Directory of the County of Peel for 1873-4. Part 3.

Is a good agricultural Township, watered on the west by the River Credit, in the centre by the Etobicoke, which is not a very valuable stream, and on the east by several small streams, branches of the Humber and Mimico. Population by the census of 1871, 6,129. Chinguacousy is divided by Hurontario Street running through its centre, the concessions numbering east and west from Hurontario Street. A large portion of the early settlers of Chinguacousy were the children of the U. E. Loyalists, who came to Canada at the close of the American Revolution, and settled in the neigbourbood of Niagara, but there were many other classes of settlers. There is a singular circumstance connected with the name of one of the first settlers in Chinguacousy. Antoine Maisonneuf was a French Canadian from the neighbourhood of Montreal, who settled in Chinguacousy in 1820. He could talk English pretty well, but with a very pleasant French accent. The neighbours among whom he settled were quite unacquainted with the French language, and although they liked Antoine very well, they did not at all like his awful French name, and to please his neighbours Antoine allowed his name to be Anglicised to Anthony Newhouse; and with this name be lived to a good old age, and died respected, leaving several sons who are now in the County, all of the name of Newhouse.
Reeve Thomas Bowles; Deputy Reeves, James P. Hutton and John Henderson; Councillors Edward Hagyard and Joshua Modeland; Treasurer Wm. P. Ceasar; Clerk William Little.
Chinguacousy East of Hurontario Street
Con. Lot Con. Lot Ackroyd, Matthew 5 10 Boyd, James 5 27 Aikins, Stewart 2 8 Boyd, John 5 9 Alderson, Mrs. Mary 2 9 Boyd, Wm. 5 27 Alexander, James 5 30 Brace, George 3 25 Alexander, Joseph 4 27 Bradley, John 2 28 Anderson, Christopher 4 16 Bradley, Joseph 2 28 Anderson, James 5 6 Broddy, Alexander 2 1 Anderson, Wm. 3 1 Broddy, Alexander, Jnr. 1 2 Archdekin, Peter 4 17 Broddy, James 2 1 Archdekin, Thomas 2 17 Broddy, Robert 2 1 Armstrong, Alexander 1 25 Broddy, Robert T. 2 1 Armstrong, George 3 20 Broddy, William 2 1 Armstrong, James 4 23 Brown, Joseph 6 2 Armstrong, John 4 12 Brown, Thomas 6 5 Armstrong, John 4 24 Bucham, James 3 28 Armstrong, Robert 3 20 Burkholder, Alan 6 3 Arneil, Joseph 4 16 Burkholder, Rebecca 3 8 Barker, Abraham 4 2 Burnett, Robert 2 11 Barr, George 5 7 Byrne, Peter 6 20 Bellas, Wm. 4 3 Byrne, Thomas 6 20 Bosfield, Allan 6 10 Byrne, Thomas 6 21 Bowles, Charles 5 32 Caldwell, James 6 29 Bowles, David 6 13 Caldwall, John 5 28 Bowles, George 5 31 Caldwell, John 6 29 Bowles, John 5 27 Campbell, Francis, J. P.2 25 Bowles, Thomas 6 31 Campbell, Henry 1 11 Bowles, Thomas 5 32 Campbell, James 2 26 Boyce, Smallwood 6 4 Campbell, John 1 14 Con. Lot Con. Lot Campbell, James 1 33 Dixon, Alexander 4 29 Campbell, Peter 2 26 Dixon, Andrew 3 29 Campbell, Robert 2 26 Dixon, Michael 6 22 Campbell, Robert 2 25 Dixon, William 6 24 Campbell, Seth 2 26 Dodgson, Wm. 2 20 Carbury, James 4 14 Donaghue, Joseph 6 34 Carr, Mrs. 4 19 Doyle, Andrew 5 20 Carter, Mrs. 1 9 Duckworth, George, Carter, Robert 1 10 Blacksmith 5 9 Carter, Wm. 1 9 Duncan, George 6 21 Carter, Wm. 1 9 Duncan, John, Pedler 6 9 Cathcart, Robert 6 20 Dunsmore, John 1 21 Cation, John 1 22 Dunsmore, Robert 1 21 Ceasar, James, Dyer, Charles 2 16 gentleman 4 33 Dyer, Edward 2 16 Ceasar, James 6 31 Edwards, James 1 20 Ceasar, Wm. 4 33 Edwards, Thomas, Senr. 1 21 Chant, Noah 6 10 Edwards, Thomas, Junr. 1 20 Chisholm, Peter 2 10 Elliott, George 6 14 Clevely, George 6 7 Elliot, George 5 14 Clifton, Wm. 5 7 Elliott, William 1 4 Cochrane, Thomas 3 3 Elliott, William 5 14 Copeland, George 2 34 Ellis, John 5 23 Copeland, Robert 2 34 Emmett, William K. 4 28 Copeland, William R. 1 24 Faulkner, Alexander 4 30 Corbett, Samuel 6 28 Ferguson, John 1 12 Corkett, William 5 4 Ferguson, Samuel 1 12 Cowton, Wm. 6 11 Floody, John 3 21 Craig, David 5 16 Forbes, Alexander 1 1 Craig, John 5 25 Forbes, John 1 1 Craig, John R. 2 18 Forthe, Richard 6 34 Craig, Stephen 3 21 Foster, Edward 3 32 Craig, William 5 15 Foster, Edward 3 32 Crawford, Eli 3 8 Foster, Wm. 2 33 Crawford, Eli William 4 9 Gardner, Joseph 2 14 Crawford, Ralph 4 9 Giffin, Andrew 5 13 Crawford, Robert 4 7 Giffin, John 5 17 Cunnington, Alexander 3 30 Giffin, Robert 2 27 Cunnington, Joseph 3 33 Giffin, Robert 3 19 Cunnington, Matthew 4 30 Giffin, Wm. 5 12 Curry, Nicholas, Gilmore, David 5 3 Butcher 3 7 Glazier, Adam 5 29 Davis, Ansil 4 3 Golding, Wm. 3 2 Dean, Alexander 6 25 Grady, Bernard 5 18 Dean, John 6 30 Grady, James, Senior 5 14 Denison, Alexander 2 20 Grady, James, Junior 5 14 Denison, Francis 2 20 Graham, Hugh 3 2 Denison, Robert 2 20 Graham, Thomas 3 2 Con. Lot Con. Lot Grasby, George 3 1 Kenedy, John 6 23 Gray, George 3 13 Kirkwood, Alexander 1 25 Gray, Samuel 4 26 Kitto, Araunnah 6 8 Gray, Samuel 5 19 Knox, Andrew 2 6 Gray, Wm. 3 16 Lackey, John 6 8 Hagyard, Thos. C. 2 24 Laidlaw, Danby 2 13 Hall, Wm. 1 19 Laidlaw, James, Agent 6 4 Hamilton, John 5 20 Laycock, Robert 4 1 Hamilton, Richard 4 4 Laycock, William 4 25 Hamilton, Richard 6 13 Larmont, William 1 22 Hanovan, John 3 5 Lightheart, Isaac 2 22 Hanovan, Wm. 3 5 Lightheart, Reuben 2 22 Harrison, Emanuel 5 9 Lindsay, James 5 4 Heath, Samuel 1 19 Little, David 3 25 Hemphill, Erastus 2 12 Little, Irwin 5 22 Henderson, Francis 4 4 Little, John 2 2 Henderson, Robert 4 4 Little, John 6 32 Henderson, Walter 2 5 Little, John 6 32 Hewson, James 6 16 Little, John 3 7 Hewson, John 5 18 Little, Neil 4 22 Hewson, Richard 6 16 Little, Thomas 6 32 Hindle, John 2 14 Little, William 4 21 Holmes, John, C. 1 10 Livingston, Robert 5 3 Holtby, Matthew 5 12 Lougheed, Abraham 4 15 Holtby, Thomas 5 12 Lowe, William 1 20 Hostroeser, Wm. 6 7 Lundy, Francis 1 3 Hunter, Hugh 4 4 Lundy, Joseph 4 10 Hunter, John 2 3 Mahar, John 5 26 Hunter, Josiah 2 10 Mahar, Nicholas 6 26 Hunter, Neil 3 24 Manning, Charles 1 7 Hunter, Robert 2 16 Marshall, Robert 1 23 Hunter, Samuel 3 26 Marshall, William 1 24 Hunter, Stewart 2 3 Massinger, George 5 20 Hunter, Wm. 3 24 Massinger, Thomas 4 21 Ingoldsby, Bernard 3 15 Mitchel, John 6 31 Ingoldsby, Thomas 2 16 Mitchell, Robert 6 23 Ingoldsby, Thomas, Sr. 3 15 Modeland, George 3 14 Jackson, John 3 11 Modeland, Henry 3 13 Jackson, John 6 2 Modeland, Isaac 3 12 James, Wm. 5 8 Modeland, Joshua 2 23 Jewitt, John 3 27 Modeland, Joshua 3 14 Johnson, Daniel 2 2 Montgomery, Henry 6 34 Johnson, James 6 11 Moon, William 6 10 Johnson, John 6 31 Moon, William 6 10 Jones, Thomas 5 29 Moore, Judson 4 11 Keeler, John 2 4 Moore, Ross 4 13 Keeler, Wm. 6 34 Morrison, James 2 23 Kenedy, John 6 23 Morrison, John 2 23 Con. Lot Con. Lot Morrison, Matthew 6 24 Nixon, John 3 27 McCauley, Alexander 6 34 Nixon, John 5 8 McCauley, James 6 33 Nixon, Robert 3 10 McCauley, John 6 33 Norris, Robert 2 22 McCollum, Malcolm 3 4 Norton, Frederick 3 3 McConnell, Thomas 5 6 Norton, John 