Robert Bartlett Meacham Bible Record

Robert Bartlett Meacham Bible Record

This transcript of Bible entries was cited by the late Marlene Meacham Wall, and it was said to be in the possession of a Catherine Johnson. Some doubts had been previously expressed about whether such a record really existed and whether it contained the information that Marlene had claimed. I decided to try to locate it, and after a couple of dead-ends, made contact with the correct Catherine Johnson nee Bennett. She is a great granddaughter of Mary Angeline Meacham Bennett, daughter of Robert Bartlett. Catherine very kindly provided the original typescripts from 1935 that are reproduced below.

The person who transcribed the Bible entries -- Alice Bradshaw Wallace -- was the granddaughter of Mary Angeline Meacham Bennett.

It is a pity she did not record where the Bible was, or who owned it. And like many others who transcribe family history records, she did not note the date of the publication of the Bible. This is important to evaluate the entries: those before the publication being "preamble" taken from another source, either an older bible or memory, and thus less reliable than events recorded shortly after they occurred.

But one has to be grateful that she did make this record, and the fact that she "certified" it means that she would have been careful to transcribe the entries accurately (errors often creep in when entries are copied).

The handwritten note on page 1 is Catherine Bennett Johnson's. Not sure whose is the handwriting on page 2.