Connor and Coltson's Directory of Ontario County, 1869/70. (Part 1)


In issuing this the first edition of the COUNTY OF ONTARIO DIRECTORY for 1869/7O; the Publishers desire to return their thanks to those gentlemen who have assisted them in procuring the information it contains, as well as to those who have favored them with their patronage as adverttsers or subscribers; and thus enabled them to complete the undertaking upon which they embarked, to produce as perfect a Directory as could be compiled. In that respect they have satisfaction in believing they have been successful, and that the public will thereby be willing to extend to them the favor of their patronage in the future.
Altona Ashburn Ashworth Atha Athens Atherly Balsam Bangor Beaverton Borelia Brechin Brock Brooklin Brougham Cannington Claremont Columbus County Council County Officials Derryville Duffin's Creek Dunbarton Epsom Foley Glascow Goodwood Greenbank Greenwood Harper's Corners Justice of the Peace, List of Kinsale Leaskdale Manchester Manilla Millington Municipal Councils Myrtle Oshawa Pickering (See Duffin's Creek) Port Perry Port Union Post Offices, List of Preface Prince Albert Raglan Rama Rouge Hill Saintfield Sandford Scugog Sonya (see Harper's Corners) Udora Utica Uxbridge Vallentyne Victoria Corners Vroomantown Whitby Town Whitevale Wick Wilfrid Zephyr Part 2 Brock Township Mara Township Pickering Township Rama Township Reach Township Scott Township Part 3 Scugog Township Thorah Township Uxbridge Township Whitby East Township Whitby Township In laying this volume before the public it would perhaps, be too presumptuous to assert that it is wholly free from errors. This could scarcely be safely said of any work of the kind ever published. The compilers content themselves with the statement that no pains or trouble have been spared on their part to secure accuracy, and that whatever errors (if any) may be discovered in the work they will turn out of a trivial and immaterial character. The county of Ontario is situated in nearly the centre of the Province. It is a long narrow strip only two townships wide, and is remarkable on the map for its extreme length compared with so small a frontage. It extends from Whitby Harbour on Lake Ontario, on the South, to the Severn River, bounding the township of Rama on the North,a distance of about 80 miles, part of its Eastern and Western boundaries skirting the margin of lakes Scugog, Simcoe, and Couchiching. On its Eastern boundary it has the counties of Durham and Victoria and on the West the rich County of York. Ontario is divided into two Ridings, the North and the South-for Parliamentary purposes, and each of these comprise the following Municipalities: North Ontraio, embraces the townships of Reach, Scugog Island, Brock, Uxbridge, Scott, Thorah, Mara, and Rama. South Ontario, the townships of Whitby, East Whitby, and Pickering, and the Corporations of the town of Whitby and Villige of Oshawa. The whole formed part of what was formerly known as the United Counties of Ontario, York and Peel until Ontario was set off in 1853 as a separate county. Each Riding is represented in the House of Commons and Legislature of the Province of Ontario by one member. The Municipal government of the county consists of twenty four members elected by the different Municipalities and composing the body known as the County Council. Ontario is justly regarded as one of the first Agricultural counties in tbe Province. Of its area estimated at 360,000 acres there are upwards of 210,000 acres cleared and under cultivation, about 150,000 acres being under crop and the remainder devoted to pasture. The soil is rich and fertile; and very productive. Large quantities of Wheat and Barley are raised annually, and the superior quality of the grain commands the highest market prices. It is perhaps on this account, as well as owing to the superiority of its excellent Harbour and superior shipping facilities, that the town of Whitby is noted as a grain market, where, during the past few years, higher prices have been paid for wheat and Barley than in that of even the City of Toronto. The bulk of the population, numbering about 45,000, are Agriculturists. There are, however, a large number of manufacturers, merchants and traders. The principal manufactures are flour and lumber but there are also a large number of woollen mills scattered over the couuty in which a large business is carried on. The splendid Joseph Hall Foundry and Agricultural Works at Oshawa, and the Foundry and Agricultural Works of Brown & Patterson, at Whitby, each giving employment to a large number of men, the number of hands employed in the former being over 200, and the works are the most extensive of the kind in the Province. Whiting's Agricultural Implement Manufactory is also situated in Oshawa. Ontario possesses a large number of churches of various denominations; large sums are devoted by the different municipalities to the interests of education, and the county possesses some of the best Grammar and Common Schools in the Dominion. There are five newspapers published within the county, two at Whitby, and one in each of the villages of Oshawa, Port Perry and Prince Albert. The county of Ontario is also remarkable for the number of thriving villages scattered in every direction throughout its length and breadth, and the almost total absence of outrage and crime within its borders. One great means which must serve most beneficially in the future development of the resources of the county, and advancing its material prospects is the construction of the contemplated lines of Railway, for which charters have been obtained. From Whitby Harbour, and the Grand Trunk, which passes over the Southern extremity of the country, the Whitby and Port Perry line is designed to run northerly through the centre of the township of Whitby, turnin east to Port Perry, with a branch to Uxbridge, the line to be constructed to Beaverton, on Lake Simcoe. The portion of the line to Port Perry is already under contract, and the work partially commenced. And $10,000 have been granted as a bonus by the township of Reach for the branch to Uxbridge. The next is the Toronto and Nipissing line which is designed to cross the township of Uxbridge to Uxbridge village thence in a north-easterly direction through Brock. Uxbridge has voted a bonus of $50,000 towards the construction of this line. The third is the continuation of the Port Hope line from Lindsay to Beaverton, which will enter Thorah on the east side passing north-westerly through it, to Beaverton. Already work has been commenced on this extension. With these advantages, and aids to the development of its resources and trade, the people of the county of Ontario-its Agricultural and enterprising merchants, have good reason to look proud and hopefully to the brilliant future of their fair county.
NAME OF OFFICE TOWNSHIP AND RIDING POSTMASTER Altona Pickering, S. R. Joseph Monkhouse Ashburn Whitby, S. R. Edward Olver Ashworth Scott, N. R. John Mustard Atha Pickering, S. R. John M. Bell Athens Scott, N. R. R. Bingham Atherly Mara, N. R. W. C. McMullin Balsam Pickering, S. R. Robert Dodds Bangor Pickering, S. R. Daniel Daniel Beaverton Thorah, N. R. Donald Cameron Borelia Reach, N. R. James Jewett Brechin Mara, N. R. James P. Foley Brock Brock, N. R. John Jones Brooklin Whitby, S. R. Robert Darlington Brougham Pickering, S. R. Richard Taun Cannington Brock, N. R. Charles Gibbs Claremont Pickering, S. R. J. Macnab Columbus E. Whitby, S. R. Robert Ashton Derryville Brock, N. R. Thomas Allin Dunbarton Pickering, S. R. John Parker Epsom Reach, N. R. J. C. Huckins Foley E. Whitby, S. R. Thomas Williamson Glascow Uxbridge, N. R. B. Parker Goodwood Uxbridge, N. R. M. Chapman Greenbank Reach, N. R. John Asling Greenwood Pickering, S. R. A. Fullarton Kinsale Pickering, S. R. John Fairless Leaskdale Scott, N. R. George Leask Manchester Reach, N. R. Adam Gordon Millington Mara, N. R. John Warrington Myrtle Whitby, S. R. Francis L. Pike Oshawa E. Whitby, S. R. David Smith Pickering Pickering, S.R. Mrs. Elizabeth Whitney Port Perry Reach, N.R. H. Gordon Port Union Pickering, S.R. Henry L. Pullen Prince Albert Reach, N.R. H. H. McCaw Raglan Whitby, S.R. L. Foster Rama Rama, N.R. James McPherson Rouge Hill Pickering, S.R. Hugh Graham Saintfield Reach, N.R. Wm. Sanders Sandford Scott, N.R. Edward Taylor Scugog Scugog, N.R. Isaac Finley Sonya Reach, N.R. Lewis Harper Udora Scott, N.R. S. Umphrey Utica Reach, N.R. Jacob Dafoe Uxbridge Uxbridge, N.R. George Wheeler Vallentyne Brock, N.R. Samuel Brethour Victoria Corners Reach, N.R. Henry Madhill, Jr. Vroomanton Brock, N.R. John Teskey Whitby, Whitby, S.R. Francis Keller Whitevale Pickering, S.R. Donald McPhee Wick Brock, N.R. Caleb Shier Wilfrid Brock, N.R. John Chambers Zephyr Scott, N.R. John Nelson
Joshua Wright, Warden H. J. Macdonell, Council Clerk Wm. Paxton, Council Treasurer
Malcolm Gillespie, Reeve Henry Brethour, Deputy Reeve
Philip McRae, Reeve
S. B. Fairbanks, Reeve W. H. Gibbs, Deputy Reeve
Trueman P. White, Reeve John Haight, Deputy Reeve John Miller, " "
Thomas McDermott, Reeve
Joshua Wright, Reeve Edward Major, Deputy Reeve J. P. Campbell, " "
George Smith, Reeve Willaim Sinclair, Deputy Reeve
W. S. Sexton, Reeve
Charles Robinson, Reeve
George Wheeler, Reeve J. B. Feasby, Deputy Reeve
N. W. Brown, Reeve M. Thwaite, Deputy Reeve
Robert Smith, Reeve Andrew Annis, Deputy Reeve
John Dryden, Reeve John Willis, Deputy Reeve
Jas. H. Gerrie, Mayor N. W. Brown, Reeve M. Thwaite, Deputy Reeve
T. H. McMillan, 3 yrs. M. H. Cochrane, 2 " N. Ray, 1 "
Daniel Betts, 3 " Jas. Campbell, 2 " J. R. Philip, 1 "
D. Cameron, 3 " Chester Draper, 2 " R. Snow 1 "
S. B. Fairbanks, Reeve W. H. Gibbs, Deputy Reeve
F. W. Glenn P. Cameron Patrick Wall
W. S. Sexton, Reeve
John Collins Peter Williams Wm. Taylor Wm. Bateman
Charles Robinson, Reeve
George Proctor Angus McKay John McArthur Wm. McRae
Philip McRae, Reeve
Wm. McPhee J. P. Foley J. Harahy Alexander McDonald
Thomas McDermott, Reeve
Jas. Tahoney John Trenouth Patrick Maloney Wm. McDonald
Trueman P. White, Reeve John Haight, Deputy Reeve John Miller, " "
S. J. Green S. Mackey
Joshua Wright, Reeve Edward Major, Deputy Reeve J. B. Campbell, "
J. Graham J. Holman
Malcolm Gillespie, Reeve Henry Brethour, Deputy Reeve
Donald Carmichael Thomas Amey James St. John
Robert Smith, Reeve Andrew Annis, Deputy Reeve
John Smith R. Luke J. Lich
John Dryden, Reeve John Willis, Deputy Reeve
Henry Bickle Joseph Burroughs Timothy Fisher
George Wheeler, Reeve J. B. Feasby, Deputy Reeve
J. G. Gould Thomas Todd John Brandon
George Smith, Reeve Wm. Sinclair, Deputy Reeve
N. Graham S. Umphrey R. Rowland
Zaccheus Burnham, Judge Nelson G. Reynolds, Sheriff Samuel H. Cochrane, Co. Attorney Hugh J. Macdonell, Clerk of the Peace Hugh J. Macdonell, Clerk County Council Hugh J. Macdonell, County Solicitor John V. Ham, Clerk of County Court John V. Ham, Deputy Clerk of Crown John V. Ham, Surrogate Court Registrar Joshua Wright, Warden Wm. Paxton, Co. Treasurer J. H. Perry, County Registrar Jas. Draper, Deputy Registrar D. C. Macdonell, Clerk Division Court, (Whitby) W. Coulthard, Bailiff " " " G. H. Dartnell, Deputy Registrar, Court of Chancery George H. Dartnell, Master and Examiner in " R. H. Lawder, Co. Auditors W. Dickie, " " Jas. Holden, Official Assignee Thomas Danford, High Constable John S. Sprowl, Gaoler R. J. Dunn, M.D., Surgeon of Gaol Dr. Ware, Coroners Dr. Eastwood, " Dr Carson, " L. Fairbanks, Jr., Inspector of Weights and Measures
Almond, James, Whitby Feasby, John B., Uxbridge Birrell, Eben, Greenwood Foreman, Thos. C., Prince Albert Bleckie, James, Claremont Fullarton, Adam, Pickering Bunting, Brereton, Pickering Gibbs, Thomas N., Oshawa Calder, Duncan, Beaverton Gibbs, W. H., Oshawa Campbell, Aaron, Brooklin Gillespie, Malcolm, Vroomanton Campbell, John, Brooklin Gordon, William, Whitby Campbell, Calvin, Brooklin Gould, Joseph, Uxbridge Campbell, Robert, Brooklin Green, Frederick, Greenwood Carmichael, J., Oshawa Gunn, Dr. Robt. J., Whitby Cowan, Mathew Jr., Cannington Hanand, Aaron, Uxbridge Currie, George, Prince Albert Haight, John, Pickering Draper, Chester, Whitby Harnden, L., Jr., Raglan Fairwell, A., Oshawa Harrison, R. T., Brooklin Hartrick, William, Pickering Ratcliff, John, Columbus Heron, William, Ashburn Reeder, Joseph, Port Perry Hubbard, Thomas C., Brougham Robinson, Charles, Beaverton Holliday, Daniel, Brooklin Sangster, John A., Stouffville Hurd, A., Prince Albert Spears, Adam, Pickering Leask, George, Leaskdale Spears, Robert, Uxbridge Linton, William, Pickering Switzers, Edward, Vroomanton Lund, Richard, Port Perry Thompson, John H., Cannington Munro, Timothy, Epson Thomas, L. C., Brooklin McCreight, James, Dunbarton Vail, Ira, Pickering McPherson, James, Atherly Vernon, James K., Ashworth Parker, John, Dunbarton White, T. P., Whitevale Paxton, Thomas, Port Perry Wilcox, John S. M., Whitby Perry, John Ham., Whitby Wixson, Joseph, Claremont
A village in the township of Pickering, 20 miles north-west of Whitby. Population about 200. Brown, A, hotelkeeper Monkhouse, T., merchant Cliff, E., carder, &c. Mordon, G., laborer Haggerman, L., pumpmaker, &c. Neighswander, S., merchant miller Hoover, J. G., laborer Neighwander, M., farmer Jones, A., farmer Robertson, R., shoemaker Key, M., carpenter Skene, J., millright MONKHOUSE, JOSEPH, Postmaster, &c. Stouffer J., farmer Wilson, J., blacksmith
A Post village in the township of Pickering. Bell, John M., Postmaster.
A Post village in the township of Scott. Bingham, R., Postmaster.
A Post village in the township of Scott. Mustard, John, Postmaster.
A village in the township of East Whitby, on the Brock road 9 miles north of Whitby, was first settled by Mr. Richard Butler, in 1832. The first store was opened by Mr. Noah Bates, in 1847. The first Postmaster was Mr. Edward Olver. At present, it contains one Orange Society, No. 176. One Canada Presbyterian church, of wood, erected in 1857, at the cost of about $2,000. One schoolhouse, three stores, two hotels, and several blacksmiths, &c. Population about 180. Daily mail. Alexander, A. G., teacher McBrien, J., mason Banner, Peter, laborer Olver, Edward, Postmaster Belfore, Robert, engineer Olver, Wm. H., tailor Bowler, Daniel, waggonmaker Pearson, W., mason Branscombe, J. M., shoemaker PHILLIPS, J. W., dry goods, groceries Burchell, Isaac, tailor general stores, millinery, &c. Crighton, D., merchant Dawson, Rev., Alex., Presbyterian REID, JOHN, carpenter minister Rodley, J., farmer Edwards, William, gentleman Sawerby, J., Druggist. &c. Gardner, Robert, farmer Smith, J. W., M. D., Physician Holt, Charles, farmer Tarvis, W., laborer Hubertis, G., merchant WALKER, JAMES, blacksmith Johnson, John, laborer and plowmaker Lawrence, J., harnessmaker Webster, J., butcher Maw, G., laborer Wilson, Alex. sen, farmer Metcalf, G., hotel keeper WILSON, ALEX., hotel keeper Monroe, J., blacksmith
A village in the Township of Mara, 66 miles north-west of Whitby. Population about 200. Bailey, F., Hotelkeeper Kennedy, A., merchant Bolton, W., treasurer Miller, W., shoemaker Cahil, T., shoemaker Mulrihill, T., blacksmith Campbell, D., farmer McMullin, W,. C., Postmaster Dudenhofer, G., weaver McPhee, Rev. W., Presbyt'n. Min. Hewett, C., merchant O'Brien, D., teacher
A village in the Township of Pickering, 13 miles north-west of Whitby. Population about 100. Dodds, R., Postmaster Palmer, J., merchant Ellis, J., farmer Ward, R., farmer Higginbottom, G., farmer White, T., gentleman Jones, P., farmer WIGHTON, DAVID, farmer Mackie, W., blacksmith Wilson, A., laborer
A village in the township of Pickering, 15 miles north-west of Whitby. Population about 175. Barns, W., farmer King, H., laborer Barice, J., farmer Middleton, J., farmer Beaton, H., Town clerk Millene, J., farmer Bice, J., farmer Millene, G., farmer Bice, N., farmer McIntyre, farmer Bier, L., farmer Ozborn, J., carpenter Boice, S., farmer Packer, T., farmer Brown, D., farmer Percy, A., farmer Buckman, A., farmer Percy, J., farmer DANIEL, DANIEL, P. M. and Percy, W., farmer merchant Smith, E., merchant Ferrier, W., farmer Steedholm, J., laborer Ferrier, O., farmer Tad, J., laborer Greig, R. blacksmith Turner, A., mechanic Hanson, C., farmer Vardon, S. J., farmer Henderson, G., farmer Vardon, T., farmer
Vardon, E., farmer Windsor, H., farmer Wilson, J., farmer Windsor, S., gentleman Windsor, J., shoemaker Young, U., farmer
A Police village in the Township of Thorah, 41 miles northwest of Whitby, lying on the eastern shore of Lake Simcoe at the mouth of the Beaver River was first settled by Mr. Donald Calder, in 1828. The first store was opened by Mr. Kenneth Cameron, in 1830. The first Post Office was established in about 1835, Mr. James Ellis being the first Postmaster. The village contains only one Church edifice, although a short distance out of it the Roman Catholics and the Scotch Presbytrians each have a church-the former of which was built of wood, in 1855, and the latter of stone in about 1844. Within the village the Canada Presbyterians have built one of wood, in l847, at the cost of about $1000. The Wesleyan Methodist body, at present holding service in the Orange Hall, are preparing to build in the spring of 1869. The prominent buildings are the Orange Hall, built of wood, in 1865, at the cost of about $8OO and occupied by Lodge 798. The Town Hall, also of wood, built in 1846, at about the same cost, a Schoolhouse, a Flour mill, a Saw Mill, a Woolen Mill, two Tanneries anda Furniture Factory. Also several stores, three hotels and the usual number of tradesmen. It is connected with Whitby by daily stage, and during the summer, with Orillia and other places by the steamer Emily May. Daily mail and money order office. Population about 700. Adams, John, shoemaker Calder, Alexander, farmer Andrews & Glasford, pumpmakers Calder, Duncan, farmer Anderson, James, farmer CAMERON, JAMES, dealer in Anderson, William baker and dry goods, groceries &c. confectioner CAMERON, JAMES, dealer in Appleton, Clayton, blacksmith stoves, hard and tinware ARBUTHNOT, D. & Co., dealers Cameron, Donald, postmaster in dry goods, groceries &c. Cameron, Daniel, carpenter Cameron, John, gentleman ARBUTHNOT, D., teacher. Cameron, John, tailor Bates, James, blacksmith CAMERON & BRUCE, dealers in Birchard, Anson, blacksmith dry goods, groceries, &c.