3 5 McConnell, Thomas 5 6 Norton, Theophilus 3 5 McDonald, Allan 2 13 OLeary, John 4 13 McDougall, Duncan 1 26 Parker, William 1 27 McDougall, John 1 26 Payne, William 2 8 McDougall, Laughlin 1 26 Perdue, Henry 2 29 McFadden, Henry 5 32 Perdue, James 5 33 McGregor, Alpin 1 34 Perdue, John 5 33 McGregor, Archibald 1 34 Perdue, Michael 5 34 McGregor, John 1 34 Perdue, Michael 3 26 McIlveen, Gilbert 3 7 Perdue, Nelson 3 33 McIlveen, James 3 7 Perdue, Wm. 5 33 McIntyre, Archibald 4 27 Petch, James 3 8 McIntyre, John 4 27 Phillips, T. B. 6 5 McIntyre, Stephen 4 27 Pickering, Wm. 2 5 McKechnie, Neil 2 18 Pickering, Wm. Jr. 2 3 McKee, Alexander 6 26 Plummer, James 3 14 McKee, Julia 6 29 Plummer, Robert 3 14 McKenna, John 5 5 Plummer, Wm. 3 14 McKenna, Wm. 2 4 Proctor, James 3 6 McKeon, James 6 28 Raine, Robert 6 17 McLaughlin, James 5 15 Randal, Henry 3 21 McLean, Laughlin 1 32 Ridley, Rebecca 5 5 McLeod, Alexander 1 29 Rinn, John 3 3 McLeod, Angus 1 30 Robinson, James 6 20 McLeod, John 1 30 Robinson, Matthew 5 23 McLeod, Peter 1 29 Robinson, Thomas 3 30 McMunis, John 4 5 Robson, James 3 28 McNeice, James 6 27 Rossiter, Albert 2 12 Nattrass, Isaac 1 8 Rossiter, Edwin 2 12 Nattrass, Thomas 1 8 Rossiter, Walter 1 4 Neelands, Thomas 5 30 Rutherford, Wm. 6 28 Neelands, William 6 29 Ryal, Wm. 6 31 Neely, James 5 20 Sanderson, John 1 26 Neely, William 6 16 Sanderson, John 6 1 Newcome, Christopher 2 6 Scollan, Wm., Carpenter 5 9 Newhouse, Cornelius 1 23 Scott, Robert 4 31 Newlove, Joseph 3 9 Shannon, James 1 34 Newlove, Wm. 3 9 Shannon, Wm. 1 34 Nixon, Adam 3 6 Sharp, Thomas 1 34 Nixon, Alexander 5 8 Shaw, AEneas 3 4 Nixon, Frank 4 8 Shaw, John 3 4 Nixon, James 5 3 Shaw, Moses 5 15 Con. Lot Con. Lot Shaw, Thomas 6 19 Stubbins, John 5 9 Shaw, Wm. 6 15 Suggett, James 6 5 Shaw, Wm. 6 19 Summerville, Archibald 6 9 Shields, Alexander 5 31 Summerville, Thomas 4 8 Shinamon, Wm. 5 29 Taggert, Samuel, Cooper 6 31 Shinamon, Wm. 6 15 Taylor, Wm. 4 8 Sinclair, Daniel, Teasdale, Thomas 5 2 Blacksmith 4 10 Thompson, James 4 14 Sinclair, James 5 4 Thompson, William 4 3 Sinclair, John, Teacher 5 2 Thornton, Robert 3 22 Sitzer, Edwin 2 33 Thornton, William Sen. 3 22 Sitzer, Edwin 2 33 Thornton, William Jr. 3 22 Smith, Alexander 2 31 Tighe, Charles 5 25 Smith, Andrew 2 32 Tighe, Dennis 5 25 Smith, Donald 2 31 Tighe, John 4 26 Smith, Dugald 3 11 Tighe, John 5 24 Smith, George 3 6 Tighe, Thomas 4 26 Smith, Hugh 2 32 Tighe, Thomas 5 22 Smith, John C. 2 12 Tindale, John 6 31 Smith, Peter 3 12 Topham, James 2 19 Smith, Robert 4 6 Topham, John 2 25 Smith, Wm. 2 13 Tremble, Robert 3 1 Smith, Wm. 3 31 Tremble, William 3 1 Smith, Wm. 2 6 Tucker, Gordon 5 28 Smith, Wm. 3 6 Upshall, Charles 4 11 Snell, Elias 2 20 Vernon, James 5 10 Snell, John C. 1 14 Walker, James, Peddler 1 4 Snell, John V. 1 18 Walker, Jackson 5 19 Snell, Joseph 1 15 Walker, James 6 13 Snell, Richard 1 16 Walker, James 2 35 Snell, Wm. 2 20 Walker, Lancelot 1 2 Snider, Alexander 2 30 Walker, Thomas 5 6 Snider, Daniel 2 30 Walker, William 6 3 Snider, Philip 2 30 Wallace, Samuel 4 1 Snyder, Wm. 4 29 Ward, William 4 34 Snyder, Wm. 3 11 Wardlaw, James 4 2 Sparrow, samuel 5 29 Wardlaw, Peter 4 2 Sparrow, Thomas 5 29 Warm, Charles 6 3 Sparrow, Thomas 6 33 Watson, Alexander 5 1 Sparrow, Thomas 6 34 Watson, Benjamin 1 15 Speirs, John 5 7 Watson, Egerton 5 1 Speirs, Peter 5 26 Watson, James 1 16 Speirs, Peter 4 18 Watson, Jesse 3 1 Speirs, Robert 3 19 Watson, John 5 1 Starratt, Josiah 3 3 Watson, Richard 5 2 Stewart, Matthew 6 23 Westervelt, Sam., Stewart, Wm. 6 22 Teacher 1 22 Stibbins, George 6 6 White, Joseph 1 1 Con. Lot Con. Lot Whitfield, Isaac 2 34 Wilson, Robert 1 21 Wiggins, David 1 13 Woodhill, Ambrose 1 13 Wiggins, James 1 33 Woodhill, John 1 12 Wiggins, John 1 34 Woodhill, William 6 8 Wiggins, John, Senr. 1 13 Woods, John 4 23 Wiggins, John, Jr. 1 13 Young, Frederick 5 1 William, George 6 34 Young, James 4 12 Wilson, George, Sen. 4 22 Young, Robert 4 12 Wilson, George, Jr. 4 25
Adams, Alexander 5 4 Cain, Thomas 4 28 Adams, John 3 34 Cain, William, sr. 4 26 Alexander, Wm. 6 1 Cain, William, jr. 4 26 Anderson, Wm. 3 1 Calder, Charles 5 2 Anthony, Andrew 5 6 Calister, John 2 14 Anthony, Hugh 5 7 Cameron, John 4 25 Anthony, James 5 13 Campbell, Archibald 4 27 Armstrong, John 4 1 Campbell, Colin 3 29 Armstrong, Mark 5 10 Campbell, George 4 27 Armstrong, Thomas 1 26 Campbell, James 2 32 Armstrong, William 4 1 Campbell, John 4 27 Armstrong, William 5 10 Campbell, Malcolm 2 29 Arnott, Henry 5 1 Canady, George 5 5 Arnott, James 6 7 Cantlon, William 6 6 Arthurs, Mrs., Innkeeper6 6 Carver, Charles 1 9 Baskerville, Hardy 3 2 Cation, Matthew 1 13 Beatty, Robert 5 15 Cation, Robert 4 12 Bell, Guy 2 11 Cation, Walter 2 17 Black, George 3 2 Cation, William 2 23 Black, Thomas 6 6 Cheyne, Lancelot 2 14 Blackstock, James 5 23 Cheyne, Robert 2 14 Bolman, John 6 26 Clark, Hugh 4 13 Booth, Benjamin 1 14 Clark, James 4 16 Booth, John 1 14 Clark, Neil, Tailor 3 33 Bradner, John 3 13 Clark, Thomas, Bradner, Joseph 3 12 Blacksmith 3 11 Bradner, William 3 13 Clarridge, Alpheus 3 18 Bransby, Francis 4 1 Clarridge, Erastus 4 20 Breen, George 5 11 Clarridge, William 1 14 Broadbent, Hiram Clarridge, William 2 24 Sawmill 6 10 Clarridge, Wm. S. 4 20 Brooks, Charles 4 3 Clarridge, Henry 5 15 Brown, James 4 12 Clarridge, Hugh 5 15 Brown, Thomas 3 5 Clarridge, James 4 3 Brown, William 3 6 Clarridge, William 4 14 Cain, Patrick 3 25 Clarridge, William 2 24 Con. Lot Con. Lot Clarridge, William S. 4 20 Goodwin, James, Mill Coldwell, Robert 4 33 owner, Chisholms Mill Collins, Mrs. 6 7 Graham, Francis 5 12 Conover, Nelson 6 5 Graham, James 3 20 Cooney, John 2 23 Graham, John, Carpenter 3 33 Cooper, Allan 6 24 Graham, William 2 16 Copeland, George 2 2 Graham, William 2 27 Copeland, Joshua 3 2 Graydon, James 3 19 Copeland, William 3 3 Greensward, Timothy 5 11 Coventry, James 3 14 Greenwood, Edward 5 14 Coventry, James, Jnr. 3 14 Groat, Benjamin 2 21 Coyne, Samuel 5 2 Groat, John 2 21 Craig, John 3 18 Groat, Robert 1 31 Curry, James A. 6 7 Hall, James 1 20 Curry, Samuel 6 13 Hall, John 3 21 Curry, Samuel D. 6 12 Hall, Robert 3 21 Davidson, William 6 33 Hall, Teasdale 1 20 Deerborn, Samuel 1 1 Harris, William K. 6 31 Denison, John 3 3 Hartley, R. A. 2 15 Denny, Samuel 6 7 Heath, Jabez 1 14 Dolson, Andrew 6 14 Henderson, Andrew 3 23 Dolson, John 4 17 Henderson, David 4 22 Dolson, William 4 17 Henderson, John 3 23 Dolson, William D. 5 17 Henderson, John 3 26 Dority, James 5 31 Hindle, James 3 21 Drinkwater, James 1 18 Hindle, John 3 24 Drinkwater, Lawrence 2 19 Hodgins, Michael 3 7 Drinkwater, William 1 20 Hogg, Alexander 1 21 Duggan, John 3 2 Hostler, William 1 25 Elliott, Richard 5 19 Hostrosser, Robert 1 31 Ellis, George 1 25 Hunter, Alexander 3 27 Evans, David 5 13 Hunter, Duncan 6 26 Ferguson, George 3 16 Hunter, Nathaniel 3 11 Ferguson, John 1 12 Hunter, Nathaniel 3 11 Ferguson, Samuel 1 12 