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William Randall (Randy) Pool & Family
Marsha & I : Mayan ruins in Tulum, Mexico Marsha & I : Lake Atitlan, Guatemala Parthenon, Greece - 2008 Great Wall in China - 2005 Great Wall in China - 2005 Colosseum, Italy - 2008 Great Wall in China - 2005 Great Wall in China - 2005 Asher : 2 yrs old
Move MOUSE over Collages to see who everyone is. Marsha running 2005 Boston Marathon Snorkling in Cozemel, Mex - 2002 Randy : Machu Picchu, Peru 2016
   Marsha and I have two sons Daniel (wife:Crystal) and Joshua (wife:Jill) and five grandchildren.
   My interests include my family, soccer, genealogy, ancient civilizations, computers, and geocaching.
   I'm currently investigating various lines of both my and my wife's family.
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Some links to our Genealogy:
        My WorldConnect-GED File
   Mine -
         Mahala Fulbright
   Marsha's -
        Seth Mayberry,  Francis Maybury
Bradley, Bradshaw, Brockmeier, Combs, Fulbright, Garland, Gast, Kinnett, Mayberry, McClure, Mueller, Pool, Poole
        Bolles,W. Lebanon Twn,Laclede Co,Mo
        Bradshaw,Hooker Twn,Laclede Co,Mo
        Holman North,Auglaise Twn,Laclede Co,Mo
        Hooper,Auglaise Twn,Laclede Co,Mo
        Liberty,Auglaise Twn,Laclede Co,Mo
        Wilson-Tomlinson,Auglaise Twn,Laclede Co,Mo
        --other Laclede County,MO Cemeteries--
        Corkery,Miller Twn,Dallas Co,Mo
        Abbot,Iron Co,Mo
        Cove,Iron Co,Mo
        Crocker,Iron Co,Mo
        --other Iron County,MO Cemeteries--
        Rose Hill, Decatur Co,IA
        Amber,Wayne Twn,Jones Co,IA
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