Campbell, John, farmer McDonald, Lewis, watchmaker Campbell, Duncan, clerk McArthur, John, saddle & Cooper, Mrs. harnessmaker Corbin, Jacob carpenter McDonald, D. G., merchant Davison, Peter, M. D., Physician McGinnis, John, gentleman MCHattie, James, blacksmith Elder, George, weaver McKAY, ALEXANDER, M. D. Elder, John, weaver Physician and Druggist Elli, Godfry, woolen factory FARQUHARSON, DONALD, McKinnon, Archibald, blacksmith dealer in dry goods,groceries McMillan, Alexander, gentleman &c. McMillan, James, weaver Gamble, Alexander, weaver McMilan, Peter, waggonmaker GLASFORD, THOMAS, of McNivin, John, blacksmith D. Arbuthnot & Co. PATERSON, NORMAN F., Glasford, Wm., clerk Barrister at law, &c. GLOVER, DAVID, proprietor Revere House Peterman, S. W., photographer Gordon, N. & W., merchants Procter, George R., merchant HAMILTON, ALEXANDER, ROBINSON, CHARLES, Reeve, Proprietor Hamilton House J. P., and Clerk of the Court LOWES, JOHN. S., Druggist Robertson, M. T., pumpmaker Maybee, Mrs. Ross, D., bailiff and auctioner MILLER, JAS. G., dealer in dry Ross, Robert, farmer goods, groceries, &c. Shortis, Miss Munroe, Miss Thompson, Abel, carpenter Murray, Hugh, gentleman Todd, Davidson, blacksmith Murray, Peter, tinsmith Todd & Brother, waggonmaker Nail, Wm., weaver Way, J. B., sawyer McCaskill, Wm., gentleman Williamson, David, tailor McCuaig, Duncan, waggonmaker Wilson, Samuel, cabinetmaker
A village in the Township of Reach, 17 miles north-east of Whitby. Was first settled by Mr. Reuben Crandell, sen., in 1821, who was also the first settler of the Township, and his second son, Mr. Benjamin Crandell, has the honor of being the first white man born in the township. The first store was opened by Mr. Samuel Davidson, senr. in 1845. The Post Office was established in about 1863. Mr. J. W. Morris being the first Postmaster; but the Office at the present time is conducted by Mr. Jas. Jewett. The Orange body have a lodge here at present. The churches are one Roman Catholic, built of wood in 1859, at the cost of about $1,000. One Apostolic, built of wood in 1868, at about the same cost; also the Episcopal Methodist, enumerated in the description of Port Perry, is claimed by this place in connection with the latter. The United Grammar and Common School of Borelia and Port Perry, is the institution wherein the youth of both place receive their education. The town also has several stores, two hotels, the usual number of mechanics. Post Office and Money Order Office, &c. connected with Whitby by Daily Stage. Population about 200. Allison, J. W., merchant at Port Jamieson, Rev. George, Canada Perry Presbyterian Beason, Edward, welldigger Jamieson, Wm., laborer Benson, H. V., carpenter Jeffry, John, laborer Benson, Thos., shoemaker JEWETT, JAMES, Borelia Hotel Bowman, James, pumpmaker Bradley, Alexander, laborer Johnson, Henry, blacksmith Brown, A. J., gentleman McLean, George, laborer Blutchey, John, woodsawer Kirkpatrick, Mathew, shoemaker Clutchey, John, carpenter McConnell, James, laborer Clutchey, Joseph, laborer Marlin, Benjamin, sawyer Coster, John, laborer Morris, George, gardener Cottingham, J. D. dentist and Murray, J. A., dentist druggist Neale, Frederick, merchant Crandell, Reuben, sen., gentleman Nott, John, cabinetmaker Crandell, Reuben, jr., farmer Nott, William, farmer Crandell, S. E., cabinetmaker McLean, Lewis, laborer Crandell, Benjamin, dealer in McKinley, Robert, farmer patent rights MAJOR, EDWARD, Official Crandell, Caleb, farmer Assignee Crandell, Clark, fur trader Palmer, George, painter English, G., teamster Perkins, William, farmer Foote, Isaac, carpeter Post, S., merchant Foster, Joel, carpenter Post, Woodruff, merchant Garbit, James, turner Roberts, Lewis, cooper Haight, Harrison, gardener Rose, Daniel, travelling agent HARRINGTON, A. J., Commercial Sharpe, Peter, carpenter Hotel Shehe, George, farmer Henley, George, baker Smith, George, farmer Hilborn, James, millwright Smith, John, sawyer Hudson, J., pedler Smith, John, laborer Hurd, Philander, carpenter Spencer, E. F., clerk
Taylor, J. E., clerk Letcher, Joseph, millwright Thomas, Samuel, laborer Spry, Mrs. J., washer Walling, George, millwright Staily, Mrs. L., weaver Warriner, Richard, shoemaker Swan, James, blacksmith Wills, Henry, merchant Taylor, F. W., clerk Wilson, Thomas, sawyer
A village in the township of Mara, 60 miles north of Whitby. Population about 100. Barker, J., shoemaker McGrath, M., weaver Birney, J., hotel keeper McGrath, P., waggonmaker Birney, J., blacksmith Roach, T., hotel keeper FOLEY, JAS. P., postmaster Thomson, J., merchant
A village in the township of Brock, 28 miles north of Whitby. Population about 50. Callaron, T., blacksmith Jones, J., Postmaster Campbell, J., hotelkeeper Jones, L., hotelkeeper Demill, C., merchant McFaddon, N., blacksmith
A village in the Township of West Whitby, on the gravel road 5 miles north of Whitby, Was first settled by Mr. Huntington about the year 1832. The first store was opened by Messrs. John Campbell and Daniel S. Way in l840. The first grist mill was built in 1840 by the same parties. The first Postmaster was Mr. Edward Ware. At the present time it contains several civil and military organizations, among which is one Free Masons' Lodge, No.39. One lodge of the I. O. G. T., No. 75, one volunteer infantry company, No. 9 Ontario Batallion, Captain Hodgson. One brass band, John Dale Leader. The manufactures are represented by three grist mills, one of which is owned by J. B. Bickell, Esq., two tanneries, one planing mill. The mercantile and mechanical branches are several stores, Telegraph Office, Job Printing Office, and the various other trades are well represented. It also contains one Church of England, (now in course of completion,) which will cost about $2,000. It is built of wood in the Gothic Style. One Presbyterian church, built of wood, erected in 1862, at the cost of $2,000. One Methodist Episcopal Church built of wood erected in 1845, at the cost of $1,600. One Wesleyan Methodist Church, built of brick, erected in 1867 at the cost of $6,000. One drill shed erected in 1867 of wood, at the cost of about $600. Two Hotels, &c. It is connected with Whitby and all places north by two lines of daily stages. Population between 500 and 600. Daily Mail. Augustus, John, laborer. Cole, John, farmer Allin & Thompson, tanners Cook, G., teamster Allin, Thomas, (of Allin & Curran, Alfred, mason Thompson Cuttell, Jas., printer and grocer Allems, Charles A., miller DALE, JOHN, harnessmaker and Bailey, Edmund, ginger beer leader of band maker Darligton, Robert, Postmaster Beardan, J., teamster DAWES, JOHN, Druggist, and Benness, G., Tailor grocer BICKELL, J. B., grist mill Day, John, teamster proprietor and Warden, (1868) DeLong, Mrs. J. Biggs, T., farmer Dockham, Rev. H., Episcopal Blacker, Charles, blacksmith Methodist minister Bolam, William, cooper Erwin, Miss Jane Bowles, William, laborer Feiney, M., cooper Bradley, Mrs. Catharine Finget, D., farmer Brockenshire, Wm., photographer Fisher, S., farmer Brooklin Hotel, by Charles Vickery Fitzgerald, John, cooper Brook J., cooper Foote and Warren, physicians, &c. Bryant, Mrs. Sarah Foote, J., M. D., (Foote & Warren) Burriss, Charles, laborer. Fountain, Jas, cooper Campbell, John P., mill proprietor Fox, W., farmer Campling, Richard, farmer Fraser, Isaac K., carriage maker Campbell, Calvin, farmer Fraser, Isaac A., carriage maker Campbell, C. A., dentist Gibbs, John, laborer Carroll, Wm., laborer Goldsbro, W. T., weaver Campbell, Robert, gentleman GLOBE HOTEL, Jas. Powell Campbell, John, gentleman Goings, John, farmer Carnes, Aaron, farmer Goldsbro, W. T., boot and shoe Cattrell, Mrs. Jane, tailoress maker Chapman, W., gentleman Granger, John, blacksmith Chamberlin, F., blacksmith Groat, Arthur, butcher
Groat, Waren, boot and shoemaker MOODEY, GEORGE, (of Moodey HAMILL, DAVID D., (of Moodey & Hamill) and Hamill) Mooney, Miss Mary Harrison, R. T., Town Clerk Moore, James, farmer Hault, Wm., Carpenter Murray, Mrs. Mary, Milliner Hayward and Tyler, General McBrien, Wm., boot and shoemaker merchants McBrien, George, painter Hayward, E. R. B., (of Hayward MacDonald, George D., commission & Tyler) agent Hay, Robt. D., cooper Newson, Thomas, cabinetmaker HEPINSTALL, WM., jeweller, Nichols, William, farmer Hepburn and Roberts, carriage Phippen, Nicholas, cabinetmaker makers Pirie, William, carpenter Hepburn, C., (Hepburn & Roberts) POWELL, JAMES, Globe Hotel Hicks, Thos., farmer Printing Office, James Cuttell Hoar, Mrs. J. Ray, Mrs. Mary HODGSON, CAPT; T., gentleman Robson, Thos., tin & coppersmith Hodgson, M., teamster Roberts, C., (Hepburn & Roberts.) Hudson John, laborer Ross, George, farmer Keeler, Lyman, agent Sawyer A., carpenter Kempt J., Laborer Shaw, Mrs. Ann Kempley, John, laborer Shaw John, teacher Kester, Wm., painter Sills, Mrs E. Kester, J., carpenter Sings, William, farmer Ketchen, Alex., Blacksmith Smith, Mrs. Mary A. Kilburn, Mrs. T. Seamstress Smith, George J., carpenter Lebear, Wm., teamster Smith, Rev. P., Episcopal Methodist Lebear, Ed., farmer Bishop Liddle, Wm., miller Smith, Joseph, gentleman Luby, Own, laborer Smillie, John, tailor Luke, N., carriage maker Spencer, Miss Mary Madden, Mrs. S. THOMAS, NELSON M., prop. Mannings, Wm., Boot & Shoemaker planing factory Martin, Thos., Carpenter Thomas, L. C., J. P. and general Mason, Wm., farmer agent Matmore, Mrs. J. Thomas, E. N., clerk Matmore, John, agent Thomas, S. M., general merchant Mathewson, William, carpenter Thomas, Fred., painter Maybee, J. A., saddle and harness Thomas, J. H., photographer maker Thompson, Wm. H., (of Allin and Mills, Frank, carpenter Thompson) MOODEY & HAMILL, carriage Tucker, John, pedler sign and ornamental painters Tyler, Jos., (of Hayward & Tyler)
Venice, George, farmer Welsh, Thos., laborer Vickery, Chas., hotel keeper Whalks, W., weaver Walker, John, cooper Wheeler, Chas., laborer Warren, Henry, M.D., (of Foote & White, Thos., laborer Warren) Williamson, Z. W., gentleman Warren, Jas., farmer Willson, Henry, printer Warren, Robert, clerk Wyatt, D. P., music teacher Warm, T., laborer
A village in the township of Pickering, 12 miles north of Whitby, to which place it is connected by daily stage. Was first settled by Mr. Thomas Hubbard in 1807. The first store was opend by the late Mr. W. M. Bentley in 1835. The first postmaster was Mr Richard Taun. At the present it contains one Sons of Temperance Hall (division No. 1O4), of wood, erected in 1853 at the cost of about $1,200. A town hall of wood, erected in 1856 at the cost of about $1,000. A steam saw and planing mill erected in 1858, destroyed by fire in 1867. Rebuilt the same fall with an addition of a tub factory, one tannery, school house, two churches, one christian church of brick erected in 1859 at the cost of nearly $2,000. One Wesleyan Methodist (now being completed of wood, and will cost when finished about 1,200. One Agricultural Hall of wood, built in 1865 at the cost of about $800, with extensive grounds adding to the cost some $500 or $600 more. Several general stores, two hotels, one of which, the Brougham Hotel, owned and kept by Mr. C. W. Mathews, we can recommend to the travelling public, and last, though not least, the celebrated Patent Medicine Factory of Woodruff, Bentley & Co. Population between 200 and 300. Daily mail. Barrie, Mrs. M. Brown, Robt., wagonmaker Bassett, Isaac, laborer Burk, J. B., general merchant BENTLEY, LEWIS, (of Woodruff, Burton, Thos., laborer Bentley & Co.) Central Hotel, by Jas. Cooper Bentley, Mrs. J. L. Churchill, B., basketmaker Bilow, Mrs. J. Cooper, Jas., hotelkeeper Blandin, Willard, jr., harnessrmaker Crawford, H. W., gentleman Bodell, W. J., boot and shoemaker Depew, Wm. T., sawyer BROUGHAM HOTEL, by C. W. Mathews Dunham, Wm., gentleman FERRIER D. W., M.D. Physician, &c. Smith J. C., general merchant GOULD, JOHN, gentleman STOCK, G. B., proprietor Steam Mill GROSE, S. J. trimmer Stobbs, Rev. Thos., Wesleyan HAND, H. P., dealer in Dry Goods, Methodist minister Groceries, &c. Taun, Richard, Postmaster and farmer Hand, Jas., clerk Thornton, Jas., mail contractor Hubbard, Thos. C., J. P. and farmer Tool, J. H., carpenter Hubbard, Jas., laborer Underhill, Richard, boot and shoemaker Hubbard, Wm., farmer Johnson, Robert, laborer Wade, E., carpenter Lambert, R., carpenter Webb, S. B, Sen., carriagemaker Lamarux, Thos., machinist Webb, S. B., Jr., carriagemaker Lawr, John, gentleman Wilson, Wm., farmer MATTHEWS, C. W., prop. Brougham Hotel Wilkinson, teamster WOODRUFF, BENTLEY & Co., Matthews, A. H. Manufacturers of Patent Medicines Marr, Mrs. E. Middaugh, Thos., blacksmith MILLER, DAVID, Tailor WOODRUFF, NELSON, (of Nutt, Hiram, carpenter Woodruff, Bentley & Co). Patterson, Andrew, tanner Woodruff, Mrs. Ann Pearson, J. B., gentleman Woodruff, Samuel, farmer Sharrard, Mrs. A. Young, George, butcher Smith, George B., laborer
A Police village in the township of Brock, 38 miles north-east from Whitby, to which place it is connected by daily Stage, first settled by Mr. Joel Horner, in 1827. The first store was opened by Mr. Lachlin Davidson in 1831. The Post office was established in about 1849, Mr. Joseph Davidson acting as postmaster, but in a few months, Mr. Charles Gibbs was appointed, and is still acting. The Orange Society have a Lodge here, No. 568. The village also boasts an excellant Brass Band, under the leadership of Mr. John Amey, as well as a volunteer Infantry Company (No. 10, Ontario Battalion), commanded by Capt. Mathew Cowan. The religious denominations are one Church of England, built of wood in 1837, it the cost of about $600, one Canada Presbyterian, built of wood in 1864, at the cost of about $800, one Wesleyan Methodist, built of wood in 1857, at about the same cost, one New Connection Methiodist, built of brick in 1868, at the cost of about $3000. The other prominent buildings are the Town Hall, built of wood in 1865, at the cost of about $700. A Drill Shed built of wood in 1867, at the cost of about $600. A School house, two Flouring Mills, one Saw Mill, two Woolen Factories, one Tannery, one Brewery, and several general Stores, two hotels, and the usual number of tradesmen. Daily mail. Population about 600. Amey, James, gentleman Brandon Brothers, bakers and Andrews, Mrs. confectioners Avery, William, laborer Brown, Neil, merchant Baird, Samuel, manager for Forman Brown, David S., tanner Boswell, John S., merchant BURNHAM, CHARLES, Clerk of Brandon, Mrs. E. Court, and Insurance agent Brandon, Mrs. J. CARD, S. W., proprietor Woolen Mills
Carpenter, J., carder May, Wm., tailor Clift, Thomas, waggonmaker Maybee & Ward, prop. Woolen Mill Clouston, John, painter Currie, Miss Margaret, milliner. Munroe, Hugh, miller Davidson, Lachlin, gentleman Nix, David, brewer Demill, Rev. A.B., New Connection McCumber, Miles, laborer Methodist McGregor, Walter, weaver Dickinson, S., sawyer McKay, John, farmer Donald, William, carpenter McKenzie, Thomas, tailor Donald, Mrs. McKay, Archibald, merchant Ferguson, James A., Photographer Parker, M. S., brewer Forman, T. C., merchant Ross, Daniel, carpenter French, Frederick, mason Sharp, John, gentleman Gibbs, Charles, Postmaster Shipman, Nelson, farmer Gillespie, Donald, M. D. Physician &c. Silverthorn, George, carpenter Silverthorne, John, carpenter Graham, J. J., tinsmith Silverthorne, Wm., blacksmith Hall, John, jeweller SMITH, GEORGE, dealer in Dry Goods, HAWKE, GEORGE W., Surgeon Dentist Groceries, &c. Sproul, John H., farmer Hay, John, wagonnmaker Sproul, John, carpenter Hefner, Charles, shoemaker Talbot, Robert, accountant Hewis, Edward, shoemaker Talbot, Robert, gentleman Hogan, John, under sheriff Taylor, & Lindsay, harnessmakers Holmes, John, blacksmith THOMPSON, Wm., proprietor Hoyle, Henry, cabinetmaker Royal Hotel Hunt, Reuben, Wagonmaker WALSHE, Thomas H., Township Johnson, Robert, laborer clerk Johnson, Irvin, gentleman WARD, JOHN, prop. Northern Jolliff, John, gentleman Hotel Jones, Robert, carpenter Ward, Charles, gentleman Keller, Charles C., Attorney, &c. Westney, Rev. Wm., M. A., Church Kerville, Luke, laborer of England Leas, John, B., brewer Wilson, John A., M.D., physician, &c. Lucas, Joseph, merchant Mabee, Wm. H., harnessmaker WYATT, ALFRED, Apothecary & MARSH, G. F., dealer in dry goods, coroner, established in 1848 groceries, &c. Wylie & Hoyle, blacksmiths