Hunter, Walter 2 28 Fletcher, Edward, Junr. 1 2 Hunter, William 3 10 Fletcher, Edward, Senr. 2 2 Hunter, William 2 28 Fletcher, William 1 7 Hurd, William 1 32 Foley, Thomas 3 4 Hutchinson, William 3 23 Forgreive, Robert 5 22 Huxley, Samuel 1 9 Foster, Thomas 5 30 Ingram, Matthias 6 11 Frazer, John 4 3 Johnston, George 2 20 Fuller, Garret, Kanawan, Robert 1 30 Millowner 5 3 Kelly, Joshua 1 23 Fuller, John 4 14 Kent, Francis, J.P. 6 3 Griffin, James 1 19 Kent, William 6 3 Griffin, Robert 6 25 Keys, William 5 32 Gillespie, John 6 3 Keyworth, William 5 21 Con. Lot Con. Lot Kickley, Richard 4 26 Mercer, Levi, Carpenter 5 16 Kinney, John 2 26 Miller, John 6 5 Kinney, William 1 23 Mino, Wm. 5 5 Kirk, Mrs. 6 16 Mitchell, Matthew 5 21 Knowles, Vincent 3 1 Modeland, Joseph 3 9 Laidlaw, Aaron 6 8 Monaghan, Thomas 6 2 Laidlaw, John 5 8 Montgomery, James 2 9 Laird, Peter 6 11 Moody, Henry 3 17 Lambert, Arthur 4 3 Moore, Joseph 6 4 Lawrence, David 4 10 Morrow, Hugh 3 9 Learmont, John 1 12 Morrow, John 5 28 Leflar, Albert 4 8 Mothersell, Joseph 5 20 Leflar, William 4 9 Mothersell, Thomas 5 28 Leflar, Hiram 3 8 Mountain, Alexander 3 33 Leflar, William D. 4 8 Mountain, John 4 33 Leslie, George 6 20 Mountain, Joseph 4 32 Leslie, George P. 6 19 Mullen, Robert 6 21 Leslie, John 6 18 McArthur, Alexander 6 34 Leslie, Joseph 5 19 McAuley, Joseph 5 53 Leslie, Robert. 6 20 McBride, David 1 33 Lipsitt, George 2 24 McBride, James 2 30 Lipsitt, Hugh 2 24 McBride, James 6 30 Lipsitt, Robert 2 27 McBride, Robert 6 30 Little, Edward 1 21 McCandless, Andrew 4 10 Logan, Robert 6 26 McClure, Andrew 4 10 Luke, Miles 1 1 McClure, David, Sr. 1 4 Lundy, Joseph 3 10 McClure, David, Jr. 2 7 Lundy, Thomas 3 9 McClure, David 4 11 Lyons, George 5 25 McClure, David 5 27 Lyons, James 3 28 McClure, James 2 3 Lyons, James 5 26 McClure, James 5 14 Lyons, Thomas 5 29 McClure, John 4 9 Lyons, Wm. 3 25 McClure, John 4 11 Mackstead, Thomas, McClure, John 5 8 Mason 6 11 McClure, Joseph 4 14 Marshall, David 1 24 McClure, Patrick 3 7 Marshall, John 3 33 McClure, Robert 3 4 Marshall, Joseph 6 1 McClure, Samuel 2 6 Marshall, Walter 2 22 McClure, Samuel 6 2 Marshall, William 1 24 McClure, Thomas 2 9 Marshall, Wm. 2 22 McClure, Thomas 3 17 Martin, Wm. 2 10 McClure, Thomas 5 9 Mashinter, Wm. 1 24 McClure, Thomas 5 21 Macwhirter, Thomas 6 9 McClure, William 2 5 May, Mrs. 6 2 McCollum, Alexander 2 33 Melvin, John 6 15 McConnell, John 5 12 Melvin, Thomas 6 16 McColluck, James 2 21 Melville, Wm. 6 16 McCullock, John 3 22 Con. Lot Con. Lot McDonald, Duncan 6 34 Owens, Robert 4 19 McDonald, John 1 31 Palmer, John 4 2 McDonald, John 5 34 Parr, Benjamin 6 27 McDougall, Archibald 1 29 Peaven, Joseph 4 6 McDougall, Duncan 1 29 Petch, Benjamin 6 22 McDowel, David 5 12 Petch, James 6 22 McDowel, John 5 12 Petigrew, Henry 6 12 McDowel, Thomas 5 12 Petigrew, Robert 6 11 McFarland, Andrew, Phillips, George 6 27 Blacksmith 6 6 Phillips, Thomas 6 23 McGill, James, Senr. 5 9 Phillips, Thomas 6 23 McGill, James, Junr. 9 Pickering, Harland 2 7 McGuire, Dennis 6 18 Pulfer, John, 2 8 McIlrick, John 5 1 Quinnell, James 5 5 McIlvain, John 5 5 Randall, John 1 9 McKane, James 4 22 Rice, Edward 6 17 McKane, Thomas 4 23 Rice, Jonathan 3 19 McKenny, Daniel 2 13 Robinson, Alexander 5 5 McKenny, William 2 13 Rodgers, William 2 14 McKenney, William 1 27 Ross, Henry, Sen. 5 10 McLaughlin, Joseph 5 14 Ross, Henry, Jr. 6 11 McLean, John 2 20 Russell, James 5 4 McLean, Patrick 3 18 Rutledge, John 6 25 McLalland, Archibald 1 2 Ryan, Joseph 1 28 McLeod, Duncan 6 29 Ryan, Thomas 1 28 McMicken, Benjamin 2 12 Scott, Alexander 4 9 McPherson, Andrew 5 23 Scott, Isaac 3 12 McPherson, Henry 5 22 Scott, James 5 13 McPherson, John 4 22 Scott, John 4 8 McPherson, John 5 23 Scott, Joseph 4 8 McPherson, Matthew 5 23 Scott, Robert 6 17 McPherson, Robert 5 23 Scott, William 5 8 McQuarrie, Allan 3 27 Sharp, George 5 21 McTavish, Peter, Sharp, John 4 11 Teacher 1 11 Sharp, Thomas 2 8 Neale, Samuel 2 19 Sharp, William 2 14 Newstead, William 6 8 Shaw, John 6 15 Newton, John 5 8 Shipley, William 2 7 Nichols, Richard 6 1 Shook, Jacob 3 13 Nicholson, Richard 1 12 Shook, John 3 1 Nobbs, Richard 6 32 Simpson, John 1 13 Noble, Robert 6 31 Simpson, William 5 5 Norris, Arthur 2 25 Sinclair, Alexander 2 20 Orr, Charles 5 24 Sinclair, Alexander 5 33 Orthe, John 5 16 Sinclair, Hugh 2 20 Ostrander, James 5 7 Sinclair, Peter 3 34 Ostrander, Urich 5 5 Sloan, John, Sen. 2 28 Ovens, James 4 19 Sloan, John, Jr. 2 28 Con. Lot Con. Lot Smith, David 6 28 Vanvalkenburgh, Wm. 1 13 Smith, Duncan 6 33 Watson, Nicholas 1 16 Smith, Findlay 2 16 Watson, Robert 1 16 Smith, John 6 33 White, Joseph, Smith, William 6 5 Innkeeper 3 10 Snow, John 4 15 Whitehead, William 1 3 Snow, Thomas 4 11 Whitelock, Isaac 3 2 Snow, William 4 15 Wiggins, Arthur 1 31 Speers, Archibald 6 14 Wiggins, David 2 11 Speers, Robert 4 3 Wiggins, David 1 11 Standing, Robert 2 34 Wiggins, John 1 11 Stephens, James 1 26 Wiggins, William 1 30 Story, Robert 6 16 Wilkinson, James 2 26 Stringer, James 6 27 Wilkinson, Robert 3 32 Taylor, Thomas 4 24 Wilkinson, William 2 30 Thompson, James 2 4 Wilkinson, Wm., senr. 3 22 Thompson, Robert 2 1 Wilkinson, Wm., junr. 3 32 Thompson, Thomas 2 4 Williams, Benajah 5 24 Thompson, William 4 1 Williams, Mark 3 12 Totten, George 3 1 Willis, Richard 2 1 Totten, John 3 1 Wilson, Charles 1 21 Townsend, Edward 6 30 Wilson, George 4 34 Townsend, George 6 30 Wilson, John, Sen. 1 8 Townsend, Henry 5 31 Wilson, John, Junr. 2 10 Townsend, Josiah 6 30 Wilson, William 4 33 Townsend, Thomas 5 30 Wilson, William 6 5 Townsend, William 5 31 Worts, Joel 5 3 Tremble, James 1 27 Worth, Maurice 3 4 Trueman, John 2 12 Wray, John 2 18 Tufley, Thomas 1 15 Young, George 3 15 Vance, Alexander 2 26 Young, George 6 26 Vandenburgh, Nathan 1 10 Young, William K. 3 15
Formerly called Caslors' Corners, a small village in the north part of Chinguacousy. It has water powers on the river Credit which are pretty well employed by th Messrs. Caslor in mills and woollen factory. Distant from Brampton 12 miles; from Cheltenham 3 miles. Population about 80. Campbell, James Graham, John, Carpenter Caslor, Hiram, Mill owner Graham, Martha Castor, James, Woollen factory Marshall, John, Farmer Clark, Neal, Tailor McKechnie, Neil, Labourer Graham, David, Innkeeper Standing, Robert, Farmer Graham, Flora Wilkinson, William, Farmer
