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Page 4                         Plattsburgh Daily Republican             Friday, May 10, 1918



Honor List of County’s Sons in Army and Navy


The Plattsburgh Chapter of the American Red Cross, deeply sensible of the debt of gratitude that we all owe to the men who have gone out from our communities in the service of our country, have desired to prepare and publish a “Roll of Honor” containing the names of such men who have gone from the territory covered by the Plattsburgh Chapter (Clinton County and parts of Essex and Franklin Counties.)  Some time ago a committee was appointed to compile the list of names and publish the Honor Roll.  The task has not been an easy one for the reason that no records have been kept of those who volunteered for service in the Army, Navy, and National Guard.  Requests addressed to representatives of the local auxiliaries brought lists from many of the towns and to those who assisted in this way in furnishing the names not otherwise obtainable, and to others who copied long lists of the selected men in the National Army, the committee desires to express its sincere thanks.  In spite of the utmost care the list as compiled is no doubt incomplete and inaccurate.  Corrections and additions should be sent to the Headquarters of the Plattsburgh Chapter, American Red Cross, 39 Oak Street, Plattsburgh, NY.


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Black Brook








Plattsburgh City

Plattsburgh Town



Schuyler Falls



Addresses Unknown








Plattsburgh City


Abraham, Alfred (Navy)

Allen, Fay O.

Allen, John A.

Allen, John P.

Allen, Millard S.

Atwood, Arthur, R. – Lieut.

Austin, Arthur


Baker, Leo.S.

Baker, Robert E. – Lieut.

Baker, Robert H.

Baron, Henry F.

Bell, Russell D. (Navy)

Benoit, Henri

Benway, Henry

Bessette, D. Irving

Best, Agnew

Bird, Royal G.

Bishop, Benjamin F.

Bisson, George

Boissy, Armand

Bonsteel, Chas. – Maj.

Boomhower, Albert R. – Lieut.

Booth, John P. – Capt.

Booth, Robert C. – Capt.

Botsford, Benedict (L.N.Y.N.G.)

Bourdeau, Adelard

Boudreau, Edward, Jr.

Boudreau, Herbert

Boudreau, Willard

Burdo, Chas.

Bourso, Fred

Bousgret, Henri

Bouvier, J. Arthur

Bouyea, Geo.

Bouyea, Wallace W.

Braconier, Walter

Bragg, Charles E.

Bremean, Geo. W.

Bressette, Jas. H.

Brew, John Alex

Breyette, Joseph

Brown, E.A. – Maj.

Brown, Geo. L. – Capt.

Brown, Ralph J. – Lieut.

Bruce, Nelson

Brush, Kenneth B.

Buck, W.S.

Buckley, H. – Lieut.

Bull, Harold R. – Capt.

Bullis, William C. (Navy)

Bushey, Abraham A.

Bushey, Frank


Cantin, Henri

Caplan, Abraham (N.G.N.Y.)

Cassi, Anezeo

Cate, Fernando Cortez

Clancy, Ernest P. (Navy)

Clark, Chas. R. – Lieut. Com. (Navy)

Clark, Frank

Clark, Harry Aaron

Clay, Edwin P.

Cole, Eugene M. – Lieut.

Cole, Howard C. – Lieut.

Collins, John K. – Lieut.

Conklin, Robert E.

Connolly, Joseph– Capt.

Conroy, Wm.

Conway, Jas. A.

Conway, Thos.

Corwin, Chas. I.

Cotter, Denis– Capt.

Couture, Omer

Crook, Maurice W. – Lieut.

Curtis, Geo. Terry– Lieut.


Dallaghan, Robert

Dallaghan, Wm.

Daniels, Henry

Dapo, Geo. A.

Dauphinais, Edgard

Delaney, Francis

Demary, Adolph

Depot, Edward

Desourdy, Harry W.

Devins, John

Dewey, Frank

Dominique, James

Douglass, Leon

Douglass, Sylvester

Doyle, John

Gragoon, Chas.

Duffany, Edgar W.

Dumas, Robert P.

Dunbar, Harley

Dupont, Edouard

Dupont, Fred

Dupont, Harry

Duprey, Geo. Jos.

Durkee, Leo Benedict



Elkins, Arthur

Emery, Wm. (N.G.N.Y.)



Farnsworth, Charles

Fifield, Howard

Fifield, Loren

Fisher, Isidor

Frazier, Andrew J.