A village in the township of Pickering, 16 miles northwest of Whitby, was first settled by Mr. Joseph Wixson, in about the year 1800. The first Store was opened by Mr. John C. Michell in 1844. The first Postmaster was Mr. Thomas Noble. At present, it contains 4 churches, one Primitive Methodist, built of wood and roughcast in 1866, at the cost of about $700, one Wesleyan Methodist, of brick erected in 1863, at the cost of about $1000. One regular Baptist, of brick, erected in 1865, at the cost of about $1500, one Canada Presbyterian, of wood erected in 1848, at the cost of about $300. One Grist Mill, one Oatmeal Mill, one Saw Mill, and one Steam Tub and Pail Factory, one Tannery, several general Stores (one of which, just erected by John C. Michell, is an honor to the enterprise and industry of its owner.) one Hotel &c. Population about 200. Daily mail. Appleby, Thomas, butcher Bell, James, gentleman Astridge, G., clockmaker Bennett, William, gentleman Barry, John, farmer Brodie, John, miller Beaverly, Mrs. J. BUNDY, GEORGE, Joiner, Cabinetmaker, Bell, Joseph, gentleman and Undertaker
Bundy, J., tinsmith MACNAB, J. & D., dealer in dry goods, Bundy, S., carpenter Groceries, Hardware &c. Cameron, Rev. J., Baptist minister Claremont Hotel, G. Dawswell MACNAB, JOHN M., Postmaster Coates, J., laborer (of J. & D. Macnab) Daw, John, laborer MACNAB, DUNCAN, (of J. & D. Digby, James, harnessmaker Macnab) Dowswell, Ambrose, proprietor Macnab, Mrs. Wm. Claremont Hotel McCAUSLAND, DAVID, general Dowswell, Wm., wagonmaker blacksmith Ecker, Mrs. J., Felt and straw McDonald, G., weaver milliner McGREGOR, J. W., proprietor Eldon, Robert, merchant Tub and Rake factory Forfar, John, sawyer Gerow, J., gentleman MacPHERSON, WM., dealer in Gerow, John, carpenter Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery, Gerow, Walter, carpenter Gerow, G., pumpmaker Palmer, John, boot and shoemaker Gibbons, Thomas, laborer Palmer, Mrs. Sarah Gunn, Mrs. Martha Patterson, Jas., carpenter Hall, Robert, M.D. Physician Reaubilleur, Peter, gentleman Hall, Miss Selina, dressmaker Rawson, J., mason Hamilton, John, farmer Reith, Wm., boot and shoemaker Hopper, George, teacher Roome, George, farmer Johnston, Thos., tailor Russil, Mrs. E. Lepper, Thos., farmer Sharrard, S. W., gentleman Lindsay. Jas., tanner Spencer Wm., carriagemaker Linton, Mrs. Jane Spears, Alex., farmer Lumley, Wm., painter Strachan, David, gentleman Mahan, Wm., farmer Taylor, Dugald, boot and shoemaker Mark, Wm., laborer MICHELL, J. C., General Merchant Taylor, D., tanner and Miller Taylor, Alex., clerk MICHELL, Wm. H. conveyancer Thompson, Thos., mason Morgon, Alex., blacksmith Watson, Wm., tailor Murray, Mrs. Louisa Wixson, F., farmer
A village in the Township of East Whitby, about 9 miles north-east of Whitby. Population 300. Adams, H., farmer Chesterfield, S., shoemaker Adams, J., teamster Cook, T., farmer Allan, J., weaver Cowle, S., tailor Angus, R., laborer Cruse, J., wagonmaker Ashton, J., carpenter Deforges, J., gentleman Ashton, R., postmaster and merchant Doidge, G., farmer Bamberry, R., farmer Doolittle, E., gentleman Beall, J., gentleman Durant, W., wagonmaker BEALL, WILLIAM, Township clerk, Edmondson, Rev. J., Prebyterian Conveyancer minister Faint, G., general agent Bickle, J., miller French, W., carpenter Brokenshire, N., constable Gaskin, M., blacksmith Bun, J., laborer Gibbs, William, laborer Calden, J., shoemaker Grass, L. P., gentleman
Harper. R., farmer Porteous, A. S., blacksmith Harper, P., teamster Power, R., farmer Harris, R., gentleman Roberts, J., butcher Hawkey, L. C. harnessmaker Roberts, S., teacher Hawkings, J., gentleman Rouse, J., merchant Hawkings, W., shoemaker Rundle, T., laborer Hicks, H., gentleman Scurrah, C. & J., coopers Hicks, J., gentleman Scurrah, Mrs., dressmaker, &c. Hill, W., gentleman Skirving, R. A., clerk Hodgson, R., hotelkeeper Smallacomb and Evely, wagonmakers Hugoe, R., tailor Hugoe, S., tailor Smith, A. G., farmer Hull, Rev. S. R., B.C. minister Smith, W., farmer Jackson, Mrs., music teacher Soloman, J., laborer Joynt, J. Ashery Prop. Stabback, J. P., farmer Luke, W., laborer Stokes, C. C., M.D., Physician &c. May, C., teacher Tucker, W., gentleman May, I., laborer Wherry, J., tailor May, W., laborer Wherry, W. H., carpenter McLaren, D., carpenter White, J., gentleman Nankivell, E., mason White, J., laborer Nott, Rev. H. J., B.C., minister Wickett, S. R., tanner Pasmore, T., shoemaker Wilcockson, T., farmer Penhall, J., laborer Wilcockson, W., farmer Porteous, A. weaver
A village in the township of Brock, 36 miles north west of Whitby. Population 50. ALLIN, THOMAS, carriagemaker Harrison, W., farmer and Postmaster Lighton, K., farmer Allin, J., blacksmith Liviston, T., timber dresser Bambry, T. farmer Lughton, A., farmer Bennett, J., mason Malone, J., gentleman Bowen, J., Hotel keeper Medcalfe, G. & Co., farmers Clayton, S., farmer Medcalfe, J., farmer Cowen, W., farmer Profit, H., miller Curtin, J., farmer Ross, A., carpenter Dure, J., mason Scelton, H., farmer Edwards, E., farmer Short, J., farmer Edwards, J., farmer Stronock, W., gentleman Ewertt, W., farmer Valentine, T., farmer Francis, J., farmer Walker, T., farmer Francis, W., farmer Whiteside, T. R., merchant
A village in the township of Pickering on Duffin's Creek, 3 1/2 miles from its mouth which empties into Lake Ontario. It lies also on the Kingston Road 6 miles from Whitby and 22 from Toronto. It contains several Churches, school house, two grist mills, brewery, two hotels and several stores. It has a station on the Grand Trunk Road about half a mile south east of the village. Population between 200 and 300. Daily mail. Bostwick, E., farmer Leavens, Byron, W., gentleman BUNTING, B., dealer in Dry Leavens, Mrs. Clara, farmer Goods, Groceries, Hardware, &c. Leonard, Richard, hotelkeeper Conway, Rev. Father, Catholic LEPPER JOHN, dealer in Dry Priest Goods, Groceries, &c. Cornell, Gervas, farmer Linton. Robt, gentleman Coultice, John, laborer Linton, Wm., J. P. Cuthbert, Wm., boot and shoe maker Linton, Joseph, boot and shoe maker Davis, J., miller LIPSEY, JOHN, Brewer of Pale DOWSWELL, THOS., clerk and Amber Ale Ellis, Mrs. Mary Lodgate, John, laborer Ferrier, Amos, teacher Long, Mrs. J. Finley, Alex., miller Long, J., station man Fox, Henry, mason Long, S., stationman Furlong, Jas., farmer Losie, Martin, laborer Furguson, Wm., carpenter Mason, Andrew, hotel keeper Gordon, John, sen., cooper Mathews, F., laborer Gordon, John, Jun., cooper Mockridge Rev. Jas., Church of Gibbons, Mrs. Ann, seamstress England minister Grant, Lewis, carriage maker Moressey, Jas., mason Hartrick, John, carpenter McGann, B., boot and shoemaker Hartrick, Wm., farmer and J.P. McGuire, Wm., farmer Henderson, J., carpenter Peters, Henry, teacher Hodgson, J., harnessmaker Peters, Jas., gentleman Jennings, Thos., blacksmith Pollard, Jas., boot and shoemaker Jenkins, T. farmer Pope, F., Stationmaster Johnson, G., tailor REED, MICHAEL, general Black Kempthorne, Wm., laborer smith and Wagonmaker
Remsay, D., farmer Webb, Mrs. Rachel Rex, George, painter Whiteside, Mrs. J. Ross, Rev. Walter, Presbyterian WHITNEY, MRS. ELIZABETH, minister Postmistress SMITH, MOSES, Prop. Elm Dale Whitmore, John, merchant Mills Williams, Rev. John, Bible Christian Storey, Mrs. J. minister Stoner, A., laborer Wise, Mrs. Mary Sullivan, Patrick, wagonmaker WRIGHT, EDMUND, dealer in Thorpe, J. L., merchant Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots TUCKER, DAVID, M.D., B.A. and Shoes, Crockery, &c. M.R.C.S.Ed. and coroner
A small post village in the township of Pickering, on the Kingston road, 9 miles from Whitby, and 19 from Toronto, also about 1/2 mile north west of Frenchman's Bay Station on the Grand Trunk. Population 120. Breman, R., customs officer Milne, J., tailor Dunbar, W., Sen., gentleman Muir, W., farmer Dunbar, W. Jr., gentleman McConachie, H., farmer Falconer, J., harnessmaker McIntosh, J., Gernor, W., wood merchant McIntosh, A., sawyer Glass, R., foreman, G.T.R. Oddie, J., stationmaster Henderson, Thomas, carpenter Palmer, T. R., merchant Holmes, J., teacher PARKER, JOHN, merchant Kenneady, Rev. Alex., Pyesbyterian P. M., and J.P. minister Pizer, W., sailor King, J., welldigger Secker, R., hotelkeeper Lamereaux, J. laborer Tripp, T., merchant Lawson, D., farmer Tripp, R., carpenter Marquos, J., farmer
A village in the Township of Reach, 18 miles from Whitby. Population, 100. Castello, W., wagonmaker Lynde, H. C., hotelkeeper English, J., farmer Marston, J., blacksmith Fulton, J., butcher Munro, T., J. P., farmer Hawsame, J., farmer McDowell, T. H., shoemaker Henderson, J., laborer Stilwell, J., laborer HUCKINGS, J. C., P.M. and Walker, A., blacksmith merchant
A village in the township of East Whitby, ten miles of Whitby. Population about 125. Armstrong, T., blacksmith Maxwell, Mrs., hotel keeper Bain, Wm., farmer McGaw, T. and W., farmer Bathy, C., farmer McNeil & Guilford, farmers, &c. Carfeild, C., farmer Parker, J., blacksmith Cronk, J., farmer Pascoe, E., farmer Currie, G., gentleman Phoenix, M., laborer Daman, L., agent Ray, J., senr., farmer Dodge, W., farmer Ray, J., junr., farmer Fox, J., senr., gentleman Ray, W., farmer Fox, J., junr., farmer Scott, W., senr., farmer Friend, T., farmer Scott, W., junr., gentleman Glaspie, M., farmer Scott, T., farmer Gould, J., senr., farmer Scott, M., teacher Gould, J., junr., farmer Sheppard, H., teacher Gould, G., farmer Sparks, J., farmer Hallat, W., farmer Stephenson , Mrs. farmer Harmony, J., farmer Thomas, R., farmer Hepudy, W., farmer Undyke, D., farmer Hickell, A., farmer Walters, J., farmer Hill, H., farmer Weeks, G., farmer Hill, J., laborer Weeks, T., farmer Kerr, A., shoemaker Willard, W., pedler Lewis, J., wagonmaker WILLIAMSON, THOS., Postmaster Manning, Mrs., farmer and Shoe maker
A village in the Township of Uxbridge, 22 miles north west of Whitby Population about 100. Bemiet, Thomas, laborer Ottewell, Samuel, blacksmith Conworth, George, farmer PARKER, BENJAMIN, Postmaster Fenton & Patterson, dentists and Merchant Forsyth, Charles, farmer Patterson, Philo, carpenter Graham, Wm., mason Pearson, John, gentleman Kester, Hiram, farmer Pearson, Joseph, laborer Latchem, Thomas, blacksmith Post, Jeordan, J.P. and gentleman Millar, Elisha, hotelkeeper Reid, George, laborer Millar, John, farmer Shoutts, J.H., teacher Millar, W. G., miller Stover, Joseph, farmer Morden, Michael, horsedealer Turner, Wm., farmer Morden, Wm., farmer Widerman, John, artist
A village in the township of Uxbridge, 25 miles from Whitby. Population about 50. Armatage, D., hotelkeeper Hamell, J., hotelkeeper Barkey, T., Blacksmith Lehman, D., sawyer CHAPMAN, M., P. M., Hotel McCollough, J., merchant keeper and Merchant Shaver, J., shoemaker Degeir, J., carpenter Vanzant, J., blacksmith Field, G., auctioneer Wagg, F., mason
A village in the township of Reach, 21 miles north of Whitby. Population about 80. Anderson, William , photographer Murtra, Robert, hotelkeeper ASLING, JOHN, Postmaster McGerr, A., merchant Asling, W., wheelwright, &c. Phoenix, J., gentleman Bagsham, J., farmer Sanders, J., wagonmaker Bailey & Hall, blacksmiths Smith, Rev. J., Primitive Methodist Dusty, John, shoemaker minister Ferguson, W., butcher Wagnor, W., blacksmith Hutchinson, T., tailor Walker, R., seaman Lee, J., farmer Williams, J., pedler
A village in the Township of Pickering, 10 miles North west of Whitby. Populatiom about 200. Ballard, G., sawyer Graham, R., shoemaker Boddy, M., shoemaker Green, S. J., miller Boddy, J., shoemaker Green, F., sen., miller Bowes, E., farmer Green, F., jun., farmer Byers, A., miller Jackson, E., farmer Byers, A., farmer Jolly, J., farmer Byers, S., farmer Larkin, P., farmer Carey, M., cooper Lennon, R., cooper Doyle, O., hotel keeper Mean, F., merchant Dunlop, H., sawyer Middleton, G., farmer Elliker, R., farmer Miller, D., blacksmith FULLARTON, DR. A., Druggist Mitchell, J., miller and P. M. McKaid, H., farmer Graham, G., blacksmith McKaid, J., farmer
McKay, A., tailor Stalter, J., stavemaker McKay, W., laborer Sterling, J., merchant McKitrick, A., farmer Sterling, Mr. J. C., hotel keeper McKitrick, W., farmer Tate, A., farmer Ready, P., waggon maker Tye, J., gentleman Sadler, Wm. Sen., farmer Wilson, G. farmer Sadler, Wm., Jun., farmer Wilson, R. farmer Shea, H. cooper Wilson, G., farmer Smith, W., mason Wilson; C. J., clothdresser, &c. Sommerville, S., farmer
A Village in the township if Brock, 26 miles north east of Whitby. Population about 50. Clinton, N. M., physician &c HARPER, LEWIS, postmaster and Currie, Rev. R., Presybterian merchant minister Marks, W., blacksmith Fraser, J., steam sawmill owner Milne, J., blacksmith Glover, J. M., carpenter McLean, J., carpenter Parish, J., Miller
A village in the township of Pickering, 8 miles from Whitby. Population 80. Brignal, J., shoe maker Mackey, A., agent Coats, G., carpenter McCan, T., wagonmaker FAIRLES, J., merchant and P. M. Sadler, J. P., harnessmaker Hortop, J., blacksmith Salton, G., turner Lawrance, J., carpenter
A post village in the township of Scott, 29 miles north west of Whitby. Population about 80. Axtoby, W., blacksmith LEASK, GEORGE, postmaster Collins, G., merchant and J. P. Foster, R., hotelkeeper Leask, J., lumber merchant Gale, J., shoemaker Stevenson, G., lumber merchant Hacking, J., merchant Strannon, J., shoemaker Leask, G., miller and farmer Wyman, R., carpenter
A village in the township of Reach, 15 miles northeast of Whitby. Was first settled by Mr. Abel W. Ewers in 1847. The first store was opened by Mr. David Mitchell, in 1848. The first Postmaster was Wm. Powson, appointed in 1854. It contains one Primitive Methodist church, built of wood, in 1866, at the cost of about $1,000. One town hall, built of wood in 1854, at the cost of about $1,200. One school house built of wood in 1860, at the cost of about $900. Four general stores, two hotels, and the usual number of tradesmen. It is connected with Whitby by daily stage. Population about 200. Atkinson, Ambrose, gentleman GORDON, ADAM, general merchant Brown & Christian, merchants and postmaster BRYAN, BENJAMIN, tinsmith Jaffrey, Richard, wagonmaker BRYAN, WILLIAM, tin shop Jennings, Dennis, teacher Byam, W. H., wagonmaker Lamb, Hiram, farmer Campbell, R. & J., merchants Leach, Lewis, shoemaker CHRISTIE, J., township clerk, Leonard, Peter, laborer conveyancer, &c. Leonard, James, photographer Christie, Donald, farmer Locke, Henry, farmer Daniels, Chas., laborer Marr, Cornelius, blacksmith Daniels, John, shoemaker Masters, Daniel, laborer Daniels, Mrs. Monroe, Robt., farmer Davis, Wm., blacksmith Moore, Hugh, ostler Devitt, George, teamster Orachard, Simon, farmer Ewers, Abel W., farmer Perkins, James, Wagonmaker Fitchett, Mrs. PLANK, B., proprietor Revere Fraser, Simon, clerk House Fitkin, Thos., harness maker Plank, John A., gentleman Fitchett, Dennis, gentleman Powson, Wm., conveyancer, &c Smith, W. J., clerk Torrance, Andrew, shoemaker Squire, James, tailor Torrance, Alexander, tailor Steel, Wm., blackmith Tyroll, Joseph, blacksmith Stevenson, Wm., teamster Uins, Thos., laborer Straiton, Thos. B., merchant Wells, John, carpenter Sutherland, J. N., clerk Wright, Joshua, boot and shoe Taylor, John, clerk manufacturer Thompson, Henry, hotelkeeper