Is the County Town of the County of Peel. It is in the Town ship of Chinguacousy, pretty centrally situated in the County. It was incorporated as a Village in 1852, and as a Town in 1873, the latter to take effect in 1874. Brampton was a very pretty and interesting place in the spring of 1820. The Etobicoke meandering through the streets, its banks green with leeks, but spotted with early spring flowers. There were then only two streets in Brampton, Hurontario Street and the side road between lots five and six, now Queen Street, and the Etobicoke proceeded on its course, wandering and curving, crossing and re-crossing the streets, as if in doubt of the proper course to Lake Ontario. Unfortunately the Etobicoke was not a good fishing stream. It was not a stream that suited the very fastidious taste of the trout, and the salmon and suckers were stopped by mill dams, one near the mouth of the stream on the property of the Hon. Samuel Smith: another of Mr. Silverthorn near Dundas Street. But the Etobicoke, as a running stream, was valuable and interesting, and the salmon and suckers would sometimes still force their way up to and through Brampton, and Mr. Archibald Pickard used to catch many of them on their return towards the sea. But there were other attractions about Brampton than fish. There was a nice pine grove on and about Queen Street, East of Hurontario Street, where, almost any morning in the spring, could be found a splendid covey of partridges, who -poor things- being quite ignorant of their humble and inferior position, became an easy prey to the superior (?) animal. There were, also, lots of beautiful deer in the neigbbourhood, as well as bears, wolves, foxes, racoons, &c., but the most singular and interesting of the original inhabitants, was a colony of beavers which having been probably driven from their own territory, in Toronto Township, settled in the previous year- had endeavoured to establish themselves in this place, quite ignorant of the almost simultaneous settlement of the bipeds in the same locality. They commenced building a dam across the creek, near Scott Street, opposite the present residence of Mrs. Coyne. They cut down several trees, so as to fall across the creek, and continued their labours for several weeks, but the sight of the tall, perpendicular, strange looking animal, passing and re-passing- and the knowledge that those interlopers were actually cutting down the trees around their dwellings, much faster than they, the beavers, could cut them down probably induced them wisely to abandon their undertaking, and retire to some more peaceful locality. They finally left their dam unfinished and disappeared. All these primeval things have passed away. The fishes are all gone. The poor partridges, the deer, bears and wolves are destroyed or driven away, and in their place may be seen in our steets, waggons bringing in the produce of the country, men and women on business or pleasure, and lots of children going to or returning from school. It was some time after the emigration of the beavers, that Brampton assumed anything of the pretentious of a village. The first appearance of anything like business was commenced by the late much respected John Scott, Esquire, who kept a small store, a distillery and potashery. He also built a small mill for grinding or chopping the grain for the distillery, which is probably the only instance of the water power of the Etobicoke being used for machinery in Brampton. This mill attracted considerable attention in consequence of a peculiarity originatng with Mr. Scott himself, which was, that the mill stones were made to move vertically instead of horizontally, the usual practice. This was considered by many a decided improvement. The late Wm. Buffy was sometimes considered as the father of Brampton as a village. About the year 1834 he built a pretty respectable tavern on the corner where Mr. Clarkes grocery now stands, and in this house was for some time transacted much of the business of Brampton. About this time the late Mr. John Elliott laid out village lots for sale and first applied the name of Brampton to the place, which name soon became generally adopted. Brampton being the centre of a good agricultural district induced several mechanics and merchants to commence business here, and it became quite celebrated as a wheat market. Mr. Abijah Lewis, then of Cooksville, established a store here, which was afterwards owned and occupied by Mr. Peleg Howland, who carried on business for many years with much success. The late Mr. George Wright soon afterwards opened a store and carried on a successful business. Mr. Wright was a very enterprising man, and did much for the advancement of Brampton, but the business most profitable to the town is the Iron Foundry and manufactory of Messrs. Haggert Brothers, which gives constant employment to over one hundred men. According to Mr. Waltons Directory for 1837, the number on the Assessment Roll, for the limits which form the Town of Brampton was 18. By Armstrongs Directory in 1850 the number had increased to 78, and in 1873 it amounts to 550. Total Population, 2,317. The people of Brampton are entitled to much credit for the liberal support they have given to the cause of education. Since its first establishment as a separate municipality in 1853, the public schools of Brampton have been perfectly free. Teachers salaries and all other expenses are paid by the ratepayers of the village, except the portion received from the Government. Many of the ratepayers having considerable yearly sums to pay as school tax, had no children to send to school and therefore could receive no direct return, but no complaint has ever been heard on that account. A good Grammar School house was built in 1856, which has since been considerably enlarged, but is now quite insufficient for the accommodation required. As the Brampton schools are free to all, there are many scholars from the neighbouring townships who attend the Brampton schools, and are thus educated at the expense of the ratepayers of Brampton. The following is a list of the public schools, with the names of the several teachers, and the number of scholars in each school now entered for the present term commencing in September, 1873:- High School, 50 Scholars: Mr. E. Perdue, Head Teacher Mr. E. Mackay, Assistant 4th " 64 " Mr. Morton, Teacher 3rd " 65 " Miss Robb, " 2nd " 63 " Miss Morton, " 1st & 2nd " 67 " Miss Moffatt " 1st " 103 " Miss Porter " 1st " 102 " Miss Burnett " Total: 514 Scholars Besides the above there are several private schools in the town, so that about one fourth of the population of Brampton are now going to school. The amount of taxes payable this year by the ratepayers of Brampton for school purposes exceeds $3,000.
Church of England, Rev. I. Middleton Presbyterian, Church Street Rev. J. Pringle " John Street Rev. J. Baikie Wesleyan Methodist Rev. W. Burns and Rev. J. G. Scott Primitive Methodist Rev. T. W. Jolliffe and Rev. T. Sims Episcopal Methodist Rev. T. Argue and Rev. E. Wills Baptist Rev. E. G. Stoba Roman Catholic no resident clergyman attended by Rev. J. Gribbin, from the Gore The Mormon clergymen have occasionally service in Brampton, but they have no church here. Brampton has a station of the Grand Trunk Railway, and the Credit Valley Railway, now being constructed, will have a station here. The Montreal and Dominion Telegraph Companies have offices here.