Frazier, Arthur W.


Gallery, Henry J.

Gamble, Nelson

Gandron, Eugene

Garrant, Geo. Napoleon

Garvey, John W.

Gebo, Loren W.

Gendron, Eugene

Giguere, Wm.

Gilbert, Harry W.

Goodrich, Samuel

Gooley, Peter

Gordon, Myron J.

Graves, Eugene

Graves, Joseph N.

Gregware, Fred

Grenier, Henry J.


Hardy, Robert J.

Hart, Wm.

Hayes, Robert Boyle

Heinicke, Albert

Henshaw, Charles N.

Hewitt, Ralph– Lieut.

Hodgins, Robert

Hodgins, Walter M.

Hogue, Ralph Ray

Howes, Albert

Hyde, Leroy W. – Lieut.


Inglehart, Wm. F.

Infantry, (N.G.N.Y.)


Jerry, Hubert Wm.

Johnson, Chas. F. (Navy)

Johnson, Merle W.


Kavanagh, Andrew J. – Lieut.

Keating, Albert Jas.

Kilgore, Leon R.

Kimball, Harry D.

Kirby, Wm. – Maj.


La Bombard, H.V. – Lieut. Com. Navy

La Bombard, Thos.

La Joy, Herbert

Lafontaine, Emile J.

Lafountaine, Fred

Laftus, Anthony F.

Lagoy, Leo

Laing, Frederick S. – Capt.

Landry, Jas. A. – Lieut.

Lansing, Theodore Van Allen

Larious, Harold– Lieut.

Lassonde, Arthur

Lasure, John

La Plant, Harry Geo.

La Tour, Alfred

La Valley, Fred

La Valley, Heman

Laware, Frank

Lebrun, Antimnes

Lecuyer, Eusebe

Lecuyer, George

Lecuyer, Harry

Lecuyer, John

Lemieux, Alfred

Lemieux, Andrew

Lemieux, Edward

Lemieux, Fred A.

Lemieux, George

Lemieux, Lawrence J.

Lemieux, Moses

Lemieux, Wm.

Leonard, Arthur R.

Lewis, Geo. W.

Lichfield, Harry M.

Lobdell, Arthur T. – Lieut.

Lobdell, George H. (Navy)

Lobdell, Raymond O.

Lobdell, Thos. J.

Long, John

Long, Robt. S. – Lieut.


Mahany, John J.

Martin, Abraham E.

Martineau, Warren

Martino, Alfred

Martino, Henry

Mason, Herbert

Mason, Norman P. (Navy)

Mayette, Frederick

Mead, Geo. M.

Meagher, Thos. F. – Lieut.

Meritte, Wm. A.

Merrihew, Arthur W.

Merrihew, Noel

Merrill, Ralph

Michaelson, Louis E.

Mischler, Phillip H., Jr.

Moffit, John

Monty, William

Mooers, John H. – Lieut.

Mooney, Darius Marsh

Morris, Chaster R.

Morris, Yale

Moschinelil, Geudius

Mughlia, Jas.

Murtagh, Owen A.

Myers, Chas. Ralph – Lieut.

McCarthy, Carleton

McClatchie, Harold A. (Canadian Army)

McDonough, Frank R. (Navy)

McDowell, John S. (Awaiting Orders)

McGaffey, Harold – Lieut.

McGavish, Thos. Ed.

McGourty, Henry J.

McKinney, Louis A.


Nash, J. Fred– Lieut.

Nolan, Daniel


Ollivetti, C.M. – Lieut.


Page, Donald W.

Palmer, Ralph H.

Parent, Wm.

Partello, Jos. – Maj.

Paul, Wilfred

Perry, Albert

Peters, Wm.

Phair, Geo. H.

Plumadore, Edward

Potter, Edward

Pottle, Vincent F. – Lieut.

Pouquette, Henry L., Jr. (Navy)

Prichard, Edwin

Provost, John H.

Provost, Nelson

Purdy, Geo. H.


Ragmon, Norman H.

Randeau, Jos.

Rasco, J. (Canadian Army – killed)

Raymond, Normand

Reardon, Fred

Richards, Roy

Riel, Francois

Riley, Chas. F.

Riley, J. Frank

Riley, Raphael– Lieut.

Roach, E.A.

