Early Va./Ky. Meachams -- Kentucky Line I

My Ole Kentucky Line -- Part I

[* signifies -- in Christian County, Kentucky]

1. Joseph Meacham, b. Feb. 25, 1761 in Caroline Co. Va, d. ?1838*, married Mary West; issue: Edmond b. 1779, Willis b. 1783, Sinah b. 1784, Jeremiah b. 1788, Andrew A. b. 1790, Joseph Jr. b. 1794, West b. 1798, Wyatt b. 1798, Jonathan b. ?

Joseph and his brothers William, James, John and George Meacham all went west from North Carolina, and their descendants are scattered throughout the states. Joseph and William married sisters from a respected colonial family named West. Joseph joined the Revolutionary army in 1781 while still in Chatham County, North Carolina, and was involved in a few skirmishes with Tories. In 1832, he applied for and was given a pension for his service of six months. His grandchildren were often shown the military uniform with its knee-buckles that he wore during the Revolution and kept as long as he lived. Around 1805-7, Joseph moved his family to Kentucky and settled in Christian county. Joseph and Mary West Meacham had nine children. The family is listed in the 1800 census for Chatham Co. NC and in the 1810 census for Christian Co KY. The latter census shows that he owned two slaves. Land grant records of 1799-1808 show that Joseph obtained 480 acres south of Green River* on Buck Creek and Blue Lick Fork. He settled in the wooded section near Antioch church. He was a man of prominence in his day, accumulated property and was a leader in his neighborhood. He operated a grist mill, which was the only one in all his section of the county. Charles Mayfield Meacham records a description of Joseph related by his father, Joseph's grandson, as "a large man with light hair, a fair complexion and a bald head." Joseph and Mary Meacham were both believed to have died in Christian Co. but no wills or estate records or grave markers have been found for them. Mary West Meacham was said to have lived into her 80's.

2. Edmond Meacham [Sr.], b. Oct. 7, 1779, d. July 7, 1862*, Married [?Sarah] Richardson; issue: Mary, Isaac, Patsy. Second marriage of Edmond Sr. on May 7, 1807 to Nancy Calvin b. 1784, d. June 11, 1877*; issue: Edmond [Jr] b. Oct.6, 1809, Willis b. about 1811*, Joseph b. about 1812*, James F. b. 1817*, Calvin b. 1819*, Susanna b. 1821*, Linea A. b. about 1824*. Edmund and Nancy are buried at the Meacham family cemetery on the Draper's land in north Christian Co.

Edmond was the first son of Joseph Meacham, and accompanied his father from North Carolina to settle in Christian Co. Ky. Most of the family were "hard shell Baptists" (strict Calvinists). Among Edmond's brothers born in Kentucky: Willis was a Baptist preacher, Jeremiah was married three times and had thirteen children; Andrew was also a Baptist preacher who moved to Illinois at a young age; Joseph Jr. also moved to Illinois; West died in childhood; Jonathan lived to be a young man and married, but died without issue. Sinah, his sister, married but died without issue. Edmond's son Calvin and Calvin's wife Mary are also buried at the Meacham cemetery on the Draper place. The inventory of Edmond's estate dated Jan. 9, 1863 included two boy slaves, Henry and Joseph, who were inherited by his wife, and presumably remained with her until the end of the Civil War, as Kentucky was not in rebellion and thus not covered by the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863. In the 1870 census she is living with Joseph and Delila Meacham, and noted to be blind.

Edmond's tombstone has this inscription: "Dearest father, thou hast left us; Here thy loss we deeply feel; But tis God that hast bereft us; He can all our sorrows heal." Nancy's reads: "The pains of death are past, Labor and sorrow cease, And life's long warfare closed at last, Her soul is found at peace."

3. Edmond Meacham [Jr.], 1809* - 1893* [see discussion below for exact dates], married on Aug. 21, 1828* to Iva Williams b. Dec. 17, 1810*, d. Jan. 11, 1895*. Both are buried at the Meacham cemetery on old Carpenter place in north Christian County. Issue: James b. 1829*, Nancy P. b. 1832*, Marion Delain Meacham b. 1834*, Calvin W. b. 1836*, Henry C. b. 1838*, Alburn Watson Meacham b. 1850*, Louisa Emiline Meacham b. 1841*, Leander D. b. 1845*, John M. b. about 1846*.

He was appointed as an election officer of the county in 1852. A report in the Hopkinsville newspaper of 1880 stated that "Colonel Edmund Meacham, an old and highly esteemed citizen of this neighborhood ... has what they term St. Vitus dance, he sleeps but little and then his hands and feet are in motion all the time." No other life details available. Photos of the gravestones of Edmond and Nancy can be seen in the article on cemetery restoration.

The dates for Edward on the tombstone are wrong -- see Correction of dates for Col. Edmond Meacham. The best evidence indicates birth on Oct. 6, 1808, death on Aug. 22, 1893 (tombstone, obituary and bible transcript do not agree; death date taken from obituary; birth date from combination of sources).

[photo of Iva Williams Meacham][photo of Henry C. ]

Photograph (above left) of Iva Williams Meacham that hung in the living room of Alburn Meacham. Photograph (above right) of Henry C. Meacham. Both photos courtesy of Nancy Miller, greatgrand-daughter of Alburn Meacham. Edward and Iva have a joint tombstone which has the inscription "Father - Mother." See part two of the article on cemetery restoration for photos of the tombstones. Henry C. and two of Henry C.'s children are also buried at the cemetery on the old Carpenter place, along with two children of Alburn Meacham, and two infant children of Calvin W. Meacham.

[Four brothers]

Four sons of Edmond and Iva, from left: Marion, Wesley, Milton, Alburn. Photo taken about 1915-1920 (courtesy of Nancy Miller, greatgrand-daughter of Alburn Meacham).

4. Marion Delain Meacham b. April 13, 1834*, d. March 12, 1925*, married on May 6, 1860* to Georgia Ann Anderson b. July 29,1841,d. Feb. 4, 1934*; both buried at Riverside Cemetery, Hopkinsville, Ky. Issue: William F. Meacham b. June 20, 1861*, Robert Milton Meacham b. June 22, 1864* d. Sept. 9, 1940*; John Edmond Meacham b. Dec. 4, 1866* d. Aug. 9, 1927 in Union Co. Ky.; Annie Laurie Meacham b. July 22,1871* d. Aug. 6,1951 in Trigg Co. Ky.; Ivy Pernicky Meacham b. March 20, 1876* d. Feb. 25, 1976*; Myra Meacham b. Jan. 18, 1884*, d. Mar. 10, 1887*.

Delain and Georgia Ann] [Georgia Ann at 90]
Marion D. and Georgia A. Meacham; Georgia A. at 90 "she had broken her hip." For other pictures of them and their family see the article on their descendants.

Occupation given as "farmer" in the census records. No other life details available. He outlived his son William F. and grandson Marion Henry, but his wife Georgia Ann survived him and their third son John Edmond, living to a ripe old age of 92. On the day his three-year-old daughter Myra died, Marion Delain purchased a family plot at Riverside cemetery, where later he, Georgia A., William F. and Ivy would be buried. Curiously, my father Dr. William Meacham did not know them, but he did know an "Uncle Bob and Aunt Ella." These were Robert Milton Meacham and his wife Ella Boyd.

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