Kenneth Chisholm, Reeve; J. P. Clark, Deputy Reeve. Councilors Dr. Charles Y. Moore, D. S. Leslie and John Anthony. Thornhill A. Agar, Treasurer. John McCulla, Clerk. Brampton has three Newspapers:-The Brampton Times, edited by George Tye; The Peel Banner, edited by Alexander Dick; and The Brampton Progress, edited by James Wideman. Adams, Alfred, Moulder Atkinson, Walter, Moulder Adams, George, Mason, Hurontario Austin, James, Clerk Surrogate Court Adams, Samuel, Bricklayer, S.W. Bachellor, John, Tailor, Jane Adams, Thomas, Cooper, Queens Baikie, Rev. J., Pres. Adams, Wm., Labourer, John Bailey, Samuel, Pumpmaker Adams, Wm., Bricklayer, S. W. Ballantyne, George, Clerk, Queen Addy, Wm., Cooper, Queen Ballantyne, John, painter, Queen Agar, Thornhill A., Clk. of Div. Banner Office, Alex. Dick, Publisher Court, Scott Hurontario Aitkin, Robert, Finisher. Fore Bannister, Edward, of Ambrosse man of foundry, John & Bannister, Hurontario Alexander, James. Carpenter, Barclay, Thomas, Carriage maker John Barrett, Henry, Labourer, Queen Alexander, Robert, Carpenter Barrett, Joseph, Brewer, George John Bates, John M., Painter, Queen Ambrosse & Banister, Druggists Bate, Wm., Hostler Hurontario Beattie, George, Finisher Ambrosse, John D., of Ambrosse & Beattie, Joseph, Labourer, Queen Banister Beattie, Robt., G. T, R., Anderson, Alexander, Waggon Market maker, Queen Beck, John, Salesman Anderson, Benjamin, Painter Beck, Samuel, Innkeeper, Revere Anderson, Miss, Nelson House, Hurontario Anderson, James, Shoemaker, Bell, James, Clerk, David Hurontario Bell, John E., Labourer, Queen Anderson, John, Carpenter, Jane Bell, Joseph C., Bookkeeper, Anthony, Andrew, Clerk Centre Anthony Bros., Carriage Makers, Bemrose, Arthur, Tinsmith Queen Beynon & Fletcher, Barristers &c. Anthony, Ebenezer, Gent. Anthony, James, Clerk, Hurontario Beynon, John W., Barrister, of Beynon & Fletcher, Anthony, John, of Anthony Bros. Hurontario Anthony, Wm., of Anthony Bros. Biddlecomb, Henry, Labourer, Appleby, George, Hurontario William Armour, Alexander, Carpenter Blain, George, Contractor, Church Isabella Blair, Thomas, Carpenter, Jane Armstrong, Christopher, G. T. R. Blakely, Mrs., Queen Elizabeth Boak, Samuel, Cooper, George Armstrong, George, Cattle dealer, Boddy, Alexander, Clerk, Registry John Armstrong, George, Labourer Bowra, John, G. T. R. Ash, Thomas, Watchmaker, at Woods Boyce, John, Labourer, Hurontario Asher, John, Labourer, Ellen Bradly, George, Painter, Queen Atkinson, Joseph, Weaver, Bradshaw, Rev. J. M. E., Hurontario Hurontario Bramly, Joseph, Carpenter, Campbell, D. F., County Registrar, Hurontario Hurontario Brampton Progress Office, James Campbell, Hugh, Blacksmith Wideman, publisher, Campbell, Hugh, labourer, John Hurontario Campbell, James, Ashery, Union, Brampton Times Office, Geo. Tye Residence, John Publisher, Queen Carver, Charles, Labourer, Mary Bright & Thayer, Iron and Tin Caslor, David, Waggonmaker Ware, Queen Charters, Francis, Labourer, Bright, Andrew, of Bright and Lynch Thayer Chisholm, K. & Co., Merchants, Bright, Lewis, Gunsmith, Queen Hurontario Chisholm, K., of K. Chisholm & Broddy, Robert, Sheriff, Hurontario Co, Hurontario, Postmaster Chivrell, Matthew, Bricklayer, Broddy, Wm., Bailiff, Ellen Hurontario Brown, Mrs., George Church, Edwin, Cooper, James Brown, John, Teamster, Queen Clark, John, Grocer, Hurontario Brown, Joseph, Labourer, Queen Clark, John, Blacksmith, Hurontario Brown, Robert, Carpenter, Hurontario Clark, J. P., Solicitor, Hurontario Bryant, Wm., of Phillips and Bryant Clarridge, Mrs., Hurontario Bulleyment, Thos., Bird Stuffer, Clarridge, Jeremiah, Carpenter Nelson Hurontario Bunting, Benjamin M., Bricklayer Clarridge, William, Livery, Queen Hurontario Clifford Thos., Boarding house, Bunting, James, Clerk, Hurontario Chapel Clipson, Wm., G. T. R. Burns, Rev. Wm., W. M. Cochrane, Roderick, Manufacturer, Burnett, Henry, Cabinetmaker, Elizabeth Hurontario Colclough, Mrs., Hurontario Burnett, Henry, jun. Cabinet Cole, John W., Artist, Hurontario maker, Hurontario Burrows, Alfred, Labourer, John Coltson, Joseph, Clerk, Registry, Burrows, Alfred, jun., Pump Hurontario maker Cookson, Joseph, Bricklayer, Jane Burrows, Alfred, Tinsmith Cormack, Robert, G. T. R. Burrows, Charles, Labourer, Couch, Edward, Ostler William Court House and Gaol, South Burrows, Frederick, Pump maker, Wellington Hurontario Coutts, Rev. D., Pres., Isabella Burt, Wm., Painter, Queen Cox, William, Shoemaker, South Calder, Alexander, Marbleworker, Wellington Hurontario Coyne, Beynon & Fletcher, Calder, Truman, Marblecutter, Barristers, &c., Queen Scott Coyne, John, M. P. P., of Coyne Calvin, John, Carpenter, Jane Beynon & Fletcher, Scott Coyne, John T., of Coyne, Fletcher & Elliott, John, Cooper, Queen Coyne Elliott, Mrs., Widow, Elizabeth Coyne, John, Shoemaker, Queen Elliott, Wm., Farmer Crouch, James, Labourer Elliott, Wm., Gardener, Queen Crawford, Michael, Gaolor Ellis, Edward, Constable, George Crawford, Thos., Cabinetmaker Ellison, David, Liquor Dealer at Burnett's Emery, John, Labourer, Queen Crowforth, Thos., Butcher, Vodden Endicott, George, Salesman Endicott, Henry, Book keeper Cummins, J. P., Solicitor, &c Ewing, Wm., Moulder, Queen Hurontario Cunnington, Wm., Gent., John Ferguson, David, Labourer, David Dade, Charles R., Telegraph Fewson, David, Brickmaker, Operator Guest Dale, Edward, Gardener, Hurontario Fewson, John, Brewer, Guest Fewson, Thos., Brewer, Guest Dale, Francis, Tanner, Queen Figg, Joseph, Law Student Dale, Henry, Gardener Finch, Henry C., Finisher, S. W. Daniels, Wm., Shoemaker, Elizabeth Fishburn, John, Merchant Tailor, Hurontario Davis, George, Blacksmith, S.W. Fleming, James, Barrister, of Davis, Samuel, Welldigger, S.W. Morphy & Fleming Davis, Wm., Labourer, George Fletcher, James, Barrister, of Dawson, Charles, Fruit Dealer, Coyne, Beynon & Fletcher Hurontario Fletcher, Mrs., Mill. Dawson, Joseph, Carpenter, Elizabeth Follis, James, Dresser, John Forster, William, Gent., Church Dawson, Joseph, Druggist Foster, William, Waggonmaker, DeRose, Richard, Painter, Centre Queen Desmond, Ellen, California Franks, Wm., Labourer, John Dick, Alexander, Editor Peel Freckleton, Joshua, Tanner, Banner, Hurontario Queen Dodd, Joseph, Carpenter, Fry, Mrs. Ellen, Hurontario Hurontario Fuller, Albert, Agent, Union Dodd, Reuben, Welldigger, Gardiner, Thos., Finisher, Hurontario Elizabeth Donnelly, Alexander, Ostler Gardhouse, William, Innkeeper, Dosser, Mrs., Mill Hurontario. Downie, John, Teamster Gardiner, Mrs., Widow Downie, Mrs., California Gardner, Thos., Cabinetmaker Dracass, John, Miller Gilchrist, Duncan, Saddler, John Drinkwater, Wm., Elliott Gilkinson, James, Innkeeper, Duggan, Henry, Turnkey Queen Duggan, Wm., J. P. Gilkinson, John, Ostler, John Duncan, James, Labourer Gilkinson, Joseph, Engineer, Duncan, Thomas, Tailor, Queen Market Elliott, Matthew, of K. Chisholm, Gilkinson, Joseph, Livery, Queen & Co., Queen Glen, James, Cooper, Queen Goldin, James, Baker, Queen Hane, Andrew, Plasterer, Hemlock Gooderham, George, Labourer, John Hane, George, Labourer, Elizabeth Goodwin, Thos., Labourer, S. W. Graham, Mrs. Elizabeth, S. W. Hannah, Thos., Labourer, Hurontario Graham, George, County Treasurer, Elizabeth Harris, George Graham, Mrs. Mabel, S. W. Harris, Stephen, Labourer, Union Graham, Joseph, Merchant, Queen Hayden, Edward, Labourer Graham, Robert A., Carpenter Heggie, David, M.D., Hurontario Graham, Thomas, Carpenter, Heglar, Mrs., Church Church Hemphill, Adna, Carpenter, Graham, Wm. K., Dentist, Queen Hurontario