Robert, Laurant

Robinson, Carl

Robinson, Harold A.

Robinson, Robert D.

Rock, Lucien R. – Lieut.

Rogers, Avery T., M.D. – Capt.

Rollier, George

Rougeau, Peter

Rowlson, Ira A. – Capt.

Rumpff, Roy R.

Ryan, Frank K. – Lieut.

Ryan, Jas. E. – Lieut.


Saxe, Emerson L.

Senecal, A.S. – Capt.

Senecal, Andrew

Senecal, John E.

Seymour, Napoleon

Seymour, Paul

Sharron, Andrew

Sharron, Arthur

Sharron, Gerald P.

Shedden, Geo. A. – Lieut. (N.G.N.Y.)

Smart, Henry Leo

Souder, Fred

Spearman, Ed.

Spearman, Frank L. (Navy)

Spearman, John

Suencer, Joseph P.

St. John, Wilfred

Stay, Frank

Stone, Chas B.

Stone, Edward

Sweet, Percy W. (N.G.N.Y.)

St. Cyr, Henry – Lietu.

St. John, Wilfred


Tellstone, Chas.

Terraine, Robt.

Thornton, John

Thornton, Michael

Tierney, Walsh

Tobin, Ed. A. – Maj.

Traynor, Francis– Lieut. (Navy)

Trombley, Perley A. (Navy)

Trombley, Raymond

Truesdell, Karl– Maj.

Tuchscmidt, Arthur


Valade, Chas.

Van Fleet, Delard

Varno, Roswell


Walter, Laurence G. (Navy)

Watson, Mark A.

Watson, Winslow B. – Lieut. (N.G.N.Y.)

Welch, Leo T.

Whitney, Harold G.

Wilcox, Ralph

Winship, Chas H., Jr. (Navy)

Winslow, Arthur– Capt.

Wiseman, O.G.

Wood, Irving L.

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Plattsburgh (Town)


Aganier, Henry

Ayere, Harold Anson


Baker, John Lewis

Bruce, Cash

Brunnell, John, Jr.

Brnnell, Wm. Jr.

Buskey, Menry


Cauffman, Elwood D.

Chapman, Wm.  (Navy)

Chauvin, Francis E.

Clinton, Edward

Cook, Rubon F.


Dapo, Moses

Darrah, Harry B.

Darrah, Lloyd

Day, Clifford T.

Day, Thruber

De Forris, Chas.

Demers, Henri Jos.

Dobbs, George H.

Duprey, Elmer


Favro, Leland B.

Fessette, Herbert


Gebo, Fred

Gilroy, Walter E.

Gordon, Joseph


Hayes, Richard E.

Hornett, John

Huntley, Elwyn J.


Jigger, Geo.

Jock, Frank B.


Kelly, Wm.


La Plant, Lester J.

Leture, Frank


Martino, Wesley

Martino, Willard

Meader, Aubrey A.  (Navy)

Miller, Clarence J.

Milo, Edward Henry

Myers, Carlton  (Navy)


Nelson, Daniel  (Navy)


Paraso, Harvey

Pavone, Henry


Reyell, Frank

Rock, Gilbert  (Navy)


St. Dennis, Louis

Stafford, David K.  (Navy)


Trenyae, Roger

Tripp, Lynn H.

Trombley, Walter

Trombley, -arden

Trombley, -arren

Trudo, Norman  (Navy)


Weir, Herbert

Welch, Le-

Weyer, H. B.

Wynne, H.B.

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Bushey, Edward

Bushey, George


Carpenter, Henry

Clark, Walter A.


Decora, Abraham


Garner, Albert

Goodrow, Albert Herbert


Jarvis, Wilfred


Monty, Orville


Oliver, Byron

Oliver, Clark N.


Vassar, William W.


Wray, Earl Ross

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Clodge, Nelson

Conway, Patrick Henry

Lamay, Frederick

Latourelle, Arthur H.

Laundree, Edward


Palmer, Earl M.

Prescott, Roger B.


Robare, Fred


Thompson, Benj. D.

Thompson, Winslow W.


White, James Henry

Winn, Thos. Frederick

Wood, Kenneth B.

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Chellis, Carl


Dickson, Elmer

Dickson, Winslow R.

Donivan, Norman


Holland, Wm.


Lombard, Geo. W. (Died)


Rivers, Phillip


Tallon, Daniel Edgar

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Black Brook


Ahern, Francis Martin ?