A village on the Town and county line of the township of Brock, Co. Ontario, and the township of Mariposa, Co. Victoria. It it 33 miles north east of Whitby, and the post office is in the Co. Victoria. It was first settled by Mr. John Love, in 1820. The first store was opened by Mr. Jacob Ham, in 1835, who also was the first postmaster, and appointed the same year. The civil societies are represented by one loyal Orange lodge, No. 824; one sons of temperance division, No. 190, and the Masonic Body are about opening a lodge; one brass band, Mr. Wm. S. Graham, teacher. The principle buildings are one united Grammar and Common school house, built of wood in 1865, at the cost of $1200; one steam flour mill; one rake factory and the following Churches- one Baptist, built of wood in 1856, at the cost of $1000; one Canada Presbyterian, built of wood in 1853, at the cost of $1000; one Congregational, of wood, in 1860, at about the same cost; one Bible Christian, of wood in 1851, at the cost of $600. This body are about to build a brick ediface, to cost some $2000; also the Methodists are about to build. The business of the place is represented by 5 stores, 2 hotels and the various mechanical branches. Connected with Whitby, Oshawa and Lindsay by daily stage. Population about 500. Andrews, George, tailor Clark, Alexander, merchant tailor Bassett, Thomas, blacksmith Clark, John, blacksmith Bowes, Elias, merchant Condon, Edward, laborer Bull, Gershon, pumpmaker Conway, Switzer, hotel keeper Calhoun, James, hotelkeeper Conway, Robert, carpenter Campbell, Rev. Hugh, Canada Coone, James, proprietor rake Presbyterian factory Campbell, Mrs. Coone, John, wagonmaker Carter, George, merchant Coone, Wm., wagonmaker Chesterfield, Wm., shoemaker Cuighlin, Edward, harnessmaker
DeGeer, William, carpenter McEachren, Lachlin, carpenter Douglas, George, merchant McFadyen, Mrs. John, milliner Dunn, Wm., harnessmaker MCLEAN, DONALD C., carriage Dunoon, Donald, cooper builder Edwards, A., farmer McLean, Duncan, farmer Edwards, Robert, farmer McLean, Malcolm, farmer Edwards, L., farmer McLean, Samuel, blacksmith Edwards, Gomer P., merchant McPhail, William, cooper Edwards, Richard, merchant McPherson, James, saloonkeeper Edwards, Mrs. Oakley, Francis, M.D., Physician &c. Followdown, Peter, farmer Ghent, William, carpenter Pearce, George, shoemaker Gillis, Mrs. Pearce, Henry, shoemaker Glover, Rev. Thomas W., bible Ranous, Rev. Wm. S., Episcopal Christian Methodist GRAHAM, WM. S., cabinetmaker Ranous, Mrs. Mary, Milliner and dressmaker Harper, R. H., teacher Sander, John, laborer Hodgson, John, laborer Scott, James A., photographer Holliday, John, butcher Skinner, Joseph t., tinsmith Johnson, Peter Smith, John, miller Kinney, Thomas, carpenter Stabbeck, James, gentleman Mabee, Rhinard, saddle and Thompson, Andrew, carpenter harnessmaker Trimble, James, carriagemaker MAY, THOMAS, saddle and Twohey, John, painter harnessmaker White, Joseph, wagonmaker McBain, James, carpenter Whitesmith, Isaac, jeweller McDonald, Hector, J. P. and farmer Wick, Charles, blacksmith McDonald, Hector, blacksmith Williamson, George, farmer McDonald, Mrs. Williams, Edmund, laborer
A village in the township of Mara, 60 miles north of Whitby. Population about 60. Andrews, H., farmer McDonald, R., road commissioner Champlin, C., blacksmith McHugh, J., councillor Carney, M., shoemaker McLean, P., weaver Ferguson, J., shinglemaker Prodomme, Mrs., hotelkeeper Kelly, A., carpenter WARRINGTON, JOHN, Postmaster Kelly, O., hotel keeper Mcdonald, A. P., carpenter
A village in the township of West Whitby, 10 miles north of Whitby. Population about 50. Hurlburk, Reuben, store and shoe Pike, F. L., wagonmaker shop Scurrah, Frederick, blacksmith Kent, James, carpenter
A village in the township of East Whitby, three miles north of Sydenham harbor on lake Ontario. It is a station on the Grand Trunk at which all passenger trains stop. It contains several large stores, some of which are as large as any in the county. The place is noted for its manufactories, containing as it does the large foundry and agricultural works of the late Joseph Hall, which are the largest in the province. It also contains Whiting's celebrated hand agricultural implement factory, besides three grist mills, three tanneries, two steam cabinet factories and several smaller works, all of which give employment to a large number of hands, making Oshawa a place unsurpassed in the Dominion for its size. The civil and military organizations are: two volunteer infantry Cos.; two brass bands, one engine Co., and a Masonic and two Orange lodges; also one division of the Sons of Temperance. The churches are an English, a Roman Catholic, a Wesleyan, Episcopal, Primitive Methodist, a Christian and a Bible Christian, a Presbyterian and a Baptist. The schools are a grammar and common united, besides several private ones. The village also boasts of several fine hotels. Daily mail. Distance from Whitby 4 miles, Toronto 33 miles, and Montreal 300. Population about 3000. Adair, Robert, machinist BEALL, WILLIAM, Cabinetmaker, Ailsworth, E. W., carpenter, King Colborne Bean, Robert, tanner Aitken, George, carriage maker BEAN, WILLIAM, produce dealer, Allen, Charles, cooper, Simcoe King Allen, Charles, laborer, Duke Becket, James, laborer Allen, James, artist Bedford, H. R., student Allen, John, tailor, block N. Beggs, William, Richmond Allen, John, laborer Bellows, William, hoemaker Allen, John, King Bennett, Mrs., King Allen, John, junr., clerk Bennett, Edwin, wheelwright, Allin, Olanda Simcoe Allin, Roger, laborer Billings, Mrs. Allin, William, carpenter, Church Blackley, Mrs., Brock Amsbury, John, blacksmith, Blake, Albert, laborer, Jackson Celina Blamey, Mrs., Bond Anderson, John, merchant, Church Blamey, George, clerk, Simcoe Anderson, John, finisher, Center Bloomfield, William, machinist, Andrews, George, carpenter, Block N. Elgin Archible, John, c. 1-12 Bond, Luke, mason, Colborne Arkland, Mrs. C., Brasey Bone, Ephraim, teamster Arkland, Edward, gentleman, Celina Bone, John, teamster Bone, John, laborer Armstrong, John, blacksmith Bone, Thomas, teamster Ash, Joseph, gentleman, 1 pt. 1 Bone, William, teamster Ash, L. Warren, bookkeeper Boyd, John, saddle and harness ATKINSON, W., chemist and druggist, maker, Simcoe King Bain, Mrs. L., King Brazley, James, mason Baker, Elijah, merchant tailor Breeze, Robt., moulder, Brock Simcoe Bremner, Peter, cooper Banbridge, John, blacksmith Bremner, Edward, laborer Banbridge, William, general blacksmith Brewer, James, senr., watchmaker and carriage builder, William Simcoe Brewer, James, junr., bolt screw Barber, H. R., carpenter maker Barclay, Albert Brewer, John, Colborne Barclay, Eli Briggs, S. E., clerk Barclay, George, machinest, Brooks, James, M. William Brooks, Michael, hotelkeeper Barclay, James, planer, William Brown, James, cabinetmaker BARRATT, AUGUSTUS, photographer Brown, Joseph, tailor King Brown, Michael, laborer, Elgin Beal, James, miller Brown, William, machinist, Water
Bryant, Thomas, blacksmith Clarke, Joseph, doctor, Athol Bryant, William, express, Athol Clevenburg, Levi, carriagemaker, Bryant, William S., currier, Simcoe Ontario Buckley, Daniel laborer Clifford, John, laborer, Celina Buge, Henry, clerk Coburn, William, surgeon, King Burge, Robert, carpenter Collins, John, barber, King BURK, D. F., grocer, King Colston, Charles Colston, G. W., teacher, Simcoe Burk, Joseph COMMERCIAL HOTEL, J. Pringle Burk, Joseph proprietor, King Burk, William Burnett, Alexander, millwright Conley, Mrs., Church Colhorne Cooper, Mrs., widow Burnett, Andrew, laborer, Brock Cooper, Frederick, machinest, Brock Burrows, Richard, carpenter, Brock. Cooper, Henry Cade, John, gentleman, King Corbet, James Calbary, William, wagonmaker, Cornish, Thomas, tailor William Cowan, James, Athol Calvert, Joseph, tailor, Duke Cowan, W. F., general merchant Cameron, Aaron P., mason, King Simcoe Cowle, James, clerk, Bond Cameron, A. B., machinist Cowle, Stephen, clerk, Celina Campbell, Charles, blaster, Craig, Joseph, carriagemaker, &c. Baseline Bond Campbell, Hugh, packer Craton, Pat., gentleman, Oshawa Campbell, James, shoemaker Crayton, Patrick, gentleman, Carmichael, Jas., merchant, King Simcoe Carnes, Henry R., painter, William Croker, Edward, tinsmith Carroll, Patrick, chairmaker Curtin, Michael Carr, George, moulder, Bond Dailey, James, cooper, Brock Carr, John, pedler, Church Dana, G. H., accountant, King Carswell, Edward, lecturer, Simcoe Davey, E. W., mason, William Carswell, Henry, confectioner, King Davey, Norman, carriage maker, Bond Carter, John, carriagemaker, Colborne Davis, Joab, painter, Simcoe Caulfield, William, cooper, Simcoe Davison, James, mason Chase, James Davy, Charles Chase, James Deacon, William Chubb, Robert, cabinetmaker Dean, William, carriagemaker, Celina Colborne Cinnamon, James, chairmaker, Decker, E. S., merchant, King Simeo Degera, Morrow Clancy, Patrick, laborer Delury, Pat., senr., teamster. Clark, Joab, carpenter Dempster, R, carpenter, Ontario
Deneen, William, labourer, Celina Dinner, William, mason Develin, J. B., Simcoe Dodd, S., factory Deiver, Mrs., boarding house, King Doidg, William, gentleman, Celina Dewey, Albert, Carpenter, Drew, Daniel, teamster, William Richmond Drew, Hollis Dick, Bernard, apprentice Dullea, Dennis Dick, Joseph, machinist, Colborne Dullea, Dennis, gentleman Dickie, John, senr. Dullea, Matthew Dickie, John, junr. Dullea, Michael Dickie, Robert Duncan, Mrs. Dickie, Robert, carpenter Dunn, Mrs., widow Dickie, William, general merchant, Dunovan, Patrick, cooper, Colborne King Dyer, Thomas, miller Dietz, Joseph, finisher Evk, Thomas, gentleman Dillon, Richard, senr., gardener Edmond, Andrew, laborer Dillon, Richard, junr., carpenter Edwards, George, mason Dillon, Robert, machinest ENGLISH, LYMAN, barrister at law, Dingle, John, carpenter, Simcoe Sincoe Dingle, Thomas, carpenter, Simcoe Enow, Mr., machinist
Evely, John, wagonmaker Frasier, David, Clerk Evens, Arthur, salesman Frasier, William, laborer Evens, Frederick, apprentice Frater, Robert, machinist, Church Evens, Samuel N., gentleman Frater, Wm. Ewart, William, machinist, French, Milton, Carpenter, Brock Colborne Freter, E., factory Fair, John Gall, John, teamster Fair, John, melter, Bagot Garfatt, William, laborer, Duke Fair, Thomas, tailor, Ontario Gaith, George, butcher FAIRBANKS, S. B., Attorney at law Garrow, James, boilermaker, Solicitor in Chancery, &c. Simcoe Simcoe Garrow, John, laborer, Colborne Farewell, Arthur, painter, King Gay, Henry, carpenter FAREWELL, J. E., (of Farewell and Gilbbin, Frederick, cabinet maker McGee) Gibbins, James, Brock Farewell, Wallace, laborer Gibbs, Frank, E., (of Gibbs & Bro.), FAREWELL & McGEE, Barristers, Simcoe Attorneys, Solicitors, Gibbs, Frederick Simcoe Gibbs, Thos. Farrell, Mrs., widow, Simcoe Gibbs, Thos. N., M. P., (of Gibbs Farrell, John, laborer & Bro.), Simcoe FELT, ALBERT, prop. Oshawa Gibbs, Thomas W., clerk, Simcoe Billiard Parlor, Celina Gibbs, W. H., (of Gibbs & Bro.), Simcoe Fennemore, Henry, miller, William Gibbs and Brother, grain and Fields, Edmund, merchant produce dealers, Simcoe Finney, James W., pedler, Bond Gibbs, Lobb & Co., general Finney, John H., cooper, Water merchant, King and Simcoe Finsden, Robert, tanner, Metcalf Gibson, George, laborer, Bond Fisher, Mrs., widow Gibson, John, cabinet maker, Brock Fisher, George Gibson, J. A., bookseller and Fisher, Thomas stationer, provincial land Fisher, William J., carpenter, King surveyor, King Fletcher, Michael, tobacconist, King Gillett, H., dry goods merchant, King Fletcher, Thomas Flint, George Gillmore, John, carpenter Flinn, Michael, butcher GLEN, F. W., manager of Jos. Hall's Fogg, David, engineer, Celina manufacturing Co., Simcoe Forbes, Samuel, moulder Forn, John, labourer, Duke Godkin, William, tinsmith, King Foster, James Goodman, Robert, printer, Simcoe Fowke, J. W., general merchant, Goodman, Thomas, Oshawa cor. King and Simcoe Goodchild, Robert, carpenter, Simcoe Francis, James, gardener, William
Gordon, Alex., apprentice Henderson, Wilson Gordon, David, tanner, Simcoe Henry & Brother, grocery and Gott, Robert T., shoemaker, Simcoe provision store, King Graham, Mrs., King Henry, J. G. (of Henry & Brother), Graham, Robert, gentleman, Simcoe King Henry, J. O., boot and shoe merchant Grant, John, carpenter, Simcoe and photographic artist, Gray, Abram, millwright, Colborne Simcoe Green, Levi, painter Henry, Thomas Griffin, George, Scythemaker Higgins, James N., blacksmith Gregg, Alex., gentleman, Simcoe Higley, Peter R., gentleman, Simcoe Grose, James, cabinet maker, Hill, Henry, cooper, Duke Celina Hill, William, carver, Centre Gull, James, mason, Centre HINDS, A., proprietor Lockhart Gull, Joseph, mason House, King Gullock, John, mason, Simcoe Hislop, Mrs., Celina GURLEY, GEORGE, merchant HOBBS' HOTEL, King, J. Hobbs, tailor, King proprietor Gurrow, David, blacksmith HOBBS, John, proprietor Hobbs' Haeket, Alex, doctor Hotel, King Haight, Samuel, labourer, King Hodder, George, clerk, Monck Haight, Silas, cabinet maker, Bond Hoitt, J. E., photographic artist, Hailey, Daniel portrait painter, &c., King Hall, Andrew, currier Hoitt, James D., carpenter Hall, Frederick H., machinist, Holland, Joseph, Simcoe King Honey, Charles, wheelwright, King Hall, Thomas, carpenter Hopper, Thomas, butcher, Colborne Hamilton, James, carpenter, Horn, Nathan, cabinetmaker Church Horton, William, cabinetmaker, Hamilton, John, butcher, Monck Simcoe Hamley, John, blacksmith Hugins, Alfred, carpenter, Brock Handcock, William Hull, Mrs. Hannah, John, carpenter Hullock, James, scythemaker,Simcoe Harper, George, carriagemaker, Centre Hunter, Peter, carpenter, Celina Hartnell, Thomas, labourer, Ontario Hunter, William, carpenter Hawkins, J., general blacksmith, & Hure, William, moulder, Richmond livery stable keeper, Simcoe Hurst, Henry, labourer HAWTHORN, THOMAS G., boot Hurst, Jonathan, labourer and shoe manufacturer, King Hyland, George, gentleman, King Hyland, John, Sen. Hearn, James, blacksmith, Colborne Hyland, John, Jr. Inch, John, labourer, Bond Henderson, Alexander, machinist, Inch, Richard, labourer, King William Inch, Silas
Irwin, John, Church Lark, C., miller Jackson, Thomas, engineer LARKE, J. S., publisher, (of Luke Jacobi, Hennan, turner, Colburne and Larke), Simcoe James, Henry, sen., joiner Lauchland, Wm. James, Samuel, carpenter Lavis, George, blacksmith James, William, joiner, Celina Lawless, Michael, teamster James, W. H., machinist, Richmond Lawless, Peter, labourer, Reto. Law, Mrs., Simcoe Johnson, Alex., tailor, Brock Lawrence, Charles, blacksmith JOHNSTON, J. P., watchmaker Leonard, Richard, gent., King and jeweller, King Leonard, T. Johnson, M. carpenter, Colborne Lewis, Ben., carpenter Karr, Daniel Lewis, George, machinest Karr, William Lewis, Thomas, blacksmith, Simcoe KEDDIE, JAMES B., harness depot Leddicoatt, Samuel, boot and shoe King maker, Simcoe Keller, Mrs., Bond Leddicoatt, William, carpenter, Kelley, George, machinist Simcoe Kevill, John, cabinetmaker Lindall, James, carpenter Key, John, cabinetmaker, Wm. Little, George, engineer, Burk King, William Little, Samuel, blacksmith, Simcoe Kirby, Daniel, painter Lobb, James, (of Gibbs Lobbs & Co., Kirby, John, painter, Duke Simcoe Kirby, John, gentleman, Simcoe LOCKHART HOUSE, (A. Hinds, Kirby, Thomas, painter, Water prop.) King and Simcoe Kirby, Thomas, painter, Monck Lockhart, Arch., tinsmith, Bond Kirkland, Edward, labourer Luke, Andrew, cabinetmaker Kirpatrick, Arthur, labourer, King Luke, James, agent Kipatrick, M., shoemaker, King Luke, James, gentleman Kirpatrick, Thomas, pumpmaker Luke, Jesse P., cabinetmaker, King Knox, Thomas, labourer Luke, Joseph, King Kowker, James Luke, Miles Kyle, Thomas, sr., cabinetmaker LUKE, SAMUEL, printer, (of Richmond Luke & Larke), Simcoe Laing, William, clerk, Simcoe LUKE and LARKE, publishers, Lambert, Frederick, tailor Simcoe Landon, Frederick Long, Patrick, Brock LARARD, JAMES, Watch and Mackie, George, clerk Clock manufacturer, King Mackie, Robert, clerk Madley, George, blacksmith LARARD, REGINALD, patentee Magir, Joseph, shoemaker and manufacturer of the Malcolm, John, cabinetmaker button head attachment spring Male, C. S., grocer and mattress, King confectioner, King
