Early Va./Ky. Meachams -- H.F.M. Bible I

Hariet Francis Meacham Family Bible

Images and Transcription of Entries (part I)

This family Bible was discovered in September 2000 in southern Missouri, in the possession of the greatgreatgrandson of Hariet Francis Meacham Combs. The Bible Record appears to have been started in about 1850 for Hariet Francis, with a preamble of existing family data. The Bible was passed on to her daughter Susan Combs Munger, and then to its present owner, who very kindly provided these copies to be used by researchers. See the previous article "The John Joseph Meacham Family Bible Record" for a description of the events leading to its discovery, and discussion of its data. My notes are in square brackets; capital letters represent words printed on the page by the publisher; births and marriages after 1900 have not been included. The image files are large and may take some time to load -- worth the wait!

[Title page]

[Page inside frontispiece; no image]

William H. Meacham departed

[Page 1 of entries (between Old and New Testaments); see image below]


[left column]


John J. Meacham was born February the 5th 1799

Sarah A. his wife was born April the 5the 1798

William H. Meacham was born June the 17th 1820

Joseph G. Meacham was born January the 12th 1822

Emaline E. Meacham was born December the 24th 1823

Lucy Ann Meacham was born February the th19, 1826

[right column]


John W. Meacham was born May the 19th 1828

Nancy Adaline Meacham was born October the 22, 1830

Mary Eliza Meacham was born Febuary the 18th 1833

Sarah Elen Meacham was born December the 13th 1835

Susan A. E. Meacham was born June the 22sd 1838

Hariet Francis Meacham was born May the 7th, 1841

[First page of entries]

[Page 2:]


[left column]


Mary K. Combs was born February th 28, 1863

Mary K Combs was born March the 1, 1863 [correction of above entry]

Louisa M Combs was born December the 24, 1864

John J Combs January the 10 1867

Susan A E Combs was born Febuary the 18, 1869

Lucy Combs was born September the 6 1871

John A Barnes was born 3rd Feb 1888

Ernice Combs was born the 1 July 1893

Alferd Combs was born the 30 [or 3d,] Oct 1895

Ingy B Combs was born the 5 Jan 1898

[right column]


Nancy Adaline Meacham Departed this life January the 29th 1835

Mary Eliza Meacham Departed this life February th 19th 1835

Sarah E. Meacham Departed this life January the 11 1851

Joseph G. Meacham Departed this life

Beulah Munger died Aug 23, 1962 age 66 yrs 2 mo 17 days [agrees with birth record on page 3 if read as 1896]

John J. Meacham Departed this life August the 14th 1865

[Second page of entries]

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