Graham, Mrs. T. Hemphill, James, Carpenter, Grant, James, Blacksmith, Jane S. Wellington Green, George, County Attorney, Hemphill, Joel, Carpenter, Hurontario Elizabeth Green, John, Shoemaker, Mill Herchmer, Geo., Teller in Bank Green, Wm., A. Book keeper Herridge, Rev. William, P. M., Greenwood, Charles, Labourer, Scott Queen Hessie, John, Blacksmith, Greenwood, William, Labourer, Elizabeth Queen Hickie, Michael, Farmer, John Grey, Mrs., Queen Hill, Albert, Carpenter Grey, Samuel, Carpenter, Queen Hill, Mrs., Railway Guest, John, Labourer, Hill, William, Machinist, Hurontario S. Wellington Guest, Wm., Painter, Hurontario Hodgson, Joseph, Merchant Tailor, Queen Guy, Joseph, Bartender Hodgson, Joseph, Junr., Tailor, Queen Guy, Miss Ellen Hodgson, Robert, Druggist, John Haggart, Alexander, Moulder, West Hoffmar Alexander, Grocer, Haggart Brothers, Foundry, and Hurontario Machine Manufactory, Hollis, Thomas, Merchant Tailor, Hurontario and Nelson Hurontario Haggart, David, Moulder, Elizabeth Holmes, Mrs. M., Queen Homer, Frederick A., Tinsmith, Haggart, John, of Haggart Brothers Hurontario Hosie, Andrew, Baker, Queen Hall, Samuel, Finisher Hossie, Walter, Deputy Sheriff, Hamilton, James, Carpenter, Church Hurontario Hughes, James, Night watchman, Hamilton, John, Agent, John George Hamilton, William, Carpenter, Hughes, Stewart, Mason, Mary Hurontario Hull, Anthony, Carpenter, Queen Hammond, William, Innkeeper, Hunt, John, Gentleman Hurontario Hunt William, Barber Hunter, Joseph, Queen Livingston, John, Carpenter Hunter, Robert, Grocer, Queen Lonie, David, Finisher, Railway Hunter, Thomas B. Smith Lounsborough, John, Painter, Hurlburt, Wm., Exchange Hotel, John Hurontario Love, Thos., Labourer, Hurontario Hurst, James, Cooper, Queen Hurst, John, Cooper, Elizabeth Lowes, Isaac, Gent., Church Hurst, Wm., Merchant, Queen Lowes, Robert, Farmer, Ingraham, Mrs., Elizabeth Hurontario Jackson, Geo., Shoemaker, Queen Lowrie, Charles, Labourer, Mill Johnston, James, M.D., Hurontario Lynch, John, Queen Magee, Mrs., Innkeeper, Hurontario Johnston, James, Waggon maker, Hurontario Maguire, John, Ostler, Queen Johnston, William, Farmer, Maguire, William, Shoemaker Hurontario Maguire, John B., Druggist, Jones, George, Barber, Hurontario, Hurontario residence, Centre Mahaffy, Wm., Agent, Jones, John M., Farmer, Hurontario Hurontario Mahony, John, Moulder Kemp, David, Manager Merchants Bank Main, James W., Steam mill, Hurontario Kenedy, Cyrus, Marble cutter Malloy, Peter, Shoemaker, Queen Kerby, Laban, Ostler Marshall, Samuel, Finisher Kilpatrick, Ben., Labourer, John Marshall, Wm., Gent., Church King, Charles, Gentleman, Mill Marshall, Wm., Plough Pedler King, John, Gentleman, Hurontario Martin, Arthur, Coachman, S. Wellington King, Mrs., Widow, Hurontario Martin, Edward, Finisher, Kirk, Henry, Labourer S. Wellington Kirkwood, William, Salesman, Martin, Robert, Pedler, John Nelson Martin, Wm. C., Laborer Knock, James, bartender Mason, Chas., Brickmaker, Mill Knox, Arthur, G. T. R. Mason, John, Brickmaker, Queen Knox, George, Switchman, G. T. R. Mason, Josiah, Carpenter, Hurontario Knox, William, Gentleman Mayer, Mrs., Hurontario Lamb, George, Cooper Merchants Bank of Canada., Leash, James A., Printer D. Kemp, Manager, Queen Lee, Matthew, Labourer Middleton, Rev. J., Ch. England, Leslie, David, Grocer, Queen Scott Lewis, John, Blacksmith, Nelson Miller, William, Carpenter, Railway Lewis, Richard, Carriage maker, Milner, Jacob, Carpenter Hurontario Milner, John, Carpenter, Railway Lindsay, William, County Clerk, Hemlock Milner, Thomas, Grocer, Hurontario Little, Joseph, Waggon maker Milner, Wm., Foreman of foundry McBride, Samuel, Clerk, Peaker Hurontario & Runians Mitchell, Henry, Carpenter McCandliss, James, Sadler Mitchell, Robert H., Labourer McCauley, Isaiah, Carpenter, Ellen Mitchell, Wm., Bellringer, John Mitchell, William, carpenter, George McClellan, John, Pupil, Elizabeth Mitchell, Wm. A., Watchmaker, McClellan, John, Carpenter, David Hurontario Modeland, Henry P., Gentleman, McClellan, Mrs., Elizabeth John McClure, Samuel, Carpenter Mogridge, William, Carpenter, Jane McConnell, Nevan, Carpenter, Queen Moore, Chas. Y., M. D., Hurontario McConnell, Thomas, Veterinary Surgeon, Hurontario Moore, James, Labourer, Hurontario McConnell, William, Gent., Elliot Morphy & Fleming, Barristers, &c. McCulla, John, Town Clerk, Queen Morphy, Thos., of Morphy & Fleming, Hurontario McCulla, William, Carpenter, Queen Morrison, Martin, Druggist, Hurontario McDonald, James, Livery, Mortimer, James, Moulder Hurontario Morton, Adam, Teacher, Isabella McDonald, Wm, Centre Morton, James A., Law Student McDonald, William, Teamster, Morton, Thomas, Agent, George Queen Mulherin, Thos., Moulder McDougall, Mrs., Hurontario Mullen, John T., M. D., Hurontario McFadden, William, Law Student Mullis, Henry, Labourer, John McFarlane, Robert, Blacksmith, Munday, Henry, Moulder, South Hurontario Wellington McGrath, Peter, labourer, Hurontario Munday, John, Carpenter, Hurontario McGregor, Alexander, Innkeeper Munday, Thomas, Labourer, Hurontario Queen McIlroy, Daniel, Farmer, Queen Murdoch, Charles, Shoemaker, McIlroy, Thomas, Railway Queen McKelvey, Mrs., Widow, Hurontario Murdock, Mrs. Margaret, Hurontario McKenney, George, Carpenter Murdock Thomas, Carpenter, John McKenny, John, Painter, Jane Murphy, John, Innkeeper, G. T. R. McKillop, Robert, Moulder, Queen McKinnon, Donald, School Inspector, Mycock, Samuel, Gardener, South Hurontario Wellington McLaughlin, Mrs., Isabella McBride, Archibald, Clerk, McMullen, John, Shoemaker, Hurontario Wellington McNabb, Duncan, Merchant Phelan, Michael, Carpenter, McTague, Michael, Shoemaker, Hurontario John Phillips & Bryant, Furniture, Nelson, James, Saddler, Queen Hurontario Nesbit, Arthur, Gent., Queen Phillips, James, of Phillips Newhouse, Wm., Gent., Vodden & Bryant Newlove, Thos., Ostler Pickard, John, Tax Collector, Nixon, Wm., Gent., Elizabeth Isabella Oaks, William, Finisher, William Porter, John, Tailor, Hurontario Ormstead, Henry, Photographer, Centre Portlock, Wm., Machinist, Queen Osborne, Thos. Butcher, David Powers, John, Labourer, California Packham, George, Farmer, South Powers, Thomas, Blacksmith, Wellington Elliott Packham, James, Brickmaker, Pratley, Daniel, Teamster, John S. Wellington Palen, Mrs., Hurontario Price, David, Tailor, Queen Palen, William, Carpenter, Price, Joseph, Tailor, John S. Wellington Pringle, Rev. James, Pres., Patterson, John, Carter, Ellen Hurontario Patterson, Robert, Teamster, Elizabeth Pringle, James, Jr., Clerk in P. O. Patterson, Samuel, Gent., Pringle, Wm., Clerk in Bank Hurontario Pulfer, Francis, Labourer, Patterson, Wellington, Grocer, S. Wellington Hurontario Pulfer, John, Labourer, Queen Patullo, Alexander, M.D., Church Purcell, Patrick, Mill Payne, Thos., Finisher, Church Putten, Joseph, Ostler Peaker & Runians, Hardware, Quin, John, Carpenter, Queen Hurontario Raison, Charles, Labourer, Queen Peaker, Wm., of Peaker & Runians Raison, Samuel, Labourer, John Raison, Thomas, Labourer, Queen Pearen, Jonathan, Agent, Isabella Randal John, Labourer, Hurontario Pendleton, John, Labourer, Rowe, James, Photographer, Church Hurontario Pendleton, Richard, Roadmaster, Redeck, Andrew, Mill Church Registry Office, Queen Pendleton, Wm., Tavern inspector, Reid, Abraham, Labourer, Mill Queen Revere House, Samuel Beck, Hurontario Perdue, William, High School Teacher Reynolds, James, Cooper, George Perdue, William, Gent., Railway Reynolds, John, Agent, G. T. R. Perry, Jesse, Builder, Alexander