Maley, William, labourer Mitchell, Joshua, machinist, Duke Mallett, John, cabinetmaker, William Misley, John, laborer Monk, James, laborer Manuel, Elijah, blacksmith, Brock Moots, Mrs., widow Manual, Orlando, blacksmith, Moore, John, laborer Brock Morgan, Edward, (of Michael and Mark, Mrs. Morgan), Simcoe Marshall, John senr., shoemaker Morran, William, apprentice Marshall, John junr., carpenter Morris, Maurice, gent., Simcoe Marshall, Thomas, boiler maker, Morrison, Gideon, clerk Church. Moscrip, Joseph, laborer, King Martin, James, cabinetmaker, Moss, Mary, Celina Richmond Mullin, George, painter, Water Martin, John, carpenter Munro George, patternmaker Martin, Moses Murdock, John, grocer, King MARTIN, A. F., chemist and Murdock, Peter, grocer, King druggist, Simcoe Murphy, Eugene, labourer, Simcoe Murray, John, accountant, Bond May, R., cabinetmaker, Celina Murray, Robert, Simcoe May, Silas, carpenter, Celina Murton, James, millwright, William Meek, Mrs., Richmond. McCabe, William, teacher, King Melrick, Michael McCarthy, Mary R., milliner, Melson, Henry, machinest dressmaker, King Menegh, John, laborer McCarty, Daniel, labourer, Brock Miall, Edward, manufacturer McCartney, John, labourer, Celina Michael and Morgan, general McCauley, John, carpenter, Brock merchants, cor. King and Simcoe McChesney, W. H., baker, King Michael W. Dow, (of Michael and McColl, John, labourer, Rito Morgan), Centre McCormack, Charles, painter Mitchell, Eli, machinest, Athol McFarquhar, Monk
McGEE, R., of Farewell & McGee, Oldwright, George, Church Centre ONTARIO BANK, G. E. Shaw, McGill, Andrew, labourer manager, Simcoe McGil1, John senr., carpenter, Duke Oroston, George McGill, William, labourer Oroston, Henry, merchant McGill, M. D., King Oroston, William, gentleman McGowan, Robert, blacksmith, OSHAWA BILLIAD PARLOUR, Simcoe cor. King and Centre, McGrattin, Thomas, tinsmith, Felt & Pringle, proprietors Church. Oshawa Cabinet Co., wholsale McGregor, Mrs., King furniture manufactory McGregor, Donald, labourer Page, Nathan McGregor, John, blacksmith, Park, George, cabinet maker McGregor, Peter, gentleman Park, William, blacksmith, Celina McGregor, R. G., Simcoe Pasco, Thomas, Simcoe McGrettin, David Pascoe, William, minister, William McIntyre, Archibald, teamster, King Patrick, John, blacksmith, Colborne McKettrick, Robert, cooper Pedlar, Henry, tinsmith, Simcoe McLean, Donald, labourer, Duke Pedlar, George, tinsmith, Brock McLean, George, finisher Pellow, Henry McLean, Lauchland, clerk, Simcoe Pellow, James, tinsmith McLean; R. Malcolm, clerk, Monk Pellow, John McLean, M. M., general merchant, Pellow, W. H., (of Pellow and Simcoe. Walton), Athol MeLeod, Duncan, labourer, Bond Pellow & Walton, hardware merchants, McMahon, Edward King McNaughton, James, machinist, Penny, Sidney, machinist, Simcoe King Perkin, Thomas, Celina McNivis, Patrick, Richmond Phillips, Henry, apprentice Neale, Frederick, clerk, King Phillips, James, sen., cabinetmaker Nelson, J. P., minister, Willow Phillips, James, Jr., painter, Brock Noble, Charles, weaver Phillips, John, Colborne Norton, James, carpenter Phillips, Joseph, moulder, Water O'Connell, Michael, grinder, Celina Phillips, William, labourer O'Dea, James Pike, Robert, T., cabinetmaker O'Driscoll, Mrs., Simcoe Colborne O'Driscoll, William, labourer Pickering, Samuel, apprentice O'Keeffe, Mrs., Duke. Plunket, Mrs., Duke O'Mealin, Christopher, cooper Pool, Robert, gentleman O'Neil, Thomas Powers, James, cooper O'Regan, Daniel, cooper Powers, John, shoemaker, Peto O'Regan, John, cooper, Duke Powers, Phillip, cooper, Brock 0'Riley, William Powers, Thomas, labourer, Peto O'Shea, Rev. John, Ergin. Powers, Samuel, tailor
Power, William, Jr. Robinson, Mark, chemist & druggist, Pringle, George, carpenter, Celina King PRINGLE, JAMES, proprietor Robinson, Cornelius, joiner, Celina commercial hotel, King Robinson, James, currier Robinson, James, blacksmith, King Prout, Charles, carpenter Robinson, Robert, tanner Prout, William, labourer Rogers, Benjamin Prudhom, Lewis, Boot and shoe Ross, Alexander manufacturer, King Ross, James, Jr. QUIGLEY, JAMES, prop. Quigley's Ross, James, Senr. hotel, Simcoe Roskilly, George Quigley, James, carpenter Rundle, James Quigley, John, cooper, Colborne Rundle, John, joiner, Simcoe Quigley, Thomas, labourer Rundle, Thomas, labourer QUIGLEY'S HOTEL, (James Runstadler, John, cabinetmaker Quigley, prop.) Simcoe Church Ruse, John, joiner, Celina Quill, Allan Sanders, Joseph, minister, Celina Rae, Francis, M.D., King Sanders, Silas, Celina Rankins, Hiram, carpenter, King Sanders, William, machinist, King Redmond, John, carpenter Sandall, James, labourer Redwin, William, tailor Santry, Annie, Brock Reese, Mrs. Santry, John Reid, James, joiner, Celina SHAW, GEORGE E., manager Reynolds, R., labourer, William Ontario Bank, Simcoe Rice, George, harnessmaker Shaw, John, mason, Bond Richardson, George, labourer Sinclair, James, tinsmith Colborne Skelton, Alexander, blacksmith Richens, James, tinsmith Sleep, Samuel, tanner, Simcoe Riordan, Dennis, brickmaker SMITH, ANDREW, of R. & A. Riordan, John J., labourer Smith, Simcoe Riordan, James, tailor, Simcoe Sluggard, William, cabinetmaker Riordan, Jerry, labourer, Brock Smith, Barnard, Simcoe Riordan, Timothy Smith, James, gentleman, Simcoe Ritson, William Smith, James P., carpenter, William Rober, Mrs. Smith, Joseph, tailor ROBINSON, E. J., silver plater, SMITH, C. W., architect and Simcoe engineer, Simcoe
SMITH, ROBERT, of R. & A. Taylor, John, merchant, King Smith, Simcoe Taylor, Philip, watchmaker and Smith, Thomas, machinist jeweller, Simcoe S. SMITH, R. & A. general merchants, Taylor, Robert, feed store, King Simcoe Taylor, Simeon Snore, Frederick, labourer, Church Taylor, William, moulder, William Snow, Joshua, shoemaker Taylor, William, clerk Spaulding, Charles, student Thompson, Daniel, blacksmith, SPURRELL, JOHN, Spurrell's Willlam Hotel, King Thompson, David, blacksmith Spurrell's Hotel, J. Spurrell, Thompson, George, Brock proprietrr, King Thomas, John Stadler, Daniel, labourer, Celina Thomas, Wm., teamster Starks, Henry Thomas, William C., harnessmaker Statesly, John, labourer Thomas, W. H., prop., Oshawa Steele Thomas, clerk livery stables, Simcoe Steele J. S. book keeper, Bond Thornton, John, shoemaker, Celina Steele, R. C. & Co., grocers and Tracey, Henry, labourer seedsmen, King Tracy, Wm. Steele, R. C. of R. C. Steele & Co., Tremir, William Celina Trickey, Warren, operator Stephenson, G., carpenter, Centre Trunnam, James, butcher, King Stephenson, Samuel, labourer Toms, Samuel Stephenson, William, carpenter Tout, John, blacksmith Celina Tuttle, Bradford, carpenter, Stevenson, George, butcher, King Ontario Stevenson, George, Jr., butcher Tyrrill, Robert, carpenter, Richmond Stewart, Charles, teamster Stock, H., painter Vallaut, Jno., blacksmith, Simcoe Stokes, John, teamster Vanderhoof, Jno., machinist, Elgin Strachan, John, moulder, Church Vars, C. N., practical dentist, also Strong, Robert, moulder agent, Montreal Telegraph, & Sturdevan, C., polisher Express Co., Simcoe Swabb, Albert Veal, Agustus, blacksmith, Centre Sweeney, Thomas, butcher Veal, William, blacksmith, Celina Sweet, John Allin, cabinetmaker Veitch, George, moulder, Richmond Sweet, Samuel, blacksmith, King Venn, Edward Sweet, Wilson, blacksmith Wadley, Charles, teamster, William Sykes, John, carpenter Wall, James Tallamy, William, pumpmaker Wallace, John, shoemaker, Bond TAYLER, JOHN, grocer, wine and Wallace, Thomas, labourer, Bond spirit merchant, Gibb's block, Walsh, Christopher, C. O., Simcoe King Walsh, John, labourer Taylor, H. B., bookkeeper, Celina Walton, A. M., of Pellow & Walton Taylor, James, moulder, William King
Wans, Edmund, labourer, Queen Williams, Benjamin, labourer, Warner, Joseph, cabinetmaker, Celina Church Williams, David, boilermaker Warren, John, labourer, Peto Williams, Edward, music teacher, Warren, John B., gentleman, King Elgin Warren, Michael, machinist, WILLIAMS, THOMAS, barber William and hairdresser, King Warren, William, tanner, Water Watson, Richard, ostler William, Wilson Wellington, Richard, cabinetmaker, WILLOX, JAS. F., bookseller Simcoe and stationer, King Wellington, William, printer Wilson, John, butcher West, Ephraim, labourer Wilson, John, Sen. Western, Matthew, senr., cooper, Wilson, B. Colborne Wilson, J. R., tailor Wharen, Matthew, baker Wilson, William, blacksmith, Wheeler, George, labourer Wheeler, Moses, cabinetmaker Wilson, William, tinsmith Wheeler, Thomas, labourer, Bond Windham, Frank, baker Wheeler, Thomas, fancy store, Winter, Lewis, carpenter, Celina Simcoe Withers, F., barber, King White, John, machinist Wood, Jacob P., clerk, Simcoe Wigg, Frederick, apprentice Wood, James, merchant, King Wigg, Thomas, cabinetmaker Wood, Robert, labourer William Wood, Samuel, merchant, King Wigg, Walter, labourer, William Woodward, R., carpenter WIGG, WALTER, dealer in Woon, John, gentleman, King furniture, King Woon, Robert, clerk, King Wilcox, Edward B., blacksmith Worrell, John B., minister Wilkinson, Frank, labourer, Colborne Worthington, J. & W., bakers and confectioners, King Wilkinson, Henry, boot and shoe Worthington, John, of J. & W. maker, King Worthington, Water Wilkinson, John, cabinetmaker Worthington, William, of J. & W. Wilkinson, John, labourer, William Worthington, King Wilkinson, Michael, labourer Wright, Joseph, miller Wilkinson, Richard, labourer, Elgin Youldow, Thomas, miner, Celina Willey, Wilson, cabinetmaker Young, Samuel, clerk
A village in the township of Reach, lying at the head of Lake Scugog, 18 miles north east from Whitby, was first settled by Mr. Williams, about 1830. The first store was opened by Messr C. Draper & Co., in 1845. The Post office was established in 1852, Joseph Bigelow being the first Postmaster. The churches are, one English, built of brick, in 1867, at the cost of about $2000. One Episcopal Methodist built of wood, in 1856, at the cost of about $1000. One Baptist, built of wood, in 1867, at the cost of about $2000. One Presbyterian, built of wood, in 1867, at about the same cost. The manufacturing interests are represented by one combined Foundry and Agricultural work, one grist mill, one steam cabinet factory, one planing mill, sash and door factory, one woollen factory, one stave and heading factory, manufacturing 900,000 staves and 600,000 heads per year. Three gang saw mills unitedly turning out some 5,000,000 feet of lumber yearly, two shingle factorys manufacturing 4,000,000 bunches yearly. The Royal Canadian Bank has also a branch here under the able management of Mr. Joseph Bigelow. The village also has a Lodge of Good Templars, a brass Band, Mr. John H. Maw, leader, a united Grammar and Common School, employing four teachers. Seveal large genera stores, two wagonmakers, blacksmiths, &c. Population about 900. Abbott, Charles E., millwright Brown, Perry, labourer Addison, William, blacksmith Bullen, T. S., tailor Allison, J. W., merchant Bunton, Robert, cooper Anderson, John, moulder BURNHAM, H., clerk Div. Court Baird, David, labourer Carvin, Henry, labourer Baker, Robert, shoemaker Charles, Henry, merchant Bear, William, miller Christian, Mrs. BIGELOW, JOSEPH, manager Clemings, C., carpenter Royal Caiadian Bank COCHRANE & COCHRANE, BIGELOW BROTHERS, dealers Barrister, Attorneys, &c. in dry goods, groceries, &c. COCHRANE, W. M., (Cochrane BIGELOW, PALMER (Bigelow & Cochrane) Brothers.) Coedy, John, harnessmaker Bongard, C., pedler Collins, George, cooper Bowers, John, labourer Cook, J., butcher Brant, Peter, laborer Corrin, William, labourer
Corrin, David, teamster Moore, A., mason Crandell, Gilbert D., labourer Mordant, C., shoe maker Currin, J., mason MUNDY, EDWARD, prop., Currin, Mrs. Port Perry Standard Davis, John, cabinetmaker McDonald, Henry, labourer Demorest, A., carpenter McIntyre, H., machinist Drinkwater, Edward, sawyer McKenzie, Henry, photographer Drinkwater, George, engineer McKenzie, Charles, livery stable EBBELS, H. L., Spencer & Ebbels McKenzie, William, labourer Enser, Frederick, moulder McMichael, Robert, merchant Flett & Hutchinson, blacksmiths Pargeter, E., gentleman Foy, Henry, shoemaker PARRISH, W. T., dealer in stoves, Gibson, Misses J. & A., milliners tin and hardware, &c. dressmakers PAXTON, TATE & CO, Port Perry Gibson, A., moulder agricultural works Good, James, farmer GORDON, HENRY, postmaster PAXTON, THOMAS, mill prop. and M.P.P. Hardill, Thomas, sawyer PAXTON, CHARLES, farmer Hearns, W., labourer Paxton, Mrs. Henley, George, baker Paxton, Mrs. H. Hopkins, William, engineer Paxton & Jones, merchants Hudgens, Clark, blacksmith Peirce, George, miller Ireland, Daniel, bowling saloon PERKINS, DAVID, tailor Jacobs, Cyrus, teamster Petitt, William, merchant Jacobs, John, farmer Philipo, K., labourer Jamison, Miss R. Philipo, James, labourer JONES & JONES, DRS., Druggists Philipo, John, labourer and Chemists Platten, A, sawyer Kellett, C. C., fruit tree dealer, &c. Platten, Thomas, cooper Kelley, William, farmer Platten, Mrs. Kennedy, William, labourer PORT PERRY Standard, every King, S., blacksmith Thursday-$1.50 and $2.00 Kirkpatrick, M., shoemaker a year, E., Mnndy, Editor Lavery, John, labourer Littleproud, J., miller Porters, Alexander, turner Luke, William, cooper Power, Charles, carpenter Maines, William, teamster Powers, James, moulder Mathews, John, carpenter Pringle, William, teacher Marsh & Trounce, merchants Quackenboss, L., cooper Maw, Harrison, carpenter Quackenboss, Wm., labourer Maw, Robert H., carpenter Rames, J., labourer Meredith, Alexander, shoemaker Ray, Mrs. M. Michael, J., teamster Roberts, Jacob, cooper Mitchell, Joseph, labourer Robinson, George, carpenter
Robson, William, carpenter TATE, WILLIAM, (Paxton Tate & Co. Sexton, Alonzo, lumber merchant Sexton, Wm. S., mill proprietor Taylor, P., carpenter Shaw, John J., factory agent THOMPSON, JAMES, proprietor Shaw, Mrs. J., hotelkeeper Port Perry house Shipman, Wm., oveseer of fisheries Sinclair, Neil, hotelkeeper Thompson, John, labourer Smith, John, labourer Traver, James, mail carrier Smith, J., cooper Wesley, C., blacksmith SPENCER & EBBELS, barristers, White, George U., carriage builder attorney, &c. Wilson, A., clerk Stout, Prof. S., hairdreser Young, Charles, weaver
A village on the Grand Trunk, in the township of Pickering, 12 miles west of Whitby. Population about 100. Annis, A., farmer Moon, J., hotelkeeper Annis, H., farmer Nelson, R., farmer Chester, T., farmer PULLEN, H. L., postmaster Dixon, R., contractor Straton, A., agent, G. T. R. Haskey, T., hotelkeeper
A village in the township of Reach, about 17 miles north-east from Whitby, was first settled by Mr. A. Hurd, sen., in 1824. The first store was opened by Messrs. P. Hurd & Co., in 1833. The Post office was established in 1836, Mr. J. Leach being the first Postmaster. At present it contains one military and two civil organizations, viz.: one volunteer infantry company, No. 5, Ontario battalion, Captain John Billings. One masonic lodge, No. 183, one orange lodge, No. 569. The churches are the Wesleyan Methodist, built of brick, in 1866, at the cost of about $3500. The Bible Christian, built of wood, in 1862, at the cost of about $1000. The united Presbyterian, built of wood, in 1859, at the cost of about $1500. The English have no building of their own, but they hold services every alternate Sabbath morning in the Presbyterian church. The other buildings of note are the Prince Albert Public Hall, built of wood by a joint stock company in 1863, at the cost of about $1500. A company drill shed, built of wood in 1866, at the cost of about $850, located on the North Ontario agricultural society's grounds, which have lately been enclosed at an additional cost of some $400. A school house, several general stores, two hotels, and a number of mechanical representatives. There is also located here Tomlinson's patent medicine, factory, for the manufacture of his celebrated medicines. Connected with Whitby, Oshawa; and all places north by daily stage. Post and money order office. Daily mail. Population about 800. Adams, David J., Insurance agent. Bond, William shoemaker BAIRD, JAMES, (Baird & Parsons) Bongard, A., butcher Bongard, Jacob, butcher Baldwin, W. A., M.D., physician BRATHWAITE, F. H., M.D., C. M., Physician, &c. Balfour, Robert, shoemaker Bullen, J., tailor Banbury, Samuel, farmer Campbell, Mrs. M. Barber, S. P., farmer Campbell, A., Insurance agent Bates, George, shoemaker. Campbell, Mrs. E., widow Beatty, Mrs. M., widow Cantlon, Rev. D., Bible Christian. Beatty, Wm., harnessmaker Carswell, John, gentleman Beatty, Daniel, wagonmaker Cash, E., merchant Bell, Mrs. Henry Courtice, Thomas, harnessmaker. Billings, John, barrister, &c. Cox, James, shoemaker.
