Rebecca Woolsey 1658 - 1731

Thomas Wiggins Jr & Rebecca Woolsey 1658/59 - 1731

REBECCA4 WOOLSEY (GEORGE "JORIS"3 , GEORGE SR2 , WILLIAM1 WOLSEY) was christened 3 July 1705 at the First Reformed Dutch Church at Jamaica. She died about 18 Nov 1731 in Jamaica, Long Island, New York and was buried 8ber 19, 1731, in the Prospect Cemetery, in Jamaica. (Without looking it up, I think 8ber is November, starting with March as the beginning of the new year, and counting down, the 8th month is November.) She married THOMAS WIGGINS JR born about 1657 of Jamaica, Long Island, Queens, New York, died 8 Dec 1728 and is probably the oldest known stone in Prospect Cemetery, Jamaica, Long Island

2010 April 6,
From: Cate Ludlam
To: Wilford Whitaker

When I told you I was reading By Faith Alone, you had to know that I hadn’t reached page 264 and his high praise for your most excellent website! Due to your modesty, I enjoyed a fun surprise in seeing your name and well-deserved praise for your “by far the best private genealogical site” as well as Mr. Griffeth’s public thank-you in the acknowledgments.

All during the reading of the book, my mind went back to the stone of Thomas Wiggins, my favorite stone, and the one I show to every visitor. I love it because the brief inscription is hand-carved on a piece of fieldstone which reveals its natural beauty when struck by sunlight; it sparkles with mica and glows with colors. I was told by one Woolsey/Wiggins descendant visitor that they had seen an identical stone in Bedford , NY , a place Bill Griffeth probably also visited. The Thomas Wiggens stone is dated 1728, only thirty years after George Woolsey passed. It faces West and is at the highest point of the cemetery, a small plateau, which slopes westward down toward what was Beaver Pond and the land owned by George (Joris) Woolsey and his wife. I feel the need to find out the Wiggins-Woolsey connection that may help me hunt among standing stones beneath three-hundred-and-some-odd years of mulch for a stone which, judging by our local Woolsey cemetery in Dosoris and tradition of the time was likely imported slate. The Wiggens stone is also located close to the original entrance to the cemetery, a place of prominence. Thomas seems to be pulling at my sleeve.
Cate at Prospect Cemetery

1999 March 16 from Wilford W. Whitaker
Subject: George Woolsey, Immigrant - Backbone of the Woolsey Family
The following was received 1 Jul 1998 from Harry Macy, Editor of the NYG&BR: New York Public Library, Rare Books and Manuscripts Division James Riker Papers, Memoria vol. 30, p. 187. "Extracts from an old manuscript book formerly belonging to Capt. William Hallett of Newtown (who died in 1729 age 81) and now in possession of one of his descendants, Marvin R. Briggs of New York, 1851." An Acount of the agees of Mr George Woolseys Children - Rebeckah Woolsey was born at New york February ye 13 1659 febr: 16 she was Baptized in ye Dutch Church-Mr. Briges godfather and her grandmother godmother

LAND: Records of the town of Jamaica, Long Island, New York, 1656-1751. Ed. Josephine C. Frost. 2 microfilm reels 35mm. Microreproduction of original published: Brooklyn : The Long Island Historical Society, 1914. 3 vols
Vol. 1 - 2 . FHL# 928518. Vol. 3. FHL# 928519.
2:507. [p. 327]. I William Foster of Jamaica in Queens Co on Longe Island - tract of land lyinge and beinge in ye Little Neck within the bounds of sd Jamaica, 20 acers be it more or less wch sd land frontes to the highwaye one the rear of the S lottes adjoyninge on ye W side to the lott of Thomas Wiggens Seanor and one ye E to ye lott of Samuell Messenger being in all sixty rood square. - do sell unto Thomas Wiggens Junor of Jamaica - this 16 Feb 1683/4. In presence of Peter Smith Mary X Smith [pr Samll Ruscoe, Clarke]. William X Fostor 0