Allen, La           lbert

Ashley, F

Ashley, Sila


Bannon, James John

Beane, Guy Oswald

Betters, Louis

Bola, Edward

Buckley, Geo.

Buckley, Patrick W.


Defonzo, Paul

Duprey, Orvis Orville

Duprey, Wilber E.

Durocher, Nelson Harold


Fountain, John Albert

Fyans, Hugh  (Died)


Kineston, Guy

Lamoy, Geo. Edgar


Liberty, Albert


McGuire, Joseph

Miller, Frank H.


Nelson, Medos Alex

Nolan, Geo.

O'Brien, Thomas


Phillips, Geo. E.


Seymour, Leon Armand


Trombley, William


Walsh, Frank Michael

Watson, James

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Ashline, Harold D.

Atwood, Arthur R.


Bechard, Harand

Berresford, Harry Y.

Blair, Fabian

Brandenberg, Oscar

Brandenberg, Alfred

Burroughs, Wm. McCaffery


Casey, Robert, Jr.

Catelli, Armand

Conkrite, Delbert E.

Coonan, Thos. D.  (Navy)

Coutre, Harvey

Cox, John J.  (Navy)

Crook, Maurice


Desso, John

Desso, Samuel

Diso, John

Dodds, Lawrence

Doty, Leon H.

Ducharme, Edmund E.

Dunn, Orville R. - Lieut.


Engle, Orville


Fitch, Merritt

Foy, Frederick


Gandreau, Napoleon

Gantheir, Frank

Geinnette, John

Gero, Fred, Jr.

Gettys, Farold A.

Glode, Frank

Glode, Hubert

Golde, Orville J.

Gulah, Geo. H.


Hackett, Frederick W.

Hametin, Albert


Jefferson, Emilio J.


Lafountain, Edward J.

LaFountain, Edward

LaFountaine, Emile J.

La Fountine, Wm.

Lambert, Maurice

Landrey, Leo. B.

Langley, Stephen

Lavallie, John F.

Lavallie, Exnbe

Lavallie, Henry C.

Laventure, Hubert

Lord, Wilbur C.


Major, Able

Martin, Abram

Matott, Williard

Mayo, Ernest H.

Mayo, Harry C.  (Navy)

Menard, Jos. A.

Mero, Theo. J.

Heullier, Ray W.  (Navy)

Moore, Girden Louis

Moorell, Frank S.


Olena, Henry


Palmer, Henry R.

Patnode, Narcisse


Roberts, Paul

Roberts, Jos H.

Roberts, Samuel

Robinson, Irvin E.


St. John, James

St. Maxans, Ferdinand S.

Supernault, J.B., Jr.


Thiverege, Elijah H.

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Agnew, Morrison

Alman, Seward G.

Atwood, Arthur


Baird, Geo.  - Lieut.

Bannister, Edward C.

Barcomb, Joe

Beaucaire, Lawrence

Blaney, Robert

Blaney, Chas.

Bolla, Ernest

Brault, Frank

Bruso, Edward

Bundy, Loren


Cady, Howard

Carroll, Everest R. - Lieut.

Castle, Lee

Clark, Roger

Clark, Ross

Cooper, Paul

Corwin, Chas. I.

Coughlin, Thos. J.


Deno, Minrell

Duby, Joseph

Dupee, Frank D.


Egan, John  (N.G.N.Y.)

Emery, Wiel.


Freland, S.C.


Gerber, Geo.

Gonyea, Harold

Gonyo, Arthur


Hewson, Henry J.

Hide, Albert A. - Lieut.


Ives, Merrill


Jennette, Bert.

Jerry, Rolland - Lieut.

Johnson, Nelson E.

Joubert, Bert.

Junior, Hubert (N.G.N.Y)


Keenan, Thos.


Ladue, Chas. Mack

LaPierre, Joseph

Lavarnway, Wm.

Learned, Clarence

Loso, Clarence E.

Lucia, Charles W.

Luck, Chas.

Lussier, Chas.


Martin, Cyreneus

Mason, Earl

McBride, Harry  (Navy)

McCuen, Brooks - M.D. - lieut.

McCurry, Michael

McDougall, Jas. T.

McGaulley, W.T. - Lieut.

McQueen, B.W., M.D.

Moore, Gordon

Moore, Loren

Mullin, Leo T.


