Bible of Marion D. and Georgia A. Meacham -- M.D./G.A. Bible

Transcript of the Bible of Marion D. and Georgia A. Meacham

The following one page typed transcript was found among the papers of Ivy Meacham Edwards, by her grand-daughter Anne Norfleet of Hopkinsville, who kindly provided a copy. No trace of the original Bible has been found. Among the birth dates, the following disagreements are noted with the dates found in the Edmond and Iva Meacham Bible record: John E. 1866, Ivy Meacham Mar. 22, Myra Meacham Jan. 18.

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Marion Delaney Meacham April 13, 1834
Georgia Anderson Meacham, July 29, 1841
W.F. Meacham, June 20, 1861
Robert M. Meacham, June 22, 1864
John Edmond Meacham, Dec. 4, 1867
Annie Meacham, July 22, 1871
Ivy Pernecy Meacham, Mar. 20, 1876
Myra Meacham, Jan. 20, 1884


M.D. Meacham and Georgia A. Meacham, May 6, 1860
W.F. Meacham and Bettie Davis, Dec. 16, 1881
R.M. Meacham and Ella Boyd, Dec. 20, 1887
J. Edmond Meacham and Frances Jones, Oct. 1903
Annie L. Meacham and George Prentice Thomas, Jan. 8, 1907
Ivy Meacham and Harry Garner Edwards, Nov. 27, 1902

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