Sable.") (See "Williamsford.") Conger's Sawmill: On Lot 15, in 10th Concession, on the head-waters of the Aux Sable. James A. Conger, proprietor. Churches.-On Lot 10, Con 8, "St. John's"-(Episcopal) Church. Building, frame. Erected in 1864. Rev. Geo. Keys. On Lot 9, Con. 4., a N. C. Methodist Chapel, frame; near Mr. John Totton's. On Lot 13, Con. 13, "Grace Church," another preaching station of Rev. G. Keys. Building, log. The majority of the School-houses are also used for Divine Worship on Sabbaths. Population.-In 1861, the population of Sullivan, as given by the Census, was 1,736 -standing in respect to numbers tenth among the 17 townships of Grey. The Residents Roll, in 1864, contained 100 more names than at the time of the Census, representing an increase of at least 500 in the population. The number may therefore be safely set down at the present date at about 2,300. Lands and Landholders.-Sullivan contains about 72,500 acres. In 1861, the number of occupiers of land was 299. In 1864, 400. At the time of the Census, 37 persons held less than 50 acres each, 178 from 50 to 100 acres each, and 84 over 100 acres each. Products.-In 1861, only 140 bushels Fall-Wheat are reported; Spring Wheat, 38,480 bushels; Barley, 961 bushels; Pease, 6,506 bushels; Oats, 19,112 bushels; Potatoes, 30,346 bushels; Turnips, 56,572 bushels; Grass Seeds, 93 bushels; Hay, 1,192 tons; Maple Sugar, 10,939 lbs.; Wool, 4,079 lbs. Fulled cloth and Flannel, 3,172 yds.; Butter, 38,505 lbs.; Cheese, 2,980 lbs.; Pork, 526 bbls. Municipal Officers.-Reeve, Stephen B. Conger (Marmion P. O.) Councillors.-James Beattie, Caleb Morden, John Hinds, John McIntosh. Clerk amd Tresurer, Charles Critchley (Chatsworth P. O.) Magistrates.-Thomas Mitchell, Stephen B. Conger, Charles Critchley, Thomas Pringle, James Stuart, James Kennedy, M.D. Agricultural Society.-Holland and Sullivan have united in forming and supporting an Agricultural Society for the two Townships. The Autumn Exhibition is generally held at Chatsworth. Henry Cardwell (Chatsworth), Secretary and Treasurer. Schools.-S. S. No.1. Alex McCorkindale, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance for 1864, 33. S. S. No.2. John W. Jackson, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance for 1864, 23. S. S. No.5. Jemima Carson, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance for 1864, 19. Union S. S. No.1 (Chatsworth School; section partly in Holland). J. A. G. Williamson, teacher. Average attendance, from Sullivan, for 1864, 22; from Holland, 17; total average, 39. House, frame. Union S. S. No.2 (part in Holland), John H. Campbell, Teacher. House, frame. Average attendance from Sullivan, for 1864, 4; from both townships, 13. Union No. 1 (Derby). Edward Lunn, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance for 1864, from Sullivan, 7; from Derby, 5; total average, 12. NOTE.-For reasons given in connection with some other Townships, the distinction of Freeholder" and " Householder" is not given; it would be invidious here. Con. Lot Adams, Robert 2 29 Appleby, Thomas 3 21 Armstrong, John 4 M Atcheson, John 5 21 Algeo, Ferris 5 30 Armitage, Mark 6 1 Acton, Arthur 12 22 Acton, Joseph 12 23 Black, Wm. 8 2 Black, Hugh 8 2 Black, John 1 4 Black, James 2 12 Black, Alex 2 B Bowie, Mrs. 1 4 Breen, Conger 1 19 Benderman, Andrew 3 8 Blade, George 3 20 Bridgett, Wm. 4 J Beattie, James 5 5 Bantine, Joseph 5 19 Bryan, James 5 23 Bryan, Wm. 5 23 Bryan, Joseph 6 23 Bedford, George 5 26 Brimlaw, James 5 26 Beaton, John 6 1 Buchanan, Arch. 2 19 Barss, Caleb 6 16 Barss, Thomas 6 16 Barss, Joseph 6 17 Barss, Richard 6 17 Burgess, Andrew 6 22 Blue, Duncan 6 26 Brenwick, John 6 26 Brown, Arch 7 2 Brown, Thomas 7 13 Brown, Hugh 11 22 Benedict, Wm. 7 12 Benedict, Caleb 10 22 Blake, Christopher 7 17 Burr, John 9 11 Boyd, John 12 30 Boyd, John, Jr. 12 30 Bulger, Joseph 13 14 Carson, Wm. 1 2 Carson, Walker 2 A Carson, Robert 7 10 Carson, James 7 11 Carson, Wm. 7 16 Corsley, Michael 1 3 Curtis, George 1 4 Cook, Joseph 4 16 Cook, Wm. 4 14 Cook, Robert 4 14 Cook, Ralph 1 19 Cook, John 1 13 Cook, Rev. R. B. Baptist 1 19 Cook, Francis 9 4 Cook, Wm. 9 3 Creighton, James 1 15 Clark, John 1 19 Currie, John 2 5 Critchley, Charles 2 C Conley, Robert 2 20 Conley, Wm. 2 21 Conley, James 3 19 Crozier, David 2 24 Crage, Andrew 2 24 Crane, Richard 3 L Coleman, Patrick 3 14 Coleman, Michael 3 30 Cochrane, John 3 15 Cram, James 5 18 Cram, David 3 15 Conway, Henry 3 23 Crothcamp, Wm. 4 18 Cassels, George 4 22 Charlten, John 1 7 Charlton, James 4 24 Cosgrove, Thomas 4 27 Cosgrove, George 6 22 Camp, David 5 7 Crow, C. 5 19 Chambers, John 1 13 Coulter, Robert 7 8 Coulter, James 8 11 Coulter, Joseph 8 11 Cameron, Samuel 7 20 Cardno, John 8 3 Crawford, Thomas 8 10 Campbell, Ralph 7 15 Campbell, Wm. 8 15 Campbell, James A. 11 7 Campbell, John 8 15 Campbell, Arch 9 7 Campbell, Alex 11 1 Carter, James 10 30 Cross, Wm. 11 1 Cross, Mark 12 10 Cronan, Michael 11 30 Conger, Stephen B. 9 14 Duffy, Thomas 1 4 Duffy, James 1 12 Donaldson, John 1 16 Donkard, John 5 19 Douglas, John 1 19 Douglas, Daniel 1 20 Davidson, Wm. 2 2 Dobie, John 2 13 Delane, Charles 11 2 Deacon, George 2 G Doyle, Joseph 3 22 Doyle, Benj. 5 22 Duggan, Cornelius 3 29 Dundas, John 3 30 Dunnington, Joseph 5 2 Dunnington, James 5 2 Dunnington, Thomas 6 2 Duff, James 5 8 Ewing, John A. 2 21 Elder, James 10 20 Embroff, Joseph 1 1 Embroff, Joseph Jr. 1 1 Foster, Samuel 1 4 Forbes, George 2 H Frazer, Alex 2 17 Frazer, Alex 6 14 Frazer, James 3 K Ferguson, John 3 4 Fletcher, Robt. 7 19 Forgroves, Robert 9 6 Fullarton, Matthew 11 21 Fenton, Samuel 11 27 Fitzgerald, Michael 11 30 Forrest, Robt. 13 7 Follis, John 13 16 Green, George 1 14 Green, Mrs. 2 14 Gillies, Robert 1 20 Godfrey, Wm. 2 9 Godfrey, Michael 3 B Gillan, Patrick 2 29 Gilchrist, Donald 7 1 Gilchrist, James 7 4 Gilchrist, Ronald 7 1 Grantham, Joseph 6 15 Graham, Samuel 10 10 Graham, James 6 17 Graham, Christopher 6 17 Graham, James 10 10 Geddes, John 1 15 Gillespie, Samuel 7 13 Gordon, Hiram 1 21 Gaddis, Edward 7 25 Grant, John 1 28 Garrett, John 8 9 Ganke, Godfred 10 25 Hemstock, John 1 6 Halliday, Mrs. 1 28 Hollingshead, J. G. 6 10 Hynds, Thomas 5 9 Hynd, John 2 M Hynd, Richard 3 14 Hynds, Francis 5 9 Hamly, Askett 3 M Hamilton, Wm. 3 24 Hopkins, N. 1 19 Henry, Andrew 4 J Harrity, Edward 4 20 Harrity, Hugh 4 26 Harrity, John 4 26 Holmes, John 5 7 Howitt, George 5 4 Hastley, Archibald 6 28 Hutchinson, George 7 5 Hatton, John 8 7 Hanbury, Robt. 8 13 Hanbury, Elisha 9 9 Ireland, James 1 9 Irvine, Mrs. 4 25 Jackson, Henry 3 M Jackson, Wm. 5 17 Jameson, Wm. 7 17 Johnson, John 4 19 Kinnon, John 5 16 Kinnon, Stephen 4 16 Kinnon, James 5 17 Kingsbury, Stephen 1 4 Kelly, Patrick 2 7 Kergan, Wm. 9 3 Kier, Wm. 4 21 Kennedy, James 6 9 Kennedy, Brian 7 28 Kilpatrick, Wm. 7 10 Kilpatrick, Robert 8 10 Kenna, Thomas 8 28 Knowles, George 12 12 Kyle, Wm. 13 20 Kyle, John 13 21 Kyle, James 13 21 Little, John 1 4 Leggett, Gore 1 4 Lowry, Edward 1 9 Lowry, Robert 2 E Lee, George 1 14 Lawson, Frederick 2 22 Lawson, Francis 3 25 Lubin, Ernest 4 19 Lister, Wm. 4 30 Long, Edward 4 30 Lowe, John 5 30 Lowe, James 6 28 Lowe, Peter 6 29 Lowe, Donald 6 29 Lawrence, Henry 13 18 Loons, Daniel 9 2 Mooney, John 1 18 Miller, Henry 1 22 Miller, James 7 21 Mortley, Charles 1 25 Mitchell, James 8 3 Mitchell, Thomas 2 8 Mitchell, Robert 2 8 Mitchell, A. H. 2 14 Mitchell, John 3 2 Mitchell, James 3 3 Mitchell, Wm. 5 1 Malone, Patrick 5 20 Malone, John 2 27 Malone, James 4 18 