Narreau, Raymond

Neverett, Harry

Nordin, Chas.  (Navy)


Ober, Dean  (Navy)

O'Brien, John L.


Parker, Geo.

Potter, Ernest

Potter, Harry

Potter, Vincent F. - Lieut.


Recor, Leon J.

Robare, Albert I.

Robarge, Thos C.


Saxe, Emerson

Seymour, Joseph

Simmonds, Wm. H

Stevenson, Blake

Stoughton, Ernest - Lieut.


Talford, Geo.

Thurber, Ross

Trombley, Abraham


Velt, Joseph

Verinyllea, Wesley


Ward, Elmer

Wells, Norman

Wheeler, Northley

Wheeler, Ralph W.

Wool, Ovid

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Bryan, Fay W.


Demarse, Willie


Franklin, Benj. E.


Herbert, Arthur


Neher, Howard


O'Mera, William J.


Parent, Fred, Jr.


Ryan, William H.


Shutts, Elmer Howard

Stevens, Raymond R.

Sweeney, Albert


Terry, Edward F.

Trombley, Isaac

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Agony, Wilfred

Alpert, Harry


Begore, Henry

Brady, Frank A.

Bruso, Wilfrord

Buck, Miles S.


Casky, Michael

Chase, Ulysses Grant

Cressman, Geo.

Curran, Ernest


Davis, Frank E.

Douglas, James H.

Dubray, Clarence J.

Ducatte, Albert


Emery, W


Goddeau, O.J.

Gonyea, James G.

Goris, Joseph H.

Greenberg, Hyman


Howard, J.  (English Army)


Jennings, Morris


King, Filmore

Koora, Abda


Leedon, R. (English Army - killed)

Leonard, Arthur Russell

Locke, Walton C.


Macksey, Francis J.

Manague, Francis J.

Miller, C.J.

Minckler, William W.

Mislar, William Henry

Moore, Harold J.

Moyan, George


Nash, John Walter


O'Brien, Harry

O'Neill, Patrick


Parrott, Fred N.

Parsons, Donald K.

Pascol, Ernest

Prosser, Thomas

Provost, J.


Reed, Theo. O., M.D. - Lieut.

Robert, H.R., M.D. - Lieut.

Robinson, William H.


Siskewiez, Benio

Stacavick, Anthony J.

Stackpole, Max

Stewart, Samuel

Stoels, Sayre Wendell (Died)

Sweeney, Charles

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Baker, Edward J.

Bertrand, Joseph

Bond, Lawrence

Boyea, Wesley


Carron, Floyd

Cashman, Fay

Champakne, Frank

Clark, Walter

Cook, Geo. Wesley

Coolidge, Grant Herman

Corey, Ellesworth


Dumont, Charles

Dumont, Wm.

Dupel, Joseph A.

Duprey, Geo.

Duval, Bert J.

Duval, Wibler


Frenier, Merritt


Gauthier, Chas.

Geddes, Chas. Elmer

Gordon, Hardy

Gordon, Ray William


Heseltine, Ruben J.

Hoff, Lynn Hall

Hudson, Stewart  (Navy)

Huggins, Arthur


Kent, Leo


Labare, Smith

Laclair, Bedore (N.G.Y.N.)

Laport, Frank


Moore, Wm.


Nichols, James


Oliver, Byron


Paul, Walter H.

Prespare, Ezra


Rabideau, Herbert N.


Santose, Remuel


Tourville, Herbert

Tourville, William


White, Walter

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Alger, Russell M.


Bacon, Albert Edward

Barber, Harry H.

Barcomb, Fred

Barcomb, Oliver

Barcomb, Savare

Bedell, Ernest

Beebie, Joseph R.


Chandler, Charles

Curtis, Patrick


Davison, Ralps J.

Duby, Geo.

Duffano, Fred


Fitch, James L.

Fitch, Wilmer


Garrand, Arthur


Howard, Guy E.


Kilburn, Ralph Turner


Lafountain, Alexander

Laport, Orlando

Lavalley, Freeman


Mesick, Samuel

Morah, Lawrence G.


Nedeau, Willie

Nephew, William


Plate, Albert

Porter, Howard


Taylor, Allen B.

Tuffield, Pete


White, Willie E.

Willet, James

Wood, Harold

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Barber, Chas. H. (Red Cross)

Barber, Frank

Barber, Leon E.

