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World War I items sent in to me

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-----Original Message-----
From: Cindy Nye [ ]
Sent: January 07, 2003
Subject: World War I Info and WWI Ambulances

Hi Pat,

I am having a terrible time finding information on my father's unit in World War I. He enlisted in June of 1917, was sent to Paris in March of 1918 in Sec 608 of the US American Ambulance Service. I have several snapshots of him and his buddies with the ambulances, but I can't find out anything about Section 608, let alone the US AAS. Is there a web site that I might check for this information?

Here are photos of the WWI ambulances my father (Joseph Y. Rogers, Section 608, AAS, Paris) was driving in Paris, Luneville and Nice. I think he must have been stationed in Paris, maybe at the Red Cross Hospital #1. You may post them on your web site if they are of any use. Thanks. Cindy Nye

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