Malone, John 4 25 Muir, Francis 2 20 Moran, Patrick 3 23 Maxwell, John 3 L Munro, Henry 4 19 Munro, George 8 12 Munro, John 4 18 Mills, John 4 28 Morgan, Charles 6 15 Morgan, Henry 6 15 Melany, Patrick 6 18 Melany, Peter 6 18 Murray, George 6 30 Murray, Wm. 6 30 Morden, Caleb 8 1 Munford, Charles 8 4 Milburn, John 10 21 Molenski, John 8 18 Mair, Walter 8 21 Mair, Andrew 7 22 Mimnaugh, Thomas 8 28 Menery, Robert 13 6 McKinnon, John 13 22 McKinnon, Charles 13 16 McLellan, James 13 13 McLellan, John 13 12 McArthur, Neil 12 2 McCaffrey, Neil 12 5 McGill, Andrew 1 4 McInnis, Duncan 11 1 McInnis, James 11 2 McClure, Robert 1 17 McClure, David 1 20 McLaughlin, James 1 17 McIntosh, Alex 1 28 McIntosh, Donald 1 29 McIntosh, John 1 30 McIntosh, Ralph 1 30 McBain, Lachlin 6 13 McBain, David 6 13 McDonald, Mrs. 2 6 McDonald, John 2 11 McDonald, Hugh 5 6 McDonald, Arch. 5 6 McDonald, Angus 7 5 McDonald, Arch. 10 28 McDonald, Wm. 10 28 McGillivray, Duncan 2 G McGillivray, Peter 2 G McGillivray, Alex 2 G McKay, John 2 15 McMitchell, David 2 22 McMitchell, John 2 22 McClung, James 2 23 McClung, David 3 25 McElheren, John 3 A McCauley, Matthew 3 C McHardy, Wm. 8 3 McEwen, John 3 F McEwen, Robert 3 J McEwen, Andrew 4 15 McCann, John 3 21 McCullough, John 4 22 McMullen, John 4 28 McMullen, Michael 10 22 McKenzie, John 5 3 McKenzie, Roderick 7 4 McGregor, John 6 3 McGregor, Peter 6 5 McNab, Robert 9 6 McNab, John 8 9 McNab, John 6 6 McNab, Samuel 6 7 McNab, Robert 6 12 McNab, John 8 8 McNab, Charles 8 8 McPherson, Wm. 6 14 McGann, Timothy 6 18 McLeod, Alex 11 5 McLeod, Donald 7 2 McLeod, Duncan 9 7 McQueen, Arch. 7 3 McFarlane, Robert 11 4 Notman, John 3 K Nolan, Olivia 13 14 Orr, Hugh 1 21 O'Neil, Michael 3 27 Osburn, Wm. 9 10 Oliver, John 11 3 Oliver, Henry 11 4 Pritchard, Wm. 1 22 Pritchard, George 1 23 Pringle, Thomas 3 D Park, James 4 15 Penner, Elisha 6 7 Penner, Wm. 7 6 Penner, James 7 7 Penner, John 9 10 Pamperine, Christopher 7 18 Pavilaski, Adam 7 18 Parker, Charles 8 30 Quigley, George 13 15 Quigley, Wm. 13 12 Quin, John 6 10 Robertson, Christopher 2 28 Ross, Wm. 4 18 Reid, Wm. 5 4 Richardson, Mark 1 4 Riddell, Alex. 5 29 Riddell, John 5 29 Robinson, George 8 3 Retz, Henry 8 20 Retz, John 8 21 Ritchie, Andrew 8 29 Robbins, Gabriel 11 23 Shouldice, John 1 5 Steadman, George 1 7 Steadman, John 1 7 Steadman, Anthony 9 8 Salter, John 1 15 Strathy, A. E. 1 18 Scott, David 1 24 Spencer, Jason 13 11 Sherry, Wm. 3 1 Stewart, Robert 3 K Stewart, Duncan 3 16 Stewart, John 3 17 Stewart, James 4 L Stewart, Samuel 4 L Stewart, Henry 7 10 Stuwart, Alex 9 1 Sullivan, John 5 20 Smith, Mrs. 7 3 Smith, John 8 4 Short, Robert 7 6 Sheppard, John 7 8 Swartz, Jacob 7 20 Swartz, Michael 8 21 Stoddart, Walter 7 21 Shinsky, Aaron 8 18 Shinsky, Christopher 8 18 Sellars, Wm. 9 1 Scarrow, Wm. 9 2 Sinclair, John 9 5 Sinclair, Alex 11 2 Sinclair, Donald 11 2 Sinclair, Arch 11 8 Savage, Samuel 11 24 Trayer, John 1 26 Thompson, John 13 5 Thompson, James 3 9 Thompson, John 11 11 Thompson, Francis 13 15 Totton, John 3 G Trafford, Jesse 3 20 Tweeble, Robert 5 27 Travis, Edward 7 7 Travis, Duke 7 7 Turner, Smith 12 12 Turner, Wm. 8 16 Tompsett, John 8 17 Taylor, Benj 10 25 Thornby, Charles 11 12 Vasey, George 2 26 Vasey, John 3 28 Vasey, Wm. 3 28 Vasey, James 5 18 Wilcox, R. L. 1 1 Watson, Mrs. 1 4 Wright, Robert 1 26 Wright, Joseph 8 13 White, Wm. 2 2 White, Donald 2 2 White, Arthur 2 3 White, Wm. 2 2 Walker, James 2 25 Walker, Samuel 3 M Walker, Michael 4 24 Walker, Francis 6 8 Willison, John 3 11 Willison, James 3 12 Ward, James 10 12 Ward, Christopher 4 17 Ward, James 8 30 Ward, Henry 10 12 Welsh, Nicholas 4 20 Welsh, John 6 19 Waters, John 5 16 Winterhorn, Charles 5 1 Wild, Wm. 8 13 Wilful, Christian 8 20 Wilkie, James 9 5 Wray, Robert 11 28 Warren, David 12 10 Young, Robert 2 26 Young, Arch'd 4 M Young, John 8 19
Sydenham "Lake Shore Road" or "Line," is a principal Road in the Northern part of Sydenham township, leading from the townline of St. Vincent, in the vicinity of Vail's Point, to Manders' Corners near Owen Sound. The Road runs N. E. and S. W. at the distance of about 1 1/2 m. from the Shore of Owen's Sound; having 3 ranges of lots parallel to its course, on the N. W.; and one range on the S. E. Its length is about 12 m. A succession of fine farms, in a good state of cultivation, is presented on each side of this Line, for its whole length. It is almost exclusively a Scottish settlement; indeed, the Government Agent at Owen Sound was accused, we cannot say with what truth, of exercising some skilful management to secure that result. The principal points are Manders' Corners, at the lower end of the line 3 m. from Owen Sound; Leith Corners, 6 m. from O. S.; Daywood P. O. 8 m. from O. S.; Johnson P. O. 12 m. from O. S.; Moulton's Tavern, &c. (Balaklava), 13 m. from O. S., and the end of the Line at the 12th Con. line, of St. Vinceut, 14 m. from O. Sound.
The Sydenham River is a pretty little stream falling into Owen's Sound at the County Town, and forming the Inner Harbour there. It has a course of about 20 miles. It has its source in a small lake in Holland township, about 2 m. E. of the Garafraxa Road, and about 14 m. from Owen Sound. After running W. 3 or 4 miles; crossing the Garafraxa Road into Sullivan, it pursues a general North course to the Sound, being never more than about a mile from the Garafraxa Road; sometimes only half that distance. It turns Elliot's Grist and Sawmills, and Hind's Sawmill, in Sullivan and Herriman's Sawmill, Inglis' Grist and Sawmills, and Cross' Sawmill, in Derby; and the Mills of Messrs. Harrison in Owen Sound. Some portions of its course are very rapid. It forms a beautiful Fall at Inglis' Mills, in Derby; and below the falls the water is almost a continuous rapid for some distance. It is navigable for half a mile from its mouth, and has been improved by dredging. (See. "Owen Sound," also "Inglis' Falls.")
The name Owen Sound or Owen's Sound, was first applied to the large inlet still bearing that name; secondly, to the village that sprung up at its upper end; and thirdly, to the whole district of country round about. In 1840, the first part of the townplot of Owen Sound was surveyed, and an Agent sent up to superintend the settlement of Immigrants. The new Town was named "Sydenham." Why the Post Office, which was established a a year or two afterward, was called "Owen's Sound" and not "Sydenham" we have never heard explained. Though the place continued popularly to be called "Owen Sound" or "The Sound," Sydenham was its official name (except with the P. O. Department) from 1840 to 1856, inclusive. The name of the Post office was never changed, except that it was made Owen Sound instead of Owen's Sound. In 1856, when a special Act of Incorporation for the town was obtained (to go into operation January, 1857), the name was made "Owen Sound," in accordance with the petition for Incorporation. It cannot be denied that there was always a measure of dissatisfaction with the name Owen Sound; and if "Sydenham" had been less preoccupied or used elsewhere-first, for the name of the adjoining Township-second for a River in Kent, and most of all for the Great Crystal Palace in the suburbs of London in England, it would probably have been retained. The objection urged against the name Owen Sound was that it was the name of the adjacent sheet of water, and could with no propriety be applied to the town. The name, however, is not now likely to be disturbed (See Owen Sound.)