Crozer, Thomas labourer. ONTARIO OBSERVER, Baird & CURRIE & ROSS, dealer in dry Parsons, every Thursday, goods groceries, &c. $1.50 per year CURRIE, GEORGE, (Currie & Palmer, William, labourer. Ross). Park, W. H., cabinetmaker. Currie, Mark, gentleman Parrish, William, farmer Currie, James, printer PARSONS, H., (Baird & Parsons.) Curtis, Asa, gentleman Patterson, Thomas, shoemaker Dailey, D. V., dentist Pearce, James, farmer Dawson & Co. druggists Pearce, John, farmer Daynes & Snell, shoemakers Reed, Rev. J., Wesleyan Methodist Decker, Mrs. Wm., jeweller Reynolds, William labourer Dillon, M., shoemaker Robinson, Robert, labourer. Eddy, Rice, farmer. Robson, M. G., gentleman. Emaney, James, Ontario carriage Rolph, John, harnessmaker. factory Rose, J. W., gentleman Figgett, T., labourer ROSS, AARON, (Currie & Ross.) Forman, Thomas C., merchant Saunders, David, wagonmaker. Graham, Henry, shoemaker. Saunders, James, wagonmaker. Harper, William, gentleman. SCOTT, WILLIAM, Victoria Hotel Haskin, J., gentleman Haskin, Richard, shoemaker Sharp, J., carpenter Heal, John, tailor. Sinclair, Archibald, merchant Heard, John, blacksmith Smith, Andrew, carpenter Hickey, Martin, farmer Smith, Edward, labourer Hiscocks, Charles, baker Smith. J., labourer Holman, James, farmer. Snell, Robert, shoemaker. Houck, N., farmer Stevenson, Neil, wagonmaker Houck, S., farmer TOMLINSON, W. A., Chemist and Hurd, Abner, sen., gentleman Druggist Hurd, Abner, jr., lawyer Tomlinson, A. M., travelling agent Irwin, Richard, labourer Tomlinson, Thomas, currier Johnson, James, gentleman Tewksbury, William, carpenter Jury, John, carpenter Thomas, S. M., harnessmaker. Kirkpatrick, Thomas, blacksmith Thompson, S., shoemaker. Langdon, R. V., teacher Tucker, Thomas, labourer. Lee, Mrs. Unger, L., gentleman. Marrs, Mrs. VanSinkler, Henry, farmer. Marsh, W. H., painter Walsh, Richard, veterinary surgeon. May, Joseph, welldigger WARE, J. E., M. D., coroner, Moggridge, John, hotelkeeper physician, &c McCaw, H. H., tinsmith White, John, gardener. McConnell, James, merchant tailor Widden, John, carpenter. McGill, Donald, tailor Widden, Richard, labourer McKinley, Robert, wagonmaker
Wightman, Wm. M. & Co., merchants Yarnold, Benjamin, gentleman Yarnold, Wm. E., surveyor Wilcox, W. M., bailiff Yates, William, druggist. Wood, Robert, carpenter. Youman's, J. R., teacher. Wright, Joshua, shoemaker and tanner Zwickey, J., harnessmaker.
A village in the township of east Whitby, 11 miles, from Whitby. Population about 150. Albrant, M., shoemaker. Harnden, S., farmer Clark, F., farmer Harper, J., butcher. Cooper, T., merchant. Harper, F., laborer. Cook,. W., farmer Hayward, R. laborer. Criderman, C., constable Heminway, S., laborer. Crouter, Mrs. Hodson, T. sen., farmer. Dixon & Steward, millers. Hodson,T. jr., gentleman. Downing, J., wagonmaker Martin, J., laborer. Dyer, M., miller McBrien, J., teacher. Eddington, Capt. J., gentleman Neivle, M., miller. Fisher, G., gentleman Provou, L., laborer. Fisher, S., tailor Rainous, Mrs., seamstress. FOSTER, L., postmaster Sanders, G., laborer. Gambell, J., laborer. Sleep, M., laborer. Graves, J., laborer Taylor, F., hotelkeeper. Greenwell, J., blacksmith Taylor, T., farmer. Harnden, R. sen., farmer. Walker, R., farmer. Harnden, R. jun., farmer. Willcocks, M., blacksmith.
A village in the township of Rama, 65 miles north of Whitby. Population about 20. Johnson, C., shoemaker McPherson, J., Postmaster Jones, T., hotelkeeper Peters, A., blacksmith
A village in the township of Pickering, 11 miles west of Whitby. Population about 150. Allison, W. A., farmer Moffit, John, farmer. Allison, W., farmer Palmer, J. S., farmer. Bird, J., farmer Palmer, I., farmer. Black, J., laborer Palmer, G., farmer. Broonan, T., farmer Penhall, Mrs., hotelkeeper Colloms, J., farmer Philcox, J., laborer Crew, R. H., mail contractor Sonby, J., farmer Ellis, Mrs., farmer Stevens, J., blacksmith Fulton, R., boatbuilder Stevens, T., farmer Graham, J., farmer Tait, G., farmer Holburn, T., farmer Taylor, J., farmer Lee, C., farmer Thombs, W., farmer Littlejohn, E., farmer Vanhorn, S., farmer Macardel, J., tollgate keeper
A village in the township of Reach, 25 miles north of Whitby. Population about 100. Asling, E., gentleman Moffatt, J., farmer Baird, B., farmer McKay, D., merchant Baird, S., farmer McLeod, J., farmer Beecroft, A., builder O'Connor, B., farmer Blyth, J., sawyer Patterson, G., farmer Bunker, A., carpenter Peat, A., farmer Campbell, D., hotelkeeper Penhill, R., shoemaker Craig, J., weaver Phillips W., farmer Cronsberry, E., farmer SANDERS, WILLIAM, Postmaster Eck, D. T., harnessmaker and shoemaker Graham, J., farmer Scott, A., farmer Horne, A., weaver Stones, A., butcher Houck, N., farmer Thomson, A., teacher Houldershaw, R., farmer Towns, C., farmer Hunter, C., farmer Vanzant, W., shinglemaker Jones, W., farmer Wallace, G., farmer Kinally, J., gentleman Watson, A., blacksmith Moffatt, W., farmer Watson, T., farmer
A village in the township of Scott, 35 miles north-west of Whitby. Population about 100. Burnham, T., farmer Marcham, H., farmer Faron, J., shoemaker Smith, G., farmer Harwood, R., blacksmith Stark, J., wagonmaker Hurd, G., farmer Steel, A., farmer Irvine, J., hotelkeeper TAYLOR, ED., merchant and Lehnran, J., laborer P. M. Lemon, J., farmer Walker, N., laborer Macdonald, A., blacksmith
A post office in the township of Scugog, 20 miles north-east of Whitby. Population, about 100. Collins, J., blacksmith McKinley, M., builder FINLEY, ISAAC, Postmaster and Nesbit, C., farmer merchant Reader, J., farmer Finley, J. C., builder Sexton, W. S., Reeve Foy, J., township clerk Thorn, J., limedealer Fralick, S., farmer Wakeford, T., cooper Hope, T., farmer Wallace, W., builder
A small post village onthe town and county line between the township of Scott, Co. Ontario, and the township of Georgina, Co. of York, about 30 miles north-west of Whitby. Population 200. Bates, Mrs. M. milliner, &c. Doige, A., millowner Bowser, J., laborer Fairfield, A., hotelkeeper Breothour, J., farmer Fawns, G., farmer Breothour, J. E., farmer Gohee, D., laborer Breothour, J., farmer Gough, Wm., laborer Brown, Wm., merchant Harrison, H., farmer Brown, G., laborer Hornings, H., farmer Cook, C., sawyer Hutson, E., physician, &c. Cosgrove, M., blacksmith Johnston, T., farmer
Longhurst, W., sawyer Snodden, T., farmer Maybee, J., laborer Snodden, W., farmer McDoel, S., blacksmith Tucker, M., basketmaker Perkins, J., laborer Umphrey, S. & M., millowners Phillips, W. & R., pumpmakers UMPHREY, S., merchant and P.M. Phillips, N., welldigger Reid, S., laborer Umphrey, J. W., farmer Sayer, S. A., medicine maker Urquharte, A., builder, &c. Scott, S., farmer Usher, J., farmer Shire, W., weaver Wallace, J., sawyer Skinner, S., laborer Woodcock, J., shinglemaker Snodden, J., laborer
A village in the township of Reach, 14 miles from Whitby. Population 185. Allin, William, blacksmith. Harnden, B., boardinghouse keeper Blackburn, S., mason Heap, E., engineer Brodrick, G., farmer Kindle, Mrs., farmer Brodrick, J., laborer Leach, T., shoemaker Christie, John jr., farmer Mulligan, J., laborer Christie, D., farmer McKay,. Rev. R. D., Presbyterian Christie, John sen., farmer minister Cook, R., laborer McKercher, F., farmer Crosier, W., gentleman McQuade, J., laborer Crosier, J., gentleman Sanders, William, wagonmaker Currie, J., steam saw mill Smith, M., farmer DAFOE, JACOB, merchant, &c. Stone, W., farmer Dafoe, Jacob, hotelkeeper Sutliff, J., merchant Dafoe, Mrs. Tayler, J., Teacher Dake, H., hotelkeeper Richards, J., gentleman Dike, H., laborer Way, D. S., boardinghouse keeper Dufty, S., butcher Webster, Mrs. Fagan, H., tailor Weslick, W., farmer Gier, D., farmer
One of the smartest and most enterprising Inland Villages in the Province, is situated in the township of the same name, and surrounded by an excellent farming country. It is about 22 miles north-west of Whitby, to which place it is connected by daily stage, and upon the completion of the Toronto and Nipissing Railway, it will be one of its most important stations. With these various advantages, combined with its excellent water power, it is destined at no distant day to be a place of great importance to the North Riding of Ontario Co. It was first settled about the year 1817 or 1818 by Mr. Thomas Hilborne and Mr. Joseph Collins, the latter of whom, shortly after, built a grist-mill which, in those days, was an undertaking requiring both energy and enterprise. The first store was opened by Mr. Carlton Lynde, about the year 1830, and the first Postmaster was Mr. Joseph Bascom, sen. With its flour, grist and saw mills, woolen factory, steam cabinet works, sash and door factories, foundry, tannery, and several large general stores, hotels, &c., constantly giving employment to a large number of hands, besides furnishing an excellent market for the surrounding farmers. A person of twenty years ago would be loath to believe it was the same place today, or that so much could have been done in so short a time. But nevertheless here they are, forming, as they do, a monument to the liberal enterprise and energy of the men of north Ontario. The civil societies are represented by a Sons of Temperance Division, No. 139, and the military spirit is shown by a Volunteer Infantry Co., No. 7 Ontario Battalion, Capt. Robert Spears, and the musical talent is developed by an excellent Brass Band, under the able leadership of Mr. A. D. Weeks. There are also a number Churches, viz: One Church of England, built of wood in 1852, at the cost of about $1,000; one Roman Catholic, built of brick in 1866, at the cost of about $1,400; one Methodist Episcopal of wood, erected in 1867, at the cost of about $1,000; one Wesleyan Methodist, also of wood, erected in 1854, and greatly enlarged in 1867, entire cost about $2,200; one Regular Baptist, built of wood in 1861, at the cost of about $1,200; one Bible Christian of wood, erected in 1862, at the cost of about $800. The Presbyterian body are about to build, but at present, they hold service in the Ontario Hall, a fine large Public Hall recently built of wood, at the probable cost of $1000. The education of the young is not neglected, as there is a Grammar and three Common Schools, employing 4 teachers. Daily Mail. Population about 1000. Abrehems, C., mason Arbuckle, J., Exchange Hotel Anderson, J., pumpmaker Arnold, Miss E., dressmaker Annand, Wm. J., Uxbridge House Baker, J., carpenter Annand, G. A., medical student Bascom, Joseph, sen., gentleman
Bascom, Joseph, Jr., M.D., physician &c DICKEY, JOSEPH, clerk Division Court Beebe, S., blacksmith, &c. Dorwood, J., laborer Beeso, J., cooper Douglas, Rev. James, Presbyterian Bell, R., farmer Downing, D., cooper Bertram, Wm. sen., gentleman Duxberry, R, spinner BERTRAM, WM. jr., (of Low & Bertram) ECK, CYRUS D., General Agricultural Implement Agent Bicker, J., ironworker Etwell, E., wagonmaker Bolster, J. & Co., general merchants FAWCETT, J. C., Dealer in Dry Goods, Bolster, Mrs. F. Millinery, Fancy Goods, &c. Bolster, Thomas jr., (of J. Bolster & Co.) Finch, J., Royal hotel Bolster, John, (of J. Bolster & Co.) Fitzpatrick, R., photographer Bolster, Thomas sen., gentleman Forneri, Rev. R. S., Church of England Bolton, William, blacksmith Fralick, A., carpenter BROWN, J. W. C., Notary Public Gibson, G., weaver Conveyancer &c. Gilpin, M., cabinetmaker Brown, J., carpenter Golding, Mrs. E. Burchill, T., cooper Gordon, W., teamster Burley, T., laborer GOULD, JOSEPH, Mill Prop. Burnham, S., pumpmaker Gould, J. E., farmer, &c. Burton, W., shoemaker Gould, I. J., factory proprietor Bustin, W. S., carpenter Gould, C., saw mill proprietor BUTTON, A. T. & CO., Dealers in Hardy, A., carpenter Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots Harman, J., teacher and Shoes HARRISON, JAMES, Saddle and BUTTON, A. T., (of A. T.Button, & Co. Harnessmaker HARRISON, MRS. JAMES, Milliner Campbell, J., weaver and Mantlemaker Campbell, A., weaver Hamilton W., merchant CARD, D. M., Veterinary Surgeon, Hamilton, W., laborer Auctioneer, &c. Henderson, A., Crown Inn Case, H., gentleman Hillary, J. J., M. P., physician, &c. Colcock, T. F., baker, &c. Jabbet, W., shoemaker Coomb, W., tailor James, D., sawyer Crosby, H. A., merchant Johnson, T., tanner Crosby, I. G., merchant Jones, L., constable Crosby, D., butcher Jones, H., painter, &c. Crosby, Mrs. A. Kimmerly, J., painter Cumming, W., wagonmaker Kimmerly, W., printer, &c. Davis, S., laborer Lason, Mrs. J. Dewhurst. Mrs. K. Lavins, Mrs. L.