Bennet, Joseph

Bosworth, Isham  (Navy)

Boulia, Andrew


Clair, Wm. W.

Clark, Waldo


Dillion, Ernest

Downs, Bernard J.

Downs, Chas.

Downs, Edgar

Dupree, Geo.


Filion, Arthur A.


Gebo, Loren

Gladd, Leonard J.

Gowett, Henry Ira


Harrington, Chas. M. - Capt.

Hunter, Jas. C.


Kidder, Harry


Layhea, Wm.

Loose, Calvin

Lynch, Joseph


Mason, Herbert

McGee, Guy

McGee, Russell

McGee, Wallace  (Navy)

McIntyre, Merton  (Navy)


Nelson, Daniel T.  (Navy)

Norton, W.J.


Ormsby, Geo.

Ormsby, Howard W.


Provost, Benjamine - Lieut.


Ried, Willis  (Navy)


Savage, Hector

Savage, Victor H.

Shermann, Russeell

Soulia, Chas.


Thew, Ross

Thew, Walter

Torrence, Sanford


Watson, Ernest R.

Wheeler, Frederick H.

White, Marsh

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Alexander, Claude


Besaw, Medie

Blais, J.M. - Rev. - Army Chaplain

Bosjalie, Savair

Brignet, Guy

Brown, Sam

Bruce, Nelson H.

Bull, George H.


Carter, Charles

Catarack, James

Cayer, Edword

Charland, Harry  (Navy)

Collins, Milburn

Cromie, Raymond


De Fayette, Rennie J.

Doiron, Albert

Doiron, Michael


Everleth, Chester A.


Gauthier, Wilfred

Gosslin, Michael Edmund  (Navy)

Greenwood, James Albert

Gregory, Edward W.


Hackett, William

Hammond, George


Keysor, Frank


Lapierre, Frank

Liberty, Joseph


McDowell, Samuel R.


Parsons, Nathan S.

Pichett, F. John


Soper, Kenneth

Stewart, Samual  (Navy)


Thompson, Frank


Vosburg, Fred


Waldron, James Frederick

Welby, Joseph  (Navy)

Welch, Leo

White, Alfred

Wilson, Spencer

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Schuyler Falls


Ayers, Harold  (Navy)


Brown, Henry

Hooey, Roy  (Navy)


Jabaut, Wardie E.

Jabot, Harold  (Navy)


Kauffman, Elwood  (Navy)


Martino, Geo.

Martino, Thomas

Meader, Aubrey  (Navy)

Myers, Allen


Sorrell, Woodruff  (Navy)


Turner, Chauncy M.

Turner, Claude  (Navy)

Turner, Maurice  (Navy)

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Albie, Louis


Dention, Lester


Fero, James

Fero, John

Fero, Woodford

Frazier, Joseph  (Navy)


Hayward, Wardner


Jerdo, Fred

Jerome, Nelson


Kelly, William


Mather, Dalton

Millard, Charles


Noble, John


Palmer, Atwood  (Navy)

Palmer, Earl

Palmer, Harry

Porter, Frank


Soper, Philip


Thompson, John R.

Tracy, Howard James

Tyrell, Nathan


Wade, Lester

Wade, Waletr

Walker, Gardner

Whallen, John

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Bashaw, Edgar


Crowningshiields, David


Ledwith, Faydore

Ledwith, John


Madden, Francis

Maynard, Dan


Rivers, Anthony


Sanders, Roy

Southmayd, Maurice

Stickney, Geo.

Straight, Clinton


Walton, Chester

Wilkins, Howard

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Addresses Unknown


Arthur, Henry  - Pittsfield, MA


Boilinsten, Leroy

Bourassa, Alfred

Brault, Joseph

Brooks, Alexander


Devins, James


Ebear, Willie - Worcester, Mass


Fessette, Jay A.


Gates, Felix - Indian Orchard, Mass.,

Grancy, Wm.

Greyford, Ernest  - Proctor, Vt.


Kelliher, Michael


Racicot, Arthur

Rivet, Phyllys

Rougeaud, P. Thomas



These records were transcribed from an original newspaper.  I have tripled checked my entries.  Any remaining typos were likely found in the original document.


A couple of names were on the fold of the paper, and were worn away, such as the first 2 names from Black Brook.  I entered as much information as I could decipher. 


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