LAND: Records of the town of Jamaica, Long Island, New York, 1656-1751. Ed. Josephine C. Frost. 2 microfilm reels 35mm. Microreproduction of original published: Brooklyn : The Long Island Historical Society, 1914. 3 vols
Vol. 1 - 2 . FHL# 928518. Vol. 3. FHL# 928519.
2:508. [p. 328]. Zachary Mills his deed off sale from Susan Messenger of Jemaica - sell to - Zacharia Mills five acres of land in Jemaica bounded W by Thomus Wiggins on E ye High way S by Samuell Denton on ye N ye high way ffrom ye Town to ye bever pond - exchange was made by ye aforesd Zachariah & Samuell Messenger in his liffe time being ye deceased husband of ye afforesd Susannah but not conffirmed by writing I say I Susannah Messenger doe confirm the aforesd exchange - 26 Mar 1686. Susannah X Messenger 0
in ye presence off us Jonas X Wood Richard Jones Being done by ye consent off us Jonas Wood & Richard Jones overseers off ye estate off Samll Messenger deceased. A true coppy by Danll Denton, Clerk.
[2:509] Wee Zachariah Mills & Abigaill Mills doe assigne all our right etc unto our son Thomus Darling - 11 June 1686. Wit: Isaac Mills, Richard Jones A true coppy by mee, Danll Denton, Clerk - Zachariah X Mills Abigail Mills

JAMAICA: Frost, Josephine C. RECORDS OF THE TOWN OF JAMAICA, Long Island, New York. FHL# 928518. p. 375.
1 Jan 1693/4 - John Dweke, Richard Oldfield, Samuel Denton & Daniell Smith, shall gather the sumes promised to the minister and pay 1/4 each. Captin Wollsey 01 - 10; Will: Creed 01 - 00; Tho: Wollsey 01 - 00; Gersham Wiggins 00 - 10; John Wollsey 01 - 00; Josias Wiggins 00 - 10; Ben Wiggins 00 - 10; John Bayles 01 -10; Tho: Wiggins 00 - 12; Johannas Williamson 00 - 04.

LAND: Records of the town of Jamaica, Long Island, New York, 1656-1751. Ed. Josephine C. Frost. 2 microfilm reels 35mm. Microreproduction of original published: Brooklyn : The Long Island Historical Society, 1914. 3 vols
Vol. 1 - 2 . FHL# 928518. Vol. 3. FHL# 928519.
2:504. [p. 325]. Thomas Wiggins Senr his LAND:
1. A home lot lying on ye north quarter off ye Town Meadow
2, fiveteen acres lying at the haw-trees having Mr. Coe on ye W & William Ffoster on ye S
3. with an adition being most fresh
4. & boggs joyning to Benjamin Coe on ye S & William Ffoster on ye N
5. Ffurther a small lot at ye further east neck joying to John Hanson on ye S & to ye N George Woolsys
6. A ten acre lot westward lying on ye S side off ye rode that goes to York having Morace Smith on ye W William Smith on ye E and a high way on ye S
7. Ten acres in ye litle neck on which his son Thomas house stands having on ye east yt that Thomas Wiggin Junior bought off William Ffoster ffour acres off this ten adjoyning to his son Thomas his house the above written Thomas Wiggins Senior hath given to his son Thomas
8. Land eastward being twenty six acres joyning to John Carpenter Junior having ye sd Carpenter on ye W bounded wt ye hills on ye N on ye E by a high way on ye south near ye plains -
9. More two acres more or less yt Thomas Wiggins gave his daughter Elizebeth Smith to build upon next adjoyning to William Creeds house lot.
10. More three acres off land upon ye Hawtree Island. About 1699.

HIST: Records of the Town of Jamaica. FHL# 928518. p. 7.
Jonas Wood and Samuell Ruscoe b/o Jamaica, lot of 5 acres bounded S by road, S by Thos Wiggins W by Richard Everitt & N by the hills & Samuel Ruscoe exchange to Jonas Wood lot of 14 acres Bounded N by Capt. Wollsey E
by lot formerly Hope Carpenter & by Jonas Wood. 3 Jan 1699/1700.

LAND: Records of the town of Jamaica, Long Island, New York, 1656-1751. Ed. Josephine C. Frost. 2 microfilm reels 35mm. Microreproduction of original published: Brooklyn : The Long Island Historical Society, 1914. 3 vols
Vol. 1 - 2 . FHL# 928518. Vol. 3. FHL# 928519.
2:504. [p. 325]. Thomas Wiggins Senr his LAND: q.v.
2:505 [p. 235-6]. Thomas Wiggens Jeunor sone to Thomas Wiggens latte of Jamaica deceassed enters his land belonging to him as ye eldest sone as followeth viz: -
1. A home lott lyinge on the N qtor of ye Towne -
2. Meadow fiveten acers lyinge att ye hawtrees haveinge Mr. Coe on ye N & William Ffoster on ye S with an adition beinge most ffresh & bogges joyninge to Benjamin on ye S & William Ffostor on ye N
3. Ffurther a small lott at ye further east necke joyning to John Hanson on y South & to ye N George Wollsey -
4. Ten acers in the Little Neck haveing on ye east ye land I bought of William Ffoster upon which buld -
5. Land eastward twenty sixe acers joyninge to John Carpenter Junor haveinge ye sd Carpenter on ye W bounded wth ye hilles on ye N, on ye E - on ye E by a highe way - on ye S ner ye plaines,
6. three acers more lylinge upon ye Hawtree Island -
7. More in ye E devition lyinge in number 53 one lott 22 acers
8. More betwixt ye Little Planes & ye mill
9. One lott number 63/25 acers - more fourty acers of upland from brother William Creed for ye ten acers he had westward layd out to me.