Robertson, John, Sadler, Queen Petefer, John, Labourer, John Robinson, Geo. H., Grammar Phair, George, Labourer, Hurontario Teacher, Nelson Robinson, James, Grocer, Shields, John, Carpenter, Ellen Hurontario Siep, Lewis, Moulder, Mary Robinson, Robert, Finisher Sinclair, Mrs. Jane, Queen Robinson, Wm. Carpenter, Slack, Crawford, Fancy Store, Hurontario Hurontario Rogers, Mrs. William Smedley, Charles, Blacksmith, Rooney, Joseph, Haggart's Foundry Union Hurontario Smith, Catherine, John Rose, Mrs., John Smith, David, Farmer, Hurontario Ross, Wm. M., Gent, Hurontario Smith, George, Butcher, William Rowden, Mrs., Union Smith, James, Carpenter Runians, Edwin, of Peaker & Smith, John, Labourer Runians Smith, Joseph, Butcher, Vodden Ryan, Jerry, Teamster Smith, Robert C., Labourer, Ryan, Michael, Blacksmith Hemlock Ryan, Philip, Labourer, Freeman Smith, Thomas, Moulder Sawyer, Wm., Ostler Smith, William, Builder, Savage, John, Finisher, George S. Wellington Schiller, Chas., Clerk Sparks, Eneas, Waggon maker Schorah, Thomas, Shoemaker, Lynch Sparks, Vipond, Blacksmith, Hurontario Scott, A. F., Judge of County Sparrow, William, Carpenter, Court S. Wellington Scott, D. L., Barrister, Hurontario Spellman, Jessie, Carpenter, Church Scott, J. & G. M., Merchants, Spence, William, Bricklayer, Hurontario Union Scott, Geo. M., of J. & G. M. Scott Sproule, John, Butcher, Railway Scott, James of J. & G. M. Scott Stead, John G., Merchant, Hurontario Sterling, John, Labourer Scott, Jacob, Labourer, Church Stevens, Daniel, Brampton house Scott, Rev. J., W. M., Isabella Stevens, John, Omnibus Scott, John L., Horsedealer, Railway Stevens, Stiles, Moulder, Hurontario Scott, Mrs. Mary, Widow, Queen Stewart, James, Gentleman, Scott, Robert, labourer, Centre Hurontario Scully, Henry, Carpenter, Stewart, James, Shoemaker, Hurontario S. Wellington Sellens, Samuel, Tanner Stewart, John, Carpenter, John Sewell, Joseph, Bricklayer Stewart, Robert, John Shane, Edward, Dairyman, John Stewart, Thos., Carpenter, John Sharp, James, Gent., Nelson Stewart, Thomas, Tinsmith Shaw, Rev. J., W. M., Mill. Stinson, Miss, Dress maker, Queen Shennick, Thomas D., Trader, Queen Stoneham, John, Carpenter, Mill Stoneham, Richard, Carpenter, Queen Vodden, Thomas, Driller, Elizabeth Stork, Christopher, Druggist, Volman, Fred., Painter, John Hurontario Wainwright, William, Carpenter Stork, Edward, Labourer, William Walsh, Edward, Queen's Hotel, Queen Strutt, Fredk, Carpenter, John Walsh, Robert, Carpenter, Lynch Sull, Joseph, Bricklayer Waltenburgh, Mrs. Suggett, Leonard, Baker, Mary Wand, George, Labourer, Suggett, Mrs., Mary Hurontario Suggett, Wm., Labourer, Mary Warren, Thomas, Gardener, Summerville, Samuel, Shoemaker, S. Wellington Hemlock Warren, William, Gardener, Summerville, Thomas, Carpenter. Wellington Sumner, John, Queen Watkins, Thomas G. T., Night Sumner, Samuel, Shoemaker, watchman, Elizabeth Queen Watson, George, Grocer, Tate, George, Saddler Hurontario Taylor, David, Glove maker Watt, Andrew, Machinist, Queen Taylor, Geo., Carpenter, Church Webster, Thomas, Bookkeeper at Taylor, James, Waggon maker Haggart's Taylor, Matthew, Labourer, Queen White, David, Butcher, Market Taylor, Wm., Labourer, Nelson White, Michael, Labourer, John Temple, John, Labourer, Queen White, Thomas, Cabinet Maker, John Thayer, Horatio, of Bright and Whitehead, William, Carpenter, Thayer George Thistle, Mrs. J. A., Queen Wideman, James, The Progress, Thompson, Thos., Fruit dealer, Elizabeth Hurontario Wigley, Andrew, Tanner, Queen Tilt, James, Shoemaker, Wilkinson, William, Merchant, Hurontario Hurontario Tilt, James, Blacksmith, Williamson, Joseph, butcher, S. Wellington William Tilt, John, Gentleman, Scott Williamson, William, Cattle Dealer, Todd, John, Gent., Hurontario Hurontario Totten, Mrs., Eliza, Nelson Williams, Thomas, Labourer, Elizabeth Treadgold, Manton, Music store, Queen Williams, William, Blacksmith, Queen Troughton, Stafford, Cabinet Maker Wilson, Purdon, Labourer Trueman, Mrs. Jane Wilson, Thomas, Marble Works, Queen Tye, George, Brampton Times, Jane Wilson, William, Merchant, Hurontario Tye, Luther, Printer, John Vance, Alex., Teamster, Queen Wood, John E., Barber, Hurontario, Vodden, Mrs. Church residence, John Woods, P. L., P. O., Book Store, Wright, William, Moulder, John Queen, res. Hurontario York, Elias A., S. Wellington Wray, John, Labourer, Ellen Young, Andrew, Carpenter, John Wright, Mrs., Church Young, Thomas, Labourer, John Wright, Robert, Labourer, Queen Wright, Wesley, R. Total assessed value of property Wright, William, Blacksmith, for 1873. Queen Total population, 2,317. Wright, William, John
A village on the River Credit in the north-west part of the Township of Toronto, distant from Brampton 5 miles; from Streetville 5 miles, and from Port Credit 13 miles. Population about 200. Aikens, W., labourer Lotty, Edward, Shoemaker Anderson, Alexander, Labourer Little, Mrs. Margaret Anderson, Elizabeth, Widow Madden, John, Mason Argue, Abraham, Saddler Manes, John, Farmer Atchison, John, Innkeeper Manes, Thomas, Tailor Brown, Henry Manes, Thomas, Tailor Burns, John, Labourer Marchmont, John, Labourer Burns, Wm., Farmer Marchmont, Luke, Labourer Bussell, James, Farmer Marchmont, Luke Jr. Church, Mrs. Harriet, Widow of Marchmont, Wm., Labourer Orange Miller, Robert, Farmer Dolby, Richard, Blacksmith Mitchell, Archibald Dolby, Wm., Labourer McCartney, Wm. Douglas, Hugh, Labourer McClure, James Frazer, John McIlwain, Joseph, Weaver Fogarty, Thomas, Waggonmaker Norton, James, Labourer Hall, Fletcher, Farmer Nowits, Vincent, Farmer Hall, Levi, Farmer Pointer, Brunswick Hall, Zolman, Blacksmith Pointer, Fletcher Handey, Wm., Blacksmith Pointer, J. E. & R., Tanners Hopper, James, Carpenter Pointer, J. E., of Pointer, J. E. Howell, Charles, Blacksmith & R., P.M. Ingram, Mathias, Farmer Pointer, Richard, of Pointer, J. Joice, James, Blacksmith E. & R. Joice, Maurice, Blacksmith Sharp, Joseph, Shoemaker Kendall, James, Labourer Todd, Oliver, Gentleman Kendall, John, Labourer Wills, Alfred, Labourer Leslie, John B., Farmer Wilson. Wm., Merchant
A village on the eastern boundary of the County, partly in the Gore of Toronto, and partly in Vaughan and Etobicoke in the County of York. Distant from Brampton 9 miles; from Toronto 17 miles; from Malton, the nearest station of the Grand Trunk Railway 4 miles. Armstrong, Christopher, Tollkeeper Lawrence, John K., Farmer Bell, Thomas, Acting Postmaster Linton, John, Merchant, Post master Bowman, James, Farmer McKay, J. A., M. D. Claireville Hotel, Patrick Smith Porter, Thomas, Farmer Downie, Edward, Miller Porter, William, Esq. Duck, Jonathan, Tailor Smith, William, Blacksmith Ellerby, James, Tailor Smith, Patrick, Claireville Hotel Garner, Rev. John, Primitive Ward, Thomas, Shoemaker Methodist Watson, Wm., Farmer Hugill, Daniel, Auctioneer Wilkes, Robinson, Tailor Hugill, David Wisemore, C. H., Painter Lawrence, Isaac, Farmer Wolfe, Charles, Cabinet maker
A small village on the northern limits of the Township of Chinguacousy, on Hurontario Street, distant from Brampton 10 miles, from Charleston, a station of the Toronto Grey and Bruce Railway, 6 miles. Population about 100. Bulleymente, Andrew, Merchant McGregor, Archibald Campbell, James, Farmer McGregor, John Clark, Mrs. A., Widow McKechnie, Alexander Clunis, Alexander, Blacksmith McKechnie, Archibald, Farmer Croll, Rev. R. M., Presbyterian McKechnie, Neil, Farmer Doherty, George, Agent Perdue, Henry Fead, Mrs. Mary Robertson, George, Farmer Lavery, Hugh, Shoemaker Robinson, Andrew, M.D. Lewis, Joseph, Waggonmaker Robinson, Charles, M.D. Maher, Edward, Innkeeper Ross, Joseph, Tailor NcCollum, P. T., Postmaster Scott, George, Mason McDonald, John Sharp, Thomas, Labourer McGregor, Alpine Westervelt, James, Merchant