Sydenham is one of the Northern Townships of the County of Grey, being bounded North by the waters of Owen's Sound; East by St Vincent; South by Holland; and West by Derby, Owen Sound townplot and Owen's Sound. It is a long township from S. to N. stretching to the headland of Vail's Point or Point William, projecting into Georgian Bay. Sydenham is a well settled and populous township. It was surveyed in 1842 and '43 by Chas. Rankin, Esq., P. L. S., and immediately began to fill up with settlers. The soil is clay, well adapted for wheat raising, though some tracts in the township are stony and rocky. It is unfortunate for the reputation of Sydenham with strangers, that the Owen Sound and Collingwood Gravel Road, running across the centre of the township, should happen to pass through the only considerable tract of rocky land in it. The two or three miles West of Woodford P. O. are very inferior on this account; while, a mile North or South, the land is excellent. The timber is hardwood, maple, beach, and elm, with a sprinkling of hemlock, basswood, and ash; no oak, and no pine, except an occasional tree in the cedar swamps. The state of agriculture may be judged of from the fact that though Sydenham, by the Census of 1861, stood sixth among the townships of Grey, with respect to the number of "occupiers of lands," and fourth as to the number of acres held, it stood fourth with respect to Fall wheat raised (the report shows 27 bushels to the acre); first as to Spring Wheat; third as to Barley; second as to Peas; third as to Oats; second as to Potatoes; eighth as to Turnips; first as to Carrots; third as to Grass Seeds; first as to Hay; first as to Hops; second as to Maple Sugar; first as to Wool; third as to Fulled Cloth; first as to Flannel; second as to Flax and Hemp (Normanby will be first now, Egremont was first then); first as to Butter; first as to Cheese (quadruple the quantity of any other); first as to Fish; second as to Cattle; fourth as to Horses; second as to value of Live Stock; first as to Sheep; and first as to value of Farms, Farming Implements, and produce of orchards and Gardens. The Concession lines of Sydenham run N. & S.; the Concessions numbering from the East, and the lots numbering from the South. As already noted, the Gravel Road from Owen Sound to Meaford and Collingwood, runs across the township from West to East, about its centre. The Garafraxa (gravel) Road bounds its Western side. The "Lake Shore Line," and several of the other lines are also well travelled Roads. There is but little absolutely level land in Sydenham; it is generally undulating, and in a little hilly. The Southern part of the township is well watered by the Big Head River, and several of its branches, and the North part by the, "Water o'Leith," and several other creeks falling into Owen's Sound. A very high upland separates Sydenham from St. Vincent; and the township is traversed in its central part by a couple of rocky ridges (and a streak of rocky land belonging to each), running N. E. & S. W. Post Offices.-In Northern part of the township are Woodford, Leith, Daywood, and Johnson Post Offices. Hoath Head P. O. is toward the S. end of the township. Walter's Falls P. O., in Holland, is near the S. E. corner of Sydenham. Municipal officers.-Reeve, Hugh Reid (Owen Sound P. O.); Deputy Reeve, James Gardner (Woodford P. O.); Councillors, Robt. McCutcheon, Stephen Cameron, Angus McKay. Clerk, Charles Gordon (Owen Sound P. O.). Treasurer, James Ross (Leith P. O.). Magistrates.-James Ross, John Couper, Wm. Lang, Jr., James Gibson, Wm. Johnston, Adam Ainslie, Robt. Innes Campbell, Robert Grierson, David Armstrong, Charles Gordon, Wm. McDonald, Henry Reilly. Census Reports.-Population in 1861, 3,021, being fourth in this respect among the townships of Grey; but if all villages had been excluded, Sydenham would have stood second, Normanby being first. Natives of England, 113; Natives of Scotland, 529; Natives of Ireland, 356; Natives of Canada and British Provinces, 1,988; Natives of U. States, 33. Occupiers of land in 1861, 456. Holding less than 20 acres each, 7; from 20 to 50 acres each, 92; from 50 to 100 acres each, 264; from 100 to 200 acres each, 77; over 200 acres each, 16. Amount held, in acres, 48,532; under cultivation, 15,298; under crop 11,987 acres. Fall wheat produced, 5,015 bushels; Spring Wheat, 92,730 bushels; Barley, 3,124 bushels; Peas, 17,040 bushels; Oats, 36,017 bushels; Buckwheat, 304 bushels; Indian Corn, 237 bushels; Potatoes, 48,285 bushels; Turnips, 56,765 bushels; Carrots, 976 bushels; Grass Seeds, 304 bushels; Hay, 3,284 tons; Hops, 241 lbs.; Maple Sugar, 17,319 lbs.; Wool, 8,693 lbs.; Fulled Cloth, 1,331 yds.; Flannel, 6,178 yds.; Flax and Hemp, 312 lbs.; Butter, 72,589 lbs.; Cheese, 16,387 lbs.; Beef, 297 bbls.; Pork, 1,217 bbls.; Fish, (salt), 412 bbls.; Do. (fresh) 24,600 lbs. Neat Cattle, 3,486; Horses, colts and fillies, 511; Sheep, 2,436; Pigs, 1,523. Churches.-Church of Scotland, on "Lake Shore" line, near Johnson P. O. "Zion Church" (Wesleyan), 6 m. S. of Owen Sound, on Garafraxa Road. Roman Catholic Church, in "Irish block," on 5th Concession. Schools-S. S. No.1. Thomas Sterrett, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance for 1864, 27. S. S. No.3. W. P. Telford, Teacher. House, frame. Average attendance for 1864, 42. Furnished with Maps and Globe. S. S. No.4. Joseph S. Edwards, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance for 1864, 33. S. S. No.5. Hugh McKay, Teacher. House brick; (Manders Corners.) Average attendance for 1864, 25. S. S. No.6. Gavin Shaw, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance for 1864, 27. S. S. No.7. Common School, not in operation in 1864. A R. C. Separate School is established in the Section, but no returns are at hand. S. S. No.8. Simon Graham, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance for 1864, 25. Union S. S. No.9. (part St. Vincent); Lydia Meir, Teacher. Average attendance for 1864, 28. S. S. No.1O. Andrew Holland, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance for 1864, 20. S. S. No.11. Malcolm McQueen, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance for first 6 mos. of 1864, 15; closed for rest of the year. S. S. No.12. William Moore, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance for 1864, 11. S. S. No.13. H. Moore, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance for 1864, 27. S. S. No. 14. Alex. Mitchell, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance for 1864, 24. Union S. S. No.2. (part Derby), D. R. Dobie, Teacher. House, stone. Furnished with Maps, &c. Average attendance for 1864 (from Sydenham), 12. Union S. S. No. 3. (part Derby), Christina McKay, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance (from Sydenham) for 1864, 9. Union S. S. No.11. (part Holland), James Henderson, Teacher. House, log. Average attendance for 1864 (from Sydenham), 2. (See Holland.) NOTE.