JAMAICA: Jamaica Town Records. p. 210. about 1649. Lot by Number - the meadow divided into 20 acre lots and numbered. Messr. Woolsey lot # 13; Thomas Wiggins lot # 21.

PARISH: Ladd, Horation Oliver. THE ORIGIN AND HISTORY OF GRACE CHURCH, Jamaica, New York. The Shakespeare Press. New York. 1914. p. 287. Buried Thos Wiggins xber 12, 1728 at Jamaica. Rebecca Wiggins 8ber 19, 1731 at Jamaica.

JAMAICA: Jamaica Town Records. p. 134. 24 Mar 1685. George Woolsey, Tho. Wiggins, Sr. [et al] to investigate one John Bates of Hempstead - "hath thrust himself into the town..."

JAMAICA: Jamaica Town Records. p. 128. abt 1687? Living on Forsters River
Thomas Wiggins 7 & 35 acres; George Woolsy 19 & 25 acres; Mr. Woolsy 29 & 15

JAMAICA: Jamaica Tax Rate Records. Vol 2 - 3 Feb 1708/09. p. 441.
Gersham Wiggins 6 9 3 1
Mrs. Woolsey 1 9 (Rebecca Woolsey, widow of George, the Immigrant)
Samuel Bayleys 7 7 4 (Husband of Hannah Woolsey, d/o George Woolsey & Hanna Van Zandt.)
Capt. George Wolsey 7 3 1 1 (s/o George, the Immigrant)
Benjamin Wiggins 5 6
Josiah Wiggins 9 4 3 3
Thomas Wiggins 6 4 4 (husband of Rebecca Wiggins, d/o George, the Immigrant)
John Woolsey 5 11 1 3 (s/o of George, the Immigrant)
Thos Woolsey 5 5 1 1 (s/o of George, the Immigrant

DEED: Town Board of North Hempstead. RECORDS OF THE TOWNS OF NORTH AND SOUTH HEMPSTEAD, Long Island New York. Jamaica, N.Y. Long Island Farmer Print, 1896. p. 282. [4:192] 27 Apr 1768, between Thomas Wiggins, Benjamin Wiggins & Richard Wiggins, of Hempstead in Queens County in ye Province of New York, of ye one Part & Samuel Hewlett of Hempstead, on the other part... for 34 pounds 15 shillings all yt one Certain Lot of Salt meadows in Hempstead Township in a Neck called hungry Harbour Between ye Creks, Bouned as follows: Viz S by Meadow of David Bedell E by Motts Creek N partly by ye Meadow yt formerly belonged to Jonas Flower Deceased & Partly by the Creek that Runs out of ye great Creek, west by Edward Cornwell Thomas Wiggins In Presence of Timothy Rhoads & Joshua Pettet - Benjamin Wiggins Richard Wiggins

LAND: Index Deeds of Queens Co., Long Island, NY Liber A,B,C. FHL film# 017873. B1:96-97.
B1:30. John Bayles of Jamaica with Consent of Ruth, my wife, TO Garret Clausen of Jamaica, formerly of Flatbush - My dwelling house being westward from Jamaica + 40 acres - house bounds on S by NY road & fronting up the road & on E bounded by Newtowne Path & on W by the lott of Thomas Wiggins, Jr. & N by Newtown bouonds. 4 Mar 1686/7 - 24 Jun 1687.
Newtowne Bounds towards the hills
----------------------------------------------------| |
| | | | Newtowne
| Thomas | John Bayles | |
| Wiggins, Jr. | Ruth, his wife | | Path
| 1687 | To | |
| | Garret Clausen | |
|-----------------------------|----------------------| |
New York Road
| | | Andrews
| Garret | | Onderdonk
| Clausen | |
| | |
| Jonathan Mills | |
Theodorus Polhemus

LAND: IBID: A:82. Thomas Wiggins & Rebecca his now wife of Jamaica TO Josiah Wiggins of Jamaica (for) a sum of money all 1/4 part of a home lott in Jamaica which was formerly Tho: Wiggins of Jamaica, dec'd - now in tenure & occupation of Josiah Wiggins. Bounded by Nathaniel Le Noir in Tenor & Occupation of Robert Reed to ye W & S by ye highway or road that leads through ye Island. 1 Oct 1702 Wit: Peter White, Robert Read. 12 Jan 1702/3 Thomas Wiggins Rebecca Wiggins