A village on the eastern boundary of the County, on the township line between Toronto Gore and the Township of Vaughan. Distant from Brampton, 15 miles; from Klineburg, a station on the Toronto, Grey and Bruce Railway, 2 miles. Population about 200. Atkinson, Thomas, Farmer Kelly, Margaret, Merchant Byrne, Michael, Fa Kersey, Thomas, Farmer Clark, Richard, Farmer Kersey, Wm., Farmer Cole, John, Farmer Leighton, George, Farmer Cole, Thomas, Farmer Maynard, Amos, Millwright Cook, Richard, Farmer Nattrass, Joseph, Farmer Craven, James, Farmer Rowler, George, Huckster Devins, Isaac, Farmer St. John, Mary, Widow, P. M. Fenwick, Francis, Farmer Splan, John, Farmer Johnston, James, Farmer Watson, Walter, Farmer Johnston, John, Township Clerk
A village in the Township of Albion, on a branch of the Humber. Distant from Bolton, 3 miles; from Brampton, 21 miles. Population about 200. This village was formerly called Coventry, which is still the name of the Post Office. Arnott, Simon, Shoemaker Morrison, Wm., Farmer Beaton, Neil, Labourer McAllister, Peter, Merchant Brooks, Charles, Labourer McAllister, Thomas Campbell, Duncan, Waggonmaker McGovern, Mrs., Columbia Inn McKee, Wm., Exchange Hotel, Columbia Inn, Mrs. McGovern Postmaster Dixon, Alexander, Township Parker, Robert, Labourer Clerk. Patterson, David Elliot, Alexander, Labourer Potter, Wm., Miller Exchange Hotel, Wm. McGee Raynor, John, Farmer Kerr, Isaac, Farmer Stubbs, Edward, Carpenter Kerr, Isaac, Jr. Swinnerton, Thomas, Esquire, Kitchison, George Reeve Kitchison, Wm., Blacksmith
One of the oldest villages in the County, in the Township of Toronto, at the intersection of Dundas and Hurontario Streets. Distant from Toronto City, 16 miles; from Port Credit, 3 miles; from Brampton 10 miles. It was a thriving and rising village until the construction of a railway on each side of it cut off a large portion of its business. It will probably revive by the Credit Valley Railway, now being constructed, which will have a station about midway between Cooksville and Dixie, so as to accommodate both villages. It has - a rare thing in Canada - a Vinery and wine factory under the management of Solomon White, Esq. Population about 400. Anderson, John, Labourer Lynch, John, Farmer Barsotte, Francis, Labourer Morgan, William, Farmer Boakes, ___, Mason Morley, J. R. Shoemaker Bonacaise, John, Labourer Morton, Thomas, Agent Brethour, Rev. David L., W. M. McKee, John, Labourer Broddy, Mrs. Anne, widow Ogden, John, M.D. Brunskill, Matthew, Carpenter Parker, Sir Henry, Baronet Brunskill, William, Butcher Parsons, John, Labourer Bull, Edward, Farmer Patchett, John, Labourer Bundy, Charles, Mason Peaker, John, Merchant, Post Charlton, John, Farrier master Church, George, Farmer Phillips, Joseph, Merchant Clairehouse Vineyards, Price, John C. Farmer S. White, Proprietor Redman, Michael, Blacksmith Cochrane, John, Gardener Robins, Daniel, Labourer Codling, Thomas, Butcher Royal Hotel, John C. Schiller Colwell, Charles, Waggon maker Rutherford, Thomas, Farmer Combs, Mark, Butcher Schiller, John C., Royal Hotel Cook, Henry, Labourer Schiller, Lucinda, Widow Cook, M. W., Farmer Smith, Isaac, Mason Cook, Sarah, Crew Soady, James, Shoemaker Cooksville Hotel, Wm. Hunwick Soady, Walter, Shoemaker Corrigan, Phillip, Pensioner South, Frederick, Farmer Cox, William, Baker Spencer, Mrs. Jane Cramp, Thomas, ____ Vineyard Stewart, John, Labourer Crawford, Crossin, Mason Taylor, John, Labourer Crosier, John, Farmer Torrance, Daniel, Vineyard Culham, David, Farmer Torrance, George, Vineyard Galbraith, John, Merchant Torrance, John, Vineyard Glassbrook, M.G., ___ Vineyard Vanvalkenburgh, Mrs. Elizabeth Gordon, Andrew Walsh, Joseph, Surveyor Gordon, Leslie Waterhouse, Albert, Farmer Grimshaw, Mrs., widow Waterhouse, Asa, Shoemaker Harris, Charlotte, widow Waterhouse, Daniel S., Teacher Harris, Francis, Toll keeper Waterhouse, Edwy, Teacher Harris, Josiah, Carpenter Waterhouse, George, Farmer Harris, Oscar, Farmer Waterhouse, Josiah, Carpenter Hector, T. W. Waterhouse, Timothy Hickey, John, Labourer Weeks, John, Shoemaker Hunwick, William, Cooksville Weeks, William, Shoemaker. Hotel White, Peter, Vineyard Izzard, Walter, Labourer White, Solomon, Claire House Kane, Patrick, Huckster Vineyards King, Thomas D., Merchant Wilcox, Amos, Gentleman Lamb, John, Vineyard Wilcox, Isaac, Gentleman Lesslie, James, Labourer Wilson, George B., Blacksmith Lewis, Thomas, M.D. Wismer, Jacob, Farmer Long, Patrick, Labourer Wright, William, Saddler
A small village in the Township of Toronto, on Hurontario Street. Distant from Brampton, 4 miles; from Cooksville, 6 miles; from Port Credit, 9 miles. Population about 100. Brown, Samuel, Farmer Hunter, Wm., Farmer Brown, Wm. C., Farmer Lundy, Francis, Farmer, J.P. Dundas, Francis, Innkeeper Moore, Robert, Farmer Fee, Bernard, Labourer McCollum, P., Postmaster Haney, Jonathan, Farmer Sanderson, Leonard, Teacher Haney, Mary Anne, Widow Tilt, Joseph, Farmer Handy, Joseph, Shoemaker Tilt, Wm., Farmer Hunter, Charles, Farmer Wedgewood, David, Farmer Hunter, James, Farmer
A village in the Township of Toronto, on Dundas Street. Distant from Cooksville, 2 miles; from Toronto City, 14 miles; from Brampton, 12 miles. Population about 200. Atkinson, Thomas Leonard, Hannah Beharriel, Thomas, Farmer Linskey, Mrs. Bell, John, Carpenter McElhoney, Mrs. Bemrose, Wm., Gardener McInninny, Thomas Blair, Benjamin, Painter McKenny, Francis, Farmers' Dean, Michael, Labourer Hotel Death, Daniel, Farmer Parker, John, Merchant Farmers' Hotel, Francis McKenny Porter, Wm., Labourer Gilluce, John, Innkeeper Roadhouse, Nehemiah, Blacksmith Gilluce, Thomas, Tailor Ship, Charles, Labourer Gould, John, Gentleman Stanfield, Richard, Farmer Hawkins, John, Esq., J.P. Stanfield, Thomas, Farmer Hawkins, Wm., Blacksmith Watts, Nicholas, Carpenter Heavy, Matthew, Labourer Wilson, John, Gentleman Johnston, Wm., Labourer Wilson, Robert, Blacksmith Kenedy, John, Merchant, Post master Wilson, Samuel, Shoemaker
A village in the centre of the Township of Chinguacousy, on Hurontario Street. Distant from Brampton, 4 1/2 miles. Population about 150. Ashenhurst, George, Blacksmith Cameron, Ewen, Merchant, Beamish, Thomas, Innkeeper Post master Campbell, Robert, Blacksmith Hutchinson, Hugh, Mason Cation, David, Farmer Huxley, John, Shoemaker Collingborne, James Jamieson, John, Labourer Earngey, Joseph, Saddler Johnston, Hugh, Innkeeper Elliott, John, Innkeeper Little, William, Township Clerk Ferris, John, Gentlemen Lyons, Thomas, Esq. Gascoyne, Mary, Widow Moody, William, Farmer Giffin, Alexander, Farmer McDougal, Laughin, Gentleman Giffin, John, Farmer Quin, Robert, Blacksmith Golding, W. J., Mason Shields, Thomas Guy, Joseph, Carpenter Thompson, Albert, Waggnnmaker Hall, William, Farmer Townsend, William, Labourer Hiscock, Henry, Labourer Watson, Samuel, Labourer Humphries, Edwin, Carpenter Wheeler, Alexander, Farmer Humphries, Henry, Carpenter
A small village on the Town line between Toronto and Chinguacousy. Distant from Brampton, 4 miles; from Malton, 4 miles. Population about 80. Armstrong, Joseph, Farmer Grahame, James, Farmer Bowerbank, John, Builder Grasby, George, Farmer Boylan, James, Farmer Laycock, Robert, Gentleman Fraser, Sarah, Widow Morrisson, Martin, Farmer Continue to Part 4.