Chaceley, Worcestershire
Marriages 1847-1873

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John Baylice, 22, son of George Baylice & Martha Williams, 20, daughter of John Williams

14 February





John Awker son of James Awker & Ellen Higgins, daughter of Wm Higgins

9 February

Charles Beale son of John Beale & Caroline Neast, daughter of Thomas Neast

27 April

Charles Dee of Pendock c son of Benjamin Dee & Mary Ann Drinkwater of Chaceley, daughter of John Drinkwater

14 December





Thomas Winter son of Thomas Winter & Emma Shill, daughter of Richard Shill

30 October

Joseph Goatman, widower, son of Charles Goatman & Elizabeth Comfort Smart, daughter of Charles Smart

26 December





Joseph Skilhorn son of James Skilhorn & Elizabeth Healey, daughter of Thomas Healey

29 August

Henry Moore of Oxford, son of John Moore & Sophia Fretwell, daughter of John Fretwell

27 September

Daniel Barnfield son of Thomas Barnfield & Ann Vine, daughter of Thomas Vine

11 February

George N. Ireland, widower of Forthampton, son of Edward Ireland & Caroline Higgins, daughter of William Higgins

13 June





John Leach, 19, son of Henry Leach & Ann Gotsham, daughter of James Gotsham

11 October





Joseph Weaver, 23, son of James Weaver & Elizabeth Cooper, 21, daughter of Benjamin Cooper

7 February

William Davis, 27, son of William Davis & Hannah Collins, 21, daughter of Joseph Collins

25 December





George Bevan, 23 of Eldersfield, son of James Bevan & Caroline Wagstaff, 25, daughter of Thomas Wagstaff

13 May





Charles Cox, 23, son of Thomas Ballender & Mary Jones, 29, daughter of Emanuel Jones

23 November

William Joy son of Edwin Joy & Eliza Brooks, daughter of William Brooks

24 December





John South son of John Stanley South & Mary Burford, daughter of Thomas Burford

28 March





William Bolton, 22, son of Joseph Bolton & Elizabeth Wasley, 20, daughter of James Wasley

10 November





Alfred Chamberlain son of James Chamberlain & Frances South, daughter of Henry South

8 March


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