-A. B. & C. and B. F. (Broken Front), are the diagonal Ranges parallel with the Lake Shore Road nd the Sound. N.C.R., and S. C. R. are North and South of the "Centre Road" (the Owen Sound and Collingwood Gravel Road), respectively. Fewer than half the names on the Assessment Roll of 1864, are marked as "Freeholders;" and as we find some of the heaviest assessments against persons who are set down merely as "Householders," we have omitted a distinction that would in many cases be invidious. Con. Lot Armstrong, James 1 1 Armstrong, Francis 7 23 Armstrong, Wm. 1 1 Armstrong, James B. 37 Armstrong, Thos. 6 22 Armstrong, David C. 35 Armstrong, Robert C. 35 Armstrong, Charles B. 33 Atcheson, Hamilton 3 5 Abra, Thomas 3 6 Alexander, Mat'w (Leith.) Alexander, Richard (Leith.) Alexander, James 10 25 Alexander, Alex. 4 23 Alexander, Robert 4 27 Anderson, Thomas 5 1 Anderson, John 5 1 Anderson, Peter C 19 Andrews, Mary 10 7 Arnett, Francis 12 13 Atkins, Walter B. 30 Ainslie, Adam B.F. 34 Bailey, John 2 S.C.R.12 Bailey, Edward 9 3 Bailey, Robert 1 5 Baxter, Colin 1 7 Baxter, Donald 2 7 Ballard, Peter 1 14 Bannan, Timothy 2 N.C.R.1 Bannan, Joseph 1 N.C.R.1 Bannan, John 1 N.C.R.1 Bannan, Edward 2 5 Binane, Timothy 7 11 Binane, Michael 7 13 Binane, Patrick 7 14 Binane, James 10 14 Boyce, Andrew 2 12 Barry, James 2 15 Burns, Patrick 2 23 Burns, James 1 S.C.R.13 Burns, Robert 1 S.C.R.13 Bowley, George 2 31 Bowley, Thomas (Leith.) Brown, George 4 25 Brown, Thomas B. 4 Brown, Wm. A. 40 Brown, Thomas (Leith.) Black, James 5 23 Black, Joseph 12 14 Buzza, George 5 25 Buzza, Wm. B. 11 Bodie, Wm. 6 5 Bodie, Mary 2 N.C.R.16 Bryan, James 6 15 Butchart, David 10 25 Bowles, Wm. 11 3 Beattie, Andrew C. 31 Beattie, Robert 12 14 Beattie, John 2 S.C.R.16 Beattie, Walter B. 41 Baker, Michael 2 N.C.R.3 Berridge, George 1 S.R.R.8 Bryson, James 1 N.C.R.3 Boyle, Robert 1 N.C.R.1 Blackshaw, S. A. 18 Blackshaw, W. A. 18 Benedict, A. B. 3 Benedict, Daniel B. 3 Benedict, James B. 3 Bready, Andrew B. 12 Bready, Joseph C. 7 Burr, James C. 4 Burr, Peter (Leith.) Blue, Charles C. 21 Bothwell, John 10 19 Bonestead, Wm. 1 7 Biggar, Andrew C. 34 Caswell, Sarah 1 3 Caswell, Wm. 1 5 Caswell, Samuel 2 5 Caswell, Robert 1 S.C.R.16 Cameron, John A. 13 Cameron, Daniel A. 13 Cameron, Angus A. 13 Cameron, Benj. 1 23 Cameron, Peter 2 33 Cameron, Duncan 11 10 Cameron, Daniel 2 S.C.R.1 Cameron, Peter 2 S.C.R.1 Cameron, Thomas 2 S.C.R.1 Cameron, James B. 1 N.C.R.1 Cameron, Emily A. 15 Cameron, Angus A. 15 Cameron, Donald A. 30 Cameron, Wm. B. 2 Cameron, Alex. B. 2 Cameron, Wm. B. 23 Cameron, Abraham B. 25 Cameron, Duncan C 3 Cameron, George C 19 Cameron, Andrew C. 19 Cameron, Stephen C. 25 Cameron, Arthur (Leith) Cameron, George (Leith.) Cameron, Peter (Leith.) Cameron, Thomas B. 27 Campbell, Thomas B. 30 Campbell, Donald B. 13 Campbell, John 1 N.C.R.3 Campbell, Donald 10 13 Campbell, Malcolm 9 5 Campbell, Donald 9 5 Campbell, Robt. I. 9 13 Campbell, James 9 14 Campbell, Wm. 10 22 Campbell, Malcolm 11 10 Campbell, Roland B. 33 Campbell, H. G. B. 40 Campbell, Miles 2 34 Campbell, Geo. A. 3 32 Campbell, Walter 5 22 Campbell, Hugh 5 22 Campbell, Duncan 5 28 Campbell, Wm. 5 28 Campbell, Neil 6 22 Campbell, John 6 22 Campbell, Alex. 2 N.C.R.14 Connor, Chas. 3 23 Connor, John 3 26 Cahoon, James 1 25 Cahoon, Samuel 1 25 Cahoon, John 2 25 Cahoon, George 2 28 Crawford, James 2 10 Crawford, John A. 19 Crawford, Robert A. 19 Corbet, James C. 12 Cannon, James 7 24 Cannon, James, Jr. 7 24 Cannon, Wm. B. 29 Cannon, Thomas 7 23 Cook, Dickinson 8 3 Cook, Francis 12 6 Cook, Moses 12 6 Cobean, Alex 8 9 Cobean, John 8 9 Carson, Wm. 11 3 Carson, Wm., Jr. 11 3 Carson, Edward 11 3 Coleman, Robert 12 1 Coleman, Wm. 12 2 Coleman, John 12 2 Cunningham, Wm. 12 10 Cunningham, Patk A. 38 Cavers, John 1 S.C.R.3 Cavers, Francis 1 S.C.R.3 Cavers, John 1 S.C.R.3 Cavers, James 1 S.C.R.3 Conme, John 1 S.C.R.4 Conme, Brian 2 N.C.R.21 Caldwell, Wm. 1 S.C.R.8 Craig, Wm. 1 S.C.R.8 Codling, Joseph 1 S.C.R.19 Cranny, Thomas 2 S.C.R.2 Cranny, John 2 22 Cranny, Thomas 2 22 Cranny, Patrick 2 22 Carr, James 2 S.C.R.7 Carr, Wm. 2 S.C.R.7 Carr, James, Jr. 2 S.C.R 7 Cornell, Levi 1 N.C.R.11 Cornell, Wm. 2 S.C.R.5 Coulson, Albert 1 N.C.R.21 Coram, Wm. 2 N.C.R.6 Coram, Wm. E. 2 N.C.R.6 Creighton, John 10 17 Creighton. Robert 10 17 Curtis, Sidney S. B.F. 1 Crossin, Edward. B. 5 Clarke, Robert B. 34 Clark, James (Leith.) Cullen, Wm. C. 12 Carmichael, Alex. 4 6 Carmichael, John 4 6 Carmichael, Dugald 5 4 Currie, Lachlin 4 3 Currie, Duncan 8 12 Currie, Arch. 8 13 Currie, Charles 11 4 Currie, Neil 11 4 Currie, Gillan 11 4 Currie, Donald 10 1 Cochrane, Robert 5 24 Cochrane, James 6 3 Couper, John 7 23 Cathrae, Martin 6 24 Doran, Alex 1 14 Doyle, Richard 1 24 Doyle, John 1 27 Doyle, Bernard 1 27 Doyle, Wm. 1 29 Doyle, James 2 28 Doyle, John 10 23 Doyle, Patrick 1 28 Dunn, James 2 14 Donovan, Edward 3 25 Donovan, Joseph 3 25 Davies, David 1 N.C.R.19 Dunlop, Robert 9 6 Daly, Michael 9 5 Durie, John 10 14 Donald, Geo. 1 N.C.R.27 Donald, John D. B. 20 Douglas, Henry 2 N.C.R.22 Downey, Patrick B. 27 Dale, Andrew A. 4 Duke, Wm. B. 6 Davidson, James B. 33 Decker, James N. C. 5 Decker, Nelson 1 34 Day, Robert C. 24 Day, Thomas C. 28 Day, George B. 26 Day, Peter B. 26 Day, John B. 27 Duffy, Michael B. F. 34 Edwards, Wm. 1 8 English, John 2 24 Ead, Arch. 5 22 Elder, Wm. 8 13 Elliot, Robert 1 S.C.R.16 Elliot, Robert, Jr. 2 S.C.R.14 Elliot, Robert B 38 Elliot, James 1 S.C.R.14 Eames, George 2 S.C.R.21 Eames, Charles 2 S.C.R.21 Edmonstone, Jas. B. 5 Easton, Elizabeth (Leith.) Finlay, John 1 2 Finlay, Allan 1 2 Fletcher, Alex C 2 Frazer, George 3 7 Fettis, Michael C. 9 Frizzell, Wm. 2 8 Frizzell, Thomas 3 9 Frizzell, Robert 3 9 Frizzell, David 3 11 Frizzell, George 3 11 Frizzell, John 2 8 Fleming, Wm. 10 8 Fleming, George 9 11 Fleming, Geo., Jr. 9 11 Farley, Wm. 7 3 Farley, David 9 7 Farley, John 7 6 Farley, John, Jr. 7 6 Farley, George 7 6 Farley, Wm. 8 4 Ferguson, Arch. 11 1 Ferguson, Wm C. 8 Feltis, Margaret 12 3 Frickleton, ?? 1 N.C.R.6 Farrell, James 1 N.C.R.20 Fife, James 10 19 Fraser, Robert A. 7 Fraser, Thomas A. 7 Gardner, Peter 6 7 Gardner, Duncan 6 7 Gardner, Malcolm 5 9 Gardner, Wm. 1 5 Gardner, James 1 10 Gardner, Matthew 1 10 Galvin, Thomas 1 22 Galvin, Dennis 1 23 Gillies, Arch. 3 2 Gillies, John 3 2 Gillies, Duncan 3 3 Gillies, Peter 3 3 Godfrey, John 5 25 Godfrey, James 5 26 Graham, Arch. 10 20 Graham, Allan 10 20 Graham, Alex 10 20 Graham, James 12 2 Graham, Samuel 12 2 Graham, Simon B. 7 Gordon, Charles 11 7 Gordon, Hugh 12 7 Gunn, Angus 11 8 Gunn, Donald 11 14 Gunn, Marcus 11 14 Green, Jonathan 12 1 Gilbert, John 2 N.C.R.20 Gibson, Thomas A. 19 Gibson, James A. 17 Gibson, Wm. A. 17 Glen, Wm. 12 9 Glen, Wm. (Leith.) Grady, John B 28 Grady, James B. 28 Grierson, Robert (Leith.) Hayes, James 1 3 Hood, Robert 3 23 Hood, Wm. 1 26 Hood, Thomas 2 25 Hood, James 2 26 Hunt, Wm. 2 7 Hyatt, Leavens 2 15 Holmes, Charles 4 24 Holmes, Samuel C. 12 Holmes, Edmund C. 12 Holmes, John C. 12 Horan, Thomas 4 24 Horan, Wm. 4 26 Horan, John 4 26 Horan, James 4 27 Horan, Midhael 3 26 Horan, John 3 27 Hope, Walter 5 23 Hogg, James C. 33 Hogg, John 6 26 Hogg, Duncan 6 26 Hogg, James 6 26 Hemstock, Alfred 1 14 Hoath, Thomas 8 6 Hoath, Robert 8 7 Hoath, Robert, Jr. 8 8 Hotchkiss, Jonathan 10 17 Hatton, Wm. 10 23 Hatton, John 10 23 Hatton, Robert 10 23 Hyndman, John 12 3 Hyndman, Wm. 12 3 Hyndman, Matt. 12 7 Hamilton, Thomas 12 4 Hamilton, John 12 4 Hamilton, Arch. 1 S.C.R.21 Hembroff, John 12 5 Hill, John 1 N.C.R.4 Hopkins, Robert 1 S.C.R.22 Harrison, Jane 1 N.C.R.23 Holdaway, James 1 30 Harkness, Gideon B. 32 Harkness, John A. 30 Harvey, Malcolm (Leith.) Hutson, John C. 33 Inglis, George 1 4 Jenkins, Wm. 11 14 Jack, Donald 2 10 Johnston, Wm. 11 3 Johnston, David 1 N.C.R.22 Johnston, Robert C. 11 Johnston, Wm. C. 11 Keefer, Wm. C. 29 Kergan, John D. B 4 Kergan, W. McL. B. 5 King, James 1 2 King, Robert 8 10 Kelly, Peter 10 18 Kirvan, Martin C. 6 Knight, Alfred 1 S.C.R.1 Knight, Harris 1 S.C.R.7 Knight, Benj. 2 S.C.R.2 Knaggs, Robert 1 S.C.R.6 Keys, John 1 S.C.R.25 Keys, Wm. 1 S.C.R.25 Keys, George 1 S.C.R.9 Keeling, Charles 1 S.C.R.24 Keeling, Wm. 1 S.C.R.26 Keeling, David 2 S.C.R.25 Keeling, James 2 S.C.R.25 Leflar, John J. 1 30 Leflar, Nelson 1 34 Leonard, Thomas 2 12 Leavens, Thomas 8 3 Llandells, Wm. 2 34 Lipsitt, Francis 3 29 Locke, Wm. C. 22 Locke, Walter 8 10 Lamb, John 1 S.C.R.2 Lamb, Mrs. Isabella 