LAND: Index Deeds of Queens Co., Long Island, NY Liber A,B,C. FHL film#
017873. B2:139. Thomas Wiggins eldest son & heir of Thomas Wiggins, dec'd, late of Jamaica and Josias Wiggins (one of ye younger brothers of the first named Thomas Wiggins) whereas Thomas Wiggins father of the said parties Thomas & Josias by his certain deed of 20 Feb 1688/89 for the natural love he bore unto his son Josias Wiggins did grant...tract... at Little Neck & contains 30 acres + 1/4 part of all his allotment of meadow ground & 1/4 part of all the rest of his lands - sd Thomas Wiggins sold unto Josias Wiggins all of tract in Jamaica + 10 Apr 1706 Thomas Wiggins
8 Aug 1707 Rebecca Wiggins

LAND: IBID: B2:147. Thomas Wiggins of Jamaica eldest son & heir of Thomas Wiggins, late of Jamaica and Benj: Wiggins - [same as above to Benj:].
5 Apr 1706 Thomas Wiggins
8 Aug 1707 Rebecca Wiggins

LAND: IBID: B2:155. Same as above to Gershon Wiggins. Thomas Wiggins
11 Feb 1708 - 20 _ber 1709.

LAND: IBID: B2:160. Same as above to Josias Wiggins. [A duplicate.]

BAPT: Frost, Josephine C. Mayou Stillman. Baptismal Record of the First Reformed Dutch Church at Jamaica, Long Island, New York. Copied from the original. microfilm of manuscript (4v.) at the Long Island Historical Society, Brooklyn, New York. Includes indexes. p. 8 Elizabeth, sponsored by Thomas Wiggins & Rebecca Woolsy, parents not named, dated 3 Jul 1705.

CHURCH: Onderdonk, Henry, Jr. ANTIQUITIES OF THE PARISH CHURCH JAMAICA, (including Newtown and Flushing), Jamaica, NY. Charles Welling. 1880. p. 28
Thomas Poyer was Rector of the Parish of Jamaica, 1710 to 1732, born in Wales
Mr. Poyer preached at Jamaica once a fortnight, at Flushing & Newtown once a month, p. 30. His salary was 60 pounds American, equal to 39 pounds sterling
6 Feb 1716 - Members included Jos. & Wm. Hallett, Thos. Smith, Wm Stroud, Thos. Wiggins, Jona. Whitehead, T. Willett, Sr. & Jr. & Thos Woolsey. Some opposed his ordination, including Jacamiah Denton, Hezekiah Denton. He served (p. 34) at Rye, NY. Mr. Poyer, having buried his wife, 15 Apr 1719, md his predecessor's widow, Mrs. Elizabeth Bridge. (p. 36) Some communicant, 1723-1727: includes Daniel Denton & wife, Judith, the negress, Mrs. Poyer, Mr. Smith & wife, brother and sister to Mr. Clowes. Mrs. Katrina Stillwell, Inn Keeper, Mr. Wiggins and Daughter Bedford (1726 Catharine Wiggins md John Bedford), Mrs. Isabel Wiggins (1723, Isabel Wiggins md Thomas Cardale), Thomas Wiggins & wife; Catharine Wiggins. MRS. WILLIAMSON AND DAUGHTER MARY, AND HER TWO DAUGHTERS. Col. Thos. Willett; Edward Willett and wife. p. 36, Mr. Poyer speaks of having a Parochial Library. He takes great care of the books and lends them out. Many of his own books the borrowers were slow in returning. He lent John Cross a book , 1731, to Mrs. Williamson, a pious book; etc. (p. 37) Contributions, abt 1710: Richard Cornwell, Sr. 20 sh., William Thorne, 10 sh, Samuel Thorne 11 sh, Benj. Thorne 12 sh, Josiah Wiggins 16 sh, William Wiggins 5 sh, Thomas Willett, Sr. 24 sh. Mr. Poyer says (1724) there were schools in each town of his parish, but kept by Presbyterian or Quaker masters. p. 39 Mr. Poyer had 53 acres west of Beaver Pond, of which he sold 16 acres (in 1730) to Benjamin Woolsey. p. 40. Mr. Poyer preached a "funeral sermon 5 Feb 1713, on the death of Rebecca Woolsey, aged 93. 7 Apr 1715, preached thanksgiving for the accession of King George to the throne.