Lindsay, Mrs. S. O'Brienm M., laborer Long, James, laborer O'Neil, M., blacksmith Long, Joseph, laborer PARRISH, S., tanner and currier Longhouse, H., laborer Peare, C. W., jeweller LOW & BERTRAM, Boot and Shoemakers Pierson, Rev. J., Wesleyan Methodist LOW, WM., (of Low & Bertram) PERRY & TOUHY, stage proprietors Marr, C., blacksmith Phillips, R., carpenter Miller, Rev. G., Methodist Episcopal Peters, J., mason Miller, M., laborer Pilsh, Mrs. A. Miller, H., Commerical Hotel PLANK, A. C. W., north Ontario Hotel MOORE, E.,(of A. T. Button & Co.) Plank, J. P., farmer Morris, Rev. A. Bible Christian Powell, W., shoemaker Morris, S., saddler Profit, J., laborer McCann, J. F., saddler Raine, B., laborer McCarthy, P., painter Reeves, J., shoemaker McClure, F., laborer Robinson, J., farmer McCullough, J., boot and shoemaker Smith, J., merchant Smith, T., farmer McCullough, T., carpenter SPEARS, CAPT. ROBERT, township McCurtichue, J., carpenter treasurer and clerk McForker, Mrs. J. Stewart, J., butcher McGRATH, MICHAEL, Merchant tailor Stone, M., tailor Stone, T., teamster McGraw, E., brickmaker St. John, T., Anglo Saxon house McGuire, J. & W., steam cabinet factory Summerville, J., miller McKeown, Mrs. N. THOMPSON, H., dealer in hardware &c. Nation, James, gentleman Thompson, A., carpenter Nation, J., M.D., physician &c. Thompson, J., teacher Newcombe, D., shoemaker Thompson, Mrs., J. Nichason, F., farmer, &c. Thompson, W., shoemaker NORTH ONTARIO HOTEL, A. C. W. Plank TOMLINSON, I. H., printer and Deputy Postmaster
Tuck, W., wagonmaker WHEELER, GEORGE, postmaster Vicars, M., & Brothers, foundry and mill proprietor WAID, C. D., L.S.D., surgeon WHEELER & TOMLINSON, dentist and dealer in Jewellery cheap job printing office White, W., machinist Walker, C. H., painter White, T., Laborer Walks D., wagonmaker Widderfield, J. C., bailiff Way, C., sawyer WILLIAMS, A. D., (of A. T. Button & Co.) WEEKS, A. D., chemist and Druggist Wilson, O. pumpmaker Welsh, M., tailor Wilson, Mrs. M. Wilson, W., carpenter
A village in the township of Brock, 36 miles north of Whitby. Population about 50. BRETHOUR, SAMUEL, Postmaster Lindsay, J., weaver and merchant Miller, J., farmer Brethour, H., farmer Reid, T., hotelkeeper Brethour, A., farmer St. John, A., farmer Conway, D., wagonmaker Switzer, C. & L, shoemakers Edwards, T., merchant Thompson, J., sash and door factory Giffin, J. W., builder Glendinning, H., farmer Thompson, C., blacksmith Hill, N., weaver
A village in the township of Reach, 28 miles north-west of Whitby. Population about 20. COLLERN, P., blacksmith MADILL, HENRY, Jr., postmaster Hill, T., hotelkeeper and merchant
A village in the township of Brock, 35 miles north of Whitby. Population about 150. CALHOUN, Wm., Merchant, &c. Shete, W. H., farmer Coleman, Rev. W., minister Shier, R., farmer Conboy J., jeweller Shier, L. H., farmer Francis, T., blacksmith Speiran, C., miller Gillespie, M., J.P. and farmer Speiran, J., farmer Hunter, J., merchant Speiran, J., shoemaker Keenan, M., farmer Switzer, E., sen., J.P. Kelly, R., farmer Switzer E. jr., farmer Lowse, A., farmer St. John, J., Sen., farmer Miller, J., farmer St. John, J., jun., sawmiller Moore, J., shoemaker St. John, C., farmer McKennon, H., tailor Taylor, J., farmer McPherson, A., farmer Umphrey, J., farmer Pangman S., wagonmaker Varcoe, J., hotelkeeper Reekie, J., farmer Vrooman, J., sen., farmer Sheir, J. W, farmer Vrooman, J., jr., farmer Sheir, G., farmer White, B., farmer Sheir, H., farmer
An incorporated town in the township of Whitby, is situated on Lake Ontario, and possesses one of the finest harbours on its north shore. The Grand Trunk Railroad has a station here, at which all passenger trains stop. Being the County Town, it contains the usual buildings, Court House, Jail, &c. It also contains several Churches, viz: Two English (All Saints and St. John's); a Roman Catholic; a Canada Presbyterian; a St. Andrew's Presbyterian; a Wesleyan and Primitive Methodist, and a Congregational. The schools are a Grammar and two Common. The civil societies are represented by the South Ontario Agricultural Society; the Whitby Branch of the Bible Society; a Mechanics' Institute, a Masonic Lodge, No. 30; an Orange Lodge, No. 130; a Sons of Temperance Division, No. 310; a St. Andrew's and a St. Patrick's Society. The town also has two Brass Bands; one Engine and Hose Co.; two Volunteer Infantry Companies, Capt. M. O'Donovan and Capt. G. H. Dartnell, (Nos. 1 and 4 Ontario Battalion). The Montreal Telegraph and Canadian Express Cos. both have offices; and the Royal Canadian and Ontario Banks, each have a branch office here. There are also two weekly papers published in the town, the Whitby Chronicle, W. H. Higgins, Editor and Proprietor, and the Whitby Gazette, G. H. Ham, Editor and Proprietor, both of these journals have a large and extensive circulation throughout the Province. There is a large amount of mercantile business done, and as a market for all kinds of produce (especially grain), it is hardly surpassed in Canada. The town also contains several first-class Hotels. Distance from Toronto, 30 miles, and from Montreal, 303. Daily mail and money order office. Population about 3000. Adams, Mrs. E. Atkinson, Thos. G., mariner, Richmond Adams, H., gentleman, W. Brock Adams, Henry, Brock Ayres, George, blacksmith AGNEW, JOHN, Insurance Agent Bain, James, Centre &c., Byron Bandel, J. A., boot and shoe Albion Hotel, J. C. McPhearson, manufacturer, Brock proprietor, Dundas Barker, Jacob, laborer ALEXANDER, ALEX., proprietor Barnes, Wm. Lester, shoemaker Ontario Hotel, Brock: E. Brock Allan, Thomas Barnes, William, mariner Allan, Thos., W. Brock Barratt, Benjamin, laborer, 2nd Conc. ALLIN, LEWIS, Bookseller and Bell, John, teamster stationer, Brock. Beattie, Francis, butcher, Brock Allman, Mrs. Jane, Hickory Bengough, John, mariner, Gilbert Allman, Adam, Hickoy Betts, Daniel, gentleman, Byron Anderson, John, 2nd Conc. Betts, H. W., 2nd Con. Anderson, John, 1 R. E. Brock Betts, William, farmer, 2nd. Con. ANNIS, GEORGE E., proprietor Bevis, George, cabinetmaker, W. Brock Whitby Brewery, Ash BILLINGS, W. H., Attorney-at Law, Annis, Henry, gentleman Solicitor in Chancery Armstrong, Hugh, laborer, John conveyancer &c., Brock St. Armstrong, J. R., gentleman 2nd Con. Black, George, machinist, W. Brock Armstrong, J. R., jr., gentleman, E. Brock Black, James, gentleman, Colborne Arnall, John, confectionery and Black, William, gent., William fancy store, Dundas Blair, William, 1st Con. Arnald, Nathan, gentleman, W. Brock Blanchard, Anne, Beverly Blinkhorne, Wm., 1st Con. Ashby, Robert, laborer, John. Blow, John, clerk, Brock Atkinson, John, Huron Hotel Blow, Nathanial, flour, feed and Brock St. Commission merchant, Dundas
Body, George, labourer, Henry Cameron, Alex., constable, Brock Bond, Richard, mason, Dundas Cameron, Alexander, 1st Con. BORLAND, JAMES, Stationer, &c., Dundas Cameron, Allan, 1st Con. Cameron, Daniel, 1st Con. Borrowman, Adam, clerk, Byron CAMERON, GEORGE, Boot and Borrowman, James, gentleman, W. Brock Shoe maker, Brock Breen, John, laborer, Wellington Cameron, James, 1st Con. Brock, Mrs., Byron Cameron, James, 1st Con. Brooks, Thomas, saddler, W. Brock CAMPBELL, R. & J., General Brooks, William, laborer, W. Brock Merchants, Brock Bruce, William, tailor, W. Brock Campbell, D., constable, Dundas Brown, Mrs., W. Brock Campbell, James, teamster, King Brown, Charles, clerk, E. Brock CAMPBELL, JAMES, of R. & J. Brown, Elias, teamster, Perry Campbell, Dundas. Brown, George, blacksmith, W. Brock Campbell, J. A., gentleman, Dundas CAMPBELL, ROBERT, of R. & J. Brown, John, blacksmith, Kent Campbell, Byron Brown, John, blacksmith, E. Brock Campbell, Robert E., gentleman, Brock BROWN, LOREN, General Merchant, Carroll, Mrs. and dealer in Flour, Canden, Michael, laborer, E. Brock and Feed, Dundas, cor. Byron Canden, Thos., laborer, E. Brock BROWN, NICHOLAS, (of Brown & Patterson Card, W. H., Dentist, Dundas Whitby Foundry), Byron Carpenter, Ira B., gentleman BROWN & PATTERSON, prop. Carson & Law, Drs., Byron Whitby Foundry, Brock Carson, G. A., M.D, of Carson & Law, Bryan, Jacob, gentleman, Byron Dundas Bryan, John, tin, sheet iron, and Carter, Mr., pianomaker, E. Brock coppersmith, Brock Cayley, Rev. J. D., Byron BRYAN, WILLIAM, dealer in Chambers, Thomas, tailor, E. Brock Stoves, Tin, and Copper Clapman, Robert, Dundas Smith, &c., Brock Clark, Mrs., E. Brock Budge, Rev. Wm., Dundas Clarke, Mrs., E. Brock Burns, William, boot and shoe Clark, Charles, gent. E. Brock manufacturer, Brock Clark, Francis, joiner, E. Brock Burnham, Z., Judge, Byron CLARK, JAMES A., Photographer, Brock BYRNE, JAMES, Chemist and Clearwater, E. B., joiner, W.Brock Druggist, Medical Hall, Brock Clegg, T. W., harbourmaster, Richmond Byrne, Rev. J. T., minister, Dunlop CLAYTON, JAMES, Farm Implement Cain, Morris, laborer, 1st Con. Manufacturer, Brock Caldwell, Alex., clerk, Ash Coady, Patrick, labourer CALDWELL, E. M., Commercial Hotel, Brock
Cochrane, Abram, Dundas CULLEN, WILLlAM, Baker and COCHRANE, M. H., General Confectioner, Brock Merchant, Dundas Cochrane, Samuel, Dundas Dailey, A. M., pianomaker, E. Brock COCHRANE, S. H., LL.B., Barrister and County Crown Attorney, Dalby, William, 1st Con. Dundas Dalziel, Mrs., William Coffee, John, laborer Danford, Thomas, constable, York St. Coleman, J., shoe maker, William DARTNELL, GEORGE H., Master in Collins, Mather, boot and shoe Chancery, Barrister, manufacturer, Brock Solicitor, &c., Brock COLTSON, J. W., (of Conner & Coltson), Colborne Dawes, Clement, gentleman, Dundas COMMERCIAL HOTEL, Caldwell, E. M., prop. Brock Dehart, Mrs., E. Brock CONNER & COLTSON, Directory Devlin, Wm., painter, Brock Publishers, Whitby Deverill, T., bricklayer, Dundas Dillman, Chas., laborer, 2nd Con. Connor, John, laborer, W. Brock Donaldson, James, Byron CONNER, J. C. (of Conner & Coltson) Donaldson, William, clerk, Byron Brock Donnelly, Mrs. John Conway, George, O. S., contractor Dow, Mrs. 2nd Con. and builder, Brock St. Dow, Thomas, Accountant, Ontario Bank, Cook, John, labourer, King Center CORMACK, GEORGE, Timber and deal Draper, Chester, gentleman, Centre Merchant, Builder, DRAPER, JAMES, Deputy Registrar, Contractor, &c. Green Court House Duff, Mrs., Colborne Cornwall, Thomas, mariner, King Dundas, John, agent, Kent COULTHARD, WALTER, Bailiff Dunkley, William, bricklayer, First Division Court, William Corner Henry and Dundas Dunn, Mrs., lady, Centre Cowan, Thomas, laborer Dunn, Henry, laborer Cowell, Willian, clerk, Brock Eastwood, W. O., M.D., E. Brock Crawford, R., finisher, Brock Elgie, Mrs., Brock Cribb, George, 1st Con. Elwin, Mrs., lady, Dunlop Croll, James, gentleman Epplett, Wm., joiner W. Brock Cronnan, Daniel, laborer, Brock Fairbanks, Levi, Jr., auctioneer Crooks, Mrs., lady, Centre and insurance agent, Brock CROSBY, H. H., general grocer and Falllin, Michael, laborer and liquor dealer, Dundas Farquharson, John, gentleman, Byron Crummer, William, mariner Farmers' Inn, S. G. Wilkinson, Cruthers, Thomas, King proprietor, Brock
Felitz, Otto, W. Brock. Grant, Peter, joiner, Brock Ferguson, John, merchant tailor, Brock GREEN, S. P., agent for sewing Fisher, F, mechanic, W Brock machines, cor Byron and Dundas Flannagan, James GREENWOOD, JOHN H., Solicitor, &c. Flint, William, laborer Byron St., Whitby Fogarty, Richard, laborer, E. Brock Griffin, Jerry, laborer, Wellington Foley, John, laborer Griffin, Michael, blacksmith Foley, Timothy, laborer, W. Brock Groat, Ira, grocer Ford, William, laborer GROSE, STEPHEN, Planing Mill Freeman, T. P., musician proprietor, cor. Perry and Forsythe, James, 1st Con. Mary Forsythe, James, King and Centre GROSS, GEORGE, C., Wholesale FOWLE, BERTRAM, gentleman, Byron and Retail Hardware, Brock Haldenby, William, tailor, Brock FRANCIS, RICHARD, Corner Halley, J. B., joiner, Ash Dundas and Brock, Groceries, Hall, G. T., gentleman, W. Brock Wines, Liquors, Crockery, &c. Hall, Jno., moulder, W. Brock Hamer, John, gentleman, Dundas Fraser, Hugh, tailor, Byron HAM, G. H., proprietor, Whitby Fuller, Stephen, gentleman, Byron Gazette, Brock Gadsby, Mrs., Dundas HAM, JOHN V., Registrar of Surrogate GERRIE, JAMES H., Family drug Court, Clerk of County Court, store, Dundas Deputy Clerk of Crown, Brock Gibson, Barnabas, gentleman GIBSON, YEOMAN, Dry Goods, Ham, Mrs., lady, Brock Grocery and Hardware Merchant, HAMILTON, & CO., General Grain Dealer &c, cor. Merchants, Brock Brock and Dundas Hamilton, Archibald, junr., B.F. Gilmour, Wm., brickmaker, HAMILTON, JAMES, (of Hamilton & Co.) W. Brock Byron Godsman, Mrs., lady, W. Brock. HANCOCK, DR. A., Physician, Golding, Wm., laborer Surgeon, and Accoucheur, Byron Goodman, Mrs., Byron Gordon, James K., barrister, Hannam, W. H., painter and paper attorney-at-law, &c, Brock hanger, Brock Gordon, Wm., B. F. HARPER, MAJOR, prop. Steam Gortzig, Charles, piano and melodeon Machine Shop, cor Perry and manufacturer, Dundas Mary Grand Trunk Hotel, W. O'Neil, Harper, William proprietor, S. W. Harper, William, gentleman Grant, Mrs A., grocer, Brock Harris, P. T., accountant and teller Grant, Charles Royal Canadian Bank, Brock