8 22 Lamb, Nathaniel 1 S.C.R.2 Lawlor, Wm. 10 1 Lemon, Robert 1 N.C.R.3 Lemon, John 1 N.C.R.7 Lemon, Charles (Leith.) LaHaye, Lawrence 12 8 LaBerge, Stephen B.F. 34 LaBerge, Peter B.F. 34 Long, John 1 N.C.R.18 Lamont, Daniel 1 N.C.R.21 Lamont, Roger 1 N.C.R.22 Lang, Wm., M.D. B. 42 Lang, Andrew B. 42 Lang, Wm. 1 N.C.R.26 Lang, Henry B. 42 Larter, Robert B. 12 Livingstone, Hugh B. 17 Livingstone, Ron B. 17 Lockie, Thomas E. C. 27 Muir, James 3 6 Muir, Audrew 1 4 Morrison, Murdoch 1 5 Morrison, Neil (age 29) 2 5 Morrison, Neil (age 42) 4 3 Morrison, Neil (age 63) 5 3 Morrison, Neil (age 35) 2 N.C.R.8 Morrison, Alex. 5 3 Morrison, James 5 4 Morrison, Mary 11 11 Morrison, Duncan A. 24 Morrison, Duncan B. 19 Morrison, Gilbert B. 19 Morrison, Kenneth C. 21 Moulton, Francis C. 3 Moulton, Elijah B. 3 Moulton, Franklin 1 23 Moulton, Charles 1 S.C.R.2 Moulton, Horace B. 3 Moulton, Royal (Leith.) Monroe, John 11 12 Marott, Henry 1 15 Manders, Richard 1 S.C.R.27 Mooney, Andrew 1 27 Mooney, James 1 27 Mingy, Theophilus 2 S.C.R.2 Murray, James 3 29 Murray, Patrick 1 29 Mathieson, John C 39 Mathieson, Wm. C. 39 Moffat, Robert 2 3 Moffat, Matthew 2 11 Moffat, John 3 10 Miller, John 2 9 Moore, Michael 10 24 Moore, Michael Jr. 10 24 Moore, John 10 24 Moore, John H. (Leith.) Malloy, Wm. 2 14 Malloy, Hiran 2 14 Martin, Joseph 1 N.C.R.9 Malone, Matthew 2 14 Matthews, Patrick 2 23 Marshall, Anthony (Leith.) Mitchell, Alex 4 25 Maynard, Thomas 6 23 Murphy, Patrick 7 13 Murphy, Michael 7 12 Menery, James B. 7 Menery, Wm. B. 8 McWhirter, D. K. 1 1 McDermid, James 1 7 McIntosh, Wm. 1 11 McCutcheon, Robt. 3 22 McNeil, James 1 14 McNeil, Donald 2 N.C.R.4 McNeil, Neil A. 29 McNeil, Malcolm (Leith.) McCartney, And. 1 29 McNivin, Alex 2 1 McMillan, Dugald A. 14 McMillan, Wm. A. 16 McMillan, Donald B. 5 McMillan, Alex B. 5 McMullen, Geo. H. 2 9 McMullen, Robert 2 9 McMullen, James 9 1 McCaskell, Angus 2 22 McKay, Angus 1 S.C.R.11 McKay, Robert 1 S.C.R.12 McKay, Neil 3 4 McKay, Wm. 10 8 McKay, George 1O 8 McKay, Alex 10 11 McKay, James 10 12 McKay, George 10 12 McKay, Mary 10 12 McKay, Donald 10 12 McKay, Wm. 10 13 McKay, Wm. 10 14 McKay, Angus 10 25 McKay, Hugh 10 25 McKay, Angus 11 9 McKay, James 11 14 McKay, Charles 12 9 McKay, George 12 10 McKay, Geo., Jr. 12 10 McKay, Innis 12 10 McKay, Hugh 1 S.C.R.27 McKay, John B. 21 McKay, Donald B. 21 McKay, Alex C. 32 McKay, Hector C. 36 McKay, James C. 36 McKay, Donald 1 23 McCabe, Mary 10 24 McDonald, Robert 3 22 McDonald, Hugh 4 7 McDonald, John 8 11 McDonald, Angus 11 8 McDonald, Thos. 11 8 McDonald, Hugh 11 8 McDonald, Wm. 11 11 McDonald, John 1 N.C.R.12 McDonald, Wm. 2 N.C.R.12 McLean, Robert 3 22 McLean, Dugald 1 N.C.R.24 McLean, Alex. 2 N.C.R.24 McLean, Martin 2 N.C.R.16 McLean, John C. 17 McLaren, Arch. 1 N.C.R.13 McLaren, Alex B. 1 McLaren, Duncan C. 2 McKechnie, Alex A. 22 McCarroll, John 3 27 McCarroll, Wm. 3 27 McKerroll, Wm. 10 22 McKerroll, Malcolm 10 22 McKibbin, Wm. 4 3 McArthur, Angus 4 5 McArthur, Peter 4 22 McArthur, John 4 22 McArthur, James 11 9 McArthur, Duncan 2 N.C.R.10 McArthur, Alex C. 17 McArthur, Peter C. 18 McArthur, Dugald C. 26 McArthur, John C. 26 McTavish, Dugald 4 28 McTavish, Duncan 4 28 McMurphy, Donald C. 21 McClennan, Thos. C. 25 McInnis, Gilbert 5 5 McInnis, Arch. 5 6 McInnis, John B. 22 McNabb, Richard 12 5 McNab, Wm. 5 5 McPherson, Alex 5 6 McPherson, Arch. 5 6 McPherson, James 5 6 McQueen, Malcolm 5 7 McMartin, Malcolm 5 24 McEachern, Malcolm 6 2 McEachern, Neil 6 2 McKissock, James 7 1 McKissock, John 7 1 McLeod, Peter 8 11 McLeod, Roderick A. 31 McLeod, Norman B.F. 15 McLeod, Donald B.F. 16 McLeod, Angus B.F. 18 McLeod, Donald 6 2 McLeod, Roderick A. 14 McLeod, John A. 14 McKeen, James A. 37 McKeen, Wm. B.F. 36 Mcintyre, Arch. 9 6 McIntyre, Wm. B. 19 McCurdy, Alex. 9 9 McGuire, Thomas 9 10 McClarty, Donald 10 15 McClarty, James 10 16 McClarty, Wm. 10 16 McClarty, Hugh 10 10 McClarty, James 12 12 McClarty, John 2 S.C.R.26 McElheron, John 10 16 McElheron, Neil 10 16 McElheron, Daniel 10 16 McCauley, Alex 12 3 McGregor, Malcolm 12 7 McGregor, John 12 13 McGregor, Peter B. 16 McGregor, John B. 16 McGregor, Donald C. 16 McFarlane, Joseph 12 11 McFarlane, Wm. 12 11 McHray, James 12 11 McCallum, John 1 S.C.R.10 McCallum, Dugald 1 N.C.R.11 McCallum, Arch. 1 N.C.R.11 McCallum, Duncan A. 22 McClurg, Wm. 1 S.C.R.17 McKinlay, Wm. 3 8 McDowell, David A. 23 McDowell, James A. 23 McFee, Malcolm A. 24 McReynolds; Jas. B.F. 4 McKinnon, Hugh B. 13 McKinnon, Malcolm C. 11 McKinnon, Hugh Jr. C. 13 McTaggart, John B. 25 Nixon, Andrew 1 9 Nixon, Wm. 2 14 Nelson, J. K. 3 9 Neigh, John 4 1 Newman, James 6 15 Needlands, Robert 2 S.C.R.3 Nisbet, George B. 34 Nisbet, Wm. B. 34 Noble, Charles C. 37 North, Daniel (Leith.) O'Donnell, Michael 7 14 Porter, Josiah 2 15 Peete, Wm. 10 18 Peete, Frederick 10 18 Payette, Benj. 10 22 Phipps, Charles 1 S.C.R.7 Platt, Wm. C. 20 Palmer, Wm. C. 28 Rae, Benj. B. 9 Rae, Thomas B. 7 Radcliffe, Wm. A. 21 Rogers, George F. 1 12 Ryan, James 1 22 Ryan, John 4 24 Ryan, John, Jr. 4 24 Ryan, Patrick 4 24 Ryan, Wm. 4 24 Reid, Wm. 2 2 Reid, David 2 2 Reid, Robert 2 3 Reid, George A. 26 Reid, Hugh C. 40 Reilly, George 2 14 Reilly, Francis 3 26 Reilly, John 5 30 Reilly, James 6 24 Reilly, Henry C. 23 Reilly, Henry, Jr. C. 23 Ross, Wm. A. 29 Ross, John 2 24 Ross, Philip 10 21 Ross, Robert 1 2 Ross, David C. 37 Ross, James C. 38 Ross, James, Jr. A. 30 Ross, Allan A. 30 Ramsay, Maxwell 2 33 Reoch, James 4 8 Rankin, Wm. 9 1 Robertson, Wm. 9 1 Robertson, John B. 20 Rutherford, Jane 9 9 Rutherford, Thos. A. 35 Randall, Isaac 9 12 Riddell, Wm. B. 31 Stedman, George 1 1 Smith, Anson 1 5 Smith, Allan D. 1 N.C.R.4 Sibbald, Wm. A. 36 Sibbald, Andrew 6 25 Sutton, Thomas 1 9 Sutton, Ralph 3 8 Sutton, George 3 8 Silverthorn, James 2 N.C.R.1 Silverthorn, Joseph 1 22 Silverthorn, Thos. 2 N.C.R.2 Sword, Robert 2 4 Sword, John 2 4 Stoddart, Robert 4 4 Strachan, Richard 7 5 Strachan, James 7 5 Stewart, Alex 9 12 Stewart, James 7 7 Stout, John 7 7 Scott, Abraham, Jr. 8 15 Scott, Abraham 9 12 Scott, Arthur 10 22 Scott, George A. 8 Scott, Alex B. 10 Scott, Isabella B. 10 Scott, John B. 10 Shaw, Gavin 1 N.C.R.4 Sayers, Henry 10 6 Spence, Peter 10 20 Spence, Dugald 10 21 Sutherland, John 11 6 Sutherland, Alex. 11 6 Sutherland, John B. 24 Sheppard, Rachel 1 S.C.R.9 Sheppard, Benj. 1 S.C.R.21 Sheppard, Edward 1 S.C.R.21 Seaman, Theodore 2 S.C.R.4 Stephenson, Adam 2 S.C.R.14 Sidwell, Luke 1 N.C.R.8 Sidwell, John 1 N.C.R.8 Steele, Robert 2 N.C.R.22 Stephens, John M. B. 23 Speedie, Wm. B. 34 Sinclair, John C. 13 Skilling, John (Leith) Trotter, Matthew 2 1 Trotter, James 2 6 Trotter, James 1 S.C.R.23 Tracy, Michael 2 26 Tracy, Timothy 3 28 Traynor, Michael 5 27 Traynor, Bernard 5 27 Taylor, Alex A. 39 Taylor, Daniel B. 39 Turner, George 5 29 Turner, Wm. 1 S.C.R.15 Tassie, James 8 2 Tassie, David 8 2 Thompson, John 12 12 Thompson, Peter 12 12 Thomson, Wm. 2 S.C.R.17 Thomson, James 2 N.C.R.23 Thomson, Alex 2 N.C.R.24 Todd, John 1 N.C.R.16 Thomas, Francis 2 N.C.R.18 Tilly, Wm. A. 25 Telford, James B. 33 Telford, Wm. (Leith.) Telford, Wm. P. B. 36 Veitch, Thomas A. 25 Vanwyck, Robert B. 34 Vanwyck, Cornelius C. 8 Vanwyck, Veart 2 31 Vanwyck, Gilbert C. 8 Vail, Thomas 1 30 Vail, John A. A. 1 Walker, John 1 2 Walker, Thomas 1 4 Walker, Albert 2 11 Wilson, Robert 1 14 Wilson, Joseph 2 27 Wilson, John 3 13 Wilson, Thomas 3 13 Wilson, John 1 S.C.R.6 Wilson, Richard 1 S.C.R.12 Wilson, Wm. 1 S.C.R.12 Wilson, David B. 8 Wilson, John B. 8 Wilson, Catherine C. 30 Wilson, James S. C. 30 Wilson, John C. 33 Wakefield, Wm. 2 7 White, Robert 2 29 White, John 3 24 Whittat, Alex. 6 5 Wilkins, John 9 6 Wilkinson, Wm. 10 19 Williams, Thomas 10 19 Wark, Thomas 12 4 Waterton, Wm. B. 6 Waddell, Adam C. 18 Young, Thomas 9 2