ON-LINE: Rose Parks <> posted 6 May 1999. She descends from Thomas Wiggins' brother Gershom Wiggins, and both of them registered their earmark in Piscataway (Middlesex Co.), NJ in 1709. . . . Evidently Thomas just had some interest there and remained or went back to NY. Thomas Wiggins' will was written 21 Apr 1728 and proved 21 Feb 1728/9.
(Abstracts of Wills, NY 11:66). He mentions his brother Gershom in NJ. He mentions his brother Josias' 2 sons, William and Josias.

PROBATE: Eardeley, William A. D. "Records in the Office of the County Clerk at Jamaica, Long Island, New York, 1680 - 1781 : Wills and Administrations, guardians, and Inventories." Filmed by G.S. of Utah, 1940. Microfilm of typed mss at the Queens Borough Public Library in Jamaica, NY. Includes index
Liber C:129 : Will of Rebecca Wiggins : of Jamaica : a widow : to my sister Mary wife of ____ Williamson and her two daughters, viz., Mary Williamson and Rebecca Williamson : dated 15 Aug 1731 : proved 18 May 1733 : bequest to Nicholas Bettery (?Battery?) : executor John Foster : witnesses Gabriel Luff, Jr. and Elizh. Roe (she made her mark an "A") and "Jos." Smith " Note: she was the widow of Thomas Wiggins, of Jamaica, Queens County, yeoman. q.v.

PROBATE: Eardeley, William A. D. "Records in the Office of the County Clerk at Jamaica, Long Island, New York, 1680 - 1781 : Wills and Administrations, guardians, and Inventories." Filmed by G.S. of Utah, 1940. Microfilm of typed mss at the Queens Borough Public Library in Jamaica, NY. Includes index
Liber C: : Will of Thomas Wiggins, yeoman, of Jamaica. 21 Apr 1728 : proved 21 Feb 1728-1729 : to his wife Rebecca Wiggins, twenty acres of land in Jamaica, near the place where I live, and which I bought of William Foster, except the part which I sold to Isabella Wiggins : also eight and one half acres, adjoining the heirs of John Smith : to my two nephews, viz., William Wiggins and Josias Wiggins, the sons of my brother Josias Wiggins, lately deceased, and they are to pay all my debts and my funeral expenses : to my two nieces, viz., Rebecca Williamsen and Mary Williamsen, being daughters of my sister-in-law Mary Williamsen, five pounds each : to my brother Gresham (?Gershom?) Wiggins of New Jersey, five shillings : to Nicholas Flattery ten pounds : executors my wife and two nephews : witnesses Benjamin Smith and Mary Williamsen and Joseph Smith : the widow resigned in the presence of Daniel Whitehead and Benjamin Taylor : whereas Isabella Wiggins of Jamaica, In Queens County, died intestate, Letters of Administration are granted 3 Sep 1731 to her son William Wiggins : Rip Van Dam, Esq., President, etc.

CEMETERY: Prospect Cemetery at Jamaica, Long Island, New York. FHL Film # 017713. p. 86. Thomas Wiggins d 1728, ye 9 Dec (rest not readable).

PARISH: Ladd, Horation Oliver. THE ORIGIN AND HISTORY OF GRACE CHURCH, Jamaica, New York. Ladd, Horatio Oliver, A.M., S.T.D. Rect. Emerit. FHL# 974.7243/J1 K2l. Shakespeare Press. New York. 1914.
The Register Book for the Parish of Jamaica. Kept by the Rev. Thomas Poyer, Rector from 1710 to 1732.
Persons married, ye time wn & place where.
p. 278. Wm Woolsey & Derica Williamson of Jamaica at Jamaica 4 Jan 1711 publish'd.
p. 278. Henry Dusenbury of Hampstead & Mary Fowler of Flushing 9ber (Sep) 29, 1711 at Flushing, publish'd.
p. 280. Benjamin Fowler of ys Prsh & Hannah Dusenburie of ye Prsh of Hempstead 1 Nov 1714 at Jamaica, publ.
Persons Buried Ye Time Wn & Place Where.
p. 286. [Buried] Ruth ye Daughter of Wm & Derica Woolsey 11 Nov 1712 at Jamaica.
p. 286. [Buried] Rebeca Woolsey aged 91 5 Feb 1713 at Jamaica.
p. 287. [Buried] Abigail ye Daughter of Thos & Ruth Woolsey Apr 4, 1716 at Jamaica.
p. 287. [Buried] Thos Wiggins xber 12 (Oct) 1728 at Jamaica.
p. 287. [Buried] Wm Hallett 20 Aug 1729 at Hell-Gate.
p. 287. [Buried] Rebecca Wiggins 8ber (Aug) 19, 1731 at Jamaica.

ON-LINE: posted 11 Jan 2003 by Daune A. Stevens <> "Terrific looking web-site. I am a descendant of Thomas Wiggins, who md Rebecca Woolsey. Thanks for the cemetery info - I may be able to get down to LI in the spring to find these gravestones and any other info that can be extracted from church records, etc. I have been to the Grace Church Cemetery and did not find any Wiggins stones there, but more research needs to be done. Thanks again." posted 27 Jan 2003. "Many thanks for your quick response. ... I checked my records and must correct my earlier e-mail and state that I am a descendant of Benjamin Wiggins, a brother of Thomas, Jr. ... Benjamin md Elizabeth Carpenter and they had Benj. Jr., Richard, John and poss Elizabeth. Benj. Jr. md Rachel ___ and had Stephen, Elizabeth and Charity. One interesting data item that I have obtained is a transcript of the petition of Elizabeth (wife of Stephen Wiggins) requesting return of her land that was seized during the Rev. War. I found it in the St. John Public Library and have dated the transcript bet (1890 & 1910) [1790 & 1810 ?www] ... Let me know if I can do anything in Jamaica for you. I live three hours away but have in-laws in Queens to stay with. Regards, Duane A. Stevens."
Wiggins Family

This is the family line of my Grandmother (Dudley) Croft's mother, Laverna Wiggins; see Croft or Dudley page also. Migration: England >Reading, MA>Jamaica, NY>onto various parts of NY then my member migrated to Adrian, MI and some of his decendants to NE. Our family is sure of this lineage from Anning Wiggins to now because it's been passed down by his grandaughter, Mabel Wiggins, who was a member of NSDAR. We know our line of Thomas, Benjamin, Benjamin, John to Anning, but their siblings/wives/children are a work in progress.

names linked thru marriage:
-A- Ainsworth, Alburtis -B- Beebe, Betts, Birdsley, Bigelow, Boedecker, Black, Bradley, Brown -C- Carpenter, Childress, Church, Clare, Cockrane, Coleman, Colwell, Creed, Croft, Croutch -D- Damon, Dawley, Druencke, Dudley -E- Eldridge -F- Fisher, Folkrod, Frazer -G- Gubbe -H- Hall, Hawkins, Heath, Honeywell, Humphries, Howard, Howardon? -J- Johnson, Johnston, Jones, -K- Kempher -L- Lane, Lawton -M- Mann, McQuinney, Munger -N- Nash, Newland, Nichols -P- Potter -R- Rosenberg, Russ -S- Samuelson, Shear, Shipman, shoeber, Sickles, Silence, Skidmore, Skinner, Snyder, Stevenson, -T- Tennant, Thompsom, Trowbridge, -V- Van Etten, Vincent, -W- Waddle, Waldo, Welsh, Wilcox, Woodworth(3), Woolsey

note: for mine and your research this info on Orange/Utica, Co: the following from Glenn Marshall - New Windsor Town Historian: Until 1798 Newburgh, New Windsor, Little Britain were all part of Ulster County, with New Windsor & (hamlet Little Britain) being the southernmost town in Ulster County. In 1798 upon the reorganization of the county's Rockland was created thus ending this area's association with Ulster County. The original country line was Murderers Creek which is in New Windsor however this too confuses search issues since a portion was actually in both county's. From the book: History of Orange County by Samuel W. Eager 1847, it lists the town of Newburgh and New Windsor, up to 1763 was known as the Precinct of the Highlands, by virtue of the law, it was ordered to be divided into two (in 1763) one called the Precinct of Newburgh, the other the Precinct of New Windsor.

Thomas Wiggins was born in Battersea, Surry Co., England and immigrated in 1635 to MA. Thomas lived in Reading, MA and we had family speculation moved to Jamaica, NY in 1656, with Sarath or if she died is unknown, but he marrys Joanna in NY as there is no record in mA. He died 1691 in Jamaica, Long Island, NY,. I can only estimate the timeframe of these Wiggins migration due to births/deaths. They spread out from Jamaica, NY to Flushing and by 1700's to Hempstead, all Long Island from 1656 to 1750. In 1744 or later, Benjamin, Jr. may have moved, but for sure his son, John moved to Newburgh, Ulster Co. NY then Western, Oneida Co. His children were born in Newburgh, but they all end up living in Rome, Malta, Phelps, Western and Perry in Saratoga, Oneida and Ontario Co.s, NY. Anning lived in Western, Rome and Floyd and his son Annin lived in Floyd, Ny (near Rome, NY) 1833 until 1840/41 then moved to Warsaw, Wyoming Co., NY where they lived for the next 50 years. Most of Annin's children stay near Warsaw, tho one went to R.I., one to MO, one to MI. From the MI member, decendents moved into IL, NE and OK.

According to LDS IGI records: Batch number: Source Call No. type 8916408 & M501261 1553496 & 0873745 IT 2 Film Sheet: 3 and The Reading, MA Vital Records, p.478,
1. Thomas Wiggins / Sarah / Sarath?, m. 8-27-1649 in Reading, Middlesex, MA. They moved to Jamaica, NY 1656?, at sometime some move to Hempstead, but they are not in 1698 census. my GGGGGGG
___b. ?, d. 1691 (NY) / b.?, d.?

1. Thomas Wiggins / Joanna ?, m. ?
___2. Thomas Wiggins Jr./ Rebecca WOOLSEY, m. 1679 ?, no children listed in his will - only his brother, Josiah's children.
______b. 1658 (Flushing,NY), d.12-09-1728 in Jamaica, Long Island, NY, Prospect Cem. / b. 1659(NY), d.?
___2. Josiah Wiggins / Isabella ?
______b.?, d.prior to 1728, buried in Old Hempstead Cem.
______3. Wm Wiggins
______3. Josiah Jr. Wiggins
___2. Gersham Wiggins / Mary ?
______b. ?, d.? (NJ) note: There is a Gersham in Old Hempstead Cemetery.
______3. John Wiggins / Margaret-NJ to NC
_________4. Gershom Wiggins / Sarah Herring-NC; contact for this line:
___2. Sarah Wiggins/ William CREED, m. 1672 in Jamaica, Long Island, NY
______b. 1650?, d. 1-1726(NJ) / b.1645, d.1717(NY)
______3. Wm Creed, Jr., b. 1673, d. 4-1711 email: for this line
___2. Elizabeth Wiggins
___2. Benjamin Wiggins, b. ?, d. 12-09-1735 my GGGGGG, see below

Benjamin Wiggins, b.? in Jamaica, Long Island, NY, d. 12-09-1735. He married Elizabeth ?, birth, death, marriage date unknown, in Jamaica, Long Island, NY and their 3 children were born there and she is found alive in census in 1735. They may have attended Grace Church
2. Benjamin Wiggins/ Elizabeth ?,
______3. Richard Wiggins / Elizabeth ALBURTIS - SKIDMORE, m. at St. George's, Hempstead, NY, 12-11-1731. They lived, worked as a Hatter and all children born in Hemptstead, NY. His will states Increase Carpenter is brother-in-law and Richard Everitt is Uncle-in-law.
_________b.16??, d. 9-??-1750 in Flushing, NY / b. 1709(NY), d. 1783 in Hempstead, NY, email: for this line
_________4. Keziah Wiggins(d. 3-12-1811) / Augustine BETTS
_________4. Martha Wiggins / ? Everitt
_________4. Mary Wiggins,
_________4. Thomas Wiggins
____________5. Richard Wiggins
____________5. John Wiggins
_________4. Bennajah? Wiggins (d. 10-1782 in Hempstead, NY),
_________4. John Wiggins
_________4. Daniel.
______Elizabeth (Alburtis) Wiggins remarried (2) John SKIDMORE, m. 1761, b. 1700, d. 1782
, ______3. Benjamin Wiggins my GGGGG, see below
_________b. 1702 Jamaica, Long Island, NY, d. 9-17-1776
______3. John Wiggins, b. 1702 (?)
______3. girl Wiggins / Increase CARPENTER, m. 10-1717 at First Presbyterian Church, Newtown, Queens Co, NY
_________b. ?, d.? / b.1687 (NY), d. 1754(NY)
_________4. c. Increase, Jacob, Mary. email: for this line

Benjamin Wiggins, Jr. was born 1702 in Jamaica, Long Island, NY, attended Grace Episcopal Church (first 4 children baptised there), he died 9-17-1776 and is buried at Grace's cemetery. He married Rachel most likely in Hempstead, her surname unknown, dates unknown. Benjamin Wiggins received a land grant consisting of 850 aces of land from the Indians on the Hudson River in New York State.
3. Benjamin Wiggins / Rachel ?, both living 1744 in Hampstead, NY, my GGGGG, order of childrens birth unknown
___4. Stephen Wiggins, loyalist
___4. Elizabeth Wiggins
___4. Charity Wiggins
___4. Benjamin Wiggins, III,
___4. Jacob Wiggins,
___4. Letitia Wiggins,
___4. John Wiggins, my GGGG, see below
______b.?, d. 5-?-1811, note John is not listed in Benj. will, is he really one of his son's?

John Wiggins moved to Newburgh, Ulster Co. (Orange Co. since 1778), NY by 1767 (Anning born) where he lived until atleast after 1771 since Nancy was born in Rome, Oneida Co., NY in 1773. He is listed in 1790 & 1800 Stillwater, Saratoga Co., NY census and was Postmaster there in 1796 (according to Sylvester's Hist. of Saratoga Co.). Between 1800-1810 census (he is not listed in 1800) he moved to Westernville, Oneida Co NY. (aka Western), but it is unknown where he died in 1811. Some of their children were born in Orange/Ulster Co NY,
___4. John Wiggins / (1) Polly NICHOLS, m. 1759 or before
______5. Jacob Wiggins / (1) Polly WOODWORTH, lived in Western, NY by 1780's.
_________b. 1760 (Newburgh), d. 9-30-1839 / b.?, d.?
National Archives, United States Military Pension Application, dated 12 Dec 1832, shows Jacob WIGGINS was born 1760 on the North River at Newburgh, NY and he was presently age 72. He enlisted at Newburgh and has since the War resided in Saratoga and presently lives in Western, Oneida Co., NY. (listed in 1800 census). Application supported by affiant's brothers: Anning and George WIGGINS, both shown to be aged 65 years, but George's affidavit was not given until 20 Jul 1833, so he was actually younger than Anning, and was a resident of Malta, Saratoga Co., NY.
_______Jacob remarried (2)Freelove WOODWORTH, m. approx. 1795 or before and lived in Western, NY, buried in Presbytarian Cemetery, Western, NY as are many of their children.
_________________________b. 1770, d. 6-08-1827
Nancy, George and Hannah lived together as adults 2 miles south of Western as per their obits.
__________ 6. Mary Wiggins, b. 1796 (NY), d. 5-26-1868(NY)
___________6. Nancy Wiggins
______________b. 1799, d. 11-19-1887
___________6. George Wiggins
___________6. girl Wiggins / ? BRADLEY of Perry, Genesee Co., NY,named in Nancy's obit
___________6. Hannah Wiggins, b. 1809, d. 2-13-1885 in Western of apoplexy
________5. Anning Wiggins, b. 1767 my GGG, see below
________5. George Wiggins / Amy HAWKINS, m. 1818 and lived in Malta, Saratoga, NY, buried in Malta Ridge Cemetery.
___________b. 4-05-1769 (Newburgh), d. 3-17-1861 / b. 6-??-1776, d. 11/21/1860
________5. Cadwell/Cadwallader Wiggins / Mary POTTER, of Phelps, Ontario Co., NY., buried Humphrey Cemetery there.
___________b. 1772 (Orange Co.), d. 9-17-1860 / b. ?, d. 5-29-1840
___________6. Phebe R. Wiggins / Hugh HUMPHREY, m. 3-11-1819 in Phelps where their decendants are also. 6 children.
______________b. 1-07-1800(Stillwater, Saratoga Co., NY), d. 5-21-1870 (Phelps, NY) / b. 8-06-1794, d.4-25-1860
_____________ 7. Andrew Jackson Humphrey / Harriet WILCOX M.12-01-1859, buried Resthaven Cem. as are their decendants.
_________________b. 12-05-1829, d.10-141891 /b. 10 Jan 1842 (Oakscorners, Ontario, N.Y.), d.11-29-1914
_________________8. Dewitt Clinton Humphrey /Bessie May JOHNSON,M. 6-06-1895 in Phelps
____________________b. 10-01-1860, d. 6-02-1920 / b. 1-10-1870 d. 7-05-1922
____________________9. living
___________6. Harriet Wiggins,
______________b. 1807, d. 1830/31
________5. Hannah Wiggins / George LANE
________5. John Jr. Wiggins / Hannah ELDRIDGE, m. 11-13-1796
___________b.?, d.? / b. 3-08-1775, d. 7-16-1846
________5. Mary "Polly" Wiggins / John HONEYWELL
________5. Nancy Wiggins / James BLACK, m.?
___________b. 4-04-1773, d. 10-23-1814 / b. 2-02-1770 (Rome), d. 1811
___________6. James Black / Polly COMPTON, m.?
______________b. 8-??-1796 (Rome), d.10-1872
________5. Betsy Wiggins / Leiger CROUTCH
___________b. 1784-1787 (census)
________5. Benjamin Wiggins / Polly POTTER
___________b. 1788, d. 1858 in Rome NY.
____John remarried (2) Mrs. Hannah FISHER
____John remarried (3) ?
____John remarried (4) ?
Cate Ludlam, president of the Prospect Cemetery Association <>, shows off a hand-lettered tombstone from 1728. Cate has been involved with the cemetery, in which is interred several of her ancestors, for about fifteen years.

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