Hart, Mrs. Hurd, Wm. jr., blacksmith, Centre Hartford, Mrs., Euclid Huron Hotel, J. Atkinson, proprietor, BATCH & BROTHER, Hardware Brock S.W. merchants, Brock Huston, Thomas, clerk, Byron Hutchins, Clark, blacksmith HATCH, RICHARD, (of Hatch Jackson, Wiiliam Brothers), Dundas JAMESON, R. H., Groceries, Wines HATCH, SAMUEL, (of Hatch and Liquors, Dundas Brothers), Dundas Harvey, Henry, joiner, Brock Jeffry, Alexander Henry, Charles, B. F. Jeffry, Henry Hewis, George, butcher, Centre Johnston, James, watchmaker and Hickie, B. J., clerk, Byron jeweller, Brock Hickie, William, clerk, Byron Johnston, James, joiner HIGGINS, W. H., Whitby Chronicle, Brock Johnston, Nathan B., teacher, Dundas Hird, James, joiner, William Johnston, Robert, shoemaker, P. Con. Hobbs, R. H., dealer in produce, &c, Kent Johnston, Ross, clerk, E. Brock Hobson, Thomas, laborer, Bond Johnson, William, clerk HOLDEN, JAMES, Official Assignee, JONES, C. A., Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public, &c, Brock &c, Office over Ontario Bank HOLLIDAY, DANIEL, Agent for the Jones, Rev. Mr., King Ontario Farmers' Mutual Jordan, Nicholas Insurance Company, Brooklin Keith, J., blacksmith, Brock P. O. Keller, Francis, postmaster, Brock Holtby, Wm., gentleman, Byron Kennedy, Joseph Hopkins, Charles, Brock Kent, Darwin, gentleman Hopkins, George, Brock Colborne Hopper, John, hallkeeper, Brock King, Brothers, tanners, Brock Hopper, Richard, sen. King, Charles, tanner, (of King Hopper, Richard, jr. Brothers), Green Houck, Lewis, Commission agent, Byron King, Joseph, tanner, (of King Brothers), Green St. Howard, Isaac, gentleman Kirkland, Thomas, teacher Howell, Henry, gentleman, Centre Knapp, Zera, machinist, E. Brock Howell, John, grocery and provisions, KNOWLING, Mrs., dressmaker, Brock Colborne Hoyt, Richard, 1st Con Laing, Wm., gentleman, Dundas Hume, J. C., mariner LAMON, JAMES, Attorney-at-Law, Humphrey, Edward, joiner, E. Brock Solicitor, Land Agent, &c., Dundas Hunt, John, laborer LAUDER, H., (of Ross, Lauder, Hurd, W. C., blacksmith, Centre Mulock & Smith), Brock
Law, Wesley A., accountant, King Mechar, Elijah, laborer, Dundas Law, W. H., B. A., M. D., of Carson Merrick, Samuel, blacksmith, Dundas & Law), Byron Lawder, R.H., gentleman Mill, George, tailor LAWLER, THOMAS, dealer in Moir, William, tanner, E. Brock groceries & Provisions, Wines Monroe, Richard L., W. Brock & Spirits, Wholesale & Retail, Montgomery, James, mariner, King Brock Moody, John, teamster LAWLOR, ANDREW, Flour and Moody, Thomas, grain buyer Feed Merchant, Baker, Dundas Moore, John, bootmaker Moore, W. A., teller Ontario Bank, Lawrence, John Dundas Lawrence, John, junr. Moriarty, Michael, laborer, Centre Lawrence, William, E. Brock and King Lawrie, William, tailor Morley, Samuel, gentleman, W. Brock Lintner, Charles Linton, W. C., produce dealer Morris, William, blacksmith Byron Mosure, Mrs. Little, Thomas, Brock MULOCK, WILLIAM, (of Ross, Lauder, Locke, Richard, laborer, Henry Mulock & Smith), Brock LOCKHART, K. F., Manager, Ontario Bank, Dundas Murphy, James, teacher, Dundas LOSIE, MISS, milliner, straw Murphy, John, laborer, Wellington worker, and mantle maker Murphy, Michael, King Brock Murray, Henry, blacksmith Lowes & Powell, dry goods and Myers, Thomas, gentleman, Center groceries, Brock McAllen, James, gentleman, B. F. Lowes, John M., of Lowes & Powell, McAuliffe, Cornelius, Dundas Centre McBirnie, William, joiner Lugden, George, gentleman McBride, Thomas, teamster, W. Brock Luke, Joseph, cooper Lynde, Miss, Dundas McBrien, Mrs., Byron Lyne, John, shoemaker, Dundas McConnackie, Frank, E. Brock Lynde, Warner, gentleman McCrohen, Dennis MACDONELL, D. C., Clerk First McCrohen, James, laborer Division Court, Court House McCrohen, Jerry, Helen MACDONELL, HUGH J., Solicitor, McDOUGAL, J. G., Baker and Court House Confectioner, Brock Marshall, George, joiner McGanty, Charles, tanner Marshall, Michael, joiner, W. Brock McGill, Geo, gentleman, Dundas Martin, Jerry McGilvary, Mrs., Colborne Maschi, Francis, shoemaker, W. Brock McGilvary, George, gentleman McIntyre, John, laborer, Centre Matheson, David, tailor, Dundas McLean, Andrew, tanner
McLellan, Rev. K Perry, R. E., produce dealer, Brock McMILLAN, T. H. & CO., General Philp, J. R., saddle and harness merchants, McMillan's maker, Brock Block, Brock Pilkenton, John, mariner McNish, R., gardener, Dundas Pearson, Fletcher, joiner McPhearson, Alexander, Mrs., milliner Pendon, Richard, laborer anf dressmaker, Brock Pirie, Alex., blacksmith, Dundas McPhearson, James C., Albion Pitt, Henry, gentleman, Centre Hotel, Dundas Pole, F. F., gentleman McQuay, James, laborer, Euclid Pope, Mrs., 1st Con. National Hotel, B. Rowland, prop. Postle, James, ostler, Byron Brock, S. W. Powell, Mrs. Newberry, Joseph, green grocer, Powell, James B., (of Lowes & &c., Brock Powell), Dundas Newport, John, Euclid Pringle, Alexander, merchant Newsom, John tailor, and gentlemen's Nichol, Mrs. furnishing establishment, Brock Noble, Wm., joiner Pringle, Jno., tailor, Byron O'DONOVAN, MICHAEL, practical Proudfoot, John, blacksmith carriage maker, Brock Ranier, Joseph F. & Co., Piano manufacturer, Mary O'Neil, William, proprietor, Grand Rapp, Philip, joiner Trunk Hotel, S. W. RAY, NATHANIEL, proprietor, ONTARIO BANK, K. F. Lockhart Whitby Livery Stables, Byron manager, Brock Rennison, Frank, laborer ONTARIO HOTEL, Alex. Alexander, Regan, Patrick proprietor, Brock REYNOLDS, NELSON G., Ontario Farmers' Mutual Insurance Sheriff, Court House Co., Levi Fairbanks, jr., Rice, A. K., joiner, Dundas secretary, Brock Rice, James Palmer, Jno., butcher Rice, John Parker, Mrs. Rice, John, general blacksmith, PATTERSON, REUBEN F., of Brock Brown & Patterson, Brock RICHARDSON, ARTHUR, manager, PATTERSON, ROBERT, of Brown Royal Canadian Bank, & Patterson, Brock Colborne PAXTON, WILLIAM, jr., County Richardson, Joshua, Dundas Treasurer, Court House Rumsey, George T., clerk, Byron Peniligeon, Wm., laborer Robinson, Betsey, E. Brock Pentland, Rev. M., Brock Robinson, George, tailor, E. Brock Perry, Mrs. P. Robinson, John, barber, &c., Brock Perry, Peter, stage driver, Brock Robinson, T. W., joiner, Raglan PERRY, JOHN HAM, Registrar, Robson House, Robson, G., proprietor, Court House Dundas
Robson, William, joiner Slater, Rev. Mr., Dundas Rodd, Mrs., lady Sleigh, Thomas, painter, Byron Rodd, George, 2nd Con. Smith, David, joiner, William Rodd, Richard Smith, David, joiner, William Rodgers, John, laborer Smith, Mrs. G. Rooke, Thomas, porter, 1st Con. Smith, George, shoemaker, E. Brock ROSS, LAUDER, MULOCK & SMITH, SMITH, G. Y., of Ross, Lauder, Solicitors, Brock Mulock and Smith, Brock ROSS, HON. J., (of Ross, Lauder, Smith, James, teamster Mulock & Smith), Brock Smith, James, clerk, Brock Ross, Roderick, joiner, Colborne Smith, John, laborer, E. Brock Rowe, Mrs. Smith, John, B. Ft. Rowe, James & Co., forwarders Snow, Richard, general grocer Rowland, B., proprietor National Brock, S. W. hotel, Brock, S. W. Southwold, George, bricklayer ROYAL CANADIAN BANK, Southwold, Thomas, carpenter Arthur Richardson, manager Spence, Robert, gentleman Brock Spence, William, bricklayer, Dundas ROYAL HOTEL, T. Walker, proprietors Brock Spring, Robert, W. Brock Sadler, Mrs., Centre Sprowle, John, gaoler, Centre Salkield, Richard, tailor SPURRILL, W. J., prop. Western SAMO, J. H., of Till & Co., Brock hotel Dundas SAUNDERS, JOHN, Boot and STANTON, JOHN, printer, Brock Shoe manufacturer, Brock Starkes, Benjamin Savage, Robert, King Starr, Caleb, 2nd con. Sayers, John, laborer, Henry Starr, Hutton, 2nd Con. Schoals, milliner and dressmaker Sterricker, Park, laborer Brock Stevenson, Edmund, 2nd Con. Schofield, L. H., gentleman, Dundas Stewart, Robert, ostler, Byron Stratton, Alexander, clerk Scott, Charles, butcher, Dundas Sturgess, John, teamster, E. Brock Scott, Jerome, butcher, Brock Sullivan, Timothy, laborer Scripture, Thomas, gentleman, Sutherland, Thos. W., mariner Centre Sweeney, Daniel, laborer Sergeant, Thomas, bricklayer, 2nd Con. SYKES, WILLIAM, Civil Engineer, Dundas Street, Whitby, Shaw, Mrs. T. W., Brock and 16 Wellington Street, Shaw, John, joiner, Colborne, Toronto Shehan, A., laborer, Wellington Tate, William, joiner Shehan, John, laborer, Wellington Taylor, Malcomb, agent SHIER, JOHN, Civil and Provincial Thew, Thomas, laborer, B. Ft. Land Surveyor, Centre Thew, William, B. Ft.
Thompson, Alexander Van Vlack, Mrs., Byron Thompson, George WALKER, THOMAS, Royal hotel, Thompson, Henry, pumpmaker, Brock Brock Walker, William, joiner, Centre Thomas, Henry, labourer Walkey, Samuel, carriagemaker, Thompson, Hugh Dundas Thompson, H., pumpmaker, Brock Wallace, Mrs. G., Centre Thomas, Isaac, machinist, &c., Wallace, James, gentleman, Centre Mary WALTERS, HENRY, Flour and Thompson, Joseph Feed Merchant, Brock Thompson, Pirvis Warcup, George, tailor Thompson, Richard, gentleman, 1st Con. Wardle, Mrs., Ash Thompson, Wm., Henry Warfolk, Benjamin, William Thompson, Wm., clerk, Brock Warren, William, C. H. O., John THOMPSON, WILLIAM, Saddle Wass, John, gentleman, W. Brock and harness maker, Brock WATKIS, JOHN L., Dentist, Brock Thorndyke, Wm., gentleman, Dundas Watson, Eason, gentleman Watson, Henry, B. F. Thwaite, Metcalfe, gentleman, Gilbert Watson, James, laborer, W. Brock Watson, John, John. Tierney, Michael, laborer Watson, John, junr., B. Ft. Till, Mrs., Dundas Watson, R., gentleman, Colborne TILL, J. & Co., Cabinet Manufacturers Watson, Thomas, West Brock Brock Webster, Wm., joiner, E. Brock TILL, JOHN, of Till & Co., Dundas Weeks, William, bricklayer, Centre Welsh, Michael, laborer TILL, WILLIAM, Cabinet maker Welton, John, Court House keeper, and Undertaker, Brock street Centre Wesley, John, gentleman, Byron Tincomb, Mrs., lady WESTERN HOTEL, W. J. Spurrill Toms, Thomas, carriage maker, W. Brock proprietor, Dundas Tomlinson, R H., Deputy Sheriff, Whalen, James, shoemaker, East Brock Office, Court House, Jone's Cottage, Brock and St. John Whalen, Patrick, laborer, East Brock Tshan, Anton, butcher, Brock Turner, Frederick, mariner, 2nd Con. Whalen, T., laborer, West Brock WHITBY CHRONICLE, W. H. Higgins, Twohey, Jerome, stage driver, Brock proprietor Tye, John, tanner WHITBY GAZETTE, G. H. Ham, Urquahart, David, E. Brock proprietor, Dundas Vail, Ira, gentleman, William
WHITBY LUMBER YARD, G. Cormack, Wilson, James, B. Ft. proprietor, Green WILSON, ROBERT J., Barrister, Whitby Piano Factory, J.F. Centre Rainer & Co., props, Mary WILLSON, R. H., Ambrotype and WHITBY LIVERY STABLES, Photographic artist, Dundas N. Ray, proprietor, Byron Wilson, Thomas, teamster, Henry WHITBY BILLIARD PARLOUR, Brock Wilson, William, laborer, B. Ft. White, Mrs., Byron Woodhouse, John, teacher Whitefield, P. B., bricklayer, Euclid WOLFENDEN, JONATHAN Whitney, Mrs., John Marble cutter, Dundas Whitney, Seymour, teamster Whittleton, Edmund Wood, W. W., Ash Wilcox, Thomas, 2nd Con. Wright, Joseph, laborer, W. Brock Wilcox, Thomas, Brock Yarnold, Reginald, joiner, Perry Wilkinson, John, practical watch VARNOLD, R. J., Boot and Shoe and clock maker, Brock Manufacturer, Brock Wilkinson, S. G., Farmers' Inn, Brock Yule George, agent Montreal Willis, Robert, teacher, Centre Telegraph Co., and Canadian Wilson, A. C., painter, Dundas Express, Brock Wilson, Hugh, teamster, St. Peter
A village in the township of Pickering, 14 miles north-west of Whitby to which place it is connected by daily stage, was first settled by Mr. A. Bates, in 1834. The first store was opened by Mr. Donald McPhee, in 1855. The first acting Postmaster was Mr. Thomas Burton, at present it contains one mill, built by T. P. White, Esq., in 1855, at the cost of $10,000. One large woollen factory of red and yellow brick, erected by the same party in 1867, at the cost of $30,000. One planing mill also erected by Mr. White in 1866, at the cost of $1000. One saw mill, also built and owned by Mr. T. P. White. A Town hall erected in 1860, at the cost of $600. One steam carriage factory, one cheese factory, a school house, and two general stores, several other trades and professions are represented in the place. The religous congregation is one regular Baptist, about to erect a church, holding service at the present in the Town Hall. Population about 300. Daily mail. Alaway, A., cooper Moore, Rev. J. B., Baptist minister Allen, John, boot and shoemaker McPhee, D., post master and merchant Bessie, John, sawyer Bessie, George, sawyer Patten, Joseph, carpenter BURTON, THOS., Hotel Keeper Percy, S. T., bookkeeper Burton, Israel, butcher and mover Roach, F., blacksmith Burton, George, farmer Robinson, John, cooper Burton, Wm., carpenter ROSE, J. & SON, Merchants and Booth, Wm., wagonmaker Tailors Booth, Henry, cabinetmaker ROSE, J., (of J. Rose & Son) Bradshaw, Ed., farmer ROSE, G., (of J. Rose & Son) Defoe, David, teamster Spink, W. & J., millers Ellis, J., superintendent of woolen Spink, W., (of W. & J. Spink) factory Spink, J. L., (of W. & J. Spink) FERRIER, AMOS, teacher Squires, Alex, miller Gilchrist, George, planer Strachan, George, farmer Hilts, F., Farmer TAYLOR, JAMES, Dry Goods, Hilts, R., farmer Groceries, Boots and Shoes, Hoover, P. R & Co., cheese factory Paints, Oils, &c., House Hoover, P. R., (of P. R. Hoover & Co. furnishing, Hardware Taylor, D., weaver Hunter, David, laborer Turner, Wm., sen., farmer Lamahon, J. B., laborer Turner, Wm., jr., farmer MAJOR HOTEL, by Thomas Burton Vardon, J., carpenter Vardon, R., planer Major, H., farmer Verro, A., farmer Miller, Mrs. Ann Waters, Thomas, cloth fuller Moodey, D., boot and shoe maker
WHITE, TRUMAN P., Mill and WILSON, JOSEPH, steam carriage factory owner factory Wigmore, S. B., tinsmith Wilson, M., jr., carriage maker Wilson, M. Sen., farmer Wonch, J. W., teacher
A village in the township of Brock, 29 miles from Whitby. Population about 20. Carmichael, P., hotel keeper SHIRE, CALD, Merchant, &c.
A village in the township of Brock, 36 miles north of Whitby. Population about 75. Burgess, F., painter McCallum, J., surveyor CHAMBERS, JOHN, postmaster Nealon, J., farmer and merchant Newgent, T., farmer Foster, T., horsedealer Reekie, J., merchant Hamil, A., mason, &c. Shier, J., shoemaker Hart, G., farmer St. John, P., farmer Hart, R., farmer Till, W., wagonmaker Hodgins, T., carpenter Vallentyne, John, blacksmith Hunter, W. J., weaver Way, R. B., farmer Lloyd, J., farmer Way, W., lumberman Lloyd, T., farmer
A village in the township of Scott, 34 miles north-west of Whitby. Population about 30. Bateman, J., farmer NELSON, JOHN, merchant and Cunningham, M., farmer postmaster Foot, W., mailcarrier Ormmand, J., farmer Graham, N., farmer Pickering, J., farmer Hobson, G., farmer Pickering, T., farmer Hunter, G. W., carpenter Roach, M., farmer March, O., farmer Schell, I. farmer Miller, J., blacksmith Thirsk, D., farmer Murray, J., well digger Wesley, T., farmer
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