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By W. W. SMITH, Owen Sound.

TORONTO: Printed at the Globe Steam Press, 26 & 28 King Street East.


No attempt has heretofore been made to bring out a Directory for the County of Grey, or to present in any public shape, a history and description of the various townships and villages within its limits. Such an attempt is now made; an attempt surrounded with many difficulties, from the great extent and newness of the County, the absence of any prior authority on the subject, and the present unusual depression of business. The Author has steadily kept two objects in view:-to depend on no second-hand information,-and to make the contents so interesting and descriptive as to justify the name of "Gazetteer," which he has placed on the Title-page, and relieve the dryness generally supposed to belong to books of this kind. To attain the first of these objects, he has travelled many hundred miles through the County, during the winter, personally visiting every township, town, village, hamlet, and Post-office; the exceptions among the latter, he can count upon his fingers. To make the historical sketches perfect, he has drawn upon the recollections of many old settlers, and largely upon his own literary gatherings, during a ten-years' residence in the County, the majority of them in connection with the Press. He trusts that the Book will be found very useful for the information it contains, and as a work of reference. He has endeavoured to omit nothing that has a name, in the County, and he believes that in this respect-that of fulness and completeness, it is an improvement on most works of the kind. To his subscribers, and to those who have extended advertising patronage to the undertaking, the Author presents his best thanks; and the latter will, he confidently hopes, find the small venture they have made, a highly satisfactory one. A few errors which have escaped the city proof-reader, and which the Author's distance from the press prevented his correcting in time, are noted in the errata. William Wye Smith. Owen Sound, April 1, 1865. [Note- the errata have been corrected within the text. Bill Martin]
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