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The American Descendants of Capt. William MASSICOT(te)
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This is the Massicott Family Anchor created for the family document books. It depicts the family story about Capt. William's Anchor having been placed in a nearby church in Baltimore City Maryland. 

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Introduction to the Family File:

    The beginning of my quest for the Massicot family roots came with the death of one of my family members.  Dian Massicot Schmidt was a genealogist, and a had the family lore stored right in her head.  Some of these stories are facinating, others down right odd.  But it was these stories that, on her death went missing. I searched for a long while before our dear cousins found me.  It was discovered that one of our cousins was also a genealogist, and had compiled a family descendant chart of William's Descendants.  With this information in hand, we have made several great strides from dates and names to family information that has been lost.  These long distant family relations have been helping me shed NEW light on the family.  It is my hope that we can make more connections to other long missing family members, and add to this continually growing Massicot Community.
 You Sitemistress: Wendy Lee Massicot MAYFIELD

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Family Research Notes:
We have been told that William Massicot was a Privateer.  All indications point to the War of 1812.  Some avaliable resources for the Baltimore War of 1812 that may prove of some assitance are at the Maryland State Archives.  See the following for more details:
MARYLAND STATE PAPERS (Revolutionary Papers) 1775-1825 
S997 *These papers include War of 1812 Documents

Baltimore Privateers, 1812-1815, MHM 34:165., Location: REF E-1- 

 Marine, William M. The British Invasion of Maryland, 1812-1815. Repr.: Hatboro [Pa.]: 1965., Location: REF A-3-4 *A dear Gal on the Baltimore Md, Rootsweb Listserve explained that in part the reason for the British to attack Baltimore City, came from the fact that they believed it was a 'Den of Privateers'

War of 1812 Collection, MHS Ms. Coll. MS.1846

It is also believed that Capt. William MASSICOT was a member of St. Patricks Church-or Parish.  Searches revealed that the church was founded in 1792, and I am 'told' that a layman would not have founded such a church.  It may be that he founded what is called the Seaman's Church.  Further research is needed before we can determine which church William Founded.  However, St. Patricks Parish Registers can be found at the Maryland State Archives:  See the following for more information:

Collection Number MSA SC 2527 
Collection Name   St. Patrick's Church Collection 
Dates 1806-1977 
Description  St. Patrick's Church, Archdiocese of Baltimore, Roman Catholic, Baltimore City, Bank Street and Broadway:  baptismal registers 1825-1849, 1852-1977; baptisms, marraiges, and deaths 1806-1854; marriage records  1825-1977; deaths and interments 1825-1853, 1875-1977. 
Film Number M 1563 - M 1571 Microfilm

Other names of interest at Linwood Cemetery, Decatur, Decatur Co., GA.  These are in connection with Emelie HARVEY wife of William Leary MASSICOT:
NUCKOLLS: Alice , Elizabeth A. , Ella , Emma O. , Emily , Forbes B. , J.T. , James , James R. , James T. , Joseph K. , L.K. , Lizzie P. , Louisianna H. , N.A , Nathaniel , Nathaniel A. , T.J. , Thomas J. , Thos J. Jr. , William T. 
HARVEY: Carter , E.D. , Edw. H. , Edw. M. , Eva W. , Eugene L. , Helen , John B. , Lee C. , Martha C. , Mary , Maxine , Orville R. , Susie L. , W.H. , Wm.H. , Wm. T. 

Some Baltimore Church Parish Links: 


Census Index For Baltimore Family
1870 BLAKESLEE  ABRAHAM  Baltimore County MD 322 19th Ward

Hello Dear Family Members:  Here are some photographs of the folks you haven't seen!

Marie Mildred Massicot (Fletcher, Kershaw, and Frain)  This photo is taken at the Edgwood Baha'i Community in Edgwood NM before her death in 1988. 

Dian Massicot Frain (Schmidt) My Families Genealogist.  She died just one short year after her mother Marie Frain.  Her photo was taken at the home of her Aunt Frances Lucile (Frain) Lewis in N. Augusta SC. in 1986.

Here is Frances Massicot Frain (Sohlberg, Ebel)  This photograph was taken at the Funeral of my husbands Grandmother Henrietta A. Rau, on May 2000

Here I am in 1997 (other websites have a more recent photograph.)  Its amazing, but the three of my relations have the same features.  (Minature lookalikes of one another!)

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