Thornbury is a considerable village on the S. shore of Georgian Bay, at the mouth of the Beaver River, in the township of Collingwood. It is 11 miles from Collingwood Town, 8 m. from Meaford, and 27 m. from Owen Sound. The village of Clarksburg lies one mile South. Mails are daily, East and West. Daily stages connect Thornbury with Collingwood and Owen Sound in winter. It would greatly add to the prosperity and business of the village were a wharf run out, as at Meaford, to enable Steamboats to call. There is no Lakeport in this region, where there are as good natural facilities for making a Dry dock as at Thornbury. The mill-dam, with a high fall of water, is convenient to the mouth of the river and the lake, to supply such a Dock. When the township of Collingwood was surveyed in 1833, a block of 900 acres was left at the mouth of the Beaver River, for a town plot. It lay for many years before anything was done with it. At length, in 1852, it was surveyed out in streets and building lots. A Sawmill (not now in existence), had been put up the previous year. In 1853, the present Flouring Mill was built. It has two run of stones. It belongs to the estate of the late Judge Wilkes; David Reid, Lessee. The present Sawmill was built in 1856. The Mills are close to the Owen Sound and Collingwood Gravel Road, which crosses the River between them. There is in the village a Post office, 2 Stores, the Grist and Flouring mill already mentioned, lately refitted, and now in very complete order; Sawmill; 2 Taverns; a Brick-yard; and among Mechanics resident are a Tinsmith, a Boot and Shoemaker, a Tailor, a Pump-maker, a Grain-Cradle maker, a Blacksmith, a Waggon-maker, a number of Carpenters, a Watchmaker, 2 Masons, &c. There are three Churches-Church of England, Presbyterian, and Episcopal Methodist; an Orange hall (Lodge No. 1067); and a branch of the Township Library is kept in the village (Mr. Samson Webb, Librarian). Belonging to the mill property is much more water-power than is needed for the Grist and sawmill, making a good opening for other manufacturing establishments. The inhabitants speak of a Tannery and a Foundry as being especially needed. There has lately been found light coloured clay, which makes yellow bricks, and by using white sand, which the proprietor of the brickyard was sanguine of discovenng in the neighbourhood, bricks almost white could be produced, and of most excellent quality. The principal Street is Bruce Street, running from the Lake Shore, Southward toward Clarksburg. In a very few years, the two villages will have become, to the eye of the stranger, one town. The site of the town is very pretty-rising very gently from the level of the Lake for a little distance, and then rising a little bank of a few feet to a level table-land. The present population of the village is in a careful estimate, about 300. AMERICAN HOTEL, Michael Atkins, Proprietor, Bruce st. Addison, Andrew, Bruce st. ATKINS, MICHAEL, Prorietor, "American Hotel." Burritt, Marcus, General Blacksmith, Arthur st. BURRITT, OSCAR, Proprietor Brick-yard, Dealer in Groceries and Provisions. Burritt, Alfred, Mariner, Alfred st. Bennett, Mrs., Alfred st. Bull, Henry, Carpenter, Alfred St. Blyth, Alex, Labourer, Napier st. Burritt, Henry, Butcher, Louisa st. Condon, Timothy, Labourer, near Flouring Mills. Cordingly, Wm., Boot and Shoemaker, Bruce st. Clark, Wm., Plasterer and Mason, Bruce st. Campbell, Arch. (U. S. Army), h. Alfred st. Campbell, Arch., Teacher, h. Alfred st. Campbell, James, General Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, &c. Carroll, Richard, Carpenter, Duncan st. Driscoll, Timothy, Farmer Bruce st. Fields, John, Carpenter, Louisa st. Feather, Rev. Thomas, W. Methodist, Louisa st. Gauld, Rev. John, Canada Presbyterian. Hinds, Thomas, Shoemaker, at W. Cordingly's. HURD, I. N., Chairmaker and General Turner; Postmaster, King st. Hurlburt, Rev. Erastus, W. Methodist, Bruce st. HURLBURT, G. W., Physician and Surgeon, Bruce st. Hoy, Robert, Farmer and Butcher, Napier st. King, Jeremiah, Labourer, Bruce st. Milloy, James, Labourer, Alfred st. Miller, David, Lake Shore, foot of Bruce st. Mastin, Joseph, Maker of Grain Cradles and Spinning Wheels, King st. Murdy, Joseph (of Riddell & Murdy). Marsh, Wm., Louisa st. McKay, Rev. J. W., Episcopal Methodist. McArthur, James, Miller, Bruce st. McArthur, Oliver, Bruce st. McGowan, Thomas, Sawyer, Alfred st. McAuslan, John, Waggon maker, Arthur st. OLMSTEAD, THOMAS, Proprietor Royal Exchange Hotel, King st. Olmstead, Richard, Alfred st. Olmstead S. S. T., Alfred st. Orange Hall, Alice st. No. 1067. Olmstead, Rufus, Bruce st. Olmstead, Oscar, Carpenter, Duncan st. Powell, Francis, Teacher, near Orange Hall. Phillips, Robert, Blacksmith, at M. Burritt's. Royal Exchange Hotel, T. Olmstead, Proprietor, King st. Richmond, Stephen, Carpenter, Bay st. REID, DAVID, Lessee Thornbury Flouring Mills, h. Bridge st. RIDDELL & MURDY, Lessees of Sawmill. Riddell, James (of Riddell & Murdy) h. Bridge st. Richmond, Sylvester, Lake Shore. STEPHENSON, JAMES, Bailiff 4th Division Court, Auctioneer, Commissioner in Queen's Bench and Conveyancer, King st. Strane, Francis, Carpenter, Bruce st. Shearer, Robert, Carpenter, Alfred st. Somerset, Wm., Labourer, Alfred st. Spaul, John, Farmer, Napier st. Wilkie, John, Carpenter, Alfred st. Wales, S., Watchmaker, Bruce st. Webb, Samson, Tailor, Bruce st. Yeomans, David, Carpenter, Bruce st. YOUNG, JOHN, Tinsmith and General Dealer in Tinware, &c., King st.
The Toronto and Sydenham road is a diagonal line, running N. W. and S. E., nearly from corner to corner of the County of Grey. It was intended to afford as direct communication as possible, between Sydenham (Owen Sound), and Toronto-hence the name. It is familiarly spoken of in the County as the "Toronto Line." It was surveyed in 1848. The following year, three Ranges of lots on each side were laid out; or, to speak more correctly, 6 ranges of lots were laid out, and the Road-line carried through the belt of land thus surveyed, though not invariably in the centre. Along this line, the lots were given out free to settlers-50 acres each. George Snider, Esq., late Sheriff of Grey, was the Agent of the Government for settling the Road; and resided in Artemisia. The road runs diagonally through the center of Holland, Artemisia, and Melancthon; touching also Glenelg and Proton. Its limit is from Johntown at the Garafraxa Road, to Jelly's Hotel, at the S. E. corner of Melancthon and of the County, is about 42 m. It was gravelled for its entire length, four years ago, as part of the grand scheme of County Roads then carried out. Like the other County Roads in Grey, it is free of tolls. In Holland the land is somewhat hilly; in Artemisia, the slopes are less abrupt, and in Melancthon, it subsides for a number of miles, into a nearly uniform dead level. About 7 m. may be said to be all swamp on each side,-the road level, cleared out to a great breadth, and as straight as an arrow; a splendid drive in sleighing, or in good weather anytime. Though not so much travelled as the Garafraxa Road, the Toronto Line is a great highway, and its recent improvement a great boon to the townships through which it passes. The following table will show the various points and distances on the Road. Though, perhaps, not absolutely correct in every instance to a quarter of a mile, it is as correct as our information, collected at twenty different places, and carefully collated and compared, could make it. The principal Hotels are at Johntown, Allen's, Flesherton, and Jelly's.
Table of Distances.
Intermediate From Places distance Owen Sound Orangeville. Owen Sound 0 0 67 Johntown (village) 9 9 58 Murray's Corners 3 1/2 12 1/2 54 1/2 Lillburn's Inn 5 17 1/2 49 1/2 Berkeley P. O. 2 20 47 Allen's Hotel 1 1/2 21 1/2 45 1/2 E. Glenelg (village) 3 24 1/2 42 1/2 Noble's Inn 1 25 1/2 41 1/2 Mrs. Wright's Inn 1 1/2 27 40 Flesherton (village) 3 30 37 Huxtable's Inn 2 1/2 32 1/2 34 1/2 Moore's Store 1 1/4 33 3/4 33 1/4 Morrow's Store 1 34 3/4 32 1/4 Proton P. O. 1 1/4 36 31 May's Inn 2 1/2 38 1/2 28 1/2 Calbeck's Inn 1 1/4 39 3/4 27 1/4 Dundalk P. O. 1 1/4 41 26 Corbet's Inn 2 43 24 Melancthon 3 1/2 46 1/2 20 1/2 Barr's Inn 1 47 1/2 19 1/2 Brown's Inn 1/2 48 19 Jelly's Hotel 2 1/2 50 1/2 16 1/2 Orangeville 16 1/2 67 0
A Point or Cape projecting into Georgian Bay, at the entrance of Owen's Sound, between the townships of Sydenham and St. Vincent. It was called "Point William" by Admiral Bayfield, in the Admiralty charts, by which name (though never now used in the neighbourhood,) is sometimes designated on the Maps. A shoal runs out about a mile into the Lake, around which are excellent fishing grounds. A somewhat extensive fishery is carried on at the Point, by Mr. Sidney Curtis, and others. The distance from Owen Sound is about 15 m. Behind the Point and the shoal, it would not be very difficult to construct a pretty good harbour; a scheme which was entertained by the late A. G. Fraser, Esq., of Owen Sound, who owned several hundred acres of the adjoining land. The place derived its present appellation from the name of a former old Resident on its shore; the late John A. Vail.
A small village in the N.E. part of the township of Holland. It is 14 m. from Meaford, 18 m. from Owen Sound, 10 m. from Garafraxa Road at Chatsworth, and 7 m. from Owen Sound and Collingwood Gravel Road, at Woodford P. O. Population, 80. In 1852, John Walter, Esq., took up 300 acres of wild land, with magnificent waterpower, on the S. branch of Big Head River. The first Sawmill was built in 1853. The proprietor has lately (1864), erected a new one further up the stream. The Grist Mill was built in 1854 or '55. The Fulling and Carding Mill was built in 1856. It was leased by Mr. John Hogg, who in addition to the usual work of carding and fulling, kept a powerloom in operation. During the preparation of these sheets, an accidental fire has destroyed the premises. The Grist Mill has one run of stones. In the place, besides the P. O., Mills, and Tavern, may be found a Blacksmith, a Waggon maker, 2 Carpenters, a Millwright, and a Tinsmith. At the present moment there is no Storekeeper in the village. Mail on Tuesday and Saturday from Meaford, by way of Griersville and Blantyre. There is a resident Wesleyan Minister, and religious services are regularly held. The Big Head river is not a large stream at Walter's Falls, but the water is very abundant for one mill, and the descent of the stream is such that a number of mills might stand one below another and plenty of fall for each. The Grist Mill and the old sawmill were both supplied from the same flume at once. Mr. Walter says that the water falls several hundred feet within the bounds of his property. The fall in the village is perhaps 50 feet, one cascade being about 20; and a little below the mills is the great fall, a beautiful cataract of 40 feet perpendicular, into a wild and beautiful glen, between limestone rocks. An excellent and improving settlement lies around. The farms are new, but the soil is rich and productive. Meaford is chiefly the market town, for the village and neighbourhood. Caswell, Henry A., Waggon maker. CAMPBELL, JAMES; Innkeeper and Farmer. Campbell, Peter, Farmer. Delaree, James H., Blacksmith. Delaree, John, Blacksmith, with J. H. Delaree. Edward, George, Carpenter. HOGG, JOHN, Lessee Carding and Fulling Mill. Prior, Peter, Farmer. Robins, Henry, Carpenter. Smith, Henry, Farmer. Steadman, George, Farmer. Wilson, John, Tinsmith. Wilmott, Rev. John, Wesleyan Methodist. WALTER, JOHN, Postmaster, Proprietor Grist and Sawmills. WALTER PHILIP, Miller and Farmer. Walter, Thomas, Millwright. Walter, John, Jr., Farmer.
A new village plot laid out on Lot 10, Con. 9, Glenelg, adjoining John Travis' Sawmill, on the Rocky Saugeen; which here affords excellent water power. Several spare mill privileges are in the immediate neighbourhood. Pomona is the nearest P. O., 3 m. East. "Waverley" is 5 m. from the Durham Road; 8 m. from E. Glenelg, on Toronto Line; 11 m. from Priceville, and 9 from Durham.
A beautiful Island, lying in the mouth of Colpoy's Bay, between one and two miles from the mainland of Keppel. It is Indian territory, though no Indians reside on it permanently. The Ojibway Indians in the neighbourhood have a tradition that White Cloud and Hay Islands were once one, and attached to Cape Croker peninsula. Hay Island is considered to belong to the County of Bruce. White Cloud Island may contain about 1,000 acres, and is represented to be land of fair quality. Timber, maple and beech.
Williamsford is a Government town plot on the Garafraxa Road, partly in Sullivan and partly in Holland townships. It is 14 m. from Owen Sound and 14 m. from Durham. The locality is conmonly known to travellers as "The Sable." (See "Sable River.") The townplot was surveyed in 1858 by Chas. Rankin, Esq., and named "Williamsford.") It has not yet been brought into market by the Government; though along the gravel Road it is all cleared up, and in possession of "Squatters." It comprises about 400 acres ; laid out in building lots and Park lots. The P. O. is "Sullivan," a mile N. and outside the townplot. In the townplot are found at present, a Sawmill (A. E. Strathy, Proprietor), one General Store, 2 taverns, 2 Blacksmiths, a Tailor, Shoemaker, &c. There are two resident Clergymen; Church of England, and Baptist. From its water power (being situated on the N. fork of the Saugeen), and its situation on the main road half way between Owen Sound and Durham, it may he expected to grow into a village of more or less importance before long. A new Grist mill is nearly completed, a little more than half a mile East (up the stream); the property of Walter and George Barnes. One and a quarter miles up the river from Williamsford is a Sawmill, lately erected, the property of George Speers. Population about 70. BUCHANAN, WM., Postmaster, Sullivan P. O.; Bookbinder. Buchanan, Arch., Farmer. Buchanan, John, Tailor. BELL, J., Blacksmith. Cook, Rev. Robert B., Baptist. CRISP, Capt. S., Proprietor "Wellington Hotel." Clark, John, Blacksmith. Donald, John, Farmer. GILLIES, ROBERT, General Merchant. Hopkins N., Boot and Shoemaker. Keys, Rev. George, Church of England. MARKLE, WALTER K., Proprietor "British Hotel." McClure, Robert, Farmer. McClure, David; Carpenter. Progue, Mr., Farmer. STRATHY, A. E., Proprietor Sawmill. Wilson, Mrs.
A Post village in the township of Sydenham, on the Gravel Road leading from Owen Sound to Collingwood, and about midway between O. Sound and Meaford. It is 9 m. from Meaford 19 from Owen Sound. It is about three fourths of a mile from the townline of St. Vincent. There are at the place two Hotels and a Post Office. A Flax mill is spoken of. Hill's Hotel is a comfortable and well known House. Mails daily, East and West, in winter, and every second in summer. Cavers, John, Farmer. Cavers, Francis, Farmer. Cavers, John, Jr., Farmer. Cavers, James, Farmer. Conme, John, Farmer. HILL, JOHN, Proprietor "North American Hotel," and post master. LEMON, ROBERT, Proprietor "Travellers Home" Inn.
A village in the township of Normanby, on the S. Branch of the Saugeen River. It is not far from the centre of the township, and is 14 m. from Mount Forest, 5 1/2 m. from Neustadt, 10 m. from Orchardville on Garafraxa Road, 18 m. from Durham, and 46 from Owen Sound. Population, 150. In the original survey of the township, Ayton was not reserved as a townplot; but after the survey was made the Surveyor, the late David Gibson, Esq., reported good water power on the River at this place, and the Government reserved 600 acres for a town. In 1855, 200 acres of this was laid out into village and park lots. The other 400 was the "Millplot," which was sold in the first instance to Geo. Jackson, Esq., M. P. P., but resumed again by the Government, and resold three years ago to Thomas Robertson, Esq., of Dundas. The Sawmill was built in 1861. The Grist Mill, a substantial and well finished frame building 40 x 50 feet, with two run of stones, was put in operation in 1864. A Carding Mill is in progress, and is expected to be ready for the season of 1865. The Grist Mill has the reputation of being one of the very best Mills in the County. The Water is abundant. The channel is narrow, and the wooden dam is fastened securely to solid rock in the bed of the stream. Mr. Robert Squair, is the manager of the Mills, &c. Mr. Robertson has laid out a portion of his property contiguous to the Mills, into village lots, and proposes to erect a Store, &c., this year. Ayton stands on ground sloping toward the River, with a Southern aspect, and pleasantly situated. The village contains the Mills already mentioned, 2 Stores, by G. Naismith and A. Reid; a Blacksmith, a Waggon maker, a Tailor, several Carpenters, 3 Taverns, &c. A Pearlash Factory is in progress, by Mr. G. Naismith. A small Orange Hall, at S. end of the village, is used for Divine worship, by several denominations on Sabbaths. The Common School of the Section, is about a mile North. Mr. McPhillips, the present Postmaster, was one of the first settlers. Joseph Dickson was the first Postmaster, the P. O. being established in 1857. Most of the townplot is held by squatters. The Government have not sold the lots. It is a universal observation that squatters and free grant locatees excel more in good nature, than they do in enterprise and industry. During the last year many of these have sold out their "rights" and migrated, and their places have been filled with others more enterprising. With the Mills, &c., now in operation, the village is in a fair position to improve; and will doubtless become a place of some importance. There is an excellent country round it. If the "Guelph and Saugeen R. R." is ever built, it will probably follow the valley of this River by Ayton and Neustadt; and the preliminary survey shows the route to be very favorable for the construction of the Road. Mails on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, to and from Orchard and Neustadt. AYTON MILLS, Robert Squair, Manager. Joshua, Miller, Ayton Mills. Blasing, Frederick, Tailor. BOOTH, JOHN, Innkeeper. Boos, Mrs. Butchart, Wm., Farmer. Cosgrove, John, Cabinet maker. Cosgrove, Mrs., Dress maker. Croft, Conrad, Blacksmith. Davis, Mrs., Boardinghouse keeper. DEOR, HENRY, Innkeeper. Ennis, Robert, Mason. Fitzpatrick, Patrick, Boot and Shoemaker. Froehlich, Bartholemew, Labourer. Faber, Bernard, Boot and Shoemaker. Fink, John, Boot and Shoemaker. Gesell, Ernest, Labourer. Hillgardener, Samuel, Grain Cradle and Washboard Maker. Hildebrand, Valentine, Labourer. Isenbach, John, Labourer. Kelly, James, Labourer. Langan, Mrs. Catherine. Langdale, Robinson, Sawyer, Ayton Mills. Lewis, Robert, Carpenter. Miller, John, Waggonmaker. Mintzel, Edward, Labourer. McPHILLIPS JOHN, Postmaster and Innkeeper. NAISMITH, GEORGE, General Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Country Produce, &c; Proprietor Pearlash Factory. SQUAIR, ROBERT, Manager Ayton Mills. Shouldice, Christopher, Boot and Shoemaker. Wright, Samuel, Farmer. WAGGONER, C. A., General Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, &c. Welsh, Michael, Labourer.
Brooke is a village in the township of Sarawak, pleasantly situated on the Western side of Owen's Sound, just at its head, and opposite the County Town. It was formerly called Newash, and was a village inhabited by Ojibway and Pottawatamie Indians, chiefly the former. In 1837, beyond which we have no connected account of anything around Owen's Sound, Newash, the Ojibway Chief, was living alone, with his family, where Brooke now stands. He had lived there all his life, and his father and grandfather before him. Newash is now a man in extreme old age, living at Cape Croker. The writer heard of him but yesterday (31st March, '65). Meeting old Chief Wahbatick (see p. 56), we inquired about some of the old braves, now at Cape Croker. Part of the conversation was very amusing, eked out by a good deal of pantomime:- "You know Newash?" 'Yes.' "Newash see good, walk?" 'Yes; see, walk, chop!' "Old man?" 'Yes, old man.' "You know Moses?" 'Yes; Moses no see; walk two stick.' "Newash walk two stick?" 'No, Newash one stick.' "You know Saco?" 'Yes, dead.' "Cahpenais?" 'Dead.' "Where J. T. W.?" 'Fergus.' "Drink?" 'Yes, all time-ten year.' In 1840, when preparations were first made for the settlement of Sydenhana town and township, and country around, a few Ojibways and Pottawatamies had settled beside Newash. The Indian village had a pretty appearance. It was a fine dry sandy site; small clearings were made, and the forest around presented majestic elms and basswoods, with a sprinkling of hemlock and elm, interspersing the with the invariable maple and beech. Vessels could drop anchor within a cables length of shore. The beauty of the site for building a town was such that the side of the harbour, would probably have been selected, but for incommoding the Indians. Time has shown that this would have been a mistake; but at that time the present site of Owen Sound town wore a very forbidding aspect. Newash, Saco, Cahpenais and Wahbatick were the principal men of the tribe. The place became known as Newash's Village, or "Newash." Saco, who was the father of Peter Jones, the present intelligent and energetic Chief at Cape Croker, died in 1864. Cahpenais had died before him. In October, 1842, a number of workmen, who had been sent by the Government to put up houses for the Newash band, arrived at "Sydenham." Six log houses were put up that fall; others, log and frame were put up afterward. There were 16 in all; most of these are still standing. The Government also had 100 or 150 acres cleared for them; and made them a present of several yoke of oxen and cows. Some of these the Indians killed for beef when winter came! In 1855 the writer was informed by an intelligent and educated member of the Band, the late Charles Keeshick, that the Indian population of Newash was exactly 105. Early in 1857, the Indians surrendered Newash and the Reserve which now constitutes the township of Sarawak, on condition of receiving certain annuities; and removed to Cape Croker peninsula, Georgian Bay, in June, 1858. When the village plot was laid off into lots in tho summer of 1857; it was named Brooke; (See Article "Newash.") The lots were sold by Auction in September, 1857, at Owen Sound, at four times their value. Very few of them were paid for. The population is small; though slowly increasing. The bulk of the townplot being yet held by absentees, keeps back its progress. After the Government resume possession, and re-sell the lots, the place will probably grow faster. The centre of the village is about 1 1/2 m. from the Swing bridge at Owen Sound. As we write, preparations are making to erect a wharf at Brook, for the temporary accommodation of the Lake Superior Boat, &c., till the deepening of the River is completed. The wharf will cost about $400, and will be 160 feet long. Built partly by the Corporation of Owen Sound, and partly by subscription. This will greatly add to the progress and prosperity of Brooke. There is one Church (Wesleyan; frame), in the village. At present there is no Post office in Brooke, though there ought to be. Population 100. Anderson, George, Labourer, Raglan st. BARRAT, GEORGE, Teacher, Raglan st. BLATCHFORD, WALTER, Erily st. Bowermaster, C., St. George's Square. Cowan, Edward, Carpenter, Market st. Duke, Wm., Labourer, Park lots. EWING, JOHN C., Boot and Shoemaker. Gimby, John, Sr., Raglan st. Hickey, John, Park lots. McGill, Hugh, Moulder, Park lots. McCOY, ALEX., Carpenter, Raglan st. McPhee, Alex., Shipwright, Raglan st. Nahrstedt, John, Market st. Nahrstedt, Henry, Labourer, Market st. Nicol, George, Carpenter, Park lots. Nowland, Patrick, Park lots. SMITH, REV. WM. (Baptist), Physician and Surgeon, Market st. VANDUSEN, JAMES, Market st.
The N. E. headland of the township of Feppel, at the W. side of the entrance to Owen's Sound. It is not a projecting point, but rather a round head between Owen's Sound and Big Bay. A little in rear of the Cape the high grounds are quite conspicuous perhaps more so from the S. than lakeward. From Owen Sound town, a round top near the Cape is a striking object in looking out Northward. Cape Commodore is 15 m. from Owen Sound town.
List of Magistrates.-John Tyson, Andrew G. Fleming, Wm. Reid, James Campbell, Malcolm McMurchy, Daniel Wright, Daniel Rogers, Joseph Rorke.
A County Agricultural Society has been established for a number of years. The Autumnal General Exhibitions, and Spring Seed Shows are generally held at Owen Sound, at the Society's Building on Hill street. The following are the Officers for 1865:- President-Samuel Saunders, St. Vincent. 1st V. President-Gideon Harkness, Sydenham. 2nd V. President-James Brown, Owen Sound. Secretary-Thomas Gordon, Owen Sound. Treasurer-Robert Paterson, Owen Sound. Directors-Donald McKay, George Snider, Owen Sound; Jas. Cameron, D. Armstrong, H. Reid, Sydenham; J. R. Todd, Derby.
Municipal Officers.-Reeve, Robert L. Frost (Owen Sound P. O.) Councillors.-Andrew Hardie, H. Maxwell, G. Waddell, Jas. Webster. Clerk.-William Beaton (Kilsyth P. O.) Treasurer.-Richard Harrison (P. O.) Magistrates.-Nathaniel Herriman, Robert L. Frost, Robert Linn, James Webster, William Neelands, Samuel A. Jones, John McDermid, Peter Inglis.
A small village on the Garafraxa Road (chiefly on the Western or Normanby side), 3 m. S. of Durham. It contains a Grist Mill with one run of stones, situated on a small branch of the Saugeen River, 2 Taverns, and a Store. Durham is the nearest Post town. Allen, Richard, Farmer. Bryans, James, Farmer. COCHRANE, JOHN, General Merchant. KENNY, DAVID W., Innkeeper. McGregor, John, Farmer. Nason, Joseph, Farmer. PRIVAT, GEORGE A., Proprietor Grist mill. Perino, Francis, Musician. TRYON, JOHN, Innkeeper. Vickers, John, Weaver.
County Officers.-Robert Edgar (Owen Sound), W. C. M.; John Chisholm (Owen Sound), W. C. D. M.; S. C. Seagel (Owen Sound), C. S.; Simon Parke (Owen Sound), C. T.; J. W. McDonnell (Durham), C. Chap.; Joseph Dickson, Co. Proxy; S. Gilespie, D. of C. The following are District Masters in the County; but the list is incomplete:- John Mills, Owen Sound. J. W. McDonnell, Durham. Joseph Dickson, Collingwood. S. Gillespie, Sullivan. Jos. McArdle, Proton. Arch. Carnahan, Euphrasia and St. Vincent. Thos. Frizzell, Walter's Falls. Durham District; No. 2 Grey. L. O. Lodge No. 632, meets in Orange Hall, Durham, Thursday on or before full moon. J. W. McDonnell, W. M., Thos. Jones, Sec. L. O. Lodge No. 668, meets on 2nd. Con. Bentinck, at Orange Hall, on Wednesday on or before full moon. Jas. Hopkins, W. M., Geo. Adlam, Treas. L. O. Lodge No. 689, meets in Orange Hall on 2nd. Con. Egremont, on Friday, on or before full moon. Doyle Babcock, W. M., Jas. Matthews, Sec. James Matthews, District Secretary. We are unable to give further statistics. Information was requested of the Count Officers, but has not been furnished. The next meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge will be held at Owen Sound, February, 1866.
Educational.-In the introductory sketch of the County, J. G. Francis, Esq., is incorrectly stated to be Local Superintendent of Schools for Keppel and Sarawak, Derby, Holland, Sullivan, and Sydenham, including the Town of Owen Sound. The Town ranks, in educational matters, as a County, and has a separate Local Superintendent. REV. THOMAS STEVENSON is the Local Superintendent of Schools for the Town of Owen Sound.
"Speedie" is a new Postoffice established in the township of Sydenham, on the "Lake Shore Road," since these sheets have been in press. The locality is described, under the name of "Leith Corners." William Speedie is the Postmaster. Mails to and from Owen Sound, Leith, Daywood and Johnson, on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
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