Kirstead, England


provided by

Jeremy Woolsey

Attached are two picture postcards.
The postcards both date from the very earliest part of the 20th century.

Kirstead House

Kirstead Rectory and Church

I came across the following picture recently
and thought it might be of interest.
It comes from a book titled 'Beautiful Norfolk Buildings' by Stanley J. Wearing.
Its location is shown on the Ordinance Survery map. - Jeremy Woolsey

Kirstead Hall
Read about Kirstead Hall, Norfolk

Ordinance Survey map of the area which shows the Kirstead House farm and the church. The Rectory does not appear to exist as the picture shows it close to the church.

ONLINE: Ordinance Survey where one can search for small-scale maps (up to 1:25 000 scale)
anywhere in the UK simply by entering the place name, full postcode or National Grid reference and print the maps or copy them for use on your personal website.

Following extracts for Langhale and Kirstead from Blomefield's Topographical History of Norfolk published c1739.

Page 162
Page 163
Page 164
Page 165

There is